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"Alright, you two!" Tate enthused. The sound of the trainer's hands clapping once echoed through the vast and largely empty Aviary. Kauka stood at attention, the gesture exaggerated. Uhane merely stood. Tate towered over them, grinning brightly, two small paper envelopes held in one hand. "I have a treat for the two of you, today!"

Kauka hissed and flapped her stubby little wings, the sound rattly and joyous. Uhane remained silent, a calm and seemingly disinterested look to her features. Tate leaned down, and tucked one of the envelopes into the front of the skull which Kauka used to gird her loins.

"Hold this for me," Tate requested, though it was more a statement than a question. Opening the other envelope, Tate withdrew a miniature disc, and slid it into the drive of the PokéGear which was ever-present on a freckled, sun-worn wrist. Immediately, the screen lit up, "THUNDERBOLT" printed on it in bright, bold block type. Tate began to flip through the instructions on the touch screen.

"Let's see... Flying-type... bird... bird... bird... aha! Uhane!"

The Rowlet snapped to attention, startled by hearing her name so suddenly barked. She looked up at her trainer, wide-eyed, to find Tate staring back with a wild-eyed grin, eyes glinting madly behind thick glasses. Though she had a typically calm nature, the sight unnerved her somewhat.

"It says to generate static electricity by rapidly rubbing your feathers together," Tate said. Uhane cocked her head, bewildered by this line of conversation. Another clap. Uhane jumped. Tate picked her up, and kissed her forehead. "Come on, baby, give it a try."

Still bewildered as she was returned to the floor, Uhane simply did as she was told, tensing all the muscles in her body and frantically rubbing her plumage against itself. She felt ridiculous. Tate clapped some more, clearly excited. Uhane could feel something building up in her down undercoat; it felt like when the weather changed. It got worse, and worse, and then --


There was an explosion. At least, it felt like an explosion. At once, all of the build up electricity discharged... right back into its host. Twitching, Uhane slumped to the floor, but she hardly had a chance to even catch her breath before Tate snatched her up again, peppering her with more kisses.

"I saw it!" The trainer exclaimed. "It went up! And... then it went down. That must have hurt. Poor baby. But you did it! Now you just have to practice!"

Practice? Uhane was reeling as Tate set her back down on the floor yet again. A nudge to the rear indicated she was expected to go off and try again. And again. And presumably again. She waddled off, nerves still a little tingly, muttering curses under her breath that resonated as little more than gentle cooing in the ears of her master. It was pretty cute.

"Guess who's next?" Tate sung, ejecting the spent disc from the PokéGear, and reaching for the envelope tucked into the front of Kauka's skull.
Used TM Thunderbolt on Uhane the Rowlet! Uhane learned Thunderbolt!
To be continued.

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Tate slipped the disc into the PokéGear's drive slot. "DAZZLING GLEAM" scrolled across the screen in large block type. Flicking a finger across the touch screen repeatedly, Tate scanned the detailed instructions for something applicable to bird Pokémon.

"Let's see... iridescence? Oh-" Tate grunted, looking up. "Huh. It's true that most birds have at least some iridescence in their feathers. You're not the flashiest thing I've ever seen, but not the drabbest either. Okay!"

Tate nudged the plumb bird with the toe of a closed sandal, urging her to move to a more well-lit area of the Aviary. Kauka obliged easily, unsure of why her trainer didn't think she was a flashy bird. Couldn't Tate see she was an extravagantly colored creature, fit to rival the sun itself? Well, okay, perhaps not the sun, but at the very least, the sun's eclipse! The trainer really was blind; those glasses weren't just for show at all.

Repositioned under the sunroof, and only a few feet from the precipice of the drop in the center of the room, Kauka flapped her short wings, eager to begin this exercise. In the corner, Uhane was practicing her own new move, and was becoming proficient enough to mostly avoid electrocuting herself. There were singe marks on the floor in the near vicinity of her person. This was so exciting! Tate clapped, marking the beginning of Kauka's lesson.

"It says to focus the light on your feathers, and use the iridescent properties to direct a Dazzling Gleam at your opponent," Tate explained, skimming the instructions on the PokéGear. "Try it on me, Kauka."

Kauka grunted eagerly, hardly needing to me told twice. She ruffled her feathers up, in order to maximize the surface area, and concentrated, trying to find the perfect angle for the light to strike her body. There was a glint -- a bright one -- and Tate yelped and fell backwards, overwhelmed by light. In fact, the trainer damn near fell through the vast hole meant for the birds! Adrenaline peaking, Tate scrambled away from certain death, falling into one of the nests instead. Kauka made a noise of concern, and ran to her trainer, making a serious of frantic rattling noises as she tries to determine of Tate was alright.

