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Heather 05-30-2017 09:54 PM

Thunder Cloud Temple: Heather's Secret Base

High in the Phandalin Mountain Range of Fizzytopia, a large cloud constantly surrounds one of the highest peaks in the area. While a large portion of it eternally crackles with electricity, the lower portions remain white, fluffy, and perfectly safe. Of course, this lower portion is home to the Secret Base of one Heather Pridemoor, this home her castle in the skies.


A small platform leads to a steel door that guards the entrance to Heather's Base from the elements. Beyond it, one will find themselves in a long hallway. At the first left, one will find another steel door, this one heavily reinforced. The signage outside marks this ad the door to The Lab. Inside, some basic lab equipment, a small collection of servers, and a relatively unused workbench decorate the room. In the corner, a cabinet contains a disorganized mess of notebooks as yet mostly unused. It seems Heather has begun some elementary research on the Electric Types on her team. An intercom hangs from the ceiling, just like every other room in the base. Heather carries a radio that can be used to page any room in the Base she needs to. Across from the Lab, and thankfully not quarantined by half a foot of solid steel, is The Kitchen. A fairly standard establishment, with a decently sized pantry and enough kitchenware to get by the day-to-day needs of a growing woman and her team of Pokemon, it should be noted that the freezer is stocked with an inordinate amount of pizza rolls, as the Base's owner proclaims them to be "soul food," much to the annoyance of Magus, who doesn't actually eat them. A Surf mat decorates an otherwise barren corner, and, to the displeasure of many a veteran Trainer, the trash can in the corner, like any other in the Base, is always empty. Down the hall to the left is The Living Room. The tables in here are essentially smaller versions of the kitchen table, and all three can be converted into kotatsu if the air gets too chilly. A Thunder Mat sits behind each table, and a row of three blue beanbag chairs sits facing the TV in the room, which can be set up for video games upon request. Other than that, the room is rather barren, though perhaps some more features will be added later, once Heather has completed some more adventures. Across from the Living Room is a wide, furnitureless expanse: The Playroom. This wide open area is filled with balls, chew toys, and various other implements for the enjoyment of Pokemon. Heather hasn't yet figured out how to get a pool properly installed in there yet, but perhaps at a later time that issue might be resolved. Coming to the end of the hallway is a final steel door, which requires a passcode to open. Only Heather knows this code, and she will tell no one about it except under dire circumstances. Behind it a set of stairs leads upwards into...


A quiet space for Heather and her Pokemon alone, the far end of the room is home to a plush, queen sized pink bed. Beside it, a nightstand is home to an alarm clock, a password-protected laptop which Heather will open only when alone, and a pink trophy. The plaque on the trophy suggests it was awarded in 2013, for some sort of achievement in...modeling? However, a portion of the name is buffed out entirely, leaving only the text Pridemoor after a solemn blank space. Dolls of various Electric types litter the room, and a TV with the brunt of Heather's gaming collection stands in a corner, a Thunder Mat before it. On the other side of the room, a Powder Snow Mat is home to a plush Pikachu-themed bed, where Danni sleeps in full view of Heather, unable to so much as close her eyes anywhere else.

The base is now closed as of this announcement.

Heather 05-30-2017 10:02 PM


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Mar: None

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May: None

June: None

July: Danni (15), Grace (20), Circe (22)

Aug: None

Sep: Heather (15)

Oct: None

Nov: Ryuko (3), Magus (27)

Dec: None

Heather 05-30-2017 10:03 PM

No mail presently.

Heather 05-30-2017 10:04 PM

Reserved Post.

Heather 05-30-2017 10:04 PM

Reserved Post.

Missingno. Master 06-03-2017 11:27 PM

""Mai mai, Minun mai!"

Keith gave a small sigh/chuckle as he followed the source of this voice- Anion, his Minun, had taken it upon herself to lead the way along the winding mountain trails, despite not knowing which way she was going. The only reason Keith wasn't objecting outright was because she happened to be getting it right.

"Anion's sayin' it's dat way," Meowth translated, rolling his eyes. "But youse knew dat already, didn't ya?" he added.

