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Trainer Level 3 || B- Grade Ref
Water Gym Leader
54 KO's / 137 TP / 2 SP

Spoiler: show
Llewelyn: Male Marowak [Level 4]
When most people think of a Marowak, they envision a very stern, disciplined creature. Llewelyn could not be further from that description. Childlike and playful, it’s as if he hasn’t aged at all since the day he hatched. Since his evolution, I’ve made more of an effort to turn him into something of a role model for the team. It’s proving difficult, as one of his more loathsome habits is pouting after a poor performance in battle. Bless his heart.
Signature Technique: Layer Storm [Flying]
One of this guy’s favorite activities is perching himself in a high place and pretending to be some sort of medieval archer. Over time, he’s managed to turn this into an actual legitimate battle strategy (see, there’s a leader in there somewhere!). Llewelyn charges his bone with a heavy amount of Flying energy and brandishes it like a bow. He then draws his other hand across the middle, signaling the release of a large amount of sharp energy projectiles from the bone. Each “arrow” deals light damage individually, but they travel very quickly all at once, totaling up to heavy damage overall. The sharpness means they are also capable of cutting the foe at impact, made much more dangerous in Realistic battles. Llewelyn has the Flying energy to use this twice per match.
Hidden Power Steel

Rhyme: Female Noivern [Level 3]
I’d love to wax on and on about how I’ve managed to tame a proud and mighty dragon, but I haven’t. Rhyme tolerates me only because I feed her and she enjoys hanging out with my merry, motley crew. When she’s not avoiding me outside of meal hours, she can be found digging her claws into my hardwood floor, digging holes in Isolde’s perfectly manicured gardens, or kicking up all the sediment at the bottom of Shipwreck Cove.
Signature Technique: Norwegian Death Metal [Steel]
Because what else would she listen to? Inspired by some of her favorite bands, she gathers a heavy amount of Steel energy into her ears and then expels it in the form of sound waves, much like a normal Boom Burst. The attack deals heavy Steel typed damage to her foe. Additionally, the attack is so jarring that the target's defenses are lowered by 20% for the next three rounds. Rhyme has the type energy to use this technique twice per match, but never twice within consecutive rounds as it simply risks too much damage to her own ears.
Birdkeeper's Token Attached

Jeanne: Female Meditite [Level 3]
A mysterious newcomer to the squad, Jeanne hails from lands as of yet unknown to our group. What we do know is that she is highly disciplined and analytical, devoting all of her training to taking her foes down from the inside out. Like her namesake, she has rapidly risen through the ranks of my team and advocates the path of righteousness for all. She does not stand for cheap shots in battle and has been granted, as she puts it, divine knowledge against the corrupting evils of type spam.
Signature Technique: Chi Block [Normal]
Jeanne swiftly jabs her opponent in a vulnerable place (a "pressure point," if you will). This jab only deals light damage, though the appeal of the move lies in its aftereffects. A significant amount of energy then surges throughout the opponent's circulatory system and subtly redirects blood flow, blocking off sources of "chi" (it should be noted that such alterations deal no additional damage). In this way Jeanne is able to barricade off a source of her opponent's type energy. The type that is blocked is off the most recent source called upon in battle. For example, had her foe previously used Water Pulse, Water energy would be blocked; for Earthquake, Ground energy; and so on and so forth. There are a few caveats, however. Firstly, type energies of an opponent's natural primary and secondary types are impossible to obstruct. In the same vein, as Normal energy is universal to all Pokemon it may also not be blocked. Secondly, those creatures without a circulatory system (eg. all those immune to toxins) are unaffected, as their "chi" is structured otherwise. Thirdly, opponents with high natural defenses (eg. heavily shelled Pokemon, opponents who have an Iron Defense boost, etc) are very resistant to this manner of attack. The chi blocking effect lasts for three rounds, at the end of which such sources are made accessible again. Jeanne can only use this maneuver when I order second, and cannot do so prior to the first round of battle so that she may examine her foe's weak points. She is permitted to use this technique twice per battle but never twice against the same opponent.
Hidden Power Steel
Medichamite Attached

