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zerozoner 06-10-2017 01:18 AM

UPN PASBL: BraveSaix vs TKF
BraveSaix vs TKF
72hr DQ
Equiall 1
Switch = OK
Arena=Mt Moon Clearing

Mount Moon Clearing: Located within the center reaches of Mount Moon, this clearing is held almost sacred by the local Clefairy and Clefable. Removed from any urban environment, the natural beauty of the surroundings maintain the calming, peaceful atmosphere. Pokemon will feel more at ease here, less liable to be affected by moves intended to intimidate or instill fear. In the center of the clearing rests a pond of perfectly clear water, deep enough to accommodate most aquatic Pokemon, but not deep enough to provide them with any serious hiding place. The ground here is soft and pliable, covered by a luscious grass field. Rocks can be easily summoned from underground for use in attacks like Stealth Rock, and attacks such as Earthquake will transmit readily. This arena is outdoors only.

Had some trouble finding this arena, but that's what happens when you want to duke it out in the middle of the wilderness. So without further waiting lets get things started. Squad up and select your first champion to BATTLE!

Brave Saix 06-10-2017 02:35 AM

Glyde the Female Dewpider (Level 1)
No Signature

Feran the Male Aron (Level 1)
No Signature

Jill the Female Noibat (Level 1)
No Signature

Aquila the Male Cyndaquil (Level 1)
No Signature

Dov the Male Grovyle (Up - Level 2)
No Signature

King the Male Nidoran M (Level 1)
No Signature

TheKnightsFury 06-10-2017 02:52 AM

Raiser's Badge
Birdkeeper's Token @ Nott the Hoothoot
Birdkeeper's Token (10 SP) - The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type Pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Nott the Hoothoot (lvl 1 female) @Birdkeeper's Token
Hidden Power: Dark
Signature Training: Huntress
Nott has learnt how to use Drill Run and Sky Uppercut and has enough offtype energy for two uses of each. However she has forgotten how to use Twister, Zen Headbutt and Synchronoise.

Hattr the Scraggy (lvl 1 male)
Hidden Power: Default
Signature Training: Mean Streets
Hattr is now neutral to Fairy but is now weak Psychic, instead of being immune. He also now takes neutral damage from Rock type moves and has forgotten how to use Poison Jab, Smack Down, Iron Tail and Low Kick.

Jotunn the Swinub (lvl 1 male)
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Training: Ice Crafter
Jotunn's cubic versions of light screen and reflect now use ice energy instead of psychic although he can no longer use the pane version of these moves. He has become neutral to poison and also forgot how to use superpower.

Songr the Popplio (lvl 1 female)
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Training: Worldwide Songstress
Songr has learnt how to use Heal Bell and Chatter. However she never learnt how to use Blizzard and Perish Song, as well as Light Screen and Reflect as a Primarina.

Litlauss the shiny Minior (lvl 1 male)
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Training: STAB
Litlauss has learnt how to use Fly, Sky Attack and Twister. He is now neutral to Poison and has forgot how to use Bulldoze, Psych Up, Rock Polish, Cosmic Power and Stealth Rock.

TheKnightsChampion the Elekid (lvl 1 male)
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Move: TheKnightsHammer (Grass)
TKC concentrates major grass energy to create a massive energy construct in the shape of a Warhammer. He swings it with brutal force, dealing major grass energy while causing blowback on the same level of a dynamic punch (without the chance of confusion). Alternatively he can hurl the hammer at the opponent, striking for high damage and removing the blowback effect while still using major energy and remaining physical. He has enough grass energy for two uses of the attack. He loses access to light screen, reflect, cross chop and signal beam.

Going to lead off with Nott the Hoothoot released over the water.

Brave Saix 06-10-2017 04:50 AM

Glyde the Dewpider for me, it the pond.

Launch a Waterfall up at her. Follow that up with a Frost Breath!.

TheKnightsFury 06-10-2017 05:00 AM

Flying!Fly to dodge the waterfall then strike. Protect against the Frost Breath.

zerozoner 06-10-2017 01:28 PM

Both trainers and the ref stroll into a calm clearing. A musical note seems to hum in the air as the wind rustles the fresh grass and glides over the crystal clear pond. What a serene place to have a battle. Being the challenger BraveSaix walks to the far side of the ring. While on the way Saix sees a Hoothoot being sent out by his opponent and starts to ponder who from his squad will be first. After reaching the far side of the ring a second Pokemon is unleashed unto the field of battle. This time its a Dewpider who lands inside the pool of water. Bird vs. Bug... Getting flash backs of Ash from season one trying to catch a Pidgey here. Well hopefully there's a plan behind all of this.


Dewpider (Water/Bug): Dewpider are adept both on land and in water, being able to propel themselves with their bubble when submerged. Their Water type attacks are amplified by the watery bubble surrounding their body, dealing an additional 10% damage. In addition, this barrier will slightly reduce the power of incoming Fire moves.

