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deoxys 01-26-2016 07:57 PM

The Great Detective Pikachu - New trailer and Japanese release date

The Great Detective Pikachu has finally been announced for a February 3rd release date in Japan. No word on a western release yet, so if you wanted to hear Pikachu with a thick British accent, you'll unfortunately have to wait! However, if you have ever wanted to see Pikachu daintily sip a cup of tea, then this is the game for you.

deoxys 01-26-2016 07:58 PM

Bonus Vine parody (NSFW language)

Lindz 01-26-2016 08:01 PM

Its really finally real?! This was a game talked about during the early launch-ish era of the 3DS! O.o Thought it was doomed ta be some vaporware/tech demo thing an nothing more (hello Meowths Party!). Will be keeping an eye magnifying glass on it!

Jerichi 01-26-2016 08:13 PM

What a weird yet intriguing concept.

Talon87 01-26-2016 09:19 PM

On the one hand, this looks really cute. On the other hand, this looks like little more than another entry into a niche market already cozily owned by Professor Layton.

In the same sense that additional Professor Layton games may not be a bad thing, additional pseudo-Layton games may not be a bad thing either. More fun to be had, more adorable stories to experience and mysteries to solve! But I don't know. It just ... I'm worried, that's all. This looks like if Hey You, Pikachu! and Professor Layton had a baby. In that case, I feel like the baby will prove to be genetically superior to one parent while inferior to the other. But if it's equally good to the better parent or even superior to both, then hey, who am I to complain?

They've been working on this for so long, I really don't want it to fail. I wish the development team the best of luck.

I wonder if we'll ever see this game in the West. I highly doubt it. This game seems like it's going to rely heavily on the Great Detective Pikachu talking to the player and on the player talking back to the detective in order to play the game. I don't see NoA re-recording all of Pikachu's lines in English, nor do I see them spending countless hours re-configuring the game to work with the English language. (Edit: Speculation on my part. All the trailer really shows us is that Pikachu will talk a lot. There's little here to suggest the player having to talk back. I just ... a, get Hey You, Pikachu! vibes and b, feel like the part where they show the zoom-in on the 3DS isn't just to showcase Pikachu's emotions but is because the player has to use the built-in microphone to talk. But we'll see.)

Doppleganger 01-26-2016 09:28 PM

I would have said hire The Great Mouse Detective's Basil to voice Pikachu in English, but he died a little over a year ago. :(

Mercutio 01-28-2016 07:11 PM

What the flying fuck is this.


Heather 01-28-2016 07:15 PM

Oh. My. GOD. I'd unleash the good shit copypasta if the emojis would show, but alas, it is not to be.

DaveTheFishGuy 01-28-2016 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mercutio (Post 725245)
What the flying fuck is this.


Kush stop being in my head it's getting creepy.

RealMrGame10 01-28-2016 07:31 PM

Does the kid remind anyone else of Christopher Robin or is that just me

Talon87 02-12-2016 11:46 AM

Just watched the opening cutscene. What it reveals is ...

Spoiler: show
For starters, the Great Detective Pikachu can only be understood by Tim Goodman, no other humans.

Second, when Tim hears G.D.P. talk, he hears it as an older human male, not like a Pikachu speaking human speak. He actually confuses G.D.P. for an older male when they first meet because Aipom is obscuring his vision and all he can do is hear G.D.P. talk, not see his face.

Third, G.D.P. has an uncultured, New York City detective-esque personality. He's got the whole "HEY! I'M WALKIN' HERE!" attitude towards the car that almost hits him, and when he first meets Tim he laments that it's Tim who can understand him and not one of the two pretty girls over yonder. So he's not exactly this squeaky clean character the way that Ash's Pikachu has become.

Fourth, it's not really clear what's going on with the car crash scene. One possibility is that G.D.P. is the Pikachu we saw, in both body and soul, and that his owner died, simple as that. Another possibility is that the human's soul went into his Pikachu's body, creating G.D.P.

Fifth, the subtitle of the game, 新コンビの誕生, means "Birth of a New Duo" in English. So it's possible that if this title does well that they will make more entries in the series. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

The game's already out in Japan. If the sales are strong, perhaps they'll bring it over here. One can only hope!

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