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Talon87 07-16-2018 10:42 AM

Do you like Osmosis Jones? Do you like anime?

Then you need to watch Hataraku Saibou, a.k.a. Cells At Work. One episode in and I am in Heaven. This show is an adorable delight.

Spoiler: show

Nico (Raw) Mirror

Red Blood Cell AE 3803 is voiced by Hanazawa Kana (Psycho Pass's Akane). White Blood Cell 1146 is voiced by Maeno Tomoaki (Death Parade's Decim). Macrophage is voiced by Inoue Kikuko (Clannad's Sanae). Killer T Cell is voiced by Ono Daisuke (Suzumiya Haruhi's Itsuki). The narrator is none other than Noto Mamiko (School Rumble's Tsukamoto Yakumo). And the list continues. It's an all-star cast. :3 The platelet captain is voiced by Naganawa Maria, a relative newcomer born in 1995. She had me thinking she might be Kaneda Tomoko! So cute~! X3

Crys 07-16-2018 12:05 PM

I saw the synopsis but never got around to watching it. I'll get to it this afternoon.

lilbluecorsola 07-16-2018 09:24 PM

I saw a preview of the first chapter before, but didn't know it was getting an animé adaptation. (Think I saw some buzz about it on tumblr but didn't realize it was real/the same series lol.) I'd like to take a look, but probably won't be able to for a while since I'll be on vacation.

Talon87 07-30-2018 01:10 PM

Quick little update: I am through Episode 04 of Hataraku Saibou and I have loved every single episode to pieces. Objectively the show might be like a 7 or at best an 8, but for me personally it is loved like a 10 out of 10. I adore this show. Every. single. episode has been fantastic so far. So much love.

Talon87 08-06-2018 11:30 AM

Five episodes in, Hataraku Saibou a.k.a. Cells At Work remains the best anime I've seen in a long time. Also one of the only anime I've seen in a long time :lol: , but shoosh. =P

This anime is such a delight. Absolutely adore it. A 10/10 in my heart.

KamenAeons 08-06-2018 11:52 AM

Cells at Work is a treasure. You should read the manga too!

lilbluecorsola 08-06-2018 12:42 PM

You guys realize I did split up a separate thread for this, right? (Kinda like cell division, eh? ;P *shot*)

Anyway I watched up to episode 04 over the weekend, will try to catch up with 05 tonight. It's quite a cute show. <3 Had a silly smile plastered on my face most of the time and was always eager to progress to the next ep. ^.^

I am kinda confused as to what age the human host body is supposed to be. The story makes it seem like it's encountering most of these threats for the first time, in which case dang what kind of environment is this poor kid living in. ^^;

Talon87 08-06-2018 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola (Post 819926)
You guys realize I did split up a separate thread for this, right? (Kinda like cell division, eh? ;P *shot*)

No, I did not. >:| Can you please move the other, newer posts over too? :(


Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola (Post 819926)
I am kinda confused as to what age the human host body is supposed to be. The story makes it seem like it's encountering most of these threats for the first time, in which case dang what kind of environment is this poor kid living in. ^^;

Episode 05 lightly touches on this, actually. Not really a big "spoiler", but meh, spoiler box just in case:

Spoiler: show
They talk about cedar pollen allergies with familiarity, from the dramatic (like Memory Cell's Nostradamian prognostications of doom) to the mundane (like mentioning how "it's that time of year again" or some such). So the body in this series has definitely seen cedar pollen before.

Bigger spoiler for Episode 05. Wouldn't click until after you've seen it:

Spoiler: show
The fact that the host body takes steroids of all things to combat the allergy ... maybe it's just a Japan thing, no idea, but I'm still going to go out on a limb and guess that this body belongs to someone between the ages of 8 and 35.


Originally Posted by KamenAeons (Post 819925)
Also Cells at Work is a treasure. You should read the manga too!

I think it will be good reading practice. Probably will plan on it after the show wraps up. I can't imagine it will get a second season *SIGH* :cry: , even though it's amazing. It definitely strikes me as one of those "Made to sell the source material" kinds of anime. But we'll see! We'll see. :')

I love how the animators know we all adore the platelets and have taken to Where's Waldo'ing them throughout the later episodes where they're not as prominent. Any time they're on screen is a delight. They're just so gosh durn adorable! :oops:

Favorite character so far is either the Platelet captain or else Eosinophil. Waifu #1 is Macrophage, Waifu #2 is Mast Cell.

Doppleganger 08-18-2018 10:55 PM

I've started this!

You would think I would have high standards given this is my actual career, but eh. It's okay. I thought some things were weird (cells bleeding) and the anime-ized elements don't really do much for me.

It had some nice references to hemostasis and hematology which didn't come across as amateurish, so I credit the authors for writing that well.

And holy crack the production values are insane! I had to double take to make sure this wasn't an NHK-subsidized project. Studio David does the animation for Hataraku Saibou and Episode 1 felt like it had more frames than all of Phantom Blood. Even the trailer for Part V looked pedestrian compared to this. It's insanely fluid.

I'm not super motivated to continue this but I think I shall. There's not a ton on my plate and I need to burn data.

lilbluecorsola 08-19-2018 01:12 PM

Episode 07:

Spoiler: show
Fuck this show for making me feel bad for cancer.

