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Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 04:44 AM

The Poisonous Paradise- Keith's Secret Base

The Hidden Mansion- an old, decrepit, yet somehow still grand and imposing house, now rumored to be inhabited and owned solely by the dead. While only the bravest (or most foolhardy) of the living would dare take up residence inside, the expansive grounds have proven a popular location for trainers to set up homes for themselves in the form of Secret Bases. Indeed, one such residence has now been established in the form of a three-story house, built atop a short, dead, blackened tree, complete with a Pokémon Center. While some may see this as unsafe, it has been determined that this particular tree was petrified as a result of various venoms and toxins it has been exposed to, making it hard as a rock, and all the better of a fit for the trainer who lives in the house atop it.

The floor you enter the Secret Base on, consisting entirely of a Pokémon Center, where visitors are allowed (and encouraged) to heal up their tired Pokémon. Following a fantastically fortuitous windfall at the Casino, Keith had his Secret Base redone to add this Pokémon Center. The stairs and elevator in the back lead to the floors above, where Keith and his Pokémon actually reside. The ladder leading up to the building has also been replaced with a ramp, allowing for much easier access.

Pokémon Center: Welcome to our Pokémon Center! In lieu of a Nurse Joy, you will often find Helena floating behind the counter, happy to place your Poké Balls on the tire-shaped healing machine. She is often accompanied by Rubeus, and the two of them often work together to help out Pokémon with ailments that a healing machine won't fix.

Swimming Pool Window: The long window to the left of the clock offers a beautiful view into the swimming pool from the floor above. Visitors to the Pokémon Center can look through this to see some of Keith's Pokémon swimming around, like an aquarium. It also allows anyone swimming in the pool a look into the Pokémon Center if they dive down to the bottom of the pool.

The floor you enter the house portion of the Secret Base on, the second floor is generally where guests are invited to hang out. It's where Keith spends the majority of his day (provided that day is not otherwise occupied by adventuring or running errands, anyway).

Entrance Hall: A narrow yet long corridor running from the front of the base all the way to the back. At one end is the staircase leading down to the Pokémon Center, and at the other end, the stairs leading to the third floor, and of course the elevator. In this hall are the doors leading to all the rooms on the second floor. It also contains several closets and the downstairs bathroom, the doors for all of which are concealed by the foliage on the walls.

Living Room: The first door on your right, the living room contains a few seats, a large table, and an aquarium for all but the largest of aquatic Pokémon to enjoy a relaxing swim in. Keith frequently allows his Blue-Striped Basculin, Stunfisk, Qwilfish, Tympole, and Shiny Mareanie to swim around in here, so if your Pokémon is up to taking a dip, odds are they'll encounter at least one of them. Mounted on the wall above the coffee table is a TV, which also doubles as a videophone, as do all the television sets in the Base.

Indoor Pool: The first door on your left, this room contains Keith's large indoor swimming pool. It cost him a bundle, but his Pokémon enjoy it so much that it was worth it as far as he's concerned. It was constructed partly as something for guests to use if they so felt inclined, and partly to accommodate aquatic Pokémon that the aquarium cannot, such as Keith's Blastoise, Feraligatr, Dragalge, Starmie, and Tentacruel, and to a lesser extent, his Shiny Slowbro (he was fine in the aquarium as a Slowpoke, but now that there's a large spiral Shellder thrown into the mix, he takes up a lot more room now). Indeed, the pool is spacious enough to easily contain any aquatic Pokémon not named Wailord. Well, OK, it might be a tight fit for Kyogre as well, but it's not like that's likely to become much of an issue, now is it? The pool is much deeper than it used to be, and diving to the deepest part will allow you to see into the downstairs Pokémon Center.

Kitchen: Second door on the left, the kitchen is where all the food is prepared. Though there is a distinctive lack of stove, oven, toaster, or any other cooking implements, this has not hindered Keith yet- Hermione, his Weedle, as it happens, is an extremely adept cook, and uses her Firestream attack to prepare food. Granted, she does require assistance to suspend the food in midair while she cooks it, but that's where Cotton, Keith's Swirlix, comes in, with his knowledge of the Psychic attack, and his own considerable cooking skills. And if you follow your nose upon entering at the right time, you just might be able to bear witness to Hermione and Cotton's cooking skills firsthand.

Dining Room: Second door on the right, this room consists of a long table and numerous chairs. Keith doesn't eat in this room very often unless he has company, usually preferring to take his meals in the living room- however, when he has guests, this is where the meals are served- and even then, not always.

Originally consisting of a single bedroom, the third floor has recently been expanded to be more hospitable to guests. It can be accessed either by the stairs or the elevator.

Hermione's Library: Once you get to the top of the stairs or get off the elevator, you're only a few steps away from the library. Numerous bookcases make up the back wall. The library contains mostly notebooks full of notes taken by Keith's Weedle on various subjects, but also includes other books. Either way, perusing the bookshelves can be an educational experience. If she's not cooking, Hermione can generally be found in here, reading. That said, Keith has also been known to come in here to read every so often. Chuck, Keith's Gengar, has also been known to, ahem, haunt this place on occasion...

Keith's Bedroom: A bit of a step down in terms of size, Keith's bedroom mostly consists of his bed, a TV, and a clock (the closet's in there as well, but the door is hidden). He still has the double bed, despite his girlfriend having no memory of their relationship- he considers the idea of switching it out for a single bed to be an admission that all hope is lost for Coselle regaining her memory somehow, and in that regard, he will absolutely never lose hope.

Battle Room: This room has been set up with an elevated platform for the specific purpose of holding Pokémon battles. Trainers stand at either end, and the spacious platform is where the battles unfold. Seats have been provided in the room for the convenience of any spectators. This room generally only sees use when Keith has guests, but it is also where he and Meowth will train his Pokémon on rainy days (and thus days when training outside is not an option).

This underground floor, Keith doesn't even know it exists. It's only accessible through the elevator by pressing a well-hidden button, which makes it descend directly through the tree trunk and deep underground. The room was funded, built, and furnished entirely by a certain Pokémon of Keith's, and woe betide anyone unfortunate enough to get caught by him in this room...

Stewie's Lair: The room where Stewie the Shadow Ledian plots his world domination. Through the numerous screens on the wall, he can see into any room in the Base where there is a TV without anyone being any the wiser, as well as anywhere else he has cameras set up, though nobody is quite sure as to where he might have other cameras set up. If he presses a button on a remote control he has, he can also pick up sound from any room he wishes. As for the satellite dish and the PC, their purposes are unclear, but it's doubtful that Stewie got them to get more TV channels and play Solitaire, you know? To make the room seem even more ominous, Stewie has an arsenal of sharp weaponry hung lovingly on one wall, and a skull just sitting in the center of the room. The skull appears to be the only aspect of the room that is purely decorative, but with Stewie, you never know...

This is Keith's Secret Base. Have fun!

Base is CLOSED! To RP in my current Secret Base, please go here.

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 04:45 AM

Posted outside of the house, just to the left of the ladder, there was once a simple metal mailbox. Now, of course, it is a twisted chunk of scrap metal, buried amidst the debris that is the sad, sad remnants of the Poisonous Paradise. For obvious reasons, mail is no longer delivered to it.

*No mail at this time*

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 04:50 AM

Important links & TCG information
Base stuff

Secret Base purchase: Confirmed here.

Purchase of 1 black square table, 1 red settee, 1 blue sofa, 1 ball poster, 1 PC, 2 wall TVs, 1 fridge freezer, 1 sink, 1 fish tank, 1 black double bed, and 1 clock: Confirmed here.

1 black Pretty Desk, 1 black Pretty Chair, 1 Cute TV, 1 Kiss Cushion, 1 Kiss Poster, 1 Glitter Mat, and 1 Smoochum Doll: Collected here.

Purchase of base's 2nd floor, plus 2 Stairs and 2 Gold Elevators: Confirmed here.

Purchase of 1 black Long Bookcase, 1 Clock, and 1 Wall TV: Confirmed here.

1 Christmas Tree: Collected here.

Purchase of 5 Wall TVs, 1 Scythe, 1 Axe, 1 PC + Table, 1 Red Stand, 5 Black Long Bookcases, 4 Pokémon Chairs, 3 Black Pretty Chairs, 1 Sword, 1 Satellite Dish, 1 Black Square Table, and 1 Black Lounger: Confirmed here.

Purchase of base's small underground floor, medium upgrade for the 1st floor, large upgrade for the 2nd floor, and 1 Gold Elevator: Confirmed here.

Purchase of small upgrade, 47 water tiles, 7 doors, and 18 small windows: Confirmed here.

1 Plusle Elf Plushie: Obtained here.

1 Minun Elf Plushie: Collected here.

Purchase of 1 Skull, 5 Black Pretty Chairs, 1 Black Plush Stool, 1 Black Pretty Table, and 2 Big Trees: Confirmed here.

1 Birthday Slowpoke Statue, 1 Set of Cosplay Pikachu Dolls: Collected here.

1 Bergmite Doll: Collected here.

Purchase of 2 Wooden Benches, 1 Tire, 3 Tropical Plants, 2 Black Pretty Desks, 16 Black Pretty Chairs, 1 Red Long Bookcase, 1 Slot Machine, 2 Red Bricks, 1 Wall TV, 1 PC, and 1 Clock; Confirmed here.

