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Median Dia 08-04-2016 07:07 PM

UPN: MedMana
Post 1: Directory

Post 2: Bios, Page One
--Dichromatia Schmeltzer (Human)
--Louise (Mawile)
--Berue (Tangela)
--Butternut (Pumkasaur)
--Elenchos (Inkay)
--Miapladicus (Staryu)
--Tobu (Passimian)

Post 3: Bios, Page Two
--Amicae Schmeltzer (Human)
--Nadie (Woobat)
--Bell (Dewpider)
--Glimmerwood (Shiny Seedot)
--Edrick (Grubbin)
--Kodiac (Clauncher)
--Amity (Swoobat)
--Cassandra (Sandygast)

Post 4: Item Storage

Median Dia 08-04-2016 07:13 PM

~~~The Trainer 'In Charge'~~~
Name: Dichromatia Schmeltzer (Goes by Chroma)

Age: 19

Appearance: As one would expect from the daughter of a Psychic and a Hex Maniac, Chroma is pale in skin tone and dark of hair, bearing long purple locks tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes are differently colored, one purple and one pink, a rare trait even among the more... unusual people of the world. Usually, she wears normal clothes, a purple jacket over a plain pink t-shirt, though she tends to still wear the jacket long after it has gotten too hot for most people to do so. The only truly abnormal part of her attire is her pointed hat, black with the point creased to the back.

Personality: Having been raised with the belief that her heterochromia was a sign of great potential in the mystic arts, Chroma is very proud of her appearance and personal prowess both. She tends to boast a bit loudly, usually making her achievements seem far more significant than they really are, which can occasionally result in her landing in decidedly unfortunate situations if there is nobody around to pull on her metaphorical leash. In truth, her loud narcissism is a bit of false bravado, seeing as her actual powers amount to mere parlor tricks in reality. Between this blatant truth and her being raised by some of the most stereotypically reclusive people one can come across, she tends to be a bit awkward and brooding when she isn't being dramatic. She currently journeys to gather pokemon that can potentially help her become stronger, both as a propagator of the mystic arts and as a trainer in the world of pokemon.

~~~The Pokemon Procession~~~

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn303.gifName: Louise
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Special: Wears a white hoodie with a copper nametag attached
Level: 30
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Sassy (Likes Bitter, Dislikes Sweet)
Obtained: Starter
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 26
Moves Known:
--By Level: Play Rough (Lv. -), Iron Head (Lv. -), Taunt (Lv. -), Growl (Lv. -), Fairy Wind (Lv. -), Astonish (Lv. -), Fake Tears (Lv. 5), Bite (Lv. 10), Sweet Scent (Lv. 13), Vice Grip (Lv. 17), Faint Attack (Lv. 21), Baton Pass (Lv. 25), Crunch (Lv. 29)
--By 'Birth': Ancient Power, Metal Burst, Misty Terrain, Seismic Toss, Pain Split
--By Tutor: Thunder Punch, Magnet Rise
--By TM: Sludge Bomb, Power-Up Punch, Incinerate, Ally Switch
Bio: Having been a bit of an outcast in the cave she was born in due to her more intellectual interests compared to her fellows, she was ultimately forced to ditch the place and wander around the forest a bit, where she encountered a young Chroma in training. For reasons neither of them remember anymore, the two stuck fast and have been partners ever since. Of course, it isn’t exactly all fun in games in the relationship- Louise is pretty sarcastic and has a tendency to do things behind her trainer’s back. This includes successfully learning how to read and write, though their current home status has rendered her paperless. It does help with her interest in archaeology, which tends to overlap with Chroma’s constant search for more types of mystic power. Maybe that’s why she decided to stay around…