"That was-... good," Tate whimpered, rubbing both eyes with two closed fists. They stung, as did most of the trainer's body. "You're a quick learner. M-maybe-... go practice with Uhane-?"

Kauka rasped and futtered her wings in acknowledgement. She leaned forward, and nipped her trainer's shirt collar affectionately, before hopping out of the nest, and trotting away to join Uhane. Having watched the mishap happen, the Rowlet shook her head emphatically as her teammate approached, wanting no part of this. Tate sat up, downy feathers from the nest clinging to brown hair. Still reeling, the foolish naturalist didn't have the wherewithal to even question how the young Vullaby had the skill to acquire such relative mastery over a move so distinctly counter-intuitive to her nature as a Dark-type. Then again, there were a great many things that escaped Tate's cognition; what was one more? Standing, Tate gathered up the spend discs and the envelopes they had come in, and carried them into the office to dispose of them in the wastepaper basket.
Used TM Dazzling Gleam on Kauka the Vullaby! Kauka learned Dazzling Gleam!

Sandaa 05-29-2017 09:38 PM

Gary climbed up the netting of what was a giant mangrove tree set on the far edge of Le Marais Noir, otherwise known as the Black Marsh. He was already about to set out on an expedition here in this area called ‘Where the Mangroves Gather’ so he thought it would be worthwhile to take Tate’s offer and visit in this secret base. He hadn’t known Tate for very long, but Gary had learned before that the two of them had both lived in Azalea Town; just at different times.

Reaching the top of the netting, Gary gazed into the foyer. “Hello, it’s Gary,” he called out, not wanting to intrude unannounced. Looking around, he could see various different rooms down the number of hallways. There was a lot of birdwatching equipment and even a giant aviary for bird Pokemon, he noticed. We’re really not all that different, Gary thought to himself. Although he knew relatively little about bird species, at least ones that didn’t live predominately in the water, he could relate to that scientific passion to study an entire ecosystem of wildlife.

In fact, the aviary and the birdwatching equipment made him think back to his own secret base; equipped with a large aquarium for all of the species of water Pokemon that he was partnered with. He had even put his Pokemon adventure in Fizzytopia on hold so he could go study marine biology in Unova. Gary then snapped out of it, his thoughts returning to the present. He hoped someone was around so he didn’t come all this way for nothing.

134 05-30-2017 12:55 PM

Tate was absorbed with something or other on the laptop in the study when the sound of the front door opening brought the trainer to attention. Looking up from the keyboard, fingers still hovering over the keys, the Johto native listened as the visitor introduced himself. Shutting the notebook, Tate stood, and trotted to the study door. Poking a head through the archway, one hand gripping the jam, Tate grinned.

"Alola!" Greeted the naturalist, before issuing one request: "Shoes off at the door, please."

Satisfied that Gary would comply -- he was a good and polite friend, after all -- Tate trotted the rest of the way into the foyer in bare feet, hands clasped behind the back. The room was large for what it was, lit by gaps in the branch room having been covered in thick glass. Because of the natural nature of their formation, they were erratically place and randomdly spaced, giving it something of an ethereal property. "What brings you to my humble abode, brother?"

Sandaa 05-30-2017 10:53 PM

Gary continued to look around the foyer until he heard some noises coming from another room. “Alola!” a voice greeted, revealing the owner of the base. “Shoes off at the door, please.” Gary smiled and nodded, slipping off his shoes and placing his socks in them by the entryway. He always left his shoes tied loosely enough so he could slip them on and off without having to untie them. He was lazy like that.

He then turned to face his friend, who had fully appeared in the room now. “Hey Tate!” he greeted, sticking out a hand to shake. Tate smiled and asked him the purpose of his visit, so Gary replied, “Well I had heard some rumors about some rather strong species of marine wildlife here in the Black Marsh mangroves, so I was on my way to check them out. I knew you were in the area so I figured I would drop by first.” He chuckled and spun a pokeball on his finger out of habit.

“By the way, this is a nice place you’ve got here,” he added, craning his head around the room and admiring all of the skylights above them. “I can see how his would make a nice relaxation destination. My base is a bit of a pain to get to, waterfalls and such, but you’re welcome to come visit if you’re ever at the Cloud Garden.”

