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The Sacred Forest: - Please reply in Green

Hayward:Giving out more orders like a commander in a warzone, you completely focus on the shadow Tauros that are in front of you, determined to protect the forest as it is. Moving closer to the action as the tension rises, your two comrades pant a little before nodding in comprehension of your orders, ready for a larger exertion of energy to deal larger damage to the Tauros. As the Tauros stamp the floor in anticipation, Keo snaps its pincers twice as a taunt before the Shadow Tauros begin to get made.

Moving at a quick pace, Forteo spins in a small circle as a light purple veil gets drawn around him, stopping dead straight to face the Tauros as the protective move using a two-move combo and a truckload of energy to prepare it for what’s to come. Looking dead straight at the Tauros, the small Pineco chirps in readiness to Keo as the Krabby acknowledges the need to move. As the Krabby moves forward slightly, it raises both red pinsirs with a large power before slamming them in unison to the ground, causing it to shake. Another raise and fall causes it to shake more before the last causes an earthquake, the ground shaking violently as the four legged Tauros lose balance before collapsing in on their weak legs, the one with the spikes in landing on its other side as a loud ‘MOOOOO’ of pain shoots through as the spikes dig in more. Despite the initial view of the damage, the earthquake seems to do very little aside from move them from their feet, the soft ground having not much to move around and the quake not doing direct damage.

Carrying on with the plan, Keo targets the weaker looking Tauros with anger, looking to give revenge in the spiked beast for man-handling it in the previous rounds. With its pincers really clacking away like mad, the bull looks up with desperate eyes as it attempts to right itself to no avail, stuck in the ground due to pain. With boosted reveres of power and strength, Keo leaps forward and flings itself to the Tauros, flailing about with its massive pincers as the Tauros can do naught but take the attacks dead on. Dealing a massive amount of damage, Keo looks at the Tauros with little sympathy as the evil beast attempted to destroy the forest.

With very little health left, the Tauros sticks it tongue out, panting from pain as Keo goes into overdrive, clasping its pincers together to form a wrecking-ball like approach, swinging it back behind his head as if its pincers were a golf club before swinging with full force, the super powered attack connecting with a ‘SNAP’ against the Tauros’ spine, knocking it out. Level up for Keo. As you look in horror, you find that as Keo stops the attacking, the Tauros lies dead on the floor, literally snapped as its back arches back into an unnatural position, caving in on itself as it begins to bleed a crimson blood onto the forest canvas. Stepping back to your line of the field, Keo collapses onto one knee, the obvious lack of energy not completely knocking him out but definitely needing at least one round of rest before it can even attempt to move again.

Seeing the death of its former brother, the Tauros goes mad with the sight of red blood. As the protective layer of Forteo wears off, the pineco spits a glob of Toxic at the Tauros eyes which only enrages it further, the blood point causing the poison to seep in effectively immediately but the Tauros just Moos once more in anger. Stomping on the ground, Forteo tries to continue its return assault but realizes that the protect used up two of its moves and leaves it unable to attack. Helpless to the rage of the Tauros, Forteo looks on as a rampant Tauros crashes down on it with a Zen Headbutt and a Strength, causing the Pineco to be shot up in the air and crashing on the floor. Despite the heavy energy loss, the Tauros seems to show no sign of tiredness. Throwing down the last of its move, the Tauros stomps on the floor as a giant crack appears in the ground, the resulting Fissure streaming down the ground, causing some moderate shake damage to both Keo and Forteo and also creating a crack in the floor, barely missing the Pineco as the blue Pokmon sighs in relief that it wasn’t down the hole.

