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134 08-28-2017 07:01 PM

Kalapona Wai: A big tree in Swiftwing Wood! [Tate's Base]

A big tree in Swiftwing Wood!

In the northeast of Kalapona Wai is Swiftwing Wood, a forest known for the unusually large number of avian species which live inside. Difficult to navigate and full of territorial wildlife, making ones way through the wood can prove to be challenging, and much of its sprawling acreage remains unexplored by the lay traveler. Deep, deep within, past innumerable twists and up countless ledges, beyond thorny bushes and tall grass, it is said that there is a big tree in a clearing, and that someone a bit eccentric has made residence inside the mighty arbor. If you're willing to make the hike -- and if you have a little guidance from some familiar aves -- you might yet discover it for yourself.

The Big Tree
A wooden sign driven into the earth outside of the big tree reads "Tate's Base of Operations". Talon marks mar the upper edge and the faint white stains of mute discolor the wood, as if a great many birds have perched upon it. A wooden ladder leads from the ground up to a small deck in the canopy of the tree, where a makeshift house has been built into the strong and ancient limbs. From the deck, you may enter the home through a wooden door, but it might be more polite if you knock first...

The Sparkling Spring
A cool spring wells up from the ground next to the big tree; the water is rich in minerals and always refreshing. It glitters like a gemstone under the light of the sun and moon, almost opalescent in its brilliance. Guests are welcome to play here to their hearts contentment. Pokémon who favor this area: Kahakai the Vaporeon; Niho the Feraligatr; Kalamena the Wooper;

The Flower Field
Opposite the sparkling spring is a great expanse of vibrant, blooming wildflowers throughout most of the year. Particularly attractive to Grass- and Bug-types, the sweet scent of the blooms promise to be alluring. Pokémon who favor this area: Lele the Butterfree; Pakalōlō the Oddish; Makani the Hoppip; Wikiwiki the Taillow;

Tate's Base of Operations!

(Counterclockwise from bottom.)

The Den
The den forms the entryway into the circular maze that is Tate's arboreal abode. There is a table near the door which presumably was meant to be a place of work or study, but instead mostly serves as a catch-all for all the things Tate has emptied out of various pockets. A wooden plaque hanging on the wall issues a message of welcome to visitors in the indigenous language of the Alolan archepelago, while a table in the corner accumulates various potted plants, the care of which falls upon Makani, Pakalōlō, and Nānālā. Tate's more territorial Pokémon are known to spend time in this room, almost as if standing guard. Pokémon who favor this area: Ku'ikahi the Dodrio; Ikaika the Staravia;

The Office
This is where, arguably, Tate gets work done. The shelves are packed with binders full of paperwork and permits for the Adoption Center, as well as painfully dry scientific journals and environmental reports, most of which have something or another to do with Kalapona Wai. Even Tate's eyes have been known to glaze over when consulting these documents. Though intended for work, Tate uses the computer for quite a few leisure activities. Connected via satellite to the world wide web, it's also Tate's only real source of news and information regarding the world at large. If you need to use it, just ask; Tate will probably let you. Some of Tate's more shy Pokémon frequent this room for its quiet and seclusion. Pokémon who favor this area: Ahi the Eevee;

The Lounge
Possibly the least-used Room in Tate's home, Tate usually employs the relatively empty space for craft projects, such as knitting, painting, or otherwise creating an artistic mess. Like the rest of the plants in the house, the flora decorating this room is tended to by Nānālā et al. Arguably the coziest room in the house, many of Tate's Pókemon wile their days away dozing on the rug or sofa. Pokémon who favor this area: Pouli the Houndoom; Pena the Tyrogue;

The Greenroom
A proponent of herbal medicine, Tate set this garden up to try a hand at growing nutritional, medicinal, or otherwise therapeutic plants. Tate has a notoriously black thumb, however, and so the general upkeep has been relegated entirely to the Grass-types under Tate's care. The shelves are packed with gardening guides, manuals for the identification of plants, and more than a few books on the healing properties of various herbs, roots, and berries. If you're feeling unwell, or even just peckish, odds are that you can find something useful here. Pokémon who favor this area: Nānālā the Sunflora; Makamae the Dunsparce; Uhane the Dartrix; Kauka the Vullaby;

The Library
Books and plants -- a common theme in Tate's decorating scheme. This room takes it to a logical conclusion, though one slightly less meta than the room of plants full of books about plants. All sorts of literature packs the many shelves in this room, from guides on rocks and gemstones to comic books. A significant portion of the bibliography is devoted to either birds or the Alolan Archepelago and its language, however. There is a table set up for studying or taking notes, but it's usually too cluttered with papers and books that Tate couldn't be bothered to put away to really be functional. A handful of Tate's Pokémon seem to really enjoy this space, though it's hard to say why, as none of them possess literacy. Pokémon who favor this area: 'Alalā the Murkrow; Haawi the Delibird; Pahalo the Mandibuzz;

The Trophy Room
More of a playroom than anything, the bottom cabinet of the curio case is stuffed full of board and card games. Behind the glass doors of the upper display there are innumerable keepsakes and items of memorabilia, although few in any can really be called trophies. The table is usually covered in toys or the debris of unfinished games. Despite being an underwhelming space, Tate is confident that it will one day bear witness to the family's accomplishments. Pokémon who favor this area: Hekili the Eevee; 'Ōpio the Kangaskan; Ho'olālā the Poochyena;

The Closets
Just closets; one on either side of the den. Unremarkable. Pokémon who favor this area: None.

The Herb Garden
Initially redundant, give the larger, more versatile gardening space established just around the corner, the tidy rows of greenery in this room are, upon closer inspection, wholly unique. For one thing, they're maintained by Tate who, despite typically a harbinger of dicot doom, is unusually fastidious in their care. There's also the fact that Tate harvests the mature flowers and then stashes them... somewhere. Don't think too hard about it. There's a staircase leading up to a higher floor, but its currently blocked off by a length of rope. What could be up there? Pokémon who favor this area: Ulupi'i the Froslass; Ho'opunipuni the Tranquill;

This base is open for RP!

