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Feuer Faust

Tiere Des Abgrundes

A tall man, seemingly very young, yet still possessing an aura of great wisdom and mystery. He wears the clothes of both a teenager and a gentleman at once, blending their styles. Dark jeans cover his legs, and his torso is clad in a simple gray sweater. Beneath it lurks the simple white collar of a worker's shirt. Black socks and sharp dress shoes protect his feet, just as a stylish black pea-coat covers his upper body, parted at the chest with the buttons undone. A simple gray fedora, reserved and roguishly stylish, settles on top of brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an enigma, a cipher. He is Mysterious Trainer Mekanic...

Mekanic, formerly known as Excalibur.
B Grade Referee.
Level One Trainer.
13 Pokemon.
4 Win - 1 Draws - 3 Losses
8 Knock Outs / 17.5 Trainer Points / 0 Service Points

Spoiler: show

Samael – Male Slowpoke (Level Two)
Samael, the Desolate One. Esteemed right hand of the squadron, Samael is named for a fallen angel described as “the blind God”. He is perhaps the most evil in the entire bunch of Pokemon, his dark-side evident in his ruthless method of battle. Even if I hadn't given him the name Samael and instructed him to lead my other Pokemon into battle, I'm sure he would have assumed the Darth Vader-esque roll of dark ruler naturally. He's so evil he manages to make the normally blank stares of a Slowpoke look sinister. He takes great pleasure in suprising his opponents. He has trained extremely hard to overcome his natural weakness, and with great effort has managed to do so, allowing him to move at great speeds.
Special Attack – Speedpoke (XX)
Samael's Speedpoke is, in fact, Quick Attack. Through huge amounts of effort, the extrodinarily slow Pokemon has learned to momentarily accelerate himself to the speed of Quick Attack, hitting the opponent for the same amount of light damage. However, this action is entirely unnatural to Samael, and consumes 2.5x the energy of a Quick Attack to perform, and can only be used three times per match.

Raziel – Male Quagsire (Level Two)
Raziel is named for a fallen angel who speaks of hidden and secret things. It describes him well. I caught him, not in the wild, but in Pewter City, of all places, breaking into the museum and attempting to read several tablets that were being held in the basement. He was seeking deep knowledge, and ways to overcome his own weaknesses. I offered to help him learn, and with my aid he has come to understand several ancient techniques and abilities. One, in particular, stood out to him, and I helped him to master them, combining them into a single technique he uses to exact vengeance on his foes.
Special Attack – Selios Venomae (Poison)
Through studying ancient texts, Raziel has learned to imbue himself with poison-type energy, focusing them through himself and making use of his limited access to Poison-type energy to produce a powerful attack. His fist glows with deep purple energy, slamming it into the enemy, much like any other Elemental Punch. This attack delivers damage equal to a Thunderpunch,and has a great chance of poisoning the enemy, about 20%. It consumes energy equal to a Thunder. Raziel can only use this technique twice per match, as it involves a large amount of Poison-type energy.

Vassago – Male Chinchou (Level One)
Vassago is the Finder of the Lost. Named for a fallen angel who finds all things hidden, he is the inquisitor of the team. He finds and extracts information, at any cost. Vassago is a playful and intelligent fellow, but he has no real moral compass and doesn't have any real compassion for anyone else. His allegiance to the group is purely pragmatic. He simply agreed to join us when I explained our purpose to him. He has no qualms about using harsh and amoral methods to seek out the things he wishes to find. Applied to battle, Vassago's affinity for discovery has evolved into a new technique, one he honed studying the anatomy and psychology of the average battling Pokemon for years.
Special Technique – Knowledge Delve (XX)
Vassago focuses his mind, digging deep into his stores of anatomical and psychological information and cross-referencing it with the opponent's current pattern and species. He infers from this information a weak point on the opposing Pokemon, a place he can strike or a manner he can attack in that will be especially painful for the enemy. The attack used immediately after Knowledge Delve will deal approximately 1.5x damage. Knowledge Delve's advantages are lost if Vassago is distracted or hit before another move can be used. It consumes energy equal to 2x Calm Mind and can only be used twice per match. Vassago can only use this technique in conjunction with Ice-type techniques.

