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DaveTheFishGuy 11-30-2013 09:42 PM

UPN PASBL - Gym Match: Sneezey12 VS. Tyoyo3131
Who ya gonna call? Stats:


Originally Posted by Battle format
Sneezey12 (GL) VS. Tyoyo3131 (c)
6 vs 6
96 hr DQ
Equiall ???
Return = OK
The Last Stop

In a classic case of the Master versus the Apprentice, Tyoyo has stepped along the Passing Road toward the murk and gloom of the Last Stop. Sneezey will surely be well versed in his underling's strategy and abilities, but will this be an all-Ghost affair? We can only find out the hard way. I think it's Equiall Challenger? Not entirely sure. Let's see where this devilish battle will take place...


Originally Posted by Arena
The Last Stop
The Last Stop looks like a simple bog, but it is not entirely of this realm. It is the final resting place of souls who have yet to cross to the other side. The trees here are all petrified, and while there are enough of them to provide decent cover, they are spaced out well enough to allow Pokemon of somewhat large size to pass unhindered. The real quirk to this place, however, is the somewhat dense fog, which cannot be blown away. Pokemon not of the Ghost type will have some difficulty seeing through it, as it is not normal fog, and is the barrier to the other side. Additionally, the fog gets thicker with each Pokemon that is knocked out during the battle, starting as a slight irritation at the beginning but able to become bad enough that the average Pokemon won't be able to see far from their own face, though this requires a full ten Pokemon total from both sides to become as such. The bog itself is fairly shallow, so Ground and Rock attacks may be used normally, however it is deep enough that it can be used for Water attacks that rely on the arena. In the center of the woods, where the battle starts, is a circular platform raised a foot out of the bog made of clay enscribed with odd simbols that glow an eery blue to show the direction of any Pokemon that are not of the Ghost type. There are five torches on this platform lit with blue flame. Four spaced evenly along the perimeter and one in the center. The torches cannot be blown out or put out in any way other than being fed upon by a Ghost, which costs a move and restores light energy. All battles will take place at night under the full moon, having an effect on attacks that use moonlight similarly to if Sunny Day was to be used at night. The moon may give off a lot of light, but this is the main reason that visibility is so clear, and as the fog gets thicker the combatants will be less and less able to use the moon to it's full advantageous effects. Weather based attacks will not work here, as there is no change in weather in the other realm.

Sneezebag, squad us up.


Sneaze 11-30-2013 10:22 PM

Silly Dave, you should know that unspecified level for equi always means to the highest. Good luck, Tyoyo.

Smoke Badge
Attachable Badge
The Smoke Badge is proof of a trainer's victory over Sneasel12 in The Last Stop Ghost Gym, the main metal casing of which is shaped as a wafting puff of smoke. The ever swirling smoke behind the thick glass of the badge represents the ability to change one's strategy at a moment's notice, a quality one must possess if one wishes to be a top tier trainer.
Badge Effect: Shifting Smoke
The Pokemon this badge is attached to is enveloped in a smokey aura that, when touched by an opponent, causes them to become horrified. This horror prevents the opponent from using any attack or technique gained through their signature for the rest of the match. Additionally, if the opponent normally has a justifiable reason to be afraid of the wearer, the opponent will also have any mental stat changes removed and their mental state made neutral. The effects of fear and intimidation moves are not affected by the horror created by this smoke.
Attached to Anasazi the Dusknoir

Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Attached to Sybil the Banette

Silver Wing Token
Bestowed upon the winner of the Winter Whirl Cup. The attached pokemon is allowed to be one evolutionary stage higher than they would otherwise be at their current level.
Attached to R-66Y aka "Robo" the Golurk

Anasazi: Male Dusknoir (level 5) (level-up)
Biography: Anasazi is the ghost of a deceased tribal chief, known for his unrelenting war tactics and brutal power. His entire tribe was massacred and his land razed in the dead of night by another tribe, himself included. He holds a connection to the rest of his tribe that allows him to shift into their plane of existence with great effort.
Hidden Power: Bug
Special Training: True Power
Anasazi can use Shadow Force once per match. Anasazi no longer benefits from fighting more enthusiatically at night, as most Ghosts do. Additionally, he is considered weak to Fire type moves, and can no longer use any Fire type moves. His connection to other spirits means that he does not have full control over his own being, let alone having control over that of others, and as such can no longer use Curse, Pain Split, or Destiny Bond.

