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Raves 11-07-2015 06:25 PM

The Sundered Blade - Alex's Timeworn Spire
Legends tell of the clashes of the Behemoth and the Leviathan in ancient times. The Behemoth, desolate sun vaporising the waters, great talons capable of wielding the very heart of the world itself as a great blade, hide tougher than even the strongest of metals. The Leviathan, primordial torrent washing away the mountains, dominion over the waters capable of calling forth the blood of the world itself as destructive meteors, hide so streamlined even the mightiest blast would not stop it. These two titans battled over the world for eons at the pinnacle of their strength, threatening to engulf the land in perpetual destruction. As the Behemoth raised His great blade to contend with the Leviathan's maelstrom of meteors, a great tempest blew from above as the Lord descended, His scales impervious to the Titans, and from the heavens, He unleashed an almighty gale. The Leviathan's meteors crumbled back to the blood of the world, the Behemoth's blade cracking and shattering back to the heart of the world, and as the Titans howled, The Lord's winds howled ever louder, driving the Titans back to their depths. The Leviathan retaliated with one defiant blast, from Its own Alpha, a grand meteor. The Behemoth retaliated with one defiant strike, from Its own Omega, a grand spear. The Lord retaliated with one decisive blow, from His own Delta, the breath of the world delving around Him as he Ascended, before diving into the convergence...

Draconoids, a mysterious etching.

Standing off the coast of the Volcanic Mountain, a great spire looms over the waters, eroded by the winds and storms and scarred with mysterious wisps across the body, time's very testament to the elements. The folklore surrounding this spire pertain to one clash between legendary pokemon at a scale of power said to eclipse even Arceus Himself, the spire itself the result of their final attacks before their wounds overcame them. At almost one hundred and fifty metres in height, the seemingly cracked pillar somehow remains as solid as it was all those years ago, earning it the title of the Sundered Blade.

A fitting location for Alex Blackhall and his team, who have claimed the spire as their own base after an unfortunate incident with their old Seaside City base. Given the situation, it serves as a mark of his own acceptance that the time to hide is long gone, and the group has turned the landmark into a nigh-impenetrable stronghold, serving as refuge to visitors and intimidation to enemies.

Ground floor: The foyer.


Upon arriving at the Blade, visitors will encounter a large, imposing door, which serves as the single entryway into the base. Beyond, lies the main foyer, a giant statue the centrepiece. To the left and right lie seating areas, with PC access for those who wish to withdraw or deposit pokemon, and with a pair of TVs and DVDs available for peruse. To the north lies an elevator room, with a pair of elevators which allow access to the rest of the tower.

Floors 1-3: Residential and Accommodation.


The first three floors are reserved for guests wishing to stay the night, as well as general restrooms for Alex's team. The hallways of each room contain bookshelves with a variety of books and tomes for those wishing for some quiet time, and each room contains a bed, seating and table and spectacular views.

Floor 4: The Battleground.


Easily the largest floor, the Battleground as it's known is divided into two distinct sections. To the south is the actual field, adorned with large statues and a sizable lake with rocks for water-based battles. Each of the smaller rooms to the sides contains a PC for Pokemon access, as well as a control panel allowing for access to scoreboards.

The northern half, with plentiful seating, contains a snooker table for those people seeking an alternative competition, with the TVs hooked to cameras in the battleground for safe viewing, and the shelves and fridge are stocked with plenty of snacks and refreshments for spectators.

Floor 5: The Arcade and Kitchen.


Actually a floor above the Battleground, this floor is where Alex will usually be found, with the shelves at the elevator room being historic books and novels. Inside, the east wing is the arcade itself, with a large variety of games on the shelf and four large consoles taking up much of the space. A second pool table lies here, as well as computers for those who would take to the net. In the middle is a relaxation area where you may read a book or relax by the lake, which water pokemon are free to use. The left wind contains a large kitchen, with plentiful storage and a very clever stove in the shape of a Heatran, and the fridge and freezer are well stocked. Perhaps too well stocked...

The Peak: Alex's Study.


Normally closed off to the public, this floor at the top of the Blade is the most secure of all, and contrasts the lower floors by being more like a vault rather than a set of rooms. Beyond the bulwark, which is password protected, lies the actual study. To the left, a destress chamber with plushies. The central area contains satellite systems for some unknown purposes, and numerous artefacts within cases, each one alarmed. The right contains the main study, with a bookshelf containing ancient tomes of myth and legend, seemingly obtained through less than moral methods. The trophy is actually a control panel for the spire, allowing Alex to lock and unlock doors at will as well as a master alarm system.

Raves 11-07-2015 06:26 PM

None for the moment.

Raves 11-07-2015 06:27 PM

Decor and Legal Stuff.
Item Purchase 1
x2 White Glass Table
x1 Black Lounger
x1 Black Sofa
x4 Green Plush Stools
x1 Flower Bucket
x4 Blue Rock
x1 Spikes Mat
x1 Regice Doll
x1 Torchic Doll
x1 Togepi Doll
x2 Electric Cushion
x1 PC
x1 Long Blue Bookcase
x2 Glass Sculpture
x1 White Bed
x4 Blue Curtains
x1 Clock

Item Purchase 2
x1 Lugia Plushie
x1 Rayquaza Plushie
x1 Shiny Rayquaza Plushie
x1 Shiny Groudon Plushie
x1 Shiny Mew Plushie
x1 Mewtwo Plushie
x1 Shaymin Plushie
x1 Regigigas Plushie
x1 Palkia Plushie
x1 Heatran Plushie
x1 Dialga Plushie

Item Purchase 3
x11 Beds, 1 white, 2 of each of the other 5 colours
x12 Plush Stools, 4 of each of Red, Blue and Yellow
x1 Black Lounger
x1 Black Sofa
x2 White Loungers
x2 White Sofas
x10 Pokemon Chairs
x2 White Glass Tables
x12 Checkered Tables, 2 of each colour
x2 Brick Tables
x6 Pokemon Desks

x4 Fountains
x3 Flower Buckets
x4 Gorgeous Trees
x6 Flower Dishes
x6 Pretty Flowers
x8 Tropical Plants

x1 Spikes Mat
x2 Fire Blast Mats
x2 Razor Leaf Mats
x2 Hydro Pump Mats
x2 Fissure Mats
x2 Thunder Mats

x2 Grass Cushions
x2 Water Cushions
x2 Fire Cushions
x2 Diamond Cushions
x2 Ball Cushions

x1 Regirock Doll
x1 Registeel Doll
x1 Lapras Doll
x1 Treecko Doll
x1 Mudkip Doll
x2 Baltoy Dolls
x2 Duskull Dolls

x4 Slot Machines
x2 Snooker Tables
x3 PCs
x2 PC and Desk
x4 Wall TVs
x4 Fridge Freezers
x4 TV and Stands
x2 Glass Sculptures
x3 Silver Shields
x12 Curtains, 4 of each of Red, Green and Yellow
x11 Clocks
x8 White Round Bookcases
x8 White Tall Bookcases
x2 Satellite Dishes
x5 Amber Displays
x1 Model Ship

Base Purchase and Insurance.

Raves 11-07-2015 06:32 PM

Birthdays and Rules.
Base Rules.

1: RP is free as it comes. There's no direct limit on what pokemon to bring, but Alex would ask to leave your Zangoose and Seviper at home, for the very existence of his own Shadow Zangoose could be a can of Zygarde he is unwilling to open.

2: Under no normal circumstances would access to the top floor be free for visitors. Unless Alex allows it, you may not head for that location.

3: When posting and replying, be sure to state which floor each subpost occurs on, this makes things much easier. This base is freaking huge, I believe the biggest in FB, so this is to avoid confusion.

4: Above all, have fun!

Base status: Open.


10 Jan: Alex the Human.
29 Jan: Fragarath the Honchkrow.
6 Feb: Caladbolg the Garchomp.
29 Feb: Halley the Jirachi.

19 Apr: Totsuka the Shadow Zangoose.

13 Jul: Harpe the Aipom.
24 Jul: Nothung the Infernape.
24 Aug: Tantalia the Conkeldurr.
25 Aug: Glasspine the Sandshrew.
3 Sep: Paine the Gothorita.
15 Sep: Herex the Drapion.

22 Oct: Isaac the Cubone.
23 Oct: Lapis the Dusclops.
27 Oct: Golett the Golett.
11 Dec: Mjolnir the Swampert.
14 Dec: Vog the Drowzee.
17 Dec: Napier the Horsea.
20 Dec: Nuhuko the Lunatone.
31 Dec: Mistilteinn the Abomasnow.

Missingno. Master 11-07-2015 09:58 PM

The Volcanic Mountain. This active volcano was among a number of active volcanoes in the Fizzytopia region, albeit a number that had recently been reduced by one thanks to recent events in the Cascadia Archipelago. This volcano, bearing a decidedly uninspired name, stood tall upon a nameless island in the sea of Fizzytopia, though was by no means the island's only attraction. Indeed, the coast of said island was home to a towering spire of rock, said to have been created by the collision of attacks from three horribly powerful legendary Pokémon, and rumored to have survived the elements for centuries, as solid now as it was hundreds of years ago. This formidable formation was an undoubtedly impressive sight, and indeed, that sight was being seen from afar by those aboard the boat approaching the island.

The boat was a large, impressive vessel indeed, built out of wood- it would have bore a remarkable resemblance to an old-time sailing ship were it not for the lack of masts or sails. Instead, a propeller off the stern was what moved her through the water. Those viewing this boat from behind would be able to see her name, painted on the stern in blood-red letters; Banette's Revenge. And at the helm of the Banette's Revenge stood her captain, steering her towards the island- the Poison-type Trainer known as Keith Masters.

"Wow, so dat's da Sundered Blade, huh?" said the Meowth on Keith's shoulder.

"Yep," nodded Keith. "What say we check it out once we dock the Revenge, hmm?"

"Works fer me," nodded Meowth.

"Heat Heatmor!" chimed in the Fire-type next to Keith.

"Heh, figured you'd like to see it, Kyle," grinned Keith as he started to turn the steering wheel, preparing to dock the boat. "I'm guessing there's nothing that impressive on Aduro Island?" Indeed, Kyle shook his head no, and continued to look up at the spire.

Not long after that, the boat was docked, and Keith was ashore, along with his Pokémon, and they were approaching the Sundered Blade. And as they drew closer, Keith could see something he most certainly hadn't expected to see- a door. A door, right at the base of the spire. "Wat da..." Meowth murmured. "wat's dat door doin' dere?"

