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134 08-28-2017 08:01 PM

Kalapona Wai: A big tree in Swiftwing Wood! [Tate's Base]

A big tree in Swiftwing Wood!

In the northeast of Kalapona Wai is Swiftwing Wood, a forest known for the unusually large number of avian species which live inside. Difficult to navigate and full of territorial wildlife, making ones way through the wood can prove to be challenging, and much of its sprawling acreage remains unexplored by the lay traveler. Deep, deep within, past innumerable twists and up countless ledges, beyond thorny bushes and tall grass, it is said that there is a big tree in a clearing, and that someone a bit eccentric has made residence inside the mighty arbor. If you're willing to make the hike -- and if you have a little guidance from some familiar aves -- you might yet discover it for yourself.

The Big Tree
A wooden sign driven into the earth outside of the big tree reads "Tate's Base of Operations". Talon marks mar the upper edge and the faint white stains of mute discolor the wood, as if a great many birds have perched upon it. A wooden ladder leads from the ground up to a small deck in the canopy of the tree, where a makeshift house has been built into the strong and ancient limbs. From the deck, you may enter the home through a wooden door, but it might be more polite if you knock first...

The Sparkling Spring
A cool spring wells up from the ground next to the big tree; the water is rich in minerals and always refreshing. It glitters like a gemstone under the light of the sun and moon, almost opalescent in its brilliance. Guests are welcome to play here to their hearts contentment. Pokémon who favor this area: Kahakai the Vaporeon; Niho the Feraligatr; Kalamena the Wooper;

The Flower Field
Opposite the sparkling spring is a great expanse of vibrant, blooming wildflowers throughout most of the year. Particularly attractive to Grass- and Bug-types, the sweet scent of the blooms promise to be alluring. Pokémon who favor this area: Lele the Butterfree; Pakalōlō the Oddish; Makani the Hoppip; Wikiwiki the Taillow;

Tate's Base of Operations!

(Counterclockwise from bottom.)

The Den
The den forms the entryway into the circular maze that is Tate's arboreal abode. There is a table near the door which presumably was meant to be a place of work or study, but instead mostly serves as a catch-all for all the things Tate has emptied out of various pockets. A wooden plaque hanging on the wall issues a message of welcome to visitors in the indigenous language of the Alolan archepelago, while a table in the corner accumulates various potted plants, the care of which falls upon Makani, Pakalōlō, and Nānālā. Tate's more territorial Pokémon are known to spend time in this room, almost as if standing guard. Pokémon who favor this area: Ku'ikahi the Dodrio; Ikaika the Staravia;

The Office
This is where, arguably, Tate gets work done. The shelves are packed with binders full of paperwork and permits for the Adoption Center, as well as painfully dry scientific journals and environmental reports, most of which have something or another to do with Kalapona Wai. Even Tate's eyes have been known to glaze over when consulting these documents. Though intended for work, Tate uses the computer for quite a few leisure activities. Connected via satellite to the world wide web, it's also Tate's only real source of news and information regarding the world at large. If you need to use it, just ask; Tate will probably let you. Some of Tate's more shy Pokémon frequent this room for its quiet and seclusion. Pokémon who favor this area: Ahi the Eevee;

The Lounge
Possibly the least-used Room in Tate's home, Tate usually employs the relatively empty space for craft projects, such as knitting, painting, or otherwise creating an artistic mess. Like the rest of the plants in the house, the flora decorating this room is tended to by Nānālā et al. Arguably the coziest room in the house, many of Tate's Pókemon wile their days away dozing on the rug or sofa. Pokémon who favor this area: Pouli the Houndoom; Pena the Tyrogue;

The Garden
A proponent of herbal medicine, Tate set this garden up to try a hand at growing nutritional, medicinal, or otherwise therapeutic plants. Tate has a notoriously black thumb, however, and so the general upkeep has been relegated entirely to the Grass-types under Tate's care. The shelves are packed with gardening guides, manuals for the identification of plants, and more than a few books on the healing properties of various herbs, roots, and berries. If you're feeling unwell, or even just peckish, odds are that you can find something useful here. Pokémon who favor this area: Nānālā the Sunflora; Makamae the Dunsparce; Uhane the Dartrix; Kauka the Vullaby;