Isolde: Female Mawile [Level 3]
Naturally theatrical and overdramatic, Isolde merely contributes to the overall insanity of my squad. Each and every one of her emotions is over the top, leading to alternating bouts of tremendous joy and unrelenting despair. When she’s not committing an act of emotional terrorism on another member of my team, she gardens, and has since designed a special move in tribute to her very favorite flower.
Signature Technique: Forget-me-not [Water]
Drawing on a significant amount of Water energy, Isolde summons a small energy construct in the form of a Forget-me-not bloom and launches it at her target. The attack deals a considerable amount of damage and also induces temporary amnesia in her foe, more often than not stopping them in their tracks. This generally lasts until the start of the next round or until they take damage. Isolde has the Water energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Fairy

Renly: Male Summer Sawsbuck [Level 3]
Elegant and vaguely effeminate, Renly is a veteran traveler who quite literally showed up at our doorstep and then never left. No one is entirely sure where he came from, and when asked simply responded, “Everywhere.” He gave a similarly cryptic response when asked why he’s decided to stick around with us. Nevertheless, the enigmatic drifter brightens the mood of everyone he comes across, so he’s hardly a burden. It’s only a matter of time until he leaves us to start the next leg of his journey, so time spent in the present is always valued when dealing with Renly.
Signature Technique: Gaia’s Ascent [Rock]
Renly stomps his foot, causing a large pillar of Rock energy to erupt from the ground underneath his opponent. It is nearly identical to Earth Power in terms of maximum height capabilities, damage dealt, and energy usage; however unlike Earth Power, the Rock energy rapidly “cools” and leaves behind a thick, jagged stone column which Renly is capable of climbing to reach new heights. This move is only usable in environments with naturally occurring rock to draw energy from, whether on the surface or below it, meaning it will fail in most manmade arenas. Renly has the type energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Rock

Varys: Male Galvantula [Level 3]
Friendly and a bit of a blabbermouth, everyone likes him well enough. He’s incredibly crafty, building small structures here and there for others to play in out of his silk. As a matter of fact, he whipped up my favorite swinging loveseat on my front porch. Mostly great qualities, except for one thing – he’s a bit of a close talker, and he doesn’t care much for personal hygiene. You know where this is going.
Special Training: Bugged Out [Bug]
Varys’ mouth and appendages are far from clean. For this reason, all of his biting and cutting moves have a tendency to incite a physical allergic reaction in his foes. The allergy presents itself similarly to Infestation, distracting the foe, increasing their discomfort and reducing their focus for the duration of two to three rounds. This secondary effect has a 20% chance of triggering for an additional light amount of energy in the execution and does not contribute to Varys’ overall fatigue.
Hidden Power Ground

Sakura: Female Makuhita [Level 3]
Unlike most Fighting types, Sakura takes her training outside the gym, instead meditating and focusing her tranquility in her favorite pastime – painting. She’s on the way to becoming a master landscape artist, and she takes most of her inspiration from nature.
Signature Technique: Bursting Bloom [Grass]
The only plant Sakura doesn’t like are nettles, and so she decided to smash a large amount of it in her hands. Unfortunately for her, it lingered. She charges the palm of her hand with a significant amount of Grass energy before plowing it into her foe, dealing a significant amount of damage. Additionally, a cloud of spores is released upon impact, forming a localized burn around the affected area. Sakura has the Grass energy to use this technique twice per match.
Hidden Power Steel