"And look- windows," Keith added. Now thqt they were even closer, Keith could see that there were indeed many windows built into the formidable formation, giving the impression that a tall building with multiple floors had been built into the rock. "I... This... It looks like... like somebody's built a Secret Base into the Sundered Blade. And a huge one, at that. "C'mon, this I gotta see." he said as he approached the door and knocked.

Raves 11-14-2015 03:43 PM

Floor 5, Arcade.

The plan had gone off without problems.

Covering his tracks went as smooth as expected, though he was somewhat alarmed to hear that they had brought a Tyranitar of all things to bring him down with, but the wily Duskull managed to outwit even this and evolved on top of this, to her advantage. After sailing on the borrowed ship to the Sundered Blade, and purchasing the title deed for the location at a Champion's ransom, the move was successful and Nuhuko returned the Banette's Revenge back where it came from in the same condition it was left...if facing the wrong way.

Currently, Alex Blackhall reclined in one of the seats, reading a newsaper article on a catastrophic earthquake that struck Seaside City's cliffs, leaving nests in chaos and the epicentre, one large cave system, completely destroyed, but what was of concern to him was the transcript that mentioned no trace of humans being there. Given the Armor pokemon, it was possible that the Spovelli grunts sent after him would have escaped, if injured physically and in pride, but there was no trace of his ever being there.

Through in the central area, Napier the Horsea and Caladbolg the Garchomp were in conversation, discussing the water type's offensive capabilities as of recent, while Nuhuko the pumpkin Lunatone rested, the psychic type having been drained from recent activity.

Ground Floor, Entrance.

"Current funding situation...respectable. Food supplies...bountiful. Electrical subsystems..."

Down on the ground floor, located a good hundred metres below Alex, Lapis sat at a table with a pen, bookkeeping while Vog the Drowzee and Herex the Drapion relaxed by the door. The scorpion and tapir were tasked by Alex to keep guard of the door, the psychic type able to convey a message of alarm if someone shifty appeared, and the Drapion serving as security. While they knew where the others were, the pair expected today to be rather sleepy, and were welcoming the case when a small chime within the foyer rang out, alerting them to a given fact: someone else was here.

'Mind asking up there who that is?' Herex rattled, the Drowzee nodding before telepathically sending a message up to the fourth floor, where one figure stood at the window, practically invisible: Paine the Gothorita. A few seconds later, the mental silence was broken with a small hum, giving the pair below the all clear. With that, Vog and Herex headed for the door where a small panel sat to one side as a knock echoed through, and as the tapir poked a number in, the locking mechanism on the doors disengaged, allowing the Ogre Scorp to clutch the handles and heft them backwards, opening the door as the Drowzee stood to greet the first visitors to the Sundered Blade.

And almost as soon as the psychic laid eyes on the hat-wearing trainer and entourage, Meowth on shoulder and Heatmor gazing up, that he knew exactly who the visitors were. After all, when your claim to fame is toppling a volcano deity, it's hard to keep a low profile, especially as far as Alex and his team were concerned.

'Well this is a surprise,' he chuckled as Herex waved a claw in greeting, 'and here I was thinking we wouldn't be graced with a being of such acclaim as yourselves. Do enter, my master's on the fifth floor currently. If you're tired from your trip here, there's rooms on the first to third floors up, and currently we have some training up on the fourth, as well as some discussion on some interesting matters concerning tales of Sinnoh. Where are my manners, though, my name is Vog, my associate here is Herex and this is the new residence of our master, Alex Blackhall.'

'You mayhaps overdid it, Vog. Short and brief, as Alex said,' the poison type shrugged, the longwindedness of the Drowzee once more keeping her amused.

Missingno. Master 11-14-2015 04:32 PM

Ground floor, Entrance: After Keith had knocked, he looked back up at the towering rock formation, once again marveling at the fact that it had apparently been converted into a massive Secret Base. Keith, of course, had ambitions to expand his Secret Base into a dwelling of palace-esque proportions, but he was pretty sure that wouldn't happen anytime soon, and even if it did, no way in hell could he top this. And that was just his thoughts upon seeing the outside!

Not long afterwards, the doors swung open, and Keith could see just what had pulled them open- a Drapion, with a Drowzee standing nearby. Keith knew both species of Pokémon well, as he owned a Drapion himself, and had owned several Drowzee over the years.

And then came a voice in Keith's mind- he was no stranger to telepathic conversation, so it came as no surprise to him that the Drowzee was greeting him in this way, even if Somnus had never mastered the art of telepathy himself. No, Keith's experience in telepathic communication had more to do with his Swoobat and his Weezing, but nevertheless, he got the idea that it was this Drowzee greeting him. He couldn't help but grin as the Drowzee seemed to have heard of him, and also seemed to think somewhat highly of him. The Drowzee, who introduced himself as Vog and the Drapion as Herex, invited Keith to enter, while explaining that there were rooms in which to rest up on the three floors above them, as well as some training going on on the fourth floor, and the owner of the Secret Base was on the fifth floor- said owner being Alex Blackhall.

Keith exchanged looks with Meowth. "So this is Alex's Secret Base," Keith remarked.

"Hey, wait- ain't he da one Chuck said had a Zangoose?" Meowth said suddenly.

"Ooh, yeah, you're right," Keith murmured, whipping out his Koffing Purple Pokédex and hastily pressing a few buttons. One of the Poké Balls on his belt disappeared and was swiftly replaced with a Safari Ball. "Glad you caught that, Meowth- I don't think Marvolo would be very welcome here if there is indeed a Zangoose on the premises. Anyway," he added, turning back to the Drowzee. "Um... thank you. I'm guessing you already know I'm Keith Masters, but this is Meowth, and this here is Kyle, my Heatmor."

"A pleasure to meet you," Kyle said in greeting to the Drowzee and Drapion.

"Da journey weren't dat tirin'," Meowth added. "But den, I spent da whole trip on dis guy's shoulder."

Keith chuckled. "Actually, it wasn't too bad a journey- we came here by boat, you can probably see her out the window- the Banette's Revenge. Honestly, I'm more interested in the training you mentioned," he admitted. "I don't suppose we'd be allowed to get in on that, or at least watch?" he asked. As he spoke, Kyle looked as though he too was interested in the training that was going on.

Raves 11-21-2015 04:12 PM

Ground floor: Entrance

With introductions done and watching Keith and Meowth converse, Vog noted the decision to switch one of Keith's pokemon out with some respect, as there was little knowledge of what a metting with a Seviper would do for Totsuka. As the human turned to the pair and introduced himself and his Heatmor Kyle, the psychic pokemon nodded sagely as Herex met with the fire type.

"Likewise. You're perhaps the bravest 'mon I've heard of to survive such hardships and come out on top. Well, at least that's what I hear from Lapis in conversation."

At the sound of the Banette's Revenge, the pair blanched for the slightest moment before composing themselves once more, when Keith mentioned interest in the traning above.

'Of course you're welcome, the battleground is on the fourth floor up. If my memory serves me, currently Miss Tantalia and Sir Mjolnir are duelling, though if you wish to partake I am confident that a couple of others would be willing. Allow me to escort you there,' Vog replied with the standard of grace the Drowzee seemed to emanate as he beckoned the group to the elevator.

Floor 5, Arcade.

Alex had just turned to the world news section of the paper when the elevator pinged and opened, with a Sandshrew emerging from it with a small note in his claws, printed off from the ground floor. Scampering to the trainer, Glasspine handed the paper to him as he folded the newspaper shut before giving a quick glance over it.

"Guests, huh? Ah, right, that Keith guy," he sighed to himself, assuming that the renowned trainer had come to discuss the 'borrowing' of his vessel. He shrugged, before scooping the Sandshrew up into his arms and heading for the elevator, the fourth floor being the destination, thankful for Silph technology expanding to the elevator system. Quantum elevators, capable of using up to three at a time...just what connectons does that bird have?

Floor 4: Battleground.


'Rrrrgh! Not bad!'

In the main battleground, flanked by statues of Dialga and Palkia, Mjolnir the wampert and Tantalia the Conkeldurr were sparring, the water type shaking himself off after taking a particularly fierce brick break from the fighter, who was bracing herself for his retaliatory brick break, the pair trading melee blows while Paine monitored the bout, breaking the pair up when necessary with a quick light screen, though this seemed unnecessary at the moment.

In the viewing room a trio of small pokemon sat at one of the tables with berry smoothies, the Cubone, Aipom and Golett watching the duel with interest (though in the Golett's case this was less interest and more out of nothing better to do) while on one of the loungers lay a purple cat, the shadow pokemon doing what she did best: lazing around. At the other table sat an Infernape, who was busy using his Thunder Punch to power a blender, being the source of the smoothies while the ice came from the fridge. Nothung of course knew that Mistilteinn and Halley were out on business, heading to the mainland to restock on frozen goods, and they wouldn't be too long, and as he sat, savoured the peace the ape had worked so much for.




The cries came from the smaller pokemon as the duel took a painful twist. Taking advantage of a slow swing, Mjolnir had fired a nasty mega punch at Tantalia, taking the fighter off-guard and knocking her flying a few metres, only for the Muscular pokemon to bounce back with surprising agility, cloaked in crimson as the fish realized he'd been had, the counterattack grappling him and lobbing him across the room, slamming into the wall as the Gothorita stared stoically, before waving her arms to call a break from the fisticuffs, the Swampert groggily clambering from lying to all fours, panting.

'Grrrgh...didn't see that...one coming...good hit there...' he panted, his opponent equally shaken.

'Owie...you threw that last punch well...' the Conkeldurr grunted back, bracing herself with her pillars as their referee gave a hum to indicate training was done for now, with the next fight due when Mist got back.

Missingno. Master 11-21-2015 05:35 PM

Ground floor, Entrance: As Keith introduced himself and his Pokémon, Kyle also introduced himself to them. Herex, the Drapion, replied to Kyle, saying that he was perhaps the bravest Pokémon she'd heard of, considering how he came out on top despite all the hardships he'd endured. "Well, I can't really claim full credit for that," Kyle replied modestly. "It's true I was able to help what remained of my pack survive for a remarkably long time, between the Durant famine and Heatran forcing all of the locals he didn't kill to try and kill us, but the fact remains that had Keith not come into the picture, we would have died." At this point, the Anteater Pokémon glanced up at Keith, admiration in his eyes, before turning back to Herex. "I miss my pack at times, though I absolutely don't regret joining Keith," he added. "I've seen so much of the world I never would have dreamed of had I remained in Mt. Aduro, and Keith's taught me a great variety of useful attacks, some of which I didn't even know I could learn. And some of his other Pokémon are rather remarkable, too."

