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Zelphon 10-09-2014 05:47 PM

Jax's Diary
Name: Jax
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Class: Creeper (Major Dark, Minor Bug, Weakness Fairy
Appearance/Minor Facts: Jax stands at a remarkable height of 6’7, with his body appearing rather slender, his long limbs concealing a fair bit of muscle. His eyes are of a ruby red coloration, while his neon green hair shoots out in jade spikes about his head. He has a rather pale complexion, and can normally be found wearing a pair of red sneakers and skinny jeans, both of which appear quite worn out. On top, he dons a black, short sleeve shirt with hardly visible splashes of red staining the surface. Additionally, he carries around a simple burlap sack as opposed to a backpack. He tends to cough up a small amount of blood whenever he gets excited. Due to his history he goes by the name of Jax as opposed to his birth name.

Jax lives up to his bizarre appearance- any action he takes is performed purely out raw desire. Normally he'll end up doing whatever it is he thinks will benefit or entertain him for that moment. An incredibly greedy fellow, Jax is rather quick-tempered and can be very violent if one succeeds in irking him. While he might seem certifiably insane, when Jax encounters a situation he doesn’t think he can handle with brute force alone he can be fairly clever and charismatic.

Even from a young age Jax had a rough life- his flair for the bizarre and unusual appearance set him apart from his peers, making him quite unpopular. At home things weren’t much better. His mother acted like a resident maid, a nanny- she exhibited very little motherly love, and his father was a violent crime boss who drank heavily and would beat him on occasion. Once, he even pulled a gun and almost shot Jax in a drunken rage.

With such a lack of love in Jax's life, as well as his being around a fair bit of criminal activity due to his father’s occupation, Jax grew into high school age with no real sense of empathy, self worth, or happiness. This sad existence continued until one day when a girl named Melanie joined his class. This girl almost immediately gravitated towards him, and the two quickly became the best of friends.
With Melanie providing a sense of love, care, and other positive influences Jax had missed out on in childhood, his outlook on life vastly improved. He was able to talk to her about anything, the things the other students would say, the evil acts of his father, beatings and criminal activity, all of it. She even helped patch him up before school if he had been beaten the night before, this single source of hope being enough to carry him until it was eventually snuffed out.
One day after being knocked out cold by a severe beating Jax woke up and began to violently cough. After awhile, blood began to come up. This continued for what seemed like an eternity before he was finally able to stop. Hearing the heavy feet of his father coming up stairs, he quickly cleaned up the mess just before his father opened the door, cussed him out, and tossed him outside, book bag in hand.
This event was the subject of the last conversation he ever had with Melanie. Her warm nature seemed to fade away as she finished cleaning Jax up and listening to his story. He went to school alone for the first time in what seemed like forever that day, Melanie having told him she was feeling ill and needed to go home. Jax knew she was lying; she was never a good liar. After school, upon returning home, Jax, horrified and dumbstruck, discovered Melanie bleeding out on the floor, a knife in her hand and a gun in his father’s. Jax could make out cuts all over his father's body as Jax approached him, the old man struggling for breath.

In that moment, Jax snapped. All hope faded from his life like his friend’s life from this world. Before his father could even react, Jax lunged at him and began to crush his head with his bare hands. The old man screamed in pain, explaining how Melanie had tried to kill him, that his actions were in self-defense. Before he could finish, however, a loud cracking sound rang through the room, and Jax let go of his father's crushed skull, the bloodied body crumpling to the floor.

After that day, everything changed for Jax. He lost all semblance of a normal life as giving into insanity. He even took over his father’s illegal business in an attempt to fill the empty void in his heart with money… and blood.

Likes: Money, violence, sex, other's pain, dominance, and entertainment.
Dislikes: Hurting children and teenage women, consumption of alcohol, weakness, and being stared at.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Species: Shroomish
Gender: Female

Level: 5
Ability: Poison Heal
Nature: Lonely
Bio: [Place Holder]
Moves Known: Absorb(--), Tackle(5), Focus Punch(Egg Move)

__________________________________________________ _______________

6 Poké Balls
1 Dusk Ball

3 Potions
1 Revive

2 Oran
2 Cheri
2 Chesto
2 Pecha
2 Rawst
2 Aspear

Key Items:
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokéGear with the Phone card loaded

2 Brick Mail
Escape Rope
Luck Incense

0 Pokédollars
5 Star Shards
5 Star Shards

Zelphon 05-04-2015 05:19 PM

Quest & Adventures


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Zelphon 05-04-2015 05:21 PM

Notable Characters













Zelphon 05-04-2015 05:23 PM


Entry 1:

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