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Marion Ette 05-03-2017 07:44 PM

The Fizzytopian Post - News and Announcements
The news makes its way to everyone here in Fizzytopia, one way or another; whether it's delivered directly to your Secret Base via the Pelipper Mail system, or secondhand through juicy Bar gossip, we all have our own sources for the latest goings-on in the world. But if you're looking for the latest, most accurate and up-to-date news available, look no further than the The Fizzytopian Post!

From our humble beginnings as a singing telegram service that made the unfortunate mistake of hiring a team of Jigglypuff, our services have grown substantially, both in-print and online – from Pokegears to Holo Casters, from hand-delivered missives to our highly trained Alakazams telepathically transmitting across the continent – The Fizzytopian Post is YOUR source for the news.

Listen in, and see what's happening!

Marion Ette 05-04-2017 06:31 AM

Some Springtime-themed Announcements
Spring is in full bloom here in Fizzytopia. In keeping with the season's theme of new beginnings, the Adoption Center has risen from the proverbial ashes – under new management and accepting Pokemon in need of their own fresh new start, the shop will be accepting Dropoffs Only for the time being – we will be sure to let you know as soon as this changes.

Of course, starting one's life over is not limited to Pokemon in Fizzytopia – the Reset Documentation Thread has been introduced for those trainers looking to shed their previous identities, in whole or in part.

Finally, the opportunity for the very land to be reborn presents itself - the first round ZA/ZU applications and Zone submissions has been given the deadline of 10th May, 11:59 PM GMT - after which we will enter discussion and voting.

Rebirth, reform, redemption – whatever you seek, we at Fizzytopia hope that you find it in the coming days – and make some friends along the way.

Marion Ette 05-05-2017 10:37 PM

Registration is OPEN!
The Fizzy Bubbles community may find itself in the midst of some substantial changes right now, but regardless of the challenges on the road ahead, we want others to share in this madness, partake in discussions and help in this formative stage.

In the interest of bringing fresh perspectives into our development and allowing others to share this crazy world of ours, Registration is now OPEN. We are happy to welcome you and answer any questions you may have as you start your adventure here with us!

Marion Ette 05-06-2017 05:32 PM

Generation VII and the Alolan Egg Hunt
And now, an announcement regarding Generation VII -

A special Springtime Event has sprung!! The Springtime Pyukumuku has arrived fro Alola to deliver Alolan Eggs to the trainers of Fizzy Bubbles. Please go here to take part in our Egg Hunt!

The arrival of our strange Spring visitor marks the allowance for the use of Gen VII movesets. Additionally, Gen VII Pokemon may be encountered in zones at the updater's discretion, and new members may choose non-fossil, non-legendary, unevolved Pokemon from this generation as starters.

Just as Spring surely turns to Summer, the island breezes of Alola have come floating to our shores. We hope you enjoy this new generation of Pokemon!

Marion Ette 05-10-2017 04:50 PM

The Countdown Begins.

Ex-Admiral Insane 05-15-2017 07:58 PM

This is a Public Service Announcement:

After discussing the matters concerning zones in the development subforum the compromise appears to be to start out with 4 zones while keeping Bedlam as it is now for the time being. Players may have up to 2 zone adventures (not including Bedlam) for the time being until we’re sure more can be handled by the staff at the time. With that said, it’s time to move on to the next round of implementing zones which is polling the public opinion on zone preference.
As of now, everyone may PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane and Marion Ette their top 3 choices for Zones and ZAs from the selection provided in the Development subforum (Zone Proposal link) (ZA/ZU Interest link). The polls will close on Friday 11:59 PM GMT at which point we will reveal the four zones FB will continue with for the time being.

Please see this post for more information regarding the zones being voted on.

Ex-Admiral Insane 05-19-2017 07:23 PM

We hereby want to announce and congratulate our four winners and the respective zones they'll be administrating:

Tyoyo - The Minnao Isles (Seasonal Zone)
134 - Le Marais Noir
Sandaa - Cloud Garden
Rotom310 - New Fizz City

All four of you may post your zones as of now. To those who didn't make it and to those who had a zone proposal left unfinished; this will not be the last moment for you to have an official zone or be a ZA. We encourage you to try again in the near future.
To all those interested in updating: feel free to contact any of the four ZAs for an opening. We also have a dedicated thread for this; The FB Job Bureau (link here).

To anyone planning to adventure in the new zones:
For now you may have up to 2 active adventures only. This limit may be relaxed or removed entirely in the future. This limit does not include the Free-2-RP areas or Bedlam City.