134 05-31-2017 06:20 AM

"Oh, I'd love to see it," Tate enthused, beginning to do random, small tasks around the room, always a bit nervous at first when having company over. Using a small wooden step stool, the Johto native retrieved a small wooden case of spray bottles from the top of the hutch, and pulled one loose of the box. "I've heard there's a lot of Bird Pokémon in the area. I've never been, though. This area is thick with Water-types though; I think you'll like it."

Putting the case back, Tate began shaking the bottle, re-homogenizing the contents inside. The label was plain white with black writing, and clearly medical in nature. "Hey, I have to go give Uhane her medicine real quick, if you want to come with? She's been training with a new move, and it's, uh... been rough on her."

Sandaa 06-04-2017 09:12 PM

Gary smiled at the prospect of finding water type Pokemon in his impending adventure at the mangroves. That was his goal, after all. He watched as Tate began to work on various tasks around the room before pulling out a case of medicine. “Hey, I have to go give Uhane her medicine real quick, if you want to come with? She's been training with a new move, and it's, uh... been rough on her,” Tate explained.

Nodding with a shrug, Gary replied, “Sure, I’d be happy to help.” He was curious to learn more about Alolan species such as Rowlett. “I’ve got a little Alolan bugger myself,” he added with a chuckle, pulling out a Pokeball. He lightly tossed it in the air as it popped open. He then caught the Pokeball with one hand and a little ball of slime with the other. It was a small black ball with rose-colored spines sticking out of its back. “This is Pickle; I recently hatched her so she’s a little curious about the world,” he said with a smile, putting Pickle on his shoulder. “Pyuu~” she greeted with a yawn, her slimy membrane allowing her to stick firmly on Gary’s shoulder.

134 06-15-2017 08:07 AM

"Eeeuuuoooohhhh," Tate drawled, in a mixture of fascination and disgust, reaching out with one finger to nudge Pickle. Pyukumyuku were common in Alola, but the Johto native had never seen one in person; it was like getting a little closer to a far off dream. "Hi, Pickle. Try, uh... try not to leak everywhere, okay little buddy?"

Standing, Tate stretched and began idly shaking the bottle of antiseptic, leading Gary and Pickle down the hall, towards the very back of the base, past a bedroom visible through an open door and a room with no door that appeared to just have a pool of standing water in it. More bizarrely, their destination seemed to be an empty room, vacant in its entirety except for a single Rowelet, standing in the center. Tate paused in the doorway to watch; the bird would puff itself up, and then release a bolt of electricity. Sometimes it would strike the floor, but more often it would strike the bird.

"Uhane," Tate greeted, after two or three painful-looking failures. The Rowelet stopped with a tired-sounding hoot, and turned its head towards the door, without moving its body. "It's time for your medicine."

Tate entered the room, and sat down on the floor beside the bird in order to get a better vantage point to work. Used to the ritual by now, Uhane stood still as her scorched body was spritzed down with the aerosolized antiseptic. It stung, but she clenched her bill until the pain subsided. Then, she felt better.

"You're doing great," Tate praised, petting the owl with two fingers, before turning attention to Gary. "She's been learning how to use Thunderbolt!"

Gemini Spark 06-22-2017 04:20 AM

Once the trainer disembarked from his Lapras and near the base of the tree, he held her face in his arms and started rubbing it, earning a happy squeal from her. "Good work, Nami, you can take a rest now," he whispered to her as a wave pushed her into him and him into the netting, causing him to grasp onto it while Nami used the push as leverage, allowing her a good lick to the trainer's face before he was able to return her to her Ice Ball and begin the climb.

According to the notice Hyrem received, the base would be at the top of the tree, and the nets would be what guide him there. It took him several minutes, but at last he felt his hand touch the wooden deck, and he pushed his way up and onto the planks, standing in front of a wall of mangrove branches and a door right in the middle of it. "Well, this looks like the right place," he muttered to himself. "Now for the reason we're here: Happy, come on out!" The orange and yellow furball emerged from his New Year's Ball sitting there and happily barking out a "Fwaa fwaa~" to his trainer. "Okay, Happy, if I'm right, there's someone at this place I think you'll be ha- ...er, I think you'll really like meeting," he corrected himself to avoid the pun for the moment. "See, she supposedly wants to start having kids, and, if you play your cards right, you could be the lucky guy she wants to breed with!"

