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Escalion 06-26-2016 06:30 AM

Beginner Trainer Battle: Aposteriori vs EpicSquirtle
"It's a beautiful sunny day at the new fairground, one that doesn't look nearly as old and abandoned and ghostly like that old one over there *points at arena thread*
So lets enjoy the sun there and all the wonderful rides and attractions, and looks like we have two people stepping onto the Pokémon battlefield! This going to be fun so get your popcorn out! Did I mention already that the snacks are great around here too? Anyhow, from my commentator booth here I can already see some people awaiting a battle. Now lets see how they filled in the form."

Aposteriori vs EpicSquirtle
Beginner Trainer Battle
1 on 1
72 hr DQ
Hold Item: No
Heal Item: No

Fizzytopia's New Fairground: The rides and game stands aren't the only attractions here at the Fairgrounds, Trainers of all ages are welcome to pitch their Pokemon against each other in front of a bedazzled crowd! After all, what else draws a crowd and boosts ticket sales better than a good Pokemon battle? A hard 50m x 50m, clay arena has been cheaply sculpted somewhere near the center of the Fairgrounds, where it has been surrounded by a high, hard plastic fence covered in bright flashing lights, mostly to keep excited kids from running onto the field.

"I see 'Hold Item' and 'Heal Item' are unmarked, guess that simply means 'No' than."

Rules of this match:
Standard battle rules apply so
- PM me your Pokémon and your first orders, what you PM me is what you get to use!
- First round is reffed
- RNG determines who goes first in the next round
- Orders are reversed after each reffing
- You can order up to 3 moves each round, dodging counts as a move
- Battle ends when either Health or Energy reaches 0%
- PM me any questions you may have at any point

Fancy RP to come when the battle starts so get those PM's in! :D
Though I might just stick to a commentator style as it fits the arena.

Escalion 07-06-2016 01:12 PM

Round 1: Let's get started!

Originally Posted by Aposteriori
Walking into his first trainer battle, the researcher has done enough investigative work to gather quite his fair share of varied pokemon. He wonders what to choose, but at this point he wants to explore what it is like to have wings without necesarily carrying the flying type. He naturally gravitates to a new adquisition, a Dunsparce named Hebi. Grasping his pokeball, the trainer tosses the ball high into the air to materialize his choice.

Spoiler: show
http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...s/pokeball.gif http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/.../mini2/206.png
Name: Hebi
Species: Dunsparce
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Type: Normal
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Naive
Held Item: --
Obtained: Trade
Birthday: April 3
Contest Stats: 40 | 40 | 40 | 40 | 40
Happiness Points: 10 / IQ: 6
Bio: --
Level Up Moves: Rage, Defense Curl, Rollout, Spite, Pursuit
Technical Machine Moves: Blizzard, Calm Mind, Charge Beam, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Hidden Power Flying, Ice Beam, Poison Jab, Shadow Ball, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Water Pulse
Hidden Machine Moves: Rock Smash, Strength
Egg Moves: Agility, Ancient Power, Bite, Headbutt, Hex, Magic Coat, Secret Power
Tutor Moves: Aqua Tail, Body Slam, Iron Tail, Pain Split, Rock Slide, Thunder Wave, Zen Headbutt
Custom Moves:
Can't Catch Me ("NORMAL: Turns into miniature gingerbread version of itself; increases evasion for 3 turns and Ability becomes Run Away. Fang moves cause 4x damage. Energy cost equal to Protect.")
Chocolate Bomb ("NORMAL: Heart-shaped chocolate bomb which explodes dealing damage equal to Egg Bomb, then shatters into 3-5 chocolate pieces which can be eaten to heal HP equal to Sitrus Berry.")

Aposteriori has been eager to battle along side Hebi, whose previous trainer focused heavily on its training. They are getting to know each other, whether or not he has the fighting spirit to succeed against his opponent. Hebi is eager to get into the air, unsure of what he is capable of.

"Hebi, rise into the air before you come crashing down into a Body Slam. But if you see that you are facing a ghost typed pokemon, flutter down and use Bite instead. Finish the round with Water Pulse."

Aposteriori stands proud of his choice, confident that the universe will favor him all thanks to the effects of his pokemon's ability.


Originally Posted by EpicSquirtle
(Sorry for the late PM, I was planning on RPing here, but I didn't want to keep you or Aposteriori waiting any longer :/)
Species; Rotom
Gender; Genderless
Level; 25
Type; Electric/Ghost
Attacks; Trick, Astonish, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Confuse Ray, Uproar, Double Team, Shock Wave, Volt Switch, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Pain Split.
Evolution; None
Nature; Bold
Ability: Levitate
Held item: none
Obtained: Cable Club
Happiness Points: 0
Contest Stats:
IQ: 0

"Alright Arthur let's start out with Confuse Ray! Then follow it up with Double Team!