Beat: Male Phanpy [Level 3]
The sturdiest yet obviously the most stubborn on the crew, Beat refuses to yield to the wants and desires of those around him. He tends to take a confrontational stand in not only his own conflicts, but those conflicts of those he is close to. He will rend earth, ocean, and sky to protect those he loves. This strong will has surpassed anything I had ever thought possible in his training, literally capable of changing the foundations of each and every battlefield he steps into.
Special Training: Earthshaker [Ground]
Beat’s terraforming techniques have grown tremendously over time, enabling him to perform Ground attacks with greater ease in earthy arenas, and even pull them off in places he has no business doing so. In natural environments, Beat’s Ground techniques require 15% less energy and deal 15% more damage, taking slightly less time to enact. Moreover, he is capable of manipulating concrete despite his size, forcing the substance to carry the Ground energy necessary for a traditional Earthquake or Bulldoze. Unless the concrete layer is thin, Fissure is still next to impossible to pull off. He can perform Earth Power, though, but only to a certain degree – terraforming in this way is severely inhibited. All Ground attacks using concrete as the medium require 20% more energy for a normal damage output.
Hidden Power Fire

Kimarhi: Male Houndour [Level 3]
He doesn’t talk very much and doesn’t seem to care for the affairs of others, but despite his cool exterior cannot resist his innate attachment to his pack, which in the present moment consists of a handful of aquatic lunatics and a wyvern with undiagnosed ADD. Kimarhi faithfully follows them in their antics, but maintains just enough distance to avoid any of the consequences. So he’s really the textbook definition of an enabler.
Special Training: House of the Rising Sun [Fire]
His father passed down to Kimarhi a sacred bond with the Sun to aid him throughout his life. For whatever reason and by whatever mechanism, Kimarhi exudes a permanent, internal Sunny Day effect generally independent of the surrounding environment for a light amount of energy per round (this does not contribute to his overall fatigue). A gentle sprinkle he can brush off, but heavy rain makes him fairly uncomfortable and though his Fire attacks will not suffer any drop in power within a very short range (about a foot or two), they quickly peter out over any significant distance. This “internal sunlight” is strong enough to trigger the special attack boost in his Mega form. In exchange, all of his Fire attacks which benefit from this (as well as Solar Beam) require 1.25x more energy. Additionally, he takes more damage from Water-typed moves than normal, affecting him as if his entire body was an open flame. It should be noted that this special effect is entirely personal to Kimarhi – the “Sunny Day” does not extend to any other Pokémon on the field.
Hidden Power Grass
Houndoomite Attached

Cersei: Female Ekans [Level 3]
She’s an unabashed bitch, and her nickname is no coincidence. Though she lacks a brother, she professes the love of her physical form enough such that the relationship shared with her namesake isn’t quite so far-fetched. I mean, she’s a snake, so while I’m not necessarily surprised by her duplicitousness and sneaky manipulation of everyone (myself included), the vanity shouldn’t be as shocking. Clearly I value these traits, as I have done nothing to try and dissuade her from acting this way. In fact, I may have even helped develop them along. Sorry not sorry.
Signature Technique: Living Shadow [Dark]
Cersei surrounds her body with a major amount of Dark energy before sending it forward at a high speed. The energy faithfully retains her form as it collides with her foe, dealing considerable damage and then settling at a small distance behind the target. This “shadow” remains until it is destroyed, for all intents and purposes serving as a QC Substitute, with all the stipulations therein. She has the type energy to use this technique twice per match.
Hidden Power Dark

Shoshanna: Female Froslass [Level 3]
No one is totally sure who or what Shoshanna was in her previous life. Given her tendency to harp on the shortcomings of others and point out their dirty “sins,” however, we’ve come to the general consensus that she must have been part of the Tea Party. At first we all agreed to ignore her more…dogmatic qualities, but her strangely aggressive didactic techniques have forced all of us to endure more than one bitter sermon.
Signature Technique: Maligned Judgment [Fighting]
Shoshanna has always felt an innate connection to the inner spirit of all living things, though she refuses to truly understand it. Instead, she exploits and uses this energy and paradoxically turns her foe against itself. Sapping herself of heavy energy, Shoshanna drains her foe of good health. However, rather than absorb it she shapes it into a glowing orb nearly identical to Aura Sphere and lobs it at her opponent. While the initial drain is typeless, Shoshanna converts the health into Fighting energy for the offensive projectile, and thus the damage of the orb is subject to the inherent weaknesses and resistances of the foe. She can only use this technique twice per battle, though like all draining moves it is subject to diminishing returns against the same target; in that case, damage dealt is proportional to the amount of health drained, though Shoshanna will still use the necessary energy to perform the technique.
Hidden Power Ground