134 01-09-2018 05:27 PM


1. This base is open to everyone. You do not need to ask permission to post here.

2. The spatial aspects of the base are not strictly defined, but use some common sense: Wailord isn't going to fit in the Sparkling Spring, and Steelix is probably not going to be able to navigate the interior of the base.

3. At present, no spaces are off-limits. This may be subject to change.

134 01-09-2018 05:29 PM

Saved for later use.

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Saved for later use.

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 06:54 PM

"...Is there any point in trying to tell you- again- that this isn't the right way?" Keith asked.

"Mai mai!" Anion shook her head stubbornly. The headstrong Minun was leading the way. Where she was leading the way to, on the other hand, that was... unclear. Anion, according to Meowth's translations, was very clearly leading the way to the local Pansear Pizza Parlor. Keith, on the other hand, knew the way to that place like the back of his hand, and was insisting Anion was going the wrong way from the very start. They would have had to take a left once leaving Sludge Wave Coast, and Anion took a sharp right once leading the way off the property.

"We been walkin' fer two hours!" Meowth exclaimed. "Dis is a half-hour walk at most, and we ain't neva had ta go trough dis... wat's dis forest even called?" he asked Keith.

"Swiftwing Wood, according to the map," Keith replied, consulting his PokéGear map. "So named because a lot of bird Pokémon seem to call this forest home- ooh, whoa," he added, for they had just come to a clearing, with a giant tree in the middle of it.

"Maaaiiiinun," Anion murmured, eyeing the tree and sounding impressed. "Mai! Mai Minun mai, Minun Minun!" she added, pointing to the tree.

"Change o' plans, accordin' ta Anion," Meowth groaned. "We's checkin' out da big tree instead."

Keith shrugged, nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process. "Then I guess that's what we're doing," he replied. "It's a pretty big tree, too," he added. "Probably the kind of tree that'd be perfect for-"

"-a Secret Base?" supplied Meowth.

"Yeah, exactly," nodded Keith. "You're good at this."

"I had a little help," said Meowth, pointing up into the tree. Keith followed Meowth's gaze, and his eyes widened.

"...Well, then," he remarked. "This definitely changes our plans, then. What say we see if anyone's home? Arceus knows we could use a little relaxation after that two-hour hike."

"I'm all fer dat," Meowth agreed. With nothing more needing to be said, Keith ascended the ladder and knocked on the door. Anion, meanwhile, had climbed up onto Keith's shoulder- pesky human-size ladders were kind of a challenge for the little Pikaclone.

134 01-09-2018 08:53 PM

This is nice, right?" Tate mused aloud. Standing in the middle of the Trophy Room, the Johtonian surveyed the room. The base had been under renovation for some time, which was to say that Tate and the Pokémon had been trial-and-erroring their way to a home that didn't leak water or collapse in a strong wind. By and large they had succeeded, although the upstairs was still a wreck. With plans to make the as-yet unfinished space a bedroom, Tate -- and the Pokémon -- were presently sleeping on whatever couch, cushion, or rug struck their various fancies. Still...

"This is definitely nice."

Niho, easily the largest and most physically powerful of all Tate's Pokémon, nodded. She had been tasked with a great deal of labor over the weeks, from hauling lumber to clearing debris, and even moving furniture. In ways, this home was most especially hers, given the work she had put into it, and more than anything, she was just happy to be able to provide for her loved ones.

The dull echo of a knock at the door interrupted the pair as they basked in slightly self-serving satisfaction. Glancing over one shoulder, out into the hall, Tate made a thin humming noise -- visitors were rare and none were expected. Abandoning the server of the room, Tate shuffled out into the hall, Niho's massive frame like a shadow as she followed her trainer. In the Den, Nānālā, Pakalōlō, and Makani were on the tail end of their evening pass through the house; they formed a totem, Sunflora lifting Hoppip with his leaves, who in turn balanced the Oddish on her head, the latter of which struggled a bit before managing to hoist her limbless body onto the tabletop. Unburdened by the weight, Makani was then free to bounce her nigh-weightless body onto the surface after her partner.

Peeking through the peephole on the wooden front door, the first thing Tate saw was the face of a Minun distorted in the fish-eye lense. The next was a human face that looked strangely familiar, and a Meowth whose familiarity was unclear because they all more or less looked the same. Shrugging, Tate opened the door.

The first thing Keither probably would have seen was the Feraligatr, her imposing stature eclipsing her trainer. Like all Feraligatr, she looked inherently dangerous, being that she was a walking wall of muscle and teeth. This was undermined somewhat by two things, however: the Oddish and Hoppip working in tandem to lift a Squirt Bottle in the background -- wholly unphased by the supposed man-eater -- and also, well, Tate.

In socks, denim jeans, and a professional wrestling shirt, Tate did not carry an aura of any particular capability nor fearlessness. If anything, the trainer looked just a bit like a wash-out. If the big, blue beast was a threat, Tate didn't seem aware.

"Can I help you?" Tate asked, before squinting at Keith. He definitely looked familiar; but from where? Tate was silent, staring at him. Big hat... Meowth... Where had Tate seen him before?

"Oh!" Tate yelled, suddenly. That was right. They'd met in the park, quite some time ago -- Kai had still been an Eevee! "Ooooh, shit! Hey! I know you! Yeah. Yeah... uh... what are you doing here?"

The question seemed rude, but was really just born out o confusion; as far as Tate was aware, this guy -- Kyle? Kevin? Man, what was his name? -- didn't know where Tate lived. They weren't exactly on the main road, either -- it was a bit of a journey through the forest just to get here. That thought seemed to knock some sense into Tate, who finally stepped aside, in something approaching manners.

"Come in, come in, you don't gotta stand on the porch. What's up?"

