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Beautiful Savage 08-31-2016 07:23 AM

UPN PASBL: Comedyfan1095 V. Ironthunder

Comedyfan1095 (C) vs Ironthunder (A)
Single Battle
Equilevel 1
72 HR DQ
Slapstick Rules
Return = KO
Arena: Rock: [Outdoors] A simple arena, the Rock arena consists primarily of fairly easily manipulated soil. The ground underfoot is rife with rocks and other such minerals, meaning attacks such as Stealth Rock work with impunity, and attacks such as Earthquake will transmit readily. The main aspect setting the Rock arena apart is the numerous boulders interspersed across the field. These will provide ample cover for most smaller Pokemon, and are open for manipulation. This includes being used to fuel attacks such as Rock Slide, as well as being able to be thrown by some stronger Pokemon. Within reason, if one of the batters mentions positioning of a rock, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement.
Seeing as this is one of Comedyfan's first battles, I figured I'd keep the arena simple for his benefit. This is the Rock Arena, a bonafide classic with only slightly more intrigue than the Lawn Arena. Anyway, here's how the turn order works.

1) Comedyfan, as the challenger, will squad first.
2) Ironthunder, as the accepter, will squad second and send out his first Pokemon.
3) Comedyfan will send out a Pokemon of his own, along with orders.
4) Ironthunder will give his Pokemon orders.
5) I, Beautiful Savage, will ref.
6) Ironthunder will order.
7) Comedyfan will order.
8) I will ref.
9) etc. etc. The turn order swaps each round from here on in. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick.

So without further ado... Comedyfan to squad!

Comedyfan1095 08-31-2016 07:37 AM

Thanks for taking this battle! I hope it's a good one!

Keanu Reeves, Level 1 Male Drowzee

Demonne, Level 1 Female Dedenne

Vepar, Level 2 Male Marill (Uplevel)

Tre Cool, Level 1 Male Scraggy

Lacey, Level 1 Female Meowth

Fart, Level 1 Male Koffing

Ironthunder 08-31-2016 09:56 AM

gl comedyfan, thanks for taking this Sav. Bringing my Candymaker's Token and my Beedrillite.

-Cynthia the Spiritomb, level 2, female, HP Rock
-Terrance the Cubone, level 2, male, HP Grass
-Zoro the Zubat, level 2, male, HP Ground
-Emily the Ralts, level 2, female, HP Steel- Candymaker’s Token attached.
-Lea the Beedrill, level 2, female, HP Rock- Beedrillite attached.
-Antaria the Minccino, level 2, female, HP Fire

And it's Zoro up to the plate first.

Comedyfan1095 09-01-2016 04:17 PM

Alright, go get em', Lacey! Set up a Substitute and then hit him with a Hyper Voice!

Ironthunder 09-01-2016 06:41 PM

Air Slash to breach the sub, then Toxic.

Beautiful Savage 09-02-2016 02:05 PM

Hey all, and welcome to the ever-familiar Rock Arena! I'm your host, Beautiful Savage. Seeing as one of our battlers is a rookie in the league, how about we skip all the opening festivities and just jump in and see how he does? Comedyfan, eager to begin what may very well be his first battle, throws his first Pokeball into the air. A burst of light reveals a female Meowth by the name of Lacey! On the other hand, Ironthunder, a TL2 stalwart, releases his signature Zoro the male Zubat. Let's take a look at the stats, shall we?


Zubat (Poison/Flying): Zubat are completely blind as they have no eyes. However, they use sonar to detect things, which means that they cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, but are immune to confusion from Supersonic. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Spoiler: show
[Poison]: Poison-type Pokémon are immune to poisoning. Their Poison-type attacks are slightly more likely to succeed in poisoning their targets than those used by other Pokémon and the effects will be slightly more potent. They also have an additional 10% chance to poison the target when using physical attacks with their most venomous appendages e.g. a Seviper's tail, a Nidoking's horn.
[Flying]: Flying-type Pokémon are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation than other Pokémon. Because of their skill in controlling their movement, they are more difficult to evade when using physical moves and more likely to succeed in dodging attacks. This also means that they are much harder to knock off course after gathering momentum. They are also more adept at commanding the wind, and they can use these attacks with slightly less energy than normal. Flying type Pokémon are affected normally by the damaging effects of Ground-typed energy and take neutral damage from Ground type moves in the ASB. They fight more enthusiastically in spacious arenas but are not put off by cramped conditions.

Meowth (Normal): Meowth and Persian can see in the dark, and are well adapted to moving silently so that no one can hear them move. They are able climbers and have excellent poise and balance. As a cat, they will usually land on their feet, and can slip through gaps that might seem too thin at first glance with little drop in speed. A Meowth's Payday attack produces more coins and does more damage than normal.
Spoiler: show
[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon are able to use support moves to greater effect than other Pokémon, with them being performed slightly quicker and being slightly more potent. Being beings of great balance, they benefit more from the positive effects of weather and other arena affecting moves, but will not suffer as badly from the negative effects. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.

