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Other Works by totoまめ:

"Kotone! Will you ma-... will you ma-.... will you m--... will you make your way over here and team up with me?" It's the best I could do with the pun. (original 結婚 kekkon shiro "let's get married" and 組もう kumou "let's join forces"). Keep in mind, Silver actually says to the hero "くもう" in the original games.

Famous fanart. Still as awesome as ever.

My favorite fanart ever. Too large to directly post here so you'll have to click the thumbnail. I have a 40" posterized version of this in my apartment, with permission from the original artist. (Check out this picture's Comments section on Pixiv and you'll see our conversation! lol) Whoops, here's the original. I had to ask him for a text-free version, y'see.

Cool Tonari no Totoro reference.


Pryce is sorely lacking in quality fanart, but this is one hell of a nice job.

"Welcome home."

And that should do for now. If you liked what you see, then check out the album at your leisure (if it lets you; if not, I'll post more later):
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