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Ex-Admiral Insane 07-20-2014 06:14 PM

The Island Retreat
Somewhere in the vast expanse of ocean lies a single undisturbed island.
Finding this island is neigh impossible, safe for those who know how to find it or happen on it by chance.
It is on this dormant island where lie three ancient trees that have remained untouched for centuries, standing tall and pround since the beginning of time.
These three 'elder trees' stand solemn and strong on the three corners of the island, as if forming a single triangle, from which to watch over and guard their host.
The south-western tree has recently been claimed as a base by a young and boisterous trainer who has made it his and his companion's life mission to find this island.
This elder tree has been hollowed and carved out inside to form a single large inner staircase that spirals up high towards the canopy.
Amongst the leaves lies a treetop base, a safe retreat for the trainer and his party where they may enjoy the silence of the seas and the beauty of her sunsets.
This is the base of Lucas and his travel companions.


Description to come soon.

Though this is the base, most of Lucas Pokémon prefer to spend their time outside on the quiet island, either running on it's stretched green plains or hiding amongst some sparse foliage.


Rules for RP:
1. There's no limit how many people can adventure here. I would prefer to stick to the standard rule of 6 Pokémon max. per trainer. If only to ensure it won't get TOO crowded at times.
2. You do not need to know my character to visit the island. But please come up with a legit reason for stumbling across my base.
3. RP your character leaving. This is just for personal preference. If you can't continue RP'ing, it would be nice if you made your character bow out for some reason so I'd know I don't have to wait on you and stories can move on without you.
4. Pokéspeak is off! This is also just for personal preference. Only exceptions are a) A Pokémon has the character trait of being able to talk or mimic the English language, b) A Pokémon talks in its own language but you merely explain what it is trying to convey. No word for word translations, and c) If Pokémon, and Pokémon only, are together on some separate, special adventure. Much like the episode "Island of the Giant Pokémon".
5. Posts can be as short as you want with a minimum of three sentences. The reason for this is that, at times, the RP is heavily discussion oriented. Little use in writing a 1,000 word essay on your character saying 'Hello'. For actual story development where a lot more is going on I'd prefer you to put in a bit more effort. 150 word minimum sounds like a fair guideline.

Rules of the Island:
1. Exceptionally large and/or heavy Pokémon cannot enter the base as the stairwell is either too narrow or the wood cannot hold the weight. A Slaking would be capable of entering the base but a Snorlax or Onix would have trouble. The base isn't too high so exceptionally long Pokémon like Onix may be able to stretch all the way up and poke their head through the window.
2. There's currently only a small aquarium in the base (may change in the future). So unfortunately, obligatory aquatic Pokémon must remain in the ocean. You can wave to them from the shoreline or treetop though.
3. Since my character hasn't met any of you properly yet, do not expect him to welcome you with open arms. In fact, Lucas and his team will most likely consider you a threat if they see you wander the island and may even attack if provoked! (I added this part because I thought it would be more fun that way.)

Old Base Pic:

Ex-Admiral Insane 07-20-2014 06:19 PM

Well, it's more of a hole in the tree branch right outside the kitchen window

Ex-Admiral Insane 07-20-2014 06:24 PM

Confirmation of Purchases and Gifts
Base Token x 1

Purchase of Birth Island
Purchase of Large Treetop Base #2
1 Small Sized Window - 1,000
1 Medium Sized Window - 2,000

Three Tasty Ice Creams
Cute TV
Kiss Cushion
Kiss Poster
Glitter Mat
Smoochum Doll
Pretty Flowers
Black Pretty Desk
Black Pretty Chair
Golden Egg
Sparkly Christmas Tree
Snorunt Plushie
Fridge - 700
Sink - 700
Trash Can/Bin - 300
Black Pretty Chair - 60
Clock - 50
Wall TV - 2,000
Fissure Mat - 50
Grass Cushion - 20
Fire Cushion - 20
Water Cushion - 20
Electric Cushion - 20
PC+Table - 2,500
Ragged Chair - 40
Blue Bed - 300
Spike Mat - 50
Glass Ornament - 300
Plant Pot - 60
2 Small Tables - 400

Purchase of Insurance
Next insurance to be paid on 01-07-2015 (well actually it's 07-01-2015)

Ex-Admiral Insane 07-20-2014 06:34 PM

20th January - Snowball the Mamoswine

6th February - Hai the Garchomp

1st March - Hood the Victreebel

8th April - Rags the Gallade

12th April - Pearl the Wailord
26th April - Rose the Roselia

4th June - Kong the Slaking
15th June - Wattson the Magnezone
19th June - Regina the Larvitar
21st June - Ford the Forretress
24th June - Mal the Crobat
29th June - Jack the Pumpkasaur?

30th July - Scraps the Lucario

1st August - Sterope the Rapidash
15th August - Ijzer the Aron
19th August - Bask the Ekans
21st August - Sar the Haxorus

15th September - Brigge the Skorupi
16th September - Whitefloss the Slurpuff
19th September - Blackbeard the Chatot
26th September - Zmeya the Deino

13th October - Mrs. Khan the Kangaskhan
23rd October - Faust the Dusknoir
30th October - Doom the Absol

6th November - Greycoat the Beheeyem
9th November - Sal the Salamence
20th November - Lucas the Trainer

10th December - Amabel the Eelektross
17th December - Charybdiss the Horsea
23rd December - Post the Delibird
25th December - Plai the Lapras

Ex-Admiral Insane 07-21-2014 07:25 AM

Adventure Logs
A Gmoyes Adventure: FFAZ - A Forest: [1] [2] [3] - Cancelled
A BlazeVA Adventure: Cortoza - Shale Beach: [1] [2] - Cancelled
A Myahoo Adventure: Phantom Isle - Sideshow Alley: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - Cancelled
An Enchantress Adventure: Arcane Realm - Ancient Tomb: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] - Cancelled
A Marblezone Adventure: Venom Isle - Bane Forest: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] - Cancelled
A Celebii151 Adventure: Cloud Garden - Desert of Illusion: [1] [2] [3] - Cancelled
A Kaisap112 Adventure: Spring Safari - Rocky Beach: [1] [2] - Cancelled
An Arc Angel Adventure: Friend Safari - Angelique's Garden: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] - Finished
A Pearl's Perap Adventure: FFAZ - Amaranth City: [1] [2] - Cancelled
An Electric Blue Eye Adventure: Whale Island - Pirate's Cove: [1] [2] [3] - Cancelled
A Myahoo Adventure: Cortoza - Mt. Pele: [1] [2] [3] [4]
An Enchantress Adventure: Poké Pelago Islands - A Pokémon Resort: [1] [2] - Cancelled
A Marion Ette Adventure: Bedlam Ridge - The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams: [1] [2]
A ??? Adventure: New Fizz City - Fizzitopian Power Plant: [1]

Pokédex (Incomplete/I gave up)


Missingno. Master 03-09-2015 11:00 PM

Ah, the sea of Fizzytopia. The very picture of tranquility... usually. Out in the middle of nowhere, a large vessel was bobbing around in the waves, her captain braving the fierce storm in an attempt to make it back home.

This vessel, the Banette's Revenge, was captained by none other than Keith Masters, and right now, he was desperately clutching the helm like his life depended on it, standing strong as the winds blew hard and the rain fell harder. A Meowth was clutching to his shoulder for dear life, fruitlessly trying to take shelter from the storm under his Trainer's cowboy hat. By their side hovered a Weezing, and the two-headed Poison-type was doing everything within their power to help their Trainer keep his footing- he was, after all, not the heaviest of men.

"Batten down the hatches!!!" Keith was bellowing as he spun the wheel to the left. "I'm bringing her hard to port!"

"Dis is crazy!" Meowth screamed over the howling wind. "We should just drop anchor and wait fer da storm ta die down!"

"Weez, Weezing weez," chimed in Gemini, the larger of the Weezing's two heads, an uncertain tone in his voice.

"Oh, yeah?" snapped Meowth to Gemini. "Wat makes youse so sure?"

"Weezing Weezing, weez Weezing weez," replied Mustard, the Weezing's smaller head. Whatever he said, it seemed to freak Meowth out.

"Wait, da WAT?!" Meowth exclaimed.

"What? Meowth, what is it?" Keith asked urgently. Meowth looked behind the ship, and sure enough, a school of vicious Pokémon shaped like missiles were in hot pursuit of the Banette's Revenge.

"Sharpedo!" Meowth screamed. "A whole school o' dem, on our stern and gainin'!" Keith glanced behind him, and his eyes widened in fear.

"Ohhh, crap," he murmured quietly, before turning to his trusty Weezing. "Gemini, hold them off!" he ordered. "Sludge attack now!"

"Weezing weez," replied Gemini and Mustard. Then, the Weezing turned to face the oncoming school of Sharpedo, and blasted twin streams of Sludge at them. The attack struck two Sharpedo simultaneously, knocking them both out in a single hit.

"Nice!" grinned Keith as he glanced back and witnessed this. "Now use Thunderbol-"

"In da pourin' rain?!" Meowth interjected. "We'll get zapped, too!"

"Right!" nodded Keith. "Better make that a Sludge Bomb, then!"

The Weezing nodded, and then each head launched a Bomb made of Sludge out at the remaining Sharpedo. Each one exploded on contact, allowing the move to take out even more of the Water/Dark-types than the previous one had. By now, only three Sharpedo remained, but those three seemed entirely undeterred by the others having been KO'd, judging by the way they were still pursuing the boat. Keith glanced back again- he had to keep his eyes on the sea ahead of him, after all, lest he hit something. Granted, he had his Slowbro with him, so it wasn't as though he was going to drown if the ship went down, but all the same, he'd much rather not sink the Banette's Revenge- having worked with some of his Pokémon to build this vessel, he was quite fond of her. And in that short glance, he was able to see that there were only three Sharpedo remained, and conveniently enough, they were all swimming close together. "Now, Gemini! Hyper Beam!" he ordered.

"Weezing WEEEEEEZ!" bellowed Gemini and Mustard, a powerful beam of purple-black destructive energy exploding from the mouth of the larger head. The attack struck the Sharpedo in the center of the formation, but the resulting explosion was felt by all three of them. Once Gemini stopped the attack, no more Sharpedo were tailing the ship.

