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Lil'twick 05-12-2016 11:54 PM

Salix babylonica
The night air is howling, its wisp fangs racing across the decrepit mansion. The sounds of spirits hiss as they float through the atmosphere, fazing in and out of the mansion. The acres of dead grass whisper to the brave trainers that decide to call it home. The mansion home. Various small outcroppings dug into the trees and under the soil, giving an intoxicating allure. One such trainer makes him home here, within the tallest willow tree. The tree sings out the cries of the damned, acting as its conductor. A complex web of pulleys lead to the opening of the house, beckoning the living to enter into its damned halls.

The main room is carved out from the tree, completely encasing the residents within. The door was melded from the gnarled wood of the willow tree, setting up the tone of the living building. The first thing that's noticable is the giant, gnarled table to the right. It's large enough to house a few humans, and a lot of Pokemon. Being part of the tree, it does require being trimmed every so often or it'll overtake the entirety of the first floor. Four wooden stumps brought in from the surrounding area serve as chairs for humans to dine. Two other stumps serve as chairs for the small television towards the back of the room. Three cushions patterened after Zigzagoons are placed in a pile in front of the TV as well. A black Gamecube is connected to the electronic, with a few games piled up next to it. A poster of a Relicanth is behind the entertainment area, and next to the makeshift kitchen. It's just a sink with a few cooking utensils, and a Refrigerator filled to the brim with junky foods. The only other thing of note are the two tropical plants within the room. Also, the stairs leading up towards the second story.

The second story serves as Austin's bedroom. It is large and spacious, allowing the majority of his Pokemon to sleep in the room with him. In the middle of the room is an Eevee rug, for the Pokemon who wouldn't like the harshness of the wood on them. A small pool area is a bit in front of the stairs, and is held up and filtered out of the tree via tapping. It's commonly used as the bath, but sometimes the water types simply relax in it after the water becomes clean again. The small pool also leads to the toilet, which is hidden from view and uses seperate water. Two more tropical plants inhabit the room, adding a homey vibe to the willow tree. A blue bookcase filled to the brim with books and other things is on the top wall, and a small nook area created next to it. Two plushies, a Ditto and a Togepi, sit atop the bookcase as toys for the Pokemon. There is then a large, blue double bed for Austin and any Pokemon that wants to sleep with him, or if someone decides to stay the night. There is a Wingull poster above the bed, but was designed to hold any mail he may receive as well.

Enjoy your stay!~


Lil'twick 05-12-2016 11:55 PM

The Wingull's Maw is currently empty, with no mail within.

Lil'twick 05-12-2016 11:57 PM

Real Estate, Housing, and Furniture

Real Estate, Housing, and Amenities bought here
Current Furniture bought here

Lil'twick 05-14-2016 12:34 PM

27th: http://i.imgur.com/UfmTikx.gif Homunculus' Birthday

1st: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/764.png Rose's Birthday

2nd: http://i.imgur.com/b6kdHAk.gif Bracken's Birthday
12th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn417.gif Kai's Birthday

17th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn133.gif Forrest's Birthday

4th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn043.gif Leia's Birthday
13th: http://i.imgur.com/6li9Yhv.gif Prince's Birthday

11th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn677.gif Jakob's Birthday

15th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn038.gif Nick's Birthday
22nd: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn179.gif Parker's Birthday

10th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn590.gif Custer's Birthday
24th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn532.gif Terrance's Birthday

13th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn607.gif Wisp's Birthday
16th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn684.gif Twix's and Austin's Birthdays

23rd: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn355.gif Wight's Birthday
31st: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn094.gif Marie's Birthday

29th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn636.gif Taiyo's Birthday

19th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn363.gif Yuke's Birthday
20th: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn337.gif Selene's Birthday
21st: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn338.gif Helios's Birthday
31st: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/sp459.gif Fir's Birthday

Lil'twick 05-13-2017 06:54 AM

Austin had spent the last few weeks preparing and decorating the willow. He didn't know how many would show up, especially after his Pokemon went behind his back to invite almost everyone in the land of Fizzytopia. Not that he minded, he was trying to be more social anyways. He just hoped that there were enough supplies to last the entire party, and space to even house people. The willow was a bit small, but it was cozy to him. He did have to make some preparations though.

