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Escalion 03-05-2013 01:32 AM

Crystal Quarry Cavern - Rowan's Secret Base
Open for RP

On the mainland of Cortoza, not far from the Crystal Resort, lays the old and abandoned Crystal Quarry. Long since forgotten and hidden behind a big boulder that blocks the entrance, Rowan made this quarry his home with help of Behemoth, his Steelix. Not much is left of the old mine, as the new Crystal Quarry Cavern is no longer used for it's old purpose but now serves as Rowan's Secret Base. This is made clear as soon as someone would approach. The big boulder that still blocks the entrance, but now serves as a mechanical door that can be opened and closed from the inside by pulling a lever. On the outside, the boulder is engraved with the following text:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, feel free to enter my humble base but please adhere the following rules:
  • To anyone who wants to come here, feel free to do so.
  • The place here is big enough, so feel free to bring as many Pokémon as you want, however, I would appreciate it if the bigger species like my own Steelix stay out of the living area.
  • Water-types are allowed on your own responsibility, an aquarium is present for the smaller species but beware of the temperature.
  • In addition, bigger water types can swim freely in the lake bordering the mining site, but stay aware of the temperature.
  • In further addition to the rules above, due to the temperature inside, Ice-types may also feel discomfort, bring them on your own responsibility.
  • In exception to the rules above, if guided through the living area in their Pokéballs, the bigger species can roam freely in the mining site.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice

The cavern itself is split in two spaces. The first open space one would encounter immediately after entering is the playroom for Rowan's Pokémon. The space is big enough, even in height, to hold the biggest of Pokémon as the base is as much for Behemoth as it is for other members of his team. Here Rose has her Cute-TV and Lalu her dolls, but of course the whole team and everyone else is free to use them.

At the middle of the cavern, in the northern wall, a short tunnel leads to the living area of the base. This area is almost as big as the playing room, though not quite as high. After exiting the tunnel one can go in two direction, to the left you will see the living room, where you can watch TV, rest on the sofa's or both. The elevator to Rowan's bedroom can be found here too. On the right side after exiting the tunnel you will find the kitchen room. Cooking and eating is generally done here.

For those interested, in the middle of the two room you can find the aquarium. Small water Pokémon can be kept here, however, it holds water of tropical temperatures so it might not be suitable for the types that live in cold water. Next to the water tank, carved out carefully in the wall, you can find a small shrine dedicated to the Arc_Angel of the Fizzy World.

Entering the elevator in the living room will bring you up to the second floor of the base: Rowan's Bedroom.

The bedroom is quite a big place with always pleasant temperatures to allow the many tropical plants and flowers to flourish. Other things that can be found in the bedroom are, of course, a bed and Rowan's Personal Computer. Next to the bed is a bookcase, as Rowan likes to read a good story every now and then and Rose likes a bedtime story before sleeping. However, more books are available in the mini-library.

The upper level has a second room though. Hidden behind the thick bush of some plants lays a narrow tunnel, hardly big enough to get through as a human, that leads to The Big Boss' secret chamber. Here he does his shady business and from here he can access his secret, illegal mining site at the bottom level of the base.

The elevator does not only go up however, you can also go down, though a helmet is advised when entering Rowan's mines.

Mining is dangerous business, and it's not all gold that you dig up. This proven by the lake here, an old mining shaft has flooded with ground water, creating a deep lake capable of holding the bigger water types. Other than that, the whole mining site is build to have all kinds of Pokémon running around so even the biggest of the biggest are allowed to walk free here. Though please be careful when entering the new mining site.

And this is Rowan's base so far, have fun!

Escalion 03-05-2013 01:41 AM

Carved into the wall, on the left side of the boulder that serves as the entrance, a broad hole serves as the base's mailbox. The opening is big enough for even medium sides package to fit in, but don't even think of trying to take anything out as you might soon find something been taken from you.


Escalion 03-05-2013 01:54 AM

Info and Items
Base purchase: purchase/confirmation
Base upgrade I: purchase/confirmation
Base upgrade II: purchase/confirmation
Base insurance: Last payed 04-02-2014, next due 04-08-2014
Profile: link
Lannette's PC: link
Cable Club: Trade List
Total base value: 195,410 coins


Escalion 03-05-2013 01:57 AM

January 29th - Corvus (Honchkrow)

March 3rd - Fae (Beautifly)

April 8th - Rose (Kirlia)
April 27th - Colette (Flabébé)

May 19th - Zwart (Seviper)

June 14th - Lilith (Whimsicott)
June 15th - Magneton (Magneton)
June 28th - Sir Haykhong (Slugma)

August 4th - Graw (Rhyhorn)
August 15th - Ambros (Aron)
August 27th - Behemoth (Steelix)

September 21st - Lalu (Roggenrola), Quad (Roggenrola)

November 7th - Devonian (Relicanth)

December 5th - Sylphbane (Honedge)
December 9th - Roshi (Dwebble)
December 12th - Leviathan (Gyarados)

Escalion 03-05-2013 02:18 AM

Adventure logs:

The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone:
Without any experience in the field Rowan's father has send him up the Silverton Ranges to search for materials and ore in the abandoned mines that litter the area. But Rowan and his Roggenrola soon get distracted by a pair a fighting Pokémon, a Geodude and Snorunt, and the search for ore quickly turns into a struggle to keep bickering pair apart, which results in a fight that nearly collapses the mine. It then becomes clear that the Geodude tried to keep Snorunt from getting a, by then destroyed, Pecha Berry to sick baby causing Rowan to step in. He offers the Snorunt a Casteliacone which heals the baby, but then they are suddenly made aware of the presence of a 'Ranger' who wants Rowan to leave the Snorunt alone. He however refuses to do so and wants to see the Snorunt out first, where the 'Ranger' attacks the Snorunt before Rowan steps in to stop it. At this point a full out battle ensues.
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

