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Chiko 01-17-2017 06:13 AM

UPN PASBL: KamenAeons vs. Crys
3v3 Doubles
48 Hour DQ
Equiall 1
Arena = Pumello

Squad from Kamen, you two know how to do this.

KamenAeons 01-17-2017 06:29 AM

Oh man, Crys, remember when you wanted to do the pantsu arena. That shit was pantsu.

William: Male Pikipek [Level 1]
Ishtar: Female Numel [Level 1]
The Forbidden Super Hero: Male Hawlucha [Level 1]
Hiryuu: Female Onix [Level 1]
Sneaze: Male Drampa [Uplevel 2]
Romani: Male Sigilyph [Level 1]

Crys 01-17-2017 06:51 AM

ah yes, i remember it fondly.

also that's a drampa i'm fucked

Level 1 Male Chespin
Chespin (Grass): Chespin's heads are covered in a firm but flexible layer of woody material, giving them a slight boost to defense for attacks that hit their head. They also can harden their head temporarily to give a slight boost to headbutting moves. They have two vines hidden on their heads that they can extend to use to manipulate objects and Pokémon and attack. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
[Grass]: Grass-type Pokémon live anywhere that can support vegetation and are adept at concealing themselves in such places. They enjoy both bright sun and rain and fight more enthusiastically in the day time, though they are not put off by fighting at night. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls, while very bright sunlight will regenerate their energy instead. Their healing moves cost slightly less energy and their draining moves will heal them by a greater amount while suffering only half of the usual diminishing returns. They are immune to spore based techniques like Sleep Powder and are more adept at using such attacks themselves, creating denser concentrations of spores which are harder to disperse and more potent in their effects. Any attack used by Grass-types manipulating the environment is slightly more potent, and their Grass-type attacks which utilise plant foliage (such as Razor Leaf) are more efficient in natural environments.
Hidden Power: None

Level 1 Male Meowth Alola
Meowth [Alola] (Dark): Alolan Meowth are incredibly prideful, and will fall under the influence of rage inducing moves much easier. However, they are also much more crafty than their wild counterparts, and their deception and trickery techniques will be more potent as a consequence. Meowth can see in the dark, and are well adapted to moving silently so that no one can hear them move. They are able climbers and have excellent poise and balance. As a cat, they will usually land on their feet, and can slip through gaps that might seem too thin at first glance with little drop in speed. A Meowth's Payday attack produces more coins and does more damage than normal.
[Dark]: Dark-types can see in the dark. They fight more enthusiastically at night and are more effective at hiding in dark environments than other Pokémon, though light does not adversely affect them. Their Dark type attacks will also become much more intimidating during the night, giving them a small additional chance to flinch. They are immune to the damaging effects of Psychic-type energy but may still be lifted and manipulated by telekinesis. They are slightly better at tricking opponents than other Pokémon, allowing them to plant more potent curses and to use moves like Feint Attack to greater effect.
Hidden Power: None

Level 1 Female Mawile
Mawile (Steel/Fairy): Mawile's metal jaws are very strong and exceptionally difficult to force open. Attacks involved with them are 1.2x stronger then normal. Their techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Mawile can see in the dark. In its Mega Forme, Mawile gains a second jaw. The two jaws can be controlled independently of one another, allowing for a great deal of physical manipulation. Mawile's deceptive attacks are also extremely potent in this form, gaining a 15% boost in damage and are likely to trick the foe, even if they've been deceived before.
[Steel]: Steel-type Pokémon generally have tempered bodies, meaning they take slightly reduced damage from physical attacks. Their Steel type attacks are more proficient at cutting through energy, allowing them to reduce damage while breaking through them, unlike other Pokémon. Most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible, though they are not bothered by water to the degree Rock-types are. Most Steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones. Steel-types are resistant to XX and take neutral damage from the damaging effects of Normal-type energy in the ASB, as opposed to resisted damage in the games. They are immune to the damaging effects of Poison-type energy and are difficult to poison.
[Fairy]: Fairy-types are generally pure hearted and gregarious. They prefer natural environments and will fight more enthusiastically in them, but they will not be off put by urban environments. Any attack used by a Fairy-type which manipulates the environment is slightly more effective owing to the magical energies involved and attacks which boost allied Pokémon is slightly more effective at providing a buff. They are immune to the damaging effects of Dragon-typed energy.
Hidden Power: None

