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Reposting here because of less laggy forum...

Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)
Slots filled 31/31
Tokens: Abomasite

Current battles:
Slot 1: Spff: Free
Slot 2: UPN: VS Ex-Admiral-Insane
Slot 3: UPN: VS SquirtleKing
Slot 4: Spff: VS Rangeet

Gym Slot:
Spoiler: show

Smaug: Level 4 male Charizard
Hidden Power: Grass

Dragonair: Level 4 male Dragonair
Hidden Power: Steel

Cradily: Level 4 female Cradily
Hidden Power: Rock

Rex: level 3 male Grovyle
Bio: Rex loves to play and spend time with Lombre, but he has always been jealous about Lombre's ability to use water attacks. To counter this he learned how to use water energy.
Sig: Due to the reasons stated above Rex can use aqua-tail twice per match at the cost of 1.25 times general energy. Also he can't use irontail anymore.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Steel

Tagnela: Level 3 female Tangela
Hidden Power: Water

Kuan Yin: Level 3 female Milotic

Yeti: Level 3 male Abomasnow.
Bio: Snover and Tropius grew up high in the mountains near some hot springs. Snover really like to bath in them despite the heat. Because he spent most of his life in that heat, he's more resistant to fire.
Fire proof: Due to the reasons stated above Snover takes only 300% damage from fire attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Token: Abomasite
Hidden Power: Rock

Tropius: Level 3 male Tropius
Bio: Tropius grew up together with Snover on the mountain, while Snover liked the hot springs more, Tropius prefered the white cold snow. Due to spending most of his life in the snow, he has become more resistant to the cold.
Ice cold: Due to the reasons above Tropius only takes 300% damage from ice attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Flareon: Level 3 male Flareon
Hidden Power: Ground

Garcia the level 3 male Lombre:
Demon punch: Fire
Using his native powers from hell, Lombre unleashes a punch not unlike Captain Falcon. It charges like a regular fire punch, but uppon impact all his fire energy is released in the image of Satan's face, engulfing the opposing pokemon and dealing extreme (aka FC hyperbeam) damage. Like giga-impact, Lombre will have to spend the next round resting, and he burns his fist leaving him unable to excecute any punching moves with his dominant arm for the remainder of the match (unless a team mate uses heal-bell or something). He can use his non-dominant arm, but punching attacks will lose 25% power, for the normal energy use and have a 10% chance of missing and hitting himself. This attack only works when he hasn't thouched his fire-pool yet. Obviously he can only use it once.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Metal: Level 3 metang.
Obtained after I found him almost drowing in the sea. I saved it's live, but it got a bit rusty.
Sig: Rust
Due to the rust it takes only 150% damage from fire attacks (rust being burned iron, wich can't burn anymore ect). It also left it more brittle and it will take 10% more damage from physical attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Nephentes: Level 3 female Victreebell
Sig: Fast spin
Bellsprout and evolutions repel 50% more fire with swordsdance at the cost of half the boost and 25% more energy.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Ditto: Level 3 Ditto
Ditto transforms in the first pokemon he sees, and stays that way for the time he's out. It doesn't require a move to do (although it still takes transform energy) and he can't be untransformed, or retransform into someone/thing else. The first pokemon he sees will usually be the opponent. In a doubles match he'll randomly transform into one of the opponents. He may transform into a wild pokemon, but only if one is having some impact on the current battle.
Jeri: Ditto really should be like this anyway. Approved, though since it's based off an in-game ability, do realize that I'll allow multiple copies of this sig.
Hidden Power after transform: Fairy

Exeggutor level 3 female Exeggutor
Bio: to come
Sig: As it's stated in the SC that Exeggcute is knocked out when all of the eggs are, I want to make good use of that. See this as Exeggcute having a perpetual painsplit between them. So Exeggcute can let one of the eggs take an attack as a move by breaking that link. The egg takes 1/n (n being the number of eggs left) of the current health and energy levels of Exeggcute, which are lost if the egg is knocked out. Also for each egg that is knocked out, the power of offensive moves decrease by 1/6. So if 3 eggs are knocked out, attacks from Exeggcute will be doing only half the damage.
If the attack doesn't KO the egg, Exeggcute will spend 3-5 seconds (depending on how much health the egg has left, more health=less time) to pain split the damage between them and reestablishing the link(this will cost no energy, just time), being immobilized while that happens. If it does KO the egg, the remaining eggs will also need to reestablish the link, but then it takes only 2 seconds. During this time they are also more vulnerable to attacks that hit all eggs at the same time (like blizzard), dealing 2 times the total damage.
Only attacks that can be reasonably blocked by one egg can be blocked, like beams and physical attacks. More widespread attacks like blizzard, icy wind, flamethrower to some extend, and shadowballs shadow wind can't be blocked or only partially. When these attacks hit when they are fully separated (so not rebinding, see above), they hit each individual for the full damage of that (part of the) attack, which may lead to an OHKO.
When she evolves into Exeggutor, she will drop one of her heads like in rollout to take the attack. And the attack drop won't effect stomp.

