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Shuckle 06-12-2017 07:01 PM

UPN PASBL: @Polly vs. TalkSick

Originally Posted by TalkSick (Post 793633)
Apollo77(c) vs TalkSick(a)
72hr DQ
Equiall 4
Switch = KO
Arena= Ref's Choice

Oh my goodness is that the Lawn Arena why yes it is thank you for noticing!! It's my favorite arena!

Our challengers will now proceed to post their squads, beginning with @Polly and TalkSick bringing up the rear.

Off we go!

Apollo77 06-12-2017 10:03 PM



Wooo let's make this a fun one, shall we? Good luck TS, thanks Shuckle for reffing.

Cumulus: Level 5 Female Altaria
Bio: Cumulus is a calm, serene Pokemon who would much rather avoid conflict. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. It wasn't by sight that I first encountered Cumulus; rather, it was by the sound of her voice. It was a very cloudy day that day, and I really couldn't notice her among the clouds, but I heard her voice sing beautifully in the still air. Only through further inspection did I find Cumulus was the one responsible for the music. Not only were the cloudy conditions ideal camouflage, but also made her song stand out amidst the atmosphere. So entranced was I by her captivating melody that I added her to my team on the spot. Being a music lover myself, I dedicated a lot of time to training with Cumulus so that she had plenty of songs to sing. Eventually, she found her true voice, hidden in her dragon ancestry from ages ago.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Song of Eternity (Dragon)
Cumulus sings out an ancient melody, the soundwaves ringing out towards the opponent to deal significant damage for equivalent energy. The attack also has a 15% chance to slightly lower the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack for 3 rounds.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Item: Altarite

Connor: Level 4 Male Emboar
Bio: One fateful day, the world discovered that our favorite sheep-loving LO, Connor, used to have an alt named Poignant Lyrics on Serebii. That same fateful day, we managed to convert Poignant into Poigy into Piggy, and the name stuck. What’s more, we even found a Miss Piggy Says Meme Generator to torment Connor further. It was at this moment that I knew I needed to add an Tepig. Now, Connor the Emboar plays just like his namesake.

Signature Move: Special Training - Piggy Likes Boosts!
Connor permanently has a 10% increase to his Defense and Special Defense. However, he can no longer use Rock Tomb, Swagger, Double Team, and Overheat.
Hidden Power Type: Ghost

Clee: Level 4 Male Galvantula

Originally Posted by Celebii151
Aoppol yu shud totally make me fighting gym

i have priemap and kuvario

i also have furret and galvantual

i would add rayquaza and mmetwo y

i can start 2morow

I don’t think I really need any more explanation than this. But just in case this isn’t enough to justify this sig on it’s own, here’ s a story. One day I was sitting idly in my gym, afflicted with some terrible smutwriter’s block, when my thoughts began to wander. I started to mull over what I needed to take my gym defense to the next level. Then I remembered these timeless words spoken by none other than Celebii. And while I will never be able to actually use a Galvantula in my Fighting gym, I thought, “Why the hell not do the next best thing?” And, so, in honor of Cele, I began to train a Joltik in the ways of a Fighting type. Oh God why

Signature Move: Special Training - Totally a Fighting Type Guys
Clee is now familiar with the Fighting type, and has gained access to the following moves: Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, and Brick Break. However, he can no longer use Cross Poison, Camouflage, and Feint Attack.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Tanner: Level 4 Male Krookodile
Bio: Tanner has a deep-rooted sense of justice in his heart, and will not hesitate to enforce the law. These traits are rather strange for a Dark type, but possibly have their origins in Tanner's obsession with western movies. He completely idolizes the valiant cowboys of the old West and has begun to emulate their behavior more and more. I found him one day wearing a ten-gallon hat and a sheriff's badge, neither of which I even own, sitting in front of the TV watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which I'd never even seen myself. He started to carry toy revolvers around, and as funny as that was, my other mons didn't take too kindly to the plastic pellets being fired at them. I got Tanner to stop harassing everyone else, but only on the condition that I work with him on a signature move fit for a sheriff.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Dusty Six Shooter (Ground / Fire)
Using considerable energy, Tanner creates two energy constructs in the form of twin pistols, one in each hand. He fires a bullet from each at a high velocity, each dealing moderate Ground damage, being infused with the dust of the trails. For an additional light Fire energy, Tanner can fire explosive bullets instead, dealing moderate Fire damage for each bullet. Both types of bullets have a bit of knockback and a slight chance to make the opponent flinch. Tanner can no longer use Thief, Spite, or Foul Play.
Hidden Power Type: Fairy

