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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
From Arnie you get:

Magical Espeon Plushie
Teaches the Move "Copycat"

Copycat (Psychic)
User sacrifices half of its remaining health to summon two copies of itself. The copies move, breathe, talk, and attack at the same time as the user, also using the same attack/s ordered to the original Pokémon. The user's attack inflicts normal damage, with each clone inflicting half of that. When hit the copy will disappear, but the other will remain until hit again. The move "Copycat" can be used only once per battle, and the copies disappear after the third round or until they've been destroyed.
Contest Category: Smart
Contest Effect: Makes the next Pokémon to appeal nervous.
Appeal Points : <3 <3 <3 <3
Jam Points: <3 <3

A Birthday Pikachu Trading Card.

So there we have it, lets have some cheer, and lets all drink 5 rounds of beer. Huzzah.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
[color=skyblue][center]Green Present
x1 Green Scarf
x1 +20 Apple Poffin
x1 Holographic Ditto Trading Card
x1 Super Pass allowing a few extra goodies for yourself and your Pokémon.
x1 Berry Juice giving your Pokémon an intelligence boost, allowing them to learn one Egg or MT move.
x1 Fashion Case to store your accessories in.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
~*Basket 1*~
Piece of Chocolate Cake (gives 2 levels to a Pokemon when eaten)
1 x Heart Scale
1 x Fire Ball
1 x Fire Stone
1 x Heat Rock
Heart Coin Case: Contains 5,000 coins
Heart Necklace Accessory: A pretty pink crystal necklace that will make any Pokemon look fabulous when worn
Most recently, I've commandeered the S.S. Joshua VS LC.

Picking up:
x1 Magical Espeon Plushie
x1 Birthday Pikachu
x1 Green Scarf
x1 +20 Smartness Apple Poffin
x1 Ditto (Holographic) (Fossil)
x1 Super Pass
x1 Fashion Case
x1 Heart Scale
x1 Fire Stone
x1 Heat Rock
x1 Heart Coin Case with 5,000 coins
x1 Heart Necklace

- Piece of Chocolate Cake on Wukong the Chimchar, raising him from Lv.16 to Lv.18.
- Fire Ball to house Wukong the Chimchar.
- Berry Juice on Novawing the Charmander to teach him the Egg Move Ancientpower.

Thanks, mods, and have a happy birthday!
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