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Maskerade 06-08-2017 12:02 PM

The Redemption of Vesper Gant

Name: Vesper Gant
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Class: ??? (Major: Psychic // Minor: Poison // Weakness: Fairy)

Appearance: A young man with long, dark-green hair and equally coloured eyes (inherited from his mother), he is lean and slightly shorter than the average height for his age group. He prefers basic clothes, despising fancy outfits that just get in the way, and takes much the same approach to all trinkets and accessories: emotionally detached from any sort of memento, he refuses to carry anything more than the absolute essential for a wandering traveller.

Personality: Vesper is, at his core, a bitter and resentful young man. Owing to his complicated childhood, and made worse by a string of recent failures, he became an aimless wanderer with no purpose, allowing a lingering inferiority complex to develop pathological proportions. He despises anyone who’s had it easy it life, and is fuelled only by the drive to surpass that kind of people – to prove that his potential is limitless now that he lost everything. Believing that there is nothing left holding him back – family, friends or societal obligations -, Vesper has vowed to rise from the ashes, crush the privileged with his new power and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with… at long last!

Background: Vesper was born in Saffron City, Kanto, and grew up alongside overachievers like Levin Sanders, current Champion of Heiml. From a very young age, he displayed clear delusions of grandeur, often claiming he was destined for great things in life; like most of his peers, he dreamed of being a Pokémon Master when he grew up, but was so vocal about it that he inevitably began being mocked and bullied for it. The more they made fun of him however, the louder he got, a vicious cycle that went on for a considerable number of years.
When he turned ten, unlike his classmates, he was not allowed to go on a journey, his parents deeming him too childish and unprepared to face the outside world. This of course, further aggravated his growing frustrations and the incessant mockery by the other children. Forced to continue his studies in Saffron while others like Levin Sanders, Rob Ryker and Ray Talbot went on to achieve great things as Pokémon Trainers, an overpowering darkness born of jealousy and bitterness consumed Vesper, and he made a silent vow to destroy all of their careers.
At the age of seventeen, he fled from home, stole a passerby’s Pokémon and began a twisted journey of his own: empowered by his drive to humiliate everyone who’d wronged him, he became progressively stronger with his ruthless training methods. Like a hound, he tracked down every single Trainer who’d once mocked and bullied him in youth, and proceeded to destroy them in embarrassing fashion. As a result, he became known as “Career Killer” Gant.
However, Vesper’s dominance came to an abrupt end when he caught up with his final target: Levin. As the blonde Ace Trainer prepared to embark the S.S. Bifrost en route to the frozen region of Heiml, Vesper infiltrated the ship and challenged Levin to a public showdown on the deck – determined to humiliate his former friend in front of a large crowd. However, Levin had an answer for everything Vesper threw at him, and in the end, it was the Career Killer who was thoroughly crushed, unable to knock out a single one of his target’s Pokémon. The hunter became the hunted, and Vesper was once again the laughingstock of everyone aboard the Bifrost.
The utter defeat shattered Vesper’s spirit, and for the next two years, he wandered aimlessly across the frozen Heimlan wasteland, with no reason or will to live. Until he met the man who changed his life: Wolfgang Lauther. An army defector who’d escaped military prison, Lauther was a symbol of underground resistance against the established regime and the General of the Heimlan Army, Roderick Tannäuser, whose role in the ongoing war with the Eastern region of Saigo was largely regarded as disastrous. Plotting in the shadows, the supremely influential Lauther – soft spoken but knowledgeable beyond measure – ended up tracking down the disgraced Career Killer, and offered him a new purpose in life: train, become stronger, then join him in the coup-d’état that would shape the future of the entire region, and perhaps the world.
After much consideration, Vesper wound up accepting Lauther’s offer, but with a little change of plans of his own, one he would keep to himself until the time was right: under Lauther’s tutelage, and with his Pokémon, Vesper would travel to the ruined region of Kanjohto where he could train under the absolute harshest conditions, he would indeed become stronger than he’d ever been… but once the coup was finally carried out, all he had to do was dispose of Lauther and usurp the throne himself. Only then would the world recognize the true value of the child they all once mocked, belittled and bullied. The world would bear witness to the absolute power of Vesper Gant!
With this new resolve in mind, and armed with the Pokémon gifted to him by the Heimlan conspirator, Vesper now sets off on his road to rebirth in the broken, Arceus-forsaken region of Kanjohto, until the day comes when he is powerful enough to return to Heiml and finally cement his legacy.



Nickname: Borg
Level: 5
Mood: 50
Gender: Male
Ability: Simple
Holding: N/A
Nature: Adamant
Obtained: Starter
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Ember
EM / MT Moves: Ancient Power
TM Moves: -
HM Moves: -
Event Moves: -
Bio: Vesper's first Pokémon since resuming his travels, a gift from Wolfgang Lauther. Mostly passive and harmless, Borg displays little interest in battling (or just about anything else) unless angered. But when rage consumes him, he displays a level of power frightening enough to surprise and amuse even the ruthless Vesper!

Maskerade 06-08-2017 12:12 PM


Potion x3
Revice x1

PokéBall x6

TM Case:

Berry Bag:
Oran x2
Cheri x2
Chesto x2
Rawst x2
Pecha x2
Aspear x2

PokéBlock Case:

Escape Rope x1
Reply Mail x2

Key Items:
PokéGear with Phone card
Fishing Rod

Gym Badges:

Maskerade 06-08-2017 12:14 PM


Money: $0
Spoiler: show


Star Shards: 0
Spoiler: show


Star Pieces: 0
Spoiler: show


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