The Library
Books and plants -- a common theme in Tate's decorating scheme. This room takes it to a logical conclusion, though one slightly less meta than the room of plants full of books about plants. All sorts of literature packs the many shelves in this room, from guides on rocks and gemstones to comic books. A significant portion of the bibliography is devoted to either birds or the Alolan Archepelago and its language, however. There is a table set up for studying or taking notes, but it's usually too cluttered with papers and books that Tate couldn't be bothered to put away to really be functional. A handful of Tate's Pokémon seem to really enjoy this space, though it's hard to say why, as none of them possess literacy. Pokémon who favor this area: 'Alalā the Murkrow; Haawi the Delibird; Pahalo the Mandibuzz;

The Trophy Room
More of a playroom than anything, the bottom cabinet of the curio case is stuffed full of board and card games. Behind the glass doors of the upper display there are innumerable keepsakes and items of memorabilia, although few in any can really be called trophies. The table is usually covered in toys or the debris of unfinished games. Despite being an underwhelming space, Tate is confident that it will one day bear witness to the family's accomplishments. Pokémon who favor this area: Hekili the Eevee; 'Ōpio the Kangaskan; Ho'olālā the Poochyena;

The Closets
Just closets; one on either side of the den. Unremarkable. Pokémon who favor this area: None.

The Herb Garden
Initially redundant, give the larger, more versatile gardening space established just around the corner,
the tidy rows of greenery in this room are, upon closer inspection, wholly unique. For one thing, they're maintained by Tate who, despite typically a harbinger of dicot doom, is unusually fastidious in their care.
There's also the fact that Tate harvests the mature flowers and then stashes them... somewhere. Don't think too hard about it. There's a staircase leading up to a higher floor, but its currently blocked off by a length of rope. What could be up there? Pokémon who favor this area: Ulupi'i the Froslass; Ho'opunipuni the Tranquill;

This base is open for RP!

134 01-09-2018 06:27 PM


1. This base is open to everyone. You do not need to ask permission to post here.

2. The spatial aspects of the base are not strictly defined, but use some common sense: Wailord isn't going to fit in the Sparkling Spring, and Steelix is probably not going to be able to navigate the interior of the base.

3. At present, no spaces are off-limits. This may be subject to change.

134 01-09-2018 06:29 PM

Saved for later use.

134 01-09-2018 06:30 PM

Saved for later use.

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 07:54 PM

"...Is there any point in trying to tell you- again- that this isn't the right way?" Keith asked.

"Mai mai!" Anion shook her head stubbornly. The headstrong Minun was leading the way. Where she was leading the way to, on the other hand, that was... unclear. Anion, according to Meowth's translations, was very clearly leading the way to the local Pansear Pizza Parlor. Keith, on the other hand, knew the way to that place like the back of his hand, and was insisting Anion was going the wrong way from the very start. They would have had to take a left once leaving Sludge Wave Coast, and Anion took a sharp right once leading the way off the property.

"We been walkin' fer two hours!" Meowth exclaimed. "Dis is a half-hour walk at most, and we ain't neva had ta go trough dis... wat's dis forest even called?" he asked Keith.

"Swiftwing Wood, according to the map," Keith replied, consulting his PokéGear map. "So named because a lot of bird Pokémon seem to call this forest home- ooh, whoa," he added, for they had just come to a clearing, with a giant tree in the middle of it.

"Maaaiiiinun," Anion murmured, eyeing the tree and sounding impressed. "Mai! Mai Minun mai, Minun Minun!" she added, pointing to the tree.

"Change o' plans, accordin' ta Anion," Meowth groaned. "We's checkin' out da big tree instead."

Keith shrugged, nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process. "Then I guess that's what we're doing," he replied. "It's a pretty big tree, too," he added. "Probably the kind of tree that'd be perfect for-"

"-a Secret Base?" supplied Meowth.

"Yeah, exactly," nodded Keith. "You're good at this."

"I had a little help," said Meowth, pointing up into the tree. Keith followed Meowth's gaze, and his eyes widened.