This can be used 3 times, whether the egg is knocked out or not.
Hidden Power: Water

Rozemarijn: Level 3 female Roselia.
Hidden Power: Ground

Lambo "Stupid cow" Bovino, Level 3 male Bouffalant.
Bio: Lambo is the lightning guardian and wields the Vongola lightning ring. Before you get funny thoughts about how stupid and childish Lambo is, Lambo uses the ten-year-bazooka, updated by Giannini to last a few hours, so he enters the fight in adult mode. As an adult he has learned a very powerfull (although slow and inaccurate) electric move, without the need to use his own lightning flames.

Sig: Electrico Cornata. (Electric)

Lambo spends an major amount of normal energy to manipulate te electrons in the air, this results in a massive thunderbolt shooting down. The thunder will hit his horns, without damaging him, and will charge them with electricity. After a short pauze (1 sec) to integrate the power he carges towards his foe, halfway through the electricity expands from his horns forming two solid spears of electricity. This attack, when it fully hits, deals extreme physical electric damage and is capable of breaking through a light screen, but is blocked by barrier. He doesn't need to tab into his (shallow because normal type) electric pool, since the electricity comes from the enviroment, but total energy use is extreme.

Obviously such an awesome move must have some drawbacks. Firstly this only works in outdoor arena's, and raindance must be able to have an effect in the arena (so in desert arena's this does not work). Furthermore the clap from the thunder wakes up sleeping pokemon and knocks back the sense in confused pokemon. Finally all the normal giga impact drawbacks are applied.

Can be used one time.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Moshi Level 3 female Lampent
Soul sucker:
Liwick can feed on the souls of her opponents, she uses a move akin to gigadrain to do so. It works exactly the same, but it's of the ghost type.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Euphoberios Level 3 male Whirlipede
Hidden Power: Water

Vleermuis Level 3 male Golbat
Hidden Power: Ice

Kwal Level 3 male Frillish
Hidden Power: Fire

Wartortle: Level 3 male Wartortle.
Sig: Alligator snapping turtle.
Squirtle is an alligator snapping turtle.


Well, maybe not but he does bite really hard. His bite attack now deals significant damage (for considerable energy) and he can use Crunch two times a battle. In addition the XX part of crunch deals moderate damage instead of minor, of course energy use is boosted to match the damage output.
Hidden Power: Gound

Dionia: Level 3 female Carnivine
Bio: I met her in the Scotish low-lands in a swampy area, where it ALWAYS rains. Anyway she poped-up (while it was raining of course), and I tried to use Moshi to burn her. For some reason it didn't really seem to work that well. My surprise was even bigger when I saw her using a well placed water-pulse to down my poor Lampent. Back then I blamed the rain and that she just had saved up water and hurled it away. Sadly Vuurvlieg underwent the same faith. Finally Garcia stood up, hearths in his eyes, and fought her. Have I already mentioned that it rained there? Anyway garcia was having a hard time without type-spam, and ice-punch didn't seem to have the desired effect either. Running low on type-energy Garcia had to resort to grass attack, and to my surprise, it worked very well. Well except solarbeam, because it was raining, a lot. So after I caught her it finally struck me, due to living in the swamps where it is always raining, she absorbs a lot of water with her roots, essentially gaining the water type.
Sig: I'm a swamp-plant
Dionia is a swamp plant and due to living in a place with copious amounts of water (because it ALWAYS rains), she has become a grass/water type with all the resistances and weaknesses that go with it. Except the extra water still hurts her when it crystalises into ice, so she still takes 150% from ice-attacks. She has also gained the moves water pulse, bubblebeam and hydropump. There is a catch however, she isn't really familiar with water-energy, having only 1.5 HB of water energy. In order to use more water attacks she has to either absorb water with her roots in a puddle (costs a move, takes 5 seconds to fully refill)), or collect it passivally in the rain (doesn't cost a move, one waterpulse worth at the end of the round). This doesn't add to her total energy (see it as converting normal energy to water energy) Also can't use Stockpile, Swallow and Spitup since she's essentially stockpiling water already.
Jeri: Eh, fine. Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Lawn mower: Level 3 genderless Rotom-cut
Sig: I'm a lawn mower damn-it
Lawn mower is a Lawn mower, he learns cut and slash. Also because he's a grass type he can use leaf-blade and leaf-tornado too. Additionally he can use solarbeam (using magic) with grass type efficiency with non-grass type charge time. He looses the ability to levitate at all, but he's able to get back on his wheels when knocked over (doesn't cost a move). Lawn mower also has forgotten how to use discharge, toxic, double team, ominous wind, spite and natural gift. It also can't change forms anymore.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Rampardos: Level 3 male Cranidos.
Sig: Ramming master
Cranidos knows how to ram people, even his body is well adapted to soak up the impact. As such he doesn't take any recoil from moves involving his head. Whether a move uses his head is up to the ref and description, but headsmash is fairly obvious. He also burns 10% extra energy for recoil buffering.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Grass

