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Kyro12 02-14-2014 06:29 PM

UPN PASBL: EmeraldGoblin vs. Sneezey12
Here are your lovely match specs:


Originally Posted by EmeraldGoblin
EmeraldGoblin (C) vs. Sneezey12 (A)
72 Hour DQ
Equilall 5
Switch = KO
Hydroelectric Arena (Custom Indoor Arena): Standard Size arena made of pure, almost indestructible, steel with several holes that give access to hydroelectric water beneath the stage. The water is not recommended for nonelectric pokemon as it will shock them for mild damage before any damage modifiers each time they enter the water, and will be shocked again at the beginning of every subsequent turn. The platform itself is sturdy enough, and the likes of earthquake or bulldoze will barely work, if work at all. The arena is covered, and at the moment we have really bad maintenance, so the sprinklers are constantly running water, leaving a permanent rain dance effect on the field. The water underneath the stage is about ten feet deep, and it covers the whole arena from underneath.

You both know how this works. Gogogo~!

Disclaimer: I'm a newbie ref and WILL make mistakes. Feel free to tell me and make me correct any and all of them~! <3

EmeraldGoblin 02-14-2014 06:34 PM

Thanks for reffing Kyro. Special thanks to Sneezey for helping me out with this match.

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/466.png Gyatso: Level 5 Male Electivire
Electivire (Electric): Electivire is able to use its tails to channel Electric attacks. Direct contact with the foe using its tails will give a slight boost in the chance of paralysis for the attack and will make paralysis in the contact area far more likely.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Cuddly, electrifying, and playful, Gyatso is great asset to my squad, and a valuable friend. His favorite past time is to be a drag queen, pursuing his dream in the areas of pagents. His dream is to one day be the winner of RuPokemon's Drag Race. He wants to be a Drag Queen Superstar, hunty. To do so, he has mastered the art of of eleganza. He uses the element of ice to embody a beautiful physique, creating all of his padding from ice. He found that the most efficient way to do so is to create a beam of ice rather than punching his body with ice. His source of inspiration were a pack of Froslass, who has a perfect feminine silhouette to mimic. He kept observing them and eventually learned how to use one of their icy tactics in one simple move.

Special Training: Eleganza extravaganza! [IC]
Gyatso learned how to use ice beam. He can no longer use ice punch, Focus Punch, and Mega Punch.
Hidden Power: Fire

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/604.png Pakku: Level 5 Male Eelektross
Eelektross: (Electric) Eelektross constantly levitates using a magnetic field. This levitation allows for fairly quick and nimble travel and requires no energy to maintain. Unlike its preevolutions, it is able to ground itself for a short time and stand on its modified fins. They are also fairly good swimmers and are able to stay underwater as long as any Water type.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Resourcefulness, what better way to become known in the manufacturing industry. Within the scientific community, The pokemon tynamo lineage are studied for their ability to defy the electromagnetic fields around them. Scientist Steven Weinberg was highly interested in the capability tynamo lineage’s floating capabilities. Within the setting of an industrial facility, Weinberg managed to assemble the tynamo to unleash small pulses of radiation that would amplify the power of the machinery available within the factory. With enough manipulation, Pakku was able to find a practical use for what Weinberg exposed in his Thesis “We Know Nothing About Gravity. The Tynamo Dilemma”. He uses the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to create radiation that surges the power of those affected. In 1979, Steven Weinberg, along with his team of researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Special Attack: Electromagnetic Radiation [EL]
Pakku uses Electromagnetic Radiation to send outs a spur magnetic radiation to the field that gives a 10% boost to both of his offensive stats. The radiation disappears after five turns. Moreover, the radiation reappears every time a friendly Pokémon is sent out. This attack cost significant energy. Standard boost stipulations apply. This is an entry hazard that benefits friendly Pokémon. Pakku cannot use Zap Cannon, U-Turn, thunderbolt.
Hidden Power: Grass

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/026.png Oogi: Level 5 Male Raichu
Raichu (Electric): Raichu is the fastest of the Pikachu family, if not the most agile. Its tail acts as a ground for its electric attacks. If its tail is not touching the ground when it uses an electric attack, it will take slight recoil damage. Raichu have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Orphans, they always have the most interesting story. Oogi was abandoned as pichu in an obscure forest. I was able to capture him, but he seem to still some sort of resentment for humans. We managed to form a bond, and he finally let me into how he lives life. When he begins to think of his abandonment, he simply medidates with a personal though. He once said “Pika chu Pika. Pi ka chu Pi ka. . Pi ka chu-Pi. It is basically his personal mantra that translates to:
Coming and going
spell out your real heart
the miss confusion
It allows Oogi to put focus into his mind.

