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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
And I like it, I like it, I like, I like like like it, Here we go, Fizzbying all over the world.

Jesus wept, another year already? Seems like it was yesterday, but non the less it's a Fizzy Birthday and those are pretty damned cool if you ask me, and what a better way to rock the 'brations off than a big ol' birthday cake and on that what do you ahve Candles, so let me introduce you to:

Never ending Birthday Candle:
Never a dull moment, the never ending candle is jsut one of those things that never go out no matter what, I'm guessing any Pokemon will have trouble blowing this thing out, but this candle seems to have some mysticla energies surrounding it.
When a Pokemon blows, and blows, and blows, and blows, and blows, and blows to blow this darn thing out they will learn one special, special move:

Blow-Back (Normal)
This move, when ordered your Pokemon inhales and blows out a powerful wind fromk their guts, this move may not seem much but when used this move could knock a Pokemon off of their feet, even make Projectiles fly back to the opponent. This move uses the same energies of a Bubblebeam.
Contest Type: Beauty
Effect: None
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: <3

but the party doesn't stop there you will all receive a Birthday goodie bag (Always a cool addition to the end of any party) and in that you will get:

x2 Rare Candies
x3 Mysterious Gummi's
x3 Pink Gummi's
x3 Yellow Gummi's
x3 Clear Gummi's
x3 Black Gummi's

Happy Birthday Fizzy one and Fizzy all!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

Its that time of of year when we celebrate the birth of this wonderous idea, this roleplaying Pokemon site called FB. And to thank all of our committed hard working members we offer you some amazing gifts.

From me this year you get to choose ONE of my carefully wrapped Mystery Birthday Gifts. There is one for each type of Pokemon. Please quote the Gift you are collecting. The plushies must be used in this thread.

Bug Mystery Birthday Gift
1 x Bug Ball
1 x Bright Powder
1 x TM X-Scissor
1 x Silver Powder
1 x Kricketot Plushie (2 Levels to Bug Pokemon when hugged)
1 x Spiders Web Coin Case w/5000 coins
1 x Heracross Trading Card
1 x Berry Pack (Containing: Cheri Berry, Occa Berry, Coba Berry, Charti Berry, Leichi Berry)

*Gets out the cake and streamers*
Lets Party! ^-^
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
In celebration of the eighth year since FB's resurrection here at UPN I'd like to give you all a little pressie to do with as you please. Enjoy, and have a great day!

2010 Birthday Present
x1 Holographic Pichu Trading Card.
x1 +40 Black Pokéblock which will raise any contest stat by 40.
x1 Super Pass allowing a few extra goodies for yourself and your Pokémon.
x1 Berry Juice giving your Pokémon an intelligence boost, allowing them to learn one Egg or MT move.

Happy Birthday! ^-^

*wearily drags himself in* Boy, I feel old. Shame I can't be more active than I can presently manage.

Letting Megahertz, the Level 1 male Pinsir:
- Hug the Kricketot plushie, almost beheading it, levelling him up from Level 1 to 3.
- Drink some Berry Juice to learn the Egg move, Close Combat.

Picking up:
x3 Mysterious Gummis
x3 Pink Gummis
x3 Yellow Gummis
x3 Clear Gummis
x3 Black Gummis
x2 Rare Candies
x1 Bug Ball
x1 Bright Powder
x1 Silver Powder
x1 Spiders Web Coin Case w/5000 coins
x1 Heracross Trading Card
x1 Cheri Berry
x1 Occa Berry
x1 Coba Berry
x1 Charti Berry
x1 Leichi Berry
x1 Holographic Pichu Trading Card
x1 Never-ending Birthday Candle
x1 +40 Black Pokéblock
x1 TM X-Scissor
x1 Super Pass

*wearily oozes out*
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