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Jerichi 06-08-2013 08:37 PM

News Application
The newest incarnation of the PokéGear comes equipped with a special News Application, a simple app that streams the latest news and updates from all corners of the Kanjohto Region. Every once in a while, important updates will stream through the app, alerting its subscribers to major happenings throughout the region or local events that occur in certain locations. Keep an eye out for updates here!

Jerichi 06-08-2013 08:38 PM

A Golden Opportunity
Reports have been streaming in of sightings of Rare Pokémon. Experts state that strange energy readings have been radiating from three points in the region, attracting little-seen Pokémon. Officials have restricted access to these three sites, but are permitting entrance to registered trainers in hopes of increasing the circulation of Pokémon. However, in the interest of preventing overcaputring, they've restricted capture in these areas to one Pokémon per trainer. The following areas will be under these restrictions until further notice: Mount Moon, Tohjoh Falls, Ecruteak's Golden Forest. Trainers are urged to take advantage of these swarms soon; it's unknown how long they will last!

Jerichi 03-16-2014 12:29 AM

A New Horizon
There has been an influx of new Pokémon in the wider Kanjohto Region, drawn by a mysterious surge in energy from two major centers in both Mt. Moon and Ecruteak City. There have been reports of some strange changes in existing Pokémon, as well as the appearance of some foreign Pokémon in certain parts of the region. This new influx of Pokémon has drawn a number of new trainers to the region, as well as increased the number of new native trainers registering, eager to see the new species for themselves.

One of these new trainers is the new Ecruteak City Gym Leader, Auguste. After the recent transplantation of the Ghost Gym to Kanto’s Lavender Town, this traveler from a distant land has set up a new type of Gym in the Golden Forest, claiming to train Fairy-type Pokémon, possibly referencing this new classification of Pokémon that seems to have sprung up.

In response to this influx of new trainers, the League has extended their previous offer of additional supplies and TMs to fledgling trainers getting their start in the region. New trainers are encouraged to find their way to a Pokémon Center to redeem their gift. Existing trainers will also be receiving a gift from the League for their continued service to the region.

Stay tuned for further updates as these stories develop.

Jerichi 03-25-2014 11:04 AM

Rebuilding The World
The sudden increase in the trainer population has caught the attention of Gym Leaders all over the Kanjohto Region. In a series of press releases over the past few days, Gym Leaders have begun requesting the assistance of any trainers in their area to help with the reconstruction efforts. Leaders from every part of the Region have outlined major projects that will be of benefit to their population and increase quality of life. Many Gyms are offering significant compensation and a chance at a Gym Challenge for trainers that participate in their rebuilding efforts. A list of the current projects is below, which will be updated as they progress. Trainers are encouraged to contact the Gym Leaders to assist with these efforts.

Spoiler: show
Pallet Town Land Reclaim – The swampy marshland that now floods much of Pallet Town has begun to creep north into Viridian, threatening the Village. Local Gym Leader Fernando has recruited the help of trainers to stop the advancing waters. He requests trainers to assist with building levies, planting erosion-resistant trees and shrubs, and relocating Pokémon affected by the environmental change (1/10 areas reclaimed)

Museum Contributions – The Pewter Museum of Science has long held an extensive collection of minerals and fossils from the entirety of the Kanjohto Region, comprising one of the richest and most varied geological and archeological collections in the world. However, the events of the disasters caused a great deal of damage to and loss of their collections. The Museum is requesting the assistance of trainers to search for rare stones within Mt. Moon, Tojoh Falls and Diglett’s Cave to reestablish their collection. They also have posted rewards for the return of some of their most valuable collection pieces, which have been reported to be circulating on the Black Market. (2/7 objects donated)

Criminal Investigations – The Cerulean City Police Department have been spread thin lately, and are having trouble responding to a number of smaller issues throughout the city. In order to prioritize their officers on more pressing or larger cases, they have enlisted the help of trainers to help patrol areas of the city and deal with petty crimes. They ensure the citizens that improved patrol will help keep crime to a minimum, and encourage even novice trainers to help curb the growing threat to the city. (5/10 areas patrolled)