"Success!" Keith grinned. "That was awesome, Gemini, Mustard, thanks so much," he added gratefully to the Weezing, before focusing his attention back on the sea before him.

Almost immediately, however, the Dusclops standing near the bow spoke up. "Land ho!" Peeves exclaimed, pointing directly in front of him. Keith narrowed his eyes, trying to see what Peeves was talking about, as the rain was doing him no favors in terms of visibility. And then, seconds later, he saw it- a small island, containing a trio of large trees.

"What the hell?" Keith muttered. Then, he called down to the deck below. "Hermione, what's that island up ahead?" he asked.

Down on the main deck, a Weedle, comfortably sheltered beneath a tent that had been set up there, consulted a bunch of maps and charts on the table she was on. After looking at all of her navigational equipment, she called back up, "Weedle Weedle."

"Hermione's sayin' she gots no idea," Meowth translated. "Dis island don't seem ta be on her maps."

"Huh. That's odd," frowned Keith.

At that point, Peeves spoke up again. "Looks like one of the trees has a Secret Base carved into it," he reported.

"A Secret Base?" Keith repeated. "But how can- unless... did we really just stumble upon Birth Island?"

"Wat's Birth Island?" Meowth asked.

"It's this uncharted island in the middle of the sea, Arceus knows where," Keith explained. "It's one of the few areas where the Fizzytopian government allows you to build a Secret Base, but it's the most expensive property going. How did someone actually manage to afford a place like this?" he wondered out loud.

"Hey, I gots an idea," Meowth said. "Howzabout we tink about dis later on, once we're away from dis storm?!"

"I got a better idea," Keith stated as he turned the wheel. "We'll drop anchor and go ashore here, and see if whoever's in there will let us stay there until the storm passes."

"I like yer idea," Meowth said at once.

"Peeves, prepare to drop anchor!" Keith called.

"Aye, aye," nodded the Dusclops, as the Ghost-type stepped over to the anchor, ready to lower it at a moment's notice. With great difficulty, considering the pouring rain and howling winds, Keith managed to bring the Banette's Revenge to a stop and tie her off. Peeves volunteered to stay behind and guard the ship, so Keith returned Hermione to her Poké Ball, and then ran over to the tree with a door built into it, Meowth on his shoulder, and Gemini and Mustard hovering faithfully behind him.

"Hello?" called Keith as he knocked on the door. "Anyone home? Is it alright if we stay here until the storm passes?"

Ex-Admiral Insane 03-10-2015 12:39 PM

(OoC: Coincidentally, I was actually looking for a way to get in contact with others and was trying to figure out a way to visit your base through a misunderstanding. Funny to see how you cut ahead of me. :D)
(Also: I haven't finished editing this so sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes)

Another thunder flash in the distance caused the Ponyta to whinny and flash her flames. The other younger Pokémon; a Lotad, Krabby, Girafarig, Oddish and Gible shrieked in response to her reaction. Only the Purrlion remained calm, licking her paws as if nothing of interest was happening. The group were cowering amongst the pillows piled up in the corner of the base.

“Place the pot underneath the drip,” the trainer ordered his Absol. Little Doom had already grown up quite a bit, becoming larger, quieter and more obedient. He nudged the pot across the floor underneath the hole in the ceiling which the Zubat was circling.

The Gallade came out of the bedroom, holding a pile of planks. Leftovers from when the base was built. Behind him followed Wattson, the Magnemite, with a plethora of nails attached to him due to his ability Magnet Pull. The two surpassed the Absol, Zubat and hole in the ceiling and moved on to the kitchen where the others were. Lucas, the Kangaskhan, Chatot and Duskull were all standing on the edge of the wooden floor, looking down and out at the ground far below them. An entire section of wall was ripped out in the storm, along with some of the floor and fridge. The splinters of wood, metal and food lying far below them.

Lucas turned to meet his Gallade. “Great work on the planks Rags.” The Gallade looked at the state of the base and gave a sarcastic stare at his trainer. “What?” Lucas asked. “Of course I paid the insurance bill.” He looked away and gulped as he remembered it wasn’t paid on time. “Everyone grab a few and hold them up!” he shouted as he tried to raise his voice above the whirling winds. “We don’t need the nails Wattson. There’s no time, bring them back! “The Magnemite gave a pathetic screech as he returned to the room, feeling rejected.

“KONG!” the trainer poked his head outside. “Get back in here now!”

“Vi-go-ROTH!” he yelled with arms wide as he met the oncoming rain. As if on cue, lightning struck in the distance. The Vigoroth was overly enthusiastic about the storm. He stood on the large tree branch outside, braving the storm as if he could overcome it. “Kong! Get the Distortion (World) in here!” his trainer yelled once more.

“Khan” The Kangaskhan next to him roared. As if saying Let me try. She stepped closer to the edge while placing a comforting hand on her joey. “KHAN!” she yelled at the Vigoroth. Kong looked scared as he looked back and met the Kangaskhan’s Leer. The enthusiastic Vigoroth gulped, lowered his hands and started climbing across the tree branch to get back in. He stopped halfway when he noticed something in the distance. Something on the shore caught his attention.

“VIG!” he yelled back.

“Kong, this is not time for fooling around!”

“Vig!” he tried pointing towards the shore. He crawled back inside the base before trying to draw his trainer’s attention. “Vig-vig-vigororoth.” He pointed once more.

Annoyed, Lucas looked but could see very little through the rain and wind. “We can’t go there right now,” he said annoyed. “Black,” he looked to his shoulder. “Fly down there and see what it is. Record whatever you find there. The door’s open if the hole is fixed by the time you’re back. The Chatot squawked and have a small peck on his trainer’s head before swooping out of the hole and down to the shore. “Now everyone get ready to hold up the wall. Floss? Where are you?”

In another corner of the room the Swirlix was silently sobbing. The lost fridge contained all of the Swirlix’s favourite snacks. Hard candies, soft candies, chocolate, chocolate-covered nougat, chocolate-covered marzipan, chocolate-covered cheese (?).

“Floss, this really isn’t the right time to cry about lost food!” his trainer yelled. Lucas kept calling for his Pokémon to come and help as Floss was pivotal to repairing the hole.


Despite the pelting rain and heavy winds, the tiny bird Pokémon managed to safely glide down to the shore. A rather large ship lay anchored at the shore. Blackbeard stopped mid-air and frantically held itself upright to get a better look at it. He could notice a Pokémon standing guard over the boat. A lightning flash illuminated the area and the ship’s name lit up to reveal itself along with the Pokémon that was standing there. Blackbeard recognized both of them all too well and smirked as much as a Chatot could. He doubled back to return to the base, considering his scouting mission to be complete.

He flew low across the ground where the winds were the least heavy until he came close to the tree. In the distance he could hear someone shouting. “-ello? *thump* *thump* "An-one ho-? -it alri- if-stay he-til the storm passes?" The Chatot knew that voice. And he recognized the furball that stood on the trainer’s shoulders. There was a small twinkle in the Chatot’s eye as he saw the opportunity for mischief. He went up higher until he towered above the poison-type trainer and his Pokémon (out of the Meowth’s reach obviously) and cawed down to grab their attention. He clicked his beak open and Lucas’ voice came out of it like a recording. “Door’s open.” The Chatot clicked his mouth shut and open again to repeat “Door’s open”. The Chatot gave a final caw before flapping his wings and sailing up along the tree trunk.


Back inside the base, Kong was about to erect the final plank against the hole. Just before the hole was stitched up, Blackbeard soared in, banking to his left to avoid the plank. “Now Floss! Chocolate Magic once more.” The Swirlix enlargened her cheeks before spewing sticky chocolate along the plank’s edge. Lucas, Kong, Rags and Ms. Khan were all holding the wall as they waited for the chocolate to harden. It took only a few seconds. They backed off for the final step. “Faust,” he said to his Duskull. “Ice Beam.” Unquestioningly the Duskull obeyed and produced a thin beam of ice in front of his skull mask. He slowly went left to right before lowering the beam and returning to repeat, making sure the entire wall was frozen up to withstand the storm while it lasted.

“Black.” The Chatot perched on his trainer’s shoulder once again. “What did you find?”

Almost dramatically the Chatot extended his wings and clicked his beak open to give report. He produced one of the standard sentences Lucas had taught him. ”Intruder Alert. *Caw* Intruder Alert.” Lucas pupils dilated. Thieves and crooks were the last things he need right now. He cocked his head back to bark orders at the two Pokémon who had remained quiet up till now. “Hood! Ford! Positions!” Both the Bellsprout and Pineco moved in front of the door opening, ready to attack. Hood especially raised his bulbous head and widened his mouth, preparing to send a Bullet Seed at the first glance of movement.
“Send a Toxic Spikes!”

The Pineco lazily inched closer to the staircase and then rapidly spun in place, shooting a rather large volley of poisonous caltrops. The numerous spikes cascaded in different directions down the spiraling staircase, laying a trap for anyone trying to get up.

“Kha-“ Lucas was interrupted

“KHANKHAN” she said as if knowing what was going to be said. She ushered most of her team mates into the bedroom for safety. Only Lucas, his Gallade, Vigoroth, Swirlix, Duskull, Bellsprout, Pineco and Chatot stayed behind. Faust was still busy freezing up the wall while Lucas, Rags and Kong were trying to hold the unfrozen sections in place.

Blackbeard had perched himself on the table where it could get a good view of the oncoming mess. He quietly gave a parrot-like snigger and cawed a soft ’furball’.

Missingno. Master 03-10-2015 01:13 PM

"Door's open. Door's open," the voice called down from somewhere above them.

"Thank Arceus," gasped Keith as he hastened to open the door and get inside. None of them bothered to look up at the source of the voice- the fact that it conveyed the fact that the door was open was more important at that moment. Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard all sighed in relief along with their Trainer as they proceeded to try and dry themselves off somewhat. This took a minute or so- annoyingly, the Weezing's preferred method for drying off involved using Gyro Ball. While this method proved quite effective for Gemini and Mustard, it had the unfortunate side effect of getting Keith and Meowth even more wet.

"Gee, tanks," Meowth said sarcastically, trying to shake even more water off of his fur.

"Weez..." chuckled both of the Weezing's heads sheepishly.