Wow, this seems like a pretty even matchup right off the bat! No side seems to have any clear advantage. Lacey decides to start off using a defensive playstyle, creating a Substitute to attempt to distract her opponent. Zoro, failing to realize that his opponent was now hidden from detection, musters up a burst of Air powerful enough to physically Slash his foe. Unfortunately, this attack isn't powerful enough to dispell Lacey's Substitute! Of course, Zoro doesn't know this as he doesn't realize that what he thinks is Lacey is actually a Substitute. No wonder everyone hates this move. Anyway, Lacey screams using her Hyper Voice, catching Zoro by surprise. Zoro retaliates by swooping down and biting "Lacey" with Toxic infused fangs. Unfortunately, this attack fails to affect the Substitute. Confused as to why the attack failed to function as intended, simply shrugs and thinks nothing more of the flop.

Lacey used a bit more energy this round, but the two Pokemon are otherwise neck and neck. Both are essentially fresh and ready to go. Ironthunder to order.

Ironthunder 09-02-2016 03:41 PM

...What fucking substitute is this?

Brave Bird the fucker, then Poison Fang.

Beautiful Savage 09-02-2016 03:43 PM

The most recent Move Descriptions for Substitute I could find said the default amount of health was Significant.

Comedyfan1095 09-02-2016 09:39 PM

Alright, Lacey, while he's breaking the substitute, hit him with an Icy Wind to slow him down and then follow it up with a Zap Cannon!

Beautiful Savage 09-03-2016 10:05 PM

Zoro's frustration at his lack of accomplishment during the previous round suddenly comes to a head. So he decides to use what is literally one of his most powerful and energy heavy attacks, Brave Bird. Zoro gains altitude before suddenly diving down at maximum speed, leveling out at the last possible second and ramming straight into Lacey. Or at least, what he thinks is Lacey. Unfortunately, Zoro is once again confused as "Lacey" disappears into nothingness, reappearing several feet away, decidedly unharmed. Smirking, the now-revealed Lacey responds by blasting Zoro with an Icy Wind, which blows the Zubat away and chills it to its very core. Recovering from the immediate pain, Zoro raggedly dives in for another attack, not quite as swift as usual due to his chilled state. This gives Lacey time to begin charging her Electric energy for her own next assault. Before she can complete her attack, however, Zoro bites down on her arm using his Poisoned Fangs. Luckily for Lacey, this doesn't seem to be an issue. The Meowth grimaces through the pain, knowing that this was the opening she was waiting for. Zoro was now in close range and would have a difficult time dodging her assault due to his chilled state. It was now or never. Shouting, Lacey unleashes the Zap Cannon she had been building up. Zoro releases one of his supersonic screeches as it connects with him, dropping him to the ground. Though the fall knocked a little of the paralysis out of the bat, Zoro is still far from operational and lies twitching on the ground.

Zoro has fallen out of his first third of health while Lacey remains comfortably inside of her own. Zoro is also paralyzed. Zoro's good for two, and Lacey could probably scrape by with two as well. Comedyfan to order.

Comedyfan1095 09-03-2016 10:23 PM

While he's down slash away at him with Fury Swipes!

One mover used.

Ironthunder 09-04-2016 08:20 AM

Um... Meowth doesn't get Zap Cannon?

Beautiful Savage 09-04-2016 08:23 AM

TM 07 in gen II), according to Veekun.

Ironthunder 09-04-2016 08:56 AM

Huh, just looked and it wasn't there. Fuck veekun.

Take the Fury Swipes and hope it loosens the paralysis. Then Poison Fang into Sludge Bomb, backing upwards and away if possible during the latter.

Beautiful Savage 09-05-2016 09:19 AM

Lacey, seeing her opponent stranded on the ground, decides to take advantage of the situation. She jumps forward, descending Furiously upon poor Zoro. She lowers her sharp claws, Swiping at the bat once, twice, thrice. Finally, after four slashes, Lacey stops. Though the wounds sting, they managed to loosen Zoro's paralysis enough for him to be able to get back into the air. His mobility still isn't quite what it could be, but the bat is flying again. He Raggedly dives into Lacey, once again biting her with his Poisonous Fangs. Zoro then attempts a tactical retreat, though he has trouble gaining vertical distance. A safe way away, the Zubat turns and delivers a Sludge Bomb. However, due to Zoro's paralysis, he seems to have trouble executing the attack. The bomb falls short, merely splashing Lacey with the toxins for reduced damage.

Zoro has fallen past his midpoint while Lacey is nearing her second third of both health and energy. Lacey is refreshed after that one mover, and Zoro is starting to feel ready for a break. Ironthunder to order.

Ironthunder 09-06-2016 03:00 PM

Stay high and circling while you rain another Sludge Bomb on it.