Special Training: Focus [Various]
Pikachu is able to use focus energy, and calm mind. He never learned how to use Nasty Plot.
Hidden Power: Ground

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/479.png Eska: Level 5 Genderless Rotom
Rotom (Electric/Ghost): Rotom is considered permanently in 'plasma' state, which counts as the Gaseous state, and cannot achieve the solid, ethereal or invisible states. However, it can pass through walls in this 'plasma' state and is able to occupy objects for a much longer time than other Ghosts. While occupying an object on the battlefield, it will take full damage from attacks if that object is hit with attacks. Despite these abilities, Rotom cannot stay in walls, floors, or other significant surfaces for any longer than the typical ghost. Despite being locked out of the physical state, it takes only 10% extra damage from special moves. Rotom is very fast and able to turn corners sharply and instantly. It can levitate to about waist height of its trainer. Rotom may change 'formes' and bond itself more permanently with an object, thus changing its moves, abilities, typing and appearance (see Ghost Information for more details).
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
[Ghost]: Ghosts are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects and are immune to telekinetic-based Psychic moves if not in the solid state (though will still take damage from Psychic moves regardless of state). They cannot be poisoned. Ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night and can see in the dark, though they are not put off by fighting in the day. Their fear inducing attacks are more effective than those used by other pokémon. Ghost-types take neutral damage from Normal, Fighting and typeless attacks in the ASB, as opposed to in the games, but some may change their state in order to evade certain moves. See Ghost Pokémon Information for details on states.
Biography: Not Available
No Signature Move

Hidden Power: Fighting
http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/479-w.png Deska: Level 5 Male Rotom [Wash Forme]
Rotom [Wash Forme] (Electric/Water): In this Forme, Rotom has possessed a washing machine, having bonded with its electric motor. This is the second largest forme, being rather bulky. While it can levitate, it has a low flight ceiling of only three feet and moves primarily through erratic hopping and short bursts. While fairly slow, it is relatively agile, allowing it to make short, quick evasive movements. In this Forme, Rotom has two firing points. The first and primary is the pipe at its side, from which it fires its Hydro Pump. Attacks fired from the pipe allow for faster firing and better aim. The second is from its door. This allows it to generate energy attacks from a protected point, but will leave it vulnerable for a short time when firing the attack. Attacks that hit the inner portion of the appliance will deal slightly more damage than normal. In this Forme alone, Rotom is capable of using Hydro Pump.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
[Water]: Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Biography: The old abandoned chateau. Deska was left alone to do all the chores around the home. To increase efficiency he figured he should pick up better tricks around the home. Some tough stains on white clothing? Clearly he needs to increase the water temperature. Washing colored clothing? He needs to make sure water is cold and precise so the colored clothing remain as good as new. He figured out that he could improve all his day to day tasks simply by applying himself a bit more at his efficiency. But with efficiency, he realized that he shouldn't be wasteful with his energy. He prided himself in being part of the energy star efficient washing machines.

Special Training: Perma-Bonded for Efficiency [Various]
Deska is permantly bonded to the washing machine. He can now use the moves water gun, scald, bubble beam, and ice beam. He can no longer use hydro pump, discharge, Thunder, and double team.
Hidden Power: Fire

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/181.png Ikem: Level 6 Male Ampharos (Uplevel)
Ampharos (Electric): Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos have the ability to use the balls on their tails as lights. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos to light its tail. This will, however, make it a more obvious target for Pokémon who can see in dark areas.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Biography: Not Available
No Signature Move

Hidden Power: Grass

Sneaze 02-14-2014 06:40 PM

Bite the pillow.