The Friend Safari - A Gen VI Event
Rowan learns about an event that introduces the Kalos region to the residents or Fizzytopia through what the Kalosians call a Friend Safari. He takes Rose, his Ralts, with him and goes to the event where Rose senses Byron to be the best choice Rowan's Safari. They get acquainted and soon after entering Byrons Safari Rowan and Rose meet a Goomy who's seems quite interested in Rose, just as to Rowan's surprise, Rose seems interested in the Goomy. The two Pokémon wander off towards a pond according to Byron, and while the path to there is tricky, the sight is simply amazing once they arrive. There Goomy truly makes his interest in Rose known, and Rowan asks if the tiny Dragon wants to join his team to which the Goomy eagerly agrees.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Battle logs:


Escalion 03-05-2013 02:18 AM

TCG Info
TCG Decks, Packs and Cards

- Decks -

Spoiler: show

Wallop Theme Deck - Obtained
Contains 23 Pokémon, 9 Trainer, and 28 Energy Cards
Common Pokémon: x4 Caterpie, x4 Tyrogue, x3 Larvitar, x4 Sentret
Uncommon Pokémon x2 Metapod, x2 Scyther, x2 Pupitar
Rare Pokémon: x1 Butterfree, x1 Hitmontop
Common Trainer: x1 Moo-Moo Milk (Genesis), x1 Double Gust (Genesis), x3 Super Rod (Genesis), x2 Energy Ark
Uncommon Trainer: x1 Professor Elm (Genesis), x1 Hyper Devolution Spray
Energy Cards: x12 Fighting Energy, x16 Grass Energy

- Booster Packs -

Spoiler: show

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Mareep, Sentret, Unown (E), Weedle, Wooper
Uncommon: Unown (F), Unown (M), Unown (U), Hyper Devolution Spray
Rare: Houndoom, Tyranitar, Unown (A)

Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Chikorita 2, Cyndaquil 2, Girafarig, Oddish, Fighting Energy
Uncommon: Ledian, Magmar, Piloswine, New Pokédex
Rare: Murkrow, Super Energy Retrieval
Holo: Heracross

Neo Genesis Booster Pack 3 - Obtained
Common: Cyndaquil 1, Cyndaquil 2, Hoppip, Totodile 2
Uncommon: Furret, Gloom, Quilava 2, Super Scoop Up
Rare: Elekid, Super Energy Retrieval

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 3 - Obtained
Common: Hoppip, Unown (E), Unown (I), Wooper
Uncommon: Metapod, Poliwhirl, Fossil Egg
Rare: Politoed, Ursaring
Holo: Houndoom

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Hoppip, Kabuto, Larvitar, Unown (E), Wooper
Uncommon: Metapod, Unown (D), Xatu, Fossil Egg
Rare: Espeon, Ursaring, Ursaring

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Kabuto, Omanyte, Pineco, Sentret, Unown (E)
Uncommon: Corsola, Scyther, Unown (D), Unown (F)
Rare: Kabutops, Poliwrath
Holo: Wobbuffet

Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Mareep, Stantler, Sudowoodo, Totodile 2, Fighting Energy
Uncommon: Lanturn, Seadra, Sunflora, Bill's Teleporter
Rare: Magby, PokéGear
Holo: Kingdra

Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Ledyba, Natu, Wooper, Super Rod, Psychic Energy
Uncommon: Clefairy, Miltank, Noctowl, Xatu
Rare: Arcade Game, Energy Charge
Holo: Feraligatr 2

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 2 - Obtained
Common: Caterpie, Dunsparce, Mareep
Uncommon: Houndour, Omastar, Unown (N)
Rare: Ursaring
Holo: Houndour

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Pineco, Teddiursa, Unown (E), Unown (E), Unown (I)
Uncommon: Corsola, Houndour, Unown (D), Fossil Egg
Rare: Beedrill, Houndour, Unown (A)

Neo Discovery Booster Pack 4 - Obtained
Common: Larvitar, Poliwag, Teddiursa, Wooper, Wooper
Uncommon: Eevee, Eevee, Pupitar, Fossil Egg
Rare: Beedrill, Hitmontop, Umbreon

- Individual Cards -

Spoiler: show

x1 Holographic Jumpluff (Neo Genesis, Rare)
x1 Unknown D (Neo Discovery, Uncommon)
x1 Unknown M (Neo Discovery, Uncommon)
x1 Unknown N (Neo Discovery, Uncommon)
Above cards obtained here

1x Birthday Pikachu (Wizards Promo 24)
Card obtained here

Pokémon Trading Card Game Album

- Neo Genesis -

- Neo Discovery -

Escalion 03-05-2013 02:19 AM

Obtainment & Evolution logs:
Click image to see where received or where evolved.