"Fwmm!?" Happy muffled himself with his paw, his face growing red at the idea. He had tried a few times to win over Carla's affection, but to no avail; perhaps this new face, this new female, would be different? Suddenly aware of his appear, he licked his paw then tried to use the saliva to slick back the tuft of yellow fur on his hair. Then he used his hot breath as a sort of "hair dryer" to fluff out his tail, in addition to other various tactics meant to make him look good, all of which were moderately successful. Once Happy was done grooming himself, Hyrem knocked on the door, taking in the view from the platform while he waited for someone to answer.

Patches 06-24-2017 07:32 PM

“Well I think our future friends aren’t far now!” Patches says as she stares at a flyer she had picked up from town. The only things she actually read on it were the words Eeveelutions, friendship, DNA, and the address provided. Those were the words that stood out as soon as she took a look at the paper and nothing else really mattered beyond that. “They had me at ‘DNA’! I’m just a sucker for all kinds of fruit and this flyer is talking about Delicious Nutritious Apple’s, Eevee’s, AND friendship!? Yes, please! Sign me right up!” Her face is beaming with joy as she wanders through the black swamp, completely unfazed by her surroundings. There is no way of knowing how she actually managed to find this place, she has been daydreaming so much all day that even she doesn’t know.

She reaches up to her shoulder and gives the snoring Eevee that is slumped over it a light pat on the back and then realizes one of her companions is missing. “Uh, Rika? Where is Kiku?” She says to the Espeon that is matching her pace beside her. Rika just shrugs a bit and doesn’t seem to really care one way or the other. “Hmm, well I suppose he does have a habit of wandering ahead a lot of the time. He’s probably just really excited about making friends with all of the other Eevee’s so he is rushing to get there.” She begins to quicken her pace in hopes of reuniting with Kiku soon.

It’s not long before she sees a little brown Eevee in the distance messing around with netting of some kind. “Oh! Looks like I was right! Kiku is really good at directions so I'm sure this is the place!” She runs up to Kiku who is currently gnawing away at the netting, it would seem he has already managed snapping the net in multiple places across the bottom and is in the process of working on more. “Ah! Kiku! Stop that!” Patches bends down to pull Kiku off the net, causing the sleeping Eevee on her shoulder to slide off and hit the ground with a light thud. “Oh, Momo! I’m so sorry!” Little Momo is now laying on the the muddy ground, belly up, with a look on his face that says he is wondering what he did to deserve this. Patches now has one hand on Kiku and is trying to pull him away but he is latched onto the net by his teeth. Meanwhile, she is reaching down with her other hand to pick the very upset Momo back up. She manages to grab Momo and puts him under her arm while continuing to pull on Kiku. “Come on Kiku…! Let.. GO!” That’s when the netting in his teeth snaps, causing Patches to rapidly stumble backwards. She attempts to regain her bearings but has no such luck. She falls right into some shallow water nearby, bringing Momo and Kiku along for the ride.

“Owww…” She is now sitting in the water, Kiku is splashing around excitedly to her right. She looks to her left and sees Momo’s body just lying there limp with his face completely submerged. “No! Momo!” She quickly pulls him out of the water and holds him out in front of her to make sure he is alright. “Ee…” Momo, who is dripping wet and muddy, lets out a little sound and appears to be very done with today already. “I’m glad you’re alright Momo!” She stands up and slings the mud covered Momo back over her shoulder. Kiku who is also now wet has found his way back to the net and has continued to chew on it. Rika has just been calmly laying by the netting, choosing to stay out of whatever you would call this situation. Patches sighs and reaches into her bag, pulling out a Pokeball and pressing the button, returning Kiku inside of it. “I think I’m going to just have to let him back out when I go to release Hana once we reach the top.” And with that she begins to climb the netting, fortunately, Kiku didn’t manage to break too much of it.

Momo stays firmly slumped over her shoulder the entire way and once she reaches the top, Rika seems to already be up there. “How did you get up here so fast?” She may never know. She immediately starts digging through her bag and pulls out two pokeballs and throws them releasing a shy looking Eevee and a Pikachu. “Oh, whoops! Sorry Mio!” She promptly returns Mio to her pokeball and pulls out a different ball and throws it, this time releasing another Eevee. “I got it right this time! Welcome back Kiku! Hana, we’ve arrived at the place I was telling you about that has the DNA!” Kiku is a bit annoyed with Patches for returning him so he walks away and stands with the trainer by the door. Hana promptly hides behind Patches and does her best to stay close. “Oh! I didn’t notice that there was someone else up here too!” She excitedly runs up to the door where the trainer is standing, forgetting that her clothes are very disheveled and dripping wet from her fall earlier. “Ahhhh, I’m so happy to meet someone else that loves DNA! I hope there is enough DNA here for everybody! If there isn’t don’t you worry, because I’d love to share some of my DNA with you!”