"Yep," Keith nodded. "Relax, Meowth- if Anion starts going the wrong way, I'll tell her. Besides, we're almost ther- uh, Anion," he added, as the Minun made a sharp left. "Anion?"

"Mai?" said the Minun, looking back at Keith.

Keith pointed at the very obvious and huge cloud surrounding the tallest peak. "That way," he said.

"...Mai Minun," Anion replied, hastening to lead the way up the correct path.

"She said 'I knew that'?" Keith asked Meowth.

"Yer good at dis," Meowth replied dryiy. "So Heather- she's da one wit da talkin' Emolga, yeah?"

"That's the one," Keith nodded. "This is some spot for a Secret Base, though," he remarked, eyeing the big cloud up ahead. "Never would've thought of using a big cloud as a house."

'Dis from da guy wat practically built a mansion on a dead tree," retorted Meowth.

Keith gave a small chuckle at the mention of his former home, though before he could comment on that, he saw what lay ahead. "Ah, looks like we're here," he grinned- indeed, they had reached their destination, Keith's Minun already knocking on the steel door.

Heather 06-04-2017 06:37 PM

It was finally an off day in Heather's Base. Everything was built, moved in, and sorted, and finally, she could take some time to relax in her large, plush bed knowing this place was one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. This was the life: having a sanctuary to call home, without the stresses of Pokémon Center rooms and what have you. Also, having a house hidden away in a giant thundercloud? What's not to like about that as an Electric Type user?

Outside, once Keith found his way to the door, Anion's knocking prompted a small camera over the door to focus on the entourage before it with a soft whirring noise, until it finally declared in a robotic drawl eerily similar to that of a Kanto Pokedex's:

"Recognized: Keith Masters. Please hold."

Back inside, the intercom relayed this same message to every room in the Base, Heather's included, prompting the young lady to sit up immediately, an Alolan Vulpix quickly making its way into her arms, startled by the intercom's sudden announcement. Heather quickly descended the stairs and closed the door to her bedroom behind her before making her way to the front door and hitting a switch, prompting the door to open, as Grace came down the hallway from the Living Room, stopping beside her Trainer with a wave. Heather greeted her guests with a warm smile.

"Pleasure to see you here, Keith! Come in, come, come!" she said cheerily, before noticing the little one by both their feet. "Oh! I see you got yourself a Minun! Quite the adorable one, too!" she added, giving Anion a small wave and stepping aside. "Anyhow, make yourselves at home! Family room's the second left, kitchen's the first right. If you're looking to keep the little ones busy, playroom's the second right." she explained. Danni, still comfortably in Heather's arms, gave a small yawn, closing its eyes and going to sleep, prompting Heather to stroke the Alolan Vulpix's head.

Missingno. Master 06-04-2017 08:18 PM

Keith looked rather impressed as his Minun's knocking prompted the movement of a small camera. This soon led to a voice very much like that of his Pokédex confirming his identity, presumably for the sake of the house's inhabitant. And speaking of which, the door soon slid open, revealing Heather and Grace. "Hey, Heather, Grace," Keith smiled, obligingly walking inside.

Anion gave a proud smile as Heather noticed her. "Mai mai!" she responded.

"Yeah, this is Anion," Keith stated, gesturing to the Minun. "I adopted her not long ago. Anion, just be sure to not get into any trouble, OK?" he advised the Electric-type.

"Mai Minun," Anion responded, wandering further into the house, headed for the playroom.

Keith gave a small sigh and a chuckle. "When Anion sets her mind on something, there's no changing it," he said to Heather. "And- ooh," he added, noticing the adorable Ice-type asleep in Heather's arms. "Now what have we here?" he murmured, taking out his Pokédex.

"Vulpix- Alola Form- the Fox Pokémon. An Ice-type," said the Pokédex. "Vulpix exhales frigid air colder than negative 58 degrees Farenheit. In hot weather, it generates shards of ice with its six tails and sprays them around to cool itself off."