Meanwhile, Vog informed Keith that he'd be welcome to partake in the training- two of Alex's Pokémon were already battling up on the fourth floor, but Keith was informed that there were most likely other Pokémon of Alex's willing to take him on. "Sounds good," Keith smiled, as he followed the Drowzee to the elevator, with Kyle in turn following him.

Raves 12-18-2015 06:24 PM

Floor 4: Battleground.

Lumbering out each door Mjolnir and Tantalia made for the loungers, the Conkeldurr giving a deep sigh as her eyes landed on the Zangoose currently hogging as much of the seat as possible, while Nothung merely shrugged, before a ding of the elevator alerted the group to the occupants, and the sight of Alex and Glasspine helped to calm everyone's nerves, as the trainer placed the Sandshrew on the ground, the pokemon scampering to the other three smaller ones.

"Listen up guys, I've got some news for you," he began, before looking at Totsuka. "First, shift your arse off the seat Totsuka and let Tantalia get some rest."

At this, the shadow pokemon went from lying on her back to rolling to her belly, still on the seat, her rear protruding in the air. A quick grab later, and the fighting type was comfortably reclining, Zangoose grumbling slightly before returning to her relaxed position, this time on top of the Conkeldurr's lap as she resigned herself and slowly pet the furball.

"...well, at least you half listen at the best of times...anyway, word has it we're expecting...friendly guests."

At the sound of guests, the Infernape tensed slightly before relaxing once more at the news said guests weren't clad in black, before Alex made a few gestures.

"Since they're our first guests, and from what I hear seem like the sporting sort, we need to clear the decks a bit, get some snacks or something going. If Mist and Halley ever hurry up with that shopping trip, we'll be on a roll, but since they're not here, we'll make do with what we have. Tant, Mjolnir, you two can recuperate. Isaac, Harpe and Gol, you three and Glass are to head up and grab some stuff from the fridge. Nothung, you'll need some backup with those smoothies, so I'll call Frag down to give a helping claw. I'm fairly sure Lapis should be done bookkeeping shortly, and I'm assuming Herex and Vog are escorting the folks up."

At this, the room went into a quickened frenzy, the smaller pokemon heading for the elevator while Alex opened up an XTransceiver, having made an investment in the device on the advice of others, and called for the Honchkrow.

Floor 5: Arcade.

'Haw haw! I felt that one! Good show!'

At the pool, Caladbolg was chuckling as he shook off the dragon rage launched by Napier, the Horsea beaming at the work he was improving on. 'Someday you'll be a great dragon like me, you've certainly got the oomph about you now!'

The ding of the elevator behind them made the pair turn to see the four smaller pokemon chattering excitedly amidst themselves, heading for the kitchen as they began to raid the fridge for snacks.

'Hey...' the Garchomp began, 'did you get permission to have a feast? Did I get permission to have a feast?'

'We have guests! That hat guy! And his team!'

'Oh? I think I might know who that is...even though I never met him. Didn't he break a big angry oven?'

'No, silly! He defeated a terrible creature who was being really, really mean to everyone on an island!'

'Aw, shucks! You know I'm not being intentionally dumb! I just enjoy it! Anyways, how about we head down, the six of us?'

''Only if someone carries me. I'm not the most mobile on land...' the water type burbled, annoyed at his lack of legs, to which the Golett obliged, hoisting the Horsea onto his shoulder.


As a group, the six began to make their way to the elevator, Cal pushing a small trolley laden with foodsorts and wondering if he should arrange the sausage rolls so some of them were in his mouth.

Ground floor: The Foyer.

As Keith and entourage reached the elevator, Vog poked at the button display, entering a small code that led to a small chime as the elevator opened up.

'A small security measure, no need for alarm. While it is of no concern, our master has made some enemies in his time, and this merely serves as a delay if ever this place would come under assault. It is no small wonder the technology these days, as this elevator system was designed by Silph Corporation, utilising their warp tile technology to allow several individual elevators to be active at once. Sometimes I wonder if one's colleague Honchkrow has ties with unsavoury types...but I digress. Allow me to bring you to the battleground. Shall you be joining us, Herex?'

'Nope, sorry,' the Drapion shrugged. 'Someone needs to keep an eye on the door until those two get back.'

With a nod, and elevator occupied, the doors began to close as the scorpion nodded, the Heatmor's modest statement making her smile in respect as the doors closed and the elevator whirred to life.

"...and that's us up to date with everything. That only took, what, four hours?"

A small gust of wind escaped the Dusclops as she closed the notebook, stretching her limbs as she rose from the desk, too far engrossed in the paperwork to even realise Keith and friends had been and gone.

"...did I miss something, perhaps?" she mused to the poison type who could only shrug in response. "Nothing too major I presume. Well, I can do with a bit of air, so I'm just popping outside. I'll return in ten minutes or so or whenever Halley and Mist return, whichever comes first," she concluded before lumbering outside, eager to stretch her limbs after such a long time sitting down.

Floor 4: Battleground.

The main room was a frenzy of activity. Having been called down, Fragarath was with Nothung, keeping the Infernape's electrical energy topped up with careful use of thunder wave, while the arrival of Cal and Napier along with the small pokemon (a loud groan could be heard from the Cat Ferret on the appearance of the Mach pokemon) helped make what would have been two trips only one. Napier had been placed into a fountain, the Horsea chippy about his improvements in dragon attacks and excited on someday being able to hunt, while Paine remained beside Mjolnir, the Gothorita bandaging up his arm after the training, said bandage being treated with Oran extract to help relieve the pain, while Alex stood, somewhat nervous on the arrival of Keith, still fairly certain he'd found his boat was missing and returned at an awkward angle.

Which made the chime of the elevator with said guest in it ring out like Giratina's Bells. Swallowing his nerves, he took a tentative step back as the doors opened...

Missingno. Master 12-18-2015 07:14 PM

Ground floor: Foyer: To Keith's mild surprise, the Drowzee began to input a code of some sort with the keypad near the elevator. Vog explained that this was simply a small security measure, as Alex had managed to make himself a number of enemies. Keith nodded in understanding- nobody would be more understanding about security measures than the Trainer of Ginny the Pawniard, he figured, arguably a security measure in and of herself.

Vog went on to marvel at the incredible technology of this day and age- the elevator system the base used was designed by Silph, and made use of their infamous warp tile technology to allow multiple elevators to be active simultaneously. Keith was rather impressed by this- the elevator in his own Secret Base wasn't nearly as advanced as this one. It ran smoothly, though, which he supposed was better than nothing. And then, Vog's mention of a Honchkrow colleague which the Drowzee seemed to suspect of being allied with unsavory people got Keith thinking- sometimes he couldn't help but think similar thoughts about his Numel.

Once Keith had shaken these various thoughts out of his head, the elevator doors had closed, and the elevator itself started to rise.

Floor 4: Battleground: Once the elevator doors slid open, Keith found himself beholding a somewhat large room. An Infernape and Honchkrow seemed to be powering a blender with their Electric attacks, a Gothorita was bandaging up a Swampert's arm, and an excited Horsea was swimming in a fountain. A number of other Pokémon were in the room as well, as well as Alex, whom Keith had last seen at the Cable Club, when each had been helping to evolve the other's Pokémon. In fact, one of the other Pokémon Keith could see in the room was Tantalia, the Conkeldurr he briefly owned and helped to evolve from Gurdurr, sitting on a lounger next to a Shadow Zangoose.

"Hey, Alex," Keith greeted the other Trainer. "Didn't mean to drop by unannounced- this here is Kyle, my Heatmor," he added, introducing the Fire-type beside him.

"Heat Heatmor," Kyle added, waving at Alex.

"Anyway, wanted to show Kyle the Sundered Blade, tell him the legend behind it, right?" Keith continued. "And when we get here, me and Meowth notice the doors and windows, so, yeah, our curiosity took it from there," he finished.

"Yeah, once we realized dis ting had been turned into a Secret Base, we had ta find out whose Base it was," said Meowth. "Keith's renovated our Base a few times ova da years, but it ain't nowhere near as big as dis place."

"Nor will it be anytime in the near future," Keith nodded. "I'm doing pretty well on coins, but not that good!"

"Ya might be if ya didn't buy-" began Meowth, but Keith cut him off.

"Meowth, for what I hope to be the final time, I do not, have never, and will never regret buying Jack," Keith stated firmly.

"Alright, alright, I get da picture," sighed Meowth, rolling his eyes.

Keith sighed, then turned back to Alex. "So, uh, your Drowzee was mentioning something about training going on up here, said we were welcome to join in on it?" he asked.

Raves 02-07-2016 03:45 PM

Floor 4: Battleground.

Alex was aware that Keith had one of the biggest teams in the region, and a tinge of relief washed over him when the trainer himself appeared to have brought only two with him in the open, one being his Meowth, who the trainer knew was quite the character. The other, though, was that Heatmor he had heard of through Fragarath that joined him after he saved it and its colony from the events on Aduro.

"Hey, Alex, didn't mean to drop by unannounced." Keith started as he entered, before introducing him to Kyle, the anteater waving a claw in greeting at him.

"It's fine," he responded, sinking onto one of the stools. "I'll be honest here, I was a bit worried that I'd be caught in the middle of a storm of sorts, but a friendly face is always good to see."

As he listened to the reasoning behind Keith's visit, with the air of curiosity, Alex thought back to the moment he reached the spire, and gave a small chuckle when the note of renovations came up.

"Heh. If I told you this place was going at half price and still knocked over half a million coins, would you believe me? Worth the price though, this place is as sturdy as can be. Mind you, if Kyle's curious on the history of this place he should check with my Golett. Somehow, he came with the package as it is, and I've claimed ownership of him since, so he knows more about this place than I do."

At the mention of training, Alex smirked again, relaxed. He knew wherever Keith Golbatson Masters went, there was battling to be had.

"Yeah, we've got a training hall just through those doors," he motioned towards the openings at either side, "though given circumstances we usually end up sparring inside, rather than full-blown battling. You and your team's welcome to use itif you want to though. In fact, I think Isaac and Harpe were due to start sometime soon, but well, the schedule's changed a bit with your arrival," nodding at the Cubone and Aipom respectively.