Looking from behind the kitchen, the teen saw Wisp floating around and making sure everything was just how his trainer wanted it. Despite the Litwick being mischievous, especially when his older sister of a Gengar is around, he did at least try and carry out Austin's wishes. Prince was curled up on his makeshift cardboard throne. Just typical of the Skitty to just sleep before his party. His trainer didn't particularly blame the cat for sleeping, especially since Prince was up all night excited for today. Next to the sleeping Skitty was an Espurr in a dashing butler uniform. Austin didn't know why Jakob wanted to serve Prince, but maybe it was a connection the two felines had.

The teen soon heard the cabinets at his feet start rattling, and he quickly kneed them The word 'freedom' started to flood his head, the legion trapped within the cupboards wanting to roam as usual.

"Homonculus, I'm not letting you out. Especially considering what happened at the bar the last time you left my sights... Do you want me to at least place your doll out?" He asked the legion of souls, trapped within the body of a single Bronzor. They all said yes, and he quickly opened the cabinet, grabbed the doll, and then closed it again. Some say this would be Pokemon cruelty, Austin just wanted to make sure that his guests left in a sound mental state.

Austin then set the doll down in front of the TV, carefully placed onto the sea of cushions. He heard the Bronzor's souls say thank you, and Austin was content. The doll served as a way for the legion to effectively communicate, and often carried the Bronzor around despite looking like the average Unovan youngster. Looking at the TV, he saw a few of his Pokemon glued to it. Twix, his Swirlix, Kai the Pachirisu, and Yuke the Spheal were all watching a movie that their trainer put on earlier. He didn't disturb them, as he put on the show so that he and Marie could decorate the place. Speaking of Marie, where was she...

"Hey kid, upstairs is all ready. Seems you got down here ready too. Don't worry about them up there. FOrrest and Leia are going through that flower book you bought them some time ago. Rose is also with them, glad that she fit in easily with those two. Nick is there to showcase how to get the the bathroom, and Parker seems to be talking to the Ninetales despite their... vitriolic relationship. Selene is doing... something. I swear that Lunatone does what she wants. Custer is sleeping in your bed. I can see that Terrance is down here watching the food...? Have you seen Taiyo?" The Gengar suddenly appearing behind him, giving her status report of the upstairs. Austin ponders her questions, then remembers where the Larvesta was. He pointed towards the table, where the bug type was sitting it Terrance's lap.

The Gengar soon vanished again, probably making sure that the upstairs didn't go to hell. Austin just waited for guests to arrive. He was nervous, but ready.

Missingno. Master 05-13-2017 04:28 PM

The Hidden Mansion. An ancient building, infested with enough Ghosts to speed up every Pokémon in existence with the Ability of Rattled. Despite this dubious distinction, however, the mansion's sprawling grounds enjoyed a reputation as, hands down, the cheapest real estate in the Fizzytopia region. Whether this would remain the same under the new Elite Four's reign remained to be seen, but for now, if you bought a Secret Base and you bought it cheap, you likely bought it on the Hidden Mansion's grounds.

One such Trainer was wandering said grounds. Far from fearing the local specters, Keith Masters felt quite at home. Indeed, he had recently received an invitation from another Trainer...'s Pokémon. They were apparently throwing a party behind his back, though the difference here was that-

"-that this guy's actually invited to the party, Meowth," Keith was saying.

"Hey, youse had a party of yer own dat night," Meowth retorted. "Besides, I didn't tink you'd wanna know about it."

"Meowth, lemme tell you something," Keith grinned. "The next time you want to throw a wild party at my Secret Base... make sure I can actually attend it, hmm?"

"Deal," Meowth grinned back. "So, who is dis Austin guy anyways?"

