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EpicSquirtle 08-25-2017 06:08 PM

Robin's Secret Base and Beyond
As you're traveling in Fizzytopia, you may just come across a long road leading to a small village known as Isshin. If you were to follow this path, you could find a small staircase leading down to a beautiful beach.
As you follow along the warm, sandy beach, one will eventually come across a rather large rock sticking out of the cliff side. If you were to think this was a regular cave, you'd be mistaken, for this is actually home to a certain Electric type specialist.

Floor 1

Carved into the rock is a small wooden door. Upon entering it, you will find yourself in the living room of Robin's secret base. To either side of the door is a large potted plant. Staring directly at the entrance to the base is a large Wailmer beanbag chair, which seems quite comfy by the looks of it.
Throughout the room there are several small windows, that give you a nice view of Sunabā Beach.
Turning to the right, you'll find a large table, with four chairs neatly tucked beside it. This is usually where Robin and her Pokemon eat, but it can sometimes be used for other activities.
Turning to your left, you'll notice two large couches, with a wide table resting in front of them. On the wall is a flat screen TV, perfect for watching a show, or even a favorite movie.
Nestled in the bottom left corner of the room is a warp panel, which will take you directly to the kitchen, should you step on it.
Tucked in the top left corner of the room is a PC and healing station. Guests are free to use either if they're so inclined. In the top right corner of the room is a stairway leading deeper into the base. Beside it is an elevator, in case that's your preferred method of travel.

Basement Floor 1

Upon reaching the basement, you'll be greet by the sight of a hallway. If you follow it, you'll soon find a set of twin doors on your right. Inside the room you can find an assortment of games, including two arcade machines.
Beside the TV is a blue shelf, which holds more Game Cube games then you can think of.
If you couldn't guess by now, this is where Robin and her Pokemon usually hang out to relax and unwind. Guests are welcome to play in the room, if they so choose.

If you continue down the hallway, you'll eventually find another set of twin doors. Inside the room is two large, black beds, with a bookcase separating them.
In one corner of the room is a red settee and table. Usually you can find a board game or snack lying on the table, probably from one of Robin's Pokemon refusing to clean up.
When company is staying over, this room is used as a guest room.

Continuing to the end of the hall leads to a dead end. Maybe something will be put here later....

Basement Floor 2

As you descend into the second basement floor you'll find yourself in another hallway.

Straight ahead is the battle room, which is where trainers can participate in friendly matches. There's an elevated platform on either side of the room, where trainers can stand and give orders to their Pokemon.
On the sidelines of the battlefield rests a healing station, PC, as well as four sofas to ensure maximum comfort for any spectators. Dividing the battlefield and sidelines is a sturdy wooden fence, in order to keep anyone watching the battle a little bit safer.
The ceiling in this room is much higher then in the other rooms, and can contain Pokemon up to the height of a Steelix. (Anything taller is unfortunately banned from this room.)

If you instead take the door to the left, you'll find yourself in the kitchen. Often you can find Tessa and Cayenne working in here, happy to prepare a delicious meal for anyone who happens to be over.
In the top left corner of the kitchen is a warp panel, allowing people and Pokemon to travel from the living room to the kitchen in the blink of an eye.

The south portion of the kitchen contains two large, black tables, which can comfortably seat eight, should anyone prefer to eat here.

If you instead turn right down the hallway, you'll eventually come across two doors. The door on the left is the entrance to Robin's room.
Robin's room is usually closed off to guests, unless they are given her permission. In the top left corner of the room is a fluffy double bed, with a black bookcase to the right of it. On the bookcase rests a Mudkip and Pikachu plush.
In the bottom corner is a black lounger, as well as a small table. Resting on the wall in front of it is a flat screen TV. Near the entrance of the room is Robin's computer, which she sometimes uses for research or the occasional game.

In the room behind the right door is a large indoor pool. The pool has a good amount of space in it, and should be able to fit most aquatic Pokemon. A few exceptions include Wailord, Gyarados and Milotic. If you're not up for taking a swim, this room also provides plenty of seating, should you wish to watch.

EpicSquirtle 08-25-2017 06:11 PM

Beyond The Base
Besides Robin's base, there are a few other places you and your Pokemon can explore, if you so choose. Keep in mind that these areas have their own set of restrictions.

Currently available:

Sunabā Beach

A sandy beach to the west of Isshin Village. Here you and your Pokemon are free to build sandcastles, or even take a dip in the refreshing ocean. Throughout the beach, there are several signs, warning visitors not to grab any shovels they find in the sand. Several large logs can be found along the shore, which people and Pokemon can use to rest on, should they need a quick break. Several Wingull can usually be seen soaring above.
It's advised not to feed them, for reasons currently unknown.
Spoiler: show
1.) When at Sunabā Beach, make sure to use wheat coloured text, or otherwise label any part of your post that you are here.
2.) Much like inside Robin's base, you can bring as much Pokemon as you wish.
3.) Have fun.

*More areas to be added later.*

EpicSquirtle 08-25-2017 06:12 PM

Pokemon Birthdays












EpicSquirtle 08-25-2017 06:30 PM

Records of Old

EpicSquirtle 08-25-2017 06:48 PM

1.) Anyone is allowed to RP here. Just make sure to introduce your character to one of mine if they haven't yet met.

2.) There's no limit on how many Pokemon you can bring. Go nuts if you'd like.

3.) Please keep in mind the size of your Pokemon before bringing them. Any Pokemon that are too wide/big to fit indoors should be left outside, or otherwise not brought with you. The roof is about 3.2m/10.5 feet tall for reference.
These conditions are less strict in the battle room, but some restrictions still apply. (See the description for details.)

4.) Maximum weight in the elevator at one time is 250kg/551 pounds. Anything over, and the elevator could very well break.

5.) Robin's room is off limits, unless given permission by her.

6.) Have fun. :)

As of now, this base is open for RP.

Missingno. Master 08-25-2017 07:45 PM

"Wow," Keith murmured as he looked around. "This beach is beautiful. Great view of the sea, hardly any clouds in the sky, it's a beautiful day."

"Yeah," Meowth added, from his usual seat upon Keith's shoulder. "We made da right choice checkin' out Isshi Village today, fer sure. O' course, it weren't so much a decision so much as it were yer bad sense o' direction," he added.