"Nah, don't sweat it, guys," Keith assured them as he was trying to dry his hat off. "Could be worse. Alright, what say we head on up?"

"Weez-" began Gemini, before Meowth cut him off.

"Wait a sec," the Scratch Cat Pokémon said, an odd, alert look to him. "Tell me I weren't da only one ta hear dat."

"Hear what?" asked Keith.

"Dere was sometin' clatterin' on da stairs, but I dunno wat it was," Meowth explained. Then, he raised his front paws up to his charm, which let loose a Flash of light, clearly illuminating the staircase, and more importantly, the odd purple spikes it seemed to be littered with.

"What the..." murmured Keith as he knelt down to inspect one. As the Poison-type Trainer carefully picked one up, it was absorbed into him. "Toxic Spikes?" he muttered, apparently unaffected by the poisonous booby trap. "But why..."

"Well, dat explains it," Meowth said. "Clearly dis base belongs ta some kind o' homicidal madman who's got it out fer youse."

Keith sighed. "Meowth, you've been spending way too much time around Ginny," he said exasperatedly. "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for these. Besides, if someone wanted me dead, you really think they'd use Toxic Spikes, of all things?" he added with a chuckle. "No, I think someone in there's just being a little overly cautious, is all."

With that said and done, Keith carefully led the way up the stairs, Meowth's Flash helping to illuminate the way. As he went, any of the Toxic Spikes he stepped on had no effect whatsoever, instead being absorbed into the decidedly unique individual that Keith Masters was.

"Hello?" Keith called as he neared the top of the stairs. "I was told the door was open, so I came in." While he was remaining calm, however, Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard were decidedly more nervous. They all agreed that there was every possibility of a fight breaking out, whether due to the base's owner's madness or merely some sort of misunderstanding, so they were prepared to defend Keith from whatever might happen. Meowth extended his claws in preparation for whatever might be waiting for them, and Gemini and Mustard were all set to swoop in and block any attacks that might come Keith's way once they got to the top.

Electric Blue Eye 03-12-2015 06:10 PM

OoC: Long intro is long...apologizes.

Pokemon declared to be on hand: Chimchar, Jolteon, Jellicent.

"So what will it be Mr. Rivers, your life or that book?"

Out on the open ocean, with the winds howling, the sky becoming incredibly darkened by some thunder clouds on the horizon and the water thrashing against a little white cigarette of a boat nicknamed The Mr. Beaumont a young cheeky gentlemen named Ethan found himself in his most usual of predicaments. The trainer was staring down death to the face, and ‘death’ came in the form of poisonous claws of a Drapion staring at him inches away from simply detaching his head from his body.

The trainer, ex-thief and turned ruin enthusiast was vastly outnumbered and out maneuvered by the man in charge, Mr. Beaumont. He and his other two associates, Vinny and Carol had contacted Ethan about a job he's specific expertise was needed for. The job in question was a simple 'grab and go'. Going into an Ancient Temple to collect the gold inside, being a thief, Ethan had studied and dealt with a number of traps and security systems. Of course old fashioned traps were more difficult to get through but he managed. The job went without a hitch, but not without the occasional life threatening heart pounding ‘fun’ that he could never escape. As his reward he was given the thing he found more valuable than gold itself. A book located in the same chamber as the gold. But not just any book, this book contained ancient text describing the locations of the Plates that may have held the power to summon the God Pokémon Arceus.

"How about you answer some things for me gentlemen. Like why a couple of rogues would want with a book that they can't even read?"

"You hear that Vinny, he's saying you can't even read- haha- OW!! Why’d you hit me for!!" The much bigger, fatter henchmen said. He’s name was Carol.

"Cant's yous see the boss is trying to work here, how about a little of respect." Vinny responded back. The thinner of the two.

"Fine! But I don't understand why you had to hit me for!" Carol complained.

"Won't you shut up already!"

"How about you both shut up!!" Mr. Beaumont yelled back having reached his boiling point during the twos little spat.

"Sorry boss..." Both Vinny and Carol pouted.

"You want to know why I want the book." He said, before turning around and beginning to pace. "Fine, I'll tells yay. I was thinking, if I could find the location of where every single Plate lied I would be able to summon Arceus and create the world in my image. I'd be the king of the world, people would bow to me. Give me respect and even come to me for advice. I could have everything I'd ever want, compared to this gold I have here, that’s more valuable to me!"

"Wow boss, that’s some great idea yous got there!" Carol said before getting a death stare from the big man himself.

"Hehe...haha, HAHAHAHA" this created a sudden outburst to come out of Ethan, "Oh my Arceus is that rich, HAHAHA."

"Hey boss," Vinny said, "I think the kids finally lost it."

"What's so funny?" The head honcho asked rather sternly not finding it amusing how his ambition was being laughed at.

Whipping tears from his eyes Ethan took in a breath before responding, "It's just so...boring."

"You find my dream...boring?" Mr. Beaumont said causing a small vain to pop out of his forehead.

"Yea. It's been done. At least a dozen times, why not come up with something original."

"Well what do you want it for?"

"I have some questions I need answered by the big guy up stairs and-" suddenly a bolt lightening illuminated the background as the sound of crackling thunder could be heard resonating and shaking the sky itself, causing water droplets to begin cascading down from the clouds, "-that's all you need to know!" While everyone had been distracted by the weather above, Ethan had managed to walk backwards to a ramp, swiftly Ethan made arc’s his back before diving head first to the second floor of the boat they were on, landing directly down to the port side. Like an aerobatic he used his hands to save himself from smashing his face in. Rolling as to not injury his legs or knees he stood up before making a break for the inside of the ship.

"Well don't just stand there you buffoons!!" The boss said, "After him!!" He commanded as Vinny and Carol quickly saluted before bumping into each other and going the opposite’s side from which they stood, running down to the first level to give chase.

When they were gone, Mr. Beaumont looked at his Drapion and said. "I need better help."


Inside the luxury liner Ethan ran over to his compartment, gathering his belongings before clipping the Pokeballs he had brought for the job. And placed the book he had into his backpack.

"Where do you think you’re going?" A voice from behind startled Ethan, causing him to turn around and find Carol standing between the doorway with his Pokémon partner, a slithering purple snake, "Ekansssss" it hissed as it slithered closer to the young man, "I don't have time for this!" The boy cursed before grabbing a Pokeball and tossing it, "Aiden come out and give me a hand!" he said.

The ball opened up in a flash and out popped a "Chimchar!"

"Chimchar, roast this snake, use Flame Wheel and cut us open a path!"


Jumping in midair, the fire starter made a back flip before beginning to spin rapidly with fire spewing from its mouth the giant wheel of flames he created, burning everything in the room it touched, before finally charging right at their opponents!

"Diana!" Carol said to his Ekans, "Use Sludge Bomb to prevent them from crossing this door!"

Focusing on the poisonous fluid in its mouth, Ekans hurled a black inky sustains directly at the wheel of flames, "Maneuver out of the way! Just like we've practiced!" The trainer yelled out, quickly Chimchar jerked to the side, acting like a wheel of a car causing the move to miss completely before wheeling to get back on track and moving faster toward the snake, "Dodge Diana!" but as the snake slithered away Carol on the other hand didn't have enough time to react as a big ball of flames hit him right at the center of his big o’ belly, pushing him out of the way and knocking him unconscious against the other side.

"Great job Aiden!" Ethan said as the Chimchar's flame died down, "Now get back in your ball, it's raining outside!"

"Chim!" The monkey gave a warm smile as the trainer went up a flight of stairs to the upper deck leaving Carol unconscious on the floor with his snake Pokémon trying to see if he was okay.

On the upper deck it seemed the waves and rains were causing the boat to sway much harder than earlier. All Ethan could think of now was getting off the boat, but last he looked at the navigation they were somewhere close to an Island in the shape of a triangle, whatever it's actually name, for a person that traveled by water alot he had at least heard what many sea going people called it...The Bermuda Triangle.

"So you think you can take the bosses book and just leave?"

"Vinny." Ethan said as he knew he was now going to have to battle the second of the henchmen, "This book doesn't belong to him, it belongs to me, this was promised to me after I helped you guys get your gold. I didn't even want the gold remember? The only reason I came here was for this."

"Well, stop being so...selfish."


"You know what I mean; the boss wants that book and his going to get it!" Tossing a sphere into the air, Vinny called out his trusty partner, a round happy "Koffing!!"

"Koffing put him in his place with a little Gyro Ball!"

Spinning rapidly the poisonous ball of gas charged at the trainer with steel energy surrounding him.

While this continued on lightning and thunder continued to ravage in the background, a big wave pushing the boats side, causing Ethan to lose his footing and slip on the wet hardwood flooring. The Gyro Ball narrowly missing him.

Vinny holding on for dear life to a bar skewered onto the ship yelled his next commands, "Use Thunder to strike him down!"

"Are you insane, with this much water, you can’t be this stupid…you'll get electrocuted too!"

"I'm not listening to you!" Vinny laughed it off.

"Argh, why do I even work with these kinds of people? Jolteon come on out and give me assistance!!"

With a throw of another capsule a white light materialized onto the ground as a spiky haired, yellow fox came into the picture. "Jolt!" electricity began to surround the purple ball of gas as it charged its energy, before shooting a Thunder directly toward the sky, Ethan could feel the atmosphere's air thinning as he anticipated what would happen next, the same attack that was launched soon came crashing down on them, only for the attack to be absorbed by his fox's fur.


For a moment there was an eerie silence, it was as if the clouds thunder and lightning had stopped for a second but that's because Ethan knew what was about to happen next, "Jolteon back in your ball, thanks for the help!" He retrieved his Pokémon back inside its Fastball before he took a running start, "That's right you better run!" Vinny smirked not completely understanding the situation.

A dark cloud was gathering directly above the boat now, and it was about to go off like a bomb on a timer, reaching the end of the ship, Ethan was greeted by the boss on the second floor, "Leaving so soon?" He said as his Drapion stood right next to him, awaiting its orders to attack as it snapped its claws.

"Actually yea, I am." Ethan said.

"You think I'm just going to let you?"

"No but you got bigger problems, let us never do business with each other again." Ethan said as he tossed another ball and called out his sea ferrying friend, Jellicent. Jumping over board he held onto Diego's 'crown' as Mr. Beaumont rushed at them as they made their escape, "Pin Missile Drapion!!"