D'Artagnan: Shiny Minior [Level 1]

Wakka: Male Passimian [Level 1]

Io: Magnemite [Level 1]

Sigrid: Female Amaura [Level 1]

Gym Squad
Spoiler: show
Dyrim: Male Wartortle [Level 3]
Strong and stoic, Dyrim serves as the team’s beloved bodyguard, observing the activities of the others from a short distance away. Not much about him is known other than small hints he drops here and there: he was the first hatchling of his clutch and took up a parental role almost immediately for his younger brothers and sisters. His patience is unrivaled by most other Pokémon, and though his ire is hardly ever piqued, Dyrim instinctively moves in at the first sign of conflict. The rest of my team knows to drop the issue then and there; strangers who intrude upon us, however, are dispatched via a peculiarly aggressive fighting style he must have developed much earlier in his life.
Signature Technique: Hammer Strike [Water]
Cloaking his fist in Water energy, Dyrim makes a swift move towards the foe, delivering a brutal blow to their gut. This will have the effect of temporarily winding them, leaving them open to attacks. During this time, Dyrim will typically be able to chain another attack, striking the foe for a second time before they can use a move of their own. Hammer Strike deals decent Water energy, and uses solid energy, but can only be used three times per match.
Hidden Power Ground
Tidal Badge Attached

Pantalaimon: Male Vaporeon [Level 3]
I’m fairly confident in saying that nobody else on the team likes Pan except for me. He’s obnoxious, he’s mischievous in the worst way, and he doesn’t play fair. Most of all, though, he’s dirty and just straight up smells. Getting this Water type to actually bathe is virtually impossible, and he’s destroyed more than his fair share of washrooms making his escape. Deep down, however, beneath his unpleasant mannerisms and the layers of scum coating every inch of his body, there’s a heart of gold.
Special Training: Bathing is for Scrubs [Ground]
Pan’s inability to properly clean himself actually grants him some advantages. Caked on remainders of the previous match’s dirt and grime grant him an immediate Mud Sport effect upon his initial release into battle. This effect lasts five rounds before wearing off and is unaffected by swimming, diving, or otherwise moving within water. In addition, because of his fondness for rolling around in the mud in the shallows of Shipwreck Cove, Pan has learned to use Mud Bomb and has the type energy to use it three times per match.
Hidden Power Ground

Freyr: Male Seadra [Level 3]
Despite his outward appearance and signature scowl, Freyr is really very sweet. He just masks this softer interior with a haughty pretentiousness, especially in the midst of battle. When he's not posturing about with Theon on the surface and practicing his aim on one of my GTs, he's hiding away down in a shipwreck at the bottom of our cove and working on his sculpting. He's actually fairly accomplished, his subjects being the team members he pretends to dislike on a daily basis.
Signature Technique: Call on the Calvary [Rock]
Using significant Rock energy Freyr conjures up the five forms of his other squad members (match dependent, obviously) and directs them towards his foe. These forms are not solid but rather shaped from Rock energy. Each figure deals a small hit and explodes upon contact, totaling up to solid damage overall. The move is generally disorienting and the foe suffers a 15% decrease in their offensive capabilities for the next three rounds. Freyr has enough Rock energy to use Call on the Calvary twice per match, but he cannot use it twice on the same opponent.
Hidden Power Rock

Yue: Female Milotic [Level 4]
Yue was the runner-up prize in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. She does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training: Fairy Lover [Fairy]
Yue has always been fascinated with pixies. When she learned about the new type, Fairy, she wanted to become a fairy more than anything. However it was impossible to become a fairy, and so she decided to try to get as close as possible. After years of research and training, Yue is now considered to be familiar with the Fairy type. In addition, she now knows the moves Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Baby-Doll Eyes, Sweet Kiss, Moonlight, and Disarming Voice.
Hidden Power Ground