Marion Ette 05-25-2017 08:34 PM

An Official Announcement Regarding Secret Bases
Every heart deserves a home - but much like the chambers of our hearts, the chambers of our homes are often filled with secrets. Even so, after hearing about some of the radical changes being made to Secret Bases, we here at the Post felt that the news regarding these bases shouldn't be secret any longer! Ohohoho~

As of the time of this announcement, all registered members of Fizzy Bubbles will be allowed one thread in the Secret Base subforum, free of charge. This thread will serve as a free RP area of the trainer's design, limited only by one's creativity.

It is our hope for all trainers that with this long-awaited announcement, their hearts will find the homes they've been searching for.

Marion Ette 05-27-2017 12:00 PM

Who doesn't love a good birthday bash? If you or your Pokemon is looking to celebrate a special day, please head over to our new Birthday Bubbles Bash Venue. The Trainer Birthday list is being rewritten from scratch, so even if today is a very merry unbirthday for you and your Pokemon, please head over and help them update their records!

For those searching for the old Calendar, it has been archived here.

Marion Ette 05-31-2017 04:16 PM

Ah, Spring - a beautiful season, but alas... it cannot last forever. Summer breezes will soon be making us feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in our minds - and with those lovely thoughts, we must announce that our Springtime Event soon draws to a close.

The Springtide Isles will stop accepting new entrants on June 06 at 11:59 PM GMT. Those who post before that date will have their adventures finished, even if they extend beyond the 6th of June.

Please wish the Springtime Pyukumuku safe and pleasant journeys as he swims back home to his favorite spot in Alola; hopefully, he will be coming back to visit us next year!

Ex-Admiral Insane 06-09-2017 02:42 PM

With regards to the Staff Rewards (and Pokédollar claims):

It would be of great help to us if members could add a numbered marker to every Staff Reward deposit and use that same number for the Pokébank deposit when claiming the Pokédollars.
For other Pokédollar deposits it would be greatly appreciated if you could add a date as well.

This is meant to make each transaction more transparent for our SOs which ultimately benefit both the SO and you.

Marion Ette 06-12-2017 07:59 PM

The discussion regarding coins and their removal from FB is being drawn to a close with a call for majority vote. Please PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane AND myself with your choice between the three options described here. You may select up to two options to support.

Voting closes June 16th at 23:59 PM GMT.

Marion Ette 06-16-2017 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Marion Ette (Post 794016)
The discussion regarding coins and their removal from FB is being drawn to a close with a call for majority vote. Please PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane AND myself with your choice between the three options described here. You may select up to two options to support.

Voting closes June 16th at 23:59 PM GMT.

The community has spoken. Here are the results:

RP Event
12 preferred, 6 second choice

8 preferred, 6 second choice

6 preferred, 5 second choice

The winner: RP EVENT.

Emi 08-07-2017 03:51 PM

We are pleased to announce that Bond is officially live and its effects can be used immediately. Remember, Bond has introduced some rule changes to the game. You can only use the Move Relearner service of the Move Tutor once you reach 10 Bond, and you can only learn unnatural TMs at 20 Bond.

Ex-Admiral Insane 11-26-2017 12:23 PM

To our Shop Owners, our Zone Admins and our Zone Updaters:

A chronic problem in many RPG forums is the balance of work and fun, effort and reward; updating and taking time off. It is this last one that has come to the attention of the moderators and one we wish to discuss. As it very often happens, new volunteers, excited about updating for the first time, take up a large workload that sooner or later ends up getting the better of them. While this is surely not the case for everyone, and you may have different reasons, we've noticed that a huge chunk of our volunteers have ended up in a burn-out, being overwhelmed by the workload they've taken up and then having to take a long period of absence because of it. Others, might have issues with regards to their real life and so need to take a leave of absence. In both cases however, this has not always been properly communicated with the community, their work-partners, or their ZAs and moderators. We want to stress the following guidelines for updating that have been somewhat neglected in the past.

1. You are free to take a leave of absence at any point. It is however polite that you ensure you inform your updatees and zone partners. In most cases, a post in the Updator Absence Thread would be greatly appreciated.

2. If you're an updator, and you anticipate to be gone for a long stretch of time, then please try to arrange another updator for your adventurers. While we understand that updator continuity is important, its more important that people get updates and are able to progress in their adventures. The point of having the ZA-ZU system for zones was that you would work together, knowing where each adventure is going and so being able to step in if necessary. It is completely okay to ask for help with an updatee and then take them back at a later date.