Ambros: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn304.gif

Behemoth: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn208.gif < http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/steelixite.png > http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/icon/208-m.png

Colette: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn669r.gif

Corvus: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn430.gif

Devonian: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn369.gif

Fae: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn265.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn266.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn267.gif

Graw: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn111.gif

Haykhong: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn218.gif

Lalu: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn524.gif

Leviathan: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn129.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn130.gif

Lilith: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn546.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn547.gif

Magneton: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn081.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn082.gif

Quad: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...quartzite1.gif

Rose: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn280.gif -> http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn281.gif

Roshi: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn557.gif

Sylphbane: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn679.gif

Zwart: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn336.gif

Escalion 03-05-2013 02:22 AM

~Reserved 3~

Escalion 03-05-2013 03:58 AM

Rowan walks through the empty cave that he now calls his own, in his arms he holds a small Psychic-type. "It seems we're done building for now Rose, Behemoth sure did a fine job at making this space more open, what do you think?" He looks at the little Ralts in his arms, Rose looks up to her trainer with a smile and nods, she agrees that Behemoth did a fine job. "We're lucky I could buy this plot here on Cortoza," Rowan continues, "So close to the Crystal Resort, I'd think some project developer would have snatched it up long ago. So much potential in this place, very nice temperatures if you enjoy warmth like I do and close to a lot of attractive places here on the island."

Rowan then walks up to a pile of what looks to be a pile or iron rubble in the corner near the entrance. "Well done my friend, everyone here enjoys the place." A loud roar can be heard as the pile or iron suddenly comes into motion and is revealed to be a large Steelix. Behemoth roars once more and rolls himself up into the corner again, eagerly awaiting unsuspecting visitors.

Meanwhile, in the living area Haykhong I strolling around with some pots and pans, inspired by Bedivere's lovely cooking back at the bar he decided to try to do some cooking himself, though it proves to be quite a challenge due to his lack of limbs. A furnace however, is something he does not need. By letting his own body temperature rise the Slugma is his own furnace. With him is Roggenrola, jumping around him in an failed attempt to help Haykhong.

"Would you please be so kind to just move yourself to the playroom," Haykhong says friendly but stern, "Or watch TV, but just do something other than helping me please"

"Don't worry Hay," Roggenrola happily replies, jumping around as always, "I won't do anything that troubles you okay? I just want to help."

"If you want to help, than do as I say!" Haykong sneers back at Roggenrola as she failed to catch his message, but without much effect.

"Yay! I can help!" misinterpreting the message, Roggenrola thinks she is allowed to help Haykhong and jumps around even more, now looking for stuff to cook with. All Haykhong can do is sigh, knowing it is of no use trying to get Roggenrola away from him and his first attempt at cooking as she will just continue with misunderstanding his words.

Missingno. Master 03-05-2013 08:16 PM

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"Oh, for Arceus's sake, Chuck!" Keith exploded in response to the same question his Gastly had asked over and over and over again. "We will get there when we get there!"

"And when will we get there?" asked the Gastly.

Keith shot a glare at the Ghost/Poison-type. "When we do," he stated simply. "Now come on. Would you please stop pestering me?"

"Sorry, sorry," Chuck said, though he was grinning widely, shifting his gaseous form restlessly. "It's just, I can't wait to see Rose again, you know?"

"I know," Keith nodded. "I really do, believe me. But continually asking if we're there yet is not going to make this any faster a trip- oh, look at that, we're here," he said suddenly as he walked up to the boulder engraved with the rules of Rowan's Secret Base. Keith approached the large rock and knocked.

Escalion 03-06-2013 02:54 AM

Rowan sits on the floor in the living area, still with Rose in his arms, thinking about how he should decorate the room. He got a package with items not long ago from a friend, but Rowan thought that most items would not really fit his style. However, Rose liked the cute TV he got and he decided to place that in the corner of the room. But what else he should place in the base and were, Rowan hasn't exactly figured that out and thus he keeps thinking, not noticing that someone has approached the base.

Behemoth however, has noticed someone approach the base and also heard the knock on the door. Disturbed in his slumber the Steelix lets out an angry roar and with a flick of his tail he pulls the lever down that moves the boulder out of the entrance, allowing the visitor to enter. Behemoth's mouth starts to spark as the door slowly opens, ready to attack anything or anyone with a powerful Thunder Fang as soon as they walk through the opening.

Meanwhile, Rowan was alarmed by the Seelix's roar and decided to check out what angered Behemoth. He walks though the tunnel and sees the door being opened, with Keith and Chuck standing on the other side and about to enter, but he also sees Behemoth standing ready to strike at the first sign of movement from the Poison-type trainer and his Gastly. 'Oh damn' he thinks and then runs over shouting "Wait!" as Behemoth's mouth comes down to strike.

Missingno. Master 03-06-2013 07:19 AM

The boulder rolled out of the way, revealing an opening. Mildly impressed, Keith made to walk in, but Rowan called to him from inside, instructing him to wait. Noting the urgency in his voice, Keith did as told.

"What is he going on about?" Chuck wondered out loud. Keith merely shrugged.

"No idea, but he sounds urgent," Keith replied. He and Chuck remained just outside the base. "What's wrong, Rowan?" he asked as he saw the trainer come running over.

Escalion 03-06-2013 07:44 AM

Much to Rowan's relieve Keith and Chuck heard his call and remained outside the base as Rowan himself comes running over. Right before he arrives at the door, Behemoth's head smashes into the earth behind the opening, on the exact spot where Keith and Chuck would have been if it were not for Rowan's interference.

"I am so sorry for my Steelix behavior," Rowan gasps as he makes a deep bow to apologize, "Behemoth can be quite aggressive and though I did ask him to keep an eye out, I did not mean him to attack anyone." After those lasts words Rowan gives the Steelix a stern look. Behemoth grumbles a bit as he gets up and curls himself up in the corner again, obviously waiting for a new chance.

