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biggggg5 07-23-2012 01:21 PM

UPN: Biggggg5
Birthday: September 27


Species: Charmander (recolored; http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif)
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Type: Fire
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Ember, SmokeScreen, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Hidden Power (Water), Overheat, Focus Punch, Cut, Strength, Heat Wave, Crunch, Seismic Toss, Can't Catch Me, Air Cutter
Next attack learned: Metal Claw (lv. 13)
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/.../hotstuff1.gif>lv. 16>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/.../hotstuff2.gif>lv. 36>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/.../hotstuff3.gif
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Blaze
Cute stat: 10
Beauty stat: 10
Tough stat: 10
Smart stat: 10
Cool stat: 10
Bond: 9
Obtained: Starter Pokémon
Birthday: October 3rd
Spoiler: show
Insert bio here

Species: Tynamo (http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif)
Gender: Male
Level: 11
Type: Electric
Attacks: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam, Can't Catch Me, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Water Pulse, Mimic, Magnet Rise
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/eggstorm.gif>Egg House hatching>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn602.gif>lv. 39>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn603.gif>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...understone.gif>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn604.gif
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Levitate
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Bond: 1
Obtained: Egg House
Birthday: December 10th
Spoiler: show
Insert bio here

Species: Swinub (http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...remierball.gif)
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Type: Ice/Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport, Powder Snow, Mud Slap,
Next attack learned: Endure (lv. 14)
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn220.gif>lv. 33>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn221.gif>w/ Ancient Power >http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn473.gif
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Thick Fat
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Bond: 0
Obtained: The Abominable Snowdown
Birthday: January 20th
Spoiler: show
Insert bio here

biggggg5 07-23-2012 01:46 PM

In the Items Pocket;

Current Candy Total: 49
Current Pokedollar Total: $3500

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/potion.gif3 Potions (A medicinal spray to be applied to an injured Pokémon. It restores a small amount of health.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...steliacone.gif5 Casteliacones (A delicious, long-lasting ice cream treat modeled after the Pokémon Vanillite. When eaten by a Pokémon, it cures it of any status ailments.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/charcoal.gif1 Charcoal (A lump of pitch-black charcoal to be held by a Pokémon. It powers up the holder's Fire moves.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...grassgummi.gif1 Grass Gummi (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Grass-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...riousgummi.gif7 Mysterious Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.) [1] [2] [4]

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...heartscale.gif1 Heart Scale (A heart-shaped scale that glitters in the colors of the rainbow. It is highly prized among collectors.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/redgummi.gif2 Red Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Fire-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...greengummi.gif3 Green Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Bug-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...whitegummi.gif2 White Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Normal-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/leafstone.gif1 Leaf Stone (A green stone with a leaf-shaped imprint. It induces evolution in Gloom (into Vileplume), Weepinbell, Exeggcute, Nuzleaf, and Pansage.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...rangegummi.gif5 Orange Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Fighting-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...cleargummi.gif3 Clear Gummis (A chewy treat to be eaten by a Ice-type Pokémon. It boosts IQ by 1 when consumed.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...tcontainer.gif 1, (2). Heart Container (A heart-shaped energy container to be held by a Pokémon. When the holder takes four hits, the container can be used to heal 10% of the holder's health.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...understone.gif1 Thunderstone (A glassy green stone with what appears to be a lightning bolt trapped inside. It induces evolution in Pikachu, Eevee (into Jolteon), and Eelektrik.)

In the Pokéblocks & Poffins Pocket;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...pplepoffin.gif1 Apple (Smart) +20 Poffin (A bitter treat to be eaten by a Pokémon. When eaten, it provides a 20-point boost to the Pokémon's Smart stat.)

