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Connor 02-11-2014 08:34 AM

UPN PASBL: EmeraldGoblin (C) Vs. Mane (A)

EmeraldGoblin (C) Vs. Mane (A)
72 HR DQ
Equilevel 1
Switch = KO
Arena: Concrete
Here we have a match. That's all the introduction you're getting.

For Mane, the proceedings,

EmeraldGoblin posts his squad of 6 Pokemon.
Mane posts his squad of 6 Pokemon, and selects his first Pokemon.
EmeraldGoblin selects his first Pokemon, and issues orders.
Mane issues orders.
I referee, and the turn order reverses.

Squad up.

Yeah there was a mix up which was only caught after I posted the thread. If someone could delete this that'd be fab.

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