"Har har," Keith retorted sarcastically, albeit with a grin. "Alright, so this may not have been our intended destination today, but you can't argue with results," he said, gesturing to the beautiful view.

"Yeah, ya gots a point," Meowth conceded. "I guess-"


For at that moment, the few clouds that had been in the sky, they saw fit to grow drastically in size, and then open up all at once, dumping a sudden downpour onto the group.

Keith held up a hand to stop Meowth, who had turned to Keith and opened his mouth. "Don't say it," Keith said. "Don't say it. Let's just find some shelter. Look, there's a cave in that cliff down that way," he added, and so he ran down the beach through the rain.

"Hey, dere's a door," Meowth said, pointing as they drew nearer. "A Secret Base?"

"That'd be my guess," Keith replied. "No idea whose, but as long as they'll let us wait out the storm..." He trailed off as he knocked on the door.

EpicSquirtle 08-26-2017 02:02 AM

It was a beautiful day at Sunabā Beach. The sun was shining, and the pleasant sound of Wingull could be heard as they flew overhead. Yes today was the perfect day to...stay indoors?

Ok maybe that wasn't the best thing to be doing on a hot and sunny day, but that's how things seemed to be going inside Robin's secret base.
Stretched across the living table was a rather familiar board game. Sitting around the board was Robin, along with Tessa and Voltaire.

"Alright, I believe you landed on my property." Voltaire said as he began to shuffle through his cards.
"Yep, you owe me...four hundred Pokédollars." The Emolga added with a smirk.

Letting out a small sigh, Robin handed her Emolga a small stack of fake money, something he was quite happy to accept.

After that, it fell to Tessa to make her move. Picking up a Pikachu playing piece, the Cosplay Pikachu was about to move, when Cayenne burst into the room, startling her considerably.
Following right behind him was a Jolteon, who seemed much calmer then his teammate.

"Ok ok, Hazel and me are finished now! So let's do something!" The Torchic exclaimed as he rushed to his trainer.

"I'm assuming Hazel managed to beat you?" Robin questioned. She wasn't trying to be malicious, but the result of such a battle was rather obvious.

"Yeah but it was a super close battle! I had him on the ropes!" The Torchic exclaimed. "But enough about that, let's do something! Like explore the beach!"

"Hmm, I guess we could." Robin replied, glancing out a nearby window.
"It does look pretty hot out."

No sooner had those words escaped her mouth, did the sound of thunder echo throughout the room, prompting a sharp cry from Hazel.

"So much for that." Voltaire snickered as he noticed raindrops start to splatter on the window. "I guess we have to continue playing this then, not that I mind."

"Umm..I kind of don't want to play anymore..." Tessa admitted.

"Yeah, how about we pack things up." Robin nodded.

Reluctantly following the other two, Voltaire began to help pack up the game. It wasn't long before this was interrupted though, by the sound of knocking at the door.

"Hold on, I'll grab that." Robin said as she approached the door.
"Now who could that be?" The young trainer murmured as she swung open the door.
The answer to her question, turned out to be none other then Keith and Meowth, probably one of the last two she had expected to see.

At the sight of her old friend, Robin could feel her body go numb, and her heart began to race. She could feel herself becoming dizzy as well....just what was she supposed to say? She couldn't leave them out in the rain....but at the same time...

"Umm...hi..I'm sorry..do you need something?" She managed to choke out.
"Oh I'm sorry..you probably want out of the rain right?" Robin added a moment later.
"Then you can come in...make yourselves at home." She said, before moving out of their way, allowing them access inside.

At the sight of the guests, Cayenne let out a loud squeak.
"Guests! We have guests! Come on Tessa, we've got to whip something up, and quick!" The Torchic exclaimed, before rushing onto a nearby warp tile, causing him to disappear entirely.

Letting out a small sigh, Tessa followed her teammate onto the warp panel, causing her to also disappear from the living room.

At the sight of Keith, Hazel hurried to his trainers side, quite unsure of how to feel about this turn of events.

As for Voltaire, the Emolga seemed rather preoccupied with cleaning up the large mess on the table, and paid the arrival of Keith and Meowth with nothing more then a short glance.

Missingno. Master 08-26-2017 05:09 AM

It took a moment for the young woman who answered the door to invite them in, but once she did, Keith nodded gratefully and stepped inside. "Thanks,' he replied. "Some weather, though, huh?" he chuckled. "One minute it's bright and sunny, and the next, it's like Kyogre itself cracked open the skies. Oh, cool Jolteon," he added, noticing the Electric-type who had rushed to his Trainer's side. Keith dug out his Pokédex and aimed it at Hazel.

"Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. An Electric-type," droned the device. "Jolteon stiffens its spikes as a defense, and can launch powerful Electric attacks. It can also move at great speeds."

"I'm sorry, where are my manners?" Keith said. "I'm Keith. Keith Masters. And this is Meowth. Now, fair warning about Meowth, he-"

"-can talk, is how he was gonna finish dat sentence," Meowth interrupted.

"...that," Keith finished feebly. "So, what's your name?" he asked Robin.

EpicSquirtle 08-27-2017 02:04 AM

After thanking her for letting Meowth and him in, Keith decided to bring up the weather of all things. It wasn't all that odd, considering the heavy rainfall outside, but it still left Robin feeling a bit uncomfortable.
She had known Keith for quite a few years, and yet the way he regarded her, it was like the Poison type specialist was talking to a complete stranger.
For all he knows, I am. The young trainer reminded herself. It had been the same for Hazel, Tessa and Voltaire. Anyone she knew from before the incident at Catalyst tower...they couldn't see her as the same person, but an entirely different one.

Realizing she had yet to respond to her guest, Robin pushed these thoughts aside, if only for a few moments.

"Yeah..kind of strange. Me and my Pokemon were just thinking of heading to the beach too." Robin said, giving a small chuckle.

After scanning Hazel with his Pokedex, Keith introduced himself. He then started to explain that Meowth could talk, before the scratch cat Pokemon finished for him.

"Wow... a talking Meowth? That's something you don't see everyday." The young trainer said, trying her best to act surprised. She was anything but surprised though.
She had seen Keith's Meowth quite a few times, and any novelty the scratch cat Pokemon had had worn off a long time ago for her.
Still, the young woman couldn't help but feel a bit worried that her fake surprise would do little to convince the pair in front of her.

