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Fairfax 08-04-2017 11:11 AM

In an effort to make life a little easier for ASB Trainers both old and new, I am attempting to collate information from a number of contradictory sources (the website, Move Errata, Species/Move review, etc.) and put it all in one place.

Here is a link to the first of these efforts: the ASB Attackdex. It contains all of the attack descriptions from the main website, including all the updated descriptions from Move Errata AND all of the Generation 7 moves, in alphabetical order.

I hope that this, and any further resources I might put together, will be of use to you in one way or another.

Also, hi! I'm sort of back, though anything I do will be at an ASB-appropriate glacial speed.

Jerichi 08-04-2017 11:15 AM

Mister Twelve, paging Mister Sneasel Twelve.

Deebs 08-04-2017 11:26 AM

aggressively downvotes

Chalis 08-04-2017 11:55 AM

ASBdex discussion no. 420

Fairfax 08-04-2017 12:04 PM

Nah. Less of a discussion, more of a "I did this, do what you will".

dirkac 08-04-2017 01:44 PM

see ya later snifarozzle

you've been made obsolete by the fair and beautiful faxy

Sneaze 08-04-2017 10:25 PM

...Fairfax did you know I'm down to one job starting LITERALLY TOMORROW and was going to be doing ASBDex stuff? Because holy shit you have some good timing.

I mean, it's just a compilation of things but every step helps a lot.

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