Rock Tunnel Navigation - The Rock Tunnel has long been a significant roadblock between Cerulean and Lavender town, greatly restricting travel between the two cities. In recent years, with the Tunnel being overrun with Pokémon fleeing the shifting climates, it has become extremely hard to traverse. Judy, the new Lavender Town Gym Leader, hopes to do something about this, and has hired a number of engineers from Cerulean to help with a new tunnel system to make travel much easier. However, she requires a good deal of equipment to be delivered through Saffron, which has proven to be a difficult task. She is requesting the help of trainers to pass the heavy machinery through the wild city unharmed. (0/7 machines transported)

Vermillion Port Reconstruction Effort – Vermillion Harbor, once a major source of commerce and industry, has been all but abandoned over the ten years since the disasters. With the Gym only recently reestablished, Vermillion is finally beginning to get back on its feet, but it still needs considerable help. The Vermillion Gym’s Leader is requesting the assistance of all trainers willing to make the trip, asking for both help delivering resources from Cerulean in the north, and help with the rebuilding effort itself. Gen. Blitzer hopes to have ten docks established within the next few months in order to bring commerce and life back to the once-great port town. (0/5 docks built)

Celadon Urbanization Project – Although Celadonians are rather receptive to the new, green city they now live in, there has been some conflict between the citizens and the wildlife that has flooded into the city. Troves of Grass Pokémon have now occupied urban centers, disrupting the daily living of Celadon’s citizens. Florian, the city’s Gym Leader, has constructed a haven north of the Cycling Road to contain this overflow of Pokémon, but he needs assistance moving the Pokémon into their new home. (0/5 flocks relocated)

New Saffron Reclamation Plan – With the growing settlement of New Saffron gaining traction, Anthony, the New Saffron Gym Leader, is heading an initiative to reclaim a number of the ruined buildings that still stand around the city. Though he has coordinated a substantial construction effort, he has little access to resources and could always use assistance with the construction. (0/5 buildings restored)

Safari Zone Revitalization Committee – The Safari Zone, once the gem of Fuchsia, has become a toxic wasteland since the disasters. The zone has been overrun by many Poison Pokémon, many of whom were released from the Fuchsia City Gym during the chaos. Hebiko, the Gym Leader, along with some assistance from her granddaughter Kubiko and Ariel, the Seafoam Gym Leader and former Safari Zone attendant, has begun a committee to begin the restoration of the Safari Zone, calling for capable trainers to assist with driving out and recapturing some of the Pokémon that now populate the area in order to begin the rebuilding process. (0/5 sectors cleared)

Fuchsia Straits Depollution Project – The Seafoam Gym Leader Ariel has called for assistance with the removal of the pollution and obstructions from the Fuchsia Straits, to allow boats and trainers to easily access Vermillion and reestablish their robust port. With support from Gen. Blitzer, she has rallied a small team of Water trainers to begin the work. However, there is still a significant amount to be cleared, and she requires all the help she can get. (0/5 shores cleaned)

New Bark & Cherrygrove
Route 45 Revival
– Access to Blackthorn from the New Bark area has long been restricted by the massive cliffs and nigh unscalable rock faces. While previously, Blackthornians valued the isolation, the desertification of the area has made the area in much need of access. Zafiro, the New Bark Gym Leader, hopes to establish a path to Blackthron via Route 45. He requires the assistance of trainers to help him transport some materials and build the paths that will breathe much needed life into the rugged Blackthorn. (0/5 paths established)

The Violet Garden Co-op – The VCRS already has a firmly established presence in the area, having restored many buildings already, including much of the Sprout Tower. However, they’ve now begun to turn to improvements over restoration, reclaiming a patch of land in the southwest corner of the city to use to grow berry and apricorn crops. However, the scale of their ambitious project requires the help of traveling trainers to clear land of pests, plant berries and help import important crops from Goldenrod. (2/10 acres planted)