Rosie: Level 4 Female Roserade
Bio: Rosie is a nice Pokemon on the outside, but underneath her benign exterior lies only pure malice. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. She's incredibly popular among the members of my squad; her ultra-nice persona pleases pretty much everyone. In fact, it's so nice, it's...sickly sweet. For someone to be that overbearingly nice and people still believe it, there must be something else at work. And with Rosie, of course there is. She's always letting loose just enough of her sweet-smelling aroma to keep everyone in a positive mood. Everyone loves her for it, but what they don't realize is what they've let into their systems. Rosie has tremendous control over her powers, and can turn poison loose inside their bodies at any minute. It's taken a lot of convincing to get her not to...

Signature Move: Special Technique- Sickly Sweet (Poison)
Using major energy, Rosie releases a powder full of powerful irritants, both internal and external. The internal irritants work akin to Toxic, but with a slightly lower peak damage. The external irritants work like Infestation, and increase in power as the Toxic grows in power, acting at full strength every turn when Toxic has reached its peak. This infestation effect does not go away over time, but rather must be removed with a strong water or wind attack. After using this attack, Rosie's attacks are slightly weakened (as if hit by confide and growl) for 3 rounds. As a result of learning this technique, Rosie can no longer use Toxic, Infestation, Sweet Scent, Cotton Spore, or Stun Spore. Rosie can only use this technique twice per match, and not more than once on the same Pokémon.
Hidden Power Type: Rock

McDreamy: Level 4 Male Hypno
Hidden Power Type: Rock

TalkSick 06-15-2017 10:57 AM

Gl App, thanks for refereeing Shuckle.


Cameruptite - Attached to Chump
This item allows Camerupt to Mega Evolve into Mega Camerupt when held during battle.

Bugcatcher;s Token - Attached to Dreadwing
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer;s status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/558.pngOrockle, Level 4 Male Crustle
Hidden Power: Grass
Biography: He was once a religious hermit, roaming poke-world, searching for the meaning of life. But then one day, he found Arceus, who communicated with him. Following this event, Orockle returned to the civilization as an oracle, to deliver god's prophecy. But alas, everything that comes out of his mouth is gibberish and his words end up doing more harm than good.
Signature: Special Training- Futile Ramblings
Orockle can now use Bug Buzz, Chatter and Parting Shot.
He will not use the rock melting acid spitting technique stated in his SC, because spitting acid on others is unholy. Not being a muscular brute, Orockle can't use Rock Wrecker and Stone Edge, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution. He is not a farmer and hence won't use Rototiller.

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/207.pngScorrupt, Level 4 Male Gligar
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Like every other gligar, Scorrupt was super weak to ice. This saddened Scorrupt as he couldn&apos;t eat ice cream. But he found a way to be not so weak to ice and enjoy ice cream. <br>
Signature: Special Training- Doubly Effective no more<br>
Scorrupt is now x2 weak to Ice type attacks instead of x3. He no longer resists Bug and Fighting types and takes neutral damage instead.