KamenAeons 08-19-2018 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola (Post 820344)
Episode 07:

Spoiler: show
Fuck this show for making me feel bad for cancer.

Spoiler: show
I know right? I love-hate these feels.

Talon87 09-10-2018 01:13 AM

Episode 07: I'm several weeks late to the party, but I just watched this episode!

Spoiler: show
I enjoyed it! It addressed some of my concerns I'd had from Episode 06, like how come we didn't see the author exploring how cancer cells promote angiogenesis. (Turns out this was mostly explored in Episode 07, and as a major plot point to boot! :))

The episode also surprised me by making us feel sympathy towards cancer cells. I thought the backstory of Cancer Cell's escape from the lab was really rather well done. I thought Neutrophil's answers to Cancer Cell, at the very end of the episode, were also well done and allowed the audience to reconcile facts with facts. (Facts that lead us to feel sorry for the cancer cells, and facts that lead us to where we know we want to wind up in the end -- "but the cancer cells need to die! :| ^^;;")

I noticed a lot of animation budget-related things in this episode. Lots of zoom-outs/zoom-ins on still frames, and the still frames to boot weren't terribly well drawn. I'm not sure why exactly this happened, especially since we know this anime is being animated by action animation novices-turned-experts Studio David. They should have known to properly budget for this big cancer showdown in Episode 07. Seems so strange that this is the episode with faces like this:

I mean, what even is this. :lol:

I think it comes down to how this episode had a little more action than average for the series (though the series has always got action), as well as how this week's character-of-the-week had such a unique, asymmetric design that required the animators to painstakingly redraw it each and every time. Still though. You can't end your episode like this and have the drawing be this low resolution. It's just so weird and so noticeable, to have a static final shot be less prettily drawn than an in-motion shot in the middle of one of the episode's less important scenes.

Cancer Cell's voice was incredibly familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place it. Ishida Akira. You may know him from such roles as:
  • Chrno in Chrno Crusade
  • Togami in Dangan Ronpa
  • Uryuu Ryuunosuke in Fate/Zero (this sounds the least like him here!)
  • Kuchiki Manabu in Genshiken
  • Katsura Kotarou in Gintama (this sounds the closest to him here!)
  • Saburo Mutsumi in Keroro Gunsou (okay, maybe this does!)
  • Yunan in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (hmm ...! Maybe this is our new winner! ^^; )
  • Akise Aru in Mirai Nikki
  • Gaara in Naruto
  • Natori Shuuichi in Natsume Yuujinchou (OH MAN, THIS ONE TOO!)
  • Nagisa Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion
This is a super partial list. Dude is hugely prolific, which one would expect of someone tapped to VA a major character in either of FSN or F/Z. I omitted a good number of shows I've seen him in, to say nothing of the many shows I haven't seen that I omitted from this list but which he might be super well-known to you from. Check out the list for yourself! It's pretty crazy. Hataraku Saibou isn't pulling any punches its casting.

Our weekly token dose of platelet cuteness. Good God this girl is cute. :oops: =D

Talon87 11-09-2018 09:03 PM

Episode 09: Several months late to the party now. orz I watched Episode 08 a month or so ago. It was okay -- the chambers of the heart and the heart's entry and exit points are great, important material to be explored by this franchise, but I dunno ... I just wasn't feeling the episode overall? :( It was fine! :oops: Just ... maybe the most boring one of the series so far. Yuki asked me how my progress was tonight, and that kinda prompted me to watch Episode 09. And so, here I am, having just finished Episode 09.

Spoiler: show
Plot-wise, this episode is a flashback episode to when Helper T and Killer T were children, giving us some backstory on their relationship. Biology-wise, this episode takes us to the thymus early in life, a time and place when immature T cells are differentiated between their various possible roles -- or else are eliminated! It's a wonderful episode, and it once again reminds us just what Hataraku Saibou does so well: combining biology with entertainment.

This episode introduces our newest character, Regulatory T Cell. She hits all the right buttons :oops: and joins Macrophage (Wife No.1) and Mast Cell (Wife No.2) as the latest waifu. Not to mention Eosinophil (Girlfriend). Man. What is with this show and all the fetching ladies? :lol: :oops: Her allure aside, it's fun to have her introduced since a) the cell type is important! :lol: and b) she's the Sakura to Helper T's Sasuke and Killer T's Naruto. Gotta have that trio, man!

I really liked what they did with the thymus and with positive/negative selection. A super important topic in immunology and one that they conveyed very, very well within the rules of the Hataraku Saibou universe. Maybe later on, either this season or next, we'll get to see a T Cell who passed the exam (because he wasn't presented at the time with what I'm about to say) but who has been a latent exam failure (a.k.a. his antigen of choice is a host antigen) and who is now going to explode on us with dire consequences -- a.k.a. autoimmune reactions! :( Super important topic and I can't imagine the manga won't eventually bring it up.

The entire episode was just super cute and fun to watch. This series is always (maybe minus last time :lol: :oops:) such a pleasure to watch. 10/10 experience, would delightfully watch it again.

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