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5 wins 5 losses 11 KOs 37 TP 6 SP

Victoria: Female Level 2 Gastly
Hidden Power: Fighting

Alice: Female Level 2 Golett
Hidden Power: Fire
A long, long time ago, Alice was known as Unit 02DCHR-CLRN3T; built and trained to fight by an ancient civilization, Unit 0-C was well versed in hand-to-hand combat, but always felt out of place among it's brethren. Years passed, and Unit 0-C continued to serve as a frontlines physical attacker. 0-C enjoyed what it was created for, but never enjoyed being called an "it". One day, when its audio processors picked up a nearby conversation about the civilization's princess, something awoke inside Unit 0-C. Unit 0-C changed it's name to Alice and fled from the civilization. Thousands of years later, I found her in a quarry, where she had built up her own kingdom and ruled fairly over the Ground and Rock types there as a princess. She missed her fighter lifestyle, however; and upon being defeated in battle, wished to join me and my team.
Special Training - Princess Punch (Fighting)
Alice is considered to be familiar with Fighting type energy. She loses Curse, Signal Beam, Ice Punch, Rollout, Toxic, and Grass Knot.

Sheldon: Male Level 3 Banette
Hidden Power: Ice

Alexander: Male Level 2 Drifloon
Hidden Power: Ground

Danton: Male Level 2 Duskull
Danton thinks he's hot shit. And by hot shit I mean scary as fuck. And let's be real, he kind of is! He's got a skull mask thing for a face and that creepy single red eye hovering behind it. But he treats himself like the King of All Fear and Spookiness in the world and speaks and acts like a B-list horror movie villain. He's actually a huge weenie. Go figure. One thing he DOES have going for him though is how he can pop up out of seemingly nowhere.
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Techinique: Are You Scared??? (Ghost)
Danton can remove his mask at will. Removing and placing/throwing the mask counts as one move. When his mask is removed, he can teleport to it at will at a significant energy cost. Much like the actual move Teleport, after a few seconds of concentration, Danton will disappear, and then 1-2 seconds later he will reappear whereever his mask was previously, now with the mask on. The order "Spook" means to teleport to the mask. Mask teleporting messes with Danton's ghost energies, and he is unable to use any ghost moves for a full round after doing it. Danton cannot evolve. Danton's mask has the strength of a Marowak's skull, and if it is destroyed the same stipulations for getting a new one apply.

Querra: Female Level 2 Yamask
Querra hates being taken advantage of, or mocked, or generally underestimated in any way. Whenever she starts to get some success, people are always there to shut her down somehow. She's pretty cold and mean towards basically everyone, and she'll do everything possible to keep someone from getting a leg up on her. She's developed a way to just shut everyone around her out and leave her alone, which she uses to full effect on some of her particularly bad, self-hatred days.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: Peace and Quiet (XX)
If Querra is ordered to block an attack using her mask, a faint typeless force field will project around her as she does so, reducing damage/effectiveness from sound-based attacks by a decent amount. The force field does not shield her from any other type of attack, only sound-based ones. Anything else must strike the actual mask in order to be blocked.

Frederick: Male Level 3 Vileplume
Hidden Power: Water

Samson: Male Level 2 Paras
Hidden Power: Fire

Nancy: Female Level 2 Psyduck
Hidden Power: Ground

Tjeka: Female Level 2 Beedrill
Tjeka is really intense. She doesn't show weakness except on Wednesdays, when she loosens up and will only play video games and watch anime all day. Otherwise, though, she's a cold and hardened killer.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Ability: A Cold and Hardened Killer (XX)
Tjeka enters battle with a Swords Dance boost in effect. She loses the actual use of Swords Dance, as well as Double-Edge and Skull Bash.

Gut: Female Level 2 Diglett
Gut is so peppy. She's very enthusiastic about learning and battling and she loves to accompany me on reffings. She's just a neato kiddo. She's adapted to many different types of locations so she can always participate if needed.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Ultimate Enthusiasm (Ground)
Gut can traverse through metal, concrete, and solid rock as easily as she can through dirt.

Lace: Female Level 2 Doduo
Lace is a princess, and thus is a trained and skilled multitasker. To guide the kingdom in times of stress, of course.
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Ability: Royal Management Skills (XX)
Princess Lace takes 80% of the damage from all attacks, until she reaches half health. After that point, one of her heads is knocked out, and she will take 125% damage from all attacks until she is knocked out. If Lace is knocked below the halfway point, but in some way recovers so that her health is back above the halfway point, she will still take 125% damage from all attacks and one of her heads will remain knocked out.

Fedanura: Level 2 Female Loudred
Hidden Power: Grass

Kale: Female Level 2 Dunsparce
Kale is very serious about battling! She always gives 100% and she never messes around in battles. Outside of battles she's really funny and an enjoyable person to be around! She throws GREAT parties. But yeah, in battle? Total serious mode. She's pushed herself to make the greatest advantage of all of her assets as a Dunsparce.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: Flight (Flying)
Kale can fly as well as a Pidgey.

Joanne: Female Level 2 Qwilfish
Hidden Power: Ground

Allie: Female Level 2 Klang
Hidden Power: Ground

Fiela: Female Level 2 Mawile
Hidden Power: Water
Attached: Mawilite

Turnstile: Level 2 Male Bergmite
Hidden Power: Fairy

Sextant: Level 2 Male Swirlix
Hidden Power: Ground

Wilma: Level 1 Female Flabebe
Hidden Power: Ground

Rallentando: Level 1 Male Froakie
Hidden Power: Ground

Anna: Level 1 Female Mienfoo
Hidden Power: Ghost

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