Hoothoot (Normal/Flying): As owls, Hoothoot and Noctowl are the quietest fliers amongst Pokémon, and are almost inaudible as they fly. Hoothoot can see in the dark and fight more enthusiastically at night. Their Hypnosis and Foresight attacks are more effective than normal and take less energy to perform. They are resistant to sleep inducing moves.
With the mandatory anime check from the Pokedex entries complete, honestly why do they always do this, both battlers and Pokemon take their stances to begin the battle.

Gracefully skating around on the ponds surface Glyde begins to spin in circles faster and faster. The force from all this spinning starts to cause the water at the center of Glyde's circle to buldge upwards slightly. Upon seeing this Nott decides it's better to obey her nature and take to the sky. With a loud rumble the peace of Mt. Moon is broken as a large pillar of water rockets skyward chasing the owl. Nott can hear the spray of the roaring torrent right behind her and puts all she can into Flying high to avoid the reverse Waterfall. A frown crosses Glyde's face as gravity starts to work its magic on his spectacular attack and the water begins to fall back to earth like a sudden shower. To make matters even worse the spider sees Nott now charging at him covered with painful looking flying energy. Nott feels the power of her token pulsate through her as she begins to pick up even more speed before crashing into the bug type.
Wheeling back in pain from the aerial assault the Dewpider skids back to the edge of the pond. Still feeling the sting of his foes beak in his side the Glyde grits his teeth and goes for a breath attack. Gulping down as much air as possible Glyde fills his lungs to the brink and begins to chill their contents. Taking note of this Nott gives an owl like chuckle as she prepares to negate the effort. Quickly exhaling Glyde unleashes his Frost Breath, but the only thing that it hits is a Protective wall that is surrounding Nott. Leaving the owl as happy as can be.

Glyde was the only one to take a hit this round and has lost a sizable amount of his first quarter. Both battlers are about even for energy.

TheKnightsFury 06-10-2017 05:56 PM

I hate to argue in a match involving a newbie but that isn't really how Fly works. The idea of Fly isnt to fly up above an attack (Waterfall shouldn't be going extremely high anyways), it is more of a burst of speed like Agility to dodge it and then strike. Add in the fact that Hoothoot also has the Birdkeeper's token (sorry I should have included the description but forgot to), there is no way the opponent should be getting in two attacks like that.

zerozoner 06-10-2017 11:24 PM

Completely missed the token. Will re-ref the round accordingly.

zerozoner 06-10-2017 11:48 PM

Fixes to the round are done. As for Waterfalls height I really can't find anything that proves or disproves your statement so I'll be asking about it for later reference. Either way it missed and won't change this round to much even if it was a little shorter or taller thanks to that token.

TheKnightsFury 06-11-2017 12:05 AM

Cheers Zero, sorry for the issues, I added Birdkeeper's description to my squad post for reference.

Continue to distance yourself from them, as you set up a QC Substitute. Distance yourself from the sub as you give them an Air Slash

Brave Saix 06-11-2017 12:37 AM

Two can play the range game! Dive deeper into the pond while you Stockpile energy, then launch a ranged Surf as high and wide as you can.

Not sure if that counts as a three mover. If it is tell me and I'll confirm or reorder as allowed.

zerozoner 06-12-2017 01:26 AM

The Range game
*Been trying to get this posted all day, but my internet just didn't want to work.

Both trainers decide to back off after their initial exchange of attacks. Nott slowly back pedals in the air, leaving behind a weak Substitute to take her place as the visible opponent to the sinking spider. Who is giving away his position under the water in a glorious fashion by glowing gold of all colors. Seeing this Nott swings her wings wide leaving a Slash in the Air that quickly travels toward the glowing spot in the pond. The attack losses some power as it breaks through the waters surface, but the majority of the strike manages to reach Glyde. However thanks to both the water and a Stockpile the damage was lessened to a degree. Nott then gets flash backs to the previous round as once again a large amount of water is drawn out of the pond and rises skyward. This time though instead of a pillar the water is in the form of a wall. Nott almost laughs giving away her true position on the battle field as she is by far to high for the Surf to reach her and she watches the spider over water the grass below her.

Nott hurt herself this round and Glyde is on his way to reaching his second third of health.

TheKnightsFury 06-12-2017 01:54 AM

Alright a couple of issues that I bring up mainly because you are ungraded and havent reffed in a while.

1. Possible typo but you shouldnt be reffing in quarters, health and energy are done in thirds.
2. Typically a Pokemon can go about 3 rounds without needing a break, especially when fresh out of the ball. Neither of used have used that much energy yet, both should probably be considered good for two but will be needing a break soon.

None of these change the round (will likely change your summary), but will likely have an impact on the match if left unchecked.

zerozoner 06-12-2017 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury (Post 793895)
Alright a couple of issues that I bring up mainly because you are ungraded and havent reffed in a while.

1. Possible typo but you shouldnt be reffing in quarters, health and energy are done in thirds.
2. Typically a Pokemon can go about 3 rounds without needing a break, especially when fresh out of the ball. Neither of used have used that much energy yet, both should probably be considered good for two but will be needing a break soon.