Virendra: Female Haunter (level 4)
Biography: Virendra was once a warlord, victor of countless battles, and known to defeat her opponents with her bare hands if she needed to. Her death was a swift and unjust one, ambushed as she was attending a duel, and slaughtered mercilessly, though not without a fight. It is because of this she cannot stand unsporting tactics, and will not even change out of solid form, always apting for a fair fight. Virenda is white, and her eyes are entirely light blue, as is the inside of her mouth.
Hidden Power: Dragon
Special Training: For Glory
Virendra cannot use Sucker Punch, Disable, Spite, Trick, Toxic, Venoshock, Taunt, Torment, Swagger, Thief, or Snatch, as she considers them unsporting. Virendra will not change out of solid form at any time. Virendra cannot evolve, but is considered fully evolved from the standpoint of energy and health levels. Virendra also gains Rock Smash, Brick Break, Dynamic Punch, and Focus Punch, being used to fighting with her bare hands, and has as much Fighting energy as a Water type would have Ice energy.

Miss Missy Miss: Female Mismagius (level 4)
Biography: Miss Missy Miss has always taken joy in staying awake for days on end, and I could never figure out as to why. After quite a while I determined that this problem was because she couldn't relax when it was time to sleep, disturbed by all the commotion around her. It was at this point when I got her a white noise machine, and she hasn't had a problem relaxing ever since. In fact, she liked the white noise so much that she would just start letting out sounds of her own to mock it, calming herself down in the process.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: White Noise
Whenever Miss Missy Miss uses Screech, she is benefitted with the same boosts associated with a Calm Mind. Her Screech attacks now use 25% more energy, and may only be used twice per match. Also, because she respects how difficult it is to get sleep sometimes, she will not purposely use damaging attacks against sleeping opponents, and has foregone her learning of Nightmare and Dream Eater.

R-66Y aka "Robo": Genderless Golurk (level 4)
Bio: R-66Y hails from a time period from the distant future, brought back by crazy science magic portals or whatever. His parts were in disrepair when found, and had to be replaced - save for one thing - his optic sensors. These advanced optics allow him to see weaknesses that his opponent may be trying to cover up, thus allowing him to exploit them.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Analyze
Any moves used by R-66Y do not have their type effectiveness modifiers changed by sigs that would otherwise effect them. This goes both ways, meaning that a normally super effective move made neutral, or simply weakened, would still do full damage, however an immunity made neutral would remain immune, and so on. Thus, a Scizor sigged to take 300% damage from Fire attacks would still take the normal 400%, and a Lucario sigged to take 100% damage from Steel attacks would still take the normal 50%. R-66Y cannot use Double Team, Substitute, Protect, Safeguard, or Magic Coat.

Sybil: Female Banette (level 4)
Bio: Sick of being a controlled puppet, Sybil strived to reverse her role. Her extensive training has given her better control of her telekinetic abilities.
Hidden Power: Bug
Special Training: Puppet Master
Sybil's Disable, Psychic, and Telekinesis require less focus than normal to be used, and when fully focused can be used with higher accuracy and proficiency than normal. Both of these effects are subject to ref's discretion. The wave form of Psychic is unaffected by this extra training.

Sage: Genderless Shedinja (level 4)
Bio: The roots of your life... I will suck them dry... Then you will become a lifeless husk like me...
Hidden Power: Water
Special Attack: Life Drain (Bug)
Sage shoves its back into the face of its opponent, using a Significant amount of Bug energy to deal Solid Bug damage to the foe, draining half of the damage done to heal Sage. This move may only be used twice per match, and if both uses are used on the same opponent, the amount of health regained during the second use will decrease to one third of the damage dealt.

