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rotomotorz 01-01-2017 04:41 PM

UPN PASBL: Dirkac vs. Apollo77
Welcome back to Roto's reffing service, doing his best to get this match over before that dank bonus ends. It probably won't happen unless i'm lucky. Regardless, let's looks at the stats:

Originally Posted by Battle Bois
Dirkac (c) vs. Apollo77 (a)
Equiall 3
48 HR DQ
Arena: Crags of Lament
The Crags of Lament take place on a couple of peaks and plateaus that tower over a deep, vast valley below. There are many ridges on the edges of these peaks for Pokémon to have a foothold, but overall the surface area of these peaks and usable ground is small. The peaks are situated above a very thick fog in the canyon. Though battles can progress down into the fog, the battle starts and generally will take place in the clear air. If a battler says there is an outcrop somewhere, it is there.

One one side of the feild, we've got dirkac, known for their incredible skill with a kkeyboard when typing orders and for liking surskit. On the other, we've got Apollo, Fighting GL and relatively well known battler. Without further ado, dirkac post your squad pls

dirkac 01-01-2017 04:59 PM

i like how the nost natoble thing about me is still my surskits ;)

Raoul, Male Level 4 Vikavolt (Up)

Enigma, Male Level 3 Vibrava
HP: Fire

Drifty, Female Level 3 Drifblim
HP: Fighting

Cobalt, Genderless Level 3 Minior

Levi, Genderless Level 3 Metang
HP: Water

Drip, Female Level 3 Masquerain
HP: Ground

Glhf apoll, and thanks for reffing roto

Apollo77 01-01-2017 05:18 PM

lol what's a flier Good luck dirkac, thanks for reffing roto, let's see if I have the mons to actually do this

Stealthy: Level 3 Male Glalie
Bio: Stealthy the Glalie was named after ASB’s resident mystery-alt after he displayed lots of like-minded behavior including but not limited to sharp wit, stinging sarcasm, an insatiable ego, and most importantly, the ability to make fun of Connor at every opportunity. (You’d think that he wouldn’t push Connor so far, the Emboar having the capability to roast him at any time.) Stealthy, of course, is good-natured and despite his caustic tongue means well. But one could wonder what would happen if he were to use his abilities for a more sinister purpose. The answer? Severe emotional trauma.

Signature Move: Special Attack – Snark Shot (Ice)
Using significant energy, Stealthy utterly humiliates his opponent with ice-cold intensity. The sheer force of his words deals considerable damage, and added effects go as follows:
60% chance that the opponent will be left with a sick burn of shame, as well as an actual, fiery burn on their face
30% chance that the opponent will be unable to understand Stealthy's superior wit and will be left with confusion
10% chance that the opponent is unfazed by Stealthy's remark and no status is inflicted.
To avoid serious psychological damage, this attack can only be used three times.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Sentinel: Level 3 Female Malamar
Bio: Sentinels are a killing machine designed for one thing: Search and Destroy. They were built to find ships remnant of Zion and eliminate them, plain and simple. I noticed my Inkay swimming one day, tearing through the water at high speed chasing Olympia, and I thought of these Sentinels, that do very much resemble squids. I also noticed how Inkay seemed perfectly equipped to take down Olympia, shocking her with Thunderbolt to deal lots of damage. Inkay was just like a Sentinel, able to take out its target with extreme precision. Rather, she would be, with a little training. Sentinel had the problem of not having a lot of electrical energy at her disposal to do so, plus she took recoil damage herself trying to use electricity underwater. So, I got Wyre to help her out a bit, and from this training Sentinel become much more experienced with her electricity. She was now a master of underwater Search and Destroy.