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 09:38 PM

As the door swung open, Keith was able to see a Feraligatr. An impressive sight, for sure. Also a vaguely familiar one, if Keith was being honest- almost as though he knew this particular Feraligatr from a very long time ago or something. But he had no idea for sure, and anyway, is attention was more on the person who had actually swung open said door. And it was someone, to Keith's pleasant surprise, who he recognized.

"Minun mai?!" Anion exclaimed in surprise. She for sure recognized Tate, having caused the Adoption Center worker no small amount of extra work by breaking out of her cage near constantly back in the Adoption Center.

"Oh, hey, Tate," Keith said. It became clear, however, that it took Tate a few seconds to remember who this was. "Keith Masters," Keith said, trying to jog Tate's memory. "Met you at the park that one time, and then there was that time at the Bar you encouraged my Beautifly to drink your blood." As Tate asked what he was doing here, Keith turned to the Electric-type on his shoulder. "Well, Anion here was adamant that she knew the way to get to the Pansear Pizza Parlor closest to my new home. Skip ahead two hours, she's still sure we're going the right way even though last time we went there we never went through a forest, did we, Anion?"

"Mai..." Anion chuckled sheepishly.

"Anyway, we came across this huge tree, decided to check it out, and once we saw that there was a Secret Base in this tree, well, curiosity got the better of us," Keith finished. "Thanks," he added as Tate invited them in, at which point he walked inside. "Not much is up, honestly- finally finished work on my new Secret Base recently. Kinda had to move after my old one got completely destroyed. There's a whole story there. What about you, Tate, what's up with you?" he asked.

134 01-09-2018 10:33 PM

"Yeah, yeah, I heard about that," Tate mused, recalling rumors of a Ledian, and explosions... Tate didn't have the facts or anything, but word spread quickly around these parts. Tate watched the trio enter the house, slowly shutting the door behind them. The trainer seemed to be distracted, eyes narrowing behind thick glasses. Anion, huh? That was a name Tate knew good and well, immortalized focal eternity on one of dozens and dozens of adoption slips filed away in the managerial office of the Adoption Center.

"I know you," Tate levelled, reaching out and poking the Minun -- gently! -- on the nose. "You were a brat. Cute though... I always did favor Minun. I know they're supposed to be the 'same', but I never was much for Plusle. Maybe I just don't like red?"

After a beat, Tate seemed to snap out of the reverie, realizing a question had been levelled. Looking around the den, Tate wasn't sure what to say: life was boring here, except when it wasn't.

"I got an Archen," Tate said, finally. It was a pretty bland statement, and failed to convey the magnitude of the event: the ancient species was the holy grail among avian enthusiasts. Tate was genuinely thrilled, but woefully awkward in social settings. "He's around here somewhere..."

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 12:15 AM

"It'd be more of a surprise if you hadn't heard about it, I guess," Keith responded with a chuckle. "It was pretty intense, to say the least. Stewie had these plans for taking over the world. You probably saw the clouds, too- basically, Stewie was trying to create endless Shadow Sky, with enough intensity to vaporize any living being that wasn't a Shadow Pokémon. It was then that Keith was reminded that Tate ran the Adoption Center, as the Johto-native Trainer recognized Anion. "Yeah, she can still be a handful at times," Keith nodded. Anion, who had been grinning shamelessly at Tate's description of her as a brat, gave a proud smile as Tate mentioned actually preferring her species over Plusle. "Heh, you got on her good side with that remark," grinned Keith. "She doesn't hate Plusle or anything, but yeah, she hates the idea of just being paired with one like... probably every other Minun in existence."

"Mai mai!" Anion nodded.

Tate then remembered Keith's previous question, and provided a rather plain answer to it. "An Archen?" Keith repeated. "Very cool. I actually got one myself recently, hatched from an Egg I found. Might've kept it, except word got out, and a good friend of mine really wanted it, so I figured, y'know, why not? But yeah, I'd like to see your Archen," he nodded. "Cool Feraligatr, by the way," he added, with a nod to the Water-type. "I have one myself."

134 01-10-2018 12:32 AM

The incident with this 'Stewie' -- who Tate had never met but who seemed to have a reputation around these parts -- sounded intense, but Tate had time to neither dwell nor comment on it. Niho, who had been to this point simply observing the conversation politely, made a sound somewhere between a growl and a coo at the compliment. A bit too big to jump for joy -- as she might have done when she was a more manageable size -- she rocked back on her heels and then forward onto her clawed toes. She then made a show of flexing her burly arms for Keith, evidently trying to show off her strength.

"She thinks she's a badass," Tate snickered, reaching up to caress Niho's heavy jaw. "But she's just a big ol' softie."

Niho snorted, harshly, taking some degree of offense at the notion that she was anything less than a certified BAMF.

"What's yours like?" Tate asked, amused.

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 01:30 AM

Keith chuckled as Tate's Feraligatr made it a point to flex her arms, showing off her strength. "Mine's actually pretty laid back," Keith replied. "Very cheerful. He's not really bothered if anyone doubts his power, because all it takes is one battle to change their minds," he grinned. "Yours reminds me more of my Scrafty, honestly. Bart's way more of a softie than he'd ever lead anyone to believe. Now I'm kinda wishing I brought either of those two with me," he added. "That being said, though, Tate, would it be alright if I let out the other Pokémon I got on me? I didn't bring any troublemakers, nor anyone too big for the indoors."

134 01-11-2018 12:18 AM

"By all means," Tate said, easily. Keith and his crew were guests, and besides -- the more the merrier, right? Having finished their task, Maka and Paka descended from the table, Maka riding Paka's like a sentient balloon. The Hoppip bounced a few times as she hit the ground, the last one dislodging Maka and sending her tumbling across the wood planks. The Oddish seemed dazed as she sat up, only to squeal with delight as she was tackled by the now unburdened Hoppip. Niho snorted in concern as the pair rolled past her feet.