"If I caw-d interject..." the Honchkrow crooned, in perfect english, "while it would be caw-sidered rude to say, I'm rather certain that your guests caw-d have a little rest after their voyage, and perhaps let a few of their caw-panions out for fresh air. For one, it would be caw-white caw-teous for both of us to mingle, as you people caw it, and for two, they caw-d do with a look around the place."


"Ahhh...I needed that..."

On the shore outside the Spire, Lapis stretched her legs, a dark cloth that shimmered with energy wrapped round her shoulders, to use a term. Following some business with another trainer's request, the Reaper Cloth had absorbed the trade energy, though the Dusclops had held off on absorbing the energy and evolving; She wanted to enjoy the experience of walking just a bit longer.

A small flake of snow drifted to her and evaporated.

Looking round, the phantom could see a large figure approach with a large sack, and a much smaller one in front of it. Giving a wave, she beckoned the pair near and began towards them, before stopping and clenching her hands in a combat stance.

Behind the Abomasnow, who sported several scorch marks, and the Jirachi, equally singed, were a quartet of rather angry brown felines, with a larger one sporting a magnificent red and yellow mane and a stance that fitted its regal poise, which were closing in on the pair.

'What the-where did they come from?' Lapis gasped, as the pair hunkered down, the supply sack in front of them, shielded from a barrage of painful embers. 'Yo two, get inside and call for some help. I'll hold them back...'

Grunting, the Frosted Tree lumbered past her, legendary in tow supporting her using psychic force to lift the weight of the bag and making it lighter.

They're probably hungry and saw two fire-weak travellers with a sack of food, easy pickings. I almost regret what I'm about to do...though the Pyroar may be troublesome.

Missingno. Master 02-08-2016 12:11 AM

Floor 4: Battleground: Alex seemed relieved at the fact that his guest was Keith, as opposed to someone or something more threatening. He then listened as Keith explained why he'd come here in the first place, and chuckled in response, mentioning that even at half-price, the place still cost him over half a million coins. "Holy crap," Keith murmured. "Though I guess I can't say I'm surprised," he added.

After that, Alex added that the property seemed to come with a Golett, which he'd since added to his team. Apparently, if Kyle was interested in the history of the place, it was that Golett he ought to talk to. "Sound good to you, Kyle?" Keith asked. "Maybe after some training, since I want Hermione to get in some practice with her attacks, and you know she's gonna want to learn more about this place as well." As he said this, Keith pulled out his Pokédex and pressed some more buttons. The Ground Ball vanished off his belt and was quickly replaced with an ordinary Poké Ball.

"Mor, Heatmor,' Kyle nodded.

And speaking of training, once the subject turned to that, Alex explained that they did indeed have a training hall, just beyond the doors on either end of the room. He explained that his Aipom and Cubone were about to start sparring in there, though Keith's arrival changed things somewhat. "Well, I don't mind if they want to go first," Keith replied. "In fact, maybe they could spar against some of my Pokémon? I actually got here a Pokémon I recently caught," he added, plucking an Ice Ball off his belt, "and I'd love for him to get in some practice, along with my Weedle."

At that point, the Honchkrow spoke up, in perfect English, albeit punctuated with occasional cawing. Keith didn't seem especially surprised here- he was far from the first Pokémon Keith knew of that could speak the human language, the Meowth on his shoulder being just one of a number of examples he knew of, and that's just the ones on his team! But anyway, the Honchkrow suggested that Keith bring out his other Pokémon, so that they might rest after their voyage, mingle, explore the place, that sort of thing. "That sounds good to me," Keith agreed. With the Ice Ball still in hand, he took the other three balls off his belt- a Safari Ball, the Poké Ball he'd switched onto his team just a minute ago, and an Ultra Ball- and threw all four spheres into the air.

The balls split open simultaneously, emptying their contents into the room. From the Ice Ball materialized a Sneasel, his fur a chocolaty shade of brown and his feathers a pale, icy shade of blue; from the Poké Ball appeared a small Weedle, her tail stinger pitch-black, looking around at her surroundings with great curiosity; from the Safari Ball emerged a majestic Dragalge, standing up on his ragged fins, smiling as he recognized the inhabitants of this otherwise unfamiliar place; and from the Ultra Ball emerged a Beedrill, wearing a band on his left foreleg stinger into which was set a multicolored marble-like gemstone which seemed to complement the Poison Bee Pokémon's overall color scheme. Keith tweaked the brim of the Mega Hat he wore, the Key Stone set into his trademark headgear seeming to resonate with the Mega Stone the Beedrill was wearing from the moment he was sent out.

"Alright, you remember Neville here, of course," Keith said, gesturing to his Dragalge. "This here is Lenny," he added turning to his Sneasel, "this is Hermione," he continued, indicating the Weedle, "and this here is Melittin," he finished with a nod to his Beedrill. "You would've met my Stunfisk instead of Hermione, only I'm sure she'd be just as willing to learn about this place as Kyle," Keith explained. "Not only that, she and my Trubbish are what I'll be using in a Double Battle at some point in the... hopefully... near future," he said, barely holding back a sigh- Levin Sanders had recently resigned from his position as a battle referee, leaving the Fizzytopia region with something of a shortage of battle referees. "...Anyway, I've been wanting Hermione to get in some practice with some of her moves before the battle, so that's another reason I brought her here."

As Keith was speaking, the young, unusually-colored Sneasel approached the Aipom and Cubone. "Hi! My name's Lenny, who are you?" Lenny asked inquisitively.

Raves 03-10-2016 03:07 PM

Floor 4: Battleground.

With Keith's notes on the aspect of battle, and thoughts on letting Alex's pokemon have a say, the hatted trainer released four pokemon as he introduced them. The trainer nodded as he looked upon Neville, recalling the trade to him, and raised an eyebrow at the oddly coloured Sneasel, as well as Hermione.

"I knew Keith could bring out your potential after all, Neville. You've grown well," he remarked to the Dragalge in question, "and though I really shouldn't speak negatively about things, but I'm curious as to what sort of tricks you Weedle's got, given the species aren't renowned for their movepools."

"As for Melittin, I see he's got a mega stone, which is actually something I'm expecting once the other two arrive with supplies. I'm still unsure whether or not to invest in an accessory for the key stone though, given that while I've a great deal of coins, in terms of those pokedollars..." he shrugged sheepishly as he fiddled with the XTransceiver and a voice pinged out the paltry sum of $170. "Fortunately I took advantage of that end of year sale to stock up on pokeballs and whatnot," motioning to a small tower that on closer inspection was several dozen cases of the spheres, with a considerable number of Premier Balls on top.

"Anyway, it must have been a long trip here. Nothung, could you at least plug in that smoothie maker before you run out of electric energy there?"

"Nape..." the starter ceded as he plugged the device into the wall, the Honchkrow patting his back in consolation as he wittered that he at least tied with his record of smoothies juiced before sparking out.

"I should probably introduce you to the others. The Honchkrow and Infernape over there are Fragarath and Nothung, my starter, while the Swampert and Gothorita are Mjolnir and Paine. Cal's the Garchomp there, and you've already met Herex and Vog, my Drapion and Drowzee. Napier the Horsea's in that fountain - he's Cal's pupil of sorts, wants to be a hunter like him - and you know Tantalia from our trade a while ago."

"The lazybones on her's Totsuka," motioning to the Zangoose whose ear perked up at the realisation of food being around, "and Lenny there's with Isaac and Harpe...who in a pretty long story's the reason I invested so much into security here. Lapis, my Dusclops, should be finished updating storage records by now, while Halley and Mist are out at the moment. Finally, Glasspine and Golestandt are the Sandshrew and Golett."

Taking a breather after that, Alex started to move the snacks onto the table near the Swampert, the psychic type lifting a plate of scones to them while the shadow pokemon rolled off the Conkeldurr and made a Combeeline for the fridge, pausing to take a look at the Beedrill, before grabbing a soda and plopping down beside the Honchkrow.

"Help yourself if you're hungry, folks," Alex chimed.


As this was happening, the Sneasel approached the Cubone and Aipom, who were chattering about their recent techniques learned.

"Hi! My name's Lenny, who are you?" the feline chirped up, to which the chimp turned and smiled.

"Ah, you're with that hat guy, right? I'm Harpe, and this here's Isaac!" she chirped back.

"Hey Lenny." Isaac grunted, quite apprehensive.

"Don't be too intimidated by Isaac here, he's not much of a talker, but he's got a big heart once you know him."

"Nothing against you Lenny. Just wary. Bad experience."

The Aipom looked at her partner with an air of concern, nodding, before turning back to Lenny. "So, you seem different from other Sneasel. Colour, I mean. You know much about it?"


Gazing around the room, Golestandt was calm yet inwardly perplexed. Despite being a Golett, a species always presumed to be emotionless in their actions, this was a misconception. The line indeed had souls, and despite being inorganic in nature, did in fact possess a range of emotions. The hitch was that they were almost incapable of showing them due in part to appearance.

The last time he saw the Spire with this many characters in it was long ago, a meeting that ended with heads rolling, blood spilling and at least three months of cleaning up before the place was spotless as it always was. He still bore some scratches on his form when that one Liepard got uppity and raked at him to see if he was living. The reward was being thrown into the ocean.

As he continued his vigil, Glasspine sat next to him, quizzically staring at the Weedle with a black stinger, wondering if they produced different poisons than he did.

Ground Floor: Foyer.

Herex sat back, quite chill after the Spire's first guests went by with little altercation, and began to wonder if the Drowzee would be back when the air began to get cold.

Ah, they're back. Better get the door for them...

Scuttling, she reached the entrance and plugged in the password just as the doors swung open, and let the Drapion see who awaited her.

"Oh...you seem singed." she blurted as the Abomasnow and Jirachi tumbled in, the scorpion taking the bag of supplies from them as the pair stretched and grumbled. "Lemme guess...you ticked off those Litleo again and they actually got you with a decent hit? You really should just steer clear of those five at that patch..."


"What do ya mean, four?"

"She means there were four Litleo..." Halley chimed, shaking himself better in comparison to the Abomasnow, who winced slightly due to the greater weakness to fire.

"So one of them was elsewhere then?" Herex mused to the pair, who shook their heads. "No matter, none of my business. We've got visitors, say hello and take a rest. Especially you, Mist, you look like you took a...flame burst...in..." she trailed as the realisation of four Litleo hit her.

"[i]You haul up the food, this scorch hasn't made getting back easy. I'll be good once I'm up, but right now I'm not fit,[i]" the ice pokemon grunted as she lumbered towards the elevator, a gentle mega drain at Halley to help soothe the pain while the psychic type wished that they didn't head through that shortcut when that ominous glow was happening.