Toyo 12-01-2013 04:19 PM

So Equiall means everything goes up to four, right? Let's do this, my friends.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn036.gif Lara: Level 4 Female Clefable
Unlike most of her species, Lara is more concerned with the stars of the world instead of the moon.
Special Attack: Starlight (Normal)
When using this attack, Lara raises a hand into the air, and then sends a streak of energy similar to light at her opponent, striking them and doing good damage. For the rest of the battle, the opponent will let off a glow allowing Lara to easily spot them and make her attacks easier to land. The brighter the arena, the less effective this attack is. The attack costs solid energy to use, and can only be used three times per battle.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn093.gif Lewis: Level 4 Male Haunter
Fellow ghosts may have trouble battling my riddling ghost, because as he says...
Special Resistance: We're All Mad Here
Any STAB attacks used by another Ghost type on Lewis will be considered Typeless for the purposes of type effectiveness. However, opponents that are affected are capable of using Dark Pulse, with the energy to be used at least once. Lewis no longer has a resistance to Poison or Bug, and he now has a x4 weakness to Ground, because it is far too normal for him.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn623.gif Xerath: Level 5 Genderless Golurk - Uplevel (I think this is how uplevels work? =X)
Special Attack: Mage Chains (Ghost)
Using solid energy, Xerath fires off an orb of energy that, when striking the foe will do moderate damage and mark the foe. The next damaging attack to strike the opponent will act as if it was super effective, but will not stack with any other super effective modifiers. This attack can be used three times per battle, and Xerath can no longer use Iron Defence, Gyro Ball, or Curse.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn609.gif Juliet: Level 4 Female Chandelure
My fire-inclined Pokemon of choice, Juliet is a quiet little gal although tough in battle.
Special Technique: Spectral Wick (Ghost)
Using solid energy, Juliet fires a clear orb of ghost energy which hits the target, doing no damage, and entangles them in a web of ghostly thread, similar to a candle wick, and making it difficult for the opponent to move. The substance functions similarly to Spider Web or String Shot, and can be lit with any fire type attack or natural fire to cause slow fire damage, over all doing as much as an ember.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn375.gif Ellie: Level 4 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/sp334.gif Thor: Level 4 Male Shiny Altaria
Thor was found knocked out, laying sound asleep on the inside of the ApertureScience Electrical Barb Wall. The electricity zapped him to the point of charring his cloud wings a dark grey, like thunderheads, matching his shiny yellow body. He expressed a love of electricity from that point on, to the point of mastering the attacks with the help of ApertureScience employee's.
Special Training: God of Thunder
From his little "accident", Thor wanted to master thunder as others do. Thor is now familiar with the Electric type. Thor's Hidden Power is now Electric typed. Thor learned Thunderwave and Thunderbolt, in exchange for Ice Beam and Perish Song.

I'll call Thor to battle first.

Sneaze 12-01-2013 06:46 PM

Making me have to brutalize that poor bird should be considered animal cruelty.

"R-66Y. Start us off with a ranged Shadow Punch and then Night Shade. Stay on the platform."

I dig giant robots.

DaveTheFishGuy 12-01-2013 06:58 PM

Chicks dig giant robots.

Toyo 12-04-2013 07:53 PM

Air Cutter, try to cut down his Shadow Punch. Then Dragon Pulse.

DaveTheFishGuy 12-06-2013 07:41 PM

Round 1: Rock-em, Sock-em
You'd expect the Ghost Gym to feel spooky. It doesn't disappoint, a clearing between petrified trees hoving into view amid the light fog adding a simple, yet unnerving vibe to the arena. However, the most unsettling thing about the Last Stop is... the silence. None of the usual sounds you'd expect from a wooded bog are present. No Politoad croaks, no Noctowl hoots, no Kricketune song. Nothing but oppressive silence. Until the squelch of interloping feet shatter it, of course. Tyoyo approaches the residence of his employer nervously, purposefully stepping through the mud to the challenger's position. Across the clearing, the other side of the platform, Sneezey arrives. Unlike the visitor, the Gym Leader makes nary a sound, almost gliding across the muck, possibly down to some kind of ghostly power he possesses. In a tree to the edge of the clearly, the ref relaxes on a sturdy bough, making sure to keep himself balanced while his Sableye swings through the branches, more intent on having fun than helping commentate while the fog is thin.

Knowing that the arena is soon to become misty, Tyoyo starts off with some clouds of his own, tossing a PokéBall into the air to call upon the power of Thor. An Altaria bursts into view, this one golden of feather to mimic sunlight parting his cloudy wings, and hangs in the air with the grace his species is known for. Sneezey beholds the beauty and poise before him and decides 'Fuck it', releasing a mechanical colossus onto the platform. The towering form stands still for a moment before its eyes light up, a small display reading 'R-66Y: Activated'. Owning a similar backstory to my own member of the species, this Golurk is a fine counterpoint to Thor's graceful flight, focused mostly on crushing, killing and destroying. Suddenly, Thor regrets not knowing Ice Beam.