Level 1 Female Wimpod
Wimpod (Bug/Water): Wimpod are very skittish Pokémon, and will often run at the first sign of danger. When they drop under half health, they will become more evasive and a little more agile, but are much easier to frighten. It's tendency to eat even rotten food has left it with a slight resistance to being poisoned.
[Bug]: Bug-types can see in the dark, and they have largely enhanced sight, granting them a small boost to the accuracy of their moves. Most live in warm climates, though they hate fire and dislike extreme cold. Their status inducing attacks have an extra 10% chance of inflicting statuses and the resulting statuses are slightly more potent than usual. Bug types are in general more nimble than other Pokémon, though not necessarily faster, and will quickly out manoeuvre opponents when using unconventional movement.
[Water]: Water-type Pokémon are generally able to hold their breath and/or breathe underwater. The time varies, from several rounds in the case of birds, mammals and reptiles to indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are generally good swimmers, with fish excelling the most, and are better at manipulating Water for moves like Surf and Whirlpool than other Pokémon, using less energy to do so even outside of water. Their Surf and Whirlpool attacks do not lose potency when used without a water source.
Hidden Power: Ground

Evan - Level 1 Male Scraggy
Scraggy (Dark/Fighting): The yellow portion around their lower body which resemble pants are actually a shed skin which is very thick and rubbery. This skin can be used as defense, reducing damage from attacks when pulled up over their torso. As Pokémon found around urban areas, they somewhat more resistant to Fairy attacks despite their typing.
[Dark]: Dark-types can see in the dark. They fight more enthusiastically at night and are more effective at hiding in dark environments than other Pokémon, though light does not adversely affect them. Their Dark type attacks will also become much more intimidating during the night, giving them a small additional chance to flinch. They are immune to the damaging effects of Psychic-type energy but may still be lifted and manipulated by telekinesis. They are slightly better at tricking opponents than other Pokémon, allowing them to plant more potent curses and to use moves like Feint Attack to greater effect.
[Fighting]: Fighting-type Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, giving them greater endurance and readiness than other Pokémon and allowing them to push themselves harder for longer. They are more accurate with their physical blows and more adept at blocking and countering physical attacks, able to do this against most physical assaults. Being physically powerful, they can lift much more than normal Pokémon, though this does not grant them an attack boost. They fight more enthusiastically in urban environments but are not adversely affected by more natural surroundings.
Bio: Evan's an interesting case. He has no problem putting up a front as a hoodlum verse lighter folk, but against real shady foes, he caves in.
Signature Resistance: Hoodlum in Name Only
Evan takes neutral damage from Fairy, but is now weak to Dark and takes neutral from Ghost.
Hidden Power: Flying

Level 1 Male Sandygast
Sandygast (Ghost/Ground): Sandyghast is effectively sand animated by a spirit. Due to this, in arenas without sand, it is fairly immobile, but it can gather up the contents of its body to crawl around if needed. In sandy arenas, it can "swim" in the sand by moving its spirit and shovel around in the sand. While it cannot go under the surface for more than a few moments, it does allow it to more easily move about and make surprise attacks. Though somewhat immobile without sand, it can expand its gaping, tunnel-like mouth to "dodge" attacks using a move. Since its body is made of loose sand, it allows it some unique properties. For one, it can fuel a sandstorm by spinning its shovel and using the sand from its body, allowing it to sustain a Sandstorm with minimal effort. Also, when hit by a Water attack or otherwise made wet, it will have its defense boosted slightly. Finally, it can create trap-style Sand Tombs by using its body, though this makes it slightly more vulnerable. As a Ghost type, it can go ethereal for a few seconds, and is unable to be poisoned.
[Ghost]: Ghost-type Pokémon fight more enthusiastically at night, though are not put off by fighting in the day, and can see in the dark. Ghosts are resistant to curses and curses imposed on them will last for a shorter time and be less potent. Their fear inducing attacks are more effective than those used by other Pokémon. Ghost types can be poisoned, unless stated otherwise. Ghost-types are not fully immune to Normal, Fighting or typeless attacks as in the games, taking neutral damage, but some may change their state in order to reduce damage from physical moves (see Ghost Pokémon information for details).
[Ground]: Ground-type Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 0.75x the usual damage from Electric-type attacks, and will take neutral damage from Electric when wet. Ground types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. Ground-type Pokémon are more adept at manipulating outdoor and 'natural' environments than other Pokémon and will spend less energy using Dig, Earthquake etc. This allows them to use Ground attacks on any surface, with the exception of Dig. They can also cause the ground to shake more vigorously when using Earthquake and Bulldoze.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Mawile and uh Wimpod sounds good.