Belgaer: Male Marill [Level 3]
A natural entertainer, Belgaer brings a lot of energy and pep to the table (to the annoyance of some of the other, older squad members). He’s young and something of a prodigy for a Pokémon his age. His innate innocence and naivety serves as a source of strength rather than a weakness, and he is quite literally capable of harnessing this quality in battle.
Signature Technique: Purity Essence [Fairy]
Belgaer creates a large sphere of Fairy type energy, firing it towards the foe before it erupts into a display of brilliant white flame. This will leave the opponent with a severe burn at the point of impact. Purity Essence deals heavy damage and requires major energy, but will move fairly slowly, much like an Inferno.
Hidden Power Ground

Sonmi: Staryu [Level 3]
This species is generally more emotive than people like to give them credit, and Sonmi is proof of that. What she lacks in facial expressiveness she makes up for with incredibly nuanced body language, requiring some mental gymnastics for strangers to grasp upon first meeting her. However, over time, she manages to build strong unspoken bonds with others, using her latent psychic abilities to emotionally hone in on her vast network of friends. Everyone loves her, but one of my more cynical friends claims one day she’s just going to seize control of this network and create a giant hive mind. I don’t think she’s smart enough for that.
Signature Technique: Blink [Psychic]
Sonmi calls upon her network of friends for assistance in the midst of battle. She cloaks herself in significant Psychic energy and disappears in a flash of white light, leaving one of her teammates as her replacement. At any point during the next two rounds, the recipient will be able to Blink back to Sonmi for a significant amount of Psychic energy, which will be granted to them if they do not normally carry the requisite type energy (though it will still drain from their overall energy pool). This is basically a two-directional version of Baton Pass, with both Blinks following standard switching guidelines. Sonmi may only use Blink once per match.
Hidden Power Flying

Beulah: Female Dewgong [Level 3]
Queen of the fjords, Beulah comes from a battle-hardened, matriarchal pod in Scandinavia where she was renowned for her prowess in combat. Unlike her gentle, more peaceful brethren to the south, Beulah and her fellow she-warriors are more in tune with the harsh winds of winter. Ice runs through her veins, and if you're not careful, it'll run through yours, too.
Signature Training: Valkyrie of the Fjord [Ice]
Beulah and her tribe reigned supreme by subjugating all opposition with the essence of the arctic wind. She knows Freeze-Dry. Additionally, all foes within a 10 foot range of Beulah will feel as though they are suffering from the slowing effects of an Icy Wind, increasing slightly the longer they stay within this range.
Hidden Power Flying

Argos: Male Kingler [Level 3]
He clicks a lot and loves to eat, but still manages to maintain a healthy figure. Bitch.
Signature Technique: Pistol Shot [Water]
Approaching the foe with his larger claw wide open, Argos will make a quick snapping motion as he comes into striking range. Argos will then snap his claw shut, striking the opponent and causing a small scale explosion. This will deal significant damage for equivalent energy, and holds a 20% chance to confuse the foe. However, Pistol Shot will have a 40% chance to confuse should it strike the foe's head.
Hidden Power Ground

Ellimere: Female Chinchou [Level 3]
My first experience as a breeder didn’t go so well, and Ellimere is the result. I’d taken my eyes off Ellimere’s egg for one second, and somehow it rolled down the hill and got stuck between the rotors of the Gym’s generator for roughly 48 hours. You know, one of those freak accidents. Anyway, to the surprise of everyone, Ellimere hatched from her severely charred egg two weeks later and here we are. She’s hyperactive and not all there mentally, but she means well and is a sweetheart. I’d recommend slipping on those rubber gloves on the wall over there if you want to pat her, though…
Special Training: Charge+ [Electric]
Unlike other Electric types with their “free” Charges, Ellimere’s drains her of a considerable amount of type energy for some additional bonuses. Besides boosting her offensive electrical arsenal, these moves now pierce Ground type immunity for the duration of the boost. She also experiences a small speed increase and shorter reaction time while Charged up. She can only use this alternate version of Charge, and may only do so twice per match so as to avoid any potential harm to her physiology.
Hidden Power Grass