Raichu: Level 3 male Raichu
Hidden Power: Grass

Pidgeot: Level 3 female Pidgeot
Hidden Power: Ground

Phanpy: Level 2 male Phanpy
Hidden Power: Electric

Hanachuurippu: Level 2 female Skiploom
Sig: Flying powers
Hoppip can use airslash.
Hidden Power: Fire

Miles Edgeworth: Level 3 male Doublade
Bio: After witnessing his father's murder and blaming himself for it. He grew up to be a prosecuter in order to lock all criminals away. In court evidence is always flinging back and forth but due to his training at law school he has learned to produce counter evidence against almost anything.
In court Miles has learnt to take abuse and bide his time before making a deadly counter attack. As such he can now use bide.
Hidden Power: Ghost

Florgess: Level 3 female Florgess
Hidden Power: Fire

St. Catherine: Level 2 female Smeargle
Smeargle knows the following moves: Flamethrower, Fire blast, Double team, Earth power, Thunderwave, Dynamic punch, Hyperbeam, Bide. That's 8/10

Spoiler: show

VS Jerri 0-1 (DQ), Metal.
VS Kush 1-0, Lombre.
VS Ryuusei 1-4, Ditto, Trapper, Treecko, Pikachu.
VS Gmandiddy 3-2 (DQ), Nepenthes, Ditto, Metal.
VS DragonDance 0-2, Ditto, Lombre.
VS Handy 3-5 (Gym), Snover, Exeggcute, Treecko, Lombre, Tengela.
VS Firewater 2-3, Flareon, Cradilly, Flygon.
VS SM 1-3, Lileep, Bonsly, Ditto.
VS P_H (Grass VS Typespam) 5-6, Exeggcute, Nepenthes, Tangela, Snover, Treecko, Lombre.
VS DTFG (Grass VS Water, I'm ashamed...) 2-3, Tangela, Lileep, Lombre.
VS Kush 1-3, Lileep, Trapinch, Lombre.
VS SP-Eevee 1-0, Lombre.
VS Kush 3-2 (DQ), Ditto, Metang, Lileep.
VS Brandan 3-2, Lombre, Treecko, Lileep.
VS Yougirasu 1-2, Feebas, Lombre.
VS Firewater 4-6, Ditto, Tangela, Flareon, Flygon, Victreebell, Metagross.
VS Breeder KJ 2-3, Nephentes, Exeggcute, Snover.
VS Mewmaster007 1-2, Metal, Trapper.
VS DTFG 0-2, Pluisje, Kuan-Yin.
VS Kusari 3-2, Pluisje, Tropius, Trapper.
VS Daisy 3-2, Lombre, Rozemarijn, Tropius.
VS Rangeet 1-1 then loss in sudden death, rental Yamask in a tournement match.
VS Concept 2-2, Pluisje, Metal.
VS Weebos 3-1, Larvesta, Moshi, Schimmel.
VS Spectrum 3-3 (DQ), Metal, kuan-yin, Pluisje.
VS Quintowill 2-1, kwal, Euphoberios.
VS RoseradeRaider 3-2, Tropius, Lombre, Metal.
VS LC 3-4 (gym), Rex, Tangela, Ditto, Garcia.
VS Roseheart 0-1 (metronome), Pikachu.
VS Empoleon Dynamite 1-2, Metal, Kwal.
VS Brandan 0-1, Squirtle.
VS Kush 4-3, Metal, Cradilly, Lawnmower, Ditto.
VS Ethe 3-2, Ditto, Kwal, Metal.
VS Joshua 3-4 (gym scenario), Lileep, Rex, Tropius, Garcia.
VS Spikkle 2-1 (DQ), Cranidos, Flareon.
VS Kin 2-3, Scolipede, Cranidos, Flareon.
VS Concept 1-2, Ditto, Tropius.
VS Xanderketsu 1-1 (DQ), Lambo.
VS Dave 2-4 (gym, DQ), Ditto, Frillish, Carnivine, Wartortle, Cradilly.
VS Emp 2-3 (DQ), Lambo, Abomosnow, Pikachu.
VS XanderKetsu 1-0, Tropius.
VS Kairne 2-0, Snover, Cranidos.
VS Sphealdrill 4-3, Scolipede, Metang, Lombre, Abomasnow.
VS Midgeorge 3-2, Hana, Rotom, Donphan.
VS ZincSpider 2-1, Pikachu, Zubat.
VS Biggggg5 1-0, Zubat.
VS Fishy Dave 2-3 (DQ), Metang, Wartortle, Pidgeotto.
VS LC 3-4 (DQ), Flareon, Lombre, Dragonair, Bouffalant.
VS Hana (Flying VS Grass) 2-3, Lombre, Abomasnow, Rotom.
VS Squirtleking 2-3 (DQ), Dragonair, Cradilly, Rotom, Wartortle
VS Vye 1-0, Honedge
VS Sneazy 1-3, Smeargle, Cranidos, Dragonair.

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