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Missingno. Master 08-08-2017 06:03 PM

Sludge Wave Coast- Keith's New & Improved Secret Base!

Following the destruction of the Poisonous Paradise during the Stewie incident, Keith was in need of a new Secret Base- a new home. Fortunately, a silver lining showed itself in the wake of the Shadow Ledian's trail of wanton destruction- a great deal of rocks and dead trees were destroyed near the Salt Wave Coast, while Keith's beloved boat, which had been docked nearby, went unscathed. Moreover, the destruction of all this rubble left a rather sizable clearing overlooking the Sea of Fizzytopia. This inspired Keith to rebuild his Secret Base, bigger and better than ever before. He claimed the entire clearing, renamed it the Sludge Wave Coast, and did everything he could to make it his own. He always welcomes visitors to his property, whether they come by land or by sea.

The following areas are available to visitors to the Sludge Wave Coast;

Shadow Clearing
Named for the fact that the clearing was formed by heinously powerful Shadow moves, the Shadow Clearing is a wide-open space for people and Pokémon to move around. This entire clearing is basically Keith's front yard, but by no means should you fear him telling you to get off his property- in fact, it has become much more than his front yard, with two more residents setting up homes of their own there. They won't tell you to get off their property, either, so no need to worry.

Battlefield: A simple battlefield with the boundaries clearly marked in the ground. If the weather is good, odds are you'll see Keith training his Pokémon around here, or even battling someone else. If you yourself want to battle Keith, this is the place to do it.

Fountain: Not far from the Pokémon Center, you can see a nice fountain. Some of Keith's smaller Water-types can be seen splashing around in here on occasion. In fact, if you have anything that could conceivably splash around in there, feel free to let it do so.

The Truck: Just a pickup truck. Keith has keys for it, and does know how to drive it, but he vastly prefers his Scolipede as a means of transportation. While there's nothing underneath it, Jack the Ditto will occasionally be found relaxing beneath it, for reasons even he cannot really fathom.

The Poisonous Pier: A wooden dock overlooking the Sea of Fizzytopia. This is where the Banette's Revenge is docked, and also where any visitors are encouraged to dock their own boats, should they arrive by sea.

The Poisonous Palace
The grandiose successor to the Poisonous Paradise. No longer bound by arcane laws that state that his Secret Base need be built in a tree, nor by the old Base Shop's incredibly limited selection, Keith found the freedom to construct his Secret Base completely to his liking. Though the Pokémon Center is now a separate area, the mansion still consists of three floors (and, notably, is now devoid of any secret underground evil lairs).

The ground floor of the Secret Base. In terms of overall layout, it's not especially different from Keith's old Secret Base. However, one would immediately notice that the entire interior has a decidedly more grandiose appearance to it. The whole place is bigger, more roomy, and now has high enough ceilings to comfortably accommodate some of Keith's larger Pokémon, such as his Scolipede, Venusaur, and Hariyama. Bringing the likes of Onix and Steelix, however, still not recommended.

Entrance Hall: A long, wide corridor running from the front of the base all the way to the back. At the northernmost end of the hall, one will find the stairs to the second floor, the elevator, and a PC. In this hall are the doors leading to all the rooms on the first floor. It also contains several closets and the downstairs bathroom, the doors for all of which are cleverly camouflaged. On either side of the entrance, one will see a pair of Snoverberry trees. These trees, which Hermione was able to grow with the Snoverberries she acquired from an old teammate, always bear delicious Snoverberries. There are Snoverberry trees in nearly every room and corridor in the house, and guests are invited to snack on them at their leisure.

Living Room: The first door on your right, the living room contains a few seats, a large table, and an aquarium for all but the largest of aquatic Pokémon to enjoy a relaxing swim in. Keith frequently allows his Blue-Striped Basculin, Stunfisk, Qwilfish, Binacle, Wishiwashi, and Chinchou to swim around in here, so if your Pokémon is up to taking a dip, odds are they'll encounter at least one of them. Mounted on the wall above the coffee table is a massive TV, which also doubles as a videophone, as do all the television sets in the Base. These TVs even enable communication with any room in the house. There is also a fireplace, above which is mounted the remains of Neville the Stunfisk, who Keith had taken to a taxidermist- he keeps this as a reminder of his previous failings as a Trainer and as a person, the better to try and not repeat them. There is also a door leading to the dining room, and in a few corners, there are some Snoverberry trees.

Indoor Pool Room: The first door on your left, this room contains Keith's large indoor swimming pool. It was constructed partly as something for guests to use if they so felt inclined, and partly to accommodate aquatic Pokémon that the aquarium cannot, such as Keith's Blastoise, Feraligatr, Dragalge, Starmie, Seismitoad, Shiny Toxapex, and Tentacruel, as well as his Wishiwashi whenever he goes into School Form. Indeed, the pool is spacious enough to easily contain any aquatic Pokémon not named Wailord. There are also some seats in the room in case you would rather sit and watch than swim yourself, and a door in the north wall leads to the kitchen.

Kitchen: Second door on the left, the kitchen is where all the food is prepared. The addition of a toaster oven has given Hermione more possibilities in her cooking, though she still likes to use Firestream to do most of her cooking. She has a wide, spacious counter on which to prepare meals, and there are a pair of teleporters in there, allowing direct transportation to the dining room or the Battle Room. Hermione, Cotton, and occasionally Shelley can usually be found in here prior to mealtimes, making sure everything's ready. And if you follow your nose upon entering at the right time, you just might be able to bear witness to Hermione and Cotton's cooking skills firsthand.

Dining Room: Second door on the right, this room consists of a long table and numerous chairs. Keith usually takes his meals in the living room, or right in the kitchen, but when he has company, this is where they would all eat. A convenient teleporter allows food to be brought in directly from the kitchen without having to obstruct the entrance hall whatsoever.

