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Ironthunder 05-08-2017 04:47 PM

Trainer Info
Name: Liawe Read

Age: 18

Appearance: Liawe is approximately 5' 7'', with shortish red-brown hair and a round, pleasant face, complete with green eyes and glasses. She frequently wears a pilot's jacket and a blue scarf, to help shield against the sandstorms of her hometown amongst other weather, although beneath this she is usually wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with walking boots finishing off the oddball look. She also has a leather arm guard on her right arm, to allow for Caeda and potentially other fliers to perch there without them ripping chunks out of her arm.

Background: Liawe was always a solitary girl, growing up in the dustbowl that was Lentimas Town. The town's sole feature (and the primary means of employment) was the single dusty airstrip that led from the town's western side, the skypath to places unknown. Usually Mistralton, but occasionally other places too. In the shadow of Reversal Mountain, Liawe often found herself weathering the extreme conditions to draw the native wildlife, of which she was surprisingly fond given their unique diversity. Eventually, the girl found a young Skarmory chick wandering around, the fledgeling clearly separated from its kind in the sandstorm. After helping to shelter the poor bird from the worst of the weather, the bird took a liking to her and followed her around, which eventually resulted in her obtaining a Poke Ball and catching the gleeful Skarmory. With her metallic friend by her side, Liawe set off by jet from the dusty airstrip of Lentimas for pastures anew in Fizzytopia, the lure of adventure proving too strong for the young artist and her feathered friend...

March 6: Carl the Starly.
Apr 12: Calem the Caterpie.
May 15: Sheut the Baltoy.
May 25: Kaitlyn the Petilil.
Jun 14: Anna the Cottonee.
Jul 15: Winter the Alolan Vulpix.
Aug 29: Liawe Read.
Oct 1: Caeda the Skarmory.
Oct 21: Hope the Shuppet.

Wishlist here.

Ironthunder 05-18-2017 10:57 AM


Caeda the Skarmory, level 7, female.
Ability: Keen Eye.
Item: Flyinium Z.
Bond: 13 (Can use Move Relearner).

Spoiler: show
Brave Bird
Drill Run
Icy Wind
Iron Head
Rock Slide
Sand Attack
Sky Attack

Moves by level-up:
Spoiler: show
9 Metal Claw
9 Swift
12 Air Cutter
12 Agility
17 Fury Attack
20 Feint
27 Spikes
31 Metal Sound
32 Steel Wing
39 Slash
39 Air Slash
39 Autotomize
45 Night Slash

Kaitlyn the Petilil, level 5, female.
Ability: Own Tempo
Item: None.
Bond: 11 (Can use Move Relearner).

Spoiler: show
Grass Whistle
Nature Power

Moves by level up:
Spoiler: show
8 Leech Seed
10 Sleep Powder
13 Mega Drain
17 Synthesis
19 Magical Leaf
22 Stun Spore
26 Giga Drain
28 Aromatherapy
31 Helping Hand
35 Energy Ball
37 Entrainment
40 Sunny Day
44 After You
46 Leaf Storm

Misc. stats
Spoiler: show
IQ: 2
Contest stats: All 10

Hope the Shuppet, female, level 7.
Ability: Insomnia
Item: None.
Bond: 16 (Can use Move Relearner).

Spoiler: show
Gunk Shot
Knock Off
Night Shade
Ominous Wind
Shadow Sneak
Shock Wave

Moves by level up:
Spoiler: show
10 Spite
13 Will-O-Wisp
13 Curse
19 Feint Attack
22 Hex
30 Shadow Ball
34 Embargo
34 Sucker Punch
42 Snatch
46 Grudge
50 Trick
54 Phantom Force

Calem the Caterpie, level 9, male.
Ability: Shield Dust.
Item: Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher.
Bond: 3.

Spoiler: show
Bug Bite
String Shot

Anna the Cottonee, level 5, female.
Ability: Prankster
Item: None.
Bond: 4.

Spoiler: show
Fairy Wind
Nature Power

By level up:
Spoiler: show
8 Leech Seed
10 Stun Spore
13 Mega Drain
17 Cotton Spore
19 Razor Leaf
22 Poison Powder
26 Giga Drain
28 Charm
31 Helping Hand
35 Energy Ball
37 Cotton Guard
40 Sunny Day
44 Endeavor
46 Solar Beam

Misc. stats
Spoiler: show
IQ: 2
Contest stats: All 10

Sheut the Baltoy, level 5.
Ability: Levitate.
Item: None.
Bond: 1.

Spoiler: show
Rapid Spin

Moves by level up:
Spoiler: show
7 Mud-Slap
10 Heal Block
10 Rock Tomb
11 Psybeam
17 Power Trick
19 Ancient Power
19 Self-Destruct
22 Cosmic Power
28 Extrasensory
31 Sandstorm
34 Guard Split
34 Power Split
37 Earth Power
43 Imprison
45 Explosion

Carl the Starly, level 5, male.
Ability: Keen Eye.
Item: None.
Bond: 0.

Spoiler: show
Quick Attack

Moves by level-up:
Spoiler: show
9 Wing Attack
13 Double Team
17 Endeavor
21 Whirlwind
25 Aerial Ace
29 Take Down
33 Agility
37 Brave Bird
41 Final Gambit

Winter the Alolan Vulpix, female, level 12.
Ability: Snow Cloak
Item: None.
Bond: 0.

Spoiler: show
Baby-Doll Eyes
Confuse Ray
Ice Shard
Powder Snow
Tail Whip

Moves by level-up:
Spoiler: show
15 Icy Wind
18 Payback
20 Mist
23 Feint Attack
26 Hex
28 Aurora Beam
31 Extrasensory
34 Safeguard
36 Ice Beam
39 Imprison
42 Blizzard
44 Grudge
47 Captivate
50 Sheer Cold

Ironthunder 05-18-2017 10:59 AM


x1 Pokedex
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokeblock Case
Pencils (Multicolored)

Held Items
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit: The user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and the user jumps 50% higher. Equipped to Calem.
x1 Bubbling Cauldron (Desc in spoiler). Equipped to .
Spoiler: show
This Witches brew is as it looks a brew of bubbles and troubles, what will happen? Well in battle if used one of these things could happen:
- The holder is healed 50%
- The holder is Healed 100%
- The holder is Damaged by 10%
- The holder is afflicted with a Random Status effect
- The holder is transformed into a random Pokémon (Updater and Ref discretion)
- The holder and Opponent switch bodies until the end of the battle
- The opponent is Damaged 10%
- The opponent is Healed by 50%

x8 Pokeball
x1 Premier Ball
x20 Rare Candy
x3 Easter Chocolate Candy (Rare Candy)
x3 Beignets (Mysterious Gummi)
$3870 Pokedollars ($2870 in the Bank)

Berry Bag

Pokeblock Case

TM Case
x1 TM Return
x1 TM Aurora Veil


010: Caterpie
019: Rattata
037: Vulpix-Alola
215: Sneasel
238: Smoochum
227: Skarmory
232: Donphan
336: Seviper
339: Barboach
343: Baltoy
353: Shuppet
396: Starly
461: Weavile
546: Cottonee
548: Petilil
741: Oricorio

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