134 06-28-2017 08:11 AM

"Oh," Tate grunts, at the sound of someone knocking at the door. Visitors? Were they expecting anyone? Tate didn't think so, but far be it from the Johto native to refuse company. Standing, Tate sat the spray bottle aside on the floor, and gestured for Gary to wait just one moment, before trotting out of the room and down the hall. Back the foyer, Tate opened the door, to find not one, but two people standing on the deck.

"Can I help you-?" Tate asked, bewildered, before taking notice of the small army of Eevee and Eevee-kin strewn across the wooden platform. Then dawning struck as the trainer recalled a notice which had been placed in the local papers at the behest of a very tired, very desperate Tate. Ever since ‘Ōpio's egg had arrived from the League, Kai had been acting in fits and starts, and many restless nights dealing with a moody Vaporeon and more research into the gristly details of Eeveelution anatony that Tate ever cared to perform had finally indicated that the presence of an Egg had triggered the initiation of the breeding stage of Kai's life; to put it bluntly, her hormones were ramped up to 11.

It was difficult to have a meaningful conversation with a creature who lacked the capacity for English, but many exhausting attempts at communication had finally established that Kai wanted a family. She'd never had one of her own, breeding the product of what was, essentially, an amateur breeding mill; now she was in the prime of her life, livving in a beautiful place full of beautiful foliage and clean water and it was the ideal place to raise a couple of kits. Tate couldn't refuse, either! They had just taken on their second egg, and if they could hadnle mystery eggs from Celebi-knows-where, they could handle the precious eggs of Kahakai, Tate's best friend and starter!

Tate couldn't argue with that logic.

Staring into space as this information was processed for the thousandth time in less than a week, it took the bird keep a moment to come to and remember there were guests. Stepping aside so they could enter, Tate made an honest effort to smile, but looked weary -- this was going to be an exhausting endeavor.

"Come in, come in! You must be here for Kai! Let me show you to the Eevee room."

Guiding the trainers -- and their companions -- down the hall, Tate brough them to a large and empty room with a pool to one side. It wasn't exactly romantic, but this was how Kai liked it, and it was her room. Too bad it was void of life... or was it?

From the surface of the water, bubbles began to rise, and then something invisible cut across the water's surface like a knife. A single, yellow fin rose above, and then a sleek blue head, large dark eyes swallowing all the light that struck them. Smoothly, Kai stepped out of the pool, the iquid beading on her skin and then sinking into her flesh rather than dripping away. Se cocked her head, curious as to the visitors.

Gemini Spark 06-29-2017 07:09 AM

Before anyone answered the door, a second trainer, a woman in her mid-20s, climbed up the ladder and had brought out multiple Eevee and an Espeon (and a Pikachu by accident), two of the Eevee and the Espeon being near the lady while one of them had wandered over to Hyrem and Happy. "Hi there!" Hyrem addressed the woman. "I'm guessing you're here for the same reason I am?" Ignoring her wet appearance--the waves around here were pretty difficult to navigate through, it was bound to happen that people would get wet along the way, Hyrem having to deal with his waterlogged shoes and socks--he was a little confused at her reply. "DNA?" he asked. Unless this woman clarified what she meant by those three letters, he had to assume the obvious.

Meanwhile, Happy looked at the Eevee next to him and smiled. "Hi, I'm Happy, what's your name?"

Before Hyrem's train of thought could be carried any further than it needed to, the door thankfully opened, and a trainer with glasses and a bob hairstyle revealed themselves and greeted the two trainers, though they seemed a bit distracted for a bit before they actually allowed everyone inside.

Much like Keith's base, this one had a leafy and wooden decor to it with minimal furniture that could be seen up to where they were going: a completely empty room save for an empty pool...or was it empty? First bubbles, and then small ripples could be seen moving towards the edge of the water. Soon enough, something broke the surface and revealed itself to be of a similar appearance to Happy and Carla, her eyes jet black like Happy's, but her short, slick fur was a light blue, and she had frills and a long, fishlike tail as opposed to Happy's coat of fluffy, red fur. "Aw, she's adorable!" Hyrem remarked while Happy looked around the room before he soon spotted the creature that surfaced and looked curiously at the group in front of her.