And with those formalities out of the way; LET'S GET STARTED!
Also, I've decided to stick with a commentator style if you both don't mind.


"Well well well, ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages, look at what our two competitors send out! One the left side of the field we have a researcher named Aposteriori who has send out a Dunsparce named Hebi, that's quite a rare Pokémon in these parts I have been told, quite fitting for a researcher too! And on the right side of the field we have a young man called Jake, who has send out, my my, a Rotom named Arthur! This will be one fun match and I'm excited to see this unfold people! Let's see what they're doing."

"Hebi doesn't seem to be doing that much as of yet though, I think may need a second to determine if his foe is of the Ghost-type or not, which gives Arthur just enough time to strike first! The Rotom sends a dazzlingly colorful Ray of light streaming towards his opponent, who gets hit straight between the eyes! Oh my, I can almost literally see the birds flying around his head cause he sure looks Confused!"

"It has o be said though, Hebi doesn't seem to be bothered by his condition too much right now. The little Land Snake hops forward surprisingly speedy and launches himself at the still stationary Artur, using his cute little wings to give him just that little boost he needs to get up in the air to Bite the hovering Rotom, latching his teeth onto Arthur's right thunderbolt-like arm. And I can hear it hurts him! Auch! But Arthur isn't having much of this, he looks feisty quickly shakes himself loose from Hebi's grip and flashes around the arena here at incredible speed. Oh my, he's so fast I think I'm starting to see Double, or triple, quadruple even! I know one of these four clones is the real deal, but they sure look ready to Team up on Hebi!"

"Hebi however doesn't seem to be done with attacking yet though! He opens his mouth and starts charging up a big orb of what seems to be Water-type energy. Arthur and his clones still move around, but Hebi is taking aim at one of them and shoots the Pulse away sending it... straight through one of the clones and far off into the air. Ah well, it's one clone down, but still two to go."

"Bit of a bummer of an ending if you ask me, but the crowd looks to be excited. And you better get close to the arena now if you want to watch this battle unfold, taking a quick look around it seems first row is already full with kids and guests of this fine Fairground to cheer on our two competitors, who seem to get about equal support from the crowd right now!"

Health: 100%
Energy: 86.7%
Stats: Confused

Health: 85.8%
Energy: 84.3%
Stats: Eva +1

RNG determined EpicSquirtle is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

EpicSquirtle 08-04-2016 01:09 PM

"Let's keep it up Arthur! Show them what you've got with an Electroweb! Then follow through with a Signal Beam!"

Aposteriori 09-17-2016 06:22 PM

"This could have been worse than what I anticipated." Aposteriori nervously smiles as he realizes that he has no way to cure confusion. To his benefit, his opponent may not be a huge threat as of this moment.

"Try your best to focus your mind Dunsparse, please find time to calm down!"

The effects of calm mind might not even eliminate the initial confusion, but in the mind of the researcher, it is a start. He ponders his next move, and has to face some choices.

"If not confused use Shadow Ball. Otherwise, use Flamethrower instead."

Aposteriori reads up on the rules and it appears to be slightly different from what he is used to. He learns that he has the chance to use a third move, so this is an opportunity that he plans not to waste.

"Finish off the round with Water Pulse". The trainer is praying for the effects of his pokemon's special ability to activate, as that might give him a slight advantage going into the next round.

Escalion 11-04-2016 01:45 PM

Round 2: Right back at ya!
“And we’re back from the break ladies and gentlemen, terribly sorry we’ve been so long cause it looks like Hebi has been bored out of his Mind. Gotta say he looks very Calm like that though, not like the Rotom, all three of them, on the other side who’s moving erratically in all kinds of directions. Oh and would you look at that, isn’t that a beautiful web that Arthur has made? Wow, wait a moment, they put it under electricity! And now they throw that Electro Web at Dunsparce! Shocking!”

“Looks like the fish is fighting back though! Hebi frantically moves around in the web, it’s hard to see what’s going in his head at the moment but it seems like IT’S FIRE! I did not see that coming, but Hebi unleashes big stream of flames from his mouth and this Flamethrower burns through the web like a hot knife through soft butter. And will you look at that! Be it skill or be it complete and utter random luck, but someone the flames hit one of the Rotom clones as well! It’s a good thing we have this big, solid plastic fence around us though, and that I have this sweet comfortable commentators booth cause Hebi is spewing the fire everywhere!”