Naru 01-11-2018 12:27 AM

Isaac wasn't usually one to be invited into people's spaces, actually this was one of the first times it had ever happened. However, with their Pokemon each producing babies for one another --- Tate seemed enthusiastic that the two of them have more than a simple passing glance at the hatchery. Which Isaac was of course, in agreement for. Especially if it meant that Vinny would occasionally get to see the child that she mothered with Morgana, even though she seemed a little reluctant to do so. The Leafeon was actually by his side, not that that was abnormal in the slightest. She had given birth to the egg and been picked up a few days ago, and she seemed slightly less irritable than she normally was. Morgana was resting soundly in his Pokeball, he had to admit it was very touching to see Jean run up to her father once they arrived at home. Vander was still avoiding him, not like that was anything new.

As he approached the door, Vinny on his shoulders after climbing up the ladder. He cleared his throat, as speaking to someone was meant to be professional and kind. He most certainly did not want to make first physical impressions bad by stumbling over his words and fumbling with his lisp, although Vinny was sure he'd do that with the smell of nicotine hanging so tightly to his clothes. The Leafeon hated when her trainer was nervous, he would always feel the need to light up one of those little sticks and puff that awful smelling smoke into the air. It made her gag. Fixing his shirt to look as orderly as possible, Isaac gave a rather loud knock upon the wooden door. Hoping that Tate would hear, wherever they were in that rather large looking treehouse.

Missingno. Master 01-11-2018 07:50 PM

Keith nodded at Tate's response, and tossed two Poké Balls, a Great Ball, and a Premier Ball. From one Poké Ball appeared an adorable Ivysaur, and from another appeared a larger-than-average Weedle whose tail stinger was jet black. From the Great Ball there materialized a Seismitoad who said nothing in greeting, but as he vibrated the bumps on his head, all nearby would feel a sense of happiness from the ensuing vibrations. And from the Premier Ball, accompanied by a swirl of sapphire sparkles, appeared an Eevee with white fur.

"I'm sure you remember Pomona," Keith began, indicating the Ivysaur, the first of his Pokémon Tate ever met. "This here is Hermione," he added, holding up the Weedle in his hand, who bowed politely to Tate. "Over there, that's Tinnitus- I don't know if you remember an unusually quiet Tympole from before the Adoption Center grand opening? This is him. And this," he finished, indicating his Shiny Eevee, "is Eon. If you remember the Umbreon I had with me back in the Bar when your Eevee evolved, this is her daughter."

"Ooeeevee," squealed Eon, looking up at Tate, her tail wagging somewhat.

"A lot easier to get along with than her mother," Keith grinned. "She's still pretty young, but she shows a lot of promise in battle."

134 02-22-2018 09:20 PM

One by one, Keith released his small menagerie, and one by one, Tate greeted them in turn. First was Pomona, whom Tate was honestly delighted to see -- Ivysaur were precious, weren't they? And Pomona was among the the cuter of the specimens Tate had personally seen. Pomona got a nice stroke on the head for being so precious, the trainer's eyes crinkling behind thick glasses with the accompanying grin.

Next was Hermoine who -- despite seeming perfectly polite -- Tate was more wary of, mostly due to the not one but two stingers in her possession. Finally, holding Keith to his promise that he wasn't bringing any trouble makers, Tate gave the little insect a wave. "Lele's around here somewhere," the trainer mused, giving thought to whether the Weedle and the Butterfree would get on well. They were both Bug-type, right? Was that enough for a sense of comraderie?

Niho's nostrils flared slightly at the sight of the Seismitoad, evidently a bit concerned with having such a large, strange Pokémon within her home. I mean, he could be a threat, right? Tate was unconcerned, meanwhile.

"Tinnitus," Tate repeated, rolling the name around on the tongue. "I like that, it's clever. So many Pokémon have come and gone through the Center... I'm glad you have a nice home, buddy. You're enjoying yourself, I hope?"

Ah, the sounds of an Eevee -- Tate knew them all too well. Eon emerging from her ball in a dazzling shower of sparkles was a sight to behold, and Tate offered the small mammal a hand to sniff. "Well, look at you," laughed the bird keeper. "You and Muliwai would make a picture perfect pair."

At that moment, the sound of knocking pulled Tate's attention away from the snowy white Eevee. "Oh-... put a pin in that," Tate requested, crossing the small space to answer the door. As it swung open, Tate was met with another familiar sight -- the breeder Isaac, with whom Tate had recently made arrangements. For a moment, Tate seemed bewildered to see him, before recalling that an invitation had been issued.

"Was that tonight?" Tate mouthed, soundless, before stepping aside to allow Isaac entry. "Heeey. Keith, this is Isaac. Isaac, Keith... Come on in, Isaac."

Missingno. Master 02-23-2018 08:19 PM

Pomona beamed happily, giggling a bit as Tate stroked her head. The Ivysaur involuntarily let off a bit of Sweet Scent in response to the attention.

"You don't need to worry about Hermione," Keith said, noting Tate's wariness at the Weedle's appearance. "Very responsible with how she uses those stingers. Who's Lele, anyway?" he added.

As Tinnitus appeared, Tate remarked on the cleverness of his name, before asking the Seismitoad if he was enjoying himself. The Water/Ground-type smiled and nodded, vibrating his head bumps once more, and in doing so, created vibrations that would convey to Tate that he, Tinnitus, was indeed enjoying himself very much. He then noticed the Feraligatr, and gave a smile, followed with more vibrations, these ones conveying happiness to meet a fellow Water-type and reassurance that the Seismitoad had no ill intentions.

Eon sniffed the offered hand, at which her tail started wagging, and she gave said hand a few friendly licks.

Following this, however, yet another knock at Tate's door. Keith wasn't aware Tate was expecting company, but judging by what Keith saw, neither was Tate. But in any case, there indeed was someone else at the door. Someone named Isaac, as Keith quickly learned, for Tate introduced the two visiting Trainers to each other. "Good to meet you, Isaac," Keith said, offering a handshake. "Keith Masters."

"And I'm his Meowth. Yeah, I can talk. Ya get used to it," Meowth piped up.