Keith shrugged (nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process). "Never met him before," he said. "He either moved in recently, or moved in a while back and hasn't gotten to know his neighbors yet. Either way, you know me, Meowth- always willing to welcome someone else into the neighborhood."

"I feel like I'm da only one wat tinks it's weird dat we refers to a haunted mansion's equally haunted grounds as 'da neighborhood'," Meowth commented to no one in particular as they approached the place in question- built into the tallest willow tree on the property. Approaching the front door, Keith knocked.

Patches 05-13-2017 07:04 PM

”A-A-Are you s-sure that this is the right w-way Mio?” Patches is shaking so hard she is having a hard time speaking. This is not the kind of environment that she would generally put herself into willingly. Only today was different, she had received a very special invitation to a Birthday party and she knew it would be rude to turn it down. Although she has never met the host, their Pokemon were still kind enough to give her an invitation. “Pikachu!” Mio looks back and gives Patches a big smile and a confident nod.

“W-well I’m glad I h-have you to lead t-the way. I wouldn’t want to get l-l-lost out here.” She gently squeezes the Eevee she is holding in her arms and it helps her settle down a bit. “I’m glad you’re alright with me holding you Momo, I’d be feeling much worse if I didn’t have a Pokemon to snuggle with right about now.” She puts her brave face on and presses forward, following closely behind Mio who seems to actually be enjoying this.

’You know what? It’s really not so bad once you give it a chance, it’s just that it’s dark and all of the plants look dead. I really should have brought Totodile with me so I could at least give some water to all of these dried up plants.' Just as Patches began to feel at ease suddenly loud eerie cries are heard from the distance. “Pika pika!” Mio points in the direction the cries sounded like they were coming from and begins to happily run toward it.

“You mean I have to g-go toward that s-scary sound!?!” Patches is now hugging Momo even tighter but this time it doesn’t seem to be helping. “vee...” Momo was beginning to lose his ability to breathe.

“Ack! S-sorry Momo, I didn’t m-mean to squeeze you so t-tightly.” She loosens her grip on Momo, takes a deep breath, and begins to run in the same direction Mio went in order to catch up. The sounds only continue to get louder and Patches is using every last ounce of bravery she has in order to continue following Mio. ’I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.’ She makes up a little mantra in her head and keeps repeating it to herself in hopes that it will get her through this hard time.

Suddenly, a shadow appears out of nowhere and zips by right in front of her. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Patches squeals so loudly that Mio wouldn’t even be surprised if all of Fizzytopia heard it. She reflexively drops Momo and takes off running as fast as she possibly can, passing Mio in a flash. She can’t even think. The only thing that is working right now is pure instincts and adrenaline. She keeps running and running, the cries getting louder, and her two Pokemon struggling to keep up behind her.

Suddenly as her adrenaline begins to wear off a tall tree comes into view. And she immediately spots a Meowth and her friend Keith in front of what looks like a door on the tree. ’Oh no!’ She has been running so fast that she can’t seem to stop herself and is headed straight for Keith. “KE-!!” she tried to speak in order to warn him but she was too late. Next thing she knew she plowed right into Keith and then fell into the door.

134 05-13-2017 08:46 PM

Tate arrived fashionably late, blissfully unaware of the eerie atmosphere, clueless as to whose birthday it was, and clutching an earnestly-attempted-but-poorly-executed wrapped gift. A cachophany of calls heralded the bird keeper's arrival, as it appeared the entire aviary was in company as well;
some in flight and others on foot, all chirping and squeaking and squawking away.

Ku and Kue -- twin heads of the Doduo known as Kukuee -- lagged behind the group, struggling to coordinate their footsteps. The shy Haawi walked beside her trainer, eyes downcast and tail clutched in her flippers like a security blanket. Ikaikai -- adamant and reckless -- flew tight circles around the group in a perimeter, and the Starly's bold whistles cut sharply through the evening air, daring anyone to get too far out of line. Now and then she would buzz Palaho, but never would she stray too close to the Mandibuzz, who was too intimidating a foe even for her, and for good reason; the most powerful by far of Tate's flock, she was an imposing presence and fiercely protective of her little sister, whose chubby and flightless form was perched upon her back, wheezing happily as they soared through the night. Kauka and Palaho had no intention of attending the part proper, but rather planned to hang out outside, terrorizing any stragglers and enjoying each other's superior company.