“Btw, have I already mentioned that Rotom is a Ghost-type? Cause it is, and that look that it’s giving Hebi is sca-ry! The two literally look like a friend has been murdered! The real one and its clone look at each other now, no idea what they’re thinking but I guess it’s happy. Look at that beautiful rainbow-colored ball that forms above their heads. All sunshine and laser Beam, the beauty of it is astounding but Arthur is certainly sending Hebi a Signal to not mess with it! It’s a message he’s feeling too! The brightly colored beam hits him right between the eyes causing the Dunsparce to cry out in pain. Yet still Hebi doesn’t seem to listen though, he must be thinking ‘whatever you do, I can do better’ cause the Land Snake is creating a ball of his own.”

“It’s a nice big blue ball that’s Puls(e)ating with Water energy, and it’s a lot bigger than the ball Arthur made earlier. We’ll see what it does soon as it’s being launched right at the Rotom, who is confident the clone will take the hit I guess. Wond… BOOM BABY! It’s an explosive hit right at the intended target! Hebi hits Arthur and the ball of energy explodes with incredible force blowing the lightweight Ghost straight into the fencing! That just has to hurt! Great to hear the crowd go wild at all the action this round, you guys rock!”

Energy: 64.4%
Health: 79%
Stats: Confused, SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 69.9%
Health: 75.3%
Stats: -

Aposteriori is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

Aposteriori 11-04-2016 05:11 PM

"You are still in the game, Hebi!" Aposteriori is worried for his friend out there, maybe he should change strategies just a bit to secure a lead.

"Try another Water Pulse." Maybe the tables of confusion will shift this time around.

"Follow by Can't Catch Me!" This is a peculiar technique, as the trainer has never seen it before in action.

"Finish the round with Flamethrower."

EpicSquirtle 12-13-2016 05:21 PM

''Alright Arthur, let's start with Shock Wave! Follow it up with Thunder Wave and finish with another Electro Web!''

Escalion 01-28-2017 10:15 AM

Round 3: Side effects
“The action still isn’t over ladies and gentlemen, Hebi starts off strong with yet another of those explosive, blue balls of Puls(e)ating Water! I’m amazed it the Dunsparce’s ability to fight through the confusion all the damned time. The odds surely are at his favor by the looks of it! The blue ball flies off and once again the Rotom is send flying into the barriers! And oh my, look at that. Arthur is seeing birds, heck; even I can see those cute yellow birds flying around his head. I’m not quite sure what Arthur is trying to do now, but it looks like he’s trying to catch a bird zipping up and down like that. Still though, his trainer is shouting orders, maybe they get through to him.”

“They are coming through! The Electric/Ghost-type charges a blueish ball of energy in front of him and… he’s dancing. Well guess we can call this attack off, Arthur fires a Wave of energy into nothing and nowhe… Would you look at that! What a Shock! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. The attack gets shot off into the air, aimed of absolutely no-one, but out of nowhere the bolt of blue lightning turns midair, somehow locks onto Hebi and hits him straight where it hurts! Remarkable!”

“The attack visibly startles the Dunsparce he’s Running Away from his opponent. And now the Normal-type is starting to glow in a bright white-blue, dear heavens people we’re witnessing history here! Hebi is EVOLVING! I always used to think Dunsparce can’t evolve, but Hebi is evoling into a… Gingerbread man?! This is interesting, Hebi just turned into a miniature gingerbread version of himself. Looking at the other side of the field though, Arthur seems to have stopped dancing and now seems to shoot a Wave of rings build with Thunderous energy around, but I’m not quite sure what the purpose is of that, my apologies people, the weird evolution distracted me a bit too much. Talking about the gingerbread Dunsparce though, it’s still running away and he runs straight into one of the rings! And now he stopped moving altogether. Man this round is weird.”

[a few moments later]

“Oh, I’m sorry people, did I stop talking there for a while? Once again I have to apologize than. It’s just that there’s not much happening on the field. Hebi and Arthur had to use a bit too much of their concentration to get their previous attacks off, both of them are just spinning around on the spot as we speak, unable to respond to their trainers’ orders. On a side note though, anyone else getting hungry?”

Energy: 51.1%
Health: 70.5%
Stats: Confused, Paralyzed,
SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 62.1%
Health: 63.8%
Stats: Confused

EpicSquirtle is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

EpicSquirtle 01-28-2017 08:08 PM

''Hang in there Arthur! Start with another Shock Wave, then use Double Team.''