"...Well, then," he remarked. "This definitely changes our plans, then. What say we see if anyone's home? Arceus knows we could use a little relaxation after that two-hour hike."

"I'm all fer dat," Meowth agreed. With nothing more needing to be said, Keith ascended the ladder and knocked on the door. Anion, meanwhile, had climbed up onto Keith's shoulder- pesky human-size ladders were kind of a challenge for the little Pikaclone.

134 01-09-2018 09:53 PM

This is nice, right?" Tate mused aloud. Standing in the middle of the Trophy Room, the Johtonian surveyed the room. The base had been under renovation for some time, which was to say that Tate and the Pokémon had been trial-and-erroring their way to a home that didn't leak water or collapse in a strong wind. By and large they had succeeded, although the upstairs was still a wreck. With plans to make the as-yet unfinished space a bedroom, Tate -- and the Pokémon -- were presently sleeping on whatever couch, cushion, or rug struck their various fancies. Still...

"This is definitely nice."

Niho, easily the largest and most physically powerful of all Tate's Pokémon, nodded. She had been tasked with a great deal of labor over the weeks, from hauling lumber to clearing debris, and even moving furniture. In ways, this home was most especially hers, given the work she had put into it, and more than anything, she was just happy to be able to provide for her loved ones.

The dull echo of a knock at the door interrupted the pair as they basked in slightly self-serving satisfaction. Glancing over one shoulder, out into the hall, Tate made a thin humming noise -- visitors were rare and none were expected. Abandoning the server of the room, Tate shuffled out into the hall, Niho's massive frame like a shadow as she followed her trainer. In the Den, Nānālā, Pakalōlō, and Makani were on the tail end of their evening pass through the house; they formed a totem, Sunflora lifting Hoppip with his leaves, who in turn balanced the Oddish on her head, the latter of which struggled a bit before managing to hoist her limbless body onto the tabletop. Unburdened by the weight, Makani was then free to bounce her nigh-weightless body onto the surface after her partner.

Peeking through the peephole on the wooden front door, the first thing Tate saw was the face of a Minun distorted in the fish-eye lense. The next was a human face that looked strangely familiar, and a Meowth whose familiarity was unclear because they all more or less looked the same. Shrugging, Tate opened the door.

The first thing Keither probably would have seen was the Feraligatr, her imposing stature eclipsing her trainer. Like all Feraligatr, she looked inherently dangerous, being that she was a walking wall of muscle and teeth. This was undermined somewhat by two things, however: the Oddish and Hoppip working in tandem to lift a Squirt Bottle in the background -- wholly unphased by the supposed man-eater -- and also, well, Tate.

In socks, denim jeans, and a professional wrestling shirt, Tate did not carry an aura of any particular capability nor fearlessness. If anything, the trainer looked just a bit like a wash-out. If the big, blue beast was a threat, Tate didn't seem aware.

"Can I help you?" Tate asked, before squinting at Keith. He definitely looked familiar; but from where? Tate was silent, staring at him. Big hat... Meowth... Where had Tate seen him before?

"Oh!" Tate yelled, suddenly. That was right. They'd met in the park, quite some time ago -- Kai had still been an Eevee! "Ooooh, shit! Hey! I know you! Yeah. Yeah... uh... what are you doing here?"

The question seemed rude, but was really just born out o confusion; as far as Tate was aware, this guy -- Kyle? Kevin? Man, what was his name? -- didn't know where Tate lived. They weren't exactly on the main road, either -- it was a bit of a journey through the forest just to get here. That thought seemed to knock some sense into Tate, who finally stepped aside, in something approaching manners.

"Come in, come in, you don't gotta stand on the porch. What's up?"

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 10:38 PM

As the door swung open, Keith was able to see a Feraligatr. An impressive sight, for sure. Also a vaguely familiar one, if Keith was being honest- almost as though he knew this particular Feraligatr from a very long time ago or something. But he had no idea for sure, and anyway, is attention was more on the person who had actually swung open said door. And it was someone, to Keith's pleasant surprise, who he recognized.