Celebi Shrine Repair – The Celebi Shrine in the center of the Ilex Forest has long been a sacred spot for Azaleans, but since the disappearance of the Kimono Girls and the change in climate brought by the disasters, this hallowed ground has fallen into shambles. A small group of concerned citizens, with support from DJ Contesto, have begun to restore the shrine, but lack important resources from Goldenrod to properly fix it. They are requesting trainers who venture to or through the area to bring them materials and perhaps assist with some of the labor. (7/7 sections restored) - Complete!

Downtown Goldenrod Regrowth – Although much of Goldenrod has now been overcome by fertile fields, there is still a push by citizens to rebuild the houses that once stood. A number of homesteaders who have been living in Ecruteak and Olivine since the disasters have begun to move back, and need help rebuilding their homes. Many could use manual labor, but some simply require building equipment from Olivine. (0/10 neighborhoods reestablished)

Tin Tower Exorcism – In recent months, the Tin Tower has been overrun by swarms of Rattata, Murkrow, and even spooky Gastly! The monks there have waived their testing requirement for any trainers who are willing to help them clear the many floors of the tower of their infestations. (2/7 floors cleared)

Luster Lighthouse Liberation – Olivine’s famous Luster Lighthouse has come into its own over the past few years with the wave of building brought about by Oliver’s efforts to revive the city. However, all this modernization has brought about new problems. The amount of electrical charge generated by the Mareep herd powering the lighthouse has drawn a number of pesky magnetic Pokémon to the tower, who continue to interfere with day-to-day operations. Oliver is recruiting trainers to help clear out the lighthouse, offering rewards for those who do. (3/10 infestations expelled)

Cianwood Commons Art Initiative – Symone has begun a rather peculiar art project, whose details have become a closely guarded secret among the comrades of the Commune. No one knows exactly what it is or what it entails, though there have been quite a number of guesses. The one thing she is revealing about it, however, is that she need a number of strange and rather large chunks of metal delivered from Olivine and is requesting that trainers accompany the sailors and merchants supplying the metal across the sea to guarantee their safe travel. (0/5 pieces delivered)

The White Market
– With the recent appearance of the mysterious Piers into Mahogany, the Dark Gym Leader is already beginning an effort to bring more interest into the little town. He hopes to reestablish the market that was once a famous spot in the town, though for all the wrong reasons. Piers is seeking trainers to deliver stock from other parts of Johto to reestablish the post, as well as a few people to help with sprucing up the old building that once acted as a cover for an illicit operation. (1/7 goods stocked)

The Blackthorn Well – The reclusive Melissa has come out of hiding to announce her first project to being reviving her home town of Blackthorn, stricken recently by intense desertification. She hopes to build a well that feeds from the now welling spring that floods the Dragon’s Den, in hopes of turning the Outpost into a proper oasis. However, she needs a considerable amount of equipment and skilled builders, and she needs trainers to escort them across the western expanse. (1/5 experts escorted)

In addition to the Gym’s releases, announcement was made by the newly revived Battle Frontier Coalition, a League-adjacent group made up of a number of Gym Leaders and other high-ranking trainers that was disbanded not long after the disasters when the Johto Battle Frontier suffered extreme damage. This release was issued from their newly reestablished offices in Olivine, from the desk of Oliver, the Olivine Gym Leader.