None of these change the round (will likely change your summary), but will likely have an impact on the match if left unchecked.

Sorry that you have to keep bringing these things up to me, but I really do appreciate it. Need all the help I can get to return to ASB reffing.

Brave Saix 06-12-2017 08:00 PM

Go for an Aurora Beam into a Bubble Beam!

TheKnightsFury 06-12-2017 08:53 PM

Let the aurora beam take out your sub as you smash into it with a Sky Attack. Cut through the bubblebeam with an Air Cutter (obviously still target the dewpider)

zerozoner 06-15-2017 12:30 AM

Don't Cross the Beams
Me: Should I ref a match late at night?
Brain: Go for it mate. What could possibly go wrong?

This round starts off on an odd wing for our avian friend who has been very evasive these last few rounds. Instead of taking advantage of her superior movement ability the owl just sits idly by and takes and Aurora Beam to the chest. Glyde smiles as he has finally landed his first real attack against the bird, but the grin quickly disappears as the image of Nott fades away. It was just a substitute all along. Out of the corner of his eye Glyde sees the real Nott covered in a crazy amount of energy and already barreling right towards him. Without having time to react Glyde grits his teeth and takes the powerful attack, feeling slightly less pain thanks to his powered up guts.

Taking back to the sky Nott prepares to pop a few bubbles with some wind. After taking such a strong attack the spider takes a few seconds to recover himself and relocate where the bird in now hovering in the air. Desperate to get at least something done this round Glyde tries to assault the owl with a large Beam of Bubbles. Having been waiting for this Nott fires her counter attack in the form of an Air Cutter. The wind blade slices through the first dozen bubbles, but starts to lose power as the beam keeps coming. While the cutter maybe losing power to the beam, the bubbles are not infinite. As Glyde is forced to call an end to his attack so does the cutter lose the last of its power and vanish, both attacks end up canceling each other out.

Glyde took a devastating hit and has already been thrown into his second third of health. Nott lost her sub. Both battlers could use a breather soon.

TheKnightsFury 06-15-2017 02:16 AM

Just an Air Slash as you distance yourself, use your flying abilities to keep moving and avoid what you can.

Brave Saix 06-15-2017 06:45 AM

Do the boost from stockpile stack like in game?

If so then: Dive back under as you add more Stock to your Pile!

If not, Bubblebeam to dampen the Air Slash's power

zerozoner 07-01-2017 01:13 PM


Stockpile (NO) -- The user glows with a faint golden light, separating a mild amount of its energy into its gut for storage. Every round the user has the energy stockpiled inside, the energy grows slightly, light per round (though no extra energy is used), before being spit up or swallowed. The energy cannot be accessed in any other way. This energy can be stacked, allowing for three uses of the move before it fails, capping at an extreme amount of stored energy. Each use will grant a slight, temporary boost to overall defense which will fade when Spit Up or Swallow are used. If this energy is left to sit for too long (a few rounds) without an additional Stockpile or being Spit Up or Swallowed, it and the associated boosts will begin to fade.
Sorry about taking so long to get to the round, but getting out of a dessert with a broken moving truck takes a while. Who knew?

Once again Nott goes with the aerial bombardment route for the round as it unleashes another cutting Slash of Air towards the spider. Nott isn't the only one playing repeats this rounds as Glyde ducks under the water covered in a golden glow while Stockpiling energy. Unlike how it went down before Nott notices that the spider is in a less pain than before, still in pain, but there is a visible difference beginning to show.

Nott made some more distance. Glyde took another hit. Both battlers are ready to rumble.

Brave Saix 07-01-2017 10:29 PM

2x Scald

TheKnightsFury 07-01-2017 10:58 PM

Flying!Fly around one Scald before going in for the hit. Sky Attack x 2

3 mover confirmed

zerozoner 07-22-2017 03:04 PM

*Really should've put in a TA for RL stuff. Next round won't take 20 day to get to I promise.* Anyways lets get this round underway.

Dewpider does its best to hit the owl with a Scalding blast from a super-soaker. Nott is apparently not a large fan of portable hot springs being thrown at her and nimbly swoops down and around the beam of water. Flying like a well aimed arrow the bird smashes into Glyde for some serious damage. On her way back into the sky she is hit by the second stream of Scalding water from Glyde. Wheeling about in a furious rage from the unwanted bath Nott gathers a harsh cloak of energy about her before dive bombing the spider once again. This crazy Attack from the Sky makes quiet the splash in the pond, but Nott isn't done yet as she circles around once again covered from beak to claw in energy. Glyde stares up into the eyes of a bird, an angry bird. As the waters calm down and the waves from the impact subside Glyde can be seen washed up on the shore of the pond knocked out cold.

GLYDE is unable to battle next Pokemon please Brave.

Nott is feeling tired from the three mover.

Brave Saix 07-24-2017 01:29 AM

Jill, your turn.

TheKnightsFury 07-26-2017 08:28 AM

Just a QC Sub

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