Smoke Badge
Attachable Badge
The Smoke Badge is proof of a trainer's victory over Sneasel12 in The Last Stop Ghost Gym, the main metal casing of which is shaped as a wafting puff of smoke. The ever swirling smoke behind the thick glass of the badge represents the ability to change one's strategy at a moment's notice, a quality one must possess if one wishes to be a top tier trainer.
Badge Effect: Shifting Smoke
The Pokemon this badge is attached to is enveloped in a smokey aura that, when touched by an opponent, causes them to become horrified. This horror prevents the opponent from using any attack or technique gained through their signature for the rest of the match. Additionally, if the opponent normally has a justifiable reason to be afraid of the wearer, the opponent will also have any mental stat changes removed and their mental state made neutral. The effects of fear and intimidation moves are not affected by the horror created by this smoke.
Attached to Anasazi the Dusknoir

Silver Wing Token
Bestowed upon the winner of the Winter Whirl Cup. The attached pokemon is allowed to be one evolutionary stage higher than they would otherwise be at their current level.
Attached to B.R.A.I.N. the Metagross

Primordus: Male Dragonite (level 6) (level-up)
Hidden Power: Steel

B.R.A.I.N.: Genderless Metagross (level 5)
Biography: Binary Reactive Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit aka B.R.A.I.N. is the creator of all other machines. Having been re-purposed to wipe out all life, B.R.A.I.N. has manufactured many types of traps and has chosen to keep only the most efficient of them.
Hidden Power: Dark
Special Attack: Fabrication (Psychic)
B.R.A.I.N. creates many small orbs of Psychic energy around the arena, some of which explode immediately dealing moderate damage to the foe, while the rest fade into the arena until a new foe is sent out. Every time a new foe is sent out some foes re-emerge and explode dealing moderate damage to that foe. This attack uses a significant amount of energy.

Parvati: Female Aggron (level 5)
Hidden Power: Flying

Behemecoatyl: Female Scolipede (level 5)
Biography: As the queen of all bugs, and the largest member of the species of brain bugs, Behemecoatyl has learned much through her army's hive mind. Over the years her intelligence has grown to be strong enough that she has gained the ability to force her thoughts and will on others.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Join The Legion
Behemecoatyl can now use Hypnosis, with enough Psychic energy to do so once per match.

Maxim: Male Machamp (level 5)
Biography: Maxim is all about pushing limits, of both himself and everyone around him. After a good bit of training he's found a way to use his fighting spirit to force others to push themselves as well.
Hidden Power: Ghost
Special Attack: Weight Training (Fighting)
Maxim charges a significant amount of Fighting energy into a small orb before launching it at his foe, dealing good damage. Upon contact, the energy makes the affected Pokemon feel significantly heavier for a period of three rounds, making Pokemon who fly or levitate have their flight ceiling reduced drastically, usually to only a few feet off of the ground unless they have particularly strong wings or mental capacity. The effects will also make swimming and jumping a bit harder, though it will still be possible to do so with increased energy usage.

Anasazi: Male Dusknoir (level 5)
Biography: Anasazi is the ghost of a deceased tribal chief, known for his unrelenting war tactics and brutal power. His entire tribe was massacred and his land razed in the dead of night by another tribe, himself included. He holds a connection to the rest of his tribe that allows him to shift into their plane of existence with great effort.
Hidden Power: Bug
Special Training: True Power
Anasazi can use Shadow Force once per match. Anasazi no longer benefits from fighting more enthusiatically at night, as most Ghosts do. Additionally, he is considered weak to Fire type moves, and can no longer use any Fire type moves. His connection to other spirits means that he does not have full control over his own being, let alone having control over that of others, and as such can no longer use Curse, Pain Split, or Destiny Bond.

Parvati. Destroy.

EmeraldGoblin 02-14-2014 06:57 PM

Pakku, take the stage!

Start off in the water. poke up and use a shock wave. As you retreat underwater, use Electromagnetic radiation. If you are taunted though, replace your second attack with Discharge.