Then there was Uhane. Perched with sharp talons embedded in Tate's hat and pricking through layers of khaki and hair to pierce scalp, she sat proud but disinterested upon her master's head. She knew all things, even this party, would come to an end. It was simply a matter of waiting.

Pausing on the stoop, the flock settled in around their master, perching on branches and shoulders and even the ground itself. Too awkward to just enter, despite being invited, Tate knocked on the door to a tune, and then settled in to wait, whistling the while away.

Lil'twick 05-13-2017 09:22 PM

Austin started to hear commotion outside, and headed towards the door. Opening it, he couldn't see anyone. Weird... He thought he heard some type of screaming? It was hard to tell, the voices of the dead were often loud and a bit obnoxious. He could hear some giggling from inside, and saw Marie and Wisp huddling together. Ugh, Marie probably played a trick on the party guests. Walking onto the deck, Austin walked the perimeter of the tree until he found a small group of guests and their Pokemon huddled around the hollow within the willow. Did Marie create an illusion for them to think it was the door? The tree was too small there to effectively live in anyways... Though, he did keep some things in storage there. Crap. Did he put the yard work tools away properly? The last thing he needed was getting sued over his Gengar's antics. Clearing his head, the artificial ginger yelled down at his guests.

"Hey! The house is actually this way! That's my storage shed... So if anyone fell in I'm sorry!" He yelled, making sure those down there could hear him.

Running over to his pulley system, Austin boarded the make-shift elevator. Wisp soon jumped on top of his head, the soul candle's wax feeling soothing to him. Pulling the lever, the teen and the Litwick soon descended ot meet their guests. Grabbing his beanie from his back pocket, Austin set Wisp on the ground and put the beanie on to hide his now messed up hair. The sounds of the steel cables made a horrid screeching as the platform landed on the ground below. He felt a small chill behind him, and Marie appeared next to him as well. At this point in time he could see his guests in front of him.

"Ah! Hello to meet you all. I'm Austin... I originally hail from Virbank but now I'm just living here. So excuse me if... excuse me if this is a mess..." he sighed, starting to trip on his words and feeling embarrassed. Thankfully Marie was there.

"Don't listen to this idiot. Welcome to our humble abode, the Willow Tree! Or the Salix Bablyonica, if you're a nerd like this kid and want to be all scientific," Austin was blushing harder now. "Anyways my name is Marie! Also yes I can speak your tongue, I always have been. How? Don't ask a lady her past!" Marie joked with the crowd, the Gengar having a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah... It's a long story. Just call me Wisp. Marie's my big sis! Well, when we were alive... But this is a party, not some tragic feels fest! I know the humans probably don't understand me, but if you do that's fun!~" The Litwick chimed in, obviously happy to be interacting with new people.

"U-Uh... Anyways. We should, um, probably head back up. The last thing I want is something blowing up... So let's go." Austin awkwardly motioned to the group the platform. Once everyone was on, he pulled the lever again. Soon they were at the deck, and he went into the house to make sure everything was fine. It was, for now... This was going to be a long, long day.

Missingno. Master 05-13-2017 11:58 PM

"WAH!" Meowth exclaimed, tensing up as he heard the loud squeal. "Wat was dat?!"

"Probably a Misdreavus or something," Keith said, unfazed by the sound. "Come on, Meowth, how long have we lived in these parts now?"

"Yeah, well, dat don't mean it can't freak me out none," Meowth retorted. "Dose freaky screams from outta nowhere- WAT DA-" Meowth exclaimed, for at that moment, someone plowed into Keith, knocking him over.

"...Owwww," Keith groaned as he pulled himself back to his feet. "What the- wh- Patches?" he said, recognizing the rather energetic Trainer he'd met back at the Nightclub. "Heh, generally when friends hope to run into each other in the future, they don't mean it so literally," he grinned, offering a hand to help Patches up.