This floor contains numerous rooms that provide several ways to pass the time. It is where visitors are generally invited to hang out, whether they like to read, battle, or play games. There's always plenty to do on this floor, and should a guest wish to stay the night, this room's got that covered as well.

Hallway: A long, wide corridor running from the back of the house to the front, just like the entrance hall downstairs. The northernmost end is where the stairs and elevator can be found. The stairs going up from this floor are usually off-limits to visitors, for they lead directly to Keith's bedroom. A pair of Snoverberry trees mark the halfway point of the hallway, and as with any other Snoverberry trees in the house, their berries may be picked and eaten by any visitors as they please.

Guest Bedroom: First door on the left. This room has been set up with a bed, a nightstand, a fan, a comfortable sofa, some books, a fireplace, a huge TV, and a Snoverberry tree. If any guests to Keith's Secret Base wish to spend the night, this is the room in which they would do so. Keith keeps this room very well-maintained, wanting to ensure it's ready for whenever it may end up being needed.

Battle Room: First door on the right. This room has been set up with an elevated platform for the specific purpose of holding Pokémon battles. Trainers stand at either end, and the spacious platform is where the battles unfold. Seats have been provided in the room for the convenience of any spectators. The platform is much more spacious than in the previous iteration of this room, and between the sturdy construction and high ceilings, one can actually use the likes of Onix or Steelix to battle in this room. Still wouldn't suggest something like Wailord, though. This room generally only sees use when Keith has guests, but it is also where he and Meowth will train his Pokémon on rainy days (and thus days when training outside is not an option). It also features options for snacks for competitors and spectators alike, in the form of two Snoverberry trees, and a teleporter leading to the kitchen.

Game Room: Second door on the left. In this room, the usual huge TV has a GameCube hooked up to it, and the nearby bookcase contains numerous games for it. Also in the room, besides a PC, there are also several video game machines lined up along the wall, and two pool tables in there as well. For anyone wanting to take a break, there's a sofa and a Snoverberry tree.

Hermione's Library: Second door on the right. Numerous large bookcases fill up this room. The library contains mostly notebooks full of notes taken by Keith's Weedle on various subjects, but also includes other books. Either way, perusing the bookshelves can be an educational experience. If she's not cooking, Hermione can generally be found in here, reading. That said, Keith has also been known to come in here to read every so often. Chuck, Keith's Gengar, and Liliana, one of Keith's Dusknoir, have also been known to, ahem, haunt this place on occasion. Near the south end of the room, there are several PCs for those who may need to use them, as well as a table and chairs for those who wish to take a seat and read at their leisure, perhaps while snacking on Snoverberries.

This floor, the topmost floor of the Poisonous Palace, is kind of a throwback to Keith's original Secret Base- namely, in that the topmost floor consists of a single bedroom. Unlike that iteration, however, this room is huge.

Keith's Bedroom:
A big, big, huge step up from Keith's old bedroom. His usual double bed is flanked by a pair of nightstands with fans atop them to keep things cool on warm nights. There is a fireplace, a GameCube hooked up to the TV, and several sofas and tables. This big, spacious room serves as sleeping quarters not only for Keith, but for many of his Pokémon as well. There is also a washing machine, allowing for Keith to keep on top of things in terms of laundry.

Helena's Pokémon Center
As a step up from having their Pokémon Center be the ground floor of Keith's house, with a healing machine (admittedly cleverly) fashioned out of an old tire, part of Keith's major additions to Sludge Wave Coast was a proper Pokémon Center for Helena and Rubeus to work in. Selia the Musharna has also opted to work in this Pokémon Center, as has Help the Comfey.

Welcome to the Pokémon Center! If you have any understanding of Pokémon Centers whatsoever, the overall layout of this one should be no mystery to you. Those who enter are unfailingly greeted by the friendly smile of the blue-eyed Banette behind the counter (unless she's traveling with Keith and has called in a Nurse Joy to cover for her, of course).

Counter: Your Pokémon not so fighting fit? Easily fixed. Simply approach the counter, and entrust your Poké Balls to the Banette behind the counter. A minute or two in the healing machine and your trusted partners will be good as new! And if it's a slow day, feel free to strike up a conversation with Helena- she's always up for a nice chat.

Waiting Area: If the Center is particularly busy and just waiting at the counter isn't an option, there are several seats and a table for your convenience, to the left of the entrance. So take a seat, take a load off, maybe even grab a book from the bookcase to the left of the counter beforehand.

Whitefin Fountain: This charming little fountain is where Rubeus the Stunfisk likes to swim whenever he's working with Helena. Those who know the unfortunate stereotype of the mischievous prankster Stunfisk are usually quite pleasantly surprised by the courteous and caring Stunfisk they find swimming in this fountain. With a number of unusual healing techniques at his disposal, talking to Rubeus can even prove therapeutic, both to you and your Pokémon. Often, Help can be found floating around, providing a calming, therapeutic aroma to the already peaceful environment.

This room is reserved for the relaxation of the more exhausted visitors to the Center, both human and Pokémon. Relatively simple, this room consists merely of a trio of beds. When Selia is working in the Pokémon Center, this room is where she tends to be.

Beds: These three beds are exquisitely comfortable, and if you're tired, feel free to take a snooze in one of them. While you sleep, Selia the Musharna will happily munch on any nightmares that might threaten to beplague you in your sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Toxic Lighthouse
Erected once Keith realized that while he could navigate his boat at night due to having Pokémon that knew Flash, surely not every other sailor was as lucky. Wishing to avert shipwreck, he helped construct the Toxic Lighthouse to keep the Sludge Wave Coast a safe and shipwreck-free location.

The lighthouse's ground floor. It's rather plain, consisting of several machines, a shelf full of tools for maintaining the lighthouse, and a switch on the floor which opens up the door to the stairs. The switch can only be activated by authorized personnel- namely, Keith, and any of his Pokémon. However, one of them might be persuaded to bring a guest up to the top floor.