Not far from the entrance, a scuffle was happening.

Lapis, with a flourish of her arms, had conjured up a swarm of bug energy, the infestation keeping two of the Litleo panicked as they swatted at the globules whizzing around them, while a third was bound to the ground by wispy tendrils, like bandages. The fourth was with the Pyroar, who was in the process of bombarding her with a squall of powerful flames, seeking to incinerate the ghost where she stood. Bunkering down as the barrage pelted, she focused malevolent energy between her hands before firing the dark pulse at the Royal pokemon, the Pyroar too engrossed in attacking her to notice, until a yelp rang out.

Gazing down at the struck Litleo, who shakily rose to its feet, he growled as the cat looked up before nodding, bracing as suddenly the larger cat smacked into the lesser with a savage headbutt, the Dusclops taken aback by this action and wondering why this happened, when the Litleo flopped over unconscious, and the Pyroar snarled, seemingly...stronger?

But that would mean...!

With a distraction, the Litleo in the midst of the swarm broke free and nodded, tackling their bound companion to the leader who gave a second headbutt, bowling it over. Quivering, the cat fell unconscious too and the Dusclops realised the grave situation as the healthier felines grabbed their falled comrades and started to drag them to safety.


With a grim sneer, the Pyroar unleashed a devastating roar of hypersonic proportions, the force of the voice blasting into the ghost type and making the Spire's windows tremble, the acoustic nature of the normal type move ensuring at least some damage was done, before darting towards her cloaked in flames and charging into her, knocking her down and back as he skidded, much more nimble as the heat died down, flames instead coalescing in the mouth in a dangerous manner as the Dusclops slowly rose...

Missingno. Master 03-10-2016 05:08 PM

Floor 4: Battleground: Neville smiled, pleased with his original Trainer's praise. The Dragalge agreed wholeheartedly about Keith having brought out his potential, recalling his days as a wild Skrelp who could only dream of becoming as strong as he was now.

Keith likewise smiled as Alex expressed curiosity as to the kind of attacks Hermione could use, making reference to the fact that the Weedle species was, to put it mildly, not known for getting a lot of moves. "Man, you're telling me," Keith agreed. "Hermione's made it a goal of her's to learn as many kinds of attacks as possible, so I've kinda really been seeking out items that can teach moves to anything, y'know? But yeah, if you want to see what Hermione can do, we'd both be glad to show you in a battle," he grinned.

The subject then turned to Melittin, as well as the Beedrillite he sported. Alex stated that he was intending to get a Mega Stone of his own soon, though wasn't sure whether to go for some sort of accessory for the Key Stone or not, such as how Keith's was set into his hat. "It's not really that expensive," Keith replied, adjusting the brim of his Mega Hat. "Mega Stones, however, those cost some serious money." Of course, serious money seemed to be a luxury Alex didn't really have at the moment- his Xtransceiver spoke up to state his three-digit Pokédollar balance. He did, however, take advantage of that year-end sale, he said, as he indicated what seemed to be a tower of Poké Ball cases. Keith's jaw dropped- that was a lot of Poké Balls! And of course, a big pile of Premier Balls sat atop the tower. "Wow," was all he could say.

After convincing his Infernape to plug the blender into the wall instead of using his Thunder Punch to power it, Alex introduced Keith to his Pokémon- Nothung, the aforementioned Infernape; Fragarath, the Honchkrow who had spoken up earlier; Mjolner, the Swampert; Paine, the Gothorita; Cal, the Garchomp; Herex the Drapion and Vog the Drowzee, both of whom Keith was already acquainted with; Napier, the Horsea, apparently Cal's student; and of course, Tantalia, a Conkeldurr Keith was quite familiar with, having owned her himself for a very brief period, so as to help with her evolution from the Gurdurr stage. There was also Totsuka, the Shadow Zangoose; Isaac and Harpe, the Cubone and Aipom with whom Lenny was talking; Glasspine the Sandshrew; Golestandt the Golett; two unidentified Pokémon named Halley and Mist; and not present at the moment, Lapis, his Dusclo- his Dusclops? Keith recalled when he and Alex had traded to evolve Tantalia and Peeves- he'd seen Lapis before, all right, but as a Duskull. "Dusclops?" Keith repeated. "So that Duskull you had back when we traded, that's evolved since then?" Keith then looked around at all the Pokémon Alex had introduced. "Heh, what you said about Napier being Cal's student, that actually reminds me of when Neville was a Skrelp- he looked up to my Haxorus and my Qwilfish, and they were like teachers to him. He still does look up to them, for that matter," he amended.

At that point, Alex started to put out the snacks, telling everyone to help themselves if they were hungry. Melittin, for one, needed no further prompting, and started hovering hungrily above the snack table, eyeing the various foods.

"So, Alex," Keith added as he too went over to grab a snack. "What kind of Pokémon are Halley and Mist? I don't think you said."


Meanwhile, as Lenny introduced himself to Harpe and Isaac, the former introduced herself and the latter. The Aipom seemed much more cheerful than the Cubone, who seemed a little quiet and apprehensive. Harpe explained that Issac actually had a big heart once you got to know him, and the Cubone added that it was nothing personal, just a bad experience he'd had. Lenny looked at Isaac curiously, wondering what that experience was, but before he had a chance to ask, the Aipom changed the subject to Lenny's coloration, asking if he knew much about his different color scheme.

"I dunno, actually," the Sneasel shrugged, looking at his brown fur and pale blue tail feathers. "I was born like this. Alls I know is it really confused Keith for a while- that's the hat guy there, that's my Trainer. I don't know, I keep hearing that Sneasel usually have black fur and red feathers. Hermione over there, though, she says that there was once a time where all Sneasel looked like I do. She says maybe I'm descended from a group that never changed color, something like that. All I know is, I look really cool like this," he finished with a grin. "Oh, but this is nothing- you should see Keith's Stunfisk and Scolipede!"


Hermione was excited at the prospect of battling someone, getting in some good practice with her surprisingly varied array of attacks, when she saw a pair of Ground-types- a Golett, seeming to watch over the room in its entirety, and a Sandshrew, looking at her curiously. In response, Hermione made her way over to them. "Hello," she politely greeted the Ground-types. "My name's Hermione. If I heard your Trainer correctly, you're Golestandt and Glasspine, correct?"

Raves 03-27-2016 06:47 PM

Floor 4: Battleground.

Alex couldn't help but give a small smirk as Keith's jaw dropped at the stockpile of supplies he possessed, and as he rattled off his team, Keith stopped him as he reached Lapis and inquired on her evolution.

"I should probably mention that one. See, a few years ago, before I had half these guys, we were at Cortoza, on an adventure. To make a long story short, I met and captured Harpe there, who was then kidnapped by some...unsavoury individuals. We hunted them down, knocked down their leader and hightailed it out of there as the place exploded. Turns out the big leader guy was part of a branch of Team Rocket operating in Fizzytopia, and they've been hunting me down ever since, with...with some degree of success..." he wistfully sighed, pointing to a necklace he wore with a prominent rocky object in the middle. "One of their elites found us, sicced a Hydreigon of all things on us...my Golem sacrificed herself to stop it. You've never felt heartache until you see one of your oldest teammates explode into pieces, and with no way they would have survived, not with those injuries..."

"I went into hiding for a couple of years, only really appearing once an old friend called for my help, and afterwards me and the team made plans to cover our tails and bring the chase down. The old base, we rigged it with explosives, while Nuhuko - who you'd remember as my Lunatone from that ill-fated tournament - borrowed this sizable boat from somewhere to transport our stuff. As he escaped under a cloak, Lapis got into a scuffle with one of their pokemon - a Tyranitar, I kid you not, these guys were serious - and evolved to Dusclops, while we escaped. So imagine how I feel looking in the paper reporting on an earthquake there and seeing nobody hurt. Part of the reason I bought this place, it's secure and sturdy."

On the subject of Cal and Napier, Alex nodded. "Yeah, I can see the similarities. Napier can't wait to evolve, if it means they can go hunting properly."

With Melittin hovering above the food, the next query came on Mist and Halley, and before he could respond to Keith, the elevator pinged, as the doors opened.


With a grumble, the Abomasnow lumbered into the room before dumping the sack of supplies, singed as the Zangoose slapped her face in embarrassment and Paine swiftly hurried over. As the sack landed, a wriggle from the top caused it to fall over, with a confused female Nidoran with a berry in her mouth tumbling out alongside two marbled stones and a Premier Ball, which popped open to reveal one Starly, the small bird stretching her wings.

"...uh..." the Abomasnow's trainer could only whisper before a small figure with a yellow crownlike head adorned with tags popped out from behind the Frosted Tree, blinking at the surroundings.

"Hiiiiii, Alex! We're baaaack!" it chimed cheerfully, before turning to the other trainer with the large hat, tilting his head.

"So, with regards to Mist and Halley, the former's the scorched Abomasnow there - who really should know better than to carry food past a Litleo den," he snarled at the sheepish ice type who scrabbled to detain the intrusive Nidoran who squeaked defiantly, "and that old friend I mentioned? They needed help with knocking some other crook down a peg, who was trying to use that Jirachi there as an instrument for domination. They failed, and I took the little guy in, though it didn't come very cheap, as said old 'friend' stole a good one and a half million coins from me."

"Anyways, could you explain these two to me, Halley?"

"Yep! Well, the birdy, she was hungry, so we fed her, then she pecked a ball! We told her no, but she caught herself, yep! Says her name's Falchion! The blue thing, I think she sneaked in while we were at the mart! We got that key you wanted, and that snow stone!" Turning to the subdued rabbit, Alex sighed as he casually lobbed a pokeball at it, resigned to another mouth to feed.

"Well, she has a bit of a debt to pay...but that snow stone, you mean the Abomasite? Hey, Frag, wha-"

"Tori. No caw-ment."

Shrugging as the ball pinged to signal capture, Alex turned to Keith, slightly red. "This sort of mess doesn't usually happen..." he groaned.


As the oddly coloured Sneasel explained her colour, the Cubone nodded.

"Hmm. Old Johto, I think. Gramps used to know."

"Gramps?" Harpe quizzed, to which the Cubone shrugged. "Hey, I know! How about..."

The Aipom's sentence was interrupted by the arrival of the elevator and the following scene, as the Cubone shook his head and the Aiom sweatdropped.

"Ah...as I was about to say, how about we head through the back? Me and Isaac were about to start training, and maybe you could learn a trick or two watching?"