With Meowth's quirk introduced, the Poison type specialist then asked Robin for her name.

"My name? It's Robin. It's nice to...meet you Keith and Meowth." She said, giving each of them a small smile.
"Oh, and this is......Hazel." She added, pointing to the Jolteon beside her.

"Hello." Hazel greeted the new guests.

"I guess we don't need to be standing around, huh? Did you want to grab a seat?" Robin offered, gesturing to her left. There, a large black table, along with four black chairs rested.
On the surface of the table, Voltaire continued to clean up the board game that had been laid out, though he seemed to be making a slow amount of progress.

"I apologize for the mess, me and Pokemon were playing a game a few minutes ago."

Missingno. Master 08-27-2017 03:10 AM

"Hazel?" Keith repeated as Robin gave the Jolteon's name. The name was sticking in his mind... why did something about it seem so familiar? For that matter, why did something about that Jolteon seem so familiar now that Keith knew its name? Why did his mind start making him want to congratulate Hazel on evolving, as if he'd seen the Jolteon before as an Eevee or someth-

Eevee. That was it- Keith remembered with a jolt (eon), back at that party he threw for Albus- among the Pokémon Jake had brought was his Eevee, named Hazel. But surely that Eevee and this Jolteon couldn't be one and the same... could they? Did Jake trade Hazel for some reason? Somehow Keith didn't think it especially likely that an Electric-type specialist would trade away a Jolteon, or a potential Jolteon.

Robin went on to react to Meowth's ability to talk. Well, perhaps "react" is too strong of a word- for someone who had literally just met them, she seemed far less surprised than she seemed to try to make herself appear to be. Nevertheless, when she offered them a seat, Keith nodded. "Yes, thank you," he replied, though he was starting to wonder about things now, wonder what exactly this Robin person's deal was, wonder if that Hazel was the same Hazel... As he took a seat, he noticed the Emolga cleaning up- Hazel was clearly not her only Electric-type. In fact, hadn't he seen a brief glance of a Pikachu as well? In fact... hadn't there been a black heart on her tail? That he couldn't say for sure, but if that were the case, a Jolteon named Hazel, and a Cosplay Pikachu? The coincidences were starting to add up. "Hey, so, Robin," said Keith. "Um... How long have you had Hazel for?" he asked. Meowth listened intently for Robin's answer- these things Keith was picking up on were not lost on him, either.

EpicSquirtle 08-27-2017 07:14 PM

As Keith grabbed one of the empty seats, Robin decided to grab the chair opposite. Hazel continued to follow his trainer, before eventually lying down beside her chair.
Once seated, Keith asked how long Robin had owned Hazel, causing the young trainer to freeze up, if only for a moment. The less questions were asked about her, the better, she reasoned.

"Oh umm...I'd say I've had him for a a fair bit of time." Robin answered, trying her best to be as vague as possible.

"So Keith...what brings you around here anyway?" The Electric-type specialist questioned.
"I don't think I've seen too many visitors here recently. Not that I've been here too long." She added a moment later.

While his trainer continued to talk to Keith, Voltaire suddenly turned his attention away from the board game, instead focusing on Meowth.
"Hello, nice to meet you." The Emolga greeted the scratch cat Pokemon.
"I couldn't help but overhear you saying you can speak human language...pretty impressive." Voltaire continued, a small smile forming on his face.
"Does your trainer have any other talented Pokemon such as yourself? An Electric type perhaps?"

Missingno. Master 08-27-2017 07:49 PM

Was it Keith's imagination, or did Robin freeze up for a second upon being asked about how long she'd had Hazel? In addition, in what was definitely not Keith's imagination, Robin's answer was almost maddeningly vague. Keith had the feeling that there was a fairly major detail he wasn't getting here, and he was determined to figure out what was going on here.

But at the moment, Robin was changing the subject, asking what brought Keith here in the first place. "Well, me and Meowth were trying to find Amperet City," he started. "A good friend of mine hasn't been seen in months, and last I saw him, that's where he was headed, so it seemed like a good place to start trying to get some info, y'know? Only thing is, I've never been there before in my life, so I didn't have the slightest idea where I was going, and we wound up here instead." He gave a small sigh, looking visibly worried. "I even saw his Ambipom a while back, apparently he got separated from him and is looking for him. That's actually kinda why I asked how long you've had Hazel- he has an Eevee named Hazel, and he specializes in Electric-types, so I couldn't help but wonder if this Hazel and that Hazel might somehow be one and the same."

Meowth hopped down to the floor to talk to Voltaire. "Heh, tanks," grinned Meowth as the Emolga remarked on how impressive his capability for human speech was. "He's got a Stunfisk and a Minun, though I dunno if he brought either one o' dem wit him today," Meowth replied. "And, uh, hey," he added, lowering his voice somewhat. "Dat Pikachu I saw fer a second goin' onto da warp panel... I tought I saw a black heart marking on her tail. Was I seein' correctly dere?" he asked. "Only eva saw one other Pikachu like dat before."

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 02:23 AM

Robin's heart sank considerably as Keith explained just how he had ended up in her secret base. He had originally been searching for one of his friends, who had gone missing several months ago. That friend being Robin herself, or rather, the person Keith still knew the Electric specialist as.
It was something she had never expected to hear. Robin had figured that Keith, or anyone else that knew her from before, wouldn't have cared about her absence, or even noticed at all. And while the thought of her friend caring about her absence deeply moved her, it also made things that much harder.
Could Robin bring herself to continue to pretend she didn't know Keith? That she was a total stranger to him? To do this while he seemed genuinely concerned for her? Robin didn't know if she could. But at the same time, the young trainer couldn't bring herself to confess to Keith either.

"Umm..wow, I-I'm sorry to hear that..." Robin managed to choke out.
"I hope you manage to find them though.....eventually." She added, glossing over her friends comment about Hazel entirely.
"A Stunfisk and a Minun? That sounds pretty interesting." Voltaire nodded. He was about to ask more about them, before Meowth asked a question of his own.
Apparently he had spotted Tessa when he had entered the base, and was curious if he had actually seen the black heart on her tail.