Adorable was one word, but a few dozen other words swam through Happy's mind that were much better to describe her, although he soon settled on one word as his jaw opened: pretty. Normally used by him whenever he would find a shiny treasure while exploring with Silas and Kenna as Team Flash Fire, it meant something different this time. He slowly walked into the room, not sure of how to carry himself in this moment, not sure of what to think. "Um...hi, I'm...Happy," was all he could say.

Patches 07-04-2017 08:41 PM

Patches and two of her Eevee were still dripping wet but she didn’t think twice about it. One thing that caught her off guard was that the new trainer seemed to question her use of DNA. ’Maybe he wasn’t aware that this place is going to have a ton of DNA everywhere. He probably didn’t read past the Eeveelution part.’ She wonders as she looks at the Flareon beside the trainer and her excitement instantly rises as she thinks about all of the other Pokemon in the Eevee family she is going to meet. “This place is going to be full of DNA, we’re all going to be getting some! Also, my name is Cardia Spade! My nickname is Patches so you can call me either that or by my name, whichever you prefer!” She smiles at her new friend.

Kiku is surprised when the Flareon beside him introduces himself. “Uh… I’m Kiku.” He says with mild disinterest. Kiku isn’t really the type of Pokemon that goes out of his way to make friends, he prefers to be independent and act on his own, usually getting into trouble. This has so far caused every single one of Patches’ Pokemon to not really pay him much attention so actually having a Pokemon go out of their way to acknowledge him was a very strange feeling for Kiku.

The door finally opens, revealing Tate on the other side. Patches is surprised for a moment and then looks back down at the paper with all of the information about this gathering on it, finally seeing that this address was for Tate’s place. “Oh, hey Tate! I hadn’t realized this was your base! I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some DNA so I didn’t want to waste time reading and got here as fast as I could.” Patches was extra excited now, she thought this party was going to be great before but now that she knows she is going to see one of her friend’s homes she is even more excited. After being let in, her Pokemon follow along closely, except for Kiku who is giving Patches the cold shoulder and following along with the other trainer. After entering the Eevee room Patches is surprised to see the Vaporeon who appears before everyone. “Oh, it's you again!" She says happily as this is the third time she has ran into this particular Pokemon. "Tate, can I adopt that Vaporeon?”

Right after Patches finishes that question, there is a loud splash and water sprays out of the pool. That’s when a little Eevee head surfaces and it begins to swim around in circles in the water. Of course, that Eevee head belongs to Kiku. Momo had been dozing off on Patches’ shoulder but she plucks him off and places him on the ground. “Momo, you need to make more friends and now is the perfect chance! Introduce yourself.” Momo stands there looking back and forth between the Flareon and the Vaporeon in front of him.

Oh you have got to be kidding me.” He sighs and immediately turns around putting his front paws up on Patches’ leg in order to get her to pick him up again. It’s no use though, she has turned her attention elsewhere as she looks around the room, wondering where the DNA is. Giving up, he turns back around and approaches the Vaporeon. He lays down in front of her and rolls onto his back with Fake Tears in his eyes. “Please carry me…

While Momo is on a desperate search to be held, Rika has decided she should introduce herself to the Flareon because she enjoys new company. “Hello, I heard you say your name is Happy, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Rika! My trainer brought us here because she really likes apples.” As Rika introduces herself to the new Pokemon, Hana watches enviously from afar as she hides behind Patches’ legs. She is too shy to introduce herself to the new Pokemon but really hopes she won’t be left out.

134 07-06-2017 08:06 PM

Chaos. At least, that's what it seems like to Kai, who is used to the utter serenity of an empty room. There's an Eevee crying on the floor, a Flareon and an Espeon introducing themselves, another Eevee making a ruckus in the pool -- which Kai can admittedly appreciate -- and one last Eevee cowering behind her trainer's legs.

"My name is Kai," she informs, with a bit of a grimace, looking around the room before narrowing her eyes at Momo. "And I am not going to carry you. You're here to give me children, not act like children."

Watching the Pokémon interact, Tate clasps both hands together, before descending straight into business. "So-... Kai has some inbreeding in her lineage," the Johto native informs, bluntly, watching the Eeveelutions. "I don't know the extent, it's not something that can be sussed out beyond a 'yes' or a 'no' with the phenotype testing we did, but with the displasia, you know-... it's hereditary. It's not something we'd likely have to worry about with the offspring, unless there's a history in any of your Pokémon's lineages; Eevee are, unfortunately, often subject to bad breeding practices, so we're willing to accept the risks-... if you know the genealogical history of your Pokémon, though, that'd be great information to have!"