"But please come in," Rowan continues, "My base is not much at the moment as I still need to decorate it, but please make yourself at home as much as possible." His attention then turns to Chuck, "Rose hoped you would come already, I'm sure she will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in the living area." Rowan points towards the tunnel in the corner, "Just go though there and you'll see her."

Missingno. Master 03-06-2013 08:01 AM

Keith was quite right to hold his position, for the head of a very large Steelix slammed into the ground, right where Keith and Chuck would have been had Rowan not stopped them. Rowan apologized profusely for his Steelix's behavior, and invited them in. As they entered, Rowan added to Chuck that Rose has been hoping that he would come. As soon as he revealed that she was likely in the living area, Chuck flew through the tunnel, eager to see the Ralts again.

Meanwhile, Keith glanced at the large Steelix coiled up in the corner. "When did you get a Steelix, anyway?" he asked Rowan.

Just then, a small Pokemon dashed through the doorway and climbed onto Keith's shoulder.

"Meowth?" Keith said in surprise. "I thought you were up there the entire time, what happened?"

"Nuttin'," Meowth said dismissively. "Just... kinda saw sometin' shiny on da side o' da road back dere," he muttered.

"Ah. Say no more," Keith nodded. Then, he turned back to Rowan. "It's OK if I let out the other Pokemon I brought, right?" he asked as he took six Poke Balls off his belt.

Escalion 03-07-2013 11:58 PM

As Behemoth curls himself up in the corer, Keith asks Rowan how he got his Steelix. "I got him in a trade," Rowan replies, "Not too long ago I was notified of the fact that a man named Kairne had put his Steelix up for trade. I always thought that Steelix are great Pokémon already, so I made a single offer high enough to make sure no-one would outbid me, and so it happened, the offer won and Steelix is mine now."

Then, just as the boulder slowly starts to move back into place Keith's Meowth runs in and climbs onto Keith's shoulder. "Nice to see you again Meowth," Rowan says before turning to Keith as he asked if it was okay to take out his Pokémon. "I'm sure you read the rules, kind of hard to miss I'm sure with them being engraved onto the door," Rowan replies laughingly, "so feel free to take them out, I'm wondering who else you've brought with you anyway considering you have 34 Pokémon."

Meanwhile, back in the living area Rose senses the presence of Chuck. The feelings from the Gastly make and those she has for him make her intensely happy, clearly shown by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face. And in all her happiness Rose Teleports herself to the entrance, right in front of the onrushing Chuck. She's holding her arms open to catch him, wanting to give him a big hug.

Missingno. Master 03-08-2013 12:03 PM

After Rowan explained how he got his Steelix, he reassured Keith that he was allowed to let out his Pokemon. "Yeah, I saw the rules," grinned Keith. "Just figured I'd do the polite thing and ask first anyway, though. OK, now, everybody come out!" he added as he flung the Poke Balls into the air.

In half a dozen flashes of light, there appeared an Umbreon, a Shuppet, an Ivysaur, a Stunfisk, a Kakuna, and a Pawniard. The Umbreon stood next to Keith and nudged him with her head until he started to scratch behind her ears, the Kakuna wasted no time in suspending himself from a single strand of String Shot from the ceiling, slowly rotating, his eyes taking in the room as he searched for something... or someone... And the Pawniard eyed Rowan warily.

"This is Ginny," Keith said, gesturing to the Pawniard. "This here is Cyanide," he added with a glance at the Umbreon at his side. "The Kakuna up there, that's Melittin. You remember Pomona, of course-"

"For-get to in-tro-duce me, did you, Meat Sack, hmmmmm?" the Shuppet asked in English (albeit with a creepy stutter) as she floated over to him. "And do not give me a-ny of that 'sa-ving the best for last' crap, ei-ther."

"Myrtle, this is Rowan," Keith said. "Rowan, this is Myrtle, one of my Shuppet. Myrtle, you think you can be nice?"

"I make no pro-mis-es," smirked Myrtle as she turned to face Rowan. "Hel-lo, Row-an," she said. "I sup-pose there are worse fates than ma-king your ac-quain-tance."

Keith sighed and facepalmed. "Myrtle, I said be nice," he said.

"I was nice," Myrtle said, turning to face Keith. "Did you want to see me not be nice?" she added in Shuppet language.

"Just try not to insult anyone, OK?" Keith asked, also in Shuppet language.

"Like I said, no promises," smirked the Shuppet as she floated off.

"Sorry about that," Keith said to Rowan. "Myrtle's really a lot nicer than she'd like everyone to believe she is. She just doesn't open up to others all that easily."

Meanwhile, Chuck noticed that Rose had Teleported right into his path, her arms spread wide, ready to hug him. Chuck slowed down slightly, so as to not knock her over, but all the same, he didn't hesitate at all to fly right into the Ralts's waiting arms. Forming two arms out of his gas, he hugged her back. "It's so great to see you again, Rose," Chuck said happily.

Escalion 03-08-2013 01:39 PM

After Rowan confirmed it was okay that Keith released his Pokémon the Poison-type specialist released his team and six flashes of later an Umbreon, a Shuppet, an Ivysaur, a Stunfisk, a Kakuna, and a Pawniard appeared. Keith introduced his Pokémon and ended up bickering with his Shuppet in what appeared to be Shuppet language, something Rowan did not understand a single word of, and Keith apologized afterwards for his Shuppet. All Rowan could do was laugh, "It's no problem Keith, she could have met Behemoth too is she was out instead of Chuck."

"Say Keith," Rowan then changes the subject, "would you perhaps fancy a cup of tea or something stronger maybe? I more than happily make you something."