Purchase of base's Pokémon Center floor, 2 Stairs, 1 Gold Elevator, and 7 Big Windows: Confirmed here.

Insurance: Paid here.

Next payment due: April 4th, 2017

TCG stuff

(NOTE: Every single one of these cards are up for trade! Feel free to make me an offer if you see anything you like!)

1 Dark Machamp (holographic)
2 Birthday Pikachu [1] [1]
1 Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis)
2 Natu (Neo Discovery)
1 Caterpie (Neo Discovery)
1 Energy Ark (Neo Discovery)
1 Hitmontop

2 Sabrina's Abra
1 Sabrina's Mr. Mime
2 Rocket's Snorlax
2 Psychic Energy
2 Bill's Teleporter

2 Holo Froslass [1] [1]
1 Dratini (Team Rocket)
1 Machop (Team Rocket)
2 Psyduck (Team Rocket)
2 Dark Charmeleon
1 Dark Gloom
2 Full Heal Energy
1 Dark Dragonite
1 Dark Slowbro
2 Abra (Base Set)
2 Abra (Team Rocket)
2 Gastly (Base Set)
2 Meowth (Team Rocket)
2 Weedle (Base Set)
3 Drowzee (Team Rocket)

5 Ekans (Team Rocket) [4] [1]
1 Haunter (Base Set)
1 Jynx
1 Kadabra
2 Dark Kadabra
2 Farfetch'd
1 Dark Arbok
1 Bill
1 Gust of Wind

2 Switch [1] [1]
2 Potion
1 The Boss's Way
10 Grass Energy

41 Psychic Energy [23] [18]

A whole pile of cards to be sorted out later

1 Pikachu EX (promo)
1 Ditto (promo)

(NOTE: To reiterate, the entire collection is up for trade! Please, please feel free to make me an offer if even so much as one of these cards catches your eye.)

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 05:01 AM

Missingno. Master's birthday calendar has been moved to his member post for several reasons, not least of which being the woefully uninhabitable and thoroughly destroyed status of this Secret Base.

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 05:03 AM


1: Anyone who wants to RP in here has an open invitation to do so. Your character doesn't even have to have met mine before, though do make sure to introduce yourself if that be the case. And don't be afraid to drop in at any time, don't worry about intruding on any storylines. The more the merrier, I say. Obviously, no big excuse is needed to at least access the Pokémon Center- you're just passing through and want to heal your tired Pokémon, that much will more than suffice.

2: If you wish to start a storyline in my base independent to an ongoing storyline, feel free to do so. Just work it out with me beforehand, so we can work out a way to differentiate those posts from the main storyline, be it posting in a certain color, or using a certain font, or titling the posts, or whatever.

3: This base is one of those exceptions to the six Pokemon rule. Bring as many as you like. Only six at a time in the Pokémon Center's healing machine, though.

4: Assume that the ceiling in here is high enough to accommodate anything up to 10 feet in height. Serpentine Pokémon (not named Onix and Steelix) are an exception to this, considering their particular body shapes, and also bear in mind that not everything that meets the height requirement should be able to enter- Hariyama, for instance isn't too tall, but is definitely wide enough to find the hallways and doorways to be a bit of a challenge.

5: The fish tank can comfortably accommodate any aquatic Pokemon smaller than four feet. Anything between four and five feet can still fit, but it'll be a pretty tight squeeze, but five feet is the limit (except for Dratini and Ekans, given their particular body shapes). The indoor pool can accommodate anything that's ten feet or smaller (except the likes of Arbok, Dragonair, Gyarados and Milotic, given their particular body shapes, and even then, the latter two might find it a bit cramped).

6: You are strongly urged to not bring any Zangoose, Red-Striped Basculin, Durant, or Corsola any farther than the Pokémon Center. Nothing against any of them, this is strictly for safety purposes.

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 05:11 AM

Reserved for... I dunno, I'll think of something.

EDIT: ...I never thought of anything. Oh, well.

Marion Ette 01-03-2013 10:53 AM

It was not long after Keith moved in that the sound of strange footsteps in the bedroom caught his ear. Perhaps this phenomenon was not so surprising after moving into a haunted locale, but certainly the thought of another being living in the house was unsettling... Then again, it could simply be a bit of imagination applied to a relatively harmless sound. In places like this, one's imagination does tend to go wild.

What is not imagined, however, is the dark, feminine cackle that rings out from the bedroom, distinct and clear, filling the room with its eerie presence. The cackle is soon joined by the hearty laughter of a male voice, which appears to stop the female voice dead in its tracks.

"What are YOU doing here," the female voice questions rather viciously, being met with a calm, happy chuckle from the other voice.

"Oh, I came to bring some food for your visit, my dear Coselle! One would not want to go hungry while thoroughly frightening and terrorizing their beloved, now, would they? Ohohohoho~"

"How did... Why did... I did not even sense you..."

"Do not fret, my dear! I brought your favorite absinthe with all the accouterments to go with the meal." The soft clinking of glasses can be heard, as well as an exasperated groan from the female voice.

"I NOT WAIT TO SEE PEEVES," a different female voice rings out from the room gleefully.

"You lot are going to drive me mad. How on Arceus' green Earth did the two of you manage to follow me here? Are there any more stowaways I need to be aware of? Oh, Giratina..."

"I seek the two-headed one," yet another voice joins the cacophony of ghostly beings. Joining the voice is another spooky laughter; this one distinctly male.

"Perfect, Vanth and Cheshire are here, too... oh, and Murmur. Wonderful. You say you brought absinthe, Bedivere? May as well break it out... I can already tell that I am going to need it."

"Certainly, Mistress," the cheerful male voice responds with vigor as the clinking of glasses can once again be heard.

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 11:10 AM

The furniture was in place, the cable was hooked up to the TVs, the plumbing was connected, the fridge was stocked with food, Keith was all moved into his Secret Base.

"At last," Keith sighed as he flopped down on the sofa. "Good work, everyone. Peeves, Myrtle, thanks so much, your Psychic attacks were a huge help."

"Is no problem," replied the Duskull modestly.

"What-e-ver," scoffed the Shuppet.

"Gemini, Meowth, you two did good, too," Keith added, addressing his Weezing and Meowth.

"Tink nuttin' of it," Meowth replied modestly.

"Yeah, it was our pleasure," Gemini's heads replied simultaneously (albeit in Weezing language, which Keith couldn't understand, though he got the meaning well enough).

Just then, soft footsteps could be heard from the bedroom.

"Wah!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping a foot into the air. "Wat was dat?!"

Keith rolled his eyes. "Meowth, I already told you, this area is haunted. The ghosts are just welcoming us in, that's all-" He was cut off, however, by the dark, feminine cackle which sounded from the bedroom. Eerie and chilling though it was, Keith's instinctive reaction of nervousness was mixed with excitement, for the cackling sounded all too familiar to him. And then the cackling was accompanied by the laughter of another, and this caught Myrtle's attention. Then came more voices- another female voice expressing a desire to see Peeves, which caught the Duskull's attention, followed by another voice, stating that they sought the two-headed one, which caused Gemini's heads to exchange glances.

"Heh," Keith grinned; it seemed that Coselle had made her way into Keith's bedroom, likely with the intent of terrorizing him, but hadn't counted on a number of Marion's other Pokemon coming along with her- Bedivere, Liliana, Vanth, Cheshire, and Murmur, Marion's Frillish, Duskull, Spiritomb, Gastly, and Drifloon. He then called down the hallway. "Come right in, everyone."

Marion Ette 01-03-2013 11:30 AM

Keith encourages his uninvited guests to come in, and the spirits waste no time in joining their friends in the living room; the ghostly Pokemon phase through the walls, floating around the living room with curiosity. Bedivere, who takes the "long way", appears in the living room with a large plate covered in the juiciest-looking Miltank steaks that one could possibly imagine. "Where may I place these, Master Keith," the Frillish asks with a smile.

"The two headed one! The one that the others spoke to! I knew I would find you..." The airy, ethereal voice of one of Vanth's personalities greets Gemini before a personality change overtakes her. "You smell funny!" The voice is almost masculine in its drop, and Vanth makes a face as if smelling something bad, before she is immediately overtaken by yet another personality; "I do not smell anything! No, I do not smell anything at all. The other is mistaken."

Liliana sneaks up behind Peeves, tackling him with a big hug. "Hello~!" She cries out happily, clearly delighted to see him. "Miss me?"

Coselle remains in the bedroom, presumably sulking as a direct result of her failed attempt to frighten Keith and drinking her absinthe... perhaps formulating a new plan to frighten him. Cheshire uses this opportunity to speak with the trainer himself, a wide grin on his face.

"I have heard some interesting things about you, Keith," the Gastly comments with a wry smile. "Very interesting, indeed."

Behind Cheshire, a little Drifloon glares angrily at the poison trainer. Of course, the glare is not very intimidating given the size and apparent lack of strength of the little 'floon, and yet the ire in the gaze is distinct... What could be the cause of such a rage directed at Keith?