Naru 03-06-2018 06:49 PM

Isaac smiled warmly once Tate opened the door, he was a little surprised to see another trainer within the base --- but he supposed Tate must have friends. The man introduced himself as Keith upon Isaac walking in, Vinny calmly walked in behind him.

"Hey Tate! And nice to meet you Keith. I'm Isaac, Isaac Casanova." He smiled, shaking the hand that had been offered to him. It was hard to tell Keith's age from looking at him, but he certainly had that look of an experienced trainer. Isaac wondered how long he had been a trainer for, probably far longer than himself. Isaac was roused from his thoughts by another voice, coming from the cat Pokemon standing near Keith. Isaac gave a bemused look, starring down at the Meowth with his jaw somewhat agape. He shook his head, trying not to look so startled. "Good to meet you too, Meowth. I've never met a talking Pokemon." He chuckled slightly, rubbing his head nervously. Vinny brushed against Isaac's leg, starring at the Meowth.

"Oh, sorry Vin. This is Vinny! She's my baby." Isaac laughed upon saying it out loud. How much he babied the Leafeon was probably evident from her well-groomed coat and bright eyes. After the duo had been introduced Isaac turned his attention to Tate, his hand on his hip. He smiled at the other trainer, slightly curious how the fruit of Vinny's loins was doing.

"Oh, Tate! Vinny was curious about her other daughter, the little Litten baby." He smiled, continuing: "I'm sure Ahri would love to meet her sister as well!" Vinny nudged him once again, sitting on her haunches and making a fluttering motion with her paws. "Oh, duh Isaac, right. Luca was also wondering if he could meet his mom and dad, he's been a very confused little bird." Isaac rubbed his head bashfully, he felt as though he was spouting words at a mile a minute.

134 03-15-2018 10:34 PM

"Lele is my Butterfree," Tate explained, answering Keith's question as the door was shut behind Isaac. "I bet she's wherever Keleawe is. I don't think she realizes he's perfectly capable of taking care of himself -- but that's a mother for you. Always protective, even if the kid's a big metal bug."

The room filled with a lovely fragrance as Isaac entered the room, and the sweet scent excited Paka and Maka a great deal, though not as much as the sight of Vinnie did, their twin face lighting up in curiosity. Travelling across the floor, Maka trailing behind Paka despite being significantly more suited to ground travel. The Hoppip chirped up at the grassy mammal, whereas the Oddish blinked slowly, before smiling, about half a second later than was appropriate.

"Weird, right?" Tate agreed, as Isaac was taken aback by Meowth -- it wasn't a jab, just... plain fact, that a talking Meowth was an anomaly of nature. The trainer listened as Isaac made his simple request -- to introduce the offsprings of their mutual breedings to their birth parents. It seemed fair enough, and Tate shrugged.

"Sure," the Johtonian agreed, easily. "Luca... that's a cute name. ‘Uhane is probably in the greenroom. I couldn't tell you where Punipuni is, but... he'll turn up, I bet. And Kino... if I had to hazard a guess, she's in the lounge, maybe? That's on the way, we can check."

Tate clapped the young breed on the shoulder, before turning and head towards the door which led into the hallway, and the treehouse proper. Pausing at the threshhold, the trainer looked back at Keith, grinning brightly. "Wanna come with? Pomona'll love the greenroom, I bet, and Kai and the kiddos have to be around here somewhere, plus there's all sorts of trouble to get into. I mean... I know you said you weren't going to cause any, but that won't stop my lot."

Perhaps not the best house guest -- though more awkward than malicious -- Tate didn't wait for poor Keith to respond, figuring if he wanted to come along, he would. Stepping into the hallway, expecting Isaac to follow, Tate took a right past a room, within which a staircase was visible. A ghostly creature, cloth-like body fluttering emptily, came to the doorway as the group passed, tiny clawed hands clutching the doorjam. Tate ignored the Froslass complete, eyes fixed ahead uncomfortably until they rounded a corner. As they passed a door to the right, a fleeting glimpse of a desk with a laptop computer on it came into view, and a moment later a Poochyena burst out of the room, chased by something that looked a bit like -- but was not -- a Misdreavus. Ho‘olālā darted underfoot, while the ghostly Ho‘olewa weaved between bodies, halting the onward march of the group for a few seconds. "Knock it off, you two!" Tate yelled as they disappeared back the way the group had came, this sort of horseplay evidently a common occurrence. The computer inside make a weird, crackling noise as they continued onward past the office, which Tate did not seem concerned with despite there being no one operating the device.

The next room to the right was the lounge, and true to the trainer's word, Tate popped a head in to see if Kino were around. In the center of the floor, Pouli the Houndoom was napping, thin, wiry tail swaying lazily. With each pass the pointed tip would flicker by the couch, and a little black paw would dart out from underneath, swiping at it but ultimately missing. Tate snickered.

"There's Kino," Tate informed Isaac, pointing at the little paw. After a few more passes, the young Litten evidently grew fed up, and burst out from under the piece of furniture, pouncing on Pouli's tail. The hound woke with a start, yelping as the feline sunk her tiny, needle-like teeth into her tail. Tate cackled with laughter, and entered the room, prying the Litten off of the poor, abused Houndoom.

"Come on, you little shit," Tate said to Kino, tucking her under one arm. The Litten promptly busied herself with trying to chew on the woven bracelet which carried her trainer's Z-Crystal and Mega stone, batting at the dangling, marble-like gem as it swung in the air. "You're coming with us."

Onward they marched, around another corner, and the sweet smell of flowers and herbs filled the air before they even arrived at the next room -- the greenroom. Tate led the crew inside, where dozens of potted plants littered tables and bookcases, eclipsing the space in colorful blooms and verdant greens. Among the foliage a particularly large sunflower stood out, not only for its size but for the Spinarak perched on it. She was somewhat eclipsed, however, by the large, bright red Scizor delicately pruning flowers nearby, a Butterfree with red-and-green goggles perched on his shoulder. As he worked, his pincers came woefully close to what appeared to be a particularly long, blue-green leaf; then the 'plant' hissed at him and clapped her beak, and it became apparent that ‘Uhane the Dartix was blending in among the white blossoms on the table.