Tate pauses, having not taken a breath during the rambling spiel, before continuing.

"We're willing to reimburse you for your time if need be. Kai has the, uh... mommy bug, so I'm just hoping she meets someone she hits it off with well enough to make for a sire, y'know? She damn near tore my arm off last time we went to the Hatchery!"

Tate laughs, nervously. Kai, wanting all her prospects front and center, pulls away from the group to approach the trainers and the errant Hanna. Sitting on her haunches, she asks, bluntly: "Are you coming? We're all waiting."

Patches 07-11-2017 11:09 AM

And I am not going to carry you. You're here to give me children, not act like children.” Momo is speechless for a moment, he is used to rejection but the part where apparently this Vaporeon thinks he is here to give her a child left him bewildered. The only thing he had been told was that this was an Eevee party and that there would be apples, which after taking a quick glance around the room he can see that the ladder is not the case. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that this entire thing was most likely another one of his trainer’s misunderstandings, either way, he doesn’t care. As long as he is held, he is happy. At this point, Patches’ other Eevee family Pokemon have also figured it out, Patches though, not so much.

Patches’ eye is twitching as she listens to Tate explain the genealogical history of their Vaporeon before finally pausing. “Uh… I see… Well um… My Eevee’s all really like DNA so I guess that’s a plus?” She’s not entirely sure where that explanation came from and why they’re talking about offspring but she was happy that Tate wanted to be open with her about their Pokemon’s personal life. “We're willing to reimburse you for your time if need be. Kai has the, uh... mommy bug, so I'm just hoping she meets someone she hits it off with well enough to make for a sire, y'know? She damn near tore my arm off last time we went to the Hatchery!” And that is when Patches is given her answer. “Oh! That’s so cute! I hope she finds someone too, I bet she’d make a great mom.” She still doesn’t really think about the fact that she has two eligible Pokemon in this room and that Tate was referring to the fact that she might hit it off with one of them but at least she has a better understanding of the situation. “So anyway, where are these apples that were promised in the ad?”

At this point, Momo has forcefully climbed onto Rika’s back and is now laying on his belly with his legs draped on either side. Rika is used to it at this point so she just lets him be for now. Kiku had heard Momo being rejected and is floating in the pool while giggling to himself about it. “Are you coming? We're all waiting.” That’s when Kiku’s giggling stops and Momo’s ears momentarily twitch. Rika is now amused, she knows that Kai was probably not speaking to her but also knows that at least one of the boys she just spoke to is probably going to have an interesting reaction. Momo doesn’t respond at all, he is pretty content with where he is. Since Rika now finds this amusing, she walks over to Kai and sits down, causing Momo to slowly slide down her back, landing back on the floor where he is now laying, pancaked with his legs spread out. “Ugh, this is just great...” He says before Rika stands back up and walks back over to the Flareon, leaving Momo laying there.

Hana shyly comes out from behind her trainer’s legs. She doesn’t want to feel left out and needs to learn how to be brave around others. She still stays close to Patches but is out where everyone can see her. Kiku had been listening to everything the entire time, he had found it pretty funny when Momo was told he was acting like a child but after seeing that Kai wants everyone to go over there just because she says so makes him decide that he needs to show that he does what he wants whenever he wants. He climbs out of the pool with large puffy cheeks, not bothering to shake the water out of his fur causing large amounts of it to drip all over the floor as he enthusiastically trots over and sits directly in front of Kai. That’s when the reason for his puffy cheeks becomes known as he squirts a stream of water out of his mouth and right at Kai’s face. After his mouth is empty, that is when he puts a big smug grin on his face and decides to speak. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kiku.”

134 07-11-2017 11:36 AM

Apples? What is this woman talking about? Bewildered, Tate glanced around the room, before looking to Cardia with a perplexed expression.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Tate explains, briefly looking down at the Eevee squabbling at their feet. It didn't seem like a serious issue, and so Tate chose to ignore it for the time being. What was a little water on the floor in a room that housed a Vaporeon? "You're here about the flyer, right? The one about siring Kai some kits?"

Kai was not expecting the assault, and as the saliva-tinged water strikes her face, most of it absorbs into her slick, hairless skin. What remains trickles off in razor-thin rivulets, past narrowed eyes that shine with contempt. Then, she opens her mouth... but no words come out.

