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biggggg5 06-30-2015 04:32 PM

Big's thing where he keeps track of stuff
Trainer Stuff:

Adventure Thread

Name: Mason "Big" Williams

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Class: Trainer (no strengths or weaknesses)

Appearance: Big isn't the biggest, buffest guy around ironically, but he definitely isn't the smallest. He is about 5'11 and weighs about 180 pounds. Most of it is pooled in his stomach because he will eat what tastes good. However he wears slightly large t-shirts so that his stomach is not obvious. To most onlookers he seems to be average. He has short dark brown hair, so dark it can be confused as black, especially when it gets wet but he will insist on it being brown. His eyes are blue-green but he wears glasses that transition in the sun to sunglasses so people will not often notice his eye color. As said before he wears baggy plain t-shirts of different colors and blue jeans unless it gets cold then he'll wear a green hoodie.



Personality: Big is nice but fairly shy due to spending most of his free time alone, though he has been making great strides to become more outgoing and he gets very friendly the more he gets to know people. He has a pretty stupid sense of humor and loves really bad puns. However when he gets serious he really gets serious. He has a really strong sense of justice and likes to try and help people. But if his friends are put in danger he will move heaven and earth to help them especially. It is really hard to make him mad but when he does it can be really scary, even if he can't always back it up physically. However in matters that aren't as important he can be seen as lazy and will admit to that. He also can come off as a know it all when it comes to pokemon.

Background: Big was 9 when the disasters struck, one year before he would have been able to get his trainer's license and go on his journey. He had looked foreward to getting his first pokemon ever since he was little but after the disasters there weren't enough starter pokemon to go around in Downtown Goldenrod where he lived. His father wanted his sons to have pokemon to have the journeys they deserved so he started gambling at the game corner to try and win a pokemon for them. He gambled away too much money so Big's mom took him and his younger brother and left Big's dad. They managed to make it by fairly well despite the disasters and only having one source of income but it made Big unable to make many friends. His mom didn't have money to let him go off on his own and get him a pokemon so he stayed indoors and did the next best thing, he studied. He studied anything and everything he could find about Pokemon and was pretty much turned into a walking Pokedex. However after years of saving up money his mom has finally made enough money to get him a pokemon of his own for him to go out on his journey, nine years too late, but he could finally leave.

Money: $20200


4 Poke Balls

3 Potions
1 Revive

2 Rare Candies
1 Candy Egg
1 Deluxe Candy
1 Complex Candy
1 Spell Tag (Equipped to Clara)
1 TwistedSpoon (Equipped to Howard)
1 Escape Rope
1 piece of Orange Mail
1 Leftovers (Equipped to Brittany)
1 Miracle Seed
1 Sevii Island Ticket

Key Items
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
-- TM Scald, TM Hidden Power, TM Silver Wind
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
1 Berry Pouch
--Oran (1), Cheri (2), Chesto (2), Pecha (2), Rawst (1), Aspear (2) Leppa (2) Lum (1) Sitrus (3) Shuca (2)

Hive Badge

Star shards
11 Star Shards

biggggg5 06-30-2015 04:45 PM


Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Species: Vulpix
Obtained: Starter in Pokeball
Level: 14
Ability: Drought
Nature: Naive
Item: Spell Tag
Biography: Clara is the pokemon brought home by Big's Mom. She was caught very young so she doesn't know much of the world but she trusts her trainer because he seems very smart. At least to her.

-Level up: Ember, Tail whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Fire spin, confuse ray, Will O' Wisp
-Egg/Tutor: Hex, Heat Wave
-Tm/Hm: *Scald, Hidden Power Rock

Name: Howard
Gender: Male
Species: Psyduck
Obtained: Caught @ Level 4 in Slowpoke Well in Pokeball
Level: 13
Ability: Damp
Nature: Calm
Item: TwistedSpoon
Biography: Native to the Slowpoke well in Azalea, Howard helped Big in his first ever battle against a group of poachers. Calm and analytical about most things, Howard will keep a cool head, even when his teammates or trainer might not. (Which is ironic given the blazing chronic headache he has as a species.)

-Level up: Water Sport, Scratch, Tail whip, Water Gun, Disable, Confusion, Fury Swipes
-Egg/Tutor: Confuse Ray, Ice Beam
-Tm/Hm: Scald, *Cut, Hidden Power Fire

Name: Brittany
Gender: Female
Species: Foongus
Obtained: Caught @ Level 8 in Ilex Forest in Pokeball
Level: 13
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Brave
Item: Leftovers
Biography: Hailing from the Ilex Forest, Brittany used to hang around a mushroom pokemon plantation run by a shady character named Brenden. Big happened upon the ranch and was enlisted to help find what might be scaring the pokemon and when Big asked the locals for help Brittany answered the call by providing the first vital clue to the mystery. She then traveled with big for a while and tried to assist in capturing Brenden in the end but the trainer was too slick for them. She decided to come along with Big to help make up for the fact that she couldn't capture Brenden. She is very inquisitive and always cheerful, and often can bring up the mood of Big and his other pokemon no matter the occasion.

-Level up: Absorb, Growth, Astonish, Bide
-Egg/Tutor: Stun Spore, Rollout
-Tm/Hm: Hidden Power Flying

biggggg5 08-02-2015 12:20 PM


Name: Lindsey Briar
Current Location: Azalea Town, traveling with Big
Personality: A fairly timid, introverted girl, Lindsey has spent her entire life within the confines of Azalea. She is withdrawn for the most part, but is also kind in nature, willing to help those who are obviously in need. She can overcome her timidness when the situation arises, but will often cower away from overly stressful encounters. She has recognised the need to overcome her easily frightened constitution, deciding to travel with Big for a while until she can find her feet as a trainer.
Appearance: A short girl, aged 17, Lindsey has mahogany brown hair typically drawn into a tight ponytail. Her normal attire consists of a pair of somewhat blue baggy jeans, as well as a woolen jumper, over which she wears a heavy set parka too big for her, the entire affair making her slight frame seem even smaller. In warmer climates, she will switch to wearing light t-shirts of varying colours, complete with denim shorts and a thin zip up hoodie.
Biography: Lindsey spent her early life living with her parents and brother in Azalea, never really bothering to challenge the boundaries of her life and remaining content with their lifestyle. She caught her Pancham recently at the same time as her brother caught his Teddiursa, but unbeknownst to her, Eric went on to be enrolled within a special police task force. This led to them growing distant, and she soon realised he had begun to exhibit strange behaviours. Enlisting the aid of Big, she followed her brother to Slowpoke Well, where he was attempting to infiltrate and arrest two poachers. Despite Lindsey and Big disrupting the operation, it was a success, and Lindsey realised that her brother had long since moved on from their quaint village lifestyle. With that in mind, she resolved to set out on her own feet and become a trainer, deciding to travel alongside Big for a while until she could become more confident in her abilities.
Links to updates where the NPC is present: Here, ongoing.
Pokémon owned: Lance, Lv. 7 Male Pancham
Adamant in nature, this small bruiser has sworn to protect his trainer no matter what, even if his diminutive stature can leave him against the odds at times.
Known moves: Tackle, Leer, Arm Thrust, Foul Play, Quick Guard

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