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Sciz 04-10-2016 10:39 AM

UPN PASBL: Goose vs. Aposteriori
Let's do it to it, muh dudes.

Goose (c) vs Aposteriori (a)
4 vs 4
Equiall 2
Switch = KO
72 HR DQ
Pool (Outdoors) A Pool of Water, just like an Olympic Swimming Pool. Nothing Special.
Optional Special Rules: Pontoons (5 circular pontoons in the pattern of an X, measuring 8' across)

Goose posts squad
Apost posts squad and sends out first 'mon
Goose sends out and orders
Apost orders
I ref
Apost orders
and so on

Goose 04-10-2016 04:07 PM

Noire- lvl 2 female Remoraid
Special Attack: Grim Noire (Dark)
Using significant dark energy, Noire creates a pitch black arrow of energy, which is then fired straight at the enemy. If this hits, Noire will experience sudden shift in personality, causing her to go into her violent personality. This lasts for three rounds and, while she is in this shifted personality, cannot use any non-damaging moves or this move. This deals significant damage. She may use this twice per battle and will lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact upon evolution.
Hidden Power: Dark

Arthur- lvl 2 male Machop
Hidden Power: Bug

Lt. Kipperz- lvl 2 male Marshtomp
Special Attack: Great Aether (Steel/Fire)
Lt. Kipperz expends heavy Steel typed energy to create a replica of Ragnell, in his right hand (or his mouth, as a Mudkip), before using mild Fire energy to set the blade ablaze with blue flames. He then charges towards his target and swings the sword vertically, dealing heavy Steel typed damage and mild Fire typed damage (totaling severe damage) and flinging his opponent upwards, if they are smaller and lighter than him, possibly interupting the opponent's current attack. He now has the Steel energy to use this once. Due to the fact that Ragnell is fairly heavy, this attack is fairly slow on the charge and swing. Lt. Kipperz can no longer use Toxic, Bide, Yawn, Endeavor, Substute, Swagger, and will lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact as a Swampert.
Hidden Power: Ground

'Murica- lvl 2 male Rufflet
Special Training: AMERICA POWAH!
'Murica is now familiar with the fighting type, gaining about as much fighting energy as a water type does ice. Thanks to his training with the type, he has gained Power-Up Punch, Sky Uppercut, and Close Combat. However, Power-Up Punch and Sky Uppercut are slightly less powerful due to the fact that they are preformed with his talons. He loses access to Hyper Beam as a Braviary.
Hidden Power: Grass

Lucas- lvl 2 male Monferno
Special Training: Not so evil now, am I?
Keeping in mind that he is not so evil, Lucas has taught himself Pain Split. He has unlimited uses but it is still affected by diminishing returns, like any other healing move. He loses Nasty Plot, due to him being the least evil in the league, and upon evolution into Infernape, will l9se Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.
Hidden Power: Rock

Gaius- lvl 3 male Scyther (uplevel)
Notes: body is entirely orange, excluding blades which retain their original color

GLHF Apost and thanks for reffing and welcome back, Sciz

Aposteriori 04-10-2016 04:19 PM

I get to go full water squad. You have no idea how excited Im! Take note TFK, some of these kids are the ones you will face should you get the water gym some day.


http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...a/sculptor.png Sculptor Token (10 SP) - The Sculptor's Token symbolises one's skill in navigating and manipulating the beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland. It can be attached to Ice type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The wearer becomes very sure footed and will maintain full mobility and stability regardless of the condition of the arena floor. Ice type moves which have a secondary effect such as freezing or stat drops are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. The token also provides fortitude and good cheer, rendering its wearer more resistant to moves which negatively affect its mental state such as Supersonic and Swagger. This item causes the move Fling to deal Ice type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to: Zordon the Cryogonal

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...uya/magnet.png Magnet (3 SP): This Token increases the power of Electric type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Electric type damage if it is thrown.
Attached to: Jetsam the Eelektrik