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 12:13 PM

As Keith invites his unexpected guests in, the Ghost-types waste no time entering the living room, all of them phasing through the walls, except for Bedivere, presumably due to the large platter of Miltank steaks he presented to Keith.

"Right here on the table, Bedivere," Keith said in response to Bedivere asking where he should put the steaks. "Thank you very much, they look delicious."

Almost immediately, Myrtle floated up behind Bedivere. "Hel-lo, Be-di-vere," the Shuppet said, her voice lacking any of the iciness it usually contained when she addressed... pretty much everyone else.

The Spiritomb approached Gemini, and as usual, shifted between personalities. The first one seemed glad to meet Gemini, the second thought they smelled funny, and the third claimed to smell nothing at all, seemingly in order to ensure that Gemini took no offense.

"Vanth, it's nice to see you again," replied Gemini's larger head. "And no offense taken. We know it takes a little while for others to get used to the way we smell." Indeed, while the Spiritomb was undoubtedly an odd one, Gemini couldn't help but find them fascinating.

Peeves, meanwhile, found himself getting hugged from behind by Liliana, who gleefully greeted him and asked if he had missed her. Peeves returned the hug as best as he could and answered, "Oh, yes, Lil, I miss you so much!!! I so glad you here!" He then dropped his voice to a whisper and added, "If you hungry, I know where Keith hide cookies."

"I heard that, Peeves," Keith said, though with a smile. "You know very well those cookies are for you and Liliana, so go on and help yourselves." At this point, Keith noticed that Coselle has not entered the living room. Concerned for his beloved, Keith made to go into the bedroom, but encountered Cheshire and Murmur. The Gastly remarked on how he had heard some interesting things about Keith. The Poison-type trainer had a shrewd idea as to what these interesting things might have been. "Have you, now?" Keith grinned. "Such as what, might I ask?" It was then that Keith noticed Murmur glaring at him. While a glare from a Drifloon wasn't exactly a bone-chilling experience, the anger in Murmur's eyes was unmistakable. In fact, Keith had seen this look before; in Severus's eyes, whenever he would glare at James, before the two became friends. He had a feeling he knew exactly what this was about.

"Murmur," Keith greeted the Drifloon quietly. "I think we should get this straight right now. I love Coselle, and she loves me. My mind cannot and will not be changed on this matter. The best I can do for you right now is introduce you to one of my Pokemon who can relate to your situation," Keith added as he produced a Poke Ball and opened it up, releasing a Dustox into the room. Severus glanced at Keith, then at Murmur, then back at Keith, then back at Murmur again before speaking up. "You love Coselle, don't you?" he asked the Drifloon. "My name's Severus, what's yours?

As Severus talked to Murmur, Keith turned to face Cheshire once again. "So, you were saying something about interesting things you've been hearing about me?" Keith grinned.

Marion Ette 01-03-2013 09:16 PM

Bedivere glows with pride at Keith's comment. "Oh, I do hope you like them! They are indeed the very essence of homemade - I slaughtered the Miltank myself, ohohoho~" Bedivere chuckles, a contented smile on his face. It is difficult to imagine the small, jolly jellyfish slaughtering anything, let alone something as large and powerful as a Miltank. Then again, Bedivere had never really displayed his own strength, so it was difficult to tell what he was truly capable of...

Myrtle gives Bedivere a surprisingly warm greeting in contrast to her normally chilly attitude, which is responded to with equal warmness and enthusiasm. "My dear Lady Myrtle, why, you always seem to be the first to greet me. How do you do, my dear?" Bedivere chuckles. "Certainly, Keith must feed you, and yet... You always seem so hungry. Mistress Minerva tells me that the Shuppet and Banette feed on emotions. Oh, perhaps that is why you seem so hungry all the time! I should feel an emotion so that you can dine! Would that not be lovely? What would you like me to feel? I will do my level best to try!" Bedivere smiles, awaiting Myrtle's response.

Meanwhile, Vanth's expression takes on a bit of a know-it-all look. "I am told that the only smell to which humans cannot grow accustomed is the smell of sulfur." The grin widens. "There were some cultures that believed that Hell reeks of it, inspired by the smell of sulfur from volcanoes." Vanth's expression suddenly becomes annoyed. "What does that have to do with anything? How silly." The annoyed face lingers for a moment, before turning towards Gemini, beginning to look a bit confused. "Hm? Who are you?"

Liliana looks positively gleeful at the prospect of eating cookies. "YAAAY COOKIES! You sure it all right, Keith?" Liliana tilts her head, not wanting to be a bad guest, but clearly looking forward to cookies.

Cheshire chuckles at Keith's response. "I am certain you are aware of what I am referencing. You have that look in your eye; there will be plenty of time for games, I assure you, but in the meantime, humor me. Have you spoken with a Gastly before, Keith? Other than myself, of course..." Cheshire fades in and out of existence, giggling as he does. "Do you never think about developing that odd little quarter of yourself? You know... the one that's not all there?"

Murmur's eyes narrow further at Keith's firm resolution that he loves Coselle, and that Coselle loves him. Though Keith cannot necessarily understand what the Drifloon says, the comment is full of venom.

"Oh, calm yourself, Romeo," Cheshire says with a laugh, which immediately turns the ire of the Drifloon toward Cheshire. He squeaks with rage, which only causes the Gastly to laugh harder.

"Not in love, you say? Simply concerned for Minerva's well-being? There is only room for one fool on Marion's team, and that would be myself~" A jester hat suddenly materializes on Cheshire's head, with a little Jester wand appearing in one of his spectral hands. He gently bats Murmur on the head with it. "So stop trying to take my job."

The flurry of squeaks and breaths from the Drifloon is vicious despite its airy nature, which does not seem to phase Cheshire in the slightest. "Same to your mother, my good man! Now go play with Severus. You are being dreadfully rude, you know, swearing at me in front of him. He is one of our hosts!"

Murmur narrows his eyes, but decides it better not to get into it with Cheshire. Having recently learned Thunderpunch, the Gastly certainly had the upper hand, and besides, the more he fought, the more that people would accuse him of being in love. The Drifloon turns to Severus, sighing as if deflating.

I apologize, Severus. You caught me at a bad time. I am trying to explain to these simpletons here that Coselle should not be denying her true nature as a Banette! It is not good for her at all... yet no one will listen! Murmur quickly realizing that his voice is gaining momentum and anger, and so he tries to tone himself back down. My name is Murmur, the little balloon says quietly by way of introduction.

Missingno. Master 01-03-2013 10:09 PM

"Slaughtered the Miltank yourself?" Keith repeated, half incredulous, half impressed. "I'd say that qualifies them as homemade, all right." Bedivere then turned to Myrtle, and stated that he should feel an emotion for her to eat.

"I... That is ve-ry kind of you, Be-di-vere," Myrtle said, blushing slightly. "But... the on-ly e-mo-tions I en-joy ea-ting are ne-ga-tive ones... And... I could ne-ver ask you to make your-self feel a-ny-thing ne-ga-tive..." Myrtle blushed even harder as she said this, in spite of her best efforts.

Vanth started going off about the smell of sulfur. Irrelevant though it was, the Weezing found it mildly interesting that humans could never become accustomed to the smell of sulfur. One personality shift later, however, and Vanth was now wondering what that had to do with anything, and asking Gemini who they were. The heads exchanged glances, both of them recalling that as Vanth had a hundred and eight different personalities, it was likely they would have to introduce themselves many times over. "Our name is Gemini," the Weezing replied.

Keith smiled as Liliana asked if it was really OK if they were to eat the cookies. "Yes, I'm sure," Keith replied. "I only got them for you and Peeves in the first place, so it wouldn't make any sense for me to keep them from you."

"Come on, Lil," Peeves said as he floated over to what appeared to be an ordinary stretch of wall, and pulled it open, revealing a hidden door, and a cabinet full of packages of Oreos. He took out one of the packages, opened it, and offered one of the Oreos to Liliana.

As Cheshire chuckled, so did Keith. "Yeah, I know what you mean," Keith grinned. "So, you heard. I'm 1/4th Gastly. No, never spoke to a Gastly before, other than you." As Cheshire asked Keith whether he had ever considered developing the 25% of himself that was Gastly DNA, Keith gave it a few seconds' thought before replying. "Truth be told, I've given the idea some thought before. I've always been able to generate Smog... When I was eleven, I managed a fully fledged Smog attack, but then I was out for the next sixteen hours. Never gave it much effort after that."

It was around then that Murmur replied to Keith's statements. Though Keith couldn't speak Drifloon language, he somehow got the impression that whatever Murmur was saying was rather profanity-laden. As Murmur and Cheshire conversed, Severus observed. Once Murmur calmed down somewhat and introduced himself to Severus, the Dustox replied, "Nice to meet you, Murmur. But... Come on, who are you kidding? That look in your eyes, the way you were glaring at Keith, it was unmistakable. Believe me, it takes one to know one. See, Keith has this Venomoth named Lily, and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... She's smart, she's funny, she's just perfect," Severus sighed, before frowning. "But, see, James, Keith's Vileplume, he and Lily are in love with each other. And I would glare at James same way you were glaring at Keith just now. For years, I saw James only as a stubborn obstacle between me and Lily... But a few months ago, I realized something. Those two are in love, and I realized that if I really cared about Lily, then I would want her to be happy, even if it meant letting her be with someone else. Just... think about that for a little bit, huh?"