The top floor of the lighthouse. While normally only open to authorized personnel, the switch for the lighthouse's light is likewise only able to be activated by authorized personnel, minimizing the risk of unexpected guests accidentally or intentionally shutting off the light at an inopportune moment. Generally, guests are actually kinda encouraged to go up and look around, for this provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The Banette's Revenge
Built by Keith and his Pokémon years ago, originally for a specific mission, the Banette's Revenge remains a favored means of aquatic transportation for Keith. A very well-constructed vessel, she has proven herself repeatedly over many voyages, and has endured harsh storms, pirate attacks, and even nearly getting swallowed by a Wailord. She can also move at great speeds, so if Keith tells you to hold onto something, you better damn well hold onto something.

Ahoy, mateys! When you come aboard the Banette's Revenge, you'll wind up here first and foremost. The deck is very spacious, and while normally empty, Keith will provide any number of chairs and tables as end up being necessary. On sunny days, there is truly no better place to be when at sea.

The Deck: The deck of the Banette's Revenge is very spacious. Generally not much happens, here, but if your goal is relaxation, that can be a good thing. Ask Keith for a chair and he'll gladly provide one, allowing you to kick back, relax, maybe work on your tan a bit. And you can always rely on the sturdy guardrails to keep you from falling overboard... usually. Sometimes the sea gets a bit rough, so caution is always advisable.

The Helm: Elevated above the deck, Keith stands at these controls and gets her underway. One must climb one of two ladders in order to get up to this area, so not every one of Keith's Pokémon can necessarily accompany him up here, unless he sends them out after climbing the ladder himself. It affords Keith a beautiful view of the sea ahead of him, allowing him to navigate with confidence.

You know how the deck near the stern is elevated? This is what's directly underneath it. This small room offers quick relief should a storm spring up.

Healing Area: This is the closest there is to a Pokémon Center on board this ship. There is a self-service healing machine, a PC, and a few seats, so both Trainer and Pokémon can get some rest and relaxation in a pinch.

This is what's directly underneath the deck. A simple hallway leading into several different rooms.

Hallway: There is a short corridor beneath the deck of the Banette's Revenge. Several doors in said corridor lead to various cabins, among other things.

Cabins 1-3: The first three doors to the left each lead to a different cabin. If you're on a voyage with Keith, odds are one of these rooms will be your sleeping quarters. Like the guest bedroom in the Poisonous Palace, Keith keeps these cabins in good shape, always ready for them to see use if need be. Each one contains a bed, a table, a chair, and a Snoverberry tree.

Captain's Quarters: Keith's own personal cabin. When at sea, this is where he sleeps and takes his meals. Guests generally aren't allowed in, but exceptions can be and have been made.

The Galley: This big, spacious kitchen is where the meals are prepared aboard this ship. As one could guess, Hermione almost always comes on these voyages, along with Cotton and sometimes Shelley, to help prepare some truly delicious meals to enjoy at sea.

House of Alph
A strange, one-story dwelling found a little ways behind the Pokémon Center. And to Terri Alph, this is home. Its odd construction, both inside and out, can throw visitors for a loop, but once one gets past the strangeness, the place seems quite hospitable.

Terri Alph's humble abode. She keeps it simple- a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bedroom that's completely off-limits to visitors unless she says different. The place's overall motif makes it look something like an old ruin, and not unlike old ruins, there may be more to it than meets the eye... Just not in terms of size, so you may want to keep your larger Pokémon outside or in their balls for this one.

Living Room: Walk in through the front door, and you're there. There is but a single long couch, and a stone coffee table separating said couch from the TV, clock, and fireplace. A large flowering plant is to the right, and off in a corner, a seemingly unusable warp tile. Small, yes, but it suits Terri, and she's sure to make you feel right at home.

Dining Room: To the left of the living room, it consists of a long table set with a number of chairs. Again, there's not a lot to this room, but it works well for its intended purpose. If Terri's invited you to dinner, this is where you'll be eating. And your Pokémon will be encouraged to join the humans at the table, in chairs of their own, rather than taking their meals in dishes on the floor. Be sure to expect it, because for sure Terri's Pokémon will be doing this.

Kitchen: The northern exit from the dining room leads- where else?- to the kitchen. Not a large room, but the measure of a kitchen isn't its size, but rather the food that comes out of it. And make no mistake, with that in mind, Terri's kitchen measures up beautifully.

Puzzle Room: To the right of the living room is this odd little room. A steel door to the north guards the entrance to Terri's bedroom. You cannot get through it without Terri's express permission and you would be unwise to try. The only things of note in this room are the ladder to the basement and the odd puzzle setup, inviting guests to try and solve a puzzle consisting of stone tiles to form the picture of a prehistoric Pokémon. It's not impossible to solve, but doing so might result in more than you bargained for...

Terri & Laugh's Bedroom: This is where Terri and her girlfriend spend their nights together. You cannot enter here without Terri's permission, and attempting to do so is not just futile, but also stupid. Don't do it.

A small underground portion of the house, Terri's basement doesn't have much to offer... unless you like battles, that is. There is more to the basement than just that, but it's nothing the general public will get to see, not without Laugh's permission.

Battle Basement: This is why you came down here- Terri's homemade arena for subterranean Pokémon fights! Being built for battles, this basement is quite large, so don't feel shy about sending out those Onix or Steelix. Nobody is quite sure what manner of magic, technology, or unholy combination of the previous two are at work to make this happen, but moves such as Earthquake and Rock Slide can be used down here with no negative consequences, and the light fixtures constitute a sufficient substitute for sunlight for moves with such requirements.

Strange Pillar: A large pillar just behind the PC. It serves no apparent structural purpose, and if asked about it, Terri will simply give a mysterious smile and change the subject. However, occasionally a scream can be faintly heard from within, as though someone was falling down...