http://i.imgur.com/FK22Pgm.gifName: Berue
Species: Tangrowth
Gender: Female
Special: Dried out; Wears a black lab coat and a witch's hat
Level: 28
Ability: Regenerator
Nature: Careful (Likes Bitter, Dislikes Dry)
Obtained: Adiption Centre
Held Item: Miracle Seed
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...remierball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 20, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 47
Known Moves:
--By Level:
Ingrain (Lv. -), Constrict (Lv. -), Block (Lv. -), Sleep Powder (Lv. 4), Vine Whip (Lv. 7), Absorb (Lv. 10), Bind (Lv. 17), Growth (Lv. 20), Mega Drain (Lv. 23), Knock Off (Lv. 27)
--By 'Birth': Rage Powder, Nature Power, Endeavor, Confusion
--By Tutor: Mimic, Swords Dance, Psych Up, Ancientpower, Shock Wave, Pain Split, Worry Seed, Gummi Bomb (Ghost), Frenzy Plant
--By TM: Curse
Bio: Originally hatched by Keith Masters, she was traded to Karmas, who eventually dumped her at the Adoption Centre. While there, she developed an uncharacteristic distaste of sunlight, as well as a passion for brewing unrelated substances for various effects- potion brewing, if you will. This, combined with a coincidental find, resulted in her earning Chroma’s interest. She’s been rather happy since, gladly taking the opportunity to perfect her craft. Though, one might have to question whether her talents qualify as alchemy or chemistry at this point.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...pumpkasaur.gif Name: Butternut
Species: Pumkasaur (Bulbasaur for technical purposes)
Gender: Male
Level: 22
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Naughty (Likes Spicy, Dislikes Bitter)
Obtained: 2016 Halloween Raffle
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...umpkinball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 14
Known Moves:
--By Level:
Tackle (Lv. -), Growl (Lv. 3), Leech Seed (Lv. 7), Vine Whip (Lv. 9), Poison Powder (Lv. 13), Sleep Powder (Lv. 13), Take Down (Lv. 15), Razor Leaf (Lv. 19), Sweet Scent (Lv. 21)
--By 'Birth': Pumpkin Bomb, Grass Whistle, Sludge, Grassy Terrain
--By Tutor: String Shot, Mimic, Worry Seed
--By TM: Incinerate, Rage
Bio: TBA

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn686.gifName: Elenchos
Species: Inkay
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Ability: Contrary
Nature: Quirky (No Likes or Dislikes)
Obtained: Cable Club
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 17
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Tackle (Lv. -), Peck (Lv. -), Constrict (Lv. -), Reflect (Lv. 4), Foul Play (Lv. 8), Swagger (Lv. 12), Psywave (Lv. 13), Topsy-Turvy (Lv. 15), Hypnosis (Lv. 18), Night Slash (Lv. 46), Superpower (Lv. 48)
--By 'Birth': Camouflage
--By Tutor: Role Play, Spite
--By TM: Flamethrower
Bio: TBA

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn120.gifName: Miapladicus
Species: Staryu
Gender: Genderless
Level: 13
Ability: Illuminate
Nature: Jolly (Likes Sweet, Dislikes Dry)
Obtained: Trade with 134
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Bond: 17
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Tackle (Lv. -), Harden (Lv. -), Water Gun (Lv. 4), Rapid Spin (Lv. 7), Recover (Lv. 10), Psywave (Lv. 13), Power Gem (Lv. 37)
--By 'Birth': Not Applicable
--By Tutor: None
--By TM: None
Bio: Initially hatched from an egg Tate had been rewarded for her efforts in keeping up the Adoption Center, this little seastar decided it would rather pass through this life with Chroma instead- despite not having met her before. While their apparent psychic prowess is great, it seems to see life itself as some sort of celebration and is prone to not take things as seriously as it should as a result. They seem to be feeling the stars' pull even at it's current evolutionary stage though, so maybe they have a part in this unusual view of the world?

https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/766.pngName: Tobu
Species: Passimian
Gender: Female
Level: 12
Ability: Defiant
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Trade
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 8
Known Moves:
--By Level Up:
Tackle (Lv. -), Leer (Lv. 4), Rock Smash (Lv. 8), Focus Energy (Lv. 11)
--By 'Birth': Iron Head
--By Tutor: None
--By TM: Fire Blast
Bio: TBA

Median Dia 11-06-2016 08:22 PM

The Girl From The Woods
Name: Amicae Schmeltzer (Goes by Ami)

Age: Unknown; Presumed 17

Appearance: Unlike Chroma, Amicae is appears to be mostly normal. Her light brown hair is usually tied back in a loose ponytail with a pair of bangs up front and her befreckled face seems to highlight her hazel eyes somewhat. She is usually seen wearing a plain whit shirt and a red skirt with a pair black shorts beneath it, along with a simple red backpack while on the road. She has recently added a Z-ring loaded with a Buginium-Z, however, officially marking her as a trainer of some significance. The only truly spectacular trait she has is a trio of burns- on her left cheek, right forearm, and left knee- that don't seem to fade at all regardless of how much time passes.