"You saw correctly. That's my teammate, Tessa." Voltaire replied.

"Pretty cute huh? I could probably introduce you to her later if you want." The Emolga offered.
"But first...you were talking about your trainer having a Minun. What are they like? If you don't mind, could you give me a brief description?"

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 02:47 AM

Robin's response was a little on the emotional side, and she expressed hope that Keith eventually found the friend he was looking for. "Thanks, Robin. I hope so, too," Keith nodded, once again giving a small, grateful smile. "I mean, I'm willing to bet he's OK- he's a very skilled Trainer- but that doesn't mean something bad couldn't have happened, and I just hope that's not the case, y'know?" He gave another sigh, before deciding to try and change the subject somewhat. "So... do you specialize in Electric-types, too?" he asked. "Between Hazel, and that Emolga, and I think I saw a Pikachu for a split second when I first came in? I specialize in Poison-types myself."

Meowth's eyes widened as Voltaire not only confirmed that Meowth had indeed seen a black heart on the Pikachu's tail, but also revealed said Pikachu to be named Tessa. A Jolteon who shared the nickname of Jake's Eevee, that could be a coincidence, but two Cosplay Pikachu, a species even rarer and more elusive than the Pumpkasaur, and both named Tessa? Now Meowth was convinced that there was more to all this than he knew. He was barely listening as Voltaire talked about how cute Tessa was, his mind was piecing together the few facts he'd been able to learn since coming here. "...Eh? I ain't interested in her like dat, I gots a girlfriend already," Meowth finally said to Voltaire. "Wha- da Minun? Right, right, well, Anion ain't shy about expressin' herself. She speaks her opinion, and don't give a damn wat others might tink of it. And if youse eva meets her, never imply she oughta team up wit a Plusle. Trust me on dis," Meowth stated. As correct as the information he was giving Voltaire was, however, this discussion was the last thing on his mind. The identically nicknamed Pokémon, up to and including the stupidly rare, valuable, and legally untradeable Cosplay Pikachu? Robin's apparent lack of surprise at Meowth's affinity for human speech? Her showing up basically out of nowhere while Jake was missing for months? All this was leading Meowth to suspect a conclusion he himself personally would never have called, had it not been where all the clues seemed to point. He considered voicing this conclusion to Voltaire, but didn't even know how to begin to bring it up- besides, what if Voltaire didn't know? Neither Meowth nor Keith knew whether Jake had ever owned an Emolga. "Y'know wat, Voltaire?" Meowth finally spoke up. "If youse could take me ta Tessa, I'd appreciate dat. Gotta question or two fer her."

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 12:30 PM

Keith thanked Robin for her words, before explaining that his friend was a skilled trainer, but that something bad still could have happened to them.

"Yeah..." Robin agreed.

Much to her relief, Keith then decided to change the subject. Apparently he had noticed all three of Robin's Electric types, and wondered if she specialized in the type, before explaining his affinity with Poison types.

"I wouldn't say I have a specialty for them. I think I just happen to be running into a few." Robin said, giving her head a light shake.
"But Poison types? That's pretty cool." The young trainer added. "What are some of the kinds you have? If you don't mind me asking."
"I see. I guess lady luck is already on your side then." Voltaire chuckled, upon hearing that Meowth already had a girlfriend.

Meowth then started to explain things about the Minun Voltaire had asked about earlier. Her name was Anion, and she wasn't all too shy about expressing herself. As the scratch cat Pokemon continued to describe Anion, Voltaire's eyes widened and a large smile formed on his face.
But Meowth wasn't interested in talking about his teammate for too long, and quickly switched the subject back to Tessa.

"You want to ask Tessa a few questions?" The Emolga repeated.
"Ok sure, she should be this way." Voltaire added, before making his way over to the warp panel in the corner of the room.

"Just step on this, and we'll find ourselves in the kitchen." Voltaire explained.
"Oh, but one thing. Maybe after you're done talking to Tessa...could you see if your trainer happened to bring Anion? I kind of want to meet her, if what you've said about her is true..."

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 01:23 PM

"Fair enough," Keith nodded as Robin explained that she just happened to run into a fair amount of Electric-types. "I got a fair few Fire-types myself, but that's not exactly my specialty. Though to be fair, I did grow up in Lavaridge Town, so Fire-types tend to remind me of home." He grinned as Robin asked about some of the Poison-types he had- far from minding the question, Keith never passed up a chance to talk about his various Poison-types.

"Well, first off, my very first Pokémon was actually a baby Koffing I rescued from a pair of Machop bullies that were attacking him," Keith began. "Nurse Joy asked me to look after Koffing for a week after she treated his injuries, and by the end of that week, the Koffing and I were pretty much best friends," he smiled. "He's now a Weezing, and probably my strongest Pokémon. But yeah- as far as all the different kinds I got, he is just the tip of the Bergmite," he grinned. "I got a Vileplume, an Arbok, a Crobat, a Venomoth, a Qwilfish, a Toxicroak, a Skuntank, a Seviper, a Victreebel, an Ivysaur and a Venusaur, a Weedle, a Kakuna, and a Beedrill, I got a Gengar- my Beedrill and my Gengar can both actually Mega Evolve," he added, adjusting his Mega Hat as he spoke. "I got a special variety of Amoonguss- I don't know if you've seen Amoonguss before, but they're mushroom Pokémon whose cap and shields look like Poké Balls- my Amoonguss, his cap and shields look like Ultra Balls instead. An old variety known as the Ultramoonguss, they were thought to have all died out by this point. Um... I got a Dustox, and in fact, I get the feeling his daughter, my Shiny Wurmple, is also gonna evolve into a Cascoon, so I might have two Dustox soon," he grinned. "I got an Ariados, a Nidoking and Nidoqueen, a Swalot, a Drapion- he's actually my Weedle's mate and my Kakuna's father- I got a Roserade, a Dragalge, a Muk, a Tentacruel, a Scolipede I ride basically everywhere, I got a Garbodor, and I got a Shiny Mareanie... I think that's all of them," he stated. "And, well, there's my Umbreon, Cyanide- obviously not an actual Poison-type, but if there was a Poison-type Eeveelution, she'd have gone for that without hesitation- she's a Poison-type at heart," he explained. "And that's actually only about half of the Pokémon I have in total," he added. "Between my Meowth and my Umbreon, you've probably already guessed I don't train Poison-types exclusively, even if they're my specialty."