But they were too far now, and out of reach, the darts only merrily causing water to splash them as they zig-zagged to safetly.

"Damnit all!" The boss smashed his fist on one of the metal railings.

"Hey boss..."

"What is it Vinny?! Don't you see he got away?"

"Yea but we have a problem..."

"What problem?"

Pointing up Vinny directed the boss’s attention to a cloud closer than any other to the boat, static was forming around it, as it was throbbing almost as if it was ready to explode...

"Son of a b-"


Having made a good ways away from the ship before a white light ignited most of the sky, and a thundering boom followed close after, Ethan knew he wasn't going to have to worry about those three coming to bother him again.

With only an island close by to find some shelter to get away from the storm that seemed to be following him, Ethan set his sights on the Island yonder from him.


Reaching their landmark with much rain pouring down on them, Ethan arrived on the shores about less than an hour later, "Thanks buddy! Return for now!" He said before realizing he needed a place to get dry, above he saw a giant mountain ahead with three large trees, and though it might of been the rain and lightning playing tricks on him he could see a light coming off the one in the middle, rushing over to it he came to the trunk of the tree, seeing the truck slightly open and the inside dry and hallowed out with stairs to them winding up. He didn't know anyone would or could live here, so without making much of any sound he began to climb up seeing as he did a couple of Spikes that had lost all their poison....

Ex-Admiral Insane 03-13-2015 04:38 PM

The sound of footsteps was unavoidable.

“Skuntank! How are they getting past the Toxic Spikes so easily?” Lucas asked no one in particular.

The trainer focused his attention back on the wooden planks. Faust was slow but making headway in securing the pieces in places. Admirable, he didn’t have to take a breather yet. An almost assured sign of his ghostly character.

’Perhaps they have a poison type who’s clearing the way?’ he wondered.

He turned his head to the entrance where the footsteps were getting louder then back to the wall. A large portion of it was secured. It would need less ballast to hold it together now. “Rags!” the trainer said assured. “You’re on guard duty. Expect poison types, so-“

“Gall,” his Gallade assured him. He understood and let go of the wall. He calmly walked to stand next to the Pineco and Bellsprout while Lucas and Vigoroth were left to hold the remaining planks in place.

The whole base held their breath as they anxiously waited for their intruders to arrive. Safe for Faust, who unflinchingly continued holding the Ice Beam.

"Hello? I was told the door was open, so I came in."

But the voice fell on deaf ears. Only a faint snigger from the Chatot may have been heard by some.

Once the footsteps were close to the door, Lucas’ voice boomed throughout the base. “HOOD! BULLET SEED!”

Obeying, the Bellsprout released a volley of glowing seeds that it had been retaining. Simultaneously, the Gallade charged his blade with purple energy, ready to charge at the first thing that would come through the door.

Missingno. Master 03-13-2015 05:04 PM

As Keith slowly made his way up the steps, he could see light ahead of him, aside from what Meowth was generating with Flash. He was near the top of the staircase, he could tell, and as he climbed another step, a doorway came into view-


"What the-" Keith exclaimed, for this voice was identical to the one to tell them that the door was open in the first place. The first thing he could see was a Bellsprout, and more to the point, the glowing seeds it was spewing straight at Keith! But before he could so much as react to them, his Weezing sprang into action. Gemini and Mustard swooped down and blocked the Bullet Seed, taking the resisted Grass-type move like it was nothing.

"Weez!" both heads exclaimed defiantly. At first, they thought the Bellsprout was to be their only assailant, but then they spotted the Gallade, Psychic energy already charged up in one of its arm blades. The Psychic/Fighting-type did not go unnoticed by Keith, either, who pointed his Pokédex at it, while Meowth clung to his arm for dear life.

"Gallade, a Blade Pokémon. An evolved form of the Kirlia," droned the device. "When protecting someone, it extends its blade-like elbows and fights savagely."

"Whoa, whoa, hold on," Keith said, hastening to try and get the situation under control before the attacks started flying. "What's going on here? You said the door was open, why are you attacking us?"

Gemini and Mustard, meanwhile, eyed the Gallade warily. The Weezing's heads both got the feeling that this Gallade was much lower in level than they were, so they had no intention of attacking unless it proved necessary to defend Keith. They did, however, intend to block as many attacks from the Gallade as they could take.

Electric Blue Eye 03-13-2015 09:05 PM

As Ethan made his way climbing the winding steps, he began to hear some commotion up above, he stealthfully walked up to what was going on when suddenly, he saw a man near a door he could only assume was the entrance to a secret base.

Hugging the wall as he peered from one of his eyes, Ethan noted the gentlemen seemed to be getting attacked.

Suddenly from behind Ethan's shadow, a Gastly came out yawning rather loudly, "Ahhhhh!" Which startled the boy some, causing him to turn around and tell his ghostly friend in a hush tone to be quiet.

"What's going on?" The Gastly said in a quiet whisper.

"I think I made a big mistake coming here..."

"Speaking of...weren't we on a boat?"

"Yea you know how it goes, the double cross."

"Ah, say no more..."

"Listen," Ethan said, "I think it's nothing more then a big misunderstanding that's happening up there. I rather not deal with the same thing. So do me a favor and phase through the top until you reach that room. When you do, tell who ever lives here we mean no harm and as proof we can cook them something to eat."

"What will you make?"

"I don't know, whatever I got in my backpack and whatever is on the island."

"Fine with me!" James said as he floated upwards towards the ceiling, passing through it as he arrived in a room filled with Pokemon, all of different variety and towards the entrance way, was a gentlemen with a cowboy hat and another with a couple Pokemon next to him, ready for what looked like a showdown.

Clearing his throat, James said, "Hello...can I please have everyone's attention. Before this gets out of hand, I'd like you to know that me and my trainer are looking for shelter. He has gone through a great deal for coming here...though honestly I have no idea where here is...but if you allow us to stay here then we promise to cook you some thing to eat...it might not sound like a lot but-" he said looking around the room where his eyes were meet towards the kitchen, only to notice it was missing a fridge and near another corner a Swirlix sobbing...something about lost food?

"It does seem better then the alternative."

Ex-Admiral Insane 03-14-2015 08:55 AM

(OoC: Unfortunately for you EBE, I’m sticking to my Vigoroth’s personality/character of hating the Gastly-line. Plus, I’m having way too much fun with this ’misunderstanding’ to just let it go like that. ;p)

Kitchen: Lucas, Kong, Faust, Floss, James
More of the wood was being secured in place by Faust and both Lucas and Kong could ease up on pushing their weight. There was a distinct chill in the air. They both attributed it to the frozen wall, having their backs turned to the Gastly that had managed to phase itself through the floor.

"Hello...can I please have everyone's attention,” the Gastly spoke.

The two looked back in fright to see the gas Pokémon behind them. Kong’s instinct and Vital Spirit went into overdrive as he quickly charged his claw. Lucas placed more of his own weight on the wall as the Vigoroth let go.

“Before this gets out of hand, I'd like you to kno-“

The Gastly was cut off as the Vigoroth launched a surprise attack in the form of a Sucker Punch, striking the gaseous Pokémon with dark energy.

“They’re coming through the walls!” the trainer shouted, attempting to alert everyone in the base. 'So they do have a poison-type'

“VIGVIGVIGOROTH!” Kong yelled angrily. As much as the ghost Pokémon tried to reason with them, his voice was drowned out by the Vigoroth’s angry shouting. It didn’t help that a previous bad experience (which I’m still working on explaining at a different time) caused the Vigoroth to hold a grudge against the Gastly-line. Kong was having none of it. He wanted to pulverize the Gastly as much as he could and Lucas understood. He too was slightly panicking about the apparent invasion that was occurring.

“Kong. Pursuit. Feint Attack.” The trainer had purposefully given his Pokémon short names for moments like these. When short stock phrases would quicken their reaction time.

The trainer arched his back to face the door as much as he could so he could shout into the next room. “HOOD! FIRESTREAM!” he ordered. The Gallade he didn’t give any orders to. On Rags he could rely to use his best judgment. The Bellsprout on the other hand was a Rash natured turret that would fire whatever it was ordered.

Entrance: Rags, Hood, Ford, Keith, Gemini (+Mustard), Meowth
A Pokémon ducked down to take the Bullet Seed but had thereby revealed itself in the entrance. Now Rags’ target was in sight. The poison-type Weezing. With his blade coated in Psychic energy he lurched forward and extended his arm.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on,” a voice behind the Weezing spoke.

But Rags was already in the midst of his attack and too focused to ease up. He sliced his blade down across the Weezing’s body, striking for an effective blow that yet seemed to do little damage.

“What's going on here? You said the door was open, why are you attacking us?" the voice continued.

The Gallade eased up a bit as he recognized the voice from somewhere.

“They’re coming through the walls!” Lucas' voice resonated.

Rags was still mid-fight but made a brief glance past the Weezing. He couldn’t exactly make out who it was that was standing in the dark staircase but he noted what appeared to be a cowboy hat behind the Weezing. It looked familiar but Rags couldn’t quite remember where he saw it before. He was poised for battle and ready to expect a retaliation. But resisted going for a second attack as he looked puzzled towards their invaders.

It was then that Lucas’ voice boomed from the next room. “HOOD! FIRESTREAM!”

Rags switched his view from the Weezing to the cowboy hat, to the Bellsprout behind him reading an attack and then back to the Weezing he was battling. All in all, unsure of what to do next and prepping to back off to get out of the way of the incoming Firestream.

Missingno. Master 03-14-2015 12:07 PM

Gemini and Mustard were fully prepared to take the Gallade's attack, and take it they did! The move, which Keith could only assume to be Psycho Cut, smarted quite a bit, but owing to the drastic difference in their levels, didn't hurt nearly as much as it would've had they been more equal in terms of level. Mustard glared at the Gallade, but upon spotting the look Gemini was giving him, resisted the urge to strike back. No, Gemini knew this was some sort of misunderstanding, and that striking back with an attacking move would only make things worse.

