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Yay my squad

My PASBL Squad and Stats
Level 2 Trainer


Rose: Level 2 Female Roselia (Grass/Poison) As a rose plant, Roselia emanates a soothing scent constantly that acts much the same way as Sweet Scent. Its effects are potent in close quarters, but quickly lose strength outside of a foot from it.

A somewhat vain yet polite Pokemon. As my very first Pokemon, given to me by my parents, Rose and I are close. She has shown a great deal of interest in Contests and the beautiful techniques the contesting Pokemon use. She hangs out with Morpheus a lot and likes to show him how to be elegant in battle. She always pairs up with Morpheus when I ask them to get ready for battle training.
Special Attack: Poison Petal (Grass/Poison)
Through intense contest training, Rose discovered how to lace her Petal Dance with Toxic slime. Creating a flurry of glistening purple petals. Damage dealt= Petal Dance. Energy used= Petal Dance x1.25. 50% chance of causing regular poison. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle.

Athena: Level 2 Female Kirlia (Psychic) Kirlia's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. It also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down.

A very gifted and patient Pokemon. Shortly after I caught Athena, we became very close. She has always displayed well balanced abilities and a natural gift for controlling her psychic powers. She meditates with Diana daily.
No Signature Move

Fluffers: Level 2 Female Flaffy (Electric) Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos have the ability to use the balls on their tails as lights. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos to light its tail. This will, however, make it a more obvious target for Pokemon who can see in dark areas.

A very shy and reserved Pokemon. I discovered Fluffers in an abandoned temple to the Electric spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Fluffers firmly believes in the power of the Electric spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Eos and Sugar everyday.
Special Attack: Judgment Bolt (Electric)
Fluffers utters a quick prayer to the Electric spirits, asking them to help her to against her opponent. After this, she releases three bolts of electric energy which come at the foe from various directions. The Prayer time is equal to the MC time of a Shadow Ball, and costs the energy of Thunderbolt x1.5. Each bolt does damage equal to one Shock Wave, with a maximum damage of a Shock Wave x2.5 if all three hit. Each bolt has a 10% chance of causing paralysis for a total of 30% if all three hit.

Eos: Level 3 Female Ninetails (Fire) as foxes, Vulpix and Ninetales are more inclined to combat by deception. They can go twice as far while invisible using Faint Attack, Confuse Ray is more effective, and their Double Team produces one additional copy. Vulpix and Ninetales have sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks.

A very quiet and faithful Pokemon. I discovered Eos in an abandoned temple to the Fire spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Eos firmly believes in the power of the Fire spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Fluffers and Sugar everyday.
Sig Pending

Diana: Level 2 Female Meditite (Fighting/Psychic) Meditite meditates constantly, and therefore has a very sharp mind. This makes it far more resistant to mind-altering statuses. Meditate and Calm Mind are slightly more effective.

A calm and even tempered Pokemon. I met Diana after journeying through the mountains of Asia, where I found her in a Pokemon Psi Chi Training School. Wild Fighting and Psychic Pokemon from all over the area had come to learn the ways of the Psi Chi. Diana was one of the instructors, after I used Star to defeat her in battle, she agreed to come with me to learn more about Pokemon Battling with a Trainer. She meditates with Athena daily.
Special Defense: Psi Chi (Fighting/Psychic)
As an instructor of Psi Chi, Diana was as close to being a Master as she could be. The art of Psi Chi combines the opponent's momentum with the gift of the average Psychic. If an opponent tries to attack Diana while she is using Psi Chi, her opponent will receive x0.5 recoil damage. This costs the same as Detect to activate. Activation counts as two moves and the effect lasts for one full round. Diana can only use this twice per battle.

Prince: Level 2 Male Prinplup (Water) The Prinplup family have a layer of fine down covering them, enabling to easily survive freezing and even hot temperatures.

A proud and headstrong Pokemon. On a trip my family took to the Northern Seas, I met Prince. He was in a gang of Prinplup who were terrifying the local Pokemon. After Rose and I won a battle against him, he agreed to come with me, so he could learn to become a stronger Pokemon.
No Signature Move

Shocker: Level 2 Female Trapinch (Ground) Trapinch is a great digger and can do so with ease and speed. It also digs relatively silently and is hard to detect when underground. Its large jaws make its biting attacks more effective. Trapinch can see in the dark.

A loud and confident Pokemon. I met Shocker while adventuring through the deserts of Africa. She helped me and my Pokemon find an oasis when we'd run out of water. This particular oasis was being over run by a gang of particularly mean Cancnea, but with help from me and Prince, she was able to drive them out of the oasis and make them apologize for being mean to other desert Pokemon. She decided to come with me once she saw that the Cacnea weren't going to rise again. When we battled she used a very interesting move combination that we've since worked on. Whenever I let her out for training with the others, she just goes underground and stays there.
No Signature Move

Sugar: Level 2 Female Smoochum (Ice/Psychic) A Smoochum's kiss attacks are more effective. In the dark, it feels using its lips, and any Pokemon it feels with its lips has a 10% chance of paralysis or confusion.