Harlaw: Male Tentacool [Level 3]
He used to be afraid of the dark until one day he came home from school with heavy black eyeliner and said something about being a demon hunter. So that’s what he does in his spare time.
Signature Technique: Black Anchor [Dark]
Harlaw charges one of his tentacles with Dark energy and slashes across the body of his foe, dealing heavy damage for equivalent energy. Additionally, any Ghost types struck by this move are forced into the solid state for three rounds. He has the type energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Dark

Tiamat: Female Corsola [Level 3]
Hailing from a remote island in East Hoenn, Tiamat is a special kind of Corsola. Whereas her cousins are pink and hardened, her exterior is soft, plushy, and, most strikingly, green. The island where her ancestors anchored was low in natural prey, meaning they had to adapt. Over time, they developed photosynthetic properties like plants, inheriting a green coloration due to the chloroplasts in their cells. Tiamat and her kind rely entirely on the sun’s rays to sustain themselves, by all means an abundant resource on their little island. These physiological changes completely change the way her kind interacts with nature and other Pokémon, challenging the traditional view of what a Corsola is actually capable of.
Special Training: Flower Child [Water/Grass]
Tiamat is considered a Water/Grass type, with all the weaknesses and resistances associated with it. She and her kind instinctively developed new techniques thanks to their new cellular physiology. She is natively familiar with Grass energy, and is capable of using Energy Ball, Magical Leaf, Giga Drain and Leaf Storm at her discretion. In exchange, she has lost the signature familiarity of Rock energy, as well as Rock Blast, Power Gem, Head Smash, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Rock Polish, and Stone Edge. She cannot use Harden. Her softened exterior has removed her vulnerability to Rock Smash (typing aside), as well as the ability to use the move herself.
Hidden Power Ice

Ichabod: Male Jellicent [Level 3]
The spirit of a long deceased swashbuckler, Ichabod has continued his life’s work of exorcising the seven seas even into his life after death. He has learned to channel his righteous disdain for otherworldly beings, leaving his targets stunned and bewildered. When he’s not chasing down a mark, he’s usually marauding the kitchens perfecting his chocolate chip cookie recipe and undoing all the day’s weight training.
Special Training: Holy Water [Ghost]
Ichabod has the ability to fundamentally alter the properties of his aquatic attacks. By infusing the selected Water-typed move with an additional light amount of Ghost energy, Ichabod forces it into an "ethereal" form rather than a physical one, flipping it to special attack classification if it isn't already. The move will then deal dual-typed damage in the same vein as Muddy Water or Flying Press, in this case both Water and Ghost. All secondary effects for techniques altered in this way are dropped and instead replaced with a 20% flinch chance. These moves are triggered by prefacing the base technique with "Holy." There is no limit to how often he can do this, but it is energy intensive and he will tire a little more quickly by chaining them one after the other.
Hidden Power Ground

Phee: Female Mantine [Level 3]
Prissy by nature, Phee isn’t exactly what you’d call friendly. She’s developed a bit of a superiority complex throughout her life and she believes herself to be above nearly every Pokémon she comes across. My attempts to break down this façade have been wildly unsuccessful, so perhaps she really was just born this way.
Signature Technique: Maelstrom Collapse [Water]
Phee creates an intense, localized whirlpool around her opponent. This will disorient them somewhat, making their attacks significantly less accurate and possibly confusing them if they remain within for too long. Most Pokémon will struggle to escape from this construct, but it will grow weaker over a period of time, normally taking roughly 3 turns to dissipate fully. Typically only Pokémon who excel at swimming can escape on the initial turn the whirlpool is created. This move requires good energy if used while Phee is underwater, and significant energy if used when outside of water.
Hidden Power Grass