Indeed, the Gallade seemed to be in the process of coming to that same conclusion himself, though hadn't quite gotten there yet. He was holding off on attacking a second time, but the Bellsprout, apparently nicknamed Hood, was another story. The Trainer called in from the other room, ordering the Grass/Poison-type to use Firestream. The order didn't really surprise Keith- nothing like owning a Weedle that knows Firestreem to reinforce the fact that absolutely every species of Pokémon in existence can learn that particular Fire move, after all. It did concern him, however- Gemini and Mustard could take damage like pros, but he still didn't want them to sustain any burns if they didn't have to, and Firestream was notorious for being especially proficient at inducing burns.

"Gemini, Sweet Scent," Keith said to the Weezing. Gemini and Mustard got the picture immediately- fighting back would only worsen the situation- add fuel to the fire, as it were. Keith's goal at this moment was to try and calm everyone down, to try and diffuse the situation before things got too far out of hand.

The Weezing began to emit a soothing, sweet-smelling (and remarkably for them, non-toxic) mist from their pores, trying to fill the whole base with it and calm down even those in the other room- particularly the Trainer. Meowth, meanwhile, noticed the Gallade's newfound hesitation to attack, and knew what he had to do, terrified though he was of taking an attack in all this madness. He hopped down off of Keith's shoulder and slowly approached the Gallade, arms raised in a gesture of surrender, claws retracted, and so forth. "We ain't intruders," he said to the Gallade, speaking remarkably in English. "We just wanted ta get outta dis rain. We knocked on yer door, and yer Trainer told us dat da door was open. Dat's da truth."

Electric Blue Eye 03-14-2015 05:30 PM

OoC: No problem. And yea this is fun! Should we have any guidelines for this brawl we seem to be having? x) or do we just at it by ear?

What's taking so long... the trainer thought for a moment as he continued to observe the situation a few steps above him. Are they fighting each other now? That trainer and the person that lives here? Wait...that cowboy hat...why do I feel I recognize it from some where- Ethan's thought was quickly interrupted however by a voice different from his own in his head, "E-Ethan! Come in! Ethan!"

James is that you? What's going on? How did the conversation go? Were you able to convince them to let us stay?

"I never got the chance, I was attacked out of no where by a- oaff!"

James you alright!

"Fine, I just received a Pursuit attack! What should I do, it doesn't look like these people are much in a talking mood."

Unfortunately for them, it's not like we have much of a choice, going outside is not an option.

"So what do we do?"

Just tell me, does it look like there's another way inside?

"I see a window- woah!"

What is it? What's happening?

"It's getting kinda hard to fight and hold communication!"

I'll try to send aid to you as soon as possible, just try to use your better judgement, we won't want these people to get the wrong idea. Over and out.


Inside the base James tried its best to fend off his assailant. "Look buddy, I don't know what your problem is-" Gastly said trying it's best to dodge the Vigoroth's moves, "But I didn't come here to battle you! My trainer needs a place to rest after the ordeal he has gone through, all we are asking for is shelter...but if words won't do anything to convince you..." He said as a Defensive Shield blocked the normal types last swipe of a Feint Attack, "Then maybe I'll just need to teach you a lesson!" With a wide set grin, James created two ghastly forms for hands, tightened them into the shape of fists and rushed at his opponent with Fire energy ablaze in one hand and solid Ice energy on the other prepared to let Kong have it with repeated Punches back to back.


Inside where the stairs were, Ethan left his position and made his way downstairs where he opened the door to the secret base and peered outside.

The wind and clouds still seemed like they weren't going to let up, with pouring rain every where he looked. But he noted as he looked up that very little water was getting through around the perimeter that the leaves and branches created, like a giant umbrella they were being protected.

But looking up, the tree reached incredible heights, there was no way that a human being would be able to get all the way up there towards the window...but he knew who could...

Calling out his Chimchar, Aiden materlized from the white light the pokeball shot out onto the floor. With a happy "Chim!" the fire starter chimed in, until a water droplet cascaded down and smacked him on the forehead. "Chimp, Chimpchar!" the chimp yelled startled by the water and ran over to his trainer's leg, climbing all the way to his shoulder. Frightened.

"There, there. It's just a little water," Ethan said softly as he stroked his head so he could calm down a bit. Chimchar shaking from the cold winds as well.

"Listen, the reason I called you out here is because James is in trouble."

"Chimp?" the Chimchar said, sounding concerned.

"Yea, he is currently being attacked inside the base and with the entrance being blocked I need you to climb this tree and enter through a window he saw. You think you can manage that?"


"I know that you as a Fire type are afraid of water, but just this once I need you to try to face your fears and help a friend. What do you say?"

The Chimchar thought for a minute, before looking at the tree before them, it was very tall. He even found it surreal to think it even had a top to it. He was afraid that the water might touch him...but he needed to be strong, after all it was all for a friend.

"Chimchar!" he agreed, jumping from Ethan's shoulder onto the tree as he began to climb towards the top.


Back inside Ethan made his way back up to see if the situation shone anymore progress.

Looking at the man with the cowboy hat, it finally clicked to him who it was, "Keith!" He blurted out.

Ex-Admiral Insane 03-21-2015 05:59 AM

Kitchen: Lucas, Kong, Faust, Floss, James
Charging himself with a cloak of dark energy, the Vigoroth rushes forward and plummets his weight into the gas Pokémon. The Gastly staggered back in pain but managed to remain afloat. Had Lucas and Kong bothered to pay closer attention, they might have noticed the ghost-type appearing somewhat absent-minded at first. Unaware that the Gastly was telepathically communicating with his trainer.

"Look buddy, I don't know what your problem is-"

Kong made a swipe at his opponent to interrupt him; a feint.

"But I didn't come here to battle you! My trainer needs a place to rest after the ordeal he has gone through, all we are asking for is shelter...but if words won't do anything to convince you..."

Just then Kong went in for his real attack to catch the Gastly off-guard but the Ghost Pokémon had set up a protective shield in anticipation of another strike. Kong sneered in anger at his unsuccessful attack.

"Then maybe I'll just need to teach you a lesson!" the Gastly chuckled. Two g(h)astly hands (hehe) manifested itself in thin air. One glowed a hot red while the other a light blue. Kong did his best to back off and distance himself from his opponent. The first spectral hand, the red one, clutched into a fist and launched itself towards the Vigoroth. Kong side-stepped to try and avoid the incoming attack. Part of the Fire Punch hit his side and scorched some of his arm, sending a small waft of burnt hair through the room and making the Vigororth wince. The remaining energy hit the ground where it disappeared in thin air.

Just then, the second fist was launched. It Right after stepping to his side, the Vigoroth got caught off guard as the full brunt attack of the Ice Punch hit his side and shoved him into the ground.

“VIGVIGVIGORTH!” he yelled in anger at his assailant. He clumsily got back to his feet, clutching his left arm in frozen pain. A small patch of ice had managed to form around the elbow, limiting its movement.

“Don’t let up!” his trainer yelled at him.

“VIIIIIGGG!” Kong shouted back in agreement.

“Two more Feint Attacks! Try and knock off the i-“ Lucas stopped midsentence and sniffed the air. A sweet smell had managed to penetrate the room. Lucas stared down at his Swirlix. “Eww Floss, was that you?”

“Swirl!” the cotton candy Pokémon responded in anger, slightly insulted at the accusation.

It was a rather soothing smell. The Vigoroth snorted the air in as well and felt slightly relaxed, but looking back at the ghost Pokémon caused his anger to flare up once more.


“It’s okay,” the trainer said relaxed. “It’s actually rather nice.” The trainer’s eyes glazed a bit and he sagged down across the wall in relaxation. The Swirlix and Duskull tool a deep breath of the air as well and plopped themselves down next to their trainer. All three of them were in a slight trance and a calmer state of mind. Only the Vigoroth remained in full Vital Spirit at the sight of his opponent as he prepared to attack once more.

Entrance: Rags, Hood, Ford, Blackbeard, Keith, Gemini (+Mustard), Meowth
Cautiously eyeing his opponent, Rags was anticipating some form of attack. He kept exchanging glances between the Weezing and the Bellsprout, unsure who was to strike first. Then suddenly, the Weezing exhaled a puff of smoke from his pores, startling the Gallade in surprise. Rags backed off but slowed his steps when he breathed in the air. He was starting to feel somewhat relaxed. The Weezing’s smog thinned down into a fine pink mist that spread across the base. Hood breathed in a mouthful as he prepared his Firestream attack, only to stop and give a fiery hiccup instead. A belch of red bubbles floating up. He swayed left and right on his lonely stalk, his bulbous head almost hitting the ground each time. “Bell,” he said as he swayed to his left. “Sprout,” he continued as he swayed to his right. “Bell. Sprout. Bell. Sprout”

A Meowth popped up beneath the Weeing and slowly walked up to the Gallade with his paws up. "We ain't intruders," it suddenly talked. "We just wanted ta get outta dis rain. We knocked on yer door, and yer Trainer told us dat da door was open. Dat's da truth."

It took the Gallade a few seconds to register what was going on as he continued breathing in the Sweet Scent. ’A talking Meowth? Rags was sure he had seen that before somewhere, but where…

A small cawing from the corner of the room gave the final clue. ’The trade for Black!’ he remembered. The voice, the cowboy hat, the talking Meowth. It was when he and Lucas went to the Cable Club to trade for Blackbeard. The Gallade snapped out of blissfull trance as he recalled the memory. Rags looked towards the corner where the caw came from. Black sat perched on the table, enjoying the spectacle he had set up. The Chatot couldn’t hold it in any more and burst into a cawing laughter. “Chatatatat!”

Blackbeard straightened up and stared towards the Meowth. “Hello furball,” he taunted.

"Keith!" a voice suddenly erupted down the staircase. Rags reared up in surprise at their supposed intruders as that particular voice was new. H held a blade in front of his body just in case.

Missingno. Master 03-21-2015 08:14 AM

The Weezing's Sweet Scent was working- The Gallade, the Bellsprout, they were both calming down, the latter's Firestream reduced to a mere fiery hiccup. And as Meowth explained the situation to the Gallade, he seemed to be thinking about it. Or at least, he wasn't attacking, that was a good thing-

"Chatatatat! Hello, furball!"

Keith, Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard all wheeled around simultaneously at this voice, for it sounded all too familiar to them. And as they looked, they realized that they recognized its source as well. "Blackbeard?!" Keith exclaimed.

"You?!" exclaimed Meowth.

