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Re: Confirmed for pickup on Monday, July 16, 2007.

Originally Posted by enchantress
Confirmed for Double Level pickup on Monday, July 16, 2007.
Wayne: Lv.35 Alakazam and Lv.50 Swampert (Casino DDCP)
Xuande: Lv.5 Hoppip and Lv.6 Chikorita (Casino DDCP)
Each of your Pokémon will have gained two levels at the end of the week.
Celes grew to Level 8! Celes learned RAZOR LEAF!

Picking up Level 7 Hoppip and Level 8 Chikorita.

[strike:d8f77]Dropping them back off for another week. No DDCP this time, I'm afraid.
(updated registration post)[/strike:d8f77]

EDIT-Update: Due to this unexpected turn of events, I will be opting to switch Celes the Chikorita out for my Level 5 Mankey instead. (Regipost) So to be clear, I am dropping off my Level 7 female Hoppip and my Level 5 male Mankey for this week.
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