Rather, a scalding hot jet of water strikes Kiku head-on, splashing the nearby trainers and striking Tate's bare legs, causing the trainer to yelp in shock and a bit of pain.

"Kai!" Tate reprimands, as the stream of hot water peters out, but the Vaporeon only looks satisfied with herself. You're in the big leagues, her smug features seem to say. Don't fuck with the heavy hitters.

Gemini Spark 07-11-2017 06:06 PM

As all of the Pokemon were out playing, Tate explained her Vaporeon's situation while also warning Hyrem and Patches about her genetic problems. "Well, I don't know Happy's genes very well, but there haven't been any health problems with him that I know of," Hyrem assured Tate. "If things go well, you and Kai are more than welcome to borrow him for breeding purposes. Besides, he probably has some urges of his own he needs to deal with!" Patches, however, still seemed to be confused as to what was going on and asked about the apples supposedly implied in the ad. "Apples?" Hyrem asked. "I didn't see anything about apples." He went back to his Pokedex in order to look up the ad once again.

Meanwhile, Happy was approached by another Espeon who introduced herself as Rika. "Hi Rika! I guess apples are pretty good, though I've only had one, and it was kinda mushy." He then looked at the Eevee all playing about Kai, while she seemed more than a bit frustrated at all the children she was in the middle of, and she vented some of it against the one who spit water at her in the form of a Scald attack, which splashed towards the humans, causing Hyrem to jump from the hot water. He had seen this before in Carla...in fact, when he himself was trying so hard to make friends with her...no, he wanted more than that, and he wanted it too quickly, that's why she was turned off in the first place.

But he was better now. He was told by Carla to grow up, and he did...mostly. Now was his chance to prove it. He needed to...for himself, and for Kai's sake. He wasn't too familiar with what Kai was feeling, but something within Happy told him that he could help...that he should help. After all, that's what he does with Silas and Kenna as a member of Team Flash Fire, right? He's supposed And perhaps she would help him in return, by...helping him feel really good? He couldn't explain it, but maybe he didn't need to, maybe he just needed to loosen up and be himself instead of fighting whatever this was...an urge? Yes, that's what this was! He took a moment to relax himself, a quick, warm exhale escaping his lips. "Anyway, wish me luck, Rika!" he said to the Espeon before walking over to the Vaporeon, not fazed by the heat from the nearby steam resulting from the earlier Scald attack. "Kai?" said the Flareon, trying to get her attention. "My trainer said you...you wanted kids?" His paw started to move closer to hers, waiting for her to allow such movement before continuing. "I...I can help with that...if-if you want."

134 07-28-2017 02:20 PM

Kai looked at the paw, but didn't receive it; she didn't know this Flareon, and wasn't keen on affection, under even the best circumstances. He was, however, correct: she wanted children, something he was -- presumably -- equipped to provide. From where she got them was honestly of little concern to her, as long as they were physically healthy; she wasn't necessarily looking for a father figure or a partner, just someone to provide the necessary functions, as it were. Biology dictated that she needed a male, after all.

Sitting on her haunches, Kai scrutinized Happy a moment, before extending a simple request: "Tell me about yourself."

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Gemini Spark 07-29-2017 01:53 AM

She may not have put out her own paw, but she didn't immediately refuse Happy, that was progress. "Well, I'm a member of Team Flash Fire," he began his introduction, "and we help Pokemon caught in places with lots of fire or heat because we can walk through it without getting hurt at all! My teammates are a Ponyta named Kenna and Silas the Houndoom--he's our leader! (Sometimes we have a Ninetales too, but usually she's busy keeping herself clean.) Anyway, we mostly help near where we live, but we're planning sometime to go to a place called Incognito Isle; have you heard of it?"

134 08-07-2017 07:49 PM

Kai gave this some thought; she'd heard of these 'teams' in passing -- groups of do-wells who helped Pokemon in need. A member of one these, assuming he were successful and good at his job, would surely be fit, healthy, and capable; adequate sire material. She paused, only briefly, to wonder if it were cruel to diminish this Pokemon to his role as a sire, when he was an individual, but then swept the idea away; he knew what he was getting into when he came here, presumably, and if he didn't, he would very well learn.

"My teammates have gone there," she said, a bit distractedly, lost in her thoughts for a moment in time, before shaking them away. No point in complicating the issue. She wasn't much for small talk, or rather, she wasn't very good at it, but she made an effort. "Tell me, why Flareon? When all the possibilities of the world lay at our feet, why was it that you choose that one?"

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