Personality: Having been found in the middle of a forest with no memories, not even of her true name, Amicae hasn't let the mystery of her past get to her- in fact, she seems to be perfectly content to rebuild her life from scratch, with a little help from Chroma. She sees the aspiring mystic as something akin to an older sister (indeed, they tend to refer to each other as such) and does her best to handle the more mundane aspects of life when the two are together. She still has much to learn about the world, however,
and the past seems to have a way of finding folks at any given moment...

~~~The Other Entourage~~~

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn528.gifName: Nadie
Species: Swoobat
Gender: Male
Level: 24
Ability: Simple
Nature: Modest (Likes Dry, Dislikes Spicy)
Obtained: Adoption Centre
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 38
Known Moves:
--By Level:
Confusion (Lv. -), Odor Slueth (Lv. 4), Gust (lv. 8 ), Assurance (Lv. 12), Heart Stamp (Lv. 15), Imprison (Lv. 19), Air Cutter (Lv. 21)
--By 'Birth': Stored Power, Synchronoise
--By Tutor: Helping Hand, Signal Beam, Super Fang, Icy Wind
--By TM: Telekinesis

https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/752.pngName: Bell
Species: Araquanid
Gender: Male
Level: 22
Ability: Water Bubble
Nature: Hardy (No Likes or Dislikes)
Obtained: The Alolan Egg Hunt
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Bond: 14
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Water Sport (Lv. -), Bubble (Lv. -), Soak (Lv. -), Wide Guard (lv. -), Infestation (Lv. 5), Spider Web (Lv. 8), Bug Bite (Lv. 13), Bubblebeam (Lv. 16), Bite (Lv. 21)
--By 'Birth': Aurora Beam
--By Tutor: String Shot, Electroweb
--By TM: None
Bio: TBA

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/sp274.gifName: Glimmerwood
Speecies: Nuzleaf
Gender: Female
Special: *Shiny*
Level: 14
Ability: Pickpocket
Nature: Impish (Likes Sour, Dislikes Spicy)
Obtained: Adoption Center
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...ballviolet.gif
Bond: 10
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Bide (Lv. -), Razor Leaf (Lv. -), Pound (Lv. -), Harden (Lv. 3), Growth (Lv. 7), Torment (Lv. 9), Nature Power (Lv. 12), Fake Out (Lv. 12)
--By 'Birth': Beat Up
--By Tutor: Sky Attack, Giga Drain
--By TM: None
Bio: This little trickster proved to be a problem before proper introductions were made by stealing a pokeball and wallet from Amicae and effectively adopting herself under the girl's name. She continues to wreak havoc by pulling pranks to the best of her squat ability, occasionally with Butternut's help. At least her kleptomaniac tendencies might be able to help her claim a edge on the battlefield...

https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/736.pngName: Edrick
Species: Grubbin
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Trade with morningstar
Hold Item: None
Pokeball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Bond: None (;-;)
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Vice Grip (Lv. -), String Shot (Lv. 4), Mud Slap (Lv. 7), Bite (Lv. 10)
--By 'Birth': None
--By Tutor: None
--By TM: None
Bio: TBA

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn692.gifName: Kodiac
Species: Clauncher
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Ability: Mega Launcher
Nature: Adamant (Likes Spicy, Dislikes Dry)
Obtained: Caught in the Minnao Isles
Held Item: Assault Vest
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/diveball.gif
Bond: None ;-;
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Splash (Lv. -), Water Gun (Lv. -), Water Sport (Lv. 7), Vice Grip (Lv. 9), Bubble (lv. 12)
--By 'Birth': None
--By Tutor: Bounce
--By TM: None
Bio: TBA

http://upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn528.gifName: Amity
Species: Swoobat
Gender: Female
Level: 10
Ability: Unaware
Nature: Jolly (Likes Sweet, Dislikes Dry)
Obtained: Adoption Center
Held Item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif
Bond: 2
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Confusion (Lv. -), Odor Sleuth (Lv. -), Gust (Lv.-), Assurance (Lv. -)
--By 'Birth': None
--By Tutor: Giga Drain, Zen Headbutt
--By TM: None