"Yeah, sure, I'll ask him," Meowth nodded. He vaguely thought that this might actually be interesting to see, how Anion might interact with Voltaire, before stepping onto the warp panel. At the moment, however, this was not at the forefront of his mind- right now, he wanted answers, for both himself and for Keith, and he intended to get them.

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 02:18 PM

Robin could feel herself calming down slightly as Keith began to list all the Poison types he had owned. Though she had seen or heard about some of the Pokemon Keith was mentioning, a few of them she didn't know Keith even owned.
If nothing else, her friends explanation on his various Poison types was a great way to steer the conversation away from her.

After he was finished listing all of the Poison types he owned, Keith explained that he didn't exclusively train Poison types, bringing up both Cyanide and Meowth.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Robin nodded. It was the exact same way for her. Even though she specialized in Electric types (something she refused to mention to Keith), she owned a large amount of other Pokemon as well, including Cayenne.

"But a Mareanie? I don't think I've ever heard of that Pokemon before..and I know about a lot of different Pokemon." The young woman said.
"I used to have a large collection of Pokemon books...and I used to study them all the time. It was my goal to memorize everything about them for awhile." She explained.

"But enough about that....do you have that Mareanie on you? I wouldn't mind seeing it if you do. If that's ok, of course."
"Thanks, you're the best." Voltaire beamed at Meowth's response.
After that, Voltaire decided to follow Meowth onto the warp panel. In a flash of light, both Pokemon disappeared from the living room, before reappearing in a different room entirely.

"Oh, hello!" Cayenne chirped as he noticed Voltaire and Meowth.
"Welcome to Cayenne and Tessa's Kitchen Extraordinaire! Can I offer you any refreshments while we prepare your meal?" The Torchic questioned.

"We're good right now Cayenne...we're actually looking for Tessa at the moment." Voltaire explained.

"Oh, that's all? Ok! She's right over there!" Cayenne exclaimed, before pointing his head towards the kitchen equipment straight ahead. There seemed to be all sorts of things there.
A sink, a fridge, a microwave, and a cutting board, which happened to be lying on one of the counter tops. Standing on top of one of the counters was Tessa. With a tiny butter knife in hand, the Cosplay Pikachu seemed to be spreading something on the various slices of bread laid out for her.

"Looks good Tessa...what are you making?" Voltaire questioned as he approached her.

"Ah!" The Cosplay Pikachu exclaimed in surprise, dropping the butter knife she had been holding, which clattered to the floor.

"Oh Voltaire...it's just you." Tessa said as she turned around.
"Umm, I'm sorry...I made a mess for nothing..."

"It's ok...really. Anyway what I was asking wasn't really important..Meowth here actually wants to ask you a few questions." The Emolga explained.

"Uh, really? For me?" The Cosplay Pikachu questioned, before turning to the scratch cat Pokemon.
"Ok then, umm...I'll try my best to uh, answer them."

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 02:35 PM

"Yeah, until recently, I'd never heard of Mareanie, either," Keith shrugged. "It was just a few months ago, actually- this place called Springtide Isle basically invited all sorts of Trainers to try and find various Pokémon Eggs from the Alola region. The one I ended up with hatched into a Shiny Mareanie," he smiled. "First Mareanie I ever saw, too. In fact, I've never seen a non-Shiny Mareanie in person. He nodded as Robin asked if he had the Mareanie on hand. "I do, in fact," he added, plucking the Poison Ball off his belt. "Sure, you can see her. Aster, come on out!" Keith exclaimed, tossing the ball into the air.

The ball split open, and in a flash of light, the pink Mareanie materialized, with blue stars swirling around her for a brief moment. She looked rather shy as she saw Robin, and seemed to try and hide her face behind her tentacles.

"It's alright, Aster," Keith encouraged the Brutal Star Pokémon. "This is Robin. Robin, this is Aster."

"Um... h-h-hi," Aster murmured shyly. "N-nice to m-meet you, Robin."

As Meowth and Voltaire appeared in the kitchen, they were greeted by an enthusiastic Torchic, apparently named Cayenne. At Voltaire's request, Cayenne showed them where Tessa was, and indeed, this confirmed Meowth's suspicions- he freaking recognized this Pikachu. He might not have said much to her at Albus's party, if anything, but he knew for a freaking fact he saw her there.

"Ya ain't met me formally, but I seen youse before," Meowth said to Tessa. "At Albus's party. Ya showed off yer Icicle Crash move dere. Ya probably saw me hangin' out on my Trainer's shoulder da whole time. I knows it's youse, and I get da feelin' dat dat Jolteon back dere and da Eevee dat Jake had at da party are one and da same, too, and I even got da feelin' dat Robin was tryin' ta act more surprised dat I could talk den she actually was. Wat I'm askin' is... I'm startin' to suspect dat Jake is now Robin somehow," he said, voicing the unexpected conclusion all the hints seemed to keep leading him to. "Is dis true? Cuz if it is, my Trainer oughta know- he's been worried about Jake fer months, I tink he deserves ta know his friend's OK."

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 03:21 PM

Keith explained that he hadn't heard of a Mareanie either, not until a few months back. Apparently various trainers had been invited to a place called Springtide Isle to find eggs from the Alola Region. That sounded oddly familiar to Robin.
Hadn't Voltaire mentioned a place called Springtide Isle back in Isshin forest? Moving away from that thought, Robin continued to listen as her friend explained that he had actually hatched his Mareanie from one of the eggs there.
The Poison type specialist then confirmed that he had brought the brutal star Pokemon, before tossing a Poison Ball in the air.

Exiting the ball was a pink Mareanie, which had blue stars swirl around her for a short moment. The strange creature seemed rather shy, and hid her face behind her tentacles upon noticing Robin.

Keith then introduced the Mareanie as Aster, and after some encouragement, the brutal star Pokemon murmured a greeting to Robin.

"It's nice to meet you Aster." Robin smiled, before turning to Keith.

"Kind of shy, huh? She actually reminds me of-" The Electric specialist began, but quickly stopped herself. She was going to finish that sentence with Lucky, her Chinchou.
The angler Pokemon was also quite shy, and seeing Aster caused Robin to reminisce on the days when Lucky was still in her care.