At that point, Keith heard someone calling from nearby- apparently they had been attempting to gain entrance to the storage shed. Keith chuckled sheepishly at this revelation as Meowth simply gave him a look. "A storage shed," Meowth said flatly. "Youse was knockin' on da door to da storage shed."

"It's a mistake anyone could make, Meowth," Keith retorted. "Oh, yeah- Meowth, this is Patches. Patches, remember that Meowth I was talking about? This is him right here. And as you heard, he can speak."

Just then, they arrived at the actual place, whereupon someone who could only be Austin greeted them. He was clearly very awkward, and his Gengar picked up the pace for him, welcoming them all. Keith wasn't the least bit surprised by Marie's gift for the human language- all of his own Ghost-types could speak it, after all. Hell, his Camerupt spoke human language.

It was when the Gengar and Litwick were speaking that one of Keith's Pokémon materialized from the confines of her Poison Ball. Moved by curiosity, though still very much shy around so many new faces, Aster the Shiny Mareanie had settled on a compromise- exit her ball, but hide behind Keith, hugging his leg with two of her vivid pink tentacles. At this, Keith looked down and gave the Brutal Star Pokémon a reassuring smile.

As Austin invited them onto the platform that would elevate the currently present guests up to the Secret Base, Keith was the first to step onto the platform. Aster moved with him, still clinging to his leg, while Meowth continued to sit on his shoulder.

kawaiiconcept 05-14-2017 01:06 AM

Kawaii was late to the party and she knew it. Fortunatly she had brought a gift that was rare to the Fizzytopia region. One of the six pokemon she had come with was holding onto it tightly. This pokemon was her Comfey, Flora. Flora prided herself on making garlands that soothed and calmed people.
The other five pokemon were: her always loyal Espeon Frieghya, a newer addition which was a Purrloin with ruthless intentions named Victoria, a brand new baby lopbuny dubbed Lapis, an always on gaurd Pawniard named Katrina, and a eager for battle strength seeker Heracross called Derpulese.
The pink haired trainer addressed her pokemon before they entered "I expect you to behave and do not cause any trouble, understand?"
There was a series of nods and the female trainer turned around, satisfied. Kawaii took a breath and stepped inside the unfamiliar secret base.

Marion Ette 05-14-2017 10:43 AM

Just breathe...
Minerva takes a deep breath. Had the air in places like this always been so.... stifling? So cold? Living as a ghost with a zipper mouth for two decades and no real need to inhale, perhaps she had forgotten... But the semblance of humanity she had crafted for herself was becoming more real by the day. Haunted environs like this used to be her element, the places she longed for when she thought of home - but home was nowhere, these days. The Mawile beside her, sensing her disorientation, looks up with deep concern, but Minerva merely gives the steel fairy a pat on the head and a gentle admonition to stop looking at her like that.

That morning, she woke up - which was odd, because she had been an insomniac for such a long time - feeling like she was suffocating. Instinctively, she tried to breathe, with lungs she had thought to be mere illusions. She wished it had been a more dignified awakening into the next stage of her return to the earth, but she flailed like a damn Magikarp, confused and horrified, not sure whether to inhale deeper or exhale in a series of screams. And yet, this was only the second worst of this type of event - the first, of course, being Ffion attempting chest compressions on Minerva when her heart decided that it was actually important to her survival. That was a fun ER visit to explain... to this day, she still wasn't quite sure how Ffion managed it so cleanly. These memories should be behind her already, but the body was not so keen to forget as the mind, and she was struggling...

Birthday parties were not Minerva's cup of tea, typically; her feelings regarding birth and life were stifled, conflicted, tangled. The celebration of it left the taste of bile in her mouth and the burning of it in her thoughts... but she felt obligated, in this instance, and if she went through all the bother of getting a present, she may as well attend. Besides, she had even gone to the trouble of dressing for the occasion - she hadn't worn a dress with a skirt hem that extended beyond her thigh in along time, let alone past the knee - but the gentle swish-swish of the flowing material as she moved was oddly satisfying. It was like walking through deep, red clouds.