"Minun mai?!" Anion exclaimed in surprise. She for sure recognized Tate, having caused the Adoption Center worker no small amount of extra work by breaking out of her cage near constantly back in the Adoption Center.

"Oh, hey, Tate," Keith said. It became clear, however, that it took Tate a few seconds to remember who this was. "Keith Masters," Keith said, trying to jog Tate's memory. "Met you at the park that one time, and then there was that time at the Bar you encouraged my Beautifly to drink your blood." As Tate asked what he was doing here, Keith turned to the Electric-type on his shoulder. "Well, Anion here was adamant that she knew the way to get to the Pansear Pizza Parlor closest to my new home. Skip ahead two hours, she's still sure we're going the right way even though last time we went there we never went through a forest, did we, Anion?"

"Mai..." Anion chuckled sheepishly.

"Anyway, we came across this huge tree, decided to check it out, and once we saw that there was a Secret Base in this tree, well, curiosity got the better of us," Keith finished. "Thanks," he added as Tate invited them in, at which point he walked inside. "Not much is up, honestly- finally finished work on my new Secret Base recently. Kinda had to move after my old one got completely destroyed. There's a whole story there. What about you, Tate, what's up with you?" he asked.

134 01-09-2018 11:33 PM

"Yeah, yeah, I heard about that," Tate mused, recalling rumors of a Ledian, and explosions... Tate didn't have the facts or anything, but word spread quickly around these parts. Tate watched the trio enter the house, slowly shutting the door behind them. The trainer seemed to be distracted, eyes narrowing behind thick glasses. Anion, huh? That was a name Tate knew good and well, immortalized focal eternity on one of dozens and dozens of adoption slips filed away in the managerial office of the Adoption Center.

"I know you," Tate levelled, reaching out and poking the Minun -- gently! -- on the nose. "You were a brat. Cute though... I always did favor Minun. I know they're supposed to be the 'same', but I never was much for Plusle. Maybe I just don't like red?"

After a beat, Tate seemed to snap out of the reverie, realizing a question had been levelled. Looking around the den, Tate wasn't sure what to say: life was boring here, except when it wasn't.

"I got an Archen," Tate said, finally. It was a pretty bland statement, and failed to convey the magnitude of the event: the ancient species was the holy grail among avian enthusiasts. Tate was genuinely thrilled, but woefully awkward in social settings. "He's around here somewhere..."

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 01:15 AM

"It'd be more of a surprise if you hadn't heard about it, I guess," Keith responded with a chuckle. "It was pretty intense, to say the least. Stewie had these plans for taking over the world. You probably saw the clouds, too- basically, Stewie was trying to create endless Shadow Sky, with enough intensity to vaporize any living being that wasn't a Shadow Pokémon. It was then that Keith was reminded that Tate ran the Adoption Center, as the Johto-native Trainer recognized Anion. "Yeah, she can still be a handful at times," Keith nodded. Anion, who had been grinning shamelessly at Tate's description of her as a brat, gave a proud smile as Tate mentioned actually preferring her species over Plusle. "Heh, you got on her good side with that remark," grinned Keith. "She doesn't hate Plusle or anything, but yeah, she hates the idea of just being paired with one like... probably every other Minun in existence."

"Mai mai!" Anion nodded.

Tate then remembered Keith's previous question, and provided a rather plain answer to it. "An Archen?" Keith repeated. "Very cool. I actually got one myself recently, hatched from an Egg I found. Might've kept it, except word got out, and a good friend of mine really wanted it, so I figured, y'know, why not? But yeah, I'd like to see your Archen," he nodded. "Cool Feraligatr, by the way," he added, with a nod to the Water-type. "I have one myself."

134 01-10-2018 01:32 AM

The incident with this 'Stewie' -- who Tate had never met but who seemed to have a reputation around these parts -- sounded intense, but Tate had time to neither dwell nor comment on it. Niho, who had been to this point simply observing the conversation politely, made a sound somewhere between a growl and a coo at the compliment. A bit too big to jump for joy -- as she might have done when she was a more manageable size -- she rocked back on her heels and then forward onto her clawed toes. She then made a show of flexing her burly arms for Keith, evidently trying to show off her strength.