In the Poké Balls Pocket;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif(4) +(5)Poké Balls (A basic tool used to capture Pokémon. It is designed in a spherical form.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...remierball.gif3 Premier Ball (A special Poké Ball created in commemoration of a special occasion of some sort. It works the same as an ordinary Poké Ball.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...berballred.gif1 Red Cyber Ball (A cool, futuristic Poké Ball with an awesome red pattern. It works the same as an ordinary Poké Ball)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...luxuryball.gif1 Luxury Ball (A special Poké Ball designed for comfort. A Pokémon caught by or transferred into one will gain 4 Beauty Points, but cannot be transferred into a different Ball.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/xmasball.gif1 Christmas Ball (A festive Poké Ball said to have been crafted in Santa's workshop. It grants 2 Beauty Points if it is used to house a Delibird, a Snover, a Deerling, a Cryogonal, or a Stantler.)

http://imageshack.us/a/img27/2524/2013newyearball.gif1 2013 New Years Ball (A specially made Poké Ball with no particular advantage over the standard variety. When it sends out its occupant, it spells out "2013" in fireworks.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/ghostball.gif1 Ghost Ball (A strange, otherworldly Poké Ball with a chilling aura. It is especially adept at catching Ghost-type Pokémon.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/wereball.gif1 WereBall (An odd Poké Ball that is said to have been invented during a full moon. It is especially adept at catching Pokémon with fangs.)

In the TMs Pocket;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmice.gif1 TM Ice Beam (A Technical Machine that teaches Ice Beam to a compatible Pokémon. It is single-use only.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...tmelectric.gif1 TM Thunderbolt (A Technical Machine that teaches Thunderbolt to a compatible Pokémon. It is single-use only.)

X1 magical snowflake teaches ice barrier when used.
X1 Tm: Return

In the Berries Pocket;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...cornnberry.gif1 Cornn Berry (A blue berry with a dry taste. It might not grow unless it is planted in great quantities.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...cheriberry.gif1 Cheri Berry (A red berry with a spicy taste. When eaten, it cures paralysis.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...pechaberry.gif1 Chesto Berry (A blue berry with a dry taste. When fed to someone who is asleep, they will wake up.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...pechaberry.gif1 Pecha Berry (A pink berry with a sweet taste. When eaten, it cures poisoning.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...spearberry.gif1 Aspear Berry (A yellow berry with a sour taste. It thaws out the eater when consumed.)

In the Key Items Pocket;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/kantodex.gif1 Pokédex (A red box-shaped handheld computer that has data on every known Pokémon and keeps track of which ones the trainer has encountered and obtained.)

x1 Fishing Rod

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/gracidea.gif1 Gracidea (A special flower given to commemorate special occasions. It is rumored to have an effect on the legendary Shaymin.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/sealcase.gif1 Seal Case (A blue plastic case made for holding Ball Capsules and Seals. It can hold six Ball Capsules and a very large amount of Seals.)

In the Seal Case;
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...allcapsule.png6 Ball Capsules (A transparent blue casing that fits over a Poké Ball. When Seals are applied to it, it can create special effects when the Pokémon is sent out.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/seals/fireseala.png1 Fire Seal A (A Seal to be attached to a Ball Capsule. It creates a small orange flame effect.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/seals/firesealb.png1 Fire Seal B (A Seal to be attached to a Ball Capsule. It creates a large orange flame effect.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/seals/firesealc.png1 Fire Seal C (A Seal to be attached to a Ball Capsule. It creates a small blue flame effect.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/seals/fireseald.png1 Fire Seal D (A Seal to be attached to a Ball Capsule. It creates a large blue flame effect.)

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...floraseala.png1 Flora Seal A (A Seal to be attached to a Ball Capsule. It creates a flurry of purple flower petals.)

Base Items

1x Cute TV
1x Kiss Cushion
1x Kiss Poster
1x Glitter Mat
1x Smoochum Doll
1x Pretty Flowers
1x Pretty Desk (black)
1x Pretty Chair (white)

Trading cards

Common Pokémon: x2 Totodile 1, x2 Totodile 2, x4 Mantine, x4 Horsea, x4 Chinchou, x2 Pikachu
Uncommon Pokémon x1 Croconaw 1, x1 Croconaw 2, x2 Seadra, x2 Lanturn, x1 Electabuzz
Rare Pokémon: x1 Elekid
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Kingdra
Common Trainer: x3 Moo-Moo Milk, x1 Super Rod
Uncommon Trainer: x1 Professor Elm
Energy Cards: x12 Lightning Energy, x16 Water Energy
1x Unown TCG M
1x Unown TCG O
1x Unown TCG A
1x Unown TCG N
Common: Chikorita 2, Sudowoodo, Sunkern, Super Rod
Uncommon: Flaaffy, Quagsire, Togepi
Rare: Focus Band, Darkness Energy
Holo: Feraligatr 2

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