As the round seems to end, you see a Tauros come in from your right as it struggles to shake something off before falling to the floor. Looking carefully, you see that Houndoom has the Tauros by the neck with a crunch as the Tauros staggers a little before attempting once more, having no luck. By the looks of it, the Houndoom will have the Tauros knocked out by the end of next round, blood already seeping from the Tauros’ neck. Looking over to your left, you also see the resounding sign of the Sandslash using a X-Scissor to slice the throat of its enemy Tauros, the blood splattering over the nearby stones and rocks, the Tauros caught stone dead as the Sandslash looks back, also unable to move this round due to exhaustion and in respect to its kill. Looking around, you see that it’s a heavily dented and exhausted Pineco vs. An enraged and heavily dented and exhausted Tauros, with the winner looking like they’ll complete the battle with a sweep. Pineco dealing with the last of the Tauros and the Tauros looking like it could take out the other three move heavily beaten opponents on your side.

What will you do?
The Pokemon tortured beneath the Silverton Mountains. The feuding Lacunas in Talas. The desolation of Miasma Heights. The murdered scientists on Cortoza Island. And now the Sacred Forest’s slaughter.

A veteran of many travels, Ben was no stranger to violence, hatred, death, and brutality. Even so, it took nearly every ounce of his strength and resolve not to gasp or cry out in revulsion at the grim scene unfolding before his grey-green eyes.

Crimson spots stained the ground, the trees, the combatants. Everything. Not one Pokemon was unscathed or unscratched. Blood ran in rivers and fallen Tauros lay strewn about the field in grotesque postures of death, never to rise again. One dangled from the fangs of Houndoom, while another lay crumpled in a heap near Krabby. The third sported a wide gash reminiscent of a scarlet scarf around its neck, courtesy of Sandslash.

What Ben found most shocking though, was that his own companion Keo had slain one of its Poke-brethren. The boy put a high value on Life, and not simply that of his own companions and friends, but of all Pokemon and people. He lamented the fact that Keo hadn’t been able to stop the tainted bull without ending its life.

It wasn't that Ben was upset with the aggressive little crustacean. Things had escalated well beyond the stereotypical Pokemon battle. It was now about survival. Kill or be killed. Ben’s brow furrowed as he morbidly wondered how many ten year olds would be eager to leave on “A Magical Pokemon Journey” if they knew it might result in the snapping of their spine, the severing of their limbs, or the slitting of their throat.

Had it not been for the fact that his Pokemon partners were counting on him, Ben was certain he would have been sick. He clutched his stomach. It was all he could do to keep himself from doubling over and retching. He knew he had to find the strength to go on. He knew so much depended on them stopping the Tauros - the forest, the villagers, his own Pokemon's safety. Pushing the thoughts of possible death and dismemberment from his mind, he thought hard to come up with a plan.

With three Tauros dispatched, it was now 4 against 1; Houndoom, Sandslash, Krabby, and Pineco vs. Tauros. The odds were in their favor, but Ben knew that his side was exhausted and that the remaining wild bull wouldn’t go down without a fight. Keo was breathing heavily and shuddering violently. He desperately needed a rest and Ben couldn’t ask him to fight for a bit. Glancing at the tiny Pineco Forteo, Ben saw that he, too, shook as he struggled to take deep, panting breaths. He had expended a considerable amount of energy and taken a severe beating. Ben hoped Forteo would have the strength to stop the last Tauros.

Suddenly, Ben’s Pokemon partners began to glow and in a flash of azure light, evolved into their final states simultaneously, much to their young trainer’s surprise. Complimenting Keo and Forteo on their new forms, Ben theorized that their unified determination to the same goal must have affected their evolution and realized that he would certainly need his companions’ newfound power to stop the Shadow Tauros.

Hoping the rapid evolution might catch the lone Tauros by surprise, Ben charged forward with Forteo, asserting that he didn’t want to kill the Tauros, but had vowed to protect the forest, and was determined to do what he must to prevent the further loss of life and destruction.

“Now, mate! Look sharp!” Ben hollered to Forteo, as Keo watched their reckless charge from the sidelines. “The third time has to be the charm! Go with Return! Then follow up with a Flash Cannon - Zap Cannon combo! We have to stop that last Tauros!”

Keo has been raised from lv. 51 to lv. 52.

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