Sneaze 02-14-2014 07:03 PM

"Roar. Then get up by the water and Stone Edge."

Kyro12 02-14-2014 10:40 PM

Round One: I had to look up Aggron's nickname way too many times.
Welcome, all of you ASB’ers to an exciting match between pretty-much-an-lo-but-not-really Sneezey, and world-record-holder-for-fastest-tl1-to-tl3 EmeraldGoblin~! We’re here in a pretty cool little arena, clearly meant for hosting future gym battles. There are some nice little holes for Pokemon to swim, and it’s raining~! Oh, and the water in those pools in electrified. Yum. Anyways, the trainers make their way to the arena, both ready for a fearsome fight. From Sneezey, we see a massive steel type brawler. Quite noticeable for its massive grey horns, it’s an Aggron by the name of Parvati! And, from EmeraldGoblin, we see a cool green-blue eel somethingorother. That’s right, an Eelektross~! And this one is named Pakku. An A:TLA reference, no doubt~! Though, he appears to be a bit shy, as he’s sent out directly into one of the water holes.

SC’s before we get the battle underway:
Spoiler: show

Aggron (Steel/Rock): Aggron can see in the dark. Due to its exceptional hardness, it will not take recoil damage from attacks it uses and is resistant to physical moves.
[Steel]: Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
[Rock]: Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.

Eelektross (Electric): Eelektross constantly levitates using a magnetic field. This levitation allows for fairly quick and nimble travel and requires no energy to maintain. Unlike its preevolutions, it is able to ground itself for a short time and stand on its modified fins. They are also fairly good swimmers and are able to stay underwater as long as any Water type.
[Electric]: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.

And with that out of the way, let the battle begin~! Pakku begins the battle by swimming to the top of the ring of water, peeking out to see what’s going on. Seeing the colossal foe before him, he is quick to act. A blue ball of electricity begins to form between the eel’s fins. A crackling sound can be heard from the ball before it is completely drown out by a louder, much more horrifying sound. As both trainers look towards Parvati, the sound waves can almost be seen as the beast bellows out a mighty roar. Everyone in the room covers their ears to try to escape the sound. This includes Pakku, who forgets entirely about the attack between his hands, preferring to try to cover his ears as he darts back underwater to get away from the opponent, clearly scared senseless of the steel creature. The blue electric ball flies off towards Parvati, but hardly deals any damage in its premature state.

Parvati merely shrugs off the attack, and stomps towards the pool his opponent is hiding him. He thinks he can just run away? Never~! The massive tank of a Pokemon stands by the edge of the pool, seeing his opponent. Pakku is still so frightened that he doesn’t even notice Parvati as rings appears around him. These rings aren’t just your run-of-the-mill rings, either. The rings appear to be made up of sharp stones, not entirely unlike those used to tear apart warriors in the days of old. Parvati grins menacingly as more rocks appear in rings around him. Pakku glances up at the armored titan, but it is already too late to react. The stones that so harmlessly surrounded Parvati but a moment ago are now shooting down at Pakku, darting swiftly through the water like torpedoes. The stones fly into the eel, and a shriek is heard from above as Pakku cries out in pain. Pakku glances angrily at his foe, with vengeance in his eyes. It is clear that he wants only to see Parvati suffer now, no longer controlled by fear. The eel draws from his electrical abilities and starts glowing brightly, illuminating the water down below. Parvati looks rather confused, knowing this is an attack he’s never seen used by any Pokémon before. With a flash of light, the glow disappears from Pakku, spreading throughout the arena in the form of magnetic radiation. Pakku feels empowered by this somehow, I guess.. I dunno, sigs are weird.

Pakku took a nice hit this round, but nothing that’ll ruin him just yet. Boosted stats are boosted. Energy usage was fine; still looking decently fresh.

Parvati took pretty much unnoticeable damage, and used up slightly less energy than Pakku. Fine for two next round.


Sneaze 02-14-2014 10:55 PM

>scared shitless
>uses second move anyway


"Double Stone Edge. Replace either with a Screech up to once if he tries anything typespammy."