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/555.pngFirest, Level 4 Male Darmanitan
Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: Unlike regular darumakas and darmanitans, Firest belongs to a tribe that lived in a forest, instead of volcanoes or whatever fiery place others of their species call home. Living in the jungle wasn&apos;t always this easy however, their fire typing being a curse on many occasions. Many times the lives of fellow forest pokemon, specially grass types was put in danger due to them not being careful enough. Rains used to make them immensely uncomfortable. They were unhappy because of these reasons, but they didn&apos;t want to leave trees, their natural habitat. Slowly, the fire apes started going extinct. A tribe of pansage and simisage, who were allies of their, decided to help them. They took the fire types to their tribe elder simisage, and asked why were the darumaka and darmanitan tribe were struggling to survive in their natural habitat. The wise sage told them that thousands of years ago, all the primates were grass types, but the infernapes, darmanitans and simisears did something that infuriated the jungle god.
Thousands of years ago, there was a huge wildfire in this very forest, the cause unknown. While most of the other pokemon tried to put out the fire and save the forest, the above mentioned groups abandoned their fellow pokemon instead and ran away. After the remaining pokemon had put out the fire, these pokemon came back. The jungle god, angered, cursed these traitors to forever burn in the very fire they tried to escape and turned them into fire types. Hearing this tale, the darmanitans and darumakas asked the sage if there was anyway to lift the curse, to which he replied that that only the god can lift their curse. They will have to somehow prove themselves to be loyal to the forest. Soon the winter came. This wasn;t a normal winter however. The cold this time was unbearable. Many of the forest pokemon, got really sick, some even perished. The grass types, including the sage tribe, was having a particularly hard time. Everyone wondered the reason of this harsh cold. They didn&apos;t have to wonder for long though. A group of weaviles, lead by a sinister frolass, had declared war against the citizens of the forest. Most of the pokemon found themselves helpless, but the fire ape tribe came to the rescue. The ice types were formidable, but they eventually fell to the relentless type spam. The tribe had proven themselves to be loyal to the forest, and the jungle god, impressed by them, decided to reward them. He appeared in front of them and said that although he can&apos;t take back the fire typing, he could however give them back their grass typing.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- The ape that lives in a jungle(Fire/Grass)
Firest is Fire/Grass type, and has all the weaknesses and resistances that a pokemon of this typing would have. He can use Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed and Wood Hammer. Aesthetically His eyebrows are actually two leaves instead of open flame.
He won&apos;t gain the ability to access Zen mode upon evolution. He can&apos;t use Focus Punch, Superpower, Thrash, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution, as his parents never let him know about his ability to use these in the fear that he would cause mayhem. He also won&apos;t use Flame Wheel, Incinerate, Overheat and Will-O-Wisp as these moves are too harsh to the vegetation. In addition to this, all of Firest's remaining fire type moves lose their burn chance, if they have any.

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/323.pngChump, Level 4 Male Camerupt
Hidden Power: Ground
Held Item: Cameruptite

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/778.pngFakechu, Level 3 Female Mimikyu
Hidden Power: Ground

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/738.pngDreadwing, Level 4 Male Vikavolt
Hidden Power: Water
Held Item: Bugcatcher's Token
Biography: Dreadwing is just another Vikavolt with huge threatening mandibles. But like most other Vikavolt&apos;s they were really that useful as they barely get any biting moves. Dreadwing was one of the few who realised that he would become a better warrior if he mastered a few other fang moves.
Signature: Special Training- Chomping Champion
Dreadwing has learnt how to use Ice Fang, Fire Fang and Psychic Fangs, with the standard amount of offtype energy for each new offtype. However he never learnt how to use Acrobatics, Sky Drop, Light Screen and Solar Beam. He is also now neutral to the Fighting Type and given up all of his Poison Offtype energy.

Gonna lead with Dreadwing, high in the air.

Apollo77 06-18-2017 11:07 AM

Hmmm... Clee, let's do this.

Scuttling around to make yourself a hard target, let loose a Bug Buzz, then annoy him with an Infestation.

TalkSick 06-19-2017 10:16 PM

Swoop in for a Fire Fang. Dig to avoid the Infestation and strike from behind, before gaining altitude again.

Shuckle 06-25-2017 01:03 PM

A terrifying creaking floats through the air as the long-dead Shuckle lumbers to the scene. For ten minutes, nothing but throaty rasps leave his dusty, ancient throat, but after what seems like an eternity, people and Pokemon waiting patiently for something to happen, words coalesce.