"Umm...I actually don't know where I was going with that." Robin said, before giving Keith a weak smile.

Meanwhile, Hazel began to watch Aster with great interest. He said nothing though, preferring to keep his distance from the Poison and Water type.
Tessa froze as Meowth explained that he had seen her back at Keith's base, during Albus's party. The scratch cat Pokemon seemed rather confident in this claim, and the Cosplay Pikachu was unsure she could convince him otherwise.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Meowth went on, speculating that Hazel was the same one as the one Jake had had back at Albus's party. He then voiced his suspicions that Jake and Robin were the same person, however that worked.
This was enough to grab Voltaire's attention. The Emolga had barely been listening to Meowth before, but now the sky squirrel Pokemon was on high alert.

If Tessa hadn't been freaked out before, she certainly was now.

"Umm..what? Y-you do know how crazy you sound..uh, right?" Tessa questioned.
"I don't know who this umm...Jake is. But my trainer, she's ummm...always been Robin..."

"Yeah, no offense Meowth, but are ok? You're asking some weird questions." Voltaire added.
"And are you sure you've seen Tessa at a party? I'm pretty sure there's other Cosplay Pikachu around Fizzytopia, Tessa certainly isn't the only one."

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 03:42 PM

Keith would be lying if he said he wasn't curious as hell as to what Robin was getting at- she had started to mention that Aster's shyness reminded her of something or someone, but quickly stopped herself, and after a moment, stated that she wasn't sure where she'd been going with that. Keith, meanwhile, was starting to think there was definitely more to all this than he knew. He hadn't quite reached the same conclusion as Meowth just yet, but he couldn't help but think he wasn't getting the whole story just yet. "Yeah, Aster's pretty shy," he replied, deciding he wouldn't bring this up until he had some idea exactly where he'd be going with it. "My Amoonguss and Garbodor are the same way themselves sometimes."

Aster squirmed a little bit as she noticed Hazel eyeing her. "H-h-hi," she finally mumbled to the Jolteon.

Tessa definitely froze up at Meowth's questioning, and Meowth noticed it. The Cosplay Pikachu stammered out her denial of Meowth's claims, and Voltaire added that there had to be other Cosplay Pikachu in the region. "I'm positive!" Meowth responded. "And gimme a little credit here, I know dat Cosplay Pikachu are rarer den rare! And two different ones wit da same exact name, dat even act similar? Youse expects me ta believe dat's just a coincidence? Look, if I done stumbled onta some big secret here, I can understand youse wantin' ta keep it quiet, but don't go tinkin' I'm stupid, alright?" he asked. "Da whole reason we's even here today is because we got lost tryin' ta get a lead on where ta find Jake in da first place," said Meowth. "And my Trainer's sittin' in dere, all worried about his friend, and he might actually be talkin' ta dat friend and not even knowin' it... I just want da truth, is dat too much ta ask?" Meowth pleaded.

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 04:16 PM

Keith confirmed that Aster was pretty shy, before explaining that his Garbodor and Amoonguss were also shy at times.

"I see...yeah Hazel's pretty shy as well." Robin nodded. "Not as shy as Aster though. Well actually, he was as an Eevee, but he's improved a bit since evolving."

Deciding it wouldn't be best to stay on the topic of Hazel for very long, Robin began to think of something else to ask.

"So umm...did you bring any other Pokemon besides Meowth and Aster?" The young trainer questioned.
"If so, I wouldn't mind seeing them. I don't know how fun it would be for them though."

Not a moment after the words left her mouth, Robin realized how risky of an idea that was. She was entirely unsure of what Pokemon Keith had on him, and at least one came to mind that would ruin her entire plan.
Still, it was too late to turn back now, and so she gave Keith a small smile as she awaited his answer.
"Oh umm, hi." Hazel replied to Aster's rather shy greeting.
"I'm sorry, a-am I making you uncomfortable? I didn't mean to..." The Jolteon added.
"It's just....I've never seen a shiny Pokemon I don't think. Not in person anyway."
Meowth seemed absolutely sure that he had met Tessa before. The scratch cat Pokemon knew that Cosplay Pikachu were really rare, and pointed out how ridiculous it was to think two of them sharing the same name and mannerisms was a coincidence.
He continued, saying he understood if they were keeping a big secret, but to not regard him as stupid. The whole reason Keith and him were even here was because they were looking for a lead on where Jake was, and they had ended up getting lost.
All Meowth really wanted was to know the truth.

"I'm sorry, but umm...I really don't know what to say." Tessa replied once Meowth had finished speaking. "Uh, I'm sorry about your friend. But umm, I still have no clue what you mean."

With that, Tessa hopped off the counter, before picking up the knife she had dropped earlier. She then rushed over to the sink, not giving Meowth another moment of her time.

"Hey hey! What's going on?" Cayenne questioned as he rushed towards Meowth and Voltaire.
"I heard you guys speaking rather loudly, so I'm just a bit curious. I don't want any of my friends to be fighting!" The Torchic exclaimed.

"It's nothing Cayenne. Me and Meowth here were just about to leave. I know you don't want us in the kitchen too long." Voltaire explained.

"Huh? Nonsense! Stay as long as you want!" Cayenne exclaimed.

If looks could kill, Cayenne would have dropped dead on the spot. Upon hearing the Torchic's words, Voltaire shot the chick Pokemon a rather nasty glare, though Cayenne seemed not to notice.
"Ok well whatever. Meowth, you've asked your questions, now I think it's time for you to uphold your end of the bargain. So let's go see if Anion is here, yeah?"

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 05:18 PM

After remarking on Hazel's former shyness, Robin then asked Keith if he had any other Pokémon on hand, mentioning she wouldn't mind seeing them. Oblivious to Robin's belated awareness of the risk inherent to this, Keith nodded. "Sure," he agreed, taking the other four Poké Balls off his belt- an Ultra Ball, a Violet Cyber Ball, a Fast Ball... and a Space Ball. "Alright," Keith said, tossing all four balls in the air. "Millicent, Jack, Anion, Luna, come on out!"