"Wow, so Vulpix can have another form," Keith remarked, unable to stop smiling- the Alolan Vulpix was just too damn cute. "Wow. So, when did you get this Vulpix?" he asked Heather.

Heather 06-04-2017 10:33 PM

Heather grinned proudly as Keith's Pokedex scanned Danni's sleeping form, the familiar voice explaining the Vulpix's properties succinctly.

"Remember that Egg hunt on Springtide Isle? I ended up just looking around for something I thought I'd like instead of specifically an Electric Type. I picked up this little one's Egg and I just knew it was the one. Of course, the decision was kind of made for me when she hatched right then, but I don't regret it. That being said, there are a couple Electric Alolan Forms for me to go after in due time." she explained. "Danni's very much still a baby, though, and she's imprinted on me. Ryuko can calm her down too, but if neither one of us is present with her at any time...Let's just say I'd rather not shovel another foot of snow out of here." Heather added sheepishly as the door closed behind both Trainers. "Anyhow, I figured we'd take today off, especially after all that...business with Stewie. I'm sure Ryuko will keep Anion company, so why don't we head to the Living Room?" she propositioned at last, Grace one again returning to the room in question. One could still tell from Heather's voice that the thought of Stewie wasn't a good one.


Over in the Playroom, a Plusle bounced around with rather large leaps, as if the small bunny suit it was wearing actually made it a more capable jumper. In the corner, a Misdreavus looked on, encouraging the small Electric Type. When Anion entered the room, Ryuko stopped her bouncing and immediately walked over with an excited look. Magus followed suit, hovering behind. The Misdreavus quickly seized the first chance to speak.

So I heard Keith is here? We must not have met last time, then. I'm Magus, and this excitable one beside me is Ryuko. This room is just for us to get a little exercise if we so please. the Ghost explained thoroughly, as Ryuko piped up in turn.

"Yep! Keith's Pokémon are friends! We don't have a pool yet though..." the Plusle mentioned. Make sure you tell Neville and Dudley that we'll get one soon so we can all play together again!" she added, clearly excited at the concept, before finally remembering her manners. "So what's your name?" she asked expectantly.

Missingno. Master 06-04-2017 11:10 PM

"Heh, he ain't forgettin' dat Egg hunt anytime soon," Meowth chuckled as Heather explained where she got her Vulpix.

"Yeah- I definitely remember that day," Keith grinned. "Check out what I got from it," he added, producing a Poison Ball off his belt and enlarging it. "Aster, come on out," he said, at which point the ball split open, unleashing a remarkably pink Mareanie. Brilliant blue sparkles flew around the Shiny for a brief moment as she shyly hid her face behind her tentacles, and also hid herself behind Keith's leg. "She's pretty shy," Keith explained. "Aster, it's OK," he added. "This here is Heather, she's a friend of mine."

"...Ma? Reanie?" Aster murmured, peeking out from behind Keith and looking up at Heather.

Heather then suggested they head into the living room. "Sure," Keith agreed, ready to follow Heather. Though he couldn't help but notice that Heather mentioned Ryuko in reference to who Anion would likely be seeing. And he couldn't help but remember that Ryuko was a Plusle. Well. That ought to be interesting.

Anion entered the playroom, immediately spotting two Pokémon she'd never before met. One was a Misdreavus, though the other, she noticed, was a Plusle. She looked almost exasperated at this, though said nothing. Surely nobody present would force the issue of the two of them being a team, or some kind of package deal or something of that nature, right? Anion, after all, did not regard herself as simply part of a set, or incomplete in any way. She was a Minun, and proud of it.

The Misdreavus spoke first, introducing both himself and the Plusle, and suggesting that they didn't get to meet last time. "Yeah, I wouldn't think we'd have met last time, considering last time was probably way before Keith even got me," replied Anion. "Heh, I'll tell 'em that," she added in response to Ryuko. "The name's Anion, good to meet you both," she grinned. "So, no pool- actually not complaining there, I hate getting wet- so just what do you do for fun around here?" she asked.