"Welcome to the Lawn Are-cough HACK blech"

Our challengers today are @Polly, legendary smut-writer and a dear friend of mine, and TalkSick, a new face on the sce-

What do you mean, TalkSick isn't new?

Two years, you say?

TalkSick tests the waters...er, lawns, with Dreadwing, a Vikavolt, and App responds in kind with another Bug/Electric, a Galvantula named Clee. The opponents eye each other carefully, readying their first moves. Clee starts us off, scuttling around unpredictably to avoid aerial assault. Malice in its compounded eyes, it screeches off a Bug Buzz, red waves of sonic energy rushing towards its foe. Dreadwing, meanwhile, has been gathering speed for a powerful Fire Fang attack, and soars through the full Buzz without even slowing down, though I'm sure that had to hurt! Galvantula's brief pause to launch a Bug Buzz may have spelled its doom, though - Vikavolt is speeding towards it faster than it can get out of the way, with a maw full of fire! IN FLAMES! The Fire Fang manages to grip two of its legs, and Clee looks furious. But not too furious to remember its instructions - a cloud of hissing insects settles on Dreadwing's carapace. Doubtless that'll get annoying soon enough.

Dreadwing burrows into the ground, its legs quickly carving out a tunnel. Unfortunately, it can't really track Galvantula's quick movements that well, and it can't really turn around fast enough to keep up with Galvantula's quick, spidery movements. After a few moments of digging, it pops up from the ground, feeling a little defeated and irritable, and rises into the air to prepare its next move.

Clee definitely took the bigger hit - a Fire Fang from a Vikavolt is something to fear. Dreadwing may not agree that it came out on top, though - it's covered in those terrible itchy bugs, and ate a full-force Bug Buzz on top of that.

TalkSick to order.

(sorry about the delay in reffing, I had to find out where the gen 7 SCs were)

TalkSick 06-26-2017 02:39 AM

Spread out a Bug Buzz, Air Slash to keep the pests away and assault the spider, flying around erratically all the while.

Apollo77 06-28-2017 09:52 PM

Okay, let's catch him with a Spider Web while he's busy with those bugs, aimed to entangle his wings and bring him down to the ground. Follow up by spewing a Toxic directly on him while you've got him trapped.

Shuckle 11-23-2017 09:19 AM

Can I still get my reffing bonus?

Dreadwing musters every ounce of agility he has within his clunky, weighty body and buzzes about unpredictably, his wings buzzing a deadly crescendo that sends waves of energy across his spidery opponent. Clee has no choice but to eat the damage for breakfast, his spidery eyes watering.

Wait, do spiders cry?

-three hours later-

Clee has no choice but to eat the damage for breakfast. His hard, dry eye membranes cannot show emotion, pain, or fear, but inside, his soul is in agony. Why don't they like me, he wonders. Why must I fight? What is the purpose of it all? Is it just for the purposes of causing pain and suffering? For whose sick pleasure are we doing this?

Probably because of these very philosophical insights, Clee aims to take his opponent down to the ground and finish him the humane way. His spinnerets go into overdrive and he casts a net outwards to encapsulate his opponent. Which doesn't make sense, because galvantula is based on a tarantula, which doesn't even have spinnerets. And even if it did, no spider throws nets of webs. But Clee does it anyway, and manages to tangle up one of Dreadwing's wings. The other retaliates by firing an Air Slash, but it is significantly reduced in power and doesn't even manage to get more than a few of the Infestation bugs off; the remainder burrow deeper into his carapace now that he is immobile and munch away at whatever bug juice lies within.

Taking advantage of his opponents half-crippled state, Clee launches a glob of toxic poison onto the grounded Vikivolt. The beetle is hopping about in odd patterns with only one wing free, but he's not able to move far enough to avoid the toxins and gets the goop all over.

Vikivolt seems like it's in the worse position, but it also took only minor damage this round, whereas Clee lost plenty of HP.

Shuckle 11-23-2017 09:23 AM

Also to apologize for not reffing the match I composed a battle theme for you:


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