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Heather 07-31-2015 12:34 AM

Heather's Secret Scroll
Every Dignam keeps a secret scroll in which they record their major training journeys. This is Heather's scroll, in which is recorded her journey to Saffron...and beyond.

Name: Heather Dignam
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Class: Shrine Maiden (Fighting Major, Fairy Minor, Bug Weakness)

Appearance: Heather is an average sized-and proportioned girl, thus, not much about her stands out except her well-trained physique and electric blue eyes. However, one would be well advised to not underestimate her, as her height of 5' 7" will not save you from a licking (It might, in fact, make it a lot worse). Her forest-green hair runs in a braid halfway down her back. Being a martial artist has her in great shape as well. Her outfit is usually something easy to work out in, such as a color coordinated set of sportswear, usually matching either her hair or her eyes. In colder weather, a pullover goes over the usual top, matched with same color sweatpants. Her shoes, however, are somewhat battered white tennis shoes. She sports bandages from her forearms to her palms and from halfway below the knees to halfway between her ankles to her toes, serving as light protections from injury. Her skin is naturally fair-toned, but Heather usually spends enough time outdoors that she consistently has a mild tan during the warmer months.

Personality: Heather is as headstrong and independent as they come. However, she is very kindhearted and willing to help people (especially if it furthers her training). She has a never give up attitude and won't turn back unless there's absolutely no way forward. If she needs a hand, she'll ask (however reluctantly) for some assistance. It should also be noted that Heather has a fear of Bug types, (even though Fairy and Fighting both resist the type), and as such will find it hard to so much as be around one. The worst offender is Shedinja, and she will not be caught alone with one if she can help it. If stressed, she will want to be alone for a while, and will usually go out to an isolated and quiet natural space.

Background: The Dignam family boasts a long history of skilled martial artists, some of the more recent members having trained in the Saffron Karate Dojo under the Karate King. Heather, however, was a bit peculiar. She was by no means the first girl to take up the family practice, rather, it was how well she got along with Fairy Types, the newly classified type that was strong against Fighting types, while still getting along with Fighting Types. She also preferred having a peaceful, secluded training space. Only interested in the Saffron Dojo for its prestige and significance in the family, Heather was perfectly content training in a forest, surrounded by nature and the quiet sounds of a calm breeze or trickling stream rather than in a facility with several others. However, with the Disasters having changed things wildly, the family has been uprooted and had to move to Viridian. The Viridian Forest had become a much more imposing place, meaning less Bug Catchers running around and a quiet spot to train for Heather, just the way she liked it. She found a large rock within the woods (though somewhat close to the edge, given how Bug Types make the forest their home), and has been using it as a challenge rock. However, the origin of her fear of Bug Types should be mentioned. Years ago, a much younger Heather was practicing in the woods outside Saffron, as she was not old enough to train in the Dojo yet. During this session, however, she managed to anger an Ariados. In her flight from the angry spider, she managed to stir up a few other things as well, and the whole ordeal snowballed into a rather traumatic experience, especially glancing back a moment, seeing a Shedinja, a rare sight there, and how the resulting faint feeling made her nearly fall over (and get caught by the horde of angry bugs). Phobia stories aside, Heather, now old enough to train at the Dojo, aims to journey to Saffron to do just that.

Starter Group: 4

Pokemon: Lv 7 Swinub (Bertha)-Knows EM Double Edge

Level 4 Dedenne (Scout)-Knows MT Shock Wave and EM Eerie Impulse

5 Poke Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
2 of: Oran, Chesto, Rawst, Aspear
1 of: Pecha
1 Escape Rope
2 Favored Mail
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear (Phone Card Loaded)
Pokedex, Blue Kanto Model

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