Meanwhile, a strand of String Shot zoomed down from the ceiling and stuck to one of the Miltank steaks before being reeled in. A look at the ceiling would reveal an Ariados quietly munching on the steak.

Marion Ette 01-08-2013 01:33 AM

Bedivere chortles as Myrtle insists that she would never ask him to feel anything negative, despite the fact that she feasts on negative emotions.

"Do not fret, my dearest Lady Myrtle! It has been such a dreadfully long time since I have seen you, and I would not want you going hungry when I am a guest in your home. Here, a feast for you..."

Bedivere closes his eyes, and channels a memory deep within himself... As the memory surfaces, presumably from his life, Myrtle can immediately sense that these emotions, though certainly not what would be defined as positive, were not the typical sadness, rage or hatred to which she had likely become accustomed. This emotion was far more complex, bittersweet... Even Bedivere's emotion seemed to be gourmet in its subtlety and the depth of its flavor. Though difficult to categorize, the word that comes to Myrtle's mind is longing... An intense and unfulfilled desire, from the very depths of Bedivere's being, which was such an integral part of him and yet never seemed to surface in his constant cheeriness. What he longed for was not immediately apparent, but the emotion was there, radiating off his very being, for her to feast upon.

"Gemini? Because you have two heads?" Vanth tilts her/their head, pausing for a moment before laughing. "The name suits you, Gemini! A bit of an obvious choice, but... suitable, certainly." Vanth furrows her brow, becoming angry at something. "My name is Margaret. Margaret! But nobody calls me- MY NAME IS ANNABELLE. My name is Lynn. Clarice. Van- Vanth. Vanth. VANTH. We decided on Vanth. It was decided. I hate Vanth! Well, shut the fuck up! YOUR NAME IS VANTH MY NAME IS VANTH WE ARE VANTH" The Spiritomb's eyes swirl with torment, the voices clearly not at complete consensus about her name. "I... well, it can be confusing, sometimes," Vanth admits, sighing.

Liliana claps her hands together eagerly and grabs the cookie, scarfing it down eagerly. "Cookie~" she sings happily, crumbs all over her face. "More, please!"

Cheshire listens to Keith explain his one attack, smog, and grins a bit. "The truth is, our main weapon is our eyes, Keith. If looks could kill, they say... but they can! We hypnotize, confuse, spite, leer, give mean looks, even curse.... all with our eyes. Much as I love my smile..." Cheshire fades in and out as he says this, his grin remaining solid, "a lick attack can only do so much." Gastly slowly fades back into existence. "If you wish to be a smart pupil - focus on the pupils!" Cheshire chortles a bit at his own pun. "It may be that you underestimate the power of an appropriately focused stare."

Cheshire chuckles a bit. "Ah, but I am keeping you from Coselle, am I not? Perhaps we shall continue our conversation at another time... but remember what I have told you."

Murmur listens with a focused expression as Severus immediately points out that Murmur is giving Keith the same jealous gaze as he did to James, the Vileplume that Lily fell in love with. He thinks for a moment before responding.

Yes... I heard about this story before. She chose to love a Pokemon she cannot breed with, and cannot ever really have children of her own... A great sacrifice, but she has found her own happiness with Six, correct? She made the best family she could. No, your story does not bear resemblance to mine, much as you think it does. At least your Lily found a happy ending despite what she has sacrificed. Murmur sighs, looking off into the distance. I fear that all Minerva's choices will bring her is pain.

Missingno. Master 01-08-2013 07:29 AM

Myrtle's words did not dissuade Bedivere, and she could do nothing as the Frillish called upon a memory which filled him with an emotion she hadn't been expecting. It wasn't sadness, per se, nor was it really rage or hatred... but the depth of its flavor was undeniable... Longing, Myrtle realized, is what it was. Longing for what, however, she could not say. All she could sense is that it was an intense and unfulfilled desire... not unlike what Myrtle felt for Bedivere, as it were. She started to feed on Bedivere's longing, her cynical side stopping her from hoping that she was what the Frillish desired so desperately. OK, it didn't stop her completely. As she ate at the emotion, curiosity got the better of her.

"Be-di-vere," she asked quietly and gently, "if I may ask, what is it that fills you with such des-per-ate de-si-re? What... what do you long for?"

Meanwhile, Vanth voiced their approval of Gemini's name, though seemed decidedly less agreed on their own name, some of the personalities being very vocal of their disapproval of the name Vanth. Finally, the Spiritomb admitted with a sigh that it could sometimes be confusing.

"Sounds like it," nodded Gemini's larger head. "I can't even imagine what we would've done if this guy here hadn't agreed that we were named Gemini."

"It was no problem, really," the smaller head added. "It's the only name I ever knew."

"Anyway, I like Vanth, it's... it's a nice name," added the larger head.

Before Liliana could even ask for more cookies, Peeves held the entire package of Oreos out to her. Then, sounds of munching could be heard from within the hidden cupboard. Peeves opened the door, to reveal a Gastly within, happily snacking on an Oreo.

"Oh, hey, boss," the Gastly grinned. "Sorry, knew these were for you, but I had to try one."

"Understandable," Peeves nodded. "Chuck, I want you meet Liliana. Lil, this Chuck. He and I old friends."

"And a pleasure it is to meet you," Chuck said as he looked at Liliana. "And when boss here says old friends, he ain't kidding. We go way back."

"Chuck, I keep telling you, no call me boss no more. My name Peeves, call me Peeves."

"Sorry," grinned Chuck. "I feel more comfortable calling you boss, it's all I knew you as in life."

Keith, meanwhile, listened and nodded as Cheshire explained that a Gastly's true power lay in its eyes- the power for moves such as Hypnosis and Confuse Ray, Spite and Curse, and naturally, Mean Look. Then, suddenly, Cheshire realized he was keeping Keith from Coselle, and allowed him past. Keith grinned in response and walked towards his bedroom. "Coselle?" he said as he made to enter the room.

Severus listened as Murmur voiced his fear that Minerva's choices would only bring her pain. "How do you mean?" asked Severus. "How would her choices be bringing her pain?"

Just then, the front door of the Secret Base swung open, and small footsteps could be heard. "Checking in, sir," came a voice. "Everything seems secure, so far. Nothing out of place, no suspicious, shady types, no- INTRUDERS!" the Pawniard exclaimed the last word as she noticed the numerous Ghost-types that have entered the Secret Base. Meowth ran up to the Pawniard hastily.

"Hey, hey, take it easy dere, Ginny," Meowth said. "Dey're not intruders, dey're guests- WAH!" Meowth exclaimed as Ginny brandished one of her knife-like hands at Meowth like a sword.

"And why should I take your word for it?" demanded Ginny.

"Hey, it's me, it's Meowth, I'm on yer side!" protested Meowth.

"A likely story!" Ginny snarled. "What's the secret word?"

Meowth rolled his eyes, but knew better than to protest. "Mayonnaise," he sighed.

Ginny nodded, but did not lower her arm. "Like it wouldn't be that hard for an enemy spy to extract it from you," she snapped before raking Meowth's torso with a light scratch.

"Eeowch!" Meowth exclaimed. "What'd ya do dat for?!"

"Alright, you're not a Zorua or Zoroark," Ginny stated. "Their illusions fade when they're attacked. And you're too solid to be a Ghost-type's illusion. A Scratch attack would have gone right through."

"So maybe youse can lower yer arm?" Meowth asked.

"Not so fast," said Ginny. "I haven't ruled out a code pink just yet."

Meowth rolled his eyes. Code pink meant that there was a Ditto spy among them. Ginny moved closer to Meowth... closer... and then tickled him. Meowth started laughing uncontrollably as Ginny backed off at last.

"My apologies, Meowth, but I had to make sure," Ginny said. "You're clear. Ditto can't maintain their transformation if made to laugh." She took two steps into the living room and glanced around before turning to face Meowth. "Where is Keith?" she demanded.

"Bedroom," Meowth explained. "His girlfriend's in dere too. I wouldn't follow dem, dey like their privacy."

"Be that as it may, I must be sure that she is who she says she is," insisted Ginny.

"Dere's no need fer dat," Meowth argued. "Keith can tell. Trust me."

"I can't be sure," Ginny retorted, shaking her head. "I need to be sure." With that, she walked up to Keith, who was about to enter his bedroom.

"Oh, hey, Ginny," Keith greeted his Pawniard. "Did you want to meet Coselle?"

Ginny nodded in response and gave Keith a salute.

"All right," nodded Keith. "But no attacking, do I make myself clear? Coselle's all right, she's not a threat."

"I'll be the judge of that, if you please, sir," the Pawniard replied as she followed her trainer.

Marion Ette 01-10-2013 11:34 PM

Overwhelmed with curiosity about the emotions Bedivere feels, she asks him about their origins, secretly hoping (though tempering that hope with a healthy dose of cynicism) that they were regarding her. The emotions suddenly sink back into Bedivere's body, disappearing as if sucked into a vacuum, and Bedivere smiles serenely.