Meanwhile, Roggenrola had enough of helping Haykhong with his attempt at cooking and has made her way past a certain loving couple into the playroom. She looks around in her own way, by echolocation, and decides it will be most fun to play with Behemoth, not having noticed Melittin hanging on the ceiling, and makes her way over to the Steelix shouting, "Hey! Hey! Behemoth!" Though the Steelix doesn't respond, at least not yet.

At the same time in the other room, Rose catches Chuck and they two lovers hug each other. Chuck happily says he thinks it's great to see her again to which Rose responds by giving him a kiss on his lips with the most loving look in her eyes. She thinks it is great to see Chuck again too and to make that clear Rose concentrates to try and send a happy color yellow into the mind of her boyfriend.

Missingno. Master 03-08-2013 03:15 PM

Rowan laughed as Keith apologized for Myrtle, and he stated that Myrtle could've been the one to meet Behemoth had she been out instead of Chuck.

"Heh," Keith chuckled. "Only thing is, had it been Myrtle that Behemoth nearly crushed, she... wouldn't have reacted very well, to put it mildly. Shuppet and Banette, vengeance comes only too naturally to them. You get on the bad side of one, and, well... things won't go very well.

Rowan then changed the subject, asking if Keith would like some tea or some other beverage. "Sure, what have you got?" Keith asked.

"I don't suppose youse happens ta have any milk?" Meowth asked.

Melittin saw as Roggenrola entered the room, and then noticed, with mild shock, as she approached the gigantic Steelix. Quickly, the Kakuna lowered himself to the floor and swiftly hopped over to where the Rock-type was. "Hey, Roggenrola," Melittin said to her once he had approached her. "Er... What're you doing?" he asked, glancing at the very, very large Steelix.

In response to Chuck's statement, Rose kissed him on the lips, a loving look in her eyes. Then, Chuck suddenly saw a flash of yellow in his mind, and could feel a rush of happiness along with it. He knew it had to be from Rose, and grinned happily- it was a definite improvement from when she had first started learning to telepathically transmit colors, the color was much more vivid now. "You're getting better with that," the Gastly said to his girlfriend. "That yellow was so vivid... and I could really feel the happiness in there," he added, smiling, glad that he was making her so happy.

Marion Ette 03-08-2013 04:48 PM

The sound of jovial laughter outside of Rowan's abode gradually becomes more apparent to those gathered within, as a particularly jolly, yet eerie Pokemon floats toward the door with his arm-like tentacles full of goodies. Bottles of expensive wine and exquisite-looking French cheeses (balanced perfectly on fine china platters) are carried with impressive dexterity by the small Jellyfish, whose load is so immense that his face is obscured by all that he carries. Guiding him to the door is a mildly annoyed-looking dark-haired woman wearing a black, loose-fitting, capelike coat that drapes over her body, removing all sense of form from her upper body. Despite the weather not necessitating such a fashion statement, the pale maiden had her reasons for making herself uncomfortably warm with ill-suited clothing. Her bare legs stand in stark contrast, the bottom of her plaid skirt barely peeking out from beneath the hem of her coat, though she conscientiously pulls down the plaid fabric as far as she can to ensure some measure of modesty. Though she appears disinterested in the Frillish's constant chatter about the rarity and taste of each of the wines and cheeses he has brought, she does, at least, guide the Frillish to where the door is, and even goes as far as to give the door a single, hard bang to make the owner aware of their presence.

"Oh, my dearest Mistress Coselle, is it not true that a lady simply needs to rap lightly upon the door to attract the attention of those inside? Oh, but I really do appreciate the enthusiasm of your pounding, ohohohohoho~!" Coselle gives the Frillish an irritated glare, though the smiling jellyfish, whose view is obstructed by his gifts, takes no notice. "Oh, but I do hope that Sir Haykhong and the Lady Rose I have heard such wonderful things about are in the mood to accept visitors into his home, though I am content to simply leave this offering here for him to enjoy at his leisure. I do intend to have you meet them when they are inclined to socialize, of course... Now that you are human, you could benefit from observational instruction on how to act as a proper human lady would, much like my sister received when she was young. Ooooh, we have so much to catch up on, my dear~! Have you yet to balance books on your head? Or learn to prepare a proper cup of tea? Oh, it is not the books or the tea that are important... it is the subtle ways of a graceful, poised woman that must be learned."

"I need no such instruction," the woman scowls. "I do not see what is so important about me acting like a lady. I have lady parts. That should be good enough to justify my being one." Coselle cackles a bit, though the Frillish seems decidedly undeterred.

"Oh, but my dear, Sir Haykhong is the very model of gallantry and grace, and the Lady Rose, from what I understand, is an impeccable beauty! Just meeting them would be enough to inspire you to work towards their level of polite, well-mannered charm. I simply know it, ohohohoho~!"

As dark as her expression becomes at Bedivere's insistence, the young woman merely shakes her head, deciding not to further press the issue with the eccentric, ghostly prince. As the human and Pokemon await an answer from the company gathered behind the door, a sudden chill sends a shiver up Coselle's spine, despite the sweat dripping from her back underneath the stuffy cape... Turning around slowly, her worst fears are confirmed, as she is met by a giant, orange nose.

Are we all going visiting? Questions the nose, which is attached to a grey, rock-like body. After a pause, the creature adds, Mr. Nose likes visiting.

"Mr. Nose, how the Hell did you manage to follow us here?" Coselle practically shouts, stamping her foot with irritation and rage.