EmeraldGoblin 02-14-2014 10:58 PM

Sky rocket out of the water with a discharge. After the second stone edge, giga drain as you keep a healthy distance.

Kyro12 02-17-2014 02:03 AM

Round Two: Damnit I already forgot to put round names.
After the effectiveness of his attacks last round, Parvati resorts back to old tactics. As he stares down his opponent, a familiar group of stones begin forming around him in rings. Pakku sees the sharpened stones and decides being a fish in a barrel is all sorts of no fun. In an effort to improve his positioning, the eel gets to work with his attack. As the massive steel titan is building up his arsenal of sharpened stone, Pakku charges up some electricity underneath him. The arena stands still, if but for a singular moment, before Pakku’s intentions become known. With a sudden burst of energy, the stored electricity beneath him is released, sending the eel flying skyward. He bursts from the pool , landing on the steel floor of the arena. The two Pokémon face each other, the hole in the floor between them. Parvati locks onto his opponent, and, with his attack now readied, begins firing off the rings of sharpened stones. Pakku has nearly no time to react after just having landed and takes most of the attack head-on, crying out in pain as he is pelted by a volley of razor-sharp stones.

After this odd little play of events, both Pokémon are ready for more attacks. Parvati takes a moment to stare down his opponent, waiting for any attacks that may be particularly dangerous. Pakku, having no waits for his opponent to make the first move, as well. A few seconds roll by as the two combatants stare each other down, in a very western gunfight-esque way. However, it would appear Pakku is still a little bit shaken up by Parvati’s actions last round. This causes his focus to break, and he goes right into his next attack. The eel locks on to Parvati’s energy, and slowly begins to pull it out from inside of his colossal opponent. Green orbs of energy begin to appear form Parvati as Pakku sucks out his life force. At the sight of this, Parvati decides to put an end to be before it’s too late. Another few rings of stones form around him, signaling yet another devastating attack. Pakku continues draining at a snail's pace due to the distance between the two combatants, and is soon cut off from even that small gain, as he is bombarded by another blitzing barrage of blatantly blade-like baby-boulders. Pakku reels in pain as the attack hits, and, with another shriek, his draining link is cast away, leaving nary a trace. Both Pokémon end the round, standing firm directly across from each other, a hole in between them

Pakku took a little more of a beating this round, but his energy is fairly good. Fine for two next round.

Parvati took nearly no damage this round, but energy usage was rather taxing. He’d rather appreciate a break next round, and more high-energy usage could lead to trouble.


EmeraldGoblin 02-17-2014 05:39 AM

That was a very silly interpretation of what I meant with discharge. Second, I explicitly stated for giga drain to be used after the second stone edge.

Keep your distance as you release a Discharge. Follow up with a shock wave as you head back into the water.

Sneaze 02-17-2014 05:58 AM

Word things better. And the reasoning was given for why you didn't wait, which makes sense.

"Let's show our foe why rain isn't always a help. Blizzard."

Kyro12 02-18-2014 02:28 PM

So um, I just realized Eelektross doesn't learn Shock Wave. Crackfreak is crack-filled. But, since I reffed it working earlier, I'm letting EG reorder. Sorry, Sneezey. Sorry for bad reffing @ both of you. EG, reorder, Sneezey reorder, everyone reorder.


EmeraldGoblin 02-18-2014 02:33 PM

Keep your distance as you release a Discharge. Follow up with another discharge as you head back into the water.

Sneaze 02-18-2014 05:13 PM

>EG gets to reorder
>orders a more energy intensive move
>more time for my attacks to work

...okay then.


Kyro12 02-20-2014 02:08 PM

Round Three: RNG sucks :c
Pakku, after having taken quite the beating last round, is eager to dish out some damage. The green eel summons forth electrical energy, generating and storing it in between his fins as he prepares his attack. A light crackle can be heard from the electricity as the build-up grows larger with each passing second. Parvati stares down his opponent, smirking even as Pakku is preparing to strike. The crackling sound ceases for but a split second, before the attack is released. Pakku releases all of the built up electricity, and it shoots out towards Parvati. The steel titan face-tanks the attack, being a bit too tired and heavy for any sort of evasive maneuver. Parvati cries out a bit as the electricity courses through him. He looks up at his opponent, appearing to show no signs of lasting paralysis.

