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I reset.
Current stats: Level 3, B- ref
21 wins(4 DQ), 13 losses, 1 draws
53 KOs, 90 TP, 0.95 SP
Spoiler: show
Lvl 3 F Fearow(Woa Fearow)
"He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
Close to the sun in lonely lands,
Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.

The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
He watches from the mountain walls,
And like a thunderbolt he falls."

Such are the words of the great Alfred, Lord Tennyson on the magnificent creature. Being a true lover of poetry, Woa Fearow has fallen in love with this poem, and practised for hours to fulfill the poem...

In her own twisted way, because this bird is batshit insane. After a long period of training, including a time when she dunked her head into an aquarium and then pecked at an electrical transformer- in that order- she finally managed to learn some stuff.

Special Training: Nature, red in tooth and claw
Woa Fearow knows Water Gun("wrinkled sea") and Thunderbolt(...). She has the type energy to use each twice per battle, though the second usage will be weakened a little.

Lvl 4 M Dusclops(The Undertaker)
Duskull was always quite strange. Occasionally he would run away and not come back for a long time, refusing to tell me anything. One day, in a battle, when he was losing by a large amount and had only a sliver of health, he suddenly used Explosion! Amazed, I realised that he must have been training to do so, possibly because he knew I liked using the move :p
Special Training: BOOM
The Undertaker knows Explosion, but he didn't learn Mean Look, and apparently his parents didn't teach him Destiny Bond.

Lvl 3 M Electabuzz(Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Elekid is the toughest, meanest, SOB in the ASB. Hence, his name. Contrary to popular belief, he was not, in fact, born and raised on the streets- he was born to pretty rich parents. These parents quickly found out his natural affinity and trained him to increase his strengths.
Signature Move: Austin 3:16
Being the toughest, meanest SOB in the ASB, Elekid is not a fan of wimps. Therefore, he has the same SC as a Charizard(the whole "determination means he'll stay alive for another round" thing). However, he refuses to use Screech, Rest, or Feint(trolol) because they're all for wimps.

Lvl 4 M Charizard(Kane)
Kane is a demented monster. Also he's extremely weak to rock attacks and nobody likes that. Therefore he trained with Edge for ages(suffering many injuries- my Clefable helped with that) until he got better against them.
Kane takes 300% damage from Rock attacks, not 400%. Lol.

Lvl 3 M Aerodactyl(Edge)
Edge is a beast. Likes absolutely ripping apart stuff while not even caring for himself. He thinks it's pretty silly his species doesn't learn Head Smash. However it's a pretty difficult move to learn so he didn't bother learning it. That is, until he fought a Gyarados on a pool. Said Gyarados just chewed him up, thanks to no good Rock moves. To prevent this stuff from happening again, he...
...learnt Head Smash. Additionally, he takes reduced recoil from the attack due to his really hard head, ref's discretion.

Now TL4.

Lvl 3 M Krokorok
This guy, is weird. Well, okay, I'm only saying that because he's the only dude who watches WWE with me. Apparently, he's a huge fan of Daniel Bryan.
Signature Move:
Krokorok knows Submission.

Lvl 3 M Riolu(Chris Benoit)
Lvl 3 M Honchkrow(Raven)
Lvl 3 M Quagsire(Rangeet)
Lvl 3 M Golett(Small Big Show, or SBS for short)
Lvl 3 M Sigilyph(Sphinx)
Lvl 3 M Drifblim(Trilo)
Lvl 3 M Gliscor(Sting) Now TL4.
Lvl 3 M Golbat
Lvl 3 M Mankey(Sandor Clegane)
Lvl 3 M Remoraid
Lvl 3 M Lombre
Lvl 3 M Machoke
Lvl 3 Porygon2
Lvl 3 M Croconaw
Lvl 2 F Frillish
Lvl 2 F Zangoose(Arya Stark)
Lvl 2 M Combusken
Lvl 2 F Kirlia
Lvl 2 M Scyther
Lvl 1 F Croagunk
Lvl 1 M Tyrogue
Spoiler: show

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