Mr. Nose is confused at the use of "follow". Mr. Nose has been here for a long time, waiting for us to show up. Mr. Nose is good with directions. Mr. Nose always knows which way to go. The Nosepass swells with pride at his incredible talent. Mr. Nose's trainer is busy researching. She wants us to take the Jelly Man for visits. Mr. Nose overheard our conversation.

"It was MY conversation with Marion, not OUR conver-"

Behind his mound of treats, Bedivere pipes up; "Oh, my dear Coselle, you know how it is in Nosepass and Probopass culture, ohohoho~! They have a very unique way of using pronouns-"

"Yes, I am aware... That doesn't mean that it doesn't piss me right the Hell off." Coselle narrows her eyes, trying her best to ignore the Nosepass that has taken a position right beside her, leaving almost no personal space in between them. Looking up at Coselle for a moment, the big-nosed Pokemon tries to think of a way to appease the angry raven-haired maiden.

Mr. Nose thinks Coselle is very pretty when she is not full of the bad feelings.

"Oh, bugger off, big nose," Coselle mutters. "And I'm always full of the bad feelings, kiddo, so thanks for calling me ugly."

Coselle is very welcome, Mr. Nose happily responds, not catching on to the sarcasm one bit.

Escalion 03-09-2013 04:22 AM

"Unfortunately I do not have the supplies and appliances to be able to serve cold drinks," Rowan replies to Keith question of what there is to drink, "However, I can serve different flavors and kinds of tea. Would prefer something stronger, I can serve you an excellent Glühwein, made of a very delicate Côte Rôtie of hundred percent Syrah grapes and made to taste with a nice mix of spices giving it the tinge of orange, the aroma of cinnamon, touched off with a sprinkling of cloves."

Rowan then turns to Meowth, "I do happen to have milk available as I prefer a dash of milk in my tea, but I am sorry to that it is most likely not at the appropriate temperature for normal consumption. I sincerely apologize for that, but if warm milk is not a problem I'm more than happy to get you some."

At the moment Rowan is about to walk to the living area to get his guests their desired drink he hears a single hard knock on the door. This makes him walk towards the door instead as Behemoth pulled the lever down already, opening the door, and was obviously trying the same trick again as he did with Keith, which Rowan wanted to prevent. Rowan gives his Steelix a stern look, making sure that Behemoth just stays put. Then, as the door opens, Rowan get a surprised look on his face as he sees a couple of for him unfamiliar faces. In front of him stand an unknown, dark-haired woman in what one might call odd clothing given the weather, a Frillish carefully carrying some good looking wines and cheeses and a Nosepass. Rowan, however, is not one to judge and introduces himself in his normal gentlemanly manner.

"Good afternoon Milady, Rowan Virote is the name," Rowan addresses the woman in front of him, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Rowan makes a slight bow and reaches out his hand with the palm up.

Meanwhile, Roggenrola notices Melittin too as he lowers himself to the floor and asks her what she's doing. "Hi Mel," Roggenrola says happily, "I was just going to see Behemoth over there, see if he would me slide of his back this time." She leaves a second of silence before continuing, "But he will probably try another Fire Fang or something." She laughs, knowing she's too small and manoeuvrable for the Steelix to hit and basically sees annoying him as a funny game.

Rose smiles nods happily after Chuck remark about the color she has send into his mind. Sera's advise really did help her, both in developing her powers as well as her bond with Rowan. Her bond with Rowan has always been extremely strong, after all, it was Rowan who saved her from a certain death if she was left behind in the forest where he found her all alone, without family. But her training with him has helped her a lot. At first Rowan was surprised to see faint colors in his mind, but immediately understood it had come from her, just as he always understood everything she wanted to tell him. But Rowan helped her a lot, he showed her different colors and explained what certain colors can mean in feelings and emotions to help her put those together as she just did with Chuck. And now she's happy to know that all the effort put into her training paid off.

With a loving look in her eyes Rose looks at Chuck and points at the only item in the room, her own cute TV. She wants to watch TV with her boyfriend, maybe watch something romantic, and just cuddle up with him.

Missingno. Master 03-09-2013 09:27 AM

As Rowan told Keith what his choices for a beverage were, there was a single loud knock on the door. He turned to look just as Behemoth pulled the lever to open the door, and was surprised (yet pleased) to see none other than Coselle at the door. Next to her was a levitating pile of various foods and wines, leading Keith to believe that Bedivere had accompanied her. And then he also spotted the Nosepass who had attempted to disrupt their Valentine's Day date.

"Hey, Coselle," Keith grinned as he walked up. "Rowan, this is my girlfriend Coselle," he added to Rowan.

Meanwhile, Pomona also dashed over to the door, the Ivysaur approaching the Nosepass. "Hi!" Pomona said cheerfully to Mr. Nose. "My name's Pomona, what's yours?"

Rose smiled and nodded happily as Chuck complemented her on her improving abilities. Then, she pointed at the TV, the only item in the room, indicating that she wanted to watch TV with her beloved. "Sure, we can watch TV," Chuck nodded, smiling. "Did you want to watch anything in particular, Rose?"

Melittin was a little surprised as Roggenrola explained that she wanted to slide down the Steelix's back, and a little shocked at the notion of the Steelix attacking her with Fire Fang. "Wouldn't a Fire Fang from that guy kinda, I dunno... hurt like hell or something?" the Kakuna asked. "I mean, even if you are resistant to Fire moves, those teeth look like they could crush you into gravel."