Raum – Male Totodile (Level One)
Raum is named for a fallen angel who is the Lord of the Crows. He embodies the predatory element of crows very well, preying on his enemies in the moment of their weakness. He is a very vicious little creature, one who enjoys bringing pain and causing mischief. I caught him out by New Bark Town, where he was terrorizing inhabitants and generally eating pets and causing havoc. Samael often has to keep him in line, keeping him from deeply wounding his opponents. Raum is the most capable of pure, unadulterated violence out of the whole group squad. He is also very dirty, and enjoys wallowing in the mud. His affinity for swamps and other nasty places has given him a close link to mud and dirt. He is perhaps the most dirty Pokemon on my squad, and it is always possible for him to have a faint coating of dirt at any time.
Special Training – Mud Wallowing (Ground)
Raum has trained long and hard to learn to use dirt and mud as weapons he can use to hurt other people, combining his two loves of violence and dirtiness. To that end, he has forced himself to learn how to use the move Mud Bomb. However, as a byproduct of this, he is other training has suffered, making him forget the move Blizzard.

Lilith – Female Finneon (Level One)
Lilith is a dangerous little Pokemon. She is named for a fallen angel who is a seducer of men. Lilith is a powerful Pokemon, one who uses the various 'Wind' attacks with great effectiveness. She didn't seem like she would fit in with my other questionably-amoral Pokemon, but she took to their brand of evil in stride. Lilith trained long and hard with those techniques, making them as powerful as she possibly could. When she found that she had reached maximum effectiveness, she developed a way to fuel them to ever greater heights of power. By training every single day and funneling as much energy as she could into the wind attacks, she discovered she could make them incredibly powerful with effort.
Special Training – Windstorm (XX)
Lilith has learned to make the various 'Wind' attacks incredibly powerful. By funneling a much larger amount of energy through the attacks, about twice of what is normally consumed, she can do roughly twice the damage of the original attacks. This addition can only be performed on the specific attacks Air Cutter, Gust, Silver Wind, Icy Wind, and Ominous Wind. This is done by adding 'Storm' to the attack order, such as 'Gust Storm' or 'Silver Wind Storm'. Lilith can only accomplish this two times per match and will consume 2.5x the energy for the boosted attack. The attack will leave Lilith slightly exhausted after use.

Rahab – Male Squirtle (Level One)
Rahab is named for the fallen angel of Pride, he whose name means Violence. Ironically enough, Rahab hates violence. It's not that he doesn't like hurting others. He has no problems with that. He just hates being attacked. He really doesn't like to be in pain. Rahab used to be one hell of a poor battler, and would always end up using the same move; Withdraw. As good as hiding in his shell was, he discovered that if he channeled energy through it, he could make it even more of a devious weapon to use against his enemies.
Special Technique – Silvide Shell (XX)
Rahab gathers up typeless energy, like a Hyper Beam, and focusing it throughout his shell. It creates a mottled tortoise shell of translucent silver energy that emanates from his shell, creating a half-dome shield that coats the outside of his shell in a Light Screen material. The shield is powerful and can hold back special attacks of up to a Thunder in strength before it breaks apart. Against physical attacks, it will not halt them and will easily shatter. It consumes energy roughly equal to 1.5x Light Screen and can be used at most twice per match.

Kunopegos – Genderless Staryu (Level One)

Forneus – Male Marill (Level One)

Israfel – Male Charmander (Level One)

Lix Tetrax – Female Pikachu (Level One)

Sorath – Female Tangela (Level One)

Wormwood – Male Teddiursa (Level One)

Vaul – Male Cranidos (Level One)

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Current Matches
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Tiere Des Abgrundes
ASBL Trainer - Level One
B Grade Referee
4 W - 1 D - 3 L
8 KO / 17.5 TP / 0 SP

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