Signature Move: Special Training - Ship Killer (Electric)
Sentinel is now familiar with the Electric type, and has gained access to Parabolic Charge, Charge Beam, and Shock Wave. She also does not take recoil damage when using Electric moves underwater. Sentinel can no longer use Rock Slide, Hypnosis, or Swagger.
Hidden Power Type: Poison

The Flea: Level 3 Male Hawlucha
Bio: The Flea is a mighty luchador who has a complete and utter disregard for personal hygiene. He is often underestimated for his youth and...filthiness, but he simply takes all his opponents down with his special takedown maneuvers, which often involve farting and dirt. However, underneath this thick layer of dirt The Flea holds something very dear to him: donuts. The Flea's parents run the Slammin' Donuts shop where he eats donuts every single day. They're his fighting fuel, and naturally I couldn't take that away from him. Instead, I make sure The Flea gets his donuts before every match, and it makes him that much better.

Signature Move: Special Training- DONUTS!
When the Flea enters battle, he still has the sugar from donuts in his system, and thus for 3 rounds gets a boost to his speed akin to Long-Term Agility and an attack boost akin to Howl. The sugar in his system requires decent energy to get going. The round immediately after the boost fades, The Flea has a sugar crash, and has these stat boosts reversed for that round only.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Item: Birdkeeper's Token

Teehee: Level 3 Female Chandelure
Bio: Teehee is a playful and mischievous soul, one whom you’ll often find giggling with delight after having pulled off some kind of prank. Many know the Chandelure line to be a rather malicious lot, consuming spirits and burning them in their eerie flames. Teehee is nothing like the rest of her species; she can, however, put on quite the act. Making it appear one’s soul has been extinguished, Teehee can induce quite the sense of panic in her victims before giving it away with her rapturous laughter that she’s done nothing of the sort. Despite this terrifying prank, Teehee is well-loved among my squad for always cheering everyone up with her much less morbid humor. So I decided to help her work on a lovely technique to prank the hell out of her enemies.

Signature Move: Special Attack - GIANT LAZER (Ghost / Fire)
Teehee concentrates all of her flame in spot and fires a very destructive looking giant laser beam. This beam is about the size of a fully charged hyper beam but only requires significant energy and deals significant damage. Upon being struck, the opponent is intimidated by the huge beam and has a bit of lingering fear for the next 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the foe’s freshness/mental state. This “fear” makes the foe slightly slower to act and counts as a status for the purposes of Hex. Teehee can use either Ghost energy or Fire energy for this attack to deal damage of that type. Teehee can only use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting

Cumulus: Level 4 Female Swablu (uplevel)
Bio: Cumulus is a calm, serene Pokemon who would much rather avoid conflict. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. It wasn't by sight that I first encountered Cumulus; rather, it was by the sound of her voice. It was a very cloudy day that day, and I really couldn't notice her among the clouds, but I heard her voice sing beautifully in the still air. Only through further inspection did I find Cumulus was the one responsible for the music. Not only were the cloudy conditions ideal camouflage, but also made her song stand out amidst the atmosphere. So entranced was I by her captivating melody that I added her to my team on the spot. Being a music lover myself, I dedicated a lot of time to training with Cumulus so that she had plenty of songs to sing. Eventually, she found her true voice, hidden in her dragon ancestry from ages ago.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Song of Eternity (Dragon)
Cumulus sings out an ancient melody, the soundwaves ringing out towards the opponent to deal significant damage for equivalent energy. The attack also has a 15% chance to slightly lower the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack for 3 rounds.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Item: Altarite

Mizuki: Level 3 Female Clefairy
Bio: Mizuki is smart, kind, and beautiful, but very shy and timid. Because she appears vulnerable, everyone on the team is always helping her out, even when she doesn't really want it. Mizuki has a bit of a crush on Akihisa, but he's way too oblivious to notice. She also gets very jealous when Akihisa shows any bit of affection to Minami or Hideyoshi, or even when he's caught in a homosexually suggestive mishap with Yuuji. To show her affection to Akihisa or even just to do something nice for the guys, Mizuki likes to make them food. Problem is, she's an awful cook, and eating her food can have some particularly nasty side effects. Upon constant pleading from Akihisa, I managed to convince her that she was better off using her cooking skills as a nice gesture to her opponents before she beat their faces in.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Jello Surprise (Poison)
Using considerable energy, Mizuki makes an energy construct similar in properties to her homemade Jello. But seeing as it's made with things like fish, scallions, mustard, and ginger, it has some lethal effects. Mizuki launches the energy construct at the opponent, dealing considerable damage. It also has a 20% chance to either poison the opponent or paralyze the opponent. This chance is doubled if the attack is somehow ingested.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Guess I'll lead with THE FLEA

dirkac 01-02-2017 05:02 AM

Drifty, released over the chasm in open air.