Marion Ette 03-09-2013 01:26 PM

Coselle didn't quite know what to expect when the door finally opened in response to her knock; though Marion had briefly mentioned the name "Rowan" and requested that she and Bedivere thank him for adopting the Slugma she had dropped off for a Shard Quest a few weeks back, she had not provided any description of the young man. Rowan greets Coselle with impressive charm and politeness, referring to her as "milady" and offering both a bow and a handshake. The young woman had to admit that if Rowan was indeed this well-mannered, it would be logical for his Pokemon to have a similar sense of manners, as well. Coselle takes his hand in her almost inhumanly ice-cold grip, shaking it firmly in greeting.

"A pleasure, Rowan. We are here to-" she begins, before a familiar face cuts her off mid-sentence. Looking toward the trainer who greets her with less formality but more familiarity, she listens as the young man introduces Rowan to her, describing her as his girlfriend. She nods once in confirmation, a small smirk playing across her face.

"Hey, Keith," she responds coolly, yet with an underlying smolder. Noting her distraction, Bedivere immediately turns in the direction of Rowan, though he cannot quite see him.

"Oh, Sir Rowan, I do hope that we are not intruding! Indeed, the lady you see before you is Mistress Coselle, the sister of my dearest trainer, Lady Marion. Mistress, I do hope you could give Sir Rowan my visiting card to deliver to Sir Haykhong."

"Oh, right..." Coselle reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small, black card, bearing the name "Bedivere" in incredibly ornate, gold writing, framed with an ocean-like border. Beside the name is a Frillish silhouette, also done meticulously in gold ink. She hands the card to Rowan. "I guess this is for Haykhong so he knows that Bedi's here," Coselle explains with a shrug.

"Ah, yes. The Lady Marion insists that we thank you for adopting Sir Haykhong after a Shard Quest compelled her to hand him to the Shadow Man in exchange for a mysterious fire stone. We are indeed happy to hear that he has been given a home worthy of a Pokemon of his stature." Bedivere attempts to bow, though the gifts he is carrying wobble precariously as he does. "May I have the honor of entering your abode to deliver these tokens of our appreciation and esteem?"

As these introductions go on, Mr. Nose waddles past Rowan into his Secret Base, apparently seeing no need to introduce himself or request entry into Rowan's home. The nose is immediately intercepted by a hyperactive Pomona, who energetically greets him and asks his name.

"Mr. Nose is happy to meet Pomona," the Nosepass responds, bowing with such enthusiasm that he falls, nose-first, to the ground. This sudden faceplant does not seem to phase him; as he rises, however, his small eyes catch sight of something (or someone) that immediately draws his nose as if by magnetic force. Approaching Myrtle with his eyes wide, he reaches up to the Shuppet with his stubby rock-arms, trying (and failing) to jump up and grab her, landing with a heavy thud after each short lift in the air.

"A floating handkerchief! Mr. Nose is fascinated by the ways of this world outside the cave," the Nose exclaims with enthusiasm as he waves his arms frantically to try to reach Myrtle. "Mr. Nose's nose wants the magic handkerchief~"

Escalion 03-10-2013 11:53 AM

The lady on the other side of the door takes Rowan's hand and shakes it, her grip firm and surprisingly cold. However, Rowan cannot help but smile friendly, though he had intended a hand-kiss as would proper for an introduction to a lady, a handshake is fine too. The lady then tries to introduce herself and state their reason of arrival, but before she can finish her sentence Keith introduces the woman to Rowan as Coselle, his girlfriend.

"Truly a pleasure Milady," Rowan says to Coselle, as she herself greets Keith. Then, the Frillish carrying the wines and cheeses takes it upon himself to state their reason for visiting Rowan and asks Coselle to give Rowan his visiting card which she does. "You are by no means intruding," Rowan says friendly before he takes a look at the card and reads that the one carrying the gifts is called Bedivere, "This certainly is a fancy card my friend, can't say mine looks anything like this, even though it is for a more professional purpose. I will make sure Haykhong receives it."

Bedivere then says his trainer asked him to thank Rowan for adopting the Slugma now known as Haykhong and then offers the wines and cheeses as a gift of appreciation and esteem. "I'm more than happy to have Haykhong on my team Bedivere," Rowan replies, "We haven't seen much of battle together, however, I do know that Haykhong is not Pokémon one should underestimate." He then takes a good look at the gifts brought in, "Some fine wines and French cheeses you have brought, you have a gratitude." Rowan makes a slight bow for the Frillish as he accepts the gifts. "If I may be so bold to ask, would you mind bringing them over to the living area?" Rowan friendly asks Bedivere, "Haykhong will be there too and I'm sure he will help you further with these goods."

At the same time Melittin asks Roggenrola if it wouldn't hurt if the Steelix would land a Fire Fang, he seemed to be a little shocked. Roggenrola notices and giggles, "You're worried about me, so sweet! But no, it doesn't hurt because he never hits me anyway. I just hide under his way to big face so he can't see me." She laughs, "You should hear him roar when I do that, so funny!"

Roggenrola then notices the women that just entered. If it were possible for a Roggenrola to look surprised than there would be no better chance to see that now. "Mommy!" she shouts excited, "You're here!" Roggenrola then jumps over to her mother, again trying to jump in her arms. This much to the surprise of Rowan.

Meanwhile in the living room, Chuck agrees to watch TV with Rose and asks her if she had anything in mind to watch. Rose nods, she does have an idea, she only can't tell. Not that she would tell this time, even if she could talk. Rose did her best to get something that Chuck would like and ended up with an old slapstick comedy. One she actually enjoyed herself too, judging on the tiny bits that she has seen. Rose turns on the TV and the intro of 'Modern Times' starts. She looks at Chuck, hoping he likes it.