Laugh's Studio: Only accessible from Terri's bedroom. Which you need her permission to enter. And to add to that, you need Laugh's permission to go down to her studio, which is not guaranteed simply by getting Terri's permission to enter her room. This perpetually chilly cavern is where Laugh goes to create ice, and create with ice. She makes exquisite ice sculptures, but low self-confidence led to her limiting this to a room normally only accessible to herself and her girlfriend. Seriously, don't try and get in here without permission. Shy and quiet as Laugh is, you don't want to piss her off.

A strange chamber far below the House of Alph. Solve the sliding stone puzzle, and down you go. Find the warp panel, and back to the living room you go. But what will you discover in the meantime?

Terri's Ruins:
A mini-labyrinth of old, slightly crumbling stone walls, etched with strange markings. A place that has great meaning to Terri. What exactly this meaning is, is something you'll have to find out for yourself.

Shiny Hunter's Shack
A one-story house, with no frills, nothing fancy... except maybe the gigantic battle facility growing out of its side. But yeah- Gavin keeps it simple, and if you don't like it, you can fuck off. His words, not mine.

Gavin Golurkson's humble abode. Terri keeps it simple, Gavin keeps it even simpler. There is all of two rooms to this house, and only one of them is accessible unless Gavin says otherwise.

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen: Three rooms for the price of one- Gavin entertains guests, makes meals, and eats all in the same room, and is armed to the gills with snarky comebacks for anyone who has a problem with that. For those who don't have a problem with it, however, you'll find Gavin to be a friendly host, if a little rough around the edges. But hey- born and raised in Pyrite Town, what else could you expect?

Gavin's Bedroom: To the right is Gavin's sleeping quarters. Keep out unless he's given you permission. Seriously. This guy's done part time work as the Trainer-Only Nightclub's bouncer, and he's damn good at it.

Sludge Wave Colosseum
One of the great aspects of life in Fizzytopia is that it attracts Trainers from every corner of the world of Pokémon, and in doing so, brings together many different ways of doing things from all different regions. This is no exception- when Gavin built his house on Sludge Wave Coast, he also introduced the concept of the Colosseum Challenge from his native region of Orre. Thus came the Sludge Wave Colosseum, which Gavin owns and operates.

A simple little lobby, the layout of which would be familiar to anyone who's ever taken part in a Colosseum Challenge in Gavin's hometown of Pyrite. Here, prospective competitors can get their teams ready, and register to compete. The door to the right leads to Gavin's house as well- just knock first. It's common courtesy.

Reception Desk: Step right up, speak to the nice receptionist, and register for the next Colosseum Challenge! All battles held in Sludge Wave Colosseum are double battles, so make sure your team is ready for that. If you're not ready when you step in, you got a healing machine to your left, some PCs to your right... what you don't have is excuses.

Where the lobby is simple and little, the arena is large and grandiose, with abundant seating surrounding the sunken area in which the battling all goes down.

Battlefield: Step right up and go for it! When it's your turn to battle, take your position on one side of the battlefield, pick two Poké Balls, let 'em fly, and let the Pokémon fight commence! The roof of the arena opens up during battles, allowing Flying-types a lot more freedom, but will be closed during bad weather, for the sake of the spectators. Weather moves, of course, can still be used indoors without inflicting said weather on the spectators, so if weather factors into your strategy, all is not lost.

Seating: Secret passageways accessed through the back entrance of the Sludge Wave Colloseum allow you access to the comfortable seating, giving you a lovely view of the action.

This is the Secret Base of Keith, Gavin, and Terri. Enjoy!

Base is OPEN for RPing! Welcome, one and all!

Missingno. Master 08-08-2017 06:03 PM

1: Anyone who wants to RP in here has an open invitation to do so. Your character doesn't even have to have met any of mine before, though do make sure to introduce yourself if that be the case. And don't be afraid to drop in at any time, don't worry about intruding on any storylines. The more the merrier, I say. Obviously, no big excuse is needed to at least access the Pokémon Center- you're just passing through and want to heal your tired Pokémon, that much will more than suffice.

2: If you wish to start a storyline in my base independent to an ongoing storyline, feel free to do so. Just work it out with me beforehand, so we can work out a way to differentiate those posts from the main storyline, be it posting in a certain color, or using a certain font, or titling the posts, or whatever.

3: This property is one of those exceptions to the six Pokemon rule. Bring as many as you like. Only six at a time in the healing machines, though.

4: Assume that the ceiling in here is high enough to accommodate anything up to 15 feet in height. Serpentine Pokémon are an exception to this, considering their particular body shapes. The hallways, doorways, and stairways should be considered wide enough to accommodate most Pokémon that do not exceed the height limit, though it's best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the elevators.

5: The fish tank can comfortably accommodate any aquatic Pokemon smaller than four feet. Anything between four and five feet can still fit, but it'll be a pretty tight squeeze, but five feet is the limit (except for Dratini and Ekans, given their particular body shapes). The indoor pool can comfortably accommodate anything that's ten feet or smaller (except the likes of Arbok, Dragonair, Gyarados and Milotic, given their particular body shapes). Obviously, anything too large for those is more than welcome to swim in the sea nearby.

6: You are strongly urged to not bring any Zangoose, Red-Striped Basculin, or Durant into the Poisonous Palace. Nothing against any of them, this is strictly for safety purposes.

7: The second floor of the Toxic Lighthouse, the captain's cabin on the Banette's Revenge, Laugh's studio, and all three bedrooms are all off-limits to visitors by default, but permission to enter any of them may be granted as circumstances warrant.

8: Pokémon battles may be waged in the Battle Room in the Poisonous Palace, at the outdoor battlefield in the Shadow Clearing, in the Battle Basement in House of Alph, or in a Sludge Wave Colosseum challenge.

9: Do not use Strength to move the truck.

