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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
..on the 2nd day of Fizzmas, Arnie gave to thee
A choice of either a Plusle /or Minun plushiieee
With the Gicemas spirit in great supply, a pair of fluffy Azelf impersonators appear on the scene to listen to the duet's song.

On the second day of Gicemas, Shaggy Arn gave to meee,
Two cheeky Raichu,
And a Shaymin on a Shiftry!!!

Sadly, being in a box for too long had rendered both Raichu unconscious from lack of oxygen, and to stave off my hunger for a warm rodent, one had to deal by taking this little Plusle Plushie.

Picking up a snuggly Pluzelf plushie, ta.
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