Level 3

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/.../mini2/603.png Jetsam: Male Eelektrik @ http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...uya/magnet.png
Biography: After careful observation of several Helioptile, Jetsam was taught one of their signature moves. Jetsam finds it incredibly helpful, but he gave the technique his own twist, and appropriated something that goes along with his fighting style much better.
Special Attack: Parabolic Recharge [EL]
Jetsam releases a burst of electrical energy, creating an electrical link between it and its foe that drains a considerable amount of health in the space of a few seconds. If the user is close to the target, it restores its own health reserves by half the amount. This move cost considerable amount of Electric type energy. This move counts as a 'draining move' and contributes towards diminishing returns. When Jetsam uses a draining move, the next draining move he uses will be 10% less effective for the same energy cost.
Hidden Power: Ice
Item: Magnet

Level 2

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...ini2/615-w.png Zordon: Shining Genderless Cryogonal @ http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...a/sculptor.png
Biography: After falling into the deepest parts of Antarctica, Zordon learned how to survive under permafrost temperatures. To produce its own source of heat, Zordon would store light on its own reflective surface for long stretches of time. After several years stuck in the frozen Tundra, Zordon grew accustomed and was able permanently retaining light. Using his own body as a source of light, Zordon emits several new light techniques to ward off new found enemies.
Special Training: White Light [Various]
Zordon's damage dealing light based moves deal 1.2x damage, including attacks that emit a shine. It can rely on its own body to produce light dependent attacks such as Solarbeam. Zordon has learned how to use Psybeam, Power Gem, and Dazzling Gleam with enough respective off-type for 1.2 HB worth of each type for the standard scale or the equivalent amount for non-standard scales. Due to radiating constant light, Zordon is easily spotted in the dark. Zordon can no longer use Toxic, Double Team, and Sheer Cold.
Hidden Power: Fire
Item: Sculptor's Token

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/.../mini2/041.png Batman: Male Zubat
Biography: Batman is full of gadgets and he is a master of sound manipulation. As the Dark Knight, Batman inflicts fear against his opponent with super condensed pockets of sound. His attack is distinctively normal, but being a pioneer in science, Batman has altered the effectiveness to better fight crime and the forces of evil.
Special Attack: Boom Clap [NO]
Batman creates a strong sound disc with his wings that blows towards the opponent. Within this disc, small pockets of sound become compressed, creating annoying pieces of condensed sound that fly in the direction of the opponent and hit for Heavy Normal Damage for Heavy Normal Energy. These pieces of hard sound burst on contact, releasing a high pitched noise Screech, causing some foes to cringe and be less willing to attack. Diminishing returns apply.
Hidden Power: Water

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/.../mini2/690.png Winnie: Female Skelp
Biography: Winnie was fond of the sea and all of its creatures. Everything changed once a tormenting Gyarados attacked his quiet family. Winnie figured that she did not have enough electrical currents to take the giant beast out. The torment became cyclical as the Gyarados will come once a year and murder the current husband of Winnie. Over the course of several widowed experiences, Winnie mustered the courage to emit more electricity than she possibly could.
Special Training: Under the Sea [EL]
Winnie is electric familiar, he can use Parabolic Charge and Discharge, and she will not face recoil if used inside the water. Winnie cannot use Draco Meteor, and Giga Impact.
Hidden Power: Ground