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 12:07 AM

"Fina-frickin'-lly!" Keith declared as he flopped down on the couch in the living room. "Meowth, that took entirely too long!"

"I'll say," Meowth nodded. "But everyting's done now, right?"

"I think so, at long last," Keith nodded back. "Warp panels are hooked up and functional. The TVs are working, the pool is filled, Elliott is no longer allowed to drink Fiery Fizzybrew Beer..." This last statement elicited a fair amount of grumbling from the Binacle sitting in the nearby aquarium.

"Ehhh, shut it, you two," Meowth snapped at the Rock/Water-type; this merely got both heads to start shouting various insults at Meowth in response. Meowth merely rolled his eyes at this.

"But yeah- it's all done, "Keith smiled. "Now, let's see if there's anything good on TV, yeah?" he added, grabbing the nearby TV remote, aiming it at the humongous big-screen TV on the nearby wall, and proceeding to search for something good.

kawaiiconcept 01-09-2018 05:41 PM

Kawaii glanced at her map once again and looked back up, "are you sure this is the place?"
The espeon carrying an eevee on her back nodded and raced forward as if sensing something, as they rounded the corner they saw the base looming out of the distance.
The trainer smiled and ran after her pokemon, the natu on her shoulder clung tighter and the skitty beside her sped up as well. The suppet beside her followed suit. Kawaii took a breath and knocked on the door as soon as she reached it.

Missingno. Master 01-09-2018 06:06 PM

As Kawaii crossed the clearing to get to the front door, she would have passed a small number of Pokémon, including a pair of Darumaka duking it out on the outdoor battlefield, and a large Venusaur dozing in the sunlight.

As soon as Kawaii knocked, she would have heard some enthusiastic barking, followed by someone chuckling and saying, "Calm down, Noxie, I'll get it, I'll get it." And seconds later, the doors swung open, and there stood Keith Masters, as well as an unusually colored Mightyena who seemed to be resisting the urge to pounce on her former Trainer and lick her face- Noxie was, after all, still getting used to her larger size following her evolution. "Hey, Kawaii," grinned Keith. "Come on in, come in. Freighya, Cyanide should be in the pool room," he added. "First door on the left, just like my old place."

kawaiiconcept 01-10-2018 06:37 PM

Kawaii smiled upon seeing her friend and even more when she noticed that her old pokemon had evolved. " Hey Kieth, hey noxie." she pet the large dog-pokemon "looks like you evolved huh?" she scratched the mightyena behind the ears.
Frieghya nodded to Kieth and followed his instructions into the pool room. The young eevee on her back yawned and woke up at the smell of chlorine "Are we there Mamma?"
The espeon nodded Indeed little one.
The Skitty at her side sniffed the air as if looking for something. Tonks, the shuppet, peaked out from behind her owner and recognized Kieth with a smile.
The Natu just blinked, studying his enviroment.

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 07:18 PM

Noxie's tail wagged even faster as Kawaii started scratching behind her ears. She responded by licking Kawaii's face a few times.

"Happened just before Christmas," Keith explained. "We were headed to that winter market thing." At that point, one of Kawaii's Pokémon floated out from behind her, smiling as she noticed Keith. Keith returned the smile as he saw the Ghost-type. "Hey there, Tonks," he greeted the Shuppet, most appropriately switching to Shuppet language to do so. "Good to see you again." Then he turned back to Kawaii. "But yeah- come on in, come in," he invited Kawaii and her team, ready to lead the way inside. "Have a look at my new home."

In the pool room, meanwhile, Cyanide was smiling as she watched a white-furred Eevee swimming across the pool. "Now you're getting the hang of it," she smirked.

"I'm doing it, Mom!" exclaimed Eon. "I'm swimming!"

"Damn right, you are," smiled Cyanide. "That's my girl!"

"Hey- Hi, miss Freighya!" Eon smiled as she climbed out of the pool, for indeed, Freighya had entered at that moment, along with the Eevee on her back.

At this, Cyanide turned, smiling at the sight of her best friend. "Hey, there," she greeted Freighya. "Oh- and who might this be?" she added, her smile widening as she saw the young Eevee on the Espeon's back, and more to the point, forming a shrewd suspicion as to just what that meant.

kawaiiconcept 01-10-2018 07:44 PM

Kawaii smiled and entered the house "well I'm really proud of her." she pet the natu on her shoulder "I brought this guy,I thought he might get along with Hermione. He is very knowldge seeking." she explained.
Tonks nodded "Hi kieth, it's nice to see you too." she smiled at the trainer.
Rumpleteaser sniffed around more, clearly looking for something.

Frieghya smiled This is Gersemy, she's my daughter. Remember the woobat I told you about? Well thats where she came from.
The Eeevee nodded and hopped off her mother and nodded to the Umbreon "Hello momma's friend." she stopped "I forgot how you say it." she glanced at the espeon.
Frighya chuckled cy-a-nide she pronounced carefully to her daughter and the little Eeevee blushed "s-sorry."

Missingno. Master 01-10-2018 08:02 PM

Keith chuckled and nodded. "Sounds like someone Hermione might get along with, alright," he agreed. Then he gave another chuckle as he saw a pair of Pokémon comign down the large entrance hall. "Was wondering how long it'd take those two," he grinned.

"Hiiiii! Hi, Kawaii! Hi, Rumpleteaser!" Pomona greeted the visitors, smiling as usual. "Aletri, come here, meet one of Mommy's friends," she added to the Druddigon following her. "Rumpleteaser, this is my son Aletri," she introduced the Skitty.

"Hey, there," Aletri said, waving hello to the Skitty.

"Ah, yeah, I don't think I mentioned yet- Pomona's now a mother," Keith explained to Kawaii as he gestured to his Druddigon.