Tesla: Male Cloyster [Level 3]
He’s quiet and keeps to himself, floating around in his corner of the pool practicing his own little techniques. Generally an all-around good guy.
Signature Technique: Tesla’s Coil [Electric]
Tesla quickly spins vertically, projecting a series of electrical tendrils which arrange themselves in front of him like a net. The next special attack which hits this net is absorbed and, after a brief moment, rebounded back in the direction it came. The net disintegrates afterwards. No alteration is made to the reflected move, remaining at the same power and of the original type. Ground type moves not only bypass the net but effectively neutralize it. This technique uses considerable energy, and Tesla has the type energy to use it twice per battle.
Hidden Power Electric

Ilm: Male Toxapex [Level 3]

Current Battles
Spoiler: show
vs. Mew the Gato [Gym Defense - UPN]
vs. Crys [Gym Defense - SPPf]
vs. Connor [Gym Defense - UPN]
vs. Firewater [Gym Challenge - UPN]
vs. Fallen [UPN]
vs. Vlad [SPPf]
vs. EK [SPPf]

Spoiler: show
Grand Melee I [12th Place]
vs. Connor [Win]
vs. Escalion [Win]
vs. Salamencia [Win]
vs. Apollo77 [Win]
vs. Son_of_Shadows [Win]
vs. blazeVA [Win]
vs. Fallen Icarus [Pokebowl Rd 1 Win]
vs. Lost [Win via forfeit]
vs. Lost 2.0 [Win]
Grand Melee II [Runner-up]
vs. Rangeet [Win]
vs. Daisy [Pokebowl Rd 2 Loss]
vs. EAI [Gym Defense - Win via forfeit]
vs. KamenAeons [Win]
vs. Kindrindra [Win]
vs. Shuckle [Win]
vs. Kindrindra 2.0 [Win]
vs. KamenAeons 2.0 [Gym Defense - Win]
vs. HeroicRein [Gym Defense - Win via forfeit]
Grand Melee III [9th Place]
vs. SilentReaper [Win]
vs. BLA [Win]
vs. Ger [Win]
vs. DT/EG [Loss via forfeit]
vs. Kots [Win via DQ]
Grand Melee IV [26th Place] #salt
Grand Melee All-Stars Season 1 [7th Place]
vs. Lanturn [Gym Defense - Win via Forfeit]

Spoiler: show
Tidal Badge
Attachable Badge

Those wary enough of the changing tides in Shipwreck Cove and its resident Gym Leader are rewarded with this badge, a chrome silver token emblazoned with translucent blue waves.
Badge Effect: Ebb & Flow
The wielder of this badge more keenly feels the ebb and flow of battle, and strives to conserve this momentum in its favor. During odd-numbered rounds, they will receive a 15% boost to their offenses. During even-numbered rounds, they will receive an equivalent boost to their defenses. The boosts last for one round only and are thus mutually exclusive. This cycle persists throughout the match, but is tied to the battle itself and not the wielder - if the wielder is withdrawn during an odd-numbered round and then released during a different odd-numbered round, they will only receive the appropriate offensive boost. These boosts are not transferable via conventional switching moves or moves that copy the target's mental state.
Attached to Dyrim

Birdkeeper's Token: The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Rhyme

Medichamite: Medicham meditates constantly and therefore have a very sharp mind. This makes them resistant to mind-altering statuses. Their Meditate and Calm Mind are slightly more effective and their default stance causes them to hover a foot above the ground when using these moves. Medicham can see in the dark. In its Mega Form, its focus reaches such a level that it is entirely immune to mind altering effects, including but not limited to confusion, sleep and fear. Its mentally-boosting techniques also double in their potency.
Attached to Jeanne

Houndoomite: Any burns caused by a Houndoom's attack do more damage than usual. A Houndoom have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, and smell, which allows them to easily track foes and tell Double Team clones apart. Much like the Growlithe family, while more reluctant to bond, they are fiercely loyal to those who earn their trust. As dogs they are quite good diggers and deal 1.2x damage with their biting attacks. In its Mega Form, the bones around its torso act as a defensive buffer, giving it a slight boost in defense for all attacks that hit around that area. It also is particularly sensitive to the sun, giving it a boost to its normal Special attacks as well as its Fire attacks in bright sunlight.
Attached to Kimarhi

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