"‘Uhane, we have company," Tate called, and the bird clicked her beak again in obvious displeasure, quickly hopping away. Tate sighed; they had not been on great terms since she and Punipuni had bred. "Come on," Tate pleaded. "I think you'll want to meet who Isaac brought with him..."

OOC: Oooh boy. I should have split these timelines, lmao. Three-way RPs are a challenge! But let's do this. Sorry you got the short end of the interaction stick this post MM, I'll try to be more equitable moving forward. Feel free to break off into any of the rooms you see fit, guys!

Missingno. Master 03-20-2018 08:42 AM

Lele, as it happened, was Tate's Butterfree, and a rather protective motherly sort, despite the fact that the kid she was looking after was a big, and likely very capable, metal bug of some sort- a Scizor, if Keith had to guess. Biggest Bug/Steel-type he could think of. "I get it, yeah," Keith nodded. "And so does Pomona, believe me- she's a mother herself, and her son is my Druddigon. Bigger than his mother since he hatched. He doesn't mind, though. They spend a lot of time together. She even helped him learn Synthesis somehow."

Following this, introductions were made, and Keith couldn't help but chuckle as Isaac reacted to Meowth's ability to speak. Neither Keith nor Meowth looked the least bit offended as Tate mentioned how weird it was- Tate was right, after all, why pretend otherwise? It wasn't offensive, it was just plain fact. "And Meowth here is just the tip of the Bergmite as far as my team's weirdness goes," Keith grinned. He then smiled as Isaac introduced his Leafeon, Vinny. "Cool," Keith remarked. Eon, evidently, thought so as well. The Shiny Eevee walked over to Vinny, sniffing curiously, tail wagging as she did so. "This here is Eon," Keith added, introducing aforementioned Eevee.

Isaac then told Tate that his Pokémon wanted to see their parents, and Tate invited Keith to come along. "Sure," Keith agreed, following Tate (for the Bird Keeper had already started off by this point). He chuckled as Tate stated up front- it was only Keith who promised his Pokémon wouldn't cause any trouble. Tate, on the other hand, apparently knew better than to make such promises. "I got Pokémon that'd make me say the same if ever you came to visit," he replied. "Which you'd be welcome to, by the way," he added.

And so they went on. As they passed a doorway, a ghostly creature came to watch. A Froslass, Keith realized, having seen such a Pokémon back in Cloud Garden. Tate ignored the Froslass completely, but Keith gave a small, friendly wave to the Ice/Ghost-type before continuing onward. For several reasons, Keith had never been afraid of Ghost-types.

Around the next corner, a Poochyena burst out of a room, pursued by a Mismagius whose coloration more closely resembled that of its pre-evolution. Keith was intrigued by this- his Normal Form Ninetales was quite similar, having retained the Vulpix coloration upon evolution. Evidently, such chases were not uncommon around here, if Tate's response to it was anything to go by. Keith couldn't help but notice that the computer in the room was making an odd crackling noise despite nobody actually operating it at the moment. Tate, however, seemed unconcerned by this, though- perhaps a Pokémon was inhabiting it at the moment? A Rotom or Porygon? Keith made a note to ask about this later if a good opportunity presented itself, mainly to satisfy his curiosity.

They next came to the lounge. A Houndoom was sleeping on the floor, though a small black paw kept darting out from under the couch, in an effort to swipe at the Houndoom's swaying tail. That black paw, according to Tate, belonged to Kino, and soon, the identity of Kino became known- the Litten, fed up with waiting, burst out from under the couch and pounced on the Houndoom's tail. Tate went in there, breaking things up before they could go too much farther. Resisting the urge to chuckle himself, Keith pointed his Pokédex at the fiery feline Tate had scooped up.

"Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon. A Fire-type," droned the device. "Litten prefers to be alone and does not show emotion if it can help it. Earning a Litten's trust takes time."

"Ya ain't gettin' one," Meowth said flatly.

"I didn't say anything," Keith shrugged.

"Yeah, well, just makin' sure," Meowth said stubbornly. "Only room fer one cat on yer team."

Keith gave a small sigh and rolled his eyes, although with a small smile as they approached the greenroom. Pomona's eyes lit up at the sight of the numerous plants, and soon they saw Lele, along with who had to be Keleawe- Keith had been right in his guess, a Scizor.

It was Keith's Weedle who first introduced herself. She crawled up to the Scizor and Butterfree. "Hello," she greeted the fellow Bug-types. "My name's Hermione." As she spoke, she gave a small, polite bow.

Keith, meanwhile, noticed as a plant the Scizor was about to trim reacted in a negative fashion. It took Keith a second to realize that plants were generally not so responsive to nearly being clipped, nor did they have beaks that Keith was aware of. His Pokédex still out, Keith pointed the Koffing-purple device at the arboreal avian.

"Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokémon. A Grass and Flying-type, the evolved form of Rowlet, and the pre-evolved form of Decidueye," droned the device. "Dartrix throws sharp feathers called blade quills at its opponents with perfect accuracy, seldom missing its targets. A narcissist and a clean freak, Dartrix won't obey a Trainer who does not groom it diligently. This specimen is Shiny."

"So that's what evolves into Decidueye," Keith remarked, recalling the time he first met the Grass/Ghost-type during his venture into Bedlam Ridge. Uhane, as the Dartrix was called, however, did not seem very much inclined to greet the guests, hopping away at Tate's words. At this, Tinnitus vibrated the bumps on his head, the Seismitoad hoping to convey his friendly feelings to the standoffish Dartrix.

134 03-25-2018 11:06 PM

As the warm vibrations filled the room, ‘Uhane clapped her beak harshly and hissed, rejecting his good will. Leaping off the table, she fluttered to the ground and disappeared underneath it.

"Don't bother, Tinnitus," Tate sighed, apologetically, patting the large amphibian on his shoulder. "‘Uhane has been in a bad mood for a while. Ever since..."