Cyanide grinned. "I knew it," she stated as Freighya revealed that the Woobat she'd told Cyanide about was the father of her daughter. She looked down at Gersemy, and gave a chuckle as the little Eevee forgot how her mother told her to say the Umbreon's name. "Hey, don't sweat it. Nice to meet you, Gersemy," said Cyanide. "And this is my daughter, Eon," she added, with a nod to the Shiny Eevee beside her.

"Hi, Gersemy," smiled Eon. "Wow, I've never seen a brown Eevee before," she added. "I like my white fur, but you look cool too!"

kawaiiconcept 01-11-2018 04:37 PM

Kawaii smiled "Well congratulations to her. Seems like a lot of pokemon are having children lately."
Rumpleteaser smiled "Hello Pomona, it's nice to meet you Alteri." she nodded, there was something slightly different about how she acted, compared to the last time the Ivysaur had seen her. Maybe it was the fact that she was more confident or the fact that something around her would have been attractive if Pomona hadn't already had a mate.

Frieghya nodded to Eon "nice to meet you little one."
Gersemy's eyes widened at the shiny eevee "Wow, youu're so pretty." she waved her tail happily.

Missingno. Master 01-11-2018 08:16 PM

(OOC: I might be wrong, but didn't Freighya already meet Eon earlier?)

Keith nodded in agreement. "For sure," he said. "Hebenon's actually a father now, too. In fact, you want to see him with his son, follow me." And he led the way into the living room, where a Qwilfish and Chinchou were swimming around in the aquarium. "Meet Brighton," smiled Keith, at which the Chinchou smiled and waved.

Something was definitely different about Rumpleteaser, Pomona couldn't help but notice. Much more confidence, for sure, and that alone was enough to put a smile on Pomona's face. "You seem like you're really doing good," smiled Pomona.

Eon's tail started to wag at Gersemy's compliment. "Thanks!" she replied. "Hey, do you know how to swim? Wanna swim with me? My mom's been teaching me how to swim, and it's kinda fun!"

kawaiiconcept 01-12-2018 02:20 PM

(OoC: forgot about that sorry)
Kawaii nodded and followed her friend into his living room. She waved back to the little electric pokemon "Hello there."
The skitty smiled "I've been doing really well with my social issues and such."

Gersemy nodded "we have apool at home and my mom has been teaching me too."

EpicSquirtle 01-12-2018 07:04 PM

Wow...this really is an upgrade. Pom thought as he got his first sight of the Shadow Clearing.
It would be at this time, that one of the Ambipom's teammates would chime in...or even his trainer. But that wasn't the case this time. No, this time Pom had come completely alone.

Not by his choice, either. Despite his months of searching, the long tail Pokemon had yet to find his trainer, or even one of his teammates.
So just why had Pom come here of all places? The answer had something to do with a certain Umbreon...as well as a white-furred Eevee.

As he drew closer to the entrance to Keith's secret base, Pom went from a brisk walk, to a full on sprint! It was no secret that Pom was rather excited to see Cyanide and Eon again.

Reaching the front door, Pom tried his best to remain calm. What if they weren't even home? He couldn't afford to get his hopes up too high.
Feeling slightly calmer, Pom gave a couple quick knocks on the front door, using one of his tails. Now all he could do was wait and hope for a response...

Missingno. Master 01-12-2018 07:21 PM

"Hebenon's been helping him work on Thunder Punch lately," Keith said. "Chinchou can't normally learn Thunder Punch... but then, neither can Qwilfish," he chuckled. "Like father, like son." Just then, he heard a knock at the door. "Peeves, can you get that?" called Keith.

"I'm on it," replied the Dusknoir as he rose up out of the floor a few feet away. "Hi, Kawaii," he added casually just before floating through the wall and into the entrance hall.

Pomona nodded. "Yeah, you seem a lot more confident now," she smiled. "That's really great!"

Just then, Peeves entered the entrance hall by passing straight through the wall. "Hey, there," he said to Rumpleteaser, while approaching the front door.

"That's Peeves, by the way," Pomona said to Rumpleteaser. "He's really nice."

"And strong, too," added Aletri. "I've seen him battle, he's good!"

"Oh, cool," smiled Eon. "Let's go, then!" And she jumped into the water without further ado.

Peeves reached the front doors and pulled them open. "Hey, Pom," he greeted the Ambipom. "First door on the left," he added, indicating the door to the pool room. "Pretty sure they'll both be very happy to see you again, to put it mildly."

kawaiiconcept 01-16-2018 07:31 PM

Kawaii smiled and waved briefly to the dusknoir. "I took a bit of a vacation so that's why i haven't been seen around here."
Rumpleteaser nodded trusting her friend. She sniffed the air once again "would you mind giving me a tour of the new place?" she purred. Not wanting to recruit her friend but just influence her decisions, she only let her attractive aura out a little.
Gersemy slid into the water with ease and kept pace with her new friend "So what evolution do you want to be?"

EpicSquirtle 01-16-2018 10:56 PM

As the doors to Keith's secret base swung open, Pom was greeted by Peeves the Dusknoir.
Knowing exactly why the Ambipom was there, the Ghost type was quick to point him to the first door on the left.

"Thanks." Pom replied with a smile, before walking rather briskly towards said door.

Though the Ambipom wasn't quite sure what the first room on the left contained, it didn't take long for him to find out. It was a pool room, just like it had been in Keith's old place.
Walking into the room, the smell of chlorine washed into the Normal type's nostrils. But there was something much more important then the smell of the nearby pool.

"Cyanide." The Ambipom smiled as he began to approach the Umbreon.

Missingno. Master 01-16-2018 11:10 PM

Peeves nodded in acknowledgement of Kawaii's words before he passed through the wall.

"A vacation, huh?" Keith said. "Where to?"