Comedyfan1095 09-06-2016 06:24 PM

While he's up there, hit him with a Thunderbolt and use another Icy wind.

Beautiful Savage 09-06-2016 09:48 PM

Zoro's paralysis ebbs with each flap of his wings. Soon, he's gaining height once more as the paralysis all but wears off. Good thing, too, considering what's coming. Just as Zoro begins to prepare his attack, he gets zapped by a slightly weakened Thunderbolt launched by Lacey. Screaming, he launches the Sludge Bomb he had been preparing, this time totally successful. Lacey shudders as the poison washes over her, sinking into her skin and into her bloodstream. Reasonably angry, Lacey summons another Icy Wind to plague Zoro. She's really showing the bat no mercy.

Zoro has dropped into his last third and is rapidly approaching critical. Lacey has dropped into her second third, is out of Electric Energy, and has enough Ice remaining for one more Icy Wind. Both Pokemon have entered their second thirds of energy and are good for two. Comedyfan to order.

Comedyfan1095 09-07-2016 12:33 AM

Alright, now hit him with another Hyper Voice and follow that up with a Hidden Power.

Comedyfan1095 09-10-2016 02:57 PM

Bumping. It's been 3 days.

Ironthunder 09-10-2016 06:14 PM

Confuse Ray, Health!Roost.

Beautiful Savage 09-15-2016 08:22 PM

Sensing that victory is near, Lacey lets out a gloating screech in the form of Hyper Voice. The attack carries sonic energy across the field of rocks and into Zoro's ears, where it does damage. Clearly my flavor game is a bit off tonight. Knowing this is his last chance, Zoro releases a small orb of light that flies to Lacey and dances about her face. He seems to be attempting to Confuse her with some sort of light Ray! Lacey, looking somewhat muddled, summons multiple dull white orbs of Normal energy about herself, which she the launches toward Zoro. She has a hard time aiming and many of the orbs miss, but one manages to clip Zoro's wing. The bat spirals to the ground due to the injury and hits hard in a small cloud of dust. When it clears, it's obvious to all that Zoro is unconscious.

Zoro is unable to battle! Ironthunder, please send in your next Pokemon.

Lacey didn't take any damage but is still a tad confused. She's panting but can manage two.

Ironthunder 09-16-2016 03:34 AM

Lea, time to rumble. Start in the air.

Mega Evolve, then let's see how the cat likes a Poison Jab into X-Scissor.

Comedyfan1095 09-20-2016 09:09 PM

Thank you for being so patient while I was absent.

Mega Beedrill, huh? Lacey loves to catch bugs! Lacey, hit it with two Aerial Aces!

Beautiful Savage 09-24-2016 09:14 PM

Recalling his signature Pokemon, Iron decides to send out a Pokemon with a similar typing (It's a beedrill, a poison type that can fly)(I know that's not the same but close enough) that goes by the name of Lea.


Beedrill (Bug/Poison): Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. Their attacks also become more coordinated, making it harder for the foe to dodge combination attacks. In its Mega Forme, Beedrill becomes a fierce and extremely fast attacker. Its needle and spear-based attacks are 10% more effective. It is also an extremely fast flier.
Spoiler: show
[Poison]: Poison-type Pokémon are immune to poisoning. Their Poison-type attacks are slightly more likely to succeed in poisoning their targets than those used by other Pokémon and the effects will be slightly more potent. They also have an additional 10% chance to poison the target when using physical attacks with their most venomous appendages e.g. a Seviper's tail, a Nidoking's horn.
[Bug]: Bug-types can see in the dark, and they have largely enhanced sight, granting them a small boost to the accuracy of their moves. Most live in warm climates, though they hate fire and dislike extreme cold. Their status inducing attacks have an extra 10% chance of inflicting statuses and the resulting statuses are slightly more potent than usual. Bug types are in general more nimble than other Pokémon, though not necessarily faster, and will quickly out manoeuvre opponents when using unconventional movement.

Lea enters a cocoon of evolutionary energy immediately upon arriving to the field of battle, soon exploding forth in a burst of light having taken on an all new form: Mega Beedrill. Awwwwwww yeeeeeeah. Anyway, Lea is bigger and badder now. And faster. She darts forward, flying across the sparse Rock Arena at breakneck speed, quickly coating his right lance in lethal Poison energy before Jabbing it into Lacey. Lacey, however, keeps her chin up and prepares to counter-attack against her new, more intimidating opponent. The small cat jumps up, Acing a surprisingly graceful Aerial maneuver to strike Lea from an unexpected angle. Swooping around for another pass, Lea this time coats both needles in bug energy for a stinging X-Scizzor. Wincing, Lacey does the same thing as before because she's boring and lazy and if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Lacey is about to enter her final third and Lea is moving through her first. Lacey needs a break, Lea is still pretty much fresh. Comedyfan to order.

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