Brandishing its mighty arms, the mechanoid aims its fists toward its opponent, which glow a dark purple. Suddenly, afterimages burst out of its clenched hands, the twin rocket punch rushing toward the floating Dragon. Thor is unable to act before both fists smash into him, shadowy energy reacting with his body, but not enough to cause him to falter entirely. Wings flapping, he releases a gust of air along with pockets of sharp Flying energy, which causes the light fog to dance around it as it blows against Robo's sturdy frame. The Golurk doesn't even flinch as the razors cut against its kiln-fired body, taking the attack stoicly as it calculates its next move.

Sticking with staple attacks, the golem's eyes flash deep purple themselves, releasing a jagged bolt of energy its foe's way. Zig-zagging through the air, Thor again stands no chance of evading this attack, which smacks into his fluffy wing for another shot of damage. Continuing this back-and-forth exchange, the Altaria charges a more powerful move within his belly before releasing a wave of teal energy from his beak. The pulse distorts the air, streaking between the combatants and again slamming into Robo's body. This time, there is an effect, the time-traveller rocking back slightly, but it quickly corrects its centre of gravity, not even needing to step back to steady its massive frame. Using a more powerful move puts Thor slightly ahead in health and behind in energy, but this battle has only just begun...

Toyo 12-11-2013 07:37 PM

Get into the air as you fire off another Air Cutter. Fly around overhead, and send a Dragon Pulse at him.

Sneaze 12-11-2013 08:13 PM

"Wait until he's just overhead and Gravity. Meet your fallen foe with an Ice Punch."

Toyo 12-11-2013 08:25 PM

It's he.

If you're going to brutally murder my pokemon, at least get their genders right. =P

Sneaze 12-11-2013 09:51 PM

I have literally no idea what you're talking about.

DaveTheFishGuy 12-14-2013 06:59 AM

Round 2: The Gravity of the Situation
Extending his fluffy wings, Thor flaps them gracefully to get some height over his opponent. As he ascends, he also blows down another gust of wind imbued with razor-sharp pockets of energy, slashing at the Golurk's clunky body for more damage, though the automaton again doesn't flinch at the attack. Instead, the golem bides its time, watching as the Altaria soars into position. Exactly as the Dragon-type drifts over the platform, the watcher executes its plan, channelling almost all of its Psychic energy into the arena, increasing the otherworldly effect of the Gym by a substantial amount. The petrified trees are unaffected by the sudden pull of gravity, but Thor is, the Altaria chirping in alarm as he suddenly finds himself pulled downward. Flapping his wings furiously, he attempts to regain height to no avail, eventually ending up resting on the central dais, right in front of his opponent.

Perturbed at the sudden proximity, the bird reels off another wave of draconic energy, the teal burst slamming into Robo's body for more damage, the mecha again shrugging off the impact. With its opponent now exactly where it wants him, the Ground-type charges cryogenic energy into one of its destructive fists, causing the mist around it to thicken slightly as condensation streams off the icy appendage. Taking one big step forward, the Golurk pulls back before slamming its fist into Thor's midsection, eliciting a squawk of pain from the cloudy dragon as his gaping weakness is assaulted, the mechanoid's bulky body giving the attack some extra oomph into the bargain. The impact sends Thor staggering back, leaving the combatants at opposing ends of the platform, roughly even in terms of energy and Robo only slightly ahead in health, his ultra-effective strike having been balanced out by Thor's relentless offensive. But with Gravity clipping the bird's wings, momentum may soon shift...

Sneaze 12-14-2013 07:04 AM

"Just a direct contact Earthquake for now."

Toyo 12-25-2013 08:54 AM


Agility dodge with your quick bird feets. Steel Wing.

DaveTheFishGuy 12-27-2013 07:34 AM

Round 3: Fisticuffs
>Want me to earn more SP
>Post on Christmas

You mad.