"They are feelings from the past... In the past, they should remain. But anything for you, my dear Lady Myrtle. I do hope you found them delectable, ohohohoho~!" Bedivere grins widely before making his way toward the kitchen, eager to prepare more food.

Meanwhile, Vanth grins at Gemini's complement of her name. "If you like it, then we like it," she says with a playful smirk. Then, without warning, she suddenly yells, "SINCE WHEN DO WE NEED HIS APPROVAL? ARCEUS DAMN IT, THIS SUCKS!" Vanth shakes her head violently, moaning as the voices once again begin a terrible argument within her mind. She looks to Gemini, her eyes pleading. "Do you... do you know a move that... that paralyzes? Paralysis... stops the voi- OH, SHE'S TRYING TO SHUT US UP NOW, HUH? WHICH ONE ARE YOU? I'LL FIND YOU, AND I'LL KILL YOU! No, please, stop it, AAAAH-" Vanth cries out in incredible pain, as it sounds like part of her very being is being destroyed.

As Liliana happily takes more cookies from the package, she is alerted to the sound of munching from the secret compartment. Peeves reveals that the source of the munching is the Gastly that Marion had traded to Keith, which introduces himself as Chuck, an old friend of Peeves'. Liliana extends her hand excitedly for a handshake. "Any friend of Peeves is friend of mine," she says with a huge grin on her skull-shaped face. "I Liliana, Peeves' girlfriend. Nice meet you!"

As Keith enters his bedroom, he finds Coselle in her typically gothic attire, reclining in a relaxed, yet oddly seductive pose on his bed, her earphones plugged firmly in her ears. The music that blasts at full volume into her skull is so loud that Keith can almost make out the lyrics, yet she somehow manages to hear him coming all the same. He cannot help but notice that she is wearing black lace gloves, presumably to hide the burn on one of her hands. She motions to the bed upon which she reclines, smirking all the while.

"A double bed, hmmmmmm? Not for your Pokemon, is it? I do hope you are not encouraging the couples in your party to act... immorally." She waggles her finger at him, giving him a sarcastic "tsk tsk" before laughing darkly, indicating the joking nature of her accusation. "Ah, but who am I to judge?"

Meanwhile, Murmur sighs as Severus asks about why her choices would bring her pain. Her powers... Her abilities as a Banette... The more humanity she has, the less she is able to do. She is becoming powerless. She is fragile... so fragile. Mortally fragile. If anything happens... Murmur grimaces. I probably have already said too much. Minerva tries to hide it all, to keep everyone from worrying, but I have seen, and I do worry.

Missingno. Master 01-11-2013 01:18 AM

As the emotions were suddenly sucked back into Bedivere, the Frillish told Myrle only that they were feelings from the past, and that they should remain in the past. With that, Bedivere floated over to the small kitchen, presumably to prepare more food. Myrtle followed after him. "If you are ho-ping to cook a-ny-thing," Myrtle said, "You might need some help. Meat Sack has yet to pur-chase an o-ven or stove of a-ny kind, and in-stead has my team-mates as-sist him in the coo-king. Us-u-al-ly, his Wee-dle does most of the coo-king- it is some-thing of a tal-ent of hers'- but she is with her boy-friend at the mo-ment. Per-haps I could help?" Myrtle offered. "I do not know a-ny Fi-re moves, but I re-cent-ly learned Thun-der-bolt."

Both of Gemini's heads gave small smiles as Vanth grinned at their complement of her name. And then, another argument was starting within Vanth's mind. She quickly asked the Weezing whether they knew a move that could paralyze, stating that it could stop the voices. And then, one of the voices threatened to kill another of them. Vanth cried out in pain, and Gemini started to panic. Both heads exchanged freaked out glances.

"OK, um... Poison Gas, no... Psybeam, no... Damn it!" grunted the larger head.

"What are you doing?" demanded the smaller head.

"You heard Vanth- paralysis stops the voices! And... damn, we only have one move that can paralyze!"



"Well, what are we waiting for?"

"Are you kidding me? We're level 100. Vanth is what, level 4? This'll knock her out!" argued the larger head. "Which we do not want!"

"OK, OK!"

"OK, let's see... any chance we can reason with them?" asked the larger head desperately. At this, the smaller head turned to face him, shaking himself side to side slowly. "OK, bad idea," conceded the larger head. "Rrrrh... Arceus damn it, we got no other options. We just gotta make it as weak as we possibly can."

"Right," replied the smaller head.

"Vanth... forgive us," pleaded Gemini's larger head as the Weezing unleashed the feeblest Thunderbolt they could do, hoping the weakness would make it function more like Thunder Wave- instant paralysis with no actual damage. They weren't sure how likely this was to actually work, of course.

"Ah, you're his girlfriend?" grinned Chuck as he formed some of his gas into a spectral hand, with which he shook Liliana's hand. "Well, well, boss. Now that you're dead, you're really living, aren't you?" At this, the Gastly laughed.

"Yes," said Peeves as he hugged Liliana. "Lil here best thing ever happen to me."

"I can see that," replied Chuck.

Keith entered his bedroom, his Pawniard following close behind, and saw Coselle lying on his bed. She was dressed in her typical gothic attire, with a new pair of gloves Keith couldn't help but notice, likely to conceal her burned hand. He chose to not remark on this as she commented on his choice of a double bed. Keith couldn't help but grin and chuckle a bit as she jokingly accused him of encouraging the couples on his team to act immorally. "Trust me," grinned Keith. "They don't need my encouragement to act... immorally. No, I got this with you in mind," he added as he reclined on the bed next to Coselle.

Ginny marched over to the bed and looked up at Coselle warily. So far, she didn't seem to be doing anything dangerous. Keith seemed in no imminent danger. "You're fine... for now," Ginny said to Coselle. "But be warned, I got my eye on you."

"Ah, yeah, that's Ginny, my Pawniard," Keith said at the sound of her voice. "Don't mind her. She's more overprotective than Sirius, but she means well. Ginny? It's OK. Why don't you guard the front door again?"

"Yes, sir," replied Ginny, albeit somewhat reluctantly. She marched out of the bedroom, and paused for a moment before continuing on. She exited the base and stood outside the door, sharply glaring at anything that seemed to move suspiciously. Even Scorpius and Hermione, both of whom were at the base of the tree.

"Well, if you knew Keith like I know him," Severus said to Murmur, "Then you'd know that he truly loves Coselle, and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. I mean, you do have every right to be concerned for her, but Meowth and Peeves told me about that day at the park. Keith was under the impression he was risking death just to apologize to her, and it didn't deter him at all. Does that sound like he'd ever let anything bad happen to her?"

Marion Ette 01-12-2013 02:52 PM

Myrtle explains to Bedivere that Keith has yet to invest in an oven or stovetop, instead relying on his Weedle's firestream ability to cook. She tries to offer her thunderbolt as a potential source of help, only to have a floating grin materialize in front of her, a burning flame beside it.

"Do not worry, Myrtle. My fire punch ability will allow me to give you a hand..." The disembodied smile chuckles, before materializing into the grinning Cheshire. Bedivere claps his tentacles together, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, Sir Cheshire! I had nearly forgotten about your elemental punches. If it is not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate your help..."

"It is no trouble, Bedivere. You're always helping us out, so I think it only fair." Cheshire turns to Myrtle with his characteristic grin. "Would you be so kind as to direct Bedivere to the cutlery? I imagine he needs-"

Before the Gastly can finish his sentence, a pair of grilling tongs mysteriously materializes in Bedivere's hands. "Oh, do not worry about that, my good man! I always come prepared, ohohoho~!" He turns to Myrtle with a gentle smile. "Perhaps you could show Sir Cheshire the safest place in which to burn his flame...? I would certainly not like to have the reputation as the guess who burned Master Keith's base down, ohohohoho~"

Meanwhile, Gemini finds himself struggling to decide whether or not he should use his thunderbolt on Vanth in an attempt to paralyze her. A true Thunderbolt would instantly KO the weaker Spiritomb, but perhaps a weak attempt at one would be enough to simply paralyze instead of remove all consciousness. Asking Vanth's forgiveness, the Weezing fires off as weak a Thunderbolt as he can muster; though the shock is unsuccessful at paralyzing Vanth, her eyes grow wide with pain and shock as the electricity flows through her corporeal body, thoroughly zapping her to the core. The sheer damage is enough to knock her out of the screams, though her eyes look dull and listless after the attack.

"Thank you, Gem..." Vanth murmurs, trying to recollect her thoughts after the electricity thoroughly scattered them. "Our numbers are dwindling, but very slowly, and... and the process is painful. They say it should have happened before we were born, in the egg, but... Something went wrong." Though Vanth's tone definitely changes over the course of her statement, it seems as if her personalities are in union over this fact.

Meanwhile, Liliana grins at Chuck's assessment of Peeves' afterlife behavior. "Peeves deserve happy afterlife. He good person deep down, even when alive," Liliana says in earnest. She then blushes profusely at Peeves' statement that Liliana was the best thing to ever happen to him. "That... that really true?" She laughs with embarrassment and a bit of pride. "We best thing to happen to each other!"