Missingno. Master 03-10-2013 01:50 PM

Roggenrola explained to Melittin that Behemoth's attacks never actually managed to hit her, and remarked on how funny it sounded when he roared in reaction to this. Just then, Roggenrola noticed that Coselle had arrived, and eagerly tried to jump into her arms, appearing to think she was her mother. Melittin looked just as bewildered and confused at this as the time this had occurred in the bar.

"Seriously," the Kakuna said, to no one in particular, "What the hell is going on around here?"

As Coselle entered, she and Bedivere explained they had come because Marion had wanted to thank him for adopting the Slugma she had so briefly been the owner of. Just then, Roggenrola came jumping over, attempting to leap into Coselle's arms. Though Keith could not understand Roggenrola language, the voice had a definitely happy tone to it. This was fairly surprising to him, though Meowth looked like he was starting to understand something. "Hey, Keith," he muttered into his trainer's ear. "Can I talk ta youse fer a second?"

Keith nodded and walked a few steps away from everyone. "What is it, Meowth?" he asked quietly.

"I tink dat Roggenrola's mother is Coselle," Meowth replied. As Keith raised an eyebrow in a very skeptical reaction to this statement, the Normal-type corrected himself. "Wat I mean ta say is, dat Roggenrola core dat's keepin' her goin', dat must've been from her mother."

"Huh," Keith murmured. "Wow."

"And dis ain't dat weird to youse?" Meowth demanded, surprised at Keith's relatively unfazed reaction.

"Oh, it's weird," Keith nodded. "It's just that I've seen weirder."

Meowth slowly nodded. "Yeah, ya gots a point dere," he conceded. With that, Keith walked back over to where Coselle and Rowan were.

Meanwhile, Myrtle was surprised and extremely displeased to see a creepy Nosepass trying to reach her, referring to her as a magic, floating handkerchief.

Pomona came running up to the two of them. "Hey, Myrtle," grinned the Ivysaur. "This is my new friend, Mr. Nose. Mr. Nose, Myrtle's not a handkerchief," she giggled.

"It is de-ci-ded-ly NOT a plea-sure to meet you, Mis-ter Nose," hissed Myrtle, ensuring she was floating well out of the Nosepass's reach. "And if you call me a hand-ker-chief one more time, I start us-ing my at-tacks, do I make my-self clear?"

"Aw, Myrtle, why do you gotta be mean to him?" Pomona asked.

"He thinks I am a hand-ker-chief," Myrtle snapped. "And he hap-pens to be a gi-gan-tic nose. You do the math."

Marion Ette 03-10-2013 11:07 PM

Though Rowan had intended upon a gentlemanly hand-kiss befitting of meeting a lady, Coselle was not one for high-class manners, but at least her handshake communicates some measure of good intent and civility. After the hand-kiss turned handshake, Rowan gladly takes the visiting card and agrees to deliver it to Sir Haykhong. Bedivere grins at Rowan's appraisal of his visiting card. "Why, thank you, my good man! Each one is hand-inked by yours truly, ohohohoho~" He then listens as Rowan explains that he is more than happy to have Sir Haykhong on his team, as he is one not to be underestimated. "Oh, I should say not! His experience on the field of battle and abundance of expertise certainly mark him as one not to be trifled with, ohohohoho~!" Rowan then takes a closer look at Bedivere's gifts, and expresses his gratitude before requesting that the Frillish deliver the gifts to the living area where Sir Haykhong will be waiting. "Certainly, Sir," Bedivere chirps happily, floating gracefully into Rowan's Secret Base, though without Coselle's guidance, he lacks any sort of direction and threatens to float right into the wall if no one stops him.

As Rowan and Bedivere converse, Coselle hears a familiar voice calling out to her, and that same, strange motherly instinct that overwhelmed her in the Bar suddenly overtakes her once again. She catches the Roggenrola with a bit more ease and grace than her last attempt in the Bar, holding her close to her stomach, where the core rests in Coselle's body. The core radiates feelings of happiness and warmth, and the emotions seem to seep into Coselle's heart, cleansing the darkness within and replacing it with a motherly glow.

"My little gem," Coselle croons to the Roggenrola, "I had no idea you were living here with Rowan. Is he treating you well?" Coselle shoots Rowan an interesting little glare as she cradles her daughter; the sort of look that implies that if she hears anything but an absolutely stellar review from the Roggenrola, that Rowan's viscera would soon be quite unceremoniously separated from the inside of his body. Even if the Roggenrola's mother's emotions were influencing Coselle's mind, the dark-haired sadist was still very much herself...

Meanwhile, as Myrtle begins to speak harshly to the eager Nosepass, Mr. Nose immediately stops jumping, reacting with shock and surprise to the voice coming out of the floating handkerchief. Myrtle's anger, combined with Pomona's kind insistence that Myrtle is not a handkerchief, immediately brings tears to the Nosepass' eyes.

"B-but..." He stammers, "Y-you could be a kerchief if you wanted! Mr. Nose thinks the floating cloth is s-so p-p-p-pretty, and he would never lose the Lady Kerchief. She would alw-ways b-be in Mr. Nose's p-pocket. I would wash you and keep you nice and c-clean." The Nosepass sniffles, and by the looks of it, a torrent of snot will accompany his bitter tears if he is not soon pacified. "Pleeeeeeeease," he moans, his eyes threatening to well up.

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