With that, the Aipom took Lenny's claw in eagerness and started for the nearby door to the main battleground, the Cubone sauntering behind.


With the approach of the Weedle, the two listened to her query before the mouse spoke up.

"Yeah, I'm the gardener in this place. Gol here's been around for years though, longer than even Nuhuko. Good to meetcha, Hermione."


"Golestandt's a bit on the loud side, but that's something he can't avoid. We're not actually too far off evolving, and I think Alex has been saving up candies for us." Glasspine chirped, tilting his head at the black stinger on the Weedle.


Suddenly, the elevator pinged as the events unfolded, the Sandshrew swiftly curling defensively while the Automaton stood, waiting for the Weedle's response.


With the situation in his favour, the Pyroar spat forth the flame in his mouth...only to find himself choking on smoke. Snarling, the lion glared at the Dusclops, who had disabled his Flamethrower shortly before the sensation of moving in the air led to surprise as he was launched by a psychic blast. Standing up, Lapis brushed herself off, the attacks surprising her more than wounding. Still, as the feline landed and sprang back up, it stared her down before baring teeth, rushing at the ghost who responded by holding her hands before her, psyching up herself and feeling physically stronger, before crying out as the beast crunched into her side, feeling that effective strike. Swinging a hand round to slap it away, the ghost stared down the pride leader, before trying to reason with it.

Her actions were met with the lion growling, as the sand beneath began to melt, a sure sign of a painful attack. Bracing, the Dusclops erected a protective dome, just as the Pyroar bellowed, an infernal burst of overheated fire slamming into the dome, the phantom struggling to keep the shell up as energy flowed through her.

W...well...only one..thing for it...sorry Alex...

With sand glassing before him, the exhausted Pyroar's attack subsided, the lion smirking at the carnage before him. The silly spook must have been vaporized! This grin faded the moment a large hand grabbed him, and as he looked up at the much larger figure of Death, the lion audibly gulped.


A loud CRUNCH could be heard as the fire type was slammed into the bubble, the improvised earthquake used to inflict direct seismic force. As she hopped back, the Royal Pokemon struggled to his feet, taking a fearful glance at the Dusknoir before her, before skedaddling back away from the Spire, Lapis dusting herself off before sighing.

"I miss having legs now."

Missingno. Master 03-28-2016 01:23 AM

Floor 4: Battleground: As the subject turned to Alex's Dusclops- more specifically, the fact that it was now a Dusclops and no longer the Duskull it had been last Keith had seen- Alex launched into an explanation. It had all started years back, when Alex had first caught his Aipom, and ended up having to rescue said Aipom from Team Rocket. Ever since then, Alex had been targeted by the organization, who had managed to catch up with him since then. Keith's mouth fell open as Alex explained how his Golem sacrificed herself to stop the Hydreigon they sicced on him. "...My condolences," Keith managed. True enough, he knew not how it would feel to have one of his own Pokémon perish like that on him... though that's not to say he didn't know heartache. Because oh my Arceus, did Keith Golbatson Masters know heartache, to the point where merely thinking about it made him want to get the Chespin doll out of his backpack and hold it close to him. That said, he wasn't the slightest bit inclined to mention this to Alex at the moment, for he was continuing on with his story.

The next part caught Keith's attention, for a different reason. Alex explained how his Duskull came to evolve, fighting Team Rocket in Alex's old Secret Base which had been rigged with explosives... but what caught his attention was the mention of a sizable boat his Lunatone had borrowed to transport their belongings. He recalled seeing the Banette's Revenge facing the opposite direction she usually faced one morning. It had thoroughly bewildered him. And this did occur after he had last seen Lapis in the Cable Club... Could that have been what happened? Keith was torn- on the one hand, the idea of his beloved boat being "borrowed" without his permission wasn't a fun idea to contemplate. But on the other hand, the notion that the Banette's Revenge played a key role in the fight against Team Rocket, that was much more fun to contemplate.

Once Alex had finished his story, Keith spoke up. "That boat your Lunatone borrowed... wouldn't happen to look like the one I rode here on, by any chance?"" Keith asked. "Because I kinda found her facing the wrong way one morning for no apparent reason..."

The elevator doors slid open, this time to allow a slightly singed Abomasnow into the room. It emptied a large sack onto the floor, which had been full of supplies and... a female Nidoran? There were also a pair of marble-like objects, both of which resonated with the Key Stone in Keith's Mega Hat- Mega Stones, the both of them, there was no question. And then there was the Premier Ball, which unleashed a Starly into the room. Alex didn't seem to know what to make of any of this, and indeed, nor did Keith. And then, ample distraction from the confusion came in the form of the Pokémon that flew out from behind the Abomasnow. A tiny creature with a three-pointed yellow head, giving it something of a star-shaped appearance. Three blue tags hung off of the head's points, and what appeared to be a closed eye was on its stomach. Keith's jaw dropped at the sight- it was the legendary Jirachi, now tilting its head as it eyed Keith.

Alex didn't seem nearly as surprised at the sudden appearance of the legendary Jirachi, introducing the Abomasnow as Mist, and the Jirachi as Halley. Floored by the fact that Alex actually owned Jirachi, Keith took out his Koffing-purple Pokédex.

"Jirachi, the Wish Pokémon," said Keith's Pokédex. "Jirachi is said to grant any wish written on the notes that are attached to its head. If it senses danger while it sleeps, Jirachi will fight its foe while it sleeps."

As Alex caught the Nidoran and listened to Halley's explanation for what had happened, Keith put his Pokédex away. He'd seen a fair few legendaries before, and yet it surprised him every time.

Alex then turned to Keith, embarrassed, explaining that this kind of chaotic activity was far from an everyday thing. "Believe me, I understand," Keith nodded. "I've had perfectly ordinary mornings go in unexpected directions, whether due to my own Pokémon's antics, or Team Rocket- I've had more than my fair share of run-ins with them myself- or other things happening."

After Lenny explained his coloration as best he could, and following the minor scene near the elevator, the Aipom suggested Lenny come with them to the back, where Harpe and Isaac were about to begin their training, suggested that he watch them. "Yeah, sure!" Lenny grinned, happily keeping up with the Aipom who probably would have dragged him back there out of eagerness anyway.

Meanwhile, Glasspine introduced himself as the gardener and expressed his happiness at meeting Hermione. Golestandt also expressed its pleasure at meeting Hermione... very loudly and in unnecessarily complicated words, but Hermione got the gist of it nonetheless. "Nice to meet you both as well," the slightly larger-than-average Weedle replied.

Glasspine explained that the Golett's loudness was something he couldn't help, before getting on the subject of evolution- apparently, neither of them were especially far off from evolving. Golestandt then spoke up again, this time to, again in more words than was strictly necessary, ask about the color of Hermione's tail stinger, while also saying that in return it'd be glad to explain anything about the Sundered Blade Hermione might want to know. "Oh, this?" Hermione said, glancing at her pitch-black tail stinger. "Well, I take notes on many things by dipping that stinger in ink and using it like a pen. Over time, the ink stopped washing off of the stinger, and it's more or less stuck this color. It doesn't make the stinger any less useful, though, thankfully." At the notion of learning more about this place, however, Hermione's eyes lit up. "I'll be right back," she said to the Ground-types. Hastily she crawled over to Keith and looked up at him. Keith, getting the hint, dug a notebook and an ink bottle out of his backpack and handed them to the Weedle, who dragged them back over to the Ground-types by using String Shot.

"Now, then..." Hermione said, as she used her tail stinger to flip through pages upon pages of notes on all manner of subjects, from Everstones to the culinary properties of Torkoal smoke and everything in between. Once she reached a blank page, she used her tail stinger to pry the lid off the ink bottle before dipping said stinger in ink and positioning it above the blank page. "Please, tell me everything you can. Was this spire really created by the combined attacks of super-ancient legendary Pokémon? And... You've been here for its entire existence, correct? I... anything you can tell me, I'd love to learn more about this place and its history," Hermione said, her eagerness to learn highly evident.

Raves 04-27-2016 04:18 PM

Floor 4: Battleground.

With the spiel done Alex listened to Keith's words, acknowledging the condolences before the trainer's next question concerning a certain boat cropped up. A short pause commenced as Alex's brain whirred, before a resigned shrug followed. No point in trying to lie out of this one.

"Probably was. I'd asked Nuhuko to lok around for some vessel sturdy enough to get our things out of here, and they pulled some well built wooden vessel here with one hefty teleport. Tantalia agreed on the well built fact, and given what she is, that's quite the compliment. The idea was that borrowing was fine as long as it was returned in the same level of quality it was accepted in," he explained, "and though I didn't pay too much attention to the name of the ship, what with the rockets being on the horizon, a couple of the guys did say it went by the 'Banette's Revenge' or similar. Sorry about that, but my reasons were justified and we did return it, though I suspect teleportation over those distances took it out of the poor thing."

Almost as soon as the conversation finished, the screens on the wall flickered to life, as his attention was drawn to them.

"Oh, you haven't seen the battleground where we do our training, have you? I had cameras installed here so others can watch training sessions through the back," motioning to the two doorways at both ends of the room, "which has helped the team as a whole learn. If you want, we can head through for a more personal view of the place while Isaac and Harpe get started."


The battleground itself was a spectacle. At both sides of a large field stood a pair of giant reliefs of the two legendary pokemon of Sinnoh, Dialga and Palkia, with a sizable pool big enough to accommodate a Dragonair or two. It was in front of the pool that the Aipom had led the Sneasel towards for front row seats, while a couple of Alex's other pokemon had went through, those being Cal and Mjolnir to the Temporal relief and Nothung and Frgarath to the Spacial relief.

"Alright, here we are! It's big enough for us and others, and we'll be keeping away from the water since, well, ground types." Harpe chirped to Lenny.

"Yeah. You ready?"

A nod from the Aipom as she took her position, and an ornamental statue of Lugia with oddly tinted eyes holding the centrepiece, the pair were ready to start the session. The eyes of the statue lit up, from red to yellow, then green.

"We took some liberty in making that one," the Infernape said in a gentle manner as he sat beside Lenny, one hand with a pale shimmer, a prepared protect should any move go astray, the intention to protect the younger feline.

With that, the fight began, the faster Aipom darted forward with a quick dash, circling the Cubone who took a defensive stance, eyes closed in concentration as he focused his energy into staying stalwart, just as the aerial ace struck from behind, the Aipom slapping him in the back as he stumbled forward, the chimp giggling.

"Hmm...still slow."