Keith admits that his team doesn't need any inspiration from their trainer to act in a way that Coselle jokingly refers to as "immoral", and adds that he purchased the bed for his base specifically with her in mind. The young woman gives Keith a dark, seductive smirk, and wraps an arm around him as he reclines on the bed beside her. "Is that soooo? Bold and presumptuous... I like it." Coselle cackles a bit. "Takes balls for a man to look a woman in the eye and say, 'I bought this bed because I want you in it.'" A flicker of softness comes through Coselle's eyes, though she does her best to hide it. "It implies a place for me here." Coselle smirks. "Of course, that means it's that much harder for you to get rid of me."

As Ginny approaches to ensure that Coselle was not a threat to her trainer, the dark-haired woman eyes Keith's Pawniard with an odd mix of amusement and irritation. Though Ginny tries to make an intimidating remark towards Coselle, the young woman is unimpressed by the attempts at instilling fear in her; rather, she appears even more determined to appear fearless in the face of this paranoid little Pokemon.

Murmur shakes his head, his temper beginning to flare once again. Yeah, yeah. I've heard the story a thousand times. Who gives a shit if he'll die for her, if he's not even the one that's dying?

Murmur turns away from Severus, tears beginning to form in his eyes. He tries to storm away, but being a Drifloon, he can only do his best to float away in the angriest way possible.

Missingno. Master 01-12-2013 04:25 PM

Before Bedivere could answer Myrtle, Cheshire popped up, offering the use of his Fire Punch as a solution. Myrtle found that she wasn't quite as irritated with this interruption as she would have been in the past, and said nothing as Bedivere produced a pair of tongs from seemingly nowhere. Then, the Frillish asked Myrtle where Cheshire should position the flame so as to not burn down the Secret Base. "Keith and Her-mi-o-ne al-ways cook ev-er-y-thing o-ver the sink," replied Myrtle, "so I sup-pose put-ting it right o-ver the sink would work."

As the Thunderbolt connected, Vanth's eyes grew wide with pain and shock, a sight that did not sit well with either of Gemini's heads. However, the weakened Thunderbolt did not KO the Spiritomb. Nor did it paralyze her, though it became clear that this setback did not matter- the attack itself had been enough to stop the fighting. Indeed, Vanth thanked Gemini for what they had done, and explained that while their personalities were starting to dwindle, it was a slow and painful process, and that it should have happened while in the Egg, and something had gone wrong.

"Oh, man, that sounds awful," said Gemini's larger head. "What could've gone wrong, anyway?"

"There any way we could help?" added the smaller head. "I mean, you know, other than having to hurt you like that? Sounds like you go through enough pain as it is."

As Liliana blushed and asked Peeves if what he said was true, Peeves nodded emphatically. Liliana then stated that each of them is the best thing to happen to the other, and Peeves hugged her on the spot.

"I certainly can't argue with that," grinned Chuck as he watched this unfold. He then slowly vanished into thin air, so as to give the couple a little bit of privacy.

Over in the bedroom, Keith grinned as Coselle admired the guts he had to tell her that he sprung for a double bed specifically because of her. As she told him that this would make it that much harder to get rid of her, Keith, still grinning, raised an eyebrow. "You're implying I'd want to get rid of you in the first place," he replied. "You're always welcome here."

Marion Ette 01-13-2013 04:39 PM

Bedivere and Cheshire waste no time heading over to the sink, as Bedivere produces a grilling pan from seemingly nowhere and starts adding a few Miltank steaks to the pan. Upon closer inspection of the steaks, it seems as if Bedivere already coated them with an aromatic spice blend of his own creation. With a nod to Cheshire, the Gastly punches the air around the sink with his Fire Punch, creating a flame with which Bedivere can cook. Bedivere sears the steaks very quickly on either side, ensuring that they will be as rare as possible, before setting them down to rest a bit before cutting them. He cooks the steaks with an extraordinary speed... perhaps the magical nature of Cheshire's fire assisted in this phenomenon. Once Bedivere is convinced that the steaks have rested long enough, the Frillish hands the first of his steaks to Myrtle with a smile. "For you, my dear Myrtle. Please let me know how it tastes~"

Gemini shows a considerable amount of concern for Vanth, who still shudders with the strength of the hit she endured. Despite the fact that Vanth had asked for the shock, and indeed seemed grateful, Gemini cannot help but feel somewhat guilty for hurting her, even if it was for her own mental health.

"What went wrong? Who the fuck knows? If we knew, we'd do our best to fix it, now, wouldn't we?" Vanth's current personality cops a huge attitude, narrowing her eyes at Gemini before suddenly softening her expression. "No, we shouldn't be mean to you. You smell funny, but you're trying to help. I used to have a Dodrio when I was a trainer, you know, and the heads fought sometimes, but nothing like this... The best thing you could do is figure out why it happened in the first place... we've got at least 100 voices up here and none of 'em have a damn clue!" Vanth grimaces. "Even that ghost lady who calls herself our trainer doesn't seem to know, though she's been looking through all kinds of books." She pauses for a moment, before suddenly shouting, "DODRIO ARE SILLY!"

Liliana returns the hug, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek. Chuck takes the hint and gives the pair a bit of personal space, and Liliana wonders if perhaps the pair should hide in the secret compartment with the cookies for some privacy.

Coselle smirks at Keith's open invitation. "Well, then I suppose you would not mind me staying the night, then, would you?" Coselle cackles, pushing Keith down into the bed by his shoulders as she positions herself on top of him with surprising agility. "You know that I do not sleep, right? Ah, but yoooou do, Keith... And it makes you vulnerable." Coselle digs her nails into Keith's shoulders, leaning forward so that their noses are almost touching, their breath mingling. "I could do anything, and you would be pow-er-lessss." She lets go of Keith's shoulders, but only to lift his chin up to expose his neck; with her other hand, she softly traces a line over his jugular, as if indicating the exact place where she could slit his throat, cackling all the while. "I envy you, though... you can still enter the world of dreams. I have not gone in over twenty years... I forget what it is like, you know, to dream."

Missingno. Master 01-13-2013 06:32 PM

Myrtle watched as Bedivere cooked the steaks. Though her feelings have changed as of late, she still knew that Bedivere was the best damn cook she's ever known. As Bedivere handed one of the steaks to Myrtle, she politely accepted it and took a bite. As she expected it to be, the steak was absolutely delicious.

"This is de-li-cious, Be-di-vere," Myrtle replied once she had swallowed the bite of steak. "Thank you."

From past experience, Gemini were somewhat prepared to get a little bit of attitude along with Vanth's answer. Sure enough, the Spiritomb's answer was delivered with attitude, asserting that if they knew what went wrong, they'd have tried to fix it. Suddenly, their expression softened, and Vanth stated that they shouldn't be mean. The currently speaking personality mentioned a Dodrio she had owned when she was a trainer, and talked about how the heads would fight sometimes, though nowhere near like what went on between them. The silence that followed was broken somewhat by the rather random proclamation of the silliness of Dodrio.

"I'm glad we never fight like that," murmured the Weezing's smaller head.

"What is it that you mostly fight about, anyway?" asked Gemini. "I mean, we're guessing it's about which one of you eventually takes full control of... you... are we close?"

It was almost as though Peeves could read Liliana's mind. He couldn't, but it was almost as if. For at that moment, Peeves said, "So, Lil... Chuck clearly want us have privacy... You think maybe secret cookie compartment no too crowded for both of us?"

Coselle was quick to position herself on top of Keith, an action he had no objection to whatsoever. "I wouldn't mind in the slightest," Keith replied, grinning. Coselle then reminded Keith that she doesn't sleep... and that he did... and that that made him vulnerable. She brought her face close to his, and stated that she could do anything, and he would be powerless, while speaking the last word in a creepy stutter that sent chills down Keith's spine, for more reasons than one. He felt a strange combination of nervousness and excitement, an effect Coselle had on him quite often. An odd blend of fear and eager anticipation. This was compounded as she used one hand to lift his chin, exposing his neck, and the other to softly trace a line over his jugular. The entire time, she was cackling. Then, she confessed her envy for his ability to dream- being an insomniac, she hasn't had a dream for over twenty years, and forgot what it was like.

Keith thought about this for a second, then spoke up in response. "Well, I'm not gonna lie, sometimes dreams can be wonderful... Then again," he said, his grin widening somewhat as he looked into her eyes, "sometimes reality can turn out better than anything your mind could ever dare to dream."

Outside the Secret Base, Ginny stood guard. Suddenly, the Pawniard stiffened as she noticed an Ivysaur approaching.

"Halt!" Ginny shouted, brandishing her blade like hands as she glared down to the bottom of the tree. "Who goes there?!"

The Ivysaur giggled. "Don't be silly, Ginny! It's me, Pomona!" She was holding a very large amount of flowers in a vine that snaked out from beneath her flower. She extended another vine, which she used to hoist herself up to the wooden platform before the front door. "You remember, I left a little earlier to pick flowers for the base? Oh, nobody told Keith, right? I want it to be a surprise, flowers are gonna make this place so much more pretty, don't you think?"