A New Frontier!
The Battle Frontier Coalition is seeking a number of capable trainers to assist with the rebuilding of the crown jewel of the Indigo League, the Battle Frontier! In order to restore the facilities to their former glory, we are recruiting the assistance of any capable trainers to help transport equipment and resources, as well as directly participate in the building of the facilities. You will be handsomely rewarded for any assistance given. Trainers may also be given a chance at a Gym Challenge with a leader of their choice!
(0/25 projects complete)
(0/5 facilities reopened)

The League has released a statement in tandem with the individual Gym announcements, following a number of Johto Gyms’ statements, stating that these development efforts are the first step in their Region Redevelopment Initiative. This Initiative, announced five years after the disasters, just after the reestablishment of the League, has been in the works for a number of years, but with little information given to the public about its details. A number of critics have already voiced their skepticism about this plan, citing the League’s late announcement after much of the Gyms had revealed their projects, claiming this to be a tactic by the League to convince the populous that the restored government continues to be effectual, taking credit for the work of the Gym Leaders. Discontentment with the League has been growing in recent months in a number of urban areas in Johto and parts of southern Kanto, where little has been done by the League to restore these areas.

In their statement, the League announced that this would be the initial phase of their plans to restore the regions. “The Indigo League values the efforts spearheaded by our Gym Leaders,” the League Spokesperson, Jessa Bluebell, stated in the League press conference at their temporary Headquarters in Cerulean City, “We believe that these projects will serve to strengthen our infrastructure and bring our fair home back to its former glory. The League is currently planning to unveil a number of new Region-wide projects as these localized developments continue to grow and gain interest from new trainers.”

Analysts have speculated that these “Region-wide projects” refer to the handful of proposals leaked to the public by the still unidentified group working in the Cerulean area. According to the leaked documents, a number of proposed projects have passed the desk of the Acting League President over the past five years, such as establishment of trainer bases, a contest hall system or sponsorship of a reestablished Daycare, though none of them have seen the light of day. These leaks were denounced by President Silph, calling them an attempt to smear the League and a misrepresentation of the work the League has done thus far. He publicly denounced the leaker, though there has been no reported investigation into the leak.

Although the President named no group in his statement, speculation continues to link the information leak to reports of growing criminal activity in and around Cerulean City, with many travelers and Ceruleanites reporting sightings of strange men in red scarves conducting allegedly illicit business around Cerulean Port, and reports of increased activity around the sealed Cerulean Cave, suggesting this may be their base of operations. Meanwhile, Cerulean City police forces continue to be strained by the substantially increased population, and little can be done to curb any potential criminal organization.

Jerichi 07-22-2015 04:59 PM

Trainer of the Month
In an effort to engage the public in further rebuilding efforts, the Kanjohto provisional government has announced a recent campaign to encourage citizens to contribute to their community. The program, titled "Trainer of the Month", takes the form of a monthly award which will be presented to the trainer who has "had the most creative and innovative response to their environment and has contributed the most to the community around them". The authorities further explained that citizens are encouraged to submit stories of trainers who have contributed creatively towards their community alongside some basic registration information, which will be judged by members of the government. Each month, the Kanjohto provisional government will be awarding these outstanding trainers a rare gift as a token of their appreciation. Critics have praised this move as a step in the right direction for the otherwise distant Kanjohto provisional government, who has received a great deal of negative press surrounding their hands-off approach to region revitalization. However, some critics see this as an effort to curb the flourishing black market that dominates the economic flow of the region. More information can be found here.

Jerichi 01-07-2017 01:37 PM

Alola from the Sevii Islands
The League has just announced the opening of the Sevii Island Challenge! The Sevii Islands, long abandoned, have been repurposed and reponed, now the site of a traditional challenge imported from the distant Alola Region. Lani, the "Challenge Captain", encourages all interested trainers to find themselves tickets, being distributed by Gym Leaders (and maybe through a few other avenues) to those they find to be worthy of the 18 Trials scattered about the islands. Rumors have also been circulating that there are some rare and exotic Pokémon cropping up on the island, including new forms of otherwise familiar Pokémon. Some even say that the island has caused their familiar Pokémon to evolve in new and exciting ways! Those who manage to get their hands on a ticket simply need to go to their nearest Pokémon Center to contact Lani and set up their Island Challenge today!

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