Air Cutter, and Ominous Wind.

Apollo77 01-02-2017 03:12 PM

Using the wall of the canyon to boost your momentum, swoop around the Air Cutter and strike with Round as you go. Then, Confide to put a damper on those special attacks.

i hate ghosts so much

rotomotorz 01-02-2017 05:15 PM

Round 1 - El Blimpe
On opposing ends of the canyon, the two battlers greet each other, wishing the other well before they get down to business. Apollo has the first pick in Pokemon, selecting a Pokeball from his belt and tossing it onto the field in a white flash. Apollo's fighter takes shape, a small, masked humanoid creature, yet with an obvious feathery down lining his arms. It's The Flea the Hawlucha! dirkac grins, making his selection before too long, and send it out into the air above the canyon. The figure takes a near perfect round shape, except with a white cloud-like protrusion on the top and four yellow limbs hanging from the bottom, making it clear that it is Drifty the Driftblim! Let it be known I laughed a lot at that nickname. Without further ado, the battlers get underway.

Drifty makes the first move, graciously floating in place while a white-ish energy gathers around her body. The energy quickly forms into small bullets of energy, swirling around her in a oddly menacing fashion. Drifty fires her attack, as The Flea springs into action. Using his strong legs and early sugar rush, The Flea strafes past a good portion of the attack, some of it clipping his legs and throwing his balance off for a bit, but he manages to straighten himself out as he uses his own attack. The Flea unleashes a great battle cry, the noise taking a purple form as it bellows from The Flea, striking the Drifblim full on for a bit of damage.

Now gliding through the air, Drifty takes the opportunity as a fierce wind stirs up around her. Laced in this wind is a ghastly purple energy, causing the attack to become her primary type, but before she fires, The Flea intercepts her with a message. Shouting at Drifty as he glides, The Flea quotes the next great philosopher from our generation:
Drifty becomes so distraught with cancer revelation after reading that that her special attack power decreases, and she releases the ghostly wind prematurely, striking The Flea not quite as hard as it could have, although the winds do blow him farther away from Drifty.

The Flea took more damage, but not by a large amount, while he leads in energy department, also by a small amount. Drifty's special attack will be reduced for another few rounds.

Apollo77 01-02-2017 07:09 PM

Make use of your speed to create clones with Double Team, then another Round.

dirkac 01-02-2017 07:27 PM

Ominous Wind hit as many Hawluch as possible

When its close smack them with an Acrobatics

rotomotorz 01-02-2017 09:35 PM

Round 2 - Attack of the clones
Knowing the disadvantage he's in, The Flea opts for a more tricky type of approach. Drifty watches as one Hawlucha suddenly becomes seven, which all start to space out as the glide around Drifty. Getting really flustered by the significantly increased amount of enemies, Drafty again summons the powers of the winds to aid her, tainting them with the same spiritual energy she last round. What she does differently is letting the air spread out and expand, lose the power of focus but gaining a much wider area of coverage, wide enough that she manages to blast through four of the The Flea copies. True to his fame, however, Apollo's real Pokemon does not get hit, and the three remaining Hawlucha glide along as Drifty huffs in annoyance.

The Fleas grin, Drifty still not know the which The Flea is the real deal. Preparing his next attack, more energy gathers in his mouth as he releases another loud cry, sends sound waves of pain at Drifty. Unfortunately, The Flea looks back to see his clones having disappeared, for using an attack not of his type caused all the fakes to fizzle out. However, it seems Drifty also had a blunder in her orders, as she waits for The Flea to get close which he has no reason to do, and the round ends there.