Parvati then takes a deep breath in. Even as he breathes in, frosty swirls of wind can be seen flying into his mouth. As he charges his attack, Pakku also starts on his as he backs up slowly. More electricity is generated between his fins, crackling and shining brightly. Rain drops fall about the arena as the two Pokemon stare each other down, both preparing their final attacks for the round. With Parvati's relative break earlier in the round, he finds his attack prepared faster than Pakku's. The steel tank lets loose a ferocious roar. However, this isn't like his previous scary roar. No, this one is imbued with all sorts of coldness. The winds emitting from his mouth are filled with frosty ice, and even the rain in the arena is freezing as it gets hit by the sharp wind. The gust swiftly flies across the arena. Pakku is left as a sitting duck, charging his attack, as the attack strikes him. The eel reels back in pain, a more horrifying site appears before him. As he looks down, he can see that his entire body is being frozen over. Without his ability to mold the electrical energy, it bursts out in its current form, breaking through some of the ice and giving Pakku mobility in the lower half of his eels. As he can't really move other than that, Pakku has no way of moving into the pool. Now he's really a sitting duck.The loose electricity strikes Parvati for a partial hit, but he’s not too concerned about it.

Parvati took a fair amount of damage this round, putting him closer to the end of the first third. Energy usage was a bit high, but he should be fine for two next round. Ice is pretty nearly gone.

Pakku took a little less damage than Parvati, dropping below his first third, but used roughly the same energy. He could probably use a breather next round, but it’s not necessary just yet. Oh, and he’s frozen everywhere but part of his fins.


Sneaze 02-20-2014 03:44 PM

>first real hit all match
>close to the end of first third

...er... no?

"Circle around that pool and slam him with a Head Smash. If he manages to free himself from the ice, another Stone Edge will do nicely instead. Either way, end with a Stone Edge."

EmeraldGoblin 02-20-2014 03:57 PM

After the head smash, which should break the ice, use a drain punch. Follow up with another giga drain after the stone edge to tire him out some more.

Kyro12 02-21-2014 11:10 PM

Parvati stares down his opponent, who is currently frozen in a nasty bit of ice. Of course, when he sees Pakku, he feels kinda bad for him, and from the bottom of his heart wishes only to help out his eel buddy. Of course, the only way to truly help him would be to free him from the ice. Parvati sets out to do just this, and begins to run towards the ice-encased eel. Pakku looks forward in horror as this colossal beast rushes towards him, tucking his head down to strike head-first. With a loud crash, Parvati slams right into Pakku, destroying a large amount of the ice covering his face and torso. Pakku reels back in pain, but is utterly unperturbed, ready to put a stop to his opponents advantage. He coats his fin in a brownish-orange energy, filling it with the fighting spirit of an ancient heritage of generations of warriors.. Or something like that. Anyways, Pakku swings the fist forward, punching Parvati for some extraordinarily painful typespammy damage. The iron titan lets out a cry as the pain flows throughout his body, and Pakku lets out a sigh of relief as the attack relieves some of his pains.

Of course Parvati won't let this little eel get away with taking his health without some sort of brutal retaliation. He lets loose a different cry now, this time one of war as the glares at Pakku. He begins to generate another few belts of sharpened stones around him, preparing to fire them all at his opponent. He launches the group of sharp stones, hurling them at Pakku with loads of force. The rocks make contact, knocking the eel back ever so slightly, and he lets out a wisp of a grunt, trying to shrug off the pain. Pakku decides that he much more liked when he was sucking those precious souls from Parvati, so he goes to do that shenanigans. He takes a moment to concentrate, thinking about the delicious souls he's about to steal from Parvati. A small droplet of drool hangs from his mouth as he opens his eyes wide, with a twisted look in his eyes. Pakku then proceeds to float or whatever it is that he does, over to Parvati grabbing onto him with his fins. Green orbs flow from Parvati to Pakku, appearing to wear Parvati out as they do. Though, 'twould appear the green orbs just aren't as potent as a few rounds ago, not able to drain quite as much from the steel beast as before. After Pakku finishes draining his opponent, he grins again, his sick desires fulfilled.