The trainer's voice trailed off, and then Tate shrugged, looking elsewhere. Across the room, Keith's Weedle had approached Keleawe and Lele. She chirped something at them and then bowed -- that was cute. Maybe it might be okay to pet her, after all? Keleawe looked down at Hermoine, almost as if startled by her sudden appearance. Nearly six feet tall, with a steely red exoskeleton, Keleawe had the capacity to look rather intimidating.

"Hi," he chirped, golden eyes fixed on the Weedle. He didn't see many other Pokémon outside of those he lived with, and had never met a Weedle -- or any of its evolutionary relatives -- before. "I am Keleawe... can I help you?"

"Aren't you cute!" The Butterfree over his shoulder cooed. She was wearing a pair of Safety Goggles on her head. She fluttered down to the ground, landing near Hermoine. "Gracious, child, where did you come from?"

As Tate watched the Bug-types interact, the sound of 20 skittering feet began its crescendo up the east hall. Distant at first, the soft patter grew into a thunderous gallop as a pack of mammals tore through the greenroom door. At the head was Tate's starter, Kahakai, her daughter Hekili hot on her heels. Ahi the Eevee chased after his twin sister, Muliwai on the outside and Moana just ahead of him. As Kai banked a sharp turn and Moana swung wide trying to follow, it became clear that it was Vaporeon vs Vaporeon. With large strides, Muliwai tore after Hekili in hot pursuit, and Ahi after him, in defense of his kin. Barreling straight at her trainer, Kai used Tate like a springboard to mouth a tall bookshelf, knocking the human off balance with the force of her kick-off. Tate hit the floor in time for Moana to trod on the back of the Johtonian's head in his pursuit. Hekili yelped as Muliwai pounced on her.

"Mongrels-" Tate grunted, staggering back to both feet. Circling the floor beneath the bookshelf, Moana growled as he searched for a way up.

Missingno. Master 03-26-2018 02:30 PM

Tinnitus looked downcast as his friendly greeting was so vehemently rebuffed. Though as Tate explained that ‘Uhane had been in a bad mood for some time now, it was Pomona who had a tear in her eye. As was basically her nature by this point, the Ivysaur made to follow the Shiny Dartrix, hoping to help with this bad mood any way she could. "Um... hi," she said to ‘Uhane. "My name's Pomona. Is everything OK?"

The Scizor seemed rather startled by Hermione, though introduced himself as Keleawe. Before Hermione could answer his question, however, Lele had fluttered down to greet Hermione, asking where she had come from. "I belong to that Trainer there," Hermione replied, gesturing to Keith with her black tail stinger. "His name's Keith, I believe he's friends with Tate. You're Lele, right? I heard Tate mention you. It's nice to meet you," said Hermione. "And you as well, Keleawe," she added to the Scizor. If she was at all intimidated by the large Scizor, Hermione hid it very well.

Meanwhile, the sound of feet could be heard. Softly at first, but approaching rapidly. A stampede of Eevee and Vaporeon burst through the greenroom door, and Tate was caught up in it, knocked to the floor and subsequently trodden upon. "Whoa," Keith remarked, offering a hand to Tate to help the fellow Trainer up. "You OK there, Tate?" Eon, meanwhile, wagged her tail and ran off to join the others of her kind, not knowing exactly what was going on, but willing to find out, and get in on the fun herself if indeed it was a game.

134 03-29-2018 06:47 PM

‘Uhane clapped her beak at the Ivysaur -- couldn't everyone see she wanted to be alone? The long plumes of her head hung down into her face, and behind them her eyes were squinted fiercely.

"Go away," she hissed, flattening her body towards the ground and expanding her wings, making herself look larger as if to intimidate Pomona. "Leave me alone."

"Oh, you are too cute," Lele cooed, squishing Hermoine's plumb face between two stubby foreclaws. "Such manners. You should settle down with a nice girl, Keleawe," the Butterfree said. Keleawe groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Ma, stop," he pleaded, already sounding defeated.

"I'm fine," Tate groaned, casting a dirty look at the pair of Vaporeon. "Those two are always chasing each other around. I'm about to kill them," Tate added, pointedly and elsewhere, as if directly threatening the pair.

Hekili had wound up under Muliwai, and Ahi had latched onto the slightly larger, pale Eevee's ear, tugging violently in defense of his twin. Muliwai was being led around by the ear when Eon approached. Hekili was the first to notice.

"Another one!" She screamed, overly dramatic. Ahi released Muliwai. Looking at Eon, and then to his brother, and then back again, he hissed, fur bristling.

"What treachery is this?!" He demanded.

Missingno. Master 03-29-2018 08:38 PM

The Shiny Dartrix's response to Pomona was... not friendly, to put it mildly. Making an obvious attempt to scare Pomona off, ‘Uhane spread her wings and made herself look larger, while demanding that Pomona go away and leave her alone.

Pomona, however, was not so easily frightened off. This only further convinced her that she was right to believe that not all was right in this Dartrix's world. "I mean, I'll leave you alone if you really do want me to," she replied. "But if something's bothering you and you wanna talk about it, I'm willing to listen. It's your call," she said. She had to bear in mind, after all, that there was no good in forcing the issue- if ‘Uhane really and truly didn't want to talk, Pomona was willing to respect that.


Hermione really, really didn't expect to have her face squished between a Butterfree's claws while said Butterfree gushed about how cute she was. Before the Weedle could respond to this, Lele then remarked on how Keleawe ought to settle down with a nice girl, which caused the Scizor to defeatedly plead for his mother to stop. "I hope I've never embarrassed Albus like this," murmured Hermione, thinking back and wondering whether she'd ever inadvertently done so. "Oh- Albus is my son," she added, once she'd realized she hadn't actually told either of them just who Albus was. "He's really a good boy- He loves to learn just as much as I do, and he's got his father's battling skills. Though his father claims he got some of his battling skills from me as well... oh, but I don't mean to go on about myself," she added, shaking her head. "What do you two like to do? In addition to tending to flowers, that is," she added, taking note of the flowers the pair of Bug-types were still near.


