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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
On the fourth day of Christmas Arc gave to thee
A Mulled Wine Bonbon thats so very tasty

When eaten by a Pokemon this tasty bonbon teaches them the move Avalanche.
Beware though, it expires on 16th January 2010
With three days gunned down, the fourth day of Gicemas is upon us, as well as a little bonbon...

On the fourth day of Gicemas, some Angel gave to meee,
Four white Taillow,
Three Green Muk,
Two cheeky Raichu,
And a Shaymin on a Shiftry!!!

Expecting some luck here, I checked on the Taillow, only to discover them to be merely ZoraJolteon trying to dispose of his Swablu once more. However, I did nick a Mulled Wine Bonbon from the bird, not part of the deal, and fled with a quick Shadow Vanish or similar tactic.

Picking up a Mulled Wine Bonbon, and feeding it to my Sno...wait, my Shadow Zangoose Zeugnum just scoffed the sweet and is slighty pished, but at least seems to know Avalanche.
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