KamenAeons 01-17-2017 10:43 PM

And that's a Mawile, likewise fucked.

William and Ishtar.

Ishtar to Bulldoze everything on the field. William can Flame Charge into Mawile and fly off.

Ishtar can then fire off a Flamethrower at Mawile. William to use Supersonic on Wimpod.

Crys 01-18-2017 09:43 AM

Wimpod, utilize the pool's water to ride a Surf wave off the ground and smother the Numel for lots and lots of trains damage. Afterward, Surf Numel twice more.

Mawile, simply tank the bulldoze and flame charge, then Taunt Pikipek. Afterward, quickly set up a Rain Dance.

three on wimpod.

Chiko 01-19-2017 09:03 PM

Round 1: Look ma, all the pain!
We arrive at Pumello to earn me more crack see Kamen and Crys duke it out in a doubles battle, fun stuff. Crys sends out a Wimpod and a Mawile, which seems like a possible TR offensive core when fully evolved. Kamen responds with a Numel and a Pikipek, not how I would've done things but I'm also a massive plebian.

Everyone lands on the field barring Wimpod and William, who are in the pool and air respectively. Ishtar hears his orders as they come through loud and clear from Kamen's camp, the volcano-camel starts to bash his tiny little feet on the ground as he starts to act like a bulldozer, bulldozing the ground instead. Mawile is shaken slightly by this but the pain is more to write home about. Well, not as much to write home about as the incoming assault by Wimpod. The little wimpy bug builds up a massive wave using the pool's water before riding it high and mighty. Ishtar looks over at what's happening and almost cries out in fear before being basically drowned and howling in massive loads of pain, basically wanting to cry at this point but he shrugs it off. William laughs at this before swooping at Mawile, being covered in FLAMES all the while. The bird smacks straight into the steel 'mon who does not appreciate the pain whatsoever before Taunting the Pikipek in case it tries to do anything funny.

Speaking of funny, Wimpod decides that he should be really hilarious again seeing as William's plans to confuse him were foiled. Wimpod builds up another wave of water, this one being weaker than the one from the pool, before washing it over the Numel once more for a world of pain. The Numel takes a while to react, as expected, and cries out a little bit before smothering the Mawile in a Flamethrower which burns it oh-so-much but the Mawile responds with a little bit of a prayer. Throwing a ball of energy into the sky, which in turn starts to bring the clouds to the arena in all their menacing glory. Wimpod then smashes another Surf into Ishtar who stands but barely, knowing he'll probably go down soon. He tries to smile but the rain arrives as the round ends, signaling that a world of pain is in store for the Numel... as well as a world of fainting, death, or whatever floats your boat.


Ishtar took a fuckton of damage, sitting a tiny ways above critical. Good for two though!
Mawile is in the second third, good for two. Dark is still plentiful.
Wimpod is fine, okay for two. William is also fine, Fire is plentiful and good for two.


Crys 02-14-2017 08:52 AM

Gotta bump me so i know these exist.

Wimpod, Aqua Jet into Waterfall on Numel.

Mawile Protect up to one attack, then MC Hyper Beam Numel.

KamenAeons 05-10-2017 09:34 AM

William, intercept Wimpod with Brave Bird and knock it off course, then hit it with Drill Peck and refuse to let it escape.

Ishtar can Dig underground to fool around and strike Mawile with that Ground typed strike thing that Dig has. Direct Contact Earthquake afterwards on Mawile.

Chiko 05-16-2017 12:30 AM

Round 2: Drowning
Wimpod rapidly covers itself in watery energy, staring down Ishtar all the while. William sees this and decides to want to try and intercept the attack but before he can react, Wimpod dashes at insane speed towards Ishtar who gets smothered by the watery tackle and falls down, unable to get back up.

The rain continues to fall.

Ishtar is unable to battle, Kamen, please send out your final Pokemon and order!


Everyone is the same as last round, besides Ishtar no longer being with us.

KamenAeons 07-01-2017 01:00 AM

Romani to come out.

William to strike Wimpod with Brave Bird as previously planned, going for Drill Peck afterwards.

Romani to use Hypnosis on Mawile. If successful, Sky Attack on Wimpod. If not, Whirlwind to blow Mawile into the pool.

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