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PH's Squad and Stats

Trainer Level: 1
C+ Grade Ref
0 matches - 0 wins, 0 draws, 1 losses.
0 KOs - 1 TP - 1 SP

Vs Redpanda
Vs Squirtleking
Vs DefiantDenial

Spoiler: show
Vs Kindrindra - LOSS - 1 TP

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Hunter: Level 2 Male Luxio
Hunter, PH's signature pokemon and co-ref. With his trainer through thick and thin, and one of the two squadmates kept since the start. He has a snarky demeanour, but is quite a nice guy really. He gets along well with Zapz, having built up a bit of a banter, and Anna, a sense of comradeship having been built over their time working with PH. He is determined to do his best in battles, and never lets a disadvantage get him down. He decided one day that he'd had enough of ground types having an advantage, and decided to create a technique that allowed for him to fight back more effectively.
Signature Move: Ice Bolt (Ice)
Hunter takes some energy from his ice pool and uses it in the same way he would use his electric pool to create a Thunderbolt. This sends a lightning-shaped version of Ice Beam at his foe, dealing significant damage for the same amount of energy. His ice energy is increased to the point that he can bust out two of these per match. However, the technique is not capable of freezing a target, and in order to learn to focus his Ice energy into a projectile he gave up on Ice Fang.

Anna: Level 2 Female Combusken
Anna, a fierce fighter and one of two pokemon PH still has from the beginning of his ASB career. She is the go-to squadmate for particular annoyances, and always puts up a good fight. She decided to train in order to get a better advantage on two of her weaknesses; water and flying. Therefore, she trained with using Thunderpunch, and modified it into something spectacular.
Signature Move: Lightning Jab (Electric)
Anna prepares a Thunderpunch, but charges a Solid amount of electricity into her fist before taking a jab forwards that launches the electrical energy - still in the shape of a fist - and the foe, striking them for Good damage. She has trained the technique so much that she has the electrical energy to use it three times a battle, but she has lost use of basic Thunderpunch.

Vinny: Level 1 Male Treecko

Joe: Level 1 Male Totodile

Vera: Level 1 Female Ralts

Carver: Level 1 Male Sandshrew

Zapz: Level 1 Male Joltik
Zapz is a Joltik with an astounding appetite - for both poffins and energy - for a pokemon of his size. Found in a small Unovan power plant that was having energy storage troubles, he had no problem switching from draining a generator to leaping on Hunter's face and sapping some of his electrical energy. This was quickly put to a stop and the Joltik captured - but Zapz' interesting ability remains.
Signature Technique: Energy Drain (Electric)
Zapz clambers onto a hard-to-reach-as-possible part of his foe and uses a Light amount of energy to send an electrical impulse into their body. This causes energy to build up where he is, which he then siphons out of the foe. The most that can be siphoned like this is an Extreme amount, and if struck Zapz ends the technique.

Spectra - Level 1 Female Misdreavus.

Filia: Level 1 Female Mawile
Filia is... somewhat different from other Mawile. The maw on her "ponytail" has a mind of it's own, christened Samson. This mouthy extension eggs on the otherwise timid Filia in fighting, providing her with a lot more bite when needed. Upon capturing her, I noted the duo's similarity to a certain fighting game character - hence the names. They've been practicing various attempts at techniques from their namesake, but so far have not had a lot of success... bar one.
Signature Move: Trichobezoar (Steel)
Filia turns, pointing Samson at the foe... at which point he hurls up a huge ball of "hair" and skulls (of previous meals). The hair part, however, is actually finely woven metal, created from steel energy within the parasite's maw. This causes the projectile, if it hits it's intended target, to hit for some significant damage. However, usage of it also requires fairly significant energy. The projectile is roughly spherical and is about the same size as Filia herself (minus Samson).

Roc: Level 1 Female Spearow
Roc is named after the famous, gigantic mythical bird encountered by Sinbad the Sailor - and for good reason...
Special Trait: Big Bird
Roc is 1.5x as big as a pokemon of her kind usually is in both height and weight. However, this additional bulk has made it harder for her to fly as well as most of her kind - her flight speed and ceiling are reduced.

Hanadenki: Level 1 Female Hoppip
Yet another member of the famous Hana clan, Hanadenki is an excitable young pokemon. However, after a certain Corsola freezed the crud out of her at an Amusement Park, she has had to find a way to come to terms with her clan's... less-than-stellar weakness to ice. Therefore, we trained her in a technique that'd give her the edge in battle.
Signature Attack: Denki Pop (Electric)
Hanadenki's leaves glow yellow with electric energy before firing off a small ball of lightning that, when it impacts on something, bursts in a shower of sparks in a fashion not unlike a firework. This burst is what causes most of the damage - a considerable amount - but it is also engineered to do 1.25x as much damage to Ice-Type pokemon and pokemon familiar with Ice energy (after type effectiveness calculations). The move costs a significant amount of energy to use.

Snowfall: Level 1 Female Snorunt
From an area around Snowpoint, Snowfall is a relaxed, friendly pokemon. She tends to keep to herself, and tries fiercely hard in battle against other Pokemon. However, there is something in her bloodline that traces all of the way to a frozen cavern in Unova, where the icy Kyurem resides. It doesn't have much of an effect on her though. Well, except...
Special Training: A Chill Wind
Snowfall can use Glaciate.

Legion: Level 1 Porygon
Legion, named after a Geth character from Mass Effect, is equally fierce in battle as his namesake. However, he is a little susceptible from trouble from malware, viruses and steel types - so we upgraded his software to help him out a bit.
Special Training: Firewall
Legion can now use Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

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