With its opponent grounded, Robo opts for the 'Crush' part of the the three-word robot mandate of Crush, Kill, Destroy, raising its hands into the air and charging earthen energy into clenched fists. Recognising the danger, Thor attempts to flee, but being more used to soaring gracefully he is unaccustomed to waddling across the ground, and even with some boosted speed he is unable to entirely escape the incoming attack, R-66Y's fist glancing him on the tailfeathers for a partial blow as the platform shakes with the impact. Spinning around, the Altaria extends a fluffy wing, tensing it with metallic energy as it takes on a silver sheen, before clocking it against his aggressor. The impact causes Robo to rock on its feet, but it soon takes one step back to correct itself, thankful that its hard body isn't rocky in nature as it shrugs off the blow. Continuing the trend so far, both combatants remain roughly even in statistics, now approaching the midpoint of their healthbars.

Toyo 12-27-2013 11:43 AM

Thor, you are now a duck.

Agility away! Get behind one of the trees for cover.

Sneaze 12-27-2013 11:47 AM

"Trip him up with a Bulldoze as he runs so he gets nice and wet in the swamp. Follow him and Ice Beam."

DaveTheFishGuy 12-29-2013 11:20 AM

Round 4: Implacable 'bot
Realising that he's in not state for close-quarters combat, Thor speeds up again, leaping gracefully from the dais in the middle of the bog and heading for the petrified treeline, the bog causing his feet to stick but his lightweight body meaning that he doesn't end up knee-deep in mud. As he nears the shelter he seeks, he suddenly stumbles, tumbling head over foot as he splats into the soggy ground, muck plastering his fluffy feathers and regal body as the ground shakes and slurps. Glancing back, he sees R-66Y also at ground-level, the mechanoid having smashed the earth as it left the platform to disrupt its opponent's fleeing.

Pulling his body from the mire, the Altaria now wet and muddy makes the last few metres to the treeline, ducking behind one rocky trunk for cover. Solid, repetitive squelching sounds approach him as Robo pursues its prey, its powerful legs not obstructed by the bog at all as it reaches its quarry, turning to face the Dragon-type as it breaches the treeline. Thor squawks in alarm, attempting to find more cover as he observes the Golurk's cold-fusion reactors powering up, but wet, sticky and flightless is not a good situation for a cloud dragon to be in, Robo's cryogenic attack leaving its body to strike its foe for ridiculous damage. Another cry leaves Thor's beak, this one of pain instead of surprise, and he grimaces as his health is blown away. A faint crackling sound is heard, and he looks down to see his cloudy torso freezing over, a shell of ice restricting the movement of his wings and neck as it encases his upper body, leaving him in an even more perilous position. For the first time the match now swings one way, Thor now looking battered and far into the second half of his health, while Robo is closing on the halfpoint of his fuel tanks, all out of cold fusion as well.

Sneaze 12-29-2013 11:23 AM

"Just an Earthquake for now will do."

Toyo 12-29-2013 12:50 PM

RIP Thor. >.>

Hell with it. Roost while you're there.

DaveTheFishGuy 12-31-2013 08:29 AM

Round 5: Yo-yoing
Satisfied with his mechanical menace's work decimating his foe's healthbar, Sneezey orders Robo to take things easy this round. Raising one foot into the air, the Golurk swiftly brings it back down with a mighty stomp, forcing earthen energy into the marshy ground, sending shockwaves streaking toward its grounded opponent. Unable to take to the sky, Thor is exposed to the full force of the attack, cutting his dwindling health even further. Tyoyo orders countermeasures, and having determined that the Altaria isn't enough of a sitting duck, this comes in the form of a healing move. Tucking in his fluffy wings, the Dragon-type relaxes as he feels his health start to regenerate at the cost of a lot of energy, the rapid recovery helping him feel fighting fit in a matter of moments, though slightly winded. Both Pokémon are now skirting around the top of the second halves of their energy tanks, and while Thor made a net health gain he's still far under his opponent in that respect. Tyoyo's healing move is gone.

Toyo 12-31-2013 10:46 AM

When will Gravity be not-in effect? =P

DaveTheFishGuy 12-31-2013 10:48 AM

A couple more rounds.

Toyo 01-02-2014 05:20 PM

And I'm probably not stalling for that long. <.< Thor is now a turret!

Dragon Pulse x2.

Sneaze 01-02-2014 05:30 PM

You call that turreting?

"Stealth Rock and Stone Edge."

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