3. For the ZA's and SO's: You are deemed responsible for the Zone or Shop you're managing. If an updator of yours has gone missing, then please try to replace them. If your zone is getting crowded, then consider closing it or hiring new help. If you are planning to leave for a long period of time, then please arrange for someone else to take over your responsibilities until you've returned. If you notice that one of your ZUs is becoming burned out, we suggest that you work with them on lightening their number of updatees to alleviate their workload.

4. Lastly, and most importantly; burn-out. We the moderators consider this to be a serious issue that has not been properly managed yet. Understand that we're looking to avoid this problem in the future. If you feel the work you're doing is becoming too much or overwhelming, then please ask your zone partners for help or talk with your ZA about how you can lighten the burden. In all cases, the FB Moderators are always available for discussing these matters and working together with you to look for a solution. Everyone might have a moment of stress they think they can handle, by taking a small break and getting back to work afterwards for example. A burn-out is different though. A burn-out can last for weeks or even months before it's properly resolved and is something that needs to be avoided instead of resolved. We do not want to see anyone here suffering from it due to workload stress. If you at any point feel you might be overwhelmed or about to burst, then do not hesitate to contact us for help.

We will be contacting some of the ZAs and ZUs in the coming days to assess the situation and make changes where possible. If anyone currently feels like they might be reaching their boiling point, then act now and send one or all of the moderators a PM.


To the players:

1. One other thing that has been brought to our attention is the high demand for consistency and output of our updaters. While it is a good thing to have more vibrant and active zones with dedicated updaters then it was a year ago, the pressure that has been put on some of our volunteers by community members is not. The fast pace FB has now found itself in is currently unmanageable for many updaters and it is unfair to expect more from them than they're already giving. While we all want to play the game and have fun, it is important to remember that our updators are human and have lives outside of Fizzy Bubbles, and that repeatedly requesting them to update only stresses them out further. If they have been absent for a long period of time without notification, or if they have promised updates repeatedly and reneged, then you may contact their ZA or one of the mods.

2. In addition, as you may have judged from the above messages, FB is currently (and will always be) in need of new updaters to take up some of the workload. If you have been considering updating in an actual zone, then please ask the ZAs if they have an opening. You do not have to start in the deep-end. We understand that the idea of updating might feel overwhelming to some, especially when they're just starting. If you want to start with just one adventurer then that is a help nonetheless and a service you can offer, so please do. If you want an apprenticeship of some kind, a position in which a more experienced updater takes you under their wing and gives advice every now and again, then ask for that as well.

Ex-Admiral Insane 11-27-2017 05:21 AM

Dear all,

as we're looking to the future of FB and discussing some newer matters that will be addressed, a few key rulings will have to be made for the time being. Some are only temporary, while others are meant to make way for new or different mechanics.

First, Minnao Island is closed to new entrants. Minnao Isles was meant to be a seasonal zone and we've held the doors open to new members for a while longer than intended. It was officially closed earlier, so consider this to be more of a formal announcement than anything else. All the current adventures in Minnao are of course free to be continued and finished. We trust our updaters will look into this task themselves.

Secondly, Incognito Island is closed to new entrants. All current adventures though can continue and try to be wrapped up in 4 updates or less. The reason for Incognito Island's closure is the detraction it takes from other zones that have been installed and are going to need new updaters in the future. In addition, the Free-For-All Zone and Bedlam Ridge still stand, so independent updaters can still update in those zones. We will be looking into alternative ways for easier obtainment of some items to make up for II's closure. It is unsure as of now whether this decision will be permanent or temporary.

Lastly, Luxury Balls are limited to 2 purchases a week, starting on the advent of Monday 27 November, 12:01 AM GMT. This decision is certifiably temporary and will be lifted once appropriate changes have been made. The reason for this new rule comes with the new discussion we're raising on costs, prices and purchases in the Development Forum. Once that topic has been properly dealt with, Luxury balls can be bought with no limits, albeit with a potentially new price and/or effect.

We hope you understand the reason for some of these decisions. If there are any grievances or objections, then you may of course notify us either personally or write a post in the Development thread. There are currently two new topics in the Development forum and we'd like to ask you to take a look and provide your feedback.

Sandaa 11-28-2017 09:50 AM

There have been a couple of changes and additions regarding our updater rewards system.