"She thinks she's a badass," Tate snickered, reaching up to caress Niho's heavy jaw. "But she's just a big ol' softie."

Niho snorted, harshly, taking some degree of offense at the notion that she was anything less than a certified BAMF.

"What's yours like?" Tate asked, amused.

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 02:30 AM

Keith chuckled as Tate's Feraligatr made it a point to flex her arms, showing off her strength. "Mine's actually pretty laid back," Keith replied. "Very cheerful. He's not really bothered if anyone doubts his power, because all it takes is one battle to change their minds," he grinned. "Yours reminds me more of my Scrafty, honestly. Bart's way more of a softie than he'd ever lead anyone to believe. Now I'm kinda wishing I brought either of those two with me," he added. "That being said, though, Tate, would it be alright if I let out the other Pokémon I got on me? I didn't bring any troublemakers, nor anyone too big for the indoors."

134 01-11-2018 01:18 AM

"By all means," Tate said, easily. Keith and his crew were guests, and besides -- the more the merrier, right? Having finished their task, Maka and Paka descended from the table, Maka riding Paka's like a sentient balloon. The Hoppip bounced a few times as she hit the ground, the last one dislodging Maka and sending her tumbling across the wood planks. The Oddish seemed dazed as she sat up, only to squeal with delight as she was tackled by the now unburdened Hoppip. Niho snorted in concern as the pair rolled past her feet.

Naruxami 01-11-2018 01:27 AM

Isaac wasn't usually one to be invited into people's spaces, actually this was one of the first times it had ever happened. However, with their Pokemon each producing babies for one another --- Tate seemed enthusiastic that the two of them have more than a simple passing glance at the hatchery. Which Isaac was of course, in agreement for. Especially if it meant that Vinny would occasionally get to see the child that she mothered with Morgana, even though she seemed a little reluctant to do so. The Leafeon was actually by his side, not that that was abnormal in the slightest. She had given birth to the egg and been picked up a few days ago, and she seemed slightly less irritable than she normally was. Morgana was resting soundly in his Pokeball, he had to admit it was very touching to see Jean run up to her father once they arrived at home. Vander was still avoiding him, not like that was anything new.

As he approached the door, Vinny on his shoulders after climbing up the ladder. He cleared his throat, as speaking to someone was meant to be professional and kind. He most certainly did not want to make first physical impressions bad by stumbling over his words and fumbling with his lisp, although Vinny was sure he'd do that with the smell of nicotine hanging so tightly to his clothes. The Leafeon hated when her trainer was nervous, he would always feel the need to light up one of those little sticks and puff that awful smelling smoke into the air. It made her gag. Fixing his shirt to look as orderly as possible, Isaac gave a rather loud knock upon the wooden door. Hoping that Tate would hear, wherever they were in that rather large looking treehouse.

Missingno. Master 01-11-2018 08:50 PM

Keith nodded at Tate's response, and tossed two Poké Balls, a Great Ball, and a Premier Ball. From one Poké Ball appeared an adorable Ivysaur, and from another appeared a larger-than-average Weedle whose tail stinger was jet black. From the Great Ball there materialized a Seismitoad who said nothing in greeting, but as he vibrated the bumps on his head, all nearby would feel a sense of happiness from the ensuing vibrations. And from the Premier Ball, accompanied by a swirl of sapphire sparkles, appeared an Eevee with white fur.

"I'm sure you remember Pomona," Keith began, indicating the Ivysaur, the first of his Pokémon Tate ever met. "This here is Hermione," he added, holding up the Weedle in his hand, who bowed politely to Tate. "Over there, that's Tinnitus- I don't know if you remember an unusually quiet Tympole from before the Adoption Center grand opening? This is him. And this," he finished, indicating his Shiny Eevee, "is Eon. If you remember the Umbreon I had with me back in the Bar when your Eevee evolved, this is her daughter."

"Ooeeevee," squealed Eon, looking up at Tate, her tail wagging somewhat.

"A lot easier to get along with than her mother," Keith grinned. "She's still pretty young, but she shows a lot of promise in battle."

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