Heather 06-23-2017 07:49 AM

"Oooooh, interesting!" Heather said as she looked with interest at the Mareanie, taking out her own Pokedex and pointing it at the odd pink Pokémon.

"Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokémon, a Water/Poison type. It's found crawling on beaches and seafloors. The coral that grows on Corsola's head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon. This specimen is Shiny." it drawled, causing Heather to balk.

"You lucky duck! Yeah, I know you're happy, a Shiny Poison Type, of all things." she said, grateful she hadn't had any liquids in her mouth, as a spittake would have been in rather poor taste. "She's adorable, though. Lucky you! Now I almost wish I'd found a Shiny Alolan Geodude, since it's an Electric Type and all." she added. As they moved into the Living Room, one would notice Circe the Mareep in the corner, her eyes closed, but not asleep, in one of her routine meditation sessions.

"Sooooo..." Heather said, and it was apparent that what came next was difficult for her to say. "About Stewie, I...I need to apologize. I...shouldn't have been there. I wasn't ready for it, and I let my own stubborn pride get in the way of my better judgment. I should have known better than to challenge a Shadow Pokémon like that, and all I did was make myself and my team a liability. I'm sorry..." she said, looking down and away. As she said it, Circe, eyes now open, walked over, appearing concerned, as she'd never seen Heather quite like this. "Anyway...if you're interested in a snack after the long hike to get out here, I'll go get it for you. We...mostly have pizza rolls, just as a warning." she finished, thankful for the change in subject.

Ah, so you're a more recent addition? I know Heather hopes to get a Minun of her own sometime. She's quite fond of Electric Types, see. Magus said. When Anion asked what there was to do, Ryuko was the first to speak up.

"Nice to meet you, Anion! We have soccer goals over by that wall! I can set them up if you like!" she said excitedly.

Er, Ryuko, soccer is meant to be between teams, not just one on one...Normally I'd propose a battle, but given your Lightning Rod, I have a feeling it wouldn't be too much more than the trading of Quick Attacks... Magus said, trying to think of something. Ryuko nodded, a little glum, and returned to searching the mass of equipment at the side of the room.

Missingno. Master 06-23-2017 08:03 PM

Keith grinned. "Very happy," he confirmed. Aster blushed and smiled, not only at her Trainer's words, but also at Heather calling her cute. However, as they entered the living room, the conversation became a bit heavier, as Heather proceeded to apologize for her role in the battle against Stewie, citing herself and her team as little more than liabilities. Keith shook his head at this. "I don't see it that way," he responded. "You made an effort to face your fear when the fate of the world hung in the balance- that's bravery right there," he stated. "I didn't consider anyone there a liability that day, and that includes you and your team." Heather then went on to change the subject, asking if Keith wanted a snack. "Sure, sounds good to me," Keith agreed, going along with the change of subject without question.

"Uh huh," replied Anion as Magus mentioned Heather's desire for a Minun of her own. All Anion could think at this was that she might try and get the Plusle currently in the room and whatever Minun she ended up with to be a team, whether they wanted it or not. Of course, though, Anion thought, if she really just loved Electric-types, then perhaps her desire for a Minun was not merely due to a desire to "complete the set". Maybe she just really wanted a Minun for what they are individually.

Ryuko suggested soccer, though Magus reminded her that soccer generally required teams of more than one. The Misdreavus voiced the possibility of a battle, though cited Ryuko's Lightning Rod Ability as the reason why such a battle would amount to little more than an exchange of Quick Attacks. "Heh," smirked Anion. "I dunno about that. Keith already taught me a powerful move, something Lightning Rod's completely useless against," she said, no small amount of pride in her voice. "If you'd be up for a battle, so would I," she grinned.

Heather 06-25-2017 03:14 PM

Heather stood for a few seconds in silence, contemplating something, then just nodded and left the room, the door sliding shut behind her. Grace, still in the room, sighed deeply before turning to the Poison Type Trainer.