"Oh, sure!" smiled Pomona. "Come on, come with me," she added, leading the way down the hall. Aletri went along as well- whether Rumpleteaser's attractive aura had any effect on Pomona's decision, we may never know, for as far as the Druddigon was concerned, his mother wasn't behaving any differently than she normally would. And Pomona first led Rumpleteaser to the kitchen. Nobody else was currently in there. "It's way bigger than our old kitchen, which is really awesome, because so many of us can fit in here when it's time to eat," she explained to the Skitty. "Oh, oh, and see these warp panels?" she added, leading the way over to a pair of odd-looking tiles. "These are so cool- the purple one takes you to the dining room, and the green one takes you to the Battle Room," she smiled. "Wanna see one of those rooms next?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm not gonna evolve," smiled Eon. "I'm learning tons of new attacks, and I'm gonna be way stronger than any of our evolutions! I'm even gonna be stronger than Mommy and Miss Freighya someday! But that's gonna take a long while, cuz they're both awesome," she added. "What about you?" she asked her new friend. "Which evolution do you wanna be?"

At that moment, however, a very much welcome presence arrived in the pool room, and as Cyanide heard her name being spoken in that voice she always loved to hear, she wheeled around, eyes lighting up as she spotted the Ambipom she so loved. "Hey there, Pom," Cyanide grinned, her would-be-cool demeanor betrayed by the haste with which she sped over to Pom and started nuzzling him.

Over in the pool, Eon's ears perked up. "DADDYYYYYY!" exclaimed the Shiny Eevee, springing up out of the pool and running right into her father, jumping up to lick his face, tail wagging so fast that it was throwing pool water in every direction.

kawaiiconcept 01-17-2018 03:22 PM

Kawaii smiled "It's pretty cliche but Alola. I wanted to study all the new pokemon that are migrating here and the differences in behavior of the alolan forms." she explained.
Rumpleteaser was torn, the kitchen would make any recruitment easy. She wasn't hungry quiet yet and they would get to all rooms eventually. "Battle room please." she stated.
Gersemy nodded "Understandible, I wish to become a sylveon someday." her reason why was interrupted by the arrival of pom. She hopped out of the pool and stood next to her mother. Frieghya smiled at the couple, knowing that she had her own relationship just like that.

EpicSquirtle 01-18-2018 10:23 PM

Upon speaking her name, Pom was quickly greeted by Cyanide, and though the Umbreon tried to seem cool, the Ambipom could tell that she had missed him. Just as he had missed her.
In contrast to Cyanide's somewhat cool approach, Eon's excitement was rather plain to see as she raced towards her father, before running right into him.

Pom couldn't help but giggle as the Eevee pup began to jump up and lick his face.

"My, have you grown since I last saw you. You're so big now!" Pom exclaimed as he scooped the shiny Eevee up, using his twin tails.

"So tell me, how have you been What have you been up to? I want to hear everything." The Ambipom smiled.
It seemed that Pom certainly wasn't the last guest intending to visit Keith's secret base that day. Not long after the Ambipom entered the pool room, did a group of three arrive at the Shadow Clearing.

The first, was none over then Robin Eclair, the aspiring Electric type Master. Cradled in the girls arms was Hannah, who started staring at Keith's new base with a look of wonder.
The third guest? That was Bell, who was currently resting on his trainer's shoulder. While he originally had no intentions of leaving the house today, the Mudkip was eventually persuaded to come along, all thanks to Hannah.

"I can't wait till we go inside!" Hannah exclaimed. "You're going to get to meet all my old friends Bell. Oh, and my brother too! It's going to be awesome."

"I bet." Bell murmured, before letting out a yawn. The last thing the mud fish Pokemon wanted was to talk to a bunch of Pokemon.

Robin decided to ignore both Water types, instead her mind was on Keith's secret base as she drew closer and closer to it.
Knowing Hannah and Bell, it wouldn't be long before the two were to break into a fight of some sorts, and the young trainer wanted no part in it.

She had come here to relax, and catch up with her friend. After the situation at the Tempus Ruins, she definitely needed it.
Ok, maybe that wasn't the only reason. It had originally been Hannah's idea to visit.
The Qwilfish had really wanted to see her brother after so long, and Robin had had no intention of denying her request.

Finally, after much back and fourth from Hannah and Bell, the trio had reached the front door to Keith's place.
Taking a deep breath, Robin gave the door a few knocks, before waiting patiently for someone to respond.

Missingno. Master 01-20-2018 09:44 PM

"Oh, cool," smiled Keith. "I actually adopted an Alolan Vulpix last month, if you'd like to meet her?" Before Kawaii could answer, however, there were more knocks at the door. "Peeves? Could you get that?" Keith called.

"No can do," came Peeves's voice from the general direction of the kitchen. "Nature calls."

Keith rolled his eyes. "Peeves, the jar of chocolate chip cookies does not count as nature," he said.

"That's your opinion," retorted the Dusknoir.

"Right. At least save some for Lil, OK?" asked Keith.

"He's way ahead of you there," came Liliana's voice, also coming from the kitchen.

Keith couldn't help but chuckle. "Some things never change," he said to Kawaii. "Excuse me a moment, lemme see who it is."

And so Keith walked over to the front doors and pulled them open. "Oh, hey, Robin," he smiled. "Good to see you! Come in, come in," he invited her in. "Hannah, good to see you again, too," he added to the cheerful female Qwilfish. "Glad to see you found her, Robin. And who's this?" he added, spotting the Mudkip.

"OK," smiled Pomona, leading the way onto the green warp panel. And moments later, they were in the Battle Room, where a brown Weavile seemed to be practicing his Double Team, as numerous copies of him kept materializing all over the battlefield. Then, he noticed the others arriving, and the copies vanished as he ran up.

"Hey! Hi, Pomona, hi, Aletri!" grinned Lenny, hugging the Ivysaur and Druddigon by way of a greeting. "Who's your friend?" he asked, noticing the Skitty.

"This is Rumpleteaser," said Pomona. "Rumpleteaser, this is Lenny."