Not to be outdone, he turned before tossing the bone towards the monkey, who ducked out of the way narrowly, charging something in her tail hand before the boomerang-like trajectory of the bone swept under her legs and flipped her over onto her belly with a quiet oof, Isaac catching his weapon with ease. Hopping onto her feet, she suddenly found herself looking at three Cubone, the energy from before going into a quickened double team as the trio beckoned her.

With a quick thought, sparks danced around her as a sudden shock wave burst out from her, the electrical energy rallying towards the trio...before suddenly jumping towards the bone of one, acting as a lightning rod and absorbing the shock without any harm.

"Really? On a ground type?" he grumbled before he caught onto the action as a pulsatng orb of water hurtled towards him, the Aipom using the ineffective move to determine which copy was the real one. Acting fast, Isaac crouched, a pale energy in his hand, before firing a beam towards the ball before impact, the ice freezing the orb and causing it to simply slam into him, doing very little due to the fact it was effectively a snowball.

"Not bad, you two have caw-tered each other well enough."

With the pair not overly far from each other, they considered their next actions...


Uncurling, the Sandshrew peeked out at the scene before realising what was about to happen as Hermione asked the Golett a question he dreaded to hear.

"I'll, uh, help those two klutzes with the shopping..." he squeaked before moving at speeds that would put a Ninjask to shame towards the Abomasnow and Jirachi, Golestandt ignoring Glasspine as it listened to the Weedle's questions.

"ON THE SUBJECT OF THE FIRST QUERY, THIS CAN BE PARTIALLY CONFIRMED. WHILE I WAS NOT PRESENT FOR THE CLASH, I DID WITNESS THE CONCLUSION OF THE DUEL." As it started to speak, the Golett's eyes took on a magenta hue as it processed memories and with a motion of hands, gave a psychic-influenced visual to the bug, two figures depicted, one a monstrous dinosaur with glowing parts and spikes, the other a colossal whale with equally glowing spots.


A clap of hands dissipating the image, and a new one revealing what seemed to be a wiggly arrow surrounded by clouds over the beasts.


The next depicted the whale, not unlike Kyogre, with shimmering bullets around him. "THE RAIN BEAST, IN RETALIATION, SUMMONED HIS ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE, AN INCREDIBLE OCEAN TO TEAR APART HIS ETERNAL FOE." Then, the arrow was shown, bursting into light as the mountain and bullets collided. "THE WYRM WOULD END THE CONFLICT BY HIS ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE, THE VERY WINDS OF THE WORLD GUIDING HIM INTO CRASHING HIS FORM INTO THE ULTIMATE TECHNIQUES." Then, with a delay, the automaton procured an image of the Spire, not unlike its current form, without the windows, and both giants laying down before the arrow.



With the history of the spire's creation, the Golett waited for the Weedle's next question.


With the unpacking going on, the Shadow Zangoose looked towards the Beedrill, before a small hand poked at her. Turning her head towards the Gothorita who chimed curiously, the Zangoose shrugged, before the eleavtor behind hummed and spat out a larger phantom who seemed different yet familiar.

"Huh, look who decided to show up, all evolved and that..." the feline grumbled, in a manner that seemed more resigned than annoyed. "You were already chubby before, but now?"

"Can it, Totsuka..." the Dusknoir grumbled back, the Gothorita shaking her head at the minor scorch marks. "You'd be fat too if you could evolve. Better idea, who's the Beedrill there? Another newcomer, or..." she queried, looking at the insect with the leather band who was currently sampling the food.

Missingno. Master 04-27-2016 07:11 PM

Floor 4: Battleground: Alex admitted that the borrowed boat and Keith's means of aquatic transportation were likely one and the same. He'd apparently sent his Lunatone to seek out transportation, and the Banette's Revenge was what Nuhoko had found. Apparently, it was universally agreed that the boat was well-built- most notably, Tantalia agreed on this as well, and considering she was a Conkeldurr, a Pokémon species well-versed in construction, Keith regarded this as high praise indeed. His own Timburr, Millicent, had had a hand in building the boat, too. And indeed, he'd heard the boat called the Banette's Revenge or something to that effect. He apologized, but maintained that he was justified in doing what he did.

"Honestly, yeah, it sounds like you did what you had to," Keith agreed. "I mean, I'm not exactly happy with the idea of the Banette's Revenge being borrowed without my knowledge or permission... but on the other hand, she did seem to help you screw with Team Rocket- always a plus, as far as I'm concerned," he added with a small smile. "Honestly, no harm done- you did return her safe and sound, still in perfect shape, and you did it for the right reasons. In fact, if you ever need to borrow her again to mess with Team Rocket's plans, by all means, be my guest. That said, I'd appreciate a little advance notice next time, alright?"

Once the conversation was over, their attention turned to the screens on the wall, which now displayed what appeared to be another room in the base. "Wha..." Keith began, before Alex explained that they were seeing the battleground, where their training was done. The doorways on either end of the room they were in led to the room, which had cameras installed so spectators could watch from a more safe distance. "Wow," Keith remarked. He had a training room in his own Secret Base, but it consisted of... a very tall, spacious room, an elevated platform containing the base's battlefield, and seats on the floor for potential spectators. It was honestly more for guests to conduct battles than for day-to-day training, which Keith tended to hold outdoors whenever weather permitted anyway. "Impressive," he said. Alex then suggested they go in for an in-person view of the place while his Pokémon got started. "Sure," Keith agreed.

In the battleground room itself, Lenny was in awe at the room. The Sneasel (for his evolution took place sometime after this visit) glanced around at the impressive room, and then at the Aipom and Cubone who were getting started. An Infernape sat beside Lenny, looking ready to cast Protect at any given moment should anything go awry. The Infernape pointed out the Lugia statue whose eyes were changing color to herald the start of the battle. "Wow, so cool!" Lenny breathed, though his attention was almost immediately diverted to the battle. It was beyond awesome, as far as the young Sneasel was concerned. The Cubone threw his bone just like a boomerang, something Lenny hadn't seen coming at all, and once he realized the real intention behind the Aipom's ineffective Shock Wave- a means of discovering which Cubone wasn't a Double Team copy- he applauded eagerly. The Sneasel couldn't wait to get going himself, though he'd certainly continue to watch the battle for as long as it continued to go on, especially if it continued to be this awesome!

After Hermione asked to know anything there was to learn about the Sundered Blade, the Sandshrew fled, mumbling something about helping with the shopping. Almost immediately after Golestandt began speaking, Hermione started furiously taking notes, and wound up adding some quick sketches to the mix- using Psychic, the Golett was providing some visual aids as well, essentially confirming the rumors and legends- the creatures depicted, they looked more or less exactly like Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, or at least just like the pictures Hermione had seen in books. Apparently the first two of them had been assuming forms that couldn't be perceived by anyone. They were at war, as many legends so claimed Kyogre and Groudon to be, and it seemed that Rayquaza had descended from the skies to quell their fighting. Unlike the legends that were so often told in Hoenn, however, the clashing weather brought about by Kyogre and Groudon gave way to powerful winds... Hermione made sure to make a note of that, as it did not match anything she'd read about Rayquaza to date. She had Keith buy her that old book that was supposedly an account of the ancient Draconid people just last week, perhaps that would offer more insight into this? Apparently, Kyogre and Groudon put all of their strength into ultimate attacks- Groudon sought to crush Kyogre with an entire mountain, while Kyogre sought to destroy Groudon with a whole ocean, these said to be their ultimate techniques. These Hermione had heard of before- she'd read vague references to Kyogre and Groudon's alleged ultimate techniques before, and jotted down "PRECIPICE BLADES AND ORIGIN PULSE?" in her notes. Apparently, Rayquaza had also added its own ultimate technique into the mix to end the conflict, a mighty impact guided by the winds of the world. Again, not something Hermione had heard of, but she intended to find out more about this.

As Hermione had anticipated, the next image Golestandt created bore a resemblance to the very spire they were inside at this moment. It would have been an exact likeness, except it lacked the windows it had now. Also, both Kyogre and Groudon were depicted as lying down before it. The Golett explained that the explosion had defeated them both, and that Rayquaza had banished them. The collision of the attacks, as the legend had so stated, had carved the spire out of the mountain Groudon had created, and planted it firmly into the ground. Moreover, Rayquaza used a unique power to infuse the Golett's clay body with an unusual sort of energy, which Golestandt interpreted as a command for it to care for the tower, almost as though its continued existence was all that kept Kyogre and Groudon locked away. Apparently, human settlers gave the tower its current name, and any attempts to remove the Golett from the tower were met with resistance- and in the form of Rayquaza's voice issuing a verbal warning, no less.

This concluded the Golett's explanation, which Hermione had jotted down in the form of a good four or five pages of notes and sketches. "Now, the beasts and the wyrm you spoke of... might they be the legendary Pokémon known as Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza?" Hermione asked. "From what you've said and shown me, it certainly sounds like them, which would make those ultimate moves you mentioned Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades... However, I'm a little unclear as to the wyrm," she admitted. "If the beasts were Kyogre and Groudon, then I have no doubt the wyrm must have been Rayquaza, as it's always said to be the only one capable of quelling the fighting between Kyogre and Groudon... but the powers you speak of, its ability to create a gale mighty enough to dispel the weather Kyogre and Groudon create, and an ultimate attack guided by the winds of the world... I've never heard of such things before. That said, I have a book I've yet to read that has accounts from the Draconid people, who are said to know much about Rayquaza, so perhaps that would fill in some of the blanks for me... But getting back to my question, are they in fact the legendary Pokémon I believe they are?" she asked.

Meanwhile, before Alex and Keith made their way into the battleground, the elevator opened up, allowing a Dusknoir to enter. "Whoa," Keith murmured. "Lapis evolved again, it looks like."

Melittin, meanwhile, had eaten his fill from the snack table, and as he was flying away, he overheard the Dusknoir asking about him, prompting him to approach. "We ain't on the same team, if that's what you mean," Melittin stated. "Name's Melittin. I belong to the guy in the hat over there. So, now that you all know my name, how about I learn your names now?"

Raves 05-06-2017 07:14 PM

All this lack of reply depended on the future being now.
OOC: Given the lengthy timespan between updates and evos in the team, for reference this storyline takes place between Halloween 2016 and the visit to Phantom Isle. As a result, Golestandt will be considered a Golurk, while Paine remains a Gothorita. Nevertheless, the fact the rooms are high enough to support an almost-14 foot tall goliath says something. And since gen 7 has now been confirmed...