Firstly, our Staff Rewards Ladder was previously set up in a way that caused prizes to become more spread out and thus less incentivizing to our most active updaters. We’ve amended this so that it now follows the same scale as the lower tiers of the ladder.

Secondly, to show our active updaters how much we appreciate their work, we are proud to introduce the new Bi-Monthly Updater Rewards. Every other month we will tally up and dish out prizes to the updaters who have been active during that period.

If you are curious about getting into updating, please contact your local ZA or mod!

Sandaa 12-09-2017 05:30 PM

Attention Fizzy Bubblers:

It is our pleasure to announce that at long last, the BMG branch of FB is officially re-opened! Please give our new BMG-based community a warm welcome and help give them a smooth introduction to the game! With the re-opening of BMG means that there will be a few changes to several zones and shops, as previously discussed in the development threads and on discord.
1. New Fizz City will now be located on our BMG branch. With Rotom310’s absence, Maskerade will be helping to ensure things transition smoothly until Rotom’s return. Adventures in NFC currently on UPN will be permitted to resume their adventures in the current thread, but all new adventures must take place over on BMG.

2. The following shops have been moved or are in the process of moving to BMG and will be closing here on UPN: The Adoption Center, Castform's Forecast Shop, and Mew ŕ la Mode Boutique. Additionally, the Department Store and Global Trade Station have copies added to the BMG branch but will remain open on UPN. Our brand new TM Shop will be opening exclusively on BMG.

3. How does one find our BMG branch, you ask? Well, it can be found Right Here. Feel free to sign up if you haven’t already in order to make use of everything BMG has to offer!

4. Lastly, the changes described here regarding Pokeball prices, Luxury Ball effects, and Heart Scales will now be placed into effect.

5. EDIT: You'll notice that the Pokebank shop has appeared on BMG. Do not fret, you will not be forced to move your account over. Instead, we will now be providing players with the option to have their Pokedollar account on either UPN or BMG. So if you prefer the BMG homeboard, simply withdraw your total from your account on UPN and deposit it into a new post in the BMG Pokebank.
If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to ask away in the FAQ or join the discussion on the development forum!

Sandaa 12-25-2017 02:49 PM

A bit of housekeeping to officially announce some changes going on in FB:

Move Tutor:
As indicated here, the prices for MT moves are now $500 for natural moves and $800 for unnatural moves. Additionally, you are permitted to teach multiple moves to a single Pokemon in one week.
TM Emporium:
The brand new TM Emporium is located on BMG. You can find it here.
Global Trade Station:
After talking it over with the mods, we have decided to raise the maximum candy cap from 5 to 10 on trades. Additionally, strictly on cash-for-candy trades, the cap will be removed.
Lastly, I would like to welcome Enzap to the FB community. They are a moderator on the BMG forums, and will be working with us as a liaison to the BMF forums administrative staff. It’s highly possible that you will have little contact with them, but they will be around to assist us with any technical issues that might arise on the BMG forums.

Emi 01-08-2018 10:25 PM

We know that FB Day has been something that people wondered about last year, and we declined to have any major celebrations on the last observance of FB Day due to a hectic schedule at the time and our own mixed feelings on the date. Many members have requested that we change the date to any number of dates, and one of our goals in doing so was to make sure we picked a very neutral date to settle on. So we are happy to announce that FB Day will now be on April 18th. For those of you unfamiliar with what this date is, it is the date that Bedlam Ridge was first opened in Fizzy Bubbles, and really marks the first day that FB began anew as an RP. Whether or not there will be any events is still being discussed.

Sandaa 01-14-2018 02:48 PM

Announcement regarding Staff Rewards:
In order to make the ladder more accessible to everyone, the final tier has been adjusted and reduced from 500 FC to 300 FC.

Sandaa 01-18-2018 12:37 PM

In forum games like FB, there can be a difficult balance to strike between making sure the game runs efficiently while also ensuring that those in helping roles are not pressured, overly stressed or burned out in order to maintain this efficiency. As always, we believe that real life comes first - no SO should ever feel overburdened. In order to respect this core belief, while also ensuring that the shops run smoothly, we would like to institute a new policy regarding FB Shops, which is essentially an extension of our existing policy of SOs helping each other out whenever possible; if any Shop Owner does not update for a period longer than two weeks, it will now be assumed that another SO or mod will provide the necessary update(s) until such time as the SO is able to resume updating. In ideal situations, SOs will inform the mods of such absences so that we can plan a replacement for those times, but we know that the world is not ideal - and often lapses happen simply due to circumstances out of one's control. Also, if a two week schedule is untenable for any SO, please let us know immediately so that we can provide assistance for you. This action is not meant to be punitive, but rather, to ensure consistency without putting excessive pressure on individuals. We kindly ask that other SOs get cleared from the store's SO or a mod before updating on someone else's behalf.