Aposteriori 01-30-2017 09:26 PM

Aposteriori is worried for Hebi who is still confused. This is not a good sign for the Dunsparce who is now also paralyzed which will cause a whole new set of problems. The trainer encourages his pokemon to try and calm down so he can think more clearly, panicking will only create more problems for him.

"Use Shadow Ball. Follow the round with Shadow Ball if he failed to use double team. Otherwise use Blizzard to blow away all of the clones and the real one. Finish by using Bite."

Escalion 02-06-2017 02:20 PM

Round 4: Repent! The end is nigh!
“And we’re back with another round of elevating action! Though honestly, it might also become a total dud. Who knows! Isn’t that fun? Arthur however is having none of it, fun that is, and I have no idea if he’s even registering what’s going on. The Rotom is still spinning around like merry-go-round. Hebi meanwhile seems to have found some of his senses back, it’s not going fast but he seems to be charging some Ball of Shadowy energy. I can see he’s still having concentration lapses though, and just now too as he fires to ball off resulting in only a grazing shot on the spinning Rotom before the ball blasts into the barriers in a glittering purple explosion.”

“That blow must have given Arthur some of his senses back too it soon. He stopped spinning and is now zipping sideways at rather impressive speeds, creating a sort of afterimage, a Double Team if you like, on both ends of his movement. Gingerbread Dunsparce is not impressed though, he’s huffing and puffing and he blows them all away! And he looks so adorable doing that. From here in my commentator booth it looks like the little Gingerbread Hebi is covering his opponent in a layer or powdered sugar. It really makes me want to take a bite out of him. But uhm, is anyone else noticing it getting colder here? Oh wait, we have a weather report incoming, right here in the Fizzytopia's New Fairground there seems to be a very local Blizzard cause by a very minute source of low pressure air…. Oh… so that is what Hebi used to blow Arthur and his afterimages away, not powdered sugar.”

“The cold and force of the Ice-attack has returned the Rotom back to his senses too though it seems, but Hebi still isn’t done! The tasty looking Land Snake slithers forward, slightly aided by his cute tiny wings, and lunges forward, taking a tiny but super-effective Bite out of the Plasma Pokémon, who surprisingly doesn’t do much. Guess he’s still recovering from the cold.”

Energy: 23.3%
Health: 70.5%
Stats: Paralyzed,
SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 52.9%
Health: 21.2%
Stats: -

Aposteriori is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

Aposteriori 02-06-2017 02:55 PM

"Its crunch time Hebi. I think you are starting to look too tired for my taste. Do your best to avoid attacks, but for the most part try to regain energy by relaxing in between escapes."

OOC: No moves, just evade/regain energy.

EpicSquirtle 02-06-2017 03:02 PM

''Now is our chance Arthur! Give it all you have with Pain Split!''

Escalion 02-27-2017 03:45 PM

Round 5: Or maybe not...
“To those here at the fairground who have been paying attention to the battle as opposed to all the wonderful attractions we have here at the Fizzytopia's New Fairground, don’t you have that feeling too that this round might just turn everything around? There is obviously not much going on in the arena, but the effects are most certainly interesting.”

“The small gingerbread Dunsparce is taking it easy so far, not doing much at all. I guess he’s about to fall asleep, and he doesn’t have much to fear so far yet either, his plasma-like opponent is just staring at him very, very intensely. Like he is trying to look directly into Hebi’s soul, hell-bent on sucking it out. The small Ghost/Electric-type deep state of concentration and it is quite obvious he is doing something to the Normal-type. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear I have seen some kind of line linking the two directly. But whatever Arthur is doing, it’s something that Hebi is feeling too it seems. The Dunsparce looks like he is feeling uncomfortable, he is moving left and right and he has a Pained expression on his face.”

“Looking at the other side of the arena, Arthur is paying close attention to everything the Land Snake does and is starting to look better and better by the minute. I mean, he has taken quite a beating so far so it’s not that much of an accomplishment, but he’s certainly looking better than before. Despite the tiny form Hebi is in at the moment, the Rotom can quite easily keep track. Though I’m sure the little bright sparks that seem to be flying off the Dunsparce from time to time play a role in that too.”

“Anyways, both Pokémon now seems to be a lot less tense, and their power appears to be quite evenly Spit at the moment. But let’s just hope we get more action next round.”

Energy: 29.3%
Health: 45.8%
Stats: Paralyzed

Energy: 36.2%
Health: 45.8%
Stats: -

EpicSquirtle is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

EpicSquirtle 03-21-2017 06:56 PM

"Start with Electroweb, then follow it with Shock Wave, Arthur!"

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