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Marion Ette 05-03-2017 07:44 PM

The Fizzytopian Post - News and Announcements
The news makes its way to everyone here in Fizzytopia, one way or another; whether it's delivered directly to your Secret Base via the Pelipper Mail system, or secondhand through juicy Bar gossip, we all have our own sources for the latest goings-on in the world. But if you're looking for the latest, most accurate and up-to-date news available, look no further than the The Fizzytopian Post!

From our humble beginnings as a singing telegram service that made the unfortunate mistake of hiring a team of Jigglypuff, our services have grown substantially, both in-print and online – from Pokegears to Holo Casters, from hand-delivered missives to our highly trained Alakazams telepathically transmitting across the continent – The Fizzytopian Post is YOUR source for the news.

Listen in, and see what's happening!

Marion Ette 05-04-2017 06:31 AM

Some Springtime-themed Announcements
Spring is in full bloom here in Fizzytopia. In keeping with the season's theme of new beginnings, the Adoption Center has risen from the proverbial ashes – under new management and accepting Pokemon in need of their own fresh new start, the shop will be accepting Dropoffs Only for the time being – we will be sure to let you know as soon as this changes.

Of course, starting one's life over is not limited to Pokemon in Fizzytopia – the Reset Documentation Thread has been introduced for those trainers looking to shed their previous identities, in whole or in part.

Finally, the opportunity for the very land to be reborn presents itself - the first round ZA/ZU applications and Zone submissions has been given the deadline of 10th May, 11:59 PM GMT - after which we will enter discussion and voting.

Rebirth, reform, redemption – whatever you seek, we at Fizzytopia hope that you find it in the coming days – and make some friends along the way.

Marion Ette 05-05-2017 10:37 PM

Registration is OPEN!
The Fizzy Bubbles community may find itself in the midst of some substantial changes right now, but regardless of the challenges on the road ahead, we want others to share in this madness, partake in discussions and help in this formative stage.

In the interest of bringing fresh perspectives into our development and allowing others to share this crazy world of ours, Registration is now OPEN. We are happy to welcome you and answer any questions you may have as you start your adventure here with us!

Marion Ette 05-06-2017 05:32 PM

Generation VII and the Alolan Egg Hunt
And now, an announcement regarding Generation VII -

A special Springtime Event has sprung!! The Springtime Pyukumuku has arrived fro Alola to deliver Alolan Eggs to the trainers of Fizzy Bubbles. Please go here to take part in our Egg Hunt!

The arrival of our strange Spring visitor marks the allowance for the use of Gen VII movesets. Additionally, Gen VII Pokemon may be encountered in zones at the updater's discretion, and new members may choose non-fossil, non-legendary, unevolved Pokemon from this generation as starters.

Just as Spring surely turns to Summer, the island breezes of Alola have come floating to our shores. We hope you enjoy this new generation of Pokemon!

Marion Ette 05-10-2017 04:50 PM

The Countdown Begins.

Ex-Admiral Insane 05-15-2017 07:58 PM

This is a Public Service Announcement:

After discussing the matters concerning zones in the development subforum the compromise appears to be to start out with 4 zones while keeping Bedlam as it is now for the time being. Players may have up to 2 zone adventures (not including Bedlam) for the time being until we’re sure more can be handled by the staff at the time. With that said, it’s time to move on to the next round of implementing zones which is polling the public opinion on zone preference.
As of now, everyone may PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane and Marion Ette their top 3 choices for Zones and ZAs from the selection provided in the Development subforum (Zone Proposal link) (ZA/ZU Interest link). The polls will close on Friday 11:59 PM GMT at which point we will reveal the four zones FB will continue with for the time being.

Please see this post for more information regarding the zones being voted on.

Ex-Admiral Insane 05-19-2017 07:23 PM

We hereby want to announce and congratulate our four winners and the respective zones they'll be administrating:

Tyoyo - The Minnao Isles (Seasonal Zone)
134 - Le Marais Noir
Sandaa - Cloud Garden
Rotom310 - New Fizz City

All four of you may post your zones as of now. To those who didn't make it and to those who had a zone proposal left unfinished; this will not be the last moment for you to have an official zone or be a ZA. We encourage you to try again in the near future.
To all those interested in updating: feel free to contact any of the four ZAs for an opening. We also have a dedicated thread for this; The FB Job Bureau (link here).

To anyone planning to adventure in the new zones:
For now you may have up to 2 active adventures only. This limit may be relaxed or removed entirely in the future. This limit does not include the Free-2-RP areas or Bedlam City.

Marion Ette 05-25-2017 08:34 PM

An Official Announcement Regarding Secret Bases
Every heart deserves a home - but much like the chambers of our hearts, the chambers of our homes are often filled with secrets. Even so, after hearing about some of the radical changes being made to Secret Bases, we here at the Post felt that the news regarding these bases shouldn't be secret any longer! Ohohoho~

As of the time of this announcement, all registered members of Fizzy Bubbles will be allowed one thread in the Secret Base subforum, free of charge. This thread will serve as a free RP area of the trainer's design, limited only by one's creativity.

It is our hope for all trainers that with this long-awaited announcement, their hearts will find the homes they've been searching for.

Marion Ette 05-27-2017 12:00 PM

Who doesn't love a good birthday bash? If you or your Pokemon is looking to celebrate a special day, please head over to our new Birthday Bubbles Bash Venue. The Trainer Birthday list is being rewritten from scratch, so even if today is a very merry unbirthday for you and your Pokemon, please head over and help them update their records!

For those searching for the old Calendar, it has been archived here.

Marion Ette 05-31-2017 04:16 PM

Ah, Spring - a beautiful season, but alas... it cannot last forever. Summer breezes will soon be making us feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in our minds - and with those lovely thoughts, we must announce that our Springtime Event soon draws to a close.

The Springtide Isles will stop accepting new entrants on June 06 at 11:59 PM GMT. Those who post before that date will have their adventures finished, even if they extend beyond the 6th of June.

Please wish the Springtime Pyukumuku safe and pleasant journeys as he swims back home to his favorite spot in Alola; hopefully, he will be coming back to visit us next year!

Ex-Admiral Insane 06-09-2017 02:42 PM

With regards to the Staff Rewards (and Pokédollar claims):

It would be of great help to us if members could add a numbered marker to every Staff Reward deposit and use that same number for the Pokébank deposit when claiming the Pokédollars.
For other Pokédollar deposits it would be greatly appreciated if you could add a date as well.

This is meant to make each transaction more transparent for our SOs which ultimately benefit both the SO and you.

Marion Ette 06-12-2017 07:59 PM

The discussion regarding coins and their removal from FB is being drawn to a close with a call for majority vote. Please PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane AND myself with your choice between the three options described here. You may select up to two options to support.

Voting closes June 16th at 23:59 PM GMT.

Marion Ette 06-16-2017 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Marion Ette (Post 794016)
The discussion regarding coins and their removal from FB is being drawn to a close with a call for majority vote. Please PM Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane AND myself with your choice between the three options described here. You may select up to two options to support.

Voting closes June 16th at 23:59 PM GMT.

The community has spoken. Here are the results:

RP Event
12 preferred, 6 second choice

8 preferred, 6 second choice

6 preferred, 5 second choice

The winner: RP EVENT.

Emi 08-07-2017 03:51 PM

We are pleased to announce that Bond is officially live and its effects can be used immediately. Remember, Bond has introduced some rule changes to the game. You can only use the Move Relearner service of the Move Tutor once you reach 10 Bond, and you can only learn unnatural TMs at 20 Bond.

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