"Weezing?!" Gemini and Mustard exclaimed simultaneously, both heads exchanging highly surprised glances.

As Keith looked at his old Chatot, who was currently laughing his tail feathers off, the puzzle pieces started to put themselves together in his mind. "...Well, that explains a lot," he sighed.

"Eh?" Meowth asked him.

Keith sighed again. "Chatot can mimic voices, remember?" he said. "I'm willing to bet Blackbeard mimicked his Trainer's voice to tell us the door was open, then came back here and told everyone else that there were intruders."

"Dat does sound like someting he'd do," Meowth agreed, narrowing his eyes at the Chatot.

"Which means this is probably Lucas's base, then," Keith added, turning back to the Gallade. "Which would mean you're Rags, aren't you?" He remembered Helena mentioning a Ralts named Rags to him from long ago, at the Bar, and as he was trading Blackbeard away, she mentioned that the Trainer he was trading the Chatot to was Rags's Trainer.

But before anything else could be said, a voice behind them exclaimed, "Keith!" Rags reacted by readying a blade, though he wasn't the only one startled by this. Keith jumped and wheeled around, his hand grabbing a Poké Ball off his belt in the process. And then, as he got a look at the guy who was on the stairs behind him, he realized he recognized him. He had traded with the guy before, including for what were now Keith's Blastoise, Tranquill, and Shadow Ledian.

"...Ethan?" Keith finally said, reattaching the Poké Ball to his belt. "What brings you here?"

"Oh, dat's Ethan, OK," Meowth said, nodding in understanding, before turning back to the Gallade. "We know dat guy," he explained to the Gallade. "He didn't come wit us, but he's alright... well, my Trainer trusts him, anyways," he added. Indeed, Meowth had been a bit wary of Ethan from when the Scratch Cat Pokémon had first met him- he seemed to know more about Keith's preference for Poison-types than anyone who had only first met him ought to know, in his opinion.

Electric Blue Eye 03-21-2015 07:45 PM

Outside the base, in the worst weather the poor little Chimchar had ever experienced. Aiden bravely climbs the gigantic tree to see if he could aid a dear friend from a vicious assault.

Against the elements, with the howling wind threatening to pull him off at every turn and rain making it unbearable to even get a good grip on the tree limbs, as while as bringing great discomfort, the little chimp pushes through while at the same time trying not to look down. He is almost thrown off however when a strong wind pushes him to the side and for a moment his right palm slips and lets go on the bark, his back is then slammed against the tree with only his left palm keeping him from falling below severe feet. He is so far up he can barely make out the ground.

Trembling from the cold Aiden shuts his eyes afraid. He has never felt fear before, and right now he couldn't even look at his trainer for guidance on what to do...

Thoughts from his inquiring mind asking him, What if I fall?, Would I make it?, Would I perish or survive?, Would I be gone before the storm ended?, Would someone find me before it was too late? all these thoughts making the fear inside stronger and take hold when suddenly...What will happen to James?, that's when he opened his eyes, What will happen to Ethan? he thought, They are counting on me to get up there and get to that window, I can't fail!

With a grunt, Aiden held tightly with his left palm before swinging himself back and forth gaining momentum to throw his weight toward a nearby tree limb, grabbing on tight to get better stability with his right palm.

With a fiery determination, Aiden continued to climb, a flash of lightening dazzling the stormy night sky as the chimpanzee Pokemon could no longer be seen in the forge of the leaves where he made his way up toward the window.


Inside the Base, Gastly continued the good fight when he began to smell a fragrance that smelled awfully like a Sweet Scent causing the fire inside his belly to slowly burn away as a more relaxed feeling seeped in in its stead.

But seeing the Vigoroth continue to come at him, snapped the ghost out of it quickly enough.

James didn't want to continue fighting, as he saw the battle too pointless due to the fact the Normal Type would probably never see eye to eye with him, when suddenly his attention was brought over to a knocking on the windowsill.

He was amazed when he found a Chimchar waving at him in the pouring rain, James couldn't be sure but if he had to guess that was Aiden. Though how wise is it to turn away from an opponent coming at you? Having let himself get distracted again, allowed the sloth to strike him down with another barrage of Dark Type energy attacks, this time consecutively, causing much pain to the ghost type.

With his teammate the Chimchar waving at him to open the a way inside, having trouble opening it, James saw an opening before making a beeline toward the window, all he needed to do was blast the window's lock to the side, charging up some ghostly energy, James knew the Shadow Ball he was forming in his hand would just pass by Normal Types incase Kong tried to get in the way of the blast. With a well wound pitch James threw the Ball of Shadows, arcing just the right way before striking home and smashing the window allowing Aiden to jump inside.

Help had arrived!

Sizing up his opponent at first glance, Chimchar prepared a plan to easily take his opponent down. The fiery chimp rushing forward to Gastly's aid, passing him by and going straight for Vigoroth's face were he began to launch a Fake Out attack, flinching him from the start, before his opponent could know what hit him however, Aiden maneuvered moved behind the sloth hoping to aim at his knees for a Low Blow Kick! Once down, Aiden would have the perfect opportunity to use a Double Kick that would leave his foe motionless.


Damn it! Ethan thought as he backed further down the stairs to avoid being seen, How can I make such a rookie mistake blurting something out while in stealth mode. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He face-palmed hoping no one had noticed when suddenly he heard his name being called out-

"...Ethan? What brings you here?" The voice asked, Crap he thought as he walked up a little seeing the voice was in fact coming from Keith Masters a man he had done business with before and the reason responsible for him owning a Garchomp, Munchlax and Jellicent.

"It's nice see you again," he chuckled a bit making his way toward the entrance, "You see...we were trying to get away from the rain after the boat I was on got destroyed out at sea. I had my Jellicent ferry us over here when I saw a small light coming from this hallowed out tree. I thought it was my imagination but when I came here I noticed a door at the bottom of it and entered, there was some commotion, it looked like there was a battle going on, so instead of having you think I was some intruder I had sent my Gastly James to let you know before hand that we were nothing more then wary travelers but he said that he got attacked in the middle of it-" the boy cut off as he heard the voice of his Gastly calling out to him inside the shadows of his mind.

"Ethan!! I was able to get Aiden in, but I don't know how the Vigoroth attacking me is going to like it now that it's a two on one fight-" his Gastly's voice cut out again probably due to having to focus in fending off his assailant.

James! Are you alright!? He yelled out in his mind before coming face to face with the owner of the base, "Hey! That's my Ghastly in there, you got to tell your Pokemon to back off!"

Ex-Admiral Insane 07-15-2015 04:15 PM

"We know dat guy," the Meowth explained to the Gallade. "He didn't come wit us, but he's alright... well, my Trainer trusts him, anyways," he added.

The Gallade nodded in understanding. He was a little shaken by the idea that another person had found their way to their base but he relaxed his arms and muscles. Out of the doorway behind Keith came a young man. A dark haired, blue eyed trainer stepped out of the shadows as he explained his situation the best he could, in as many words as he could fit in only a few seconds.

"It's nice see you again," he chuckled a bit making his way toward the entrance, "You see...we were trying to get away from the rain after the boat I was on got destroyed out at sea. I had my Jellicent ferry us over here when I saw a small light coming from this hallowed out tree. I thought it was my imagination but when I came here I noticed a door at the bottom of it and entered, there was some commotion, it looked like there was a battle going on, so instead of having you think I was some intruder I had sent my Gastly James to let you know before hand that we were nothing more then wary travelers but he said that he got attacked in the middle of it-"

For some reason, the young man halted his speech and ran past them into the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen, the situation was as spirited as a few months ago. A distraction at the window provided the opportunity the Vigoroth needed. In quick success, he pulled off another two Feint Attacks. Both striking for super effective damage once again. The Gastly wouldn’t let up though. A dark ominous mass gathered in front of it. It was preparing a Shadow Ball. Kong ignored the threat as he was well aware of his immunity to ghost-typed attacks. He charged forward to push his weight into one last move, hoping to knock out the Gastly finally. He couldn’t have been far from fainting at this point. The sheer number of dark attacks should have put a toll on his ethereal body.

But the Gastly wasn’t aiming at the Vigoroth and Kong realised this too late. The Gastly veered slightly to its left as it fired the Shadow Ball. The orb arched around the Sloth Pokémon and struck the window. Behind Kong, a fiery figure leapt inside the base. In his fury, he had neglected to note what distracted the Gastly in the first place. The mysterious figure zipped across the chipped wooden floorboard and struck the VIgorth from the side. Before Kong even knew what hit him, a small orange leg wept him off his feet as he feel down hard on his face.

Kong opened his eyes and sneered before looking up at his new assailant. Looming over him stood the small figure of a Chimchar. Kong was infuriated now. Being struck from behind like that. After he was battling the infamous ghost Pokémon? He got up to his feet to get his revenge on the small monkey.

It was just then that the Chinchar’s trainer, shortly followed by Rags, their visitors and the rest entered the kitchen.

"Hey! That's my Ghastly in there, you got to tell your Pokemon to back off!"

He couldn’t take it anymore. Outraged at the intrusions, the Ghost Pokémon, the attack from behind and the yelling; Kong started thumping his chest while roaring. If any birds had remained on the island they would have surely fled by now were it not for the storm. Lucas and his Pokémon covered their ears in pain. The roar went on for what seemed like an eternity, small high-toned pitches overlapped with it at time. Lucas’ eyes started watering and even the base was shaking more violently, though perhaps that was because the storm had gotten worse.

Kong’s figure glowed brightly, dazzling everyone that stood too close. He didn’t stop roaring though. He didn’t stop when his legs grew thicker, his head heavier or his hair longer. The pounding of his fists against his chest got lower as the muscles tightened and almost doubled in size. Lucas and his posse held their breath as they feared the final stage of Kong’s evolution line. The glowing subsided but Kong remained standing, pounding his chest. Once all the light had evaporated, he stopped his thumping and roaring. He hunched though his shoulders and took one look with his blood-red eyes at his opponent before giving a gruff grunt. He gave a last definite cry before slamming his fists into the wooden floorboard.

Lucas held on tightly to Floss and Faust as the whole base shook with each thump. Gallade and Ford toppled over while Sprout was balanced on his head. The fllor started giving away. Cracks emerged that grew across the base floor. Not long after, chunks of wood dropped into the storm below. The whole base was in danger of being wrecked apart.