An amazingly loving and romantic Pokemon. I discovered Sugar in an abandoned temple to the Ice spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Sugar firmly believes in the power of the Ice spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Eos and Fluffers everyday.
Special Attack: Shards of Justice (Ice)
Sugar utters a prayer to the Ice Spirits asking for help against her enemies. After this, her opponent is surrounded by dagger-like shards of ice that are aimed at her opponent's weak points. These can be broken. However, if the target moves away from a shard it will plunge into it's target point. There are three levels to this attack. Quick Prayer(QP), Mid-Prayer(MP), and Full Prayer(FP); these prayer times are the same as QC, MC, and FC Shadow Ball charge times. The QP level creates one shard that aims at the throat; this level causes damage equal to one Ice Shard with energy use of Ice Shard plus Spikes x0.5. The MP level creates three shards that aim at the throat and two other weak points; at this level each shard does damage equal to Ice Shard x0.75 with total damage equal to Ice Shard x2 if all three hit and energy use of one Ice Shard and Spikes x0.75. The FP level creates five shards; this level has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch and each shard does damage equal to Ice Shard x0.5 with a total damage of Ice Shard x2.5 and energy use equal to one Ice Shard and one Spikes. All three levels have a 10% chace of completely freezing the target. sugar can only use this twice per battle.

Morpheus: Level 3 Male Espeon (Psychic) An Espeon’s fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind, caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. An Espeon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of higher vulnerability to sound attacks.

A very regal and thought-filled Pokemon. Morpheus and I met during my adventures through Johto. Him and I have worked very hard on his Confusion and Psychic control for the sake of contests. He and Rose are always coming up with some new combination to show me and they usually involve him manipulating moves of hers with his Psychic powers.
No Signature Move

Marshy: Level 1 Male Marshtomp (Water/Ground) Being a wet and slimy Pokemon, attacks involving grabs or holds are difficult to execute. It may also use its fin to detect things happening in the arena.

I found Marshy in the marshlands of Sinnoh. Already a Marshtomp when I found him his story was told to me by a man from a nearby village. His previous trainer had abandoned him after he evolved because she didn't like his new form. I took him in and helped him learn all kinds of moves and tactics.
No Signature Move

Fanger: Level 1 Male Zubat (Poison/Flying) Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

I met Fanger outside a small cave on the edge of the forest where I met Rose. He was tailing behind a group of Golbat that had just finished feeding on a nearby Stantler, when he fell right down in front of us. After I'd healed him we started to get to know each other and in became clear how string he was.
No Signature Move

Shiny: Level 1 Female Chinchou (Water/Electric) Chinchou are fish, and thus are slow and nearly immobile on land, but are faster and more agile in the water. Whenever a Chinchou uses an electric attack in the water, it creates a small amount of electricity around it, shocking anything in the water with it within 10 feet of it (damage is considered equal to half a Thundershock for the most powerful electric attacks). As an electric type, it is immune to recoil from using electric attacks in the water or during a Rain Dance. It may also use its antennas as a light source in the same way that the Mareep family does with their tails.

Shiny and I met near the end of my travels in Johto and we've been close for a while. She's quite hyper active and has a tendency to blast people with water and electricity.
No Signature Move

Aurora: Level 1 Female Butterfree (Bug/Flying) Butterfree’s powders are slightly more effective than normal. It is also considered to be familiar with psychic abilities, and may use Psychic to lift Pokemon. Butterfree can see in the dark.

Aurora is a happy go lucky Pokemon with a lot of training under her belt. After Rose and Eos she's been with me the longest and has proven to be a very skilled flyer.
No Signature Move

Artemis: Level 1 Female Nidorina (Poison) Females in the Nidoran family may use any attack requiring their horn (such as Horn Attack), but since the horn is not as long or as tough, their horn attacks deal three-fourths the damage. All Nidoran have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Nidorina and I met during my travels in Johto and has a lot of experience training and battling with a degree of success.
No Signature Move

Medea: Level 1 Female Misdreavus (Ghost) Aside from when it desires to be in solid form, it is almost always gaseous (about 85% of the time). Surprise physical attacks will almost always pass through Misdreavus. Misdreavus hovers quite low to the ground unless ordered not to, so when it does lapse into solid form, it can take its share of scratches on rough terrain, especially when moving fast. Misdreavus cannot switch to the ethereal mode. Misdreavus and Mismagius can fly, though they are not as fast or agile as true flying pokémon and cannot fly as high as they can. They can see in the dark.

Medea and I met during my time in Sinnoh just outside the Old Chateau in Eternia forest. Shortly after we met she displayed a remarkable affinity for precision Psychic maneuvers.
Special Technique: Precision Psychic (Psychic)
Through natural skill and ability Medea's Psychic powers are more adept. By spending 1.25x the energy of Psychic she is able to pick up and move objects as if she was familiar with the Psychic type.

Crow: Level 1 Male Murkrow (Dark/Flying) Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokemon and people, particularly when seen at night. Murkrow can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

When I first met Crow he was in the possesion of a strange old woman at the Old Chateau. She'd trained him to use his dark and ghost energies in unison to create cursed objects and barriers that forced the victim to violently hallucinate about their greatest fears and darkest secrets. She did this because she was trying to bring pain to the ones who'd killed her ancestors who used to live in the Chateau.
Special Attack: Night Terror (Dark/Ghost)
Crow uses energy equal to one Light Screen (0.5x Light Screen of Ghost energy and 0.5x Light Screen of Dark Energy) to curse the opponent with violent hallucinations of their greatest fears and darkest secrets causing full body paralysis around 20% of the time and damage equal to one Night Shade. This can be used once per battle.

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