Four different kinds of Poké Ball split open. Four flashes of light ensued. And four Pokémon materialized. From the Ultra Ball appeared Keith's Timburr, her log slung over her shoulder as usual. Around her neck, she wore a string to which was tied a round and remarkably smooth rock. From the Violet Cyber Ball appeared Keith's Ditto, jiggling in place as he looked around. From the Fast Ball appeared Keith's Minun, grinning as she regarded her unfamiliar surroundings. And from the Space Ball appeared that which Robin was surely worried about- Keith's remarkably observant and psychically skilled Swoobat.

"Alright, so this is Anion, my Minun," Keith started, introducing his own Electric-type. "Anion, this is Robin.

"Hiya, Robin!" Anion said, waving up energetically at the young Trainer. "Good to meet ya!"

"And this is Millicent," Keith added, gesturing to the Timburr who waved up at Robin. "And her log goes by the name Willow- it's actually haunted by the ghost of a Leavanny. She might talk to you, so if you hear a voice emanating from the log, don't be too alarmed. And this here is Jack," he continued, gesturing to the Ditto. "He likes his pranks, but never takes 'em too far.

"Hey there-" began Jack, before noticing the Jolteon. "Oh, hey!" he exclaimed, oozing off towards the Electric-type.

"...OK," Keith remarked. "And this here is Luna," Keith added. "She's actually really talented by Psychic-type standards, so she tends to know more than most. She's very nice, though."

Luna, as Keith spoke, was flying around Robin, regarding her with an expression unreadable save for the glimmer of recognition in her eyes. After about a minute of this, the Swoobat's telepathic voice sounded, in Robin's head and her head alone. I won't tell him, Luna said. But I think you should. He's worried about you.

"Um, n-no, it's just, I... I d-didn't know why you were st-staring, and it kinda..." stammered Aster. The staring had in fact made her feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, she didn't want Hazel to think he was not welcome to talk to her.

But before Aster could attempt to elaborate on this, Jack approached them both. "Hazel? Wow, I ain't seen you in months, congrats on evolving," grinned the Ditto. "Remember me, from the party at Keith's place? In fact, lemme refresh your memory," Jack added, before Transforming into a pizza box- the exact same one he made himself look like back then, complete with the words "132 Pizzeria".

Aster was a little surprised by this. "Y-you've met Jack before?" she asked Hazel.

Meowth was seriously annoyed by this point, as Tessa continued to steadfastly deny his claims. Before he could open his mouth to even begin to retort, the Cosplay Pikachu returned to her work, no longer giving him so much as a moment of her time. Moreover, Voltaire seemed oddly eager to get Meowth out of the kitchen, even going so far as to shooting a death glare at the Torchic who so obliviously contradicted the Emolga's claims that the Fire-type would want them out ASAP. Meowth noticed this death glare as well. And at Voltaire's words, Meowth folded his arms... front legs... whatever one might want to call them. He'd asked his questions, alright, but it was the lack of answers he got to said questions that was on his mind right now.

"I promised I'd see if Anion's here if I got answers to my questions," Meowth stated. "And all I'm gettin' here is da runaround from youse and Tessa. Cayenne don't want us outta da kitchen, you do! I was right, wasn't I?" he asked Voltaire. "If youse wants ta meet Anion, I'll be glad ta make dat happen, but only if youse can actually be honest wit me fer once. Look, if it's some big secret, I promise not ta blab about it, all I'm askin' here is dat youse don't take me fer a fool."

EpicSquirtle 08-28-2017 06:25 PM

Agreeing to send out his Pokemon, Keith grabbed four Pokeballs of varying varieties, before tossing them in the air.

The first Pokemon Robin noticed emerging from their ball was a Timburr...things were already off to a bad start. After Telpo's sacrifice atop Catalyst Tower, Robin had been dreading facing Millicent, should she have found the Timburr.

The next Pokemon she noticed was a Ditto. This one wasn't as bad. Sure, the Electric type specialist had met Jack a couple times before, but his presence wasn't making her plan any harder for her.

The third Pokemon Robin laid eyes on was a Minun. Now this was a pleasant surprise. The young trainer hadn't realized Keith even owned another Electric type besides Rubeus.
Indeed, the Minun was so far one of the best choices the Poison specialist could have made, and Robin could only hope her luck would hold up for Keith's final Pokemon.

Any notion of luck was shattered as Robin laid eyes on Keith's Swoobat. Of all the Pokemon her friend could have brought, Luna was definitely the last one she wanted to see.
She was screwed. In her desperation to change subjects, the young woman had destroyed her plan in it's entirety. A Pokemon as perceptive and psychically skilled as Luna would easily be able to recognize her...even if the others didn't.
Even at the sight of Luna, Robin tried her best to appear calm, hoping that Luna wouldn't recognize her. The chances of that happening were rather low though, and the young trainer could feel her entire body go numb at the thought of addressing the Swoobat.

Keith started by introducing his Minun, named Anion.

"It's...nice to meet you Anion." Robin greeted, giving the Minun a weak smile as the cheering Pokemon waved energetically at her.

Next on the list of introductions was Millicent and Willow. Receiving a wave from the Timburr, Robin waved back, but said nothing more.

Continuing on, the next Pokemon Keith introduced was Jack. But before Robin could say anything to the Ditto, the transform Pokemon had begun to ooze off towards Hazel.

Now there was just one Pokemon left to introduce. Luna. As Keith began to talk about the Swoobat, she started fly around Robin, causing her heart to race faster then before.
After what felt like ages, the sound of Luna's voice rang in Robin's head, filling the Electric type specialist with dread.

Much like she had predicted, Luna indeed recognized Robin. She promised the young woman that she wouldn't tell Keith, but that the young trainer should do it herself. Keith was obviously worried about her.

I'm sorry, I can't. Robin thought, before turning her attention to Keith.

"Wow, y-you seem to have...quite the cast with you." She said, giving her friend a small smile.

But despite the smile, the young trainer was anything but happy.
I really wish he had forgotten about me, then I wouldn't have to be in this mess. Robin thought, forgetting that Luna could read her thoughts, if she chose to.
And now I have to contend with that stupid Swoobat as well...
As Aster began to stammer out a response, Hazel couldn't help but feel more then a little guilty. We was merely curious at the sight of a shiny Pokemon, but it was clear to see he had made the Mareanie rather uncomfortable.