Parvati used some pretty extreme energy this round, and coupled with the bit of drainage, he might want to take it a bit easy next round. He also took a pretty nice hit to the face from that Drain Punch, falling into his second third.

Pakku took a strong bit of damage, and even with the drain, he still plummeted past the one half point. Energy usage was alright, but his grass is all but shot. Fighting energy is good for another Drain Punch


EmeraldGoblin 02-22-2014 08:03 AM

Float up and away as quickly as possible as you use Discharge against your opponent. If he is paralyzed, use a QC substitute as you float even higher away. Otherwise, Finish the round with charge beam as you float higher away.

Sneaze 02-22-2014 08:11 AM

"He can't float very far, so knock him around with a direct contact Earthquake. If you end up paralyzed, use a Smelling Salts instead."

Kyro12 02-24-2014 09:14 PM

Round Five: BONUS NO ;;
After his rather awful beating the last couple of rounds, Pakku decides to get evasive. How, you ask? Well, the green eel decides that he needs to get out of there. With some magical power that I'm not entirely sure of myself, he begins floating out and away from Parvati. Maybe he's, like, air swimming backwards or something? However he's going about this, that's not all he wants to do. Along with being a reverse Michael Phelps, Pakku is also storing up some electricity between his fins. Oh wait, that would mean his fins can't be used for swimming. So, either he's magically levitating backwards and using his fins to store electricity, or he's using his fins to swim backwards and storing the electricity in his over-sized mouth hole. Oh well. He does something. Parvati is kinda tired, so he just sits there and ponders this whole flying thing for a second, letting Pakku do his thing. Pakku's electricity lets out a loud crackle, signaling its readiness. In an instant, Pakku releases the electricity, and it showers Parvati in little yellow bits of.. stuff. The colossal Pokemon lets out a sort of grunt as the electricity flows through him. As the attack finishes, it would appear he's still mobile, not paralyzed by the attack.

Parvati's had enough of Pakku's shenanigans, so he goes in for a counter-attack. The steel titan lets loose a deafening cry as his arms become coated in some sort of energy. It's beige, and sort of.. vibrating. Pakku tries to get away just as fast as he can, but his floating isn't all that fast. He waves his big-ol'-fins around in a frenzy, desperately trying to get away. As he makes every attempt to get away, Parvati comes in and swings his arms into his adversary. The shockwave flows through Parvati and into Pakku, who takes quite the beating as he cringes back, nearly knocking him from his levitated position. Pakku lets out a horrible cry after this typespammy assault, but he's not done just yet. He takes a deep breath, trying to charge up electric energy in his mouth. He mixes around some super cool electrical stuff before shooting it out. The bright, yellow beam darts through the air, before finally hitting Parvati. He stumbles back a step as the electric beam hits him. As the attack finishes, a glean can be seen in Pakku's eyes. It would appear the power emitted from the beam stayed back to give him a boost. Omg the RNG did something in EG's favor for once. Yay~!

Pakku took quite the beating this round, falling into his final third. Energy should be fine for another two next round.

Parvati also took a good bit of damage, putting him past the one half mark. Ground energy can support a weakened EQ. He appreciated the break and is good for two.


Sneaze 02-24-2014 09:43 PM

"Dragon Rush and Stone Edge."

EmeraldGoblin 02-25-2014 08:07 AM

drain punch in between attacks. finish off with another drain punch.

EDIT: at the end of the reffing, please answer me this: How much off type as a ref do you give pokemon (excluding normals) per usual?

Kyro12 02-25-2014 12:25 PM

1 HB standard. Hah, expecting me to listen to your request to throw it at the end of the reffing. But yeah, standard 1 HB.

EmeraldGoblin 02-25-2014 03:38 PM

as a note, Eelektross does not learn EQ... i had electivire open by accident when I ordered. I changed my orders. Please forgive me

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