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/...ini2/324-c.png Cecil Turtle: Male Olive Torkoal
Biography: The Sevii Islands are an archipelago of seven large islands. Mt. Ember is the home of several fire typed pokemon, such as Torkoal. Cecil Turtle comes from a different environment that is not common to his kind. Cecil is a fourth generation Torkoal representing the current population from the unnatural environment in which he was born in. He was born within the coastal range of Boon Island some time ago after several Torkoal were blown away by a strong Hurricane many generations ago. To explain what has occurred with his phenotype - the composite of an organism's observable characteristics or traits - we must first explain the possible prevalence of a genetic mutation that is currently present within his cohorts. Starting off three generations ago, the wildtype or normal phenotype had predisposition for death due to hypothermia. This specific phenotype was subsequently high as these Turtles did not have an immediate need to regulate temperate water temperatures. At least 80% of that population died out.
The following generation started to show signs of survivability, by the spontaneous introduction of a mutant gene that increased survivability or susceptibility to the change in temperature and better tolerance to water. The phenotype only provided a haploid amount of the enzymatic activity required to maintain full homeostasis within temperate water environments. As more Torkoal within the second generation began to die out, the remaining survivors had an evident a heterozygous loci for the gene that allowed survivability in the coastal region. It is what the Pokemon community would call familiarity over a certain element, or in this case water. The third generation faced what you would call a bottleneck effect and genetic drift as the DNA content for the Torkoal would shift to favor the ones that were carrier of the mutant water familiarity gene.
Fast forward one more generation, some of these Torkoal have a homozygous recessive genotype to the specific water familiarity gene, and shifting their coloration to a soft grayish-red. Unprecedented and previously unobserved before, a Torkoal with both recessive alleles creates a full compensation for temperate coastal environments. This genotype has a phenotypic expression indicative of a secondary water type, showing complete survivability and adaptability in the span of four generations of non-native Torkoal within the temperate coastal environments in northwestern regions of Boon Island with their coloration shifting to that of a soft olive color.
Type Change: Spontaneous Mutation Leads to Adaptation [WA]
Cecil Turtle is now Fire/Water with all the weaknesses and resistances associated with it. He is 1.5x weak to grass. He has learned how to use Surf, Bubble Beam, Scald, and Hydro Pump. The latter three can be alternatively fired from his shell's orifice if Cecil Turtle chooses to do so. Cecil Turtle moves at a respectable pace in the water, though he prefers shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents mimicking the same pace of a Quagsire when compared to other water typed Pokemon. His swimming capabilities are extended to lava, allowing him to survive in lava just as well as the Magmar line. Cecil can breathe underwater. He is no longer rock familiar, losing access to Stealth Rock, and Rock Slide. Bodily harm is out of the question; he loses access to Self Destruct and Explosion. His love for the beach inhibits his use of Fissure. Water moves cost an additional 10% of energy to use, but they do not lose power if exposed to heat.
Hidden Power: Ice

http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/.../mini2/707.png Sora: Male Klefki
Biography: Sora is set out to unlock the hearts of his enemy. To accomplish that, he must make sure they are fainted to purify their hearts. Using the elements of nature, Sora has set out to KO as many heartless opponents. Maybe he is compensating for his inorganic state? Through his travels between worlds Sora mastered different elemental spells, and even a few tricks up his sleeve to disable the opponent. He is not the same Sora that started off in Twilight Town; Sora is on the right path to become a true Keyblade Master
Special Attack: Keyblade Master [Various]
Sora has learned how to use Meteor Mash, Disarming Voice, Discharge, Mystical Fire, and Bubble Beam. Additionally, Sora gained Teeter Dance, Stun Spore, Spite, Barrier, and Memento. He gains off-type equivalent to either 1.2 HB worth under the standard health/energy scale or 1 HB worth under the reduced health/energy scale. To master all of these techniques, Sora starts with 1 HB less of energy.
Hidden Power: Grass

Starting off with Batman.

Goose 04-10-2016 05:29 PM

Lt. Kipperz, in the water

Start us off with a Surf, make it as large as you can, then Scald aimed for his wing

Aposteriori 04-10-2016 05:30 PM

I really hate doing this....

Supersonic, remaining high enough in the air to avoid Surf. Mean Look.

Sciz 04-11-2016 09:21 AM

Round 1...FIGHT!
Here we go.

Our trainers choose their first combatants, with Apost releasing his blind bat, and Goose sending forth his slimy-water-mole-with-fins...thing. Their orders are heard, and the combatants tense for battle.

Lt. Kipperz, treading water, takes the initiative and begins to form a wave to send crashing against his opponent. Batman has other ideas, however, and quickly releases a Supersonic assault, the high-pitched chirping interrupting Lt. Kipperz's concentration. The Marshtomp's Surf only manifests as a small wave that harmlessly travels a few meters down the pool. Bummer.

Lt. Kipperz, thoroughly confused, completely forgets the rest of his orders and sinks into the pool, around 10 feet down and ponders his existence. What is he? What kind of genetic abomination created him? He makes a mental note to research later. The mental notes are stacking.

Batman, hovering above the pool, senses no target to perform his Mean Look on, and contentedly glides around in true bat-like form. Wow.

End of Round 1!

Lt. Kipperz: Light energy use from that interrupted Surf attack. Health is untouched. Very confused. Currently about 10 feet down in the water.

Batman: Moderate energy use with the Supersonic. Health is untouched. Chilling up in the air, about 15 feet up.

Apost, your move.