"Heh, sounds like my Darumaka," Keith chuckled. "Or a certain little Electric-type," he added, with a glance in Anion's direction. And once again, Anion didn't look ashamed in the slightest.

Eon, meanwhile, wagged her tail at the overly dramatic exclamation from the pinned Eevee. "I'm Eon. Can I play, too?" she asked.

134 04-17-2018 01:00 PM

Pomona was insistent, and ‘Uhane was not really used to such a thing -- well, except for Tate, but that was sort of the problem, wasn't it? Tate was insistent, and now ‘Uhane was in the position she was in, and she hated it, and she didn't evne have any friends to talk to about the whole affair, because... she didn't really have friends. Well, except maybe for Punipuni... but that was complicated, wasn't it? He was in the same position as her, and he was handling it about as well as she was -- which is to say, not well at all.

"Why do you care?" She asked, tiredly. It wasn't like this had any bearing on Pomona's life, after all.

"You have a son?" Lele hummed, sounding surprised. "A little gal like yourself?"

"Ma, stop..." Keleawe groaned. His mother was always embarrassing him like this. Lele was undeterred.

"She likes to learn," Lele continued. "Keleawe, you should take her to see the library. Would you like to see the library, miss?" she posed, to Hermoine.

The Eevee -- Muliwai, Hekili, and Ahi -- looked upon Eon. Muliwai had made it to his feet, alongside the twins. Ahi, the boldest of the three, approached Eon, sniffing her intensely. Muliwai grabbed Ahi by the tail with his teeth and pulled her away from the newcomer.

"You can play," he said, after releasing his feisty younger sister. The male Vaporeon, having been thwarted in his attempts to chase Kai, had wandered away from his failed conquest to join the Eevee, making a point to bump his body weight against Muliwai as he got close.

"Who's this?" the Vaporeon asked.

"This is Eon," Muliwai informed. "Eon, this is Moana. That's Hekili, and Ahi," -- he motioned towards the twins -- "And you can call me Wai."

Tate had gotten busy trying to get Kai off the bookshelf; grabbing her by the scruff of the neck, Tate pulled her down and plopped her on the floor.

"Take the kids outside," the trainer requested of the matriarch.

OOC: Heyyyy. I've broken things up some for ease of use! Yellow-green is staying in the Greenroom, gold is headed to the library, and light sea-green will be going outside.

Naru 04-17-2018 11:32 PM

Isaac was somewhat bemused as Tate lead him through the various rooms and places within their base. He loved seeing Pokemon he had never seen before pop out from unexpected places. Vinny trotted behind him, her face somewhat perplexed. She realized this trip would be her chance to meet her other daughter, but unlike Morgana she felt little desire to do so. She didn't have the attachment that you would expect a mother to have. She was much more attached to her foundling Luca, at least he shared a typing with her. Her paws skidded across the floor slowly, walking behind her trainer as various thoughts danced around in her head. She could feel herself visibly tense up when she saw Tate pick up the small cat Pokemon and carry it with them, she kept her head low as they walked to their next destination. However, Isaac found himself giggling at the fact that Tate had referred to the small cat as a little shit.

As they entered the greenroom, Isaac found himself enraptured in the sight. He mouthed out a breathless 'oh my god' as he looked around at the various plants lining the room. This most certainly made his garden look pathetic, but sometimes life happened and he found himself far less able to grow and properly maintain his garden in the same way he once had. As Isaac looked around, his mind blurring as he stared at the vibrant scenery and greenery around him. He was suddenly brought back to reality hearing Tate address a Uhane, and he was able to fully spot a rather grumpy looking Dartrix trying her best to hide herself within the greenery. He took the chance to quickly release three Pokemon from their Pokeballs: Ahri, Morgana, and Luca. He slowly and carefully approached the Dartrix, Luca clutched protectively in his arms.

"Um. Hi Uhane. I'm very grateful for the bundle of joy you brought into my life, and I was hoping you would like to meet him... he's been a very curious bird." Isaac opened his arms and let the small regular Rowlet fly around and inspect the larger Dartrix his head tilting rapidly as he looked at her. She looked different than him, not only larger but even a different colour. He shyly landed near her, hoping that she would accept him. He noticed the small Ivysaur as he did so, she reminded him of Sam. He shyly tucked his head in, shyly doing his best wave at the Ivysaur.

Morgana smiled and flexed his arms upon getting out of his Pokeball. Ahri rushed over to his legs and peered out from between them, spotting Eon and the other Eeveelutions rushing around and playing with one another.

"Woah, dad! Can I go play?" She asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement. Morgana looked down at his daughter, and then towards her mother. Vinny gave a nod, but slowly made her way towards Kai and the other Eeveelutions. Ahri rushed towards with excitement, butting into the already ongoing conversation. "Hi!" She exclaimed, looking at the faces with brimming happiness. "I'm Ahri!" She called out, even though no one had exactly asked for her to introduce herself. Vinny sighed, watching as Tate pulled a Vaporeon down from the bookshelves and instructed her to take the kids outside. Vinny approached her with a certain level of caution, coming to rest on her hind quarters near the Vaporeon.

"Are all those kids yours?" She asked, a certain level of surprise in her voice. The Vaporeon looked around the same age as her, it was amazing that she had many more children than Vinny.

Morgana approached Tate, he gestured tilted his head and made the best possible hand motions he could in an attempt to ask where Kino had gotten off to after Tate's stumble with the Eeveelutions. Isaac approached, elbowing the 5'11" cat playfully, Morgana was much taller than himself after all.

"Morgana is wondering where Kino got herself off to, he loves meeting all his kiddos." He chuckled to himself, looking around. He didn't do well with a lot of people around, he hardly knew Tate and with Keith there too he felt like he was trapped. "Hey Tate, do you have anywhere I'd be able to have a smoke?" He asked, hoping to get some fresh air to clear his head for a few moments.

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