"Keith...listen for a moment. The whole thing between Heather and Shadow Pokemon...it's more than just ordinary fear. I can't say any more about it myself, you'll have to ask her later at some point, and believe me, you do need to ask. As confident as Heather likes to appear, she can be really anxious about things, even if she knows nothing can go wrong, like you just saw. She wants to say more about this, but she just can't, at least not on her own. Without anyone to help her, to give her no place to hide, this stuff just continues to eat at her and hold her back, and it holds her back from telling anyone, and so the cycle continues. I...I don't know if it can ever really get "better," per se, but...so much of it centers around this, and I think it'd be good for her to open up to another person about it. Again, maybe not now, but at some point, and soon. Whether Heather likes the idea or not...there are things she's going to have to face eventually, and just clamming up and trying to bear it all herself is going to fail. The next time you two get together, wherever that is...so long as it's just the two of you, you need to confront her on this. Eventually she'll need to take the initiative on stuff like this, but...baby steps. My job is to protect her, but...there are different sides to that. Sometimes I just don't know which one is really helping." Grace explained. One could tell from her expression it was taking all she had to not say more now. Circe whined at Grace worriedly: apparently she hadn't been filled in on any of this yet. "Later, Circe...it's a long story." she said to the Mareep, who just nodded slowly.

Minutes passed, and finally the door reopened, Heather entering with a few platefuls of steaming hot pizza rolls. Her expression seemed much lighter, perhaps just from not thinking abut Stewie anymore, or this was a comfort food of sorts, perhaps both.

"I was considering making an onion lovers' joke, but...that would be in rather poor taste, I think!" she said. "Anyway, let's eat, shall we? To the table, folks~!" she said, bringing the plates over to the nearest table, setting them down, and taking the first roll for herself. She flinches, it's still just a bit too hot. "Maaaaaybe let them cool off a minute..." she says sheepishly.

Magus simply nodded. Ryuko, knowing the limits of her current moves, knew she was at a disadvantage, but maybe, if whatever move this was was cool enough, she could convince Heather to teach it to her soon enough as well once this was all over.

"All right then, a battle it is! Places, everyone! Magus can be the referee for this one~!" Ryuko chirped, moving over to one end of the room and taking a ready stance. Magus gave a small sigh then floated to a different side of the room, to Ryuko's right.

This will be a one-on-one battle between Ryuko the Plusle and Anion the Minun! The contest will last until one combatant is unable to continue. As the challenger, Anion will make the first attack! Begin when ready! the Ghost Type declared. Ryuko steeled herself for whatever Anion would throw her way first...

Missingno. Master 06-25-2017 05:23 PM

Heather had said nothing in response to anything Keith had said to her, and walked out of the room to get the snacks ready. Before Keith could say anything, Grace spoke up, explaining to Keith that Grace's deal with Shadow Pokémon went well beyond just fear. It was something she apparently had no desire to talk about, but was also something the Emolga felt she needed to talk about. Keith nodded as Grace suggested he bring this up the next time he and Heather met. "Definitely," he agreed. It looked as though Grace was holding back more details- and just barely, too. She looked as though she was bursting to say more, but Keith didn't force it- if she didn't feel like it ought to be said at the moment, he wasn't going to force the issue. Certainly he intended to ask Heather about this at some point in the future, though that moment was not right now, he knew.

And speaking of right now, that's when Heather reappeared, bearing platefuls of pizza rolls. They moved on over to the table to eat them, Keith giving a small appreciative chuckle at Heather's abandoned "onion lover's" joke. Aster hopped up on the table, practically drooling at the sight and smell of the pizza rolls, though resisted the urge to dig in, especially after seeing how Heather flinched after eating one, stating that they needed to cool down. "Yeah, generally a good idea," Keith nodded. "Meowth, Aster, we can wait, right??" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Meowth shrugged, though he still looked longingly at the pizza rolls.

"Mareanie," Aster nodded her agreement.

"Yeah!" grinned Anion, moving to the opposite end of the room, looking ready to go. She nodded as Magus gave her the first move, and she took it! She wasn't going to whip out that powerful new move right away just yet, though- save it for a little later. For now, she started by letting loose a loud Growl, hoping to lower Ryuko's Attack right away, after which she would move in for a Quick Attack.

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