Drifty took the only damage pulls her slightly behind on health, but she is now fresher than the Flea, who can still go for two, after her unexpected one-mover.

dirkac 01-03-2017 04:03 AM

Air Cutter.

Then Shadow Ball.
If they attempt to get close, use Acrobatics to knock them down instead.

Apollo77 01-03-2017 10:44 AM

Try to arc around the Air Cutter once more, letting loose a Round and getting in close. Then, since he'll have to be solid for his attack, punish him with Thunderpunch.

rotomotorz 01-04-2017 12:14 AM

Round 3 - Incredible power
Drifty watches The Flea as he continues to circle the Blimp Pokemon. Trying to force it to close the distance, Drifty decides to draw it close with ranged attacks, again gathers a large amount of wind to surround her. Like in a previous round, the wind clusters into small clumps around her quite fast, and Drifty launches the attack at The Flea. The Flea does his best to gracefully fly around it, but without the momentum of having just leaped from the cliff, he gets hit by more of the air pockets this time, though he does manage to evade part of the attack, but still feels some pain as he goes for his own attack. Because he never gets tired of sounding his battle cry, once again The Flea squawks with indignation, his sounding cry once more turning into violet sound waves which strike the purple Pokemon for some more damage. Unlike the bast two strike, however, Drify notices that The Flea has stopped circling her and has started to approach!

Drifty watches as The Flea glides in at high speed, and grins in anticipation. She wanted The Flea to come in close like his luchador instincts would have them in order to unleash her special technique. Drifty noticed the shiny glint of metal attached to The Flea's chest, increasing his flight strength and mobility, and knows that her technique will do more damage because she does not wield a token to match The Flea. Glowing with bright white energy, The Flea recognizes the attack as one of his key attacks in a different format, where all he'd do is hide behind a Substitute and Dance around before kicking things to death, and he knows that the move will gain a substantial power increase due to this item disparity. Indeed, the aura around Drifty glows even brighter, indicating that the damage of the attack has increased fro a mere solid to...considerable....wait.

Acrobatics (FL) -- The user uses a burst of energy to rush at a high speed, darting back and forth over them and striking it with each pass by raking it with claws, talons or beak. This attack deals solid damage for solid energy. If the target has an attached item and the user does not, this move deals considerable damage.
...Seriously? That's it? It increases the power of the move by quite literally the smallest amount possible. One of the more situational conditions for it to trigger such a pathetic increase in damage is, well, pathetic. Good job guys. Drifty lunges at The Flea, striking him much harder for having an item while she did not. Drifty's sudden speed and her attack make it incredibly difficult for THe Flea to dodge anything, and he takes most of the attack full on, with the energy surrounding Drifty making the attack become super effective as The Flea winces in pain, having been pushed down to a lower altitude but almost perfectly below the purple Pokemon. The Flea doesn't just glide around, however, making up the lost altitude while his fist surges with electrical energy. The electricity cackles around his fist as The Flea drives it into Drifty's underside, but the Driftblim has enough time to successfully shift her body state, the punch passing through her temporarily ethereal body as she winces in pain, the energy from the punch still dealing a portion of the damage as The Flea completely passes through Drifty and ends up almost directly in front of her when suddenly he has a sugar crash! He'll feel that for all of next round for sure.

Drifty catches up on health this turn, putting her about even with The Flea, but The Flea is losing the energy race now. He'll also have to deal with his sugar crash the following round. Both are good for two.

Apollo77 01-04-2017 08:22 AM

I'm sorry but Drifblim should not be able to switch back so quickly. Its natural state is solid, so it's reluctant to switch and it can't go ethereal for long periods of time, and it would have recently been ethereal to make full use of its special attacks.

rotomotorz 01-04-2017 10:03 AM

Ghosts don't just randomly go ethereal to use special attacks unless that was recently changed. She had no reason to change formes before the punch and the fact that dirkac specified that Hawlucha was to be knocked down a bit meant that Driftblim had enough time to shift

Apollo77 01-04-2017 10:16 AM

I mean I don't see how the move would knock me down that far given the description, it's a bunch of quick hits so if I'm going downward Drifblim would have to follow me down to keep hitting me.