Floor 4: The Battleground.

Alex merely gave a knowing wink at Keith's note of borrowing the Banette's Revenge for messing with the Rockets, well aware that even the most foolhardy of them would dare not mess with the spire. On the trainer's impression at the battleground, Alex was only too glad to lead the way, when the elevator's opening and the appearance of a Dusknoir caught his attention, Alex frowning.

"So it seems. That's another evolution I missed seeing there," he sighed.

"It was those bloody cats again, except one of them got a bit bigger and fiercer. Nothing I couldn't handle, however." Lapis hummed in response, still getting used to floating around once more. "At least you were present when Gol evolved and ended up becoming too big for the doors..."

"Yeah, we've still got a couple of those to sort out. Distractions aside Keith, shall we?"

As Alex and Keith entered, the Dusknoir was introduced to Melittin, the Beedrill's matter-of-fact tone causing the Gripper to give a small chuckle, a sound like falling tombstones emerging.

"I like your no bullshit attitude, Melittin. The name is Lapis, the Gothorita here is Paine - she lacks the ability to speak, even through telepathy - while the lump of fur over there," gesturing to the shadow pokemon who idly picked at her tail, "is Totsuka. As you see, shadow pokemon. Unlike most, she makes a Slakoth look proactive."

"It's not laziness, it's the unwillingness to contribute to society," the Zangoose grumbled, before returning to her position of lounging.


As the sparring match between Harpe and Isaac continued, the ground type decided to try something slightly different. Lowering his head, the Cubone began to make a slow rush to the Aipom, the chimp opting to forego an evasive strategy in order to capitalise on the headbutt, bracing into the ground for a megaton kick that would surely stun. As she swung forward, the Cubone smirked, skull taking an iron hue as the pair collided, the steel energy overcoming the mega kick and taking Harpe by surprise as she was flung backwards. Isaac gave a grunt, shaking his head to reduce the recoil as Alex and Keith entered the battleground.

"Mind yourself there, Harpe! Force won't necessarily work on a defensive fighter, look for a weak spot." Alex called, the Aipom giving a thumbs up with her tail.

"Ah, that reminds me of how my first proper fight under Alex went..." the Infernape sighed happily to the Sneasel, relaxed despite the actoin before him.

"Back when he was still a Chim-caw, he did battle against a Lunatone, and ac-caw-plished a surprise victory by blinding it with attacks. Said Lunatone holds no grudge, and is one of our esteemed caw-panions," Fragarath explained to Lenny in simplified terms. "Nuhu-caw's eyesight is fine, however."

Ducking under a barrage of hidden power orbs, Harpe watched and waited for Isaac to let up, having formulated a counteractive plan. As the Cubone finished, she acrobatically hopped over him, and with one forceful swing of her tail struck the back of his head with a blow like a brick thrown. Launched forward, the Cubone could only land face first, as a horrible cracking sound silenced the murmuring.


Clutching his skull, the Cubone lifted one hand away to discover a crimson smear on the limb, the Aipom's confident smirk suddenly wiped.

"Oh crap, that's not good...looks like his skull's broken from the impact. Mjolnir, get Paine through here fast..." Alex barked, legitimately concerned for the ground type. "This ain't the first time his skull's been in danger, Keith, last time it was some stupid rocket who ended up getting folded in two when Tantalia evolved to Gurdurr."

Running to her sparring partner, the Aipom was on the verge of tears when the Cubone's eyes rolled over to face hers, the Cubone gritting teeth through the cracked skull, before nudging her back as he stood on his two feet, waving at Alex as the ground type seemed to be...slowly changing colour?

"I...I'm pretty sure Cubone don't learn Camoflage, unless...ah, it's time then." the trainer grinned, folding arms as the ground type began to glow, a sure sign of evolution. Alex's grin swiftly sank into confusion, though, as instead of a blueish hue, the glow of evolution seemed to be green.

"Wait, what?"

As the Cubone was engulfed, Harpe took a step back as people and pokemon watched as the pokemon's size grew and took shape differently from an expected Marowak, with a thinner, more streamlined belly, sharper looking skull and a thinner, longer bone. By the time the process finished and the glow faded, there was a definite Marowak. HOwever, this one was a distinct purple hue with dark grey bonelike markings on the back. The skull seemed to have a mark on it too between the eyes, while the slender bone, with a twirl, had both ends burst into an ethereal blue fire. Immediately, the Marowak whirled round and struck the surprised Aipom with the bone, cloaked in a shadowy energy, pushing her back a foot but otherwise mostly unharmed.

"Wh-what the...that's definitely a Marowak, though not like any I've seen..." Alex stammered before composing himself. "Wait, I think I might know...some pokemon in different environments can evolve, like Eevee, but there's a couple of other pokemon in tropical climates like here which draw upon their surroundings during evolution, drastically changing them. That move Isaac just used right now, I'm sure that was a ghost move."

"Wh-wh-whaaa..." Harpe whimpered, clearly shocked by the surprise evolution as Nothung nodded.

"This was a while coming, zac. How's it feel being, well, whatever that Marowak body is?"

"One sec, sore head...feels funny, quite warm but cool. Think more ghost and fire than ground. Interesting," the Bone Keeper responded before flexing his limbs and beginning to twirl his bone around, almost in a fluid dance motion. "Nimble, can get used to this..."


With the Weedle and extremely tall Golurk (with Hermione about the size of a finger on him) the colossus was only too eager to reply to the curious bug's second question and musings.



Missingno. Master 05-06-2017 10:08 PM

Floor 4: Battleground: As Lapis started getting the hang of being airborne once more (something Keith could definitely identify with, considering his own Dusknoir), Alex led the way into the room where the battling took place. And as they went, the Dusknoir chuckled his approval of Melittin's attitude before introducing himself and Paine. The Beedrill nodded as Lapis explained Paine's utter inability to speak- he also had a mute teammate, though Shelley was at least able to communicate in some way by manipulating the White Smoke that she puffed out of her shell.

Lapis then introduced Totsuka, pointing out that she was a Shadow Pokémon. Another nod from Melittin, who also had a Shadow Pokémon for a teammate. "Yeah, I see that," he said as Lapis pointed out Totsuka's laziness. "Wish my Trainer's Shadow Pokémon was like that, honestly- Keith's got this maniacal Shadow Ledian who wants to take over the world. I doubt he'll actually succeed, but the guy is annoying as all hell- I mean, I've taken so many Shadow Panics my offspring are gonna need Persim Berries." he chuckled.

As Keith followed Alex, he was able to observe the sparring match between the Aipom and Cubone. He watched with interest, as Harpe's Mega Kick was countered nicely by Issac's Iron Head. Alex gave some tips to the Aipom as this went on. "This is pretty much how training sometimes goes at my place," Keith said to Alex, smiling as he watched. "My Pokémon will pair off and start sparring, and I give them tips if need be.

Lenny listened as Fragarath explained about how Nothung's first battle went, against a Lunatone that Alex had apparently subsequently caught. "Wow," murmured Lenny, though his eyes were still glued to the action unfolding before him.

And then, things started to go wrong. The Aipom landed a very effective Brick Break to the Cubone's skull. Too effective, in fact- Issac hit the floor face-first, the impact accompanied by a sharp cracking sound that commanded the immediate attention and concern of all within earshot. Worse still, the Cubone, who had immediately clutched his skull, removed one arm from said skull to see blood on it. Keith had never owned a Cubone of his own, but by no means did that make him ignorant to how important the skulls they wore were to them. "I'll help however I can," Keith stated- already he was whipping out his Pokédex, prepared to swap one of his Pokémon out in favor of Rubeus- surely the Stunfisk's Soft-Boiled would be an asset here...

...but then, a glow overcame Issac's body. Keith was surprised and confused by this- Issac was surely evolving, but he'd always known evolution to be accompanied by a blue-white kind of glow. This was more of a green glow. Keith watched with considerable confusion and interest as the Cubone changed shape, grew larger, but... not as expected. And as the glow faded, Keith was the most surprised he'd ever been. Issac was a Marowak now, but he'd never seen a Marowak like this before. Thinner and decidedly more purple than the average Marowak, with bonelike grey markings on his back, an odd marking on the skull, between the eyes, and perhaps most prominently, the ends of the bone caught fire. Keith exited from the PC storage app of his Pokédex, and simply scanned Issac with it.

"...Insufficient data," droned the Pokédex. "Initiating update to Pokédex version 7.0. Please hold."

"What..." Keith murmured, listening as Alex mentioned something about how some Pokémon could drastically change in new and unexpected ways by evolving in tropical climates.

"...Update complete," the Pokédex piped up. An image of this strange new form of Marowak appeared on the screen. "Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokémon, and the evolved form of Cubone. In its Alola Form, a Fire and Ghost-type. The bones it possesses once belonged to its mother, and still contain the mother's regrets, which protect Marowak like a vengeful spirit."

"Alola Form," Keith repeated. "Wow. I've heard of the Alola region- never heard too much about it, but I know it exists- but I've never heard of something like an Alola Form before." He was sounding a little less confused and a lot more intrigued. "Wow. Oh, Hermione's gonna want to see this," he stated.

And that statement held true for Lenny as well, with the Sneasel looking on in awe at the Fire/Ghost-type. "Woooow!" Lenny exclaimed. "That's so cool! I never saw a Marowak like you before!"

Golestandt was quick to respond, answering Hermione's question, confirming that it was very likely the creatures spoken of in this tale were indeed Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza. Hermione took more notes, about the sun beast's veins of lava, the glowing runes and spots on the rain beast, and a different form for the wyrm as well, with glowing runes, odd jaw protrusions, and strange antennae. The Golurk added that although it wasn't known for sure that the ultimate techniques were in fact Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades, there was evidence that pointed in such a direction. Hermione made a quick note of this being likely near her earlier note, before returning to some quick sketches and notes she was making regarding what Golestandt had described about the beasts' and wyrm's unusual appearances. "Hmm..." she murmured. "Perhaps, like Giratina, there are alternate formes for Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza? But then, the two Giratina formes are supposedly more equal in terms of power, with the Origin Forme emphasizing offense and the Altered Forme emphasizing defense, but... if these unknown formes are simply statistically superior in every way... but it couldn't be Mega Evolution, could it?" Hermione speculated out loud. "Mega Evolution requires a Trainer with a Key Stone... unless there would be another means for the Mega Evolution to be initiated? Is that possible?" she asked the gigantic Golurk. "Mega Evolution without a Trainer... is such a thing possible at all, let alone for Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza?"

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