As she arrives to the intricate pulley system designed to take her to her destination, she tries to appear natural, but even the short rush to the elevator leaves her panting. So much for her usual cool, collected entrance... Even so, her pale, grey eyes remain just as eerily piercing as when she was a spirit, focused firmly on Keith.

"You know Austin too, do you?" She remarks casually, trying to appear as nonchalant as she can when so out of sorts.

Toddling behind, Minerva's Mawile takes a spot firmly beside her left leg, eyeing the shiny Mareanie with interest. The metal, leaf-shaped appendage hovering above his head visibly grins.

Patches 05-14-2017 12:45 PM

Patches accepts Keith’s hand and he helps pull her up. “I am so SO sorry!! Something jumped out at me and I got scared and I started running and then-” Mio, who is now sitting on her shoulder nudges the side of her head to get her to stop talking before she starts speaking more than necessary. “Um. What I mean to say is that I’m really sorry. Well, I guess I already said it once but just know that I am! And I’m happy to see a familiar face, it has already made this place much less scary.”


“Oh!” Patches whips around and sees her very out of breath Charmander Kei carrying two beautifully wrapped presents. “I am so sorry Kei!! I completely forgot that you were following us this entire time! It was so scary back there I just wasn’t thinking straight. Man, I’m doing a lot of apologizing today...” she sighs.

Then suddenly a voice calling from above informed them that they were actually inside of a shed. ’Oh wow! I’ve never been to a party inside of a shed before! This is going to be great!’ Her eyes began to sparkle as she imagined singing karaoke while using a weed whacker for added sound effect.

She suddenly notices another trainer that is surrounded by birds and is curious to meet them. But, her attention is brought back to Keith when she realizes he is talking to his Meowth. Like actually talking. Her jaw drops and he proceeds to introduce the Meowth as the one he had told her about back at the Nightclub. “H-He can talk!? There are Pokemon that can talk!?” She starts to reach out to touch the Meowth in order to check and see if he’s real only to be stopped by a gentle shock to the hand. It was of course Mio. “Pika pikachu… (“Don’t mind her Meowth, she struggles to understand personal boundaries sometimes.”)”

“Ouch! That wasn’t very nice Mio! Anyway, I can’t believe Pokemon can talk! I had no idea! Mio you should say something!”

“Pika pika pikachu chuu pika… (“Believe me, I would if I could. Then I’d be able to educate you on reality.”)”

“No, I meant something in our language!”

“Chuuu. (“Sigh...”)”

“Hmm, Mio must be shy. Regardless, it’s very nice to meet you Meowth! And this is my Pikac-” She begins to also introduce her Pokemon to Keith but is cut short. Suddenly another trainer she had never seen before appears out of what looks like an elevator shaft and somewhat uncomfortably introduces himself as Austin. ’He seems really nice! And a bit shy. I’ll have to make sure to help him with his shyness!’ Suddenly a much more outgoing Gengar begins to speak and introduce herself. ’Another talking Pokemon!! I’m really going to have to work on Mio’s refusal to talk later. I bet she has a lovely voice.’

Suddenly she notices Kawaii approach and gives her a smile and wave. That was immediately followed by what appeared to be a ghost joining them. ’Weird.. I think that’s a ghost in a dress but for some reason I’m not scared at all.’ She is very curious and begins to approach but Mio sees what she is about to do and gives her a firm nudge in the side of the head. ’Right.. It would be very rude to ignore Austin and his Pokemon right now.’ She stops and turns her attention back to the trainer speaking.

She continues to listen and finds out that the party isn’t actually being held in the shed. Her dreams from earlier were shattered but she knew that even the new location is probably going to be just as fun. She decides to hold off on introducing herself to all of the new faces until they are in the right place and proceeds to follow along with the rest of the trainers behind Keith and silently boards the platform with her Pokemon.

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