Bio: Although Ami had found her in the AC already evolved into a swoobat, Amity had maintained her cheerful and trustful attitude and came to harbor no resentment towards anyone. She won't disclose anything about her previous trainer, however, evidently preferring to focus on the present rather than the past. Of course, that's not necesarily a bad thing in her case: with so many sullen souls in the group, her perpetually cheerful personality is a definite breath of fresh air!

https://serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/769.pngName: Cassandra
Species: Sandygast
Gender: Female
Level: 14
Ability: Water Compaction
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Caught in Bedlam Ridge
Held item: None
Ball: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/nestball.gif
Bond: None ;-;
Moves Known:
--By Level Up:
Harden (Lv. -), Absorb (Lv. -), Astonish (Lv. 3), Sand Attack (Lv. 9), Sand Tomb (lv. 14)
--By 'Birth': None
--By Tutor: None
--By TM: None
Bio: A rarity in today's time, this little devil was born from the grudge of human who's plans and get-rich-quick schemes were foiled by some kid from Heaven-knows-where (i.e., Amicae), rather than the hatred of the dying or simple breeding practices. Due to the nature of her birth, she doesn't get along with her trainer all that well at this point in time...

Median Dia 11-06-2016 08:27 PM

Items, Both Magic(?) and Mundane
Trainers' Basics:
--Coin Case x1(Plain)
--Pokedex x1(Currently plain)
--Fishing Rod
--Z-Ring (Amicae's) {Buginium Z}
--Z-Power Ring (Dichromatia's) {Grassinium-Z}

General Items:
--Heart Scale x1, x1, x1, x1
--Leaf Stone x1, x1
--Never-Ending Birthday Candle x1
--Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango! x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...ioletshard.gifViolet Shard x1
--Snow Globe x1
--Lapras Plushie x1
-- Thunder Stone x1

--Net Ball x1
--Pokeball x8,
x4 ( x1, x1, x1)
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...friendball.gifFriend Ball x1x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/spaceball.gifSpace Ball x1
--Christmas Ball x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...ewyearball.gifNew Years 2017 Ball x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...entineball.gif Valentine's Ball x1
--Moon Ball x1
--Cherish Ball x1

TM Case:
--TM Solar Beam x1
--TM Hone Claws x1
--TM Power-Up Punch x2 (-1)
--TM Struggle Bug x1
--TM Incinerate x3 (-1)(-1)
--TM Retaliate x1
--TM Dig x2
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmwater.gifTM Water Pulse x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmnormal.gif TM Attract x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmnormal.gif TM Return x1
--TM Aurora Veil x1
--TM Energy Ball x1
--TM Pay Day x1
--TM Thief x1
--TM Snatch x1
--TM Shadow Ball x1
--TM Grass Knot x1

Hold Items:
--Miracle Seed x1(Held by Berue) x2
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/redcard.gifRed Card x1, x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...psychicgem.gifPsychic Gem x1
--Icy Rock x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...hispendant.gif His Heart Pendant x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...herpendant.gif Her Heart Pendant x1
--Brand Name Bunny Suit x1
--Grass Gem x1
--Black Glasses x1

Berry Bag
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...atmelberry.gifWatmel Berry x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...grepaberry.gifGrepa Berry x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/.../wikiberry.gifWiki Berry x1
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...ualotberry.gifQualot Berry x3
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...starfberry.gifStarf Berry x1
--Liechi Berry x2
--Wacan Berry x1

Pokeblock Case
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...riousgummi.gifMysterious Gummis x3 x3 x3 (-2)
--Orange Gummis x3
--Gold Gummis x3
--Purple Gummis x3
--Black Gummis x3
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pinkgummi.gif Pink Gummis x3
--http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/redgummi.gif Red Gummis x3
--Birthday Gummi x1

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