But before he could apologize to the brutal star Pokemon, Jack oozed towards the pair. He seemed surprised to see Hazel, obviously recognizing the Jolteon.
After congratulating him on evolving, Jack asked the lightning Pokemon if he remembered him from before. To rejog his memory, the Ditto then transformed into a pizza box.

Aster seemed a little surprised by these events, and asked Hazel if he had met Jack before.

Gritting his teeth, Hazel glanced towards his trainer. She wouldn't want him to spill the beans on this...and he certainly didn't want to disappoint her.
But at the same time, the Jolteon knew that it would be hard, if not impossible, to convince Jack that he wasn't the same Hazel from the party.

"Umm...yeah I do." Hazel replied. "It's umm...nice to see you again Jack..."
Crossing his arms, Meowth stated that he promised he'd introduce Voltaire to Anion if he got the answer to his questions. The scratch cat Pokemon then pointed out that it wasn't Cayenne that wanted him out of the kitchen, but Voltaire himself.
Meowth then questioned if he was right about his earlier questions, before hanging his introduction to Anion over Voltaire's head. He was only going to introduce the Emolga to the Minun if he was honest to him. The scratch cat Pokemon did agree to keep quiet if it was a big secret though.

Letting out an audible sigh, Voltaire turned to address Cayenne.
"We're going to be going now, thanks for...umm..something." Voltaire said.
The Emolga then began to walk towards the door out of the kitchen, but stopped as he reached it.

"Ok Meowth, if you want your answers, you're going to have to come with me." He said, beckoning the scratch cat Pokemon over.

Missingno. Master 08-28-2017 07:03 PM

Outwardly, Robin seemed happy to meet the various Pokémon Keith sent out. But inwardly, as Luna knew full well, it was a whole other swarm of Yanma. The Swoobat picked up on Robin's thoughts loud and clear, both the ones intended for her and the ones not so much intended for her. Up to and including the part where she called Luna stupid, though Luna knew better than to take personal offense there- Robin very clearly did not want Keith to know who she really was.

Why not? Luna's voice sounded in Robin's head once more, as the Swoobat tilted her own head. Do you think Keith would be anything other than happy to see you again and relieved that you're OK? There is no reaction he would have to the truth that you have any need to fear, she stated simply.

"Yeah," Keith nodded in response to Robin's words, unaware of the telepathic conversation between her and Luna. "My Pokémon are a very varied bunch. Some of them really have unique stories, too. One of my Banette, for example- for a while she refused to tell me what she was in life, because, well, she was a Missingno., and she grew up knowing nothing but hatred from people who feared and loathed the species. What she didn't know, though, was that not only do I actually really like Missingno., and always wanted to catch one, she had in fact saved me from drowning when I was seven. Eventually, she worked up the courage to tell me the truth, and far from the reaction she feared, it only made us even better friends," he smiled.

Jack turned back into his gelatinous form, grinning. "Good to see you again, too," he stated. "Luna told me Hayai evolved too, is he around?" He glanced around, before addressing the Jolteon once more. "For that matter, where's Jake?" he added. "I mean, if you're here, Jake's gotta be, right? And Keith says Jake's been missing for months, I was supposed to be helping him find him today..."

Voltaire sighed, and finally gave in, leading Meowth out of the kitchen, promising some answers. "Finally," Meowth muttered with a grin, before following Voltaire, happy he was finally gonna get some actual answers.

EpicSquirtle 08-29-2017 02:37 AM

Upon hearing that Robin couldn't tell the truth to Keith, Luna questioned just why that was.
As perceptive as ever, Luna managed to pinpoint exactly what was bothering the young trainer, asking if she thought Keith's reaction would be anything other then happy and relieved.
Still, Robin supposed it didn't take a genius to figure that one out.

How can you be so sure? It's not a risk I'm willing to take. The Electric specialist thought, after Luna had tried to reassure her about Keith's reaction.
I'd rather he forget about me, it'd be easier then risking him hating me. This is kind of embarrassing anyway...

Whoops, Robin definitely hadn't meant to give that last bit of information to Luna. But it was far too late now, the Swoobat had surely been able to hear that. She would just have to be more careful in the future, Robin supposed.

Distracted by her talk with Luna, Robin had totally forgotten about her conversation with Keith! Turning her attention back to her friend, the Poison type specialist started to tell the young woman about one of his Banette.

Initially, the marionette Pokemon refused to tell Keith about her past life, due to being a Missingno., a species she knew to be feared and hated by many. But as it turned out, Keith was actually a huge fan of Missingno..
And once the Banette finally found the courage to tell Keith, she got a completely different reaction from what she feared, and they ended up becoming better friends.

"Huh, that's a...nice story." Robin replied, giving a Keith a weak smile.
She wasn't lying, the story was quite a nice one, but the young trainer couldn't help but compare it to what she was currently going through. The story with the Banette was definitely relatable....almost too relatable...
Did Keith know more then he was letting on? Or had Luna went behind the young woman's back and told her trainer the truth? Or perhaps....was she just being paranoid?
Robin wasn't quite sure, but she knew that Luna would probably say something about it, considering her thoughts were an open book to the Swoobat. The question was, could she trust Luna's response?
Hazel knew it was coming. After revealing himself to be the Eevee from the party, Jack was quick to question where Hayai was. Or Jake for that matter.

"Umm...Hayai....I don't know where he is.." Hazel replied.
"Most of my teammates are....currently gone actually." The Jolteon added.
"But Jake....he's....actually gone too. Yeah..."
With Meowth following him, Voltaire led the scratch cat down a small hallway, before stopping in another room. This one was much bigger then any of the others Meowth would have seen inside Robin's base. In front of them appeared to be an arena, used to host Pokemon battles.
Looking around the room, and even behind himself a few times, Voltaire finally locked eyes with Meowth.

"Ok listen...before I tell you anything...I need you to promise me something." The Emolga whispered.
"First of all...you didn't hear this from me, ok? I can't imagine what would happen to me, if my trainer or teammates found out I'm telling you this."
"And second, you must keep this a secret. From everyone. That includes your trainer." Voltaire continued to whisper. "If you want to get your answers, that's the price, alright? Now if these terms are agreeable, then we shall proceed."

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