"The password, if you please," Ginny replied.

Pomona rolled her eyes, yet giggled again at the same time. "Aw, come on, Ginny, you got to lighten up a little bit! Don't be so serious all the time!" As she said this, she used her free vine to extract a single blue flower and position it on the Pawniard's shiny red helmet. "Besides, it took me sooooo long to pick all these, you can't imagine how many dead flowers there are around here, and those aren't very decorative at all-"

"The password, if you please," repeated Ginny in a slightly more irritated voice.

"Fine," chuckled Pomona. "Mayonnaise."

"Very well," nodded Ginny. "You may enter." She had noted Pomona's giggling, which ruled out a code pink- even just giggling would have forced a Ditto to undo its transformation- as well as her use of Vine Whip- Zorua and Zoroark were always restricted to their own moves, no matter what they were impersonating. Pomona happily made her way inside. Ginny made to rip the flower off her helmet, but paused as she noticed her reflection in one of the windows. Instead, she merely adjusted the flower's angle, paused to admire the look for a second, then resumed her post.

Pomona, meanwhile, walked into the living room, and gasped audibly. "Ohhh, we have guests already?! I didn't see any guests come in, oh, hi! Hiiii!" she exclaimed excitedly, trying to greet everyone at once. In her excitement, she had flung the flowers into the air, and they were drifting through the air every which way, but she didn't care. Spotting the nearest guest, the Ivysaur raced over to Murmur, who was still looking upset. Not letting this deter her, Pomona happily greeted him. "Hiii!" she said. "Hi, you're... wait, I know this... Oh, yeah, Murmur! You're Murmur, right? Remember me? Pomona? From the bar? Hi! How are you doing?" she asked.

Marion Ette 01-13-2013 09:23 PM

Bedivere grins widely at Myrtle's positive assessment of his cooking, and immediately begins plating the other steaks, first handing the biggest, juiciest one to Cheshire for his hard work, then floating towards the main room, displaying the delicious smelling steaks to all of the Pokemon assembled.

"Is anyone hungry?" Bedivere asks, a wide grin on his face. "I have made some delicious steaks for you all, ohohohoho~"

At first, Vanth makes a face. "I'm a vegetarian... Sorry, mate," she says in a distinctly Australian accent. The accent suddenly drops, however, when Vanth catches sight of the steaks, and she zooms toward them with a hungry expression. "STEEEEEAK" she cries, licking her lips and eating the first few bites appreciatively, and her expression turns sour. "I said I was a vegetarian," the Australian voice bitterly remarks, before the more American accent shouts, "SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE AND EAT!"

Apparently, one of the personalities remembers that she was speaking with Gemini, and turns to him, continuing as if the conversation had never been interrupted. "We fight over that, yes... but we fight about everything. What to eat, where to sleep, who we love and hate, what we say to people... No one agrees. The ones who just wanted to die got weeded out early, at least... but the remaining, well, we can't even decide if..." Before Vanth can even finish her sentence, she immediately turns away, gobbling up the meat once again.

Meanwhile, without any hesitation, Liliana zooms into the cupboard; one of her little ghostly hands phases through the door, motioning for Peeves to join her before the hand quickly phases back inside, a giggle coming from the secret compartment.

Keith admits that some dreams are beautiful, but even the best dreams cannot compete with a beautiful reality. Coselle moves in to close the gap between them, kissing him deeply before biting his lower lip, just hard enough to make him squirm a bit. The look in her eyes was a familiar one; predatory, yet playful, it was the type of look that could make a man's heart nearly burst out of his chest. Ripping off his belt in a fast, fluid motion, she appears as if she may begin striking him with it, before the sound of someone familiar at the door stops her dead in her tracks, the belt hanging limp in her hand. Throwing it unceremoniously down on the bed, she gets up off of Keith, moving towards the entrance. "You have a visitor, I believe..."

Indeed, at the base of the tree, a familiar face does seem to be waiting to be admitted entry into Keith's new home. Perhaps her entrance is not as creepy or invasive as her sister's, but the polite, lavender-haired trainer who greets Ginny is certainly no stranger to the paranormal. In fact, the ominous surroundings of Keith's Secret Base seems to put her more at ease than anything else. The young woman has a stack of folders held tightly under her arm, and though her outfit is a bit more businesslike than usual, it is still inspired by Victorian fashion.

"Hello, there! You must be one of Keith's newer Pokemon... He's always getting new ones, isn't he?" Marion laughs a bit, bowing in greeting to the Pawniard. "My name's Marion. I was wondering if a few odd ghosts had been seen around here with a dark-haired woman... I can't find them anywhere, so I figured I'd check here." Marion gives the Pawniard a gentle smile, though she appears weighted down... Maybe even a little sad, though the reason is not immediately obvious.

Meanwhile, having already cleared security, Pomona now sought to strike up a conversation with the despondent Murmur. Cheery as ever, the Ivysaur shows a rather impeccable memory for names before introducing herself as Pomona.

You are correct, Pomona. My name is Murmur, the little Drifloon says, though doing a poor job of hiding the anger and sadness in his voice. I am... Well, I have had better days, to be sure. How are you, Pomona?

Missingno. Master 01-13-2013 09:53 PM

"Yeesh," sighed Gemini's larger head as Vanth explained that they fought over just about everything. "That's gotta suck... Isn't there anything you all agree on, I mean, aside from... you know...?" the Weezing trailed off, having referenced how all of Vanth's personalities seemed to be in agreement on the painful nature of the struggle for control.

Peeves followed Liliana into the compartment immediately, almost before she had gestured to him to follow her.

At Keith's words, Coselle kissed him. She bit his lip in the process, causing him a brief moment of discomfort, which swiftly left his mind as he saw the look she was giving him. She ripped his belt off in one motion, but almost immediately, she threw it down on the bed, stating that Keith appeared to have a visitor. Groaning in mild disappointment, Keith got up and put his belt back on, before listening- Marion was at the door, introducing herself to the Pawniard stationed at the entrance. Keith gave Coselle a look which clearly told her that they would pick up where they left off later, then made for the door.

Outside, Ginny was looking at Marion with her usual look of suspicion and mistrust. The Pawniard had never met Marion before, but she seemed to mean no harm. She gave Marion a curt nod, and turned to push the door open, when Keith opened it himself. "Ah, Marion!" Keith said. "Good to see you. I kinda overheard you just now, and yeah, they're here. Showed up not two minutes after I finished getting all the furniture in place. How's that for timing?" he grinned. "Well, anyway, come in, come in," he added, inviting her inside.

Pomona tilted her head slightly as Murmur introduced himself, his anger and sadness still present in his voice as he admitted that he's had better days, and asked how Pomona was. "I'm fine, but..." Pomona replied, a hint of concern in her voice. "What's wrong? Something's wrong, what is it?"

Marion Ette 01-13-2013 10:57 PM

"We all agree that we would rather be anywhere but inside this crazy head," the Spiritomb remarks pitifully. "Also, whoever is responsible for killing us in the first place... We all want that person dead. Too bad we don't know who it is..." Vanth suddenly raises a spectral hand, as if in a class, about to make a point to the teacher. "Oo, oo, wait! I disagree with part of that," a tiny voice from within Vanth speaks up. "You know, I'm kinda happy here... You're all really loud, and I don't like being pushed around, but being with Gemini is... kinda nice, I guess..."

Vanth narrows her eyes, as if so incensed by the little voice's opinion that words cannot capture her ire. "We want out," she finally hisses.

Coselle smirks a bit at Keith's verbal indication that he would continue where they left off at a later point, before walking with him to the door. Fortunately, Ginny sees Marion as decidedly non-threatening, and allows her in just before Keith opens the door for her himself, confirming that her Pokemon were indeed visiting.

"That's good to hear... I imagine Coselle is with them. They don't usually go off on their own unless she's with them." As if on cue, Coselle appears beside Keith at the door. She gives her sister a wry grin, though the moment she looks into her sister's eyes, that grin drops.

"Hey, sis... Er, what do you have there..." The normally boisterous, confident young lady seems oddly hesitant at the sight of the files in Marion's hands, and at the look the pale-haired woman is giving her.

"Perhaps we should talk about it later..." She motions to Keith as she says this, as if implying that Coselle may wish to speak to Marion alone.

"I don't keep secrets," Coselle responds rather flippantly, brushing off her sister's suggestion to wait.

"What's under those gloves, Cosie?" Marion tilts her head, feigning innocence, and Coselle immediately tries to hide her panic.

"Just a burn. No big deal," she responds with a feigned lack of concern, before motioning for her sister to come inside. Marion shakes her head, but decides against saying anything for the moment.

As Marion follows her sister and Keith inside the base, she discretely hands her sister one of the files, which appears to be labeled The Back to Life Phenomenon: Risks, Complications and Partial Transfer Abnormalities. Coselle flips through it for a moment before immediately closing it up again, looking a little pale. Murmur immediately catches sight of his trainer as she enters, and floats over to her, peering at the remaining files in her hands with great curiosity and concern. "Murmur, honey! I knew I'd find you here. Oh, I know... You've been talking about Cosie's burn all week. I wouldn't have even known if it wasn't for you." Marion pats the cottonball atop Murmur's head, while Coselle gives him a momentary glare, apparently realizing who ratted her out. Marion turns to Pomona, appearing as cheerful as possible. "Oh, is Pomona with you, too? Hey, Pomona! How have you been doing? Keeping Keith out of trouble, I hope! Can't say the same for my sister, of course..."