In any case, can you specify Drifblim's current form at the end of each round? Otherwise it's going to be impossible to keep track.

rotomotorz 01-04-2017 04:12 PM

It's solid right now and will probably end most rounds on solid unless otherwise stated

Apollo77 01-04-2017 08:05 PM

Okay see here's the problem with that. Pokémon may not change state more than once per round. So if he switched to ethereal this round he can't go back to solid until next.

(I'm sorry if I'm being an asshole about this but my problem isn't with you, it's with these ghost rules that are honestly way too confusing)

Assuming him to still be ethereal, Tailwind to boost your manevuerability and dampen his while backing off, then just focus on being evasive.

rotomotorz 01-04-2017 08:34 PM

Actually right I frogot it can't change back lol. Ghost rules are weird as shit. Drifty is ethereal

dirkac 01-06-2017 02:21 PM

Gust, then Phantom Force

rotomotorz 01-20-2017 02:53 PM

Round 4 - Mons getting blown back
The Flea, feeling the effects of his sugar crash and his back to back attacks, decides to high tail it out of there. His eyes gleam with energy as he begins gliding off, away from Drifty. The purple Pokemon has a brief moment of shock as the winds suddenly re-align, giving the masked luchador a way to boost his escape, despite being slowed from his sugar crash. Drifty won't let The Flea escape that easily, however, and blows a somewhat weak gust of wind in The Flea's direction. The blast of wind follows the The Flea, striking the Pokemon who grits his teeth and quickly re-orients himself. Turning his head back for a check on Drifty's position, he finds the Ghost Pokemon completely missing, alarming him. The Flea desperately looks around, but can't find her. Drifty, who was floating towards The Flea the entire time, suddenly strikes The Flea for some more damage, taking him by complete surprise and also keeping the distance fairly close.

The Flea took the only damage this round, pushing him just barely past the midpoint of total health. The energy disparity seems to have closed a bit, with Drifty's energy now almost as much as The Flea's. The Flea, however, is fresh and no longer feeling the effects of his sugar crash, while Drifty would like a break.

dirkac 01-25-2017 12:23 AM

Phantom Force to attempt and counter an attack.

Apollo77 02-07-2017 11:25 AM

False Swipe to bait out the Phantom Force, then pummel him with Stone Edge before he knows what hit him.

rotomotorz 02-21-2017 09:59 PM

Round 5 - Mindgames
The Flea shakes his head a bit, finding his energy replenishing him and his sugar crash ended. Circling around to face Drifty, he can tell by Drifty's stance that she's waiting for an attack, and seems keen to oblige. Drifty watches at The Flea approaches her, the wind still at his back, and he holds a glowing claw out threateningly. Drifty isn't about to take any chances, and in an instant disappears from sight, leaving The Flea to strike clean air. The Flea grins, his bluff having worked into forcing Drifty to play safe. He isn't able to celebrate for long, however, as a sudden strike from his back sends him sailing a fair distance away, Drifty chuckling with glee at her surprise attack. But The Flea is more than ready to respond, rocks encircling him in three separate orbits. It's the Flea's turn to grin as he sends the rocks flying at Drifty, who gets pummeled easily under the super effective attack. At the dust settles, Drifty looks mad, having taken a serious amount of damage for the first time this match.

The Flea greatly reduced the damage gap between himself and Drifty, and while Drifty still holds a small lead, the lead is much easier to overtake than before. The Flea is good for two, while Drifty is quite fresh

Apollo77 05-03-2017 10:38 AM

Lol my b totally forgot this existed

Encore the Phantom Force so we can lock him into a non SE move and predict when he'll be solid to strike. If successful, smack him with a Thunderpunch right when he comes out of the shadows. If not, stay evasive while firing off a Round.

dirkac 06-09-2017 06:06 AM

nw apo same man

Tailwind into an Acrobatics.

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