Aposteriori 04-11-2016 09:26 AM

I really hate this part. I hate the part where I used mean look in a switch = KO, even if it failed.


U-Turn on the floor to Zordon.

Zordon, use Freeze-Dry, reaching the depths of the pool if need be.

Goose 04-11-2016 11:16 AM

Wow I have no way to cure confusion, thanks GameFreak best decision since not giving mega Swampert Sap Sipper

Anyway, attempt to Mimic the U-Turn, you might need that later, then try to Protect from the freeze dry

Sciz 04-11-2016 07:46 PM

Round 2: gogogogo
Our second round begins with Lt. Kipperz continuing his navel-gazing, completely oblivious to his trainer's orders to...do...something....naaah.

Up in the air, Batman heeds his trainer's commands and gathers up a large amount of energy and....faceplants into the floor. Not actually as pointless as it looks, Batman bounces off one of the pontoons, and in a flash of light, he is replaced by a floating snowflake thing which apparently passes for a Pokemon nowadays. But I digress...

Zordon the Cryogonal turns about to acquire his target, and sees the vague form of Lt. Kipperz doing rather cute underwater somersaults, if you could call such a monstrosity cute. Zordon grins inwardly, and proceeds to jet out a huge blast of freezing air down into the pool, aimed at poor Lt. Kipperz.


The freezing gale, boosted by the Sculptor Token item attached to Zordon, freezes half the pool, and shocks Lt. Kipperz out of his stupor with a heavy dose of damage. His right-rear leg is stuck fast in the bottom of the artificial glacier.

End Round 2!

Batman took some minor self-inflicted damage and used a large chunk of energy.

Zordon used solid energy and is quite happy with his handiwork. No damage.

Lt. Kipperz took a heavy dose of damage there, and his right-rear leg is frozen to the underside of the "glacier" that is now taking up half of the pool. He's no longer confused, though.

Goose, you're up.

Goose 04-12-2016 09:05 AM

Brick Break where your leg is to free it, then come up with a Surf

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 09:14 AM

Dont hate me Goose OTL

Freeze-Dry as it is busy breaking the ice. Solarbeam after Surf, make sure you use your own body as the source of light. Freeze-Dry. Three.

Sciz 04-12-2016 03:16 PM

Round 3: Engage
Uncomfortable in the icy water, Lt. Kipperz begins the round by charging up penetrative power in his malformed fist and angrily smashes the ice encasing his leg. The ice cracks, and after a little wriggling, the water-mole swims free.

Just as Lt. Kipperz moves towards the edge of the glacier, Zordon releases another freezing blast of air, freezing another quarter of the pool. Lt. Kipperz takes some indirect heavy damage, and is forced back to the bottom of the pool.

Frustrated, Lt. Kip again moves to the edge of the ice and begins to manipulate the remaining water. He sends a wave out from the portion of the pool not frozen, which smacks into Zordon for solid damage.

Looking a bit miffed, Zordon magically produces his own sunlight and focuses what little grass energy he has to form a beam of energy from the surrounding sunlight. Lt. Kipperz, coming up to the surface at the far end of the pool, is greeted by this sight of impending doom and makes to dive underwater.

The beam of grassy death blasts where Lt. Kip just was and a huge depth-charge effect blows water everywhere. Blown back under the ice, the Marshtomp floats along in a daze, having taken a slightly off-target shot that has dealt extreme damage nonetheless.

Zordon, "panting", looks around for Lt. Kip but he's under the ice. Heeding his trainer's orders, he sends out another gust of sub-zero air and freezes over the rest of the pool.

End Round 3!

Zordon used a huge chunk of energy and needs a short break. Still relatively fresh though. Solid damage taken. Apost has used his 3-mover.

Lt. Kipperz took a buttload of damage, and is a hovering just above half health. Good energy use.

There is now an ice cap over the whole of the pool, roughly reaching half the depth of the water. There are some gaps along the edges. There is room to swim freely underneath the ice.

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 03:17 PM

Sciz, at first I thought the freezing was for flavoring. At this point it is a tad much. Could you give me your rationale? Also Freeze Dry is 3x against Marshtomp. Any of my attacks hit partially?

Solarbeam works off the light produced by Zordon himself, based off his sig which is why he is not that confused xp

Regular Solarbeam doesnt even require sunlight anymore, either.

