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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Daily Pick Results
Ticket #37 Shadowshocker – A Pink Gummi

Shadow (1,000 each)
Spin #1:Blue Wynaut (0 Coins)
Spin #2:Yellow Wynaut (0 Coins)
Spin #3:Violet Pichu (3,000 coins)
Spin #4:Blue Pichu (3,000 coins)
Spin #5:Blue Togepi (0 Coins)
Total Win:6,000 Coins
If this is too late please ignore this.

Picking up a Pink Gummi.

Placing 5,000 coins onto five Roulette spins, 1,000 coins per spin.
x5 Blue Wynaut

Taking the remaining 1,000 coins to the Exchange.
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