Lucas fidgeted with his Pokéball the entire time. “Retreat Kong!” he repeated himself. But the beam of light merely reflected off the Slaking’s body each time. He finally gave up and tried to seek cover. With his Floss in his arms he crept to the kitchen doorway. Standing up would have been too difficult at this point. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold back tears off fear. He looked towards his two visitors who had started the ordeal. “You two!” he shouted. “Help me stop him before the whole base is destroyed.

Parts of the wall started giving away as well. The window where Aiden had gotten through was now replaced by a gaping hole that stared out into a rainy abyss. In a few minutes, their safe haven would be gone.

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and ???
Player 3: Ethan and ???


(To explain quickly; I'm using this as a Boss Level. The Slaking's ability Truant is switched off due to rage.)

Missingno. Master 07-15-2015 05:09 PM

To Meowth's relief, the Gallade nodded in response to his explanation and started to relax. It truly seemed as though the situation was starting to diffuse-

And then, just as that happy thought occurred to Meowth, it was swiftly replaced by an earsplitting and prolonged roar coming from the kitchen. Shocked, Keith ran to investigate, as did Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard (well, the Weezing obviously hovered, lacking the anatomical prerequisite for running, but you get the point), and what they saw astonished them- a glowing mass, growing at an alarming rate, and as if that wasn't enough, it was the source of the earsplitting roar.

"Wat's dat?!" Meowth exclaimed as the glowing faded, revealing the creature that was now raging and thrashing around. For an answer, Keith pulled out his Pokédex and aimed it at the creature.

"Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon, the evolved form of Vigoroth, and the final evolved form of Slakoth," droned the device. "Slaking is the world's most slothful Pokémon. However, it can exert horrifying power by releasing pent-up energy all at once."

"Yikes," Keith murmured. Briefly he thought back to Narcissa, an insolent Slakoth he once owned who was lazy even by her species's standards. If this was the kind of thing she'd evolve into, if this was the kind of power she'd have access to to back up her insolence, it was probably a good thing he decided to trade her away when he did.

Meanwhile, Lucas was attempting to withdraw the Slaking, but the Poké Ball wasn't seeming to have an effect. Keith had heard of this sort of thing happening on rare occasion- a Pokémon's anger blocking the recall beam from its own Poké Ball- though had never actually seen it happen before. Then, with a curious-looking Pokémon in his arms (Keith made a mental note to ask what this Pokémon was after this ordeal was over), he pleaded for Keith and Ethan to help him stop the Slaking's rampage before the base was destroyed. Keith nodded in response. "You got it," he agreed. Gemini and Mustard started to float towards the kitchen, but before they got there, a Poké Ball on Keith's belt burst open, revealing a yellow lizard who appeared to be wearing extremely baggy pants.

"Scrrraggy!" Bart exclaimed as it glared up at the Slaking, hitching up its pants.

"Bart!?" Keith exclaimed. "This isn't a good time, that Slaking is seriously strong!"

"Scraggy Scraggy, scrag Scraggy scrag!" the Scraggy responded, assuming a fighting stance. Keith sighed- he was hoping to use something with a bit more battle experience, but Bart did have a type advantage, and he certainly was stubborn (and nobody knew how powerful a weapon pure stubbornness could be better than Keith Golbatson Masters!), and Keith recalled that Bart had been doing quite well in their past training sessions... Perhaps it was time for Keith's Scraggy's skills to be put to a real test.

"Ehh, so, is youse callin' Bart back or wat?" Meowth asked Keith.

"I think I'm gonna go with 'or what' on this one," Keith responded. "Alright, Bart, get ready!" he added.

"Scraggy!!!" Bart responded, eager to get into the fray.

"Bart! Dragon Dance, let's go!" Keith commanded. "Then go in for a Low Sweep attack, and follow it up with Poison Jab!"

Electric Blue Eye 09-07-2015 03:00 AM

When the Slaking had come into full view, Gastly’s jaw literally dropped to the floor in a classic cartoon fashion. "Nope. Hell no. I’m not fighting that, I barely managed to survive it as a Vigoroth." the Gastly said hidding behind his trainer.

"Chill. You’re not facing that." Ethan assured, "I have an even better opponent to combat that." Ethan wasn't someone that enjoyed being told what to do, if anything, whenever someone told him what to do, 9 times out of 10 he'd purposely do the opposite. But, remembering the storm outside...Ethan had no other choice but to fight if he wanted to stay some where warm and dry.

"I'll fight your beast, but once this is over, you better let us stay here till the storm blows over. Got it?" The man said with great force in his voice to the owner of the base, clearly enraged he had to deal with this whole mess, when he technically didn't start it...

"Return James!" He recalled his Gastly, retrieving him back inside the Vampireball before clipping it back on to his belt, "You guys better return anybody that doesn't need to be here," he suggested to the other two trainers, "Things are liable to get rather messy in a minute and I don't want to be blamed for any...collateral damage." Ethan grinned, "Aiden, you'll be my partner of choice. Lets rock and roll!!"

"Chimchar!" The chimp clapped it's monkey paws together.

"Oh and before I forget Keith, remember. This is a 3 on 1 battle, not a 1 on 1...if we aim to calm down the creature or at the very least knock it out, we need to work together on this." He told the trainer next to him before finally giving his Pokemon his orders, "Chimchar, Fake Out and go for a swift Low Kick before going for an even quicker Rock Smash to the gut while Keith's Scraggy gets himself ready! As always, be careful."

Ex-Admiral Insane 10-28-2015 04:33 PM

Kong flung another fist into the floor.
The two intruding trainers were quick to aid when sked for help. A yellow lizard-like Pokémon materialized next to the Gallade to help in battle, glaring the monstrosity up and down. The Chimchar that had climbed up the window similarly followed his trainer’s orders and took a similar battle stance against the Slaking.
"You guys better return anybody that doesn't need to be here," the trainer suggested.
“As if!” Lucas yelled without thinking. To hell he was going to listen to someone else in his own base. Despite that, all of Lucas’ other Pokémon listened to the advice and opted to seek shelter elsewhere in the base, leaving the half destroyed kitchen to be used as battleground for the Slaking, three trainers and their three Pokémon.
The Slaking slammed down on the floor again, sending a shudder throughout the base that toppled all three trainers. Their battle-ready Pokémon managed to maintain their battle position.

"Bart! Dragon Dance, let's go!" Keith commanded. "Then go in for a Low Sweep attack, and follow it up with Poison Jab!" said the trainer with the cowboy hat.
"Chimchar, Fake Out and go for a swift Low Kick before going for a Rock Smash to the gut while Keith's Scraggy gets himself ready! As always, be careful." The other trainer looked on determined.
“I’m going to let you have all the fun,” Lucas joined in. “Rags, Pysch Up on the lizard’s Dragon Dance. Then go in for a Psycho Cut before using Close Combat.

The Slaking roared once more in frustration at his opposition. The Chimchar made use of the moment of outburst to dart in quickly and deal a light hit. Kong staggered backwards, his roar interrupted. The Scraggy danced in erratic and strange patterns. A small mystical flow of energy could be felt as it travelled through the storm’s wind into the base. The Gallade took a moment to meditate in his spot to mimic the dance’s effect.
Kong wanted to barge in to interrupt but luckily Aiden managed to get ahead quickly enough. Right after the Slaking recovered from his initial stagger, the small chimp lowered himself and extended a flexed leg straight into the giant sloth’s leg. Kong fell over sluggishly. The weight of his body crashed into the base to damage it some more.
“Oi!” Lucas yelled. “You’re supposed to stop him from destroying the base, not help him.”
The Slaking threw from his down position an arm to the Chimchar and got a hold of its head in his large, oafish hand. The Scraggy leapt into action to deliver another kick. Kong plucked the chimp from the floor and used his massive Strength to throw him into the oncoming Scraggy. Both Pokémon flew a short distance before slamming into the wooden wall. The base cracked and opened up some more in response. Rags wanted to join in and his blade already glowed a purple hue. Kong managed to be quicker thanks to a Sucker Punch. In a movement too swift for a well-tempered Slaking he threw himself up on his feet and flung a dark arm into to Gallade’s thin body, sending him too into the wooden wall next to the other two.
All three got up as if nothing had happened to continue their assault. They each prepared to charge their third move, a Poison Jab, Rock Smash and Close Combat. Chimchar's swiftness allowed it to charge straight into the Slaking’s gut for a super effective hit. The Slaking responded with another roar. In a fit of rage, he pounded the floor’s planks whiel releasing burst of sound in the shape of blue waves. The Uproar of the wooden debris and loud sound threw all three Pokémon out of their concentration as each staggered back. The Scraggy and Gallade were interrupted from their final move.

Lucas remained on the floor, having forgotten to pick himself up. Not that it mattered though. The Slaking’s tantrum would force him and the other trainers back onto their knees. He bit his lip at witnessing the Slaking’s unhampered strength beating three Pokémon to a pulp all at once. ’At once’ Lucas reminded himself. As much as he’d rather take his Pokémon on his own;

“Rags, use Wide Guard!”
The Gallade extended his arms and elongated his blades as he took a defensive stance to protect his two allies from the Slaking. Lucas turned to the other two trainers.
“Now’s your chance! He can’t hold this up long!”

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and Bart the Scraggy
Player 3: Ethan and Aiden the Chimchar

2 turns left before the base is destroyed!

Missingno. Master 10-28-2015 05:43 PM

Before the fight commenced, Ethan spoke up, recommending that Keith and Lucas withdraw any Pokémon whose presence wasn't strictly required for the impending fight. Lucas, in no uncertain terms, stated his disagreement with this idea, and indeed, Keith was in no mood to call back Meowth or Gemini and Mustard. But before he could say so, it was Meowth who beat him to the punch.

"Speak fer yerself," Meowth spat at Ethan. "It'll be a cold day in da Distortion World before I agree ta get back in my ball."

"And Gemini and Mustard will be a bigger help than anything if things go bad," Keith added, with a glance at his Weezing. "I'd feel better knowing they were out of their ball and ready to help at a moment's notice."

And with that, the fight commenced! Aiden landed a Fake Out, distracting the Slaking long enough for Bart to execute his Dragon Dance. And then came Ethan's next order- Low Kick. "Low Kick?!" Meowth repeated. "But dat's-!"

