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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Daily Pick Results
Ticket #24 Tenorphin – Wins Memory Berry

Tenorphin (500 coins each)
Spin #01: Violet Pichu (0 coins)
Spin #02: Red Togepi (1500 coins)
Spin #03: Red Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #04: Red Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #05: Red Azurill (0 coins)
Total Win: 1,500 coins
Picking up 1500 coins and a memory berry.

*Places withdrawn 1000 coins onto counter*

Red Pichu - 500 coins each - 5 spins

*Leo the Seel sneaks up, sees memory berry on the desk, and licks it away*
*Leo learnt EM Icicle Spear and EM Lick*
That's my boy. *pats*
But wait.... Don't you already know lick before you ate the berry?
*points confoundedly*
Oh well.


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