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Talon87 10-03-2017 11:11 PM

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an American television black comedy sitcom. The series follows "The Gang", a group of five depraved underachievers: twins Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) and Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), their friends Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) and Ronald "Mac" McDonald (Rob McElhenney), and (from season 2 onward) Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), Dennis' and Dee's legal father. The Gang runs the dilapidated Paddy's Pub, an Irish bar in South Philadelphia.

"Each member of the gang shows varying degrees of dishonesty, egotism, selfishness, greed, pettiness, ignorance, laziness, and unethical behavior; they are often engaged in controversial activities. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes and often conspiring against one another and others for personal gain, vengeance, or simply the entertainment of watching another's downfall. They habitually inflict mental, emotional, and physical pain on each other and anyone who crosses their path. They also regularly use blackmail to manipulate one another and others outside of the group." - Wikipedia

Talon87 10-03-2017 11:39 PM

I've seen maybe three to five random episodes on television over the past several years. I'd like to watch it all in order, and tonight I finally watched the first episode of Season 1, "The Gang Gets Racist". It's a good, modest start to what has become one of the biggest sensations on television.

While I won't be able to discuss the latest and greatest episodes with you, those of you who can, please do feel free to use this thread to discuss. As for me, I'll use it to provide my thoughts on episodes as I make my way through the series. I have a lot on my plate right now so I don't anticipate catching up before the new year hits. Still, anything could happen.

Probably my favorite thing to come out of the series would be the various theories pertaining to Dennis's sociopathy. As for favorite scenes, so far it's a toss-up between "the Implication" and (following these two scenes, themselves hysterical) Charlie's confrontation with Santa.

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