Too late- the Fire-type managed to trip Slaking, who fell to the floor with a loud and destructive crash. Lucas called Ethan out on this, reminding him that the objective was to stop the Slaking-based destruction, not help it along, which got Keith nodding in agreement- under normal battle circumstances, he knew Low Kick would be a highly effective maneuver against a heavy Normal-type, but under normal battle circumstances, one generally wouldn't give a Raticate's ass whether the battlefield got damaged or not. It's why Keith didn't call for the same move from his Scraggy- Low Sweep, he knew, was more for crippling an enemy than tripping it. Meowth, meanwhile, cast more wary glances in Ethan's direction than usual- he never did fully trust Ethan, and even now he couldn't help but speculate whether the end result of Aiden's Low Kick wasn't his intention all along...

Keith, meanwhile, had his mind on much more pressing matters- the battle at hand. Bart's Poison Jab was prevented as the Scraggy was reeling in pain from Slaking's Uproar, as was Aiden's Rock Smash. Currently, Rags, Lucas's Gallade, was shielding them all from the Uproar by way of a Wide Guard attack. Lucas then told Keith and Ethan that this was their chance, and warned them that Rags wouldn't be able to hold the Wide Guard up that long.

Keith nodded, also recalling what Ethan had said to him- they had to work together if they were gonna stop this Slaking. However, Bart didn't know any moves that were meant to power up allies, or heal them, or protect them, or whatever... and then he realized, there was another way Bart could help out Aiden and Rags- by making the Slaking less able to defend against their attacks.

"OK, Bart, give it your Rock Smash attack!" Keith commanded. "Then do another Rock Smash and follow up with Drain Punch!" He grinned- Rock Smash was likely to lower Slaking's Defense, which would make Aiden and Rags's physical attacks hit harder as well as Bart's. And Drain Punch, considering how badly Bart could get hurt in this battle, was just plain common sense.

Electric Blue Eye 01-01-2016 10:54 AM

Self preservation
Of course, what do I care if this base goes under. Ethan began to think as he was called out for his reckless strategy. I'm facing a giant gorilla Pokémon on a rampage, that can very easily snap us in two, the last thing on my mind is keeping the base from going under when I got a grade A threat staring me in the face. I never asked for any of this, this is not my responsibility... he thought for a moment as he struggled to stand a bit over the overwhelming presence of the Slaking, when he realized, But neither did they...damn it all! I sure messed up this time...of course they didn't ask for this! And while I never meant for my Gastly to start a fight when I asked him to go on ahead of me...I should at least follow my own advice and work with these people, instead of against...

There had been a reason why Ethan recalled his Gastly back inside it's Pokéball. Not because of the type disadvantage or because of the damage the Ghost/Poison Type had taken earlier, but because James, thought too much like his trainer. They were both cut throat and thought mostly of themselves, but Aiden, his chimp, was different. Aiden, had a boyish like innocence to him, something that didn't exactly clash with Ethan's personality but rather made him a better person overall.

"I'm sorry," the words sounding difficult to say and even tasting bitter as Ethan said them, "I should follow my own advice, it won't happen again."

Unknown to everyone, amongst the commotion, in the midst of battle his Chimchar's body had changed...a white light soon revealed a taller and more hyper active chimp in http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn391.gif. His tail was even longer, with the fire on the tip of it, brighter than before. Aiden even looked like he was wearing a luchadors mask!

"Monferno!" The new Fire/Fighting Type cried out, having some new found energy to play with, as it began rapidly punching, striking nothing but air..."Aiden? Is that you?" Ethan looked bewildered as his chimp's new transformation. "Look at you!" Ethan said with a warm smile, "You look fantastic!"

"Monferno!" His monkey said smiling back, his eyes burning with a passion to finish what they had started. There he stood with two other Fighting Types, just like him, giving it his all. There was no situation more perfect than this one in which his beloved Pokémon could choose to evolve in.

"Aiden, combine your strength and use Mach Punch (for real this time...). Wear down the Slaking's defenses with a Rock Smash, then join Keith's Scraggy and give that Slaking a taste of your Double Kick!"

Ex-Admiral Insane 03-01-2016 03:50 AM

(Let’s see if we can finally get to finishing this shall we? Being a bit creative with Wide Guard’s use here if you don’t mind. I haven’t proofread this yet but at least now you can see where the story is heading towards. I'll edit this later today or tomorrow.)


The bright glow in the centre of the room was unmistakable. In the heat of the battle, and out of some sense of desperation, little Aidan evolved into his middle stage form; the Playful Pokémon, Monferno. The newly pumped up version of Chimchar entered the battle with enthusiasm, punching the air to show his speed and muscles. His trainer sat, a safe distance away with the other two, with a bewildered expression on his face.
‘Monferno! ’Let’s finish what we started.’” shouted the Pokémon at his trainer, taking a stance among the other two fighting types, joining their ranks as well as typing.

“Rags, use Wide Guard!”

“Now’s your chance! He can’t hold this up long!”
The Monferno darted in first. He closed the distance between himself and the Slaking with one leap, a gift from his new evolutionary stage. He flexed his arm straight into the Slaking’s gut to deliver a Mach Punch. The Slaking, while hurt, barely faltered at the hit and raised an angry Arm in response.


His arm came down like a hammer of force, hitting first the magical energy that permeated the air before heading for the Monferno’s head. The magical energy in place was Rags’ Wide Guard and triggered upon the Slaking’s attack. Almost instantly, like teleportation, the Gallade zipped across the room to place himself between the two ape Pokémon. He held his blades up high in a crossing pattern, taking the blow of the attack to spare the Monferno’s head. It was only a temporary solution though as a Gallade had no hope of holding off a Slaking’s attack if it came down to brute strength. Bart the Scraggy flanked the giant sloth and hit his ribs from the side with a Rock Smash. Kong let out a roar of pain and for a moment, albeit briefly, the Scraggy thought he heard the faint sound of twigs snapping.

Kong staggered away from the Gallade, giving him some breathing room. Neither Bart nor Aidan were going to give the Slaking the same gesture. From opposite sides, the two rushed at the giant. Slaking eyes his foe Scraggy on the left, then turns to his right to see the oncoming Monferno. Both fighting types leap into the air, extending a leg or an arm imbued with muscle and spirit. The two limbs connect with the Slaking’s stomach and continue on only to be swallowed up, much like a finger is swallowed up when stabbing a balloon. The two Rock Smash attacks struck a nerve, and a rib, and possibly an organ.


The Slaking lets out another roar of disapproval. More planks and timber are stripped away from the base by the oncoming storm. By now, everyone inside was able to see the dark foreboding clouds and its heavy downpour. What’s more, they could see the swirling mass of debris and salt water being sucked up in the air into a spinning column.

Kong’s hands glowed a bright light as he prepared a Dynamic Punch. Bart looked worried at the fist that was only inches away from him. Similarly, Aidan was wary of the glowing fist near him too.

“That’s not possible!” the trainer shouted, “is it?” It was unclear what the Slaking’s trainer meant at first but both the Scraggy and Monferno were in equal trouble. The Slaking wasn’t preparing one, but two attacks at the same time!

“Get out of there!” The trainer yelled. “Now!” The explosive force of one attack would be devastating, exploding in both the opponent’s face and taking a chunk of the base with it. Two attacks would destroy everything around them in one go. They had to get out to halt the attacks.

Unfortunately, the two fighting types were still close by and the sloth’s bulky physique concealed his dazzling speed. The two fists raced down to where the twin fighting types stood, trapped. Both fists cackled with explosive energy and struck the mystical barrier that was still put in place by the Blade Pokémon.

As instantaneous as before, Rags teleported in between his two, make that three, allies and caught the two fists in his own. The Dynamic Punches exploded upon impact and it was at that moment that Rags’ eyes glowed a bright blue. The white ball of energy that at first grew from the fists, now diminished in size. The residual psychic energy, resonating still from Rags’ prior evolutions, was attempting to contain the energy of the blasts to save the base.

The group was about to cheer as the Gallade managed to hold off the Slaking’s destruction on his own. The glow of the Slaking’s attacks was dissipating. The cheer quickly died out when the Gallade faltered and dropped on one knee. Kong’s brute force was towering above him, shoving him through the floorboards. A few planks gave way and one of the Gallade’s legs dangled below. Rags had managed to redirect the energy of the attacks to save the base, directly into his own body. And as resisted as the attack may have been, the full force of two explosions proved too much for his thin body. Kong let go of the Gallade’s hands and allowed him to drop, lopsided, onto the floor.

Rags the Gallade is unable to battle!

“Rags!” his trainer cried, “Rags!” He wanted to run towards him to check if everything was all right but neither the floorboards nor the crazy Slaking would permit him. Out of revenge, or some necessity to continue the battle, whatever the case was – the Slaking momentarily dropped his guard, the two remaining fighting types continued the fight. Once again from opposite sides, the two launched at their opponent. Aidan dived down onto the ground, placed his hands down and twisted his body in mid-air. The momentum of his movement swung his legs into the Slaking’s side in quick succession for a Double Kick. The Slaking tripped to his left where he was met with Bart’s incoming Punch. The force Drained the life out of his face (quite literally) and sent his head into the opposite direction of where his body was falling.

Aidan picked himself back up and Bart landed beside him. The Slaking, however, landed on his back with a loud thud. The base cracked and swayed with the fall. For a moment, all two Pokémon and three trainers held their breath. Was it over? The floorboards creaked some more. An arm moved, first slowly, then suddenly and slammed down. Kong’s other arm did the same and so pushed up the giant sloth’s body off the ground. Kong slammed his chest once more in frustration.


An Uproar was starting once more. The Slaking was panting heavily by now but he was not out yet. His two bloodshot eyes looked over the Scraggy and the Monferno, seizing them up. The Slaking stopped pounding his chest and his two fists glowed a bright light. Once more, he was preparing two attacks simultaneously. Lucas, with no partner to turn to, looked out at the storm that thickened in noise with every passing second. The spinning column of winds wasn’t just getting bigger; it was getting closer.

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and Bart the Scraggy
Player 3: Ethan and Aiden the Monferno

1 turn left before the base is destroyed!

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