Sciz 04-12-2016 03:37 PM

You're shooting a powerful freezing blast attack into water that's boosted by your item attachment. Derp.

Super-effective means 2x, not 3x, last time I checked. Marshtomp regularly takes neutral ice damage, but the move description says super-effective. Thus, 2x.

My bad in forgetting about its sig. Derp. You got the Solar Beam off in any event, so it's semantics.

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 03:41 PM

Freeze-Dry (IC) - The user breathes out extremely cold air which surrounds the foe, rapidly chilling them and dealing solid damage, possibly causing localized freezing. Ice types use this move to its full potential, the rapid freezing the rapid freezing making it extremely effective against Pokémon who hold a significant amount of moisture and thus super effective against Water types.

Ice is also super effective against ground, hence it would be 3x. I know I'm suppose to state my inquiry, so I guess here is my inquiry: Could you please double check that part?

I personally feel you are reffing ice a bit too logically. A thin ice sheet is fine, but the whole pool frozen over is a bit op, even with the token.

Sciz 04-12-2016 03:45 PM

According to Veekun & Bulbapedia, Marshstomp takes neutral damage. Thus, you're only doing 2x due to the attack effect.

The whole pool isn't frozen down to the bottom; there's a big ice cap on top.

Carry on.

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 03:50 PM

Sciz, buddy. I'm not wrong on this one. It is 3x in this case. I will cite Q/A for this one in a brief moment.

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 04:03 PM

Okay, I got one answer! Two answers!

Also, nothing implies over at veekun that Marshtomp takes 2x since he is water/ground. The type chart for Bulbapedia, that however implies 3x. It is also the way we [s]calculate[s] feel the damage for it.

Sciz 04-12-2016 04:23 PM


Damage chart says damaged normally by Ice moves. Where are these people giving answers getting their reasoning for bumping regular 2x super effective damage to 3x?

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 04:32 PM

Dios mio, Freeze Dry is a gen VI move that is SE against Water, modifying the type chart of the attack itself. On its own, Freeze Dry is SE against Water, contrary to regular Ice moves, which are resisted.

Sciz 04-12-2016 05:19 PM

I understand that the attack is super-effective against water types, lovely. However, Marshstomp is Water/Ground, and according to every single damage chart I can see, and the one I just linked to on Bulbapedia, he would thus only take 2x damage. So where are you justifying jumping from 2x to 3x?

Example: a Fire type is hit by a water attack, which is super effective. That deals 2x damage.

Freeze Dry is a SE attack against a neutral target to Ice damage. That equals 2x damage.

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by Sciz (Post 743201)
I understand that Ice is super-effective against water types, lovely. However, Marshstomp is Water/Ground, and according to every single damage chart I can see, and the one I just linked to on Bulbapedia, Water/Ground types take neutral damage from Ice attacks. You can't target just one type a Pokemon has.

... Sciz, Freeze Dry is SE against water. Normal Ice Attacks are not. Freeze Dry deals 2x to Water, and 2x for Ground. That is a 4x weakness. Officially, 4x weakness do 3x damage for ASB.

Sciz 04-12-2016 05:26 PM

Look at Marshstomp's damage chart on Bulbapedia. Where do you see Ice attacks on there?

Aposteriori 04-12-2016 05:33 PM

Okay, Sciz. Please take a step back, and listen to the feedback.

Freeze-Dry (IC) - The user breathes out extremely cold air which surrounds the foe, rapidly chilling them and dealing solid damage, possibly causing localized freezing. Ice types use this move to its full potential, the rapid freezing the rapid freezing making it extremely effective against Pokémon who hold a significant amount of moisture and thus super effective against Water types.

The move itself, Freeze Dry is SE against Water Pokemon. Marshtomp is Water typed. Tag on 2x to that type. He is however, neutral to regular ice attacks such as Ice Beam, which do not have a modified type chart.

Freeze Dry is SE against ground. Marshtomp is also ground typed. Tag on another 2x to that type.

For ASB, it deals 3x.

Jerichi 04-12-2016 06:56 PM

Gonna have to agree with Aposteriori on this one - the game calculates it as x4, so we would do x3. Both Water and Ground are weak to Freeze-Dry attacks so unfortunately it turns into a bit of a nuke against Water/Ground types.

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