Sandaa 01-20-2018 08:24 PM

In light of recent Discord discussion, here are a few updates/notes regarding Pikachu and the Cosplay forms:
• Pikachu Cosplay costumes are now for rental services in the Department Stores. They work exactly the same as Rotom and Oricorio forms.
Any Pikachu is permitted to change into a cosplay form. They are not restricted by gender.
• The unique attacks learned by each cosplay form (Meteor Mash, Icicle Crash, etc.) will be forgotten when Pikachu changes forms.
• Pikachu is unable to evolve while it is in a cosplay form.
Edit: As the question has come up, I would also like to add that official winners of the Cosplay Pikachu Giveaway Event are permitted to switch forms free of charge. Simply provide a link showing where you won an original Cosplaychu in the department store when you wish to change forms!

Ex-Admiral Insane 02-01-2018 11:15 AM

With the new zone and ZA election, we will be announcing a few new rulings on Zone Administration and clarifying some of the old. These rulings are not meant to be punitive, but rather to help stipulate our expectations and reach an agreement on when the moderators should intervene.

Zone Administration
  • The Zone Admin is responsible for the daily operations of their zone. Duties will include hiring new updaters, replacing old updaters, ensuring fair play, ensuring fair and equal zone rewards, adding and/or substituting areas in their zone, etc. For instance, if an adventure has been abandoned or an updator has gone MIA, the Zone Admin will be the one responsible for finding a way to have the adventure continue. Zone Admins should be considered the second contact point for complaints or questions; after the updater and before the moderators.
  • Because of this responsibility, we expect our ZA’s to be present on a semi-regular basis. We understand this is not always possible. We wish to remain flexible on these rulings, but when possible we’d like for the ZA to take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth operation of their zone.
  • If the ZA anticipates to be absent for a while, however long they determine that to be, they are free to tag someone else as the temporary ZA who’ll take over the duties and responsibilities, assuming the new ZA has been made aware of it beforehand and agreed to the temporary transition.
  • In the case where the ZA cannot find a replacement due to time constraints, lack of resources or other, they may contact the moderators. In this case, the moderators will take on the task of finding a replacement for the ZA; whether it’ll be the moderator itself or another member.
  • In case of an (unexplained) absence of the ZA for 4 weeks or longer, the moderators obtain the right to find a temporary replacement for a ZA until they return.
  • In case of an (unexplained) absence of the ZA for 2 months or longer, the moderators obtain the right to make any executive decisions on the zone. This can include installing a new, permanent ZA, or foreclosing the zone.

Zone Evaluations
  • Zone and Updater evaluations will be done three times a year, coinciding with the start of a new Bi-Monthly Updater Rewards. These evaluations will be held in the months of January, May and September.
  • The moderators expect to be able to work together with the Zone Administrators on these evaluations.
  • Based on these evaluations, the moderators retain the right to make any executive changes with regards to a zone if deemed appropriate. These can include permanent replacement of updaters and/or Zone Administrator, and foreclosing the zone for substitution in a next round of zone elections. In all cases, where possible, the moderators will attempt to work together with the zone’s Administrator and updaters for any changes that need to be made.

Seasonal Zones
  • Minnao Isles will permanently close and be moved to storage on the 1st of March, 12:01 AM GMT.
  • The new seasonal zone will go up on BMG on the 1st of March, 12:01 AM GMT.
  • From this point on, we will be looking to more properly set deadlines in advance so that updaters and players are aware of the zone's circumstances.

Sandaa 05-31-2018 02:34 PM

Greetings, Fizzy Bubblers! Summer has arrived in the land of Fizzytopia, so to celebrate we’re kicking off a brand new summer event! The sun is shining brightly overhead and it’s far too hot to go outside, so why not spend that time where it’s nice and cool at the computer where you can RP instead! All summer long, we’ll be running a special promotion to help fill your bank balances. From June 1st until August 31st, any zone adventure post that exceeds 250 words will net you double the money! That’s right, if you type 250 words or more, you can claim $500 per post in the FB Bank! So pour yourself a nice cool glass of lemonade, pull up a chair, and beat the summer heat!

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