Marion turns to Coselle and speaks to her in a low voice. "Does Keith have a place where we can talk in private?"

Missingno. Master 01-13-2013 11:37 PM

Gemini listened as Vanth stated that one thing they all agreed on is that they wanted out of the one crazy head they were all stuck in, and also that whoever it was that murdered them, they wanted dead. As Gemini's larger head opened his mouth to reply to this, one of Vanth's personalities spoke up in a tiny voice, stating that despite the insanity of their state, it was kinda nice being with Gemini. Both heads blushed slightly at this statement, before Vanth hissed decisively that they wanted out.

"So wait," said Gemini's smaller head. "Every one of you was killed by the exact same person?"

Meanwhile, Coselle had followed Keith to the door, and the conversation between her and Marion got Keith wondering. By the time Marion followed them inside, Keith began to suspect something wasn't right with Coselle- he knew full well she was wearing those gloves of hers to conceal a burn she had sustained at the Nightclub, though under circumstances she never revealed to Keith. He started to feel concern for Coselle, hoping there wasn't anything seriously wrong with her. As Marion quietly asked Coselle if there was somewhere they could talk in private, Keith spoke up.

"Just use my bedroom, right here," he said, gesturing to the appropriate door. "I'll just wait in the other room."

With that, Keith walked into the living room, Pomona happily following him, and suddenly, a dark sphere surrounded by purple smoke materialized before him. Keith, however, was so used to his Gastly appearing before him in this matter that he didn't even bat an eye.

"So," Chuck said to Keith. "That was Marion at the door, I presume?"

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "She's talking to Coselle in private at the moment, though."

"A private talk?" grinned Chuck. "And you feel absolutely no inclination to listen in?"

"No, come on," Keith said, shaking his head and chuckling. "No, I'm not the kind of guy who eavesdrops on other people's conversations." He continued to chuckle lightly as the Gastly gave him a shrewd look.

"It's killing you, isn't it?" he asked.

"So friggin' much," sighed Keith. "I'm betting this has everything to do with that burn on Coselle's hand. I'm worried about her, Chuck. I get the feeling something is wrong, and she won't tell me. I mean, she likely doesn't want me to worry, and that's nice and all, but keeping me in the dark like this is kinda having the exact opposite effect!"

The Gastly nodded. "Well, that being the case, I see it fit to help you out. Being that my body is entirely gaseous vapor, I found it quite easy to leave behind an ear close to your bedroom door. Should look like nothing more than a minuscule puff of purple smoke, tucked neatly into a corner." The Gastly grinned and chuckled.

"Oh, come on, Chuck, that's not right," Keith frowned, shaking his head. "I don't feel right letting you do this."

"And how right do you feel not knowing what might be wrong with your girlfriend?" Chuck responded smoothly.

"You are good, you know that?" sighed Keith as he gave a weak grin and plopped down into the nearest seat.

"Anything for one of my own kind," grinned Chuck as he took one of Bedivere's Miltank steaks and devoured it in one bite. "Mmm! Now this is good cooking!" the Gastly added. "Keith, you must try one of these."

"Sure," shrugged Keith as he fetched himself a plate, a knife, and a fork, and started in on one of the steaks. "Oh, wow," he added. He turned to face the Frillish responsible for the steaks and called out, "Good job on the steak, Bedivere!"

"Seconded," added Chuck as he started on another steak.

Marion Ette 01-14-2013 01:54 AM

I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real.
Vanth nods in response to Gemini's question. "That is what we believe," she asserts. "We all remember going about our daily lives... school, work, training, whatever... and suddenly, a black sort of mist gets blown in our faces. Next thing we know, BAM! Stuck in the consciousness of a damn Spiritomb. Some of us remember a presence behind us, and some remember the hand holding the bottle the spray came out of. Black bottle. Odd shape. Hard to describe, since we've got some conflicting reports. Suffice to say... Whoever did that to us, needs to get a damn spray of their own. No one deserves to be trapped in here the way we are... Well, except that one personality that keeps getting Justin Bieber songs stuck in our head."

"I resent that," one of the personalities then remarks through Vanth's sudden voice change.

"And what about you? How did you become Gemini, the creature with two heads?" Another voice asks with some curiosity in her tone.

Meanwhile, Keith points the ladies toward his bedroom, letting them know that they can engage in more private conversation there. He indicates that he will wait in the living room; though Coselle motions as if she is about to speak, she goes silent again, instead offering to lead Marion to the room in question. Marion is immediately impressed by the size of Keith's bed; idly thinking of how nice it would be to have a double bed for when Duke came to visit her, she is snapped out of the reverie by Coselle jumping on to the bed, sprawling out on it with a wry grin.

"This is our bed, you know," she comments with some measure of pride. "Keith intends to share it with me. Rather bold on his part, wouldn't you say?"

In contrast to Coselle's comfortable pose, Marion sits on the edge of the bed, as little of her body touching the sheets as possible. The discomfort in her eyes is obvious, though she tries to laugh. "I thought... I thought you didn't care about Keith like that..."

Coselle shrugs. "Well, if a man buys you a bed, you may as well lay in it, hmm?" The dark haired woman smirks at her sister, stretching a bit so that she can reach around to grab the files from her. "What's the damage, love? Am I doomed to a life as a mortal girl forever? Must I give up my strange abilities as a Banette and live out my life as a woman?" Coselle prepares to feign disappointment at the loss of her power. What had all that power gotten her in the end? A sister in the hospital and the authorities chasing her. She had enacted her revenge when necessary... She would figure something out for Neville. Perhaps now, she could finally lead a normal-

"No, Coselle." Marion sighs. "You are not doomed to the life of a mortal."

"What?!" Coselle springs up from her relaxed position in alarm. "What do you mean I am not mortal? My flesh burns! I have a damn cough! I feel... I feel his touch like I never could have before... Mary, what is-"

"You have some of my essence, Cosie. Some people call it 'soul', others 'humanity'... Basically, it's part of what makes me a human being, beyond the physical implications of a human. You have it, but it is not your own. You feed it using the same powers that allow you to create convincing illusions. Essentially, the essence powers a unique kind of illusion that fools even yourself, that fools your very being."

"What does that mean? What will happen to me?"

"It means... It means that you have about six months before the essence starts unraveling." Marion turns away, unable to look her sister in the eye. "A year if you're lucky." Marion pauses for a bit, trying to figure out the best way to convey what she has learned. "The essence... because it mimics life, your body is tricked into believing that it is alive... as it degrades, it will mimic dying. Systems will fail. You will get sick. Eventually, as the last of the essence fades, you will die, and revert into your original Banette form."

Coselle pauses for a moment, taking it all in; her pale eyes appear watery, as if she is about to cry. Not wanting to appear weak, she puffs out her chest, making herself look prideful. "No worries. I happen to be the best illusionist out there. Even if the essence leaves me, I can still make the best of it-"

"Er, Cosie..." Marion's voice is timid, yet the sadness it conveys shuts Coselle up immediately. "The essence utilizes your illusory abilities to essentially create your human form. When the essence dies... It will be a huge hit to those capabilties. It may take a while to even get the ability to create basic illusions back, let alone being able to disguise yourself as-"

"There has to be a way to reverse this. Isn't there a way I could get more essence?"

"You can kill someone and take it from them, yes, but if anything goes wrong... We don't even know if Curse can necessarily do that if you intentionally-"

"Well, who can we kill? Who won't be missed? Any friends particularly annoying you, my dear? Is Neville's trainer still alive?" Coselle bolts toward the door, but Marion immediately catches her by the arm.

"Would you really take someone's life just to prolong your own? Even a full transfer would not guarantee you a full life..."

Coselle's eyes flare as she turns to Marion, stiffening up as if she is about to strike her; instead, she flops back down on the bed, curling up on the side that Keith had intended for her, covering her face in order to hide the fact that she is crying. Marion can see the body-wreaking sobs despite these attempts, and immediately begins rubbing Coselle's back, trying to calm her. It was odd... all those nights when Minerva acted as Marion's comfort, Marion never thought that the tables will be turned someday. She tries to smile for her grieving sibling.

"For now... you need to make the best of what you have. I'll try to figure something out. There may be another way."

"Is there another way, Marion? Has your research found something?" Coselle lowers her hands for a moment to look up at her sister, hoping to see traces of hope.

"Well, no..." Marion sighs. "Not yet. I will do the best I can, though!"

"It isn't fair. It isn't fair... Why did I have to die? The bitch that killed me got to get married, have kids of her own, even though she fucking killed one of them... I should have had a life, Mary! I should have had a life... a husband, kids, the whole nine yards... I wanted... I wanted to have all that, someday, and she took it all away from me. And even though she's dead now... Even though I buried that c*** in the ground... It's like she's killing me all over again." Coselle brings the pillow to herself, hugging it like a child.

Marion hangs her head, not sure what to say.

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