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Lazarus Gym

Crystal Catacombs (Advanced Indoor Gym Leader Arena)
A relic of a civilization long gone, the Crystal Catacombs are a part of Old Ba Sing Se, residing subterranean to the palace walls. This is an excellent picture. The walls, pillars, and floors are made of granite. Clean water flows into the area from underground aquifers. The entire area is about the size of a football field (100 yards) with subareas; the two squares visible in the picture measure 50 feet by 50 feet. The ceiling is able to accommodate any Pokémon easily and is approximately 200 feet up. All light is produced by the glowing green crystals and therefore there is no natural sunlight. The temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Various stalactites hang from the ceiling as well. The areas of water are about 4 feet deep. Weather effects will of course have no effect.

All battles will be 4v4, Slapstick, Equilevel, with a 72 hour DQ and Switch = KO. Matches will also be Hidden Squad. Alterations to these rules will be considered by request on a case-by-case basis.

Tree Star Badge
Attachable Badge
The badge of the Lazarus Gym, the Tree Star Badge is, as the name suggests, a leaf shaped in the form of a star. The badge glows with an eerie power which serves to level the playing field for those who may have a few less million years of evolution on their side.
Badge Effect: Fossil Fortitude
The attached Pokemon is treated as though it is one level higher than it actually is--the Pokemon will remain at its actual level, but the badge bestows it with extra power. The actual benefit is up to the ref's scale (extra health/energy, increased attack/defense power) but there must be some benefit given. This badge is attached to one Pokemon in signature submissions but can be changed to a different Pokemon at will. This effect does not trigger the disobedience clause should another uplevel be used in the same battle, as it does not actually raise the level of the Pokemon.

Gym Queue (3/3)

Currently Battling:
Lonely Cubone

Winning Trainers:

Defeated Trainers:

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