"Pleased to meet ya!" smiled Lenny.

Eon laughed happily as her father's twin tails picked her up. "All sorts of stuff!" she smiled. "I've been learning lots of attacks, and Mommy taught me how to swim, and I just made a new friend, too- that's Gersemy, that's Miss Freighya's daughter, and she's gonna be a Sylveon someday, which is so pretty! But I'm not gonna evolve," she shook her head. "I'm gonna be an awesome Normal-type like you!"

Cyanide couldn't help it. She smiled, big-time, so adorable was that last thing her daughter just said.

kawaiiconcept 01-22-2018 07:07 PM

Kawaii giggled at the exchange and waved to the new pokemon.
Rumpleteaser sniffed at the male pokemon subtly as she greeted him "Hello, Do you like to fight, Lenny?
Gersemy sat up proudly next to her mother and waved her tail at the newcomer.

EpicSquirtle 01-23-2018 01:44 PM

"Thank you." Robin said as she stepped inside, accepting Keith's invitation.

As Keith wouldn't understand her, Hannah said nothing in response to his greeting, though she was sure to give her former trainer a large smile.
Once inside, Keith was quick to ask about the presence on Robin's shoulder, causing the Mudkip in question to roll his eyes.

"Oh, this is Bell." The young trainer replied, gesturing to the mud fish Pokemon.

"He was one of the Pokemon that was traveling with Hannah. S-she actually managed to get a small group together to look for me."
Pom couldn't help but smile with pride as Eon began to list off the things she had been doing in the Ambipom's absence.
Not only had the Eevee pup learned to swim, or made friends with Gersemy, Eon had also decided against evolving. Her reasoning? She wanted to be an awesome Normal type, like her father.

At this, Pom's smile grew wider. While he wasn't so sure about being the awesome Normal type that Eon claimed he was, the Ambipom knew better then to deny it, at least for now.

"Well I think you've already achieved your goal then Eon." Pom said as he placed his daughter back on the ground.
"As far as I'm aware, you're the most awesome Normal type around. No competition."

Missingno. Master 01-23-2018 05:39 PM

Keith smiled as his friend walked inside, and also as Hannah greeted him with a smile of her own. That really took Keith back to when Hannah was on his own team.

Robin introduced the Mudkip as Bell, explaining that Hannah had put together a small group in order to go and look for her. "Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Keith grinned. "Hannah's never been one to just wait around for help to come to her- she can get stuff done. But yeah, come in- Kawaii's actually here as well," he added, gesturing to the door leading to the living room. He was, of course, quite unaware of Pom's presence at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the living room, another Water-type made its presence known in the aquarium. And I use the term "made its presence known" very loosely, for indeed, the shy little Wishiwashi was not doing anything to draw attention to himself beyond no longer concealing himself behind a patch of fake seaweed. Zygill looked at Kawaii, still rather shy, but at least willing to be seen now. M-maybe.


Pom was beaming with pride at his daughter, which in turn got her tail wagging even more. She smiled happily as Pom told her that he already thought she was the most awesome Normal-type around."YAY~" she exclaimed. "Daddy, Daddy, wanna see me battle?" she asked. "I... um... Oh!" she exclaimed suddenly. Wheeling around, Eon ran up to her new friend. "Gersemy, do you wanna have a battle with me?" she asked. "I want Daddy to see the cool attacks I can use!"

Meanwhile, a large red insect flew into the pool room, landing on the floor near the Eeveelutions. Stewie approached the pink Espeon. "Hello, Freighya," he greeted the Espeon, his tone of voice by far more respectful than any tone of voice he'd ever previously used to address the Psychic-type.


"Aww, yeah!" grinned Lenny in response to Rumpleteaser's question. "I love a good battle! I was just practicing my Double Team just now, in fact. What about you, Rumpleteaser, do you like battling too?" he asked.

kawaiiconcept 01-25-2018 06:36 PM

Kawaii smiled at the shy fish pokemon and waved slightly.
Gersemy narrowed her eyes playfully, "Heck yeah!"
Frieghya started, she had lost her consciousness in the final battle with stewie so sh hadn't known that he had been cured Stewie! you're not a shadow pokemon anymore?
Rumpleteaser smirked "Oh yes." she purred.

EpicSquirtle 01-25-2018 10:02 PM

"Kawaii?" Robin repeated in a quiet tone. According to Keith, their was a guest by that name already inside.

But why did that name sound so familiar? After a moment of pondering, it suddenly hit her. Of course! Kawaii had been the pink-haired woman that Robin had met at Keith's old base, almost exactly one year ago.

But a lot had changed in a year for the young trainer, to say the least. At this rate, Robin would have to either pretend not to know Kawaii from before, or....
No. There was no second option. None that made the girl comfortable anyway.

"I don't think I remember anyone by that name." Robin lied, breaking her silence.
She wasn't quite sure that Keith would believe her, but the young trainer figured it was worth a shot. In Robin's mind, it would be slightly easier to convince Kawaii that she didn't know her, if Keith didn't know the truth either.

"I-I guess I should go introduce myself though, huh?"

Hannah tried her best to remain patient as her trainer continued to talk to Keith. While she did really want to see her brother, the Qwilfish had no intentions of interrupting the pair.
"I'd be happy to." Pom replied to Eon's question. The Ambipom wasn't quite sure if the Eevee pup had heard him though, as she was quick to race off to her friend, requesting a battle from the other Eevee.

With Eon's attention from her father gone for a moment, Pom took the opportunity to flash Cyanide a large smile, only to immediately notice the Ledian nearby.
While the Bug type didn't look hostile, the Ambipom couldn't help but remember Keith's evil Ledian, Stewie.

Even though he wasn't sure if this Ledian really was Stewie, Pom made sure to keep his eyes on the five star